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OAHSPE Book of Inspiration CHAPTER XI:17 "Study thy Creator in all things, and IN THYSELF IN PARTICULAR!"

Oahspe - Book of Fragapatti, Son of Jehovih: Chapter XXXIV:
16...Mortals must have sufficient a'ji, that the race become not extinct; they must have a sufficient dan, that they become not as beasts.
Jehovih said: The sun I made as the head of a serpent, and his phalanx made I as the body of a serpent;...To him gave I a circuit to travel in, and I numbered his time a thousand tuos and seven aka and four bi'jus, for the sun coil [4.5 to 4.7 million years]. On the circuit have I placed my A'ji and my Ji'ay in many places, but my Dan'ha have I placed only in one thousand six hundred places..
Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy.Chapter VII:
15. In the passage of the earth in its own roadway, it goeth amongst these etherean and atmospherean worlds regularly; so that the periods of inspiration, and periods of darkness, are not haphazard.

Jehovih's Kingdom will be established spontaneously, beginning in this land [U.S.A], prior to 2048 CE when the Ethereans leave. But beforehand Oahspe will be translated and published worldwide
(the general public coming to learn of it). - Removing OAHSPE's Enigma By Jim Dennon

Native American and UFO contactee Jim Velasques said that the mortal manifestation of the Father's Kingdom (community) on earth will be established within 35 years of the message he received from the Ethereans being translated and published worldwide (between 2005 and 2040 AD-CE).


"The year 1848 is the date when the earth, in its travel through interplanetary space, entered a new cosmic cycle. It is a date which may be used with mathematical certainty in the interpretation of prophecy." - Page 171 CHAPTER XIV THE CREATOR'S CLOCK AND THE LAWS OF PERIODICITY, SEVEN YEARS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD, 1941 - 1948 (1940) by Wing Anderson.

OAHSPE GOD'S BOOK OF BEN CHAPTER VII:3. I am the living mathematics;

The light of Dan'ga [dan] is my timekeeper (Vede). Dh'a'yi, the light shining; the soulfructifier (Pali). When Dang'hi cometh, the All-men grow in spirit;...

OAHSPE Book of Inspiration CHAPTER XI:17 "Study thy Creator in all things, and IN THYSELF IN PARTICULAR!"

2013 165 Kosmon Time of the Quickening

Above from page 318 Time of The Quickening (2011) by Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D.
Kosmon 165 (the year 2013) was a harmonic warm above average (Dan) year multiple of the first rule of prophecy or 33 (Spell) and the year 1881 (Oahspe transmission), along with the 99th (Wave) year 1947 (UFO wave, Secret of Light published by Walter Russell).
Kosmon is the new era which began in the year 1848 A. D., Gregorian calendar, corresponding to the time Jehovih unveiled heaven to mortals (beginning of modern spiritualism). Oahspe is the book of heaven received by Dr. John Ballou Newbrough during the 33rd year of Kosmon (1881). The word Kosmon signifies an equal balance of material and spiritual knowledge, and is equivalent to all the knowledge of the cosmos currently in the possession of mankind. It is the new era in which freedom and brotherhood are to be achieved for all mankind.
33 x 5 = 165 + 1848 = 2013. 33 = first rule of prophecy, 5 = balance (equal between 0-10 and 1-9).

Vernal equinox constellations in past eras with comparison to Oahspean Cycles

Astrological AgeSignDuration Oahspean CycleGodDuration  YugaDuration
1.10,960-8,800 BCLeo2,160 (years)1.10,350-7,050 BCOsire3,3001.11,502 BCSatya4,800
2.8,800-6,640 BCCancer2,1602.7,050-3,950Fragapatti3,100
3.6,640-4,480 BCGemini2,160    2.6,702 BCTreta3,600
4.4,480-2320 BCTaurus2,1603.3953-1553Cpenta Armij2,4003.3,102 BCDwapara2,400
     3053-1553 (Osirian System)Dyaus (3080)1,500
5.2,320-160 BCAries2,1604.1553-Arc of BonLika3,400
     1,720 BC - 325 ADBaal, Mithra2,0454.702 BCKali1,200
6.160 BC - 2,000 ADPisces2,160 325 AD - 1848Christ1,523
7.TotalAquarius 12,9605.Kosmon 7th Era Ouranothen? 12,2005.   12.000 


Book of Ouranothen Chapter I
Light From Heaven
(NOTE: From the context of this manuscript, Ouranothen seems to be the etherean son of Jehovih for the current Kosmon arc, equvalent to Fraggapatti, Cpenta-armij and Lika of past cycles.
Oahspe Book of Knowledge Part IV:
20. ...who begat Abraham and Brahma (Cpenta-armij, Arc of Speta), who reigned two thousand four hundred (2,400) years; who begat Moses and Capilya (Lika, Arc of Bon), who reigned three thousand four hundred (3,400) years; who begat Kosmon (Ouranothan, Arc of Suis) .
We are now in a New Golden Age, the beginning of a new cycle, the Kosmon Age also called The Aquarian Age, Age of Aquarius, an air or sky (space - cosmos - kosmon) sign (navigating the air and outer-space or the cosmos), heavenly sign, a sign of the son of man in the sky, a man or angel in the sky pouring water (ethe) from a pitcher (God pouring out his spirit on all flesh in the last days), the Oahspe age.
Aquarius, is represented by the image of a man pouring water from a large jar.
The water pouring from the jar symbolises communication – the endless pouring out of mental energy and original ideas which often typifies an Aquarian personality. 
Aquarius man (Tae of Oahspe) pouring out his inspired light (ethe), knowledge and wisdom to all mankind in the last (Omega) days of the Piscean Age and the beginning (Alpha) days of the Aquarian Age
Aquarius (Let the Sunshine in):
The previous Age of the last 2000-3000 years was the Judeo-Christian Bible age, the Age of Pisces, the Fish, the symbol of Jesus, a water sign (navigating the oceans and seas), earthly sign, the Piscean age.
Christian Fish Symbol
The Age of Aquarius begins officially on the 12th of February 2013 when the brightest star in the Pisces constellation, Omega Piscium, will reach the highest right ascension and reset to 0 hours (akin to terrestrial longitude), due to the 26,000-year wobble of the Earth's axis.
http://astrologyexplored.net/home/?p=656 (time of the 7th seal, unsealed, of Revelation).
 Revelation 10:6,7 of the Bible
Aramaic Bible in Plain English
And he swore by him who lives to the eternity of eternities, him who created Heaven and that which is in it, and The Earth, and that which is in it: “Time shall be no more.”
"Time shall be no more.” = reset to 0 hours = 0 = no more time in the Piscean age = end time = end of the Piscean age and beginning of the Aquarian Age.
"the mystery of God is completed" = How Cosmogony (the travel of the solar system through nebulous regions around the galaxy) relates to the development of Mankind and Prophecy unsealed deciphered completed (mysterious ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate Chapter 7 of the Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy). God's mysterious plan.
In the Bible the number 7 is identified with something being “finished” or “complete.” (7th Era, Chapter 7, etc...)
February 12, 2013 = the start of the Age of Aquarius. The Dawn of the Age of Aquarius.                       
The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ, by Levi H. Dowling (1907),
An Important Event. The transfer of dominion from one Age to another [just as the transfer of dominion from one Arc cycle God or Goddess to another] is an important event in the world of Cherubim and Seraphim. Among the manuscripts of Levi we have found a most remarkable paper describing the transfer of dominion from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age, but it is difficult to determine whether it is a recital of facts or a prophetic statement ...
"In Spirit I was caught away into the realms of Akasha; I stood alone within the circle of the sun. **
And there I found the secret spring that opens up the door to Wisdom and an understanding heart.
I entered in and then I knew.
"And then I stood upon the cusp where Ages meet. The Piscean Age had passed; the Aquarian Age had just begun.
"And when the crown was lifted from the head of Ramasa and placed upon the head of Archer *of the Aquarian Age; and when the royal sceptre was transferred from Seraphim Vacabiel to Seraphim Sakmaquil there was deep silence in the courts of heaven...."And I may breathe to men the song of praise that Seraphim Sakmaquil sung when she received the royal sceptre of the newborn age.
circle of the sun = Zodiac circuit (12 ages) or C'vorkum (1600 Arc cycles) **                                      
Archer = Orion (Orion Cheif). Orion Cheifs rule the earth during certain Arc cycles or Zodiac ages. *
Orion is known as ...Archer (Íjász)
◄ Revelation 8:1 ► of the Bible
New International Version
When he opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.
Opening of the 7th seal of Revelation 8 = the end of the Age of Pisces to the dawn of the Age of Aquarius = February 12, 2013 (from the 5th to the 6th 33rd year cycle of Kosmon). The Aquarian Gospel by Levi H. Dowling like the Bible contains some literal cosmic and/or mystical symbolic Truth.
The moment of silence in heaven is a period of contemplation, prayer, reflection, and meditation for the Piscean Age that had just passed.                           
A similar ceremony is described in Oahspe as the cusp of the ages ceremony in the Aquarian Gospel, with a crown and sceptre (trident):
trident: 1. a three-pronged fish-spear or sceptre as the attribute of the sea-god Poseidon or Neptune,
Oahspe Book of CPENTA-ARMIJ Chapter XIII:
23. And now God turned to Thale, who was to be his successor for the next two hundred years. God said: In Jehovih's name, to thee I bestow the crown of earth and her heavens. And to thee also do I bequeath the triangle, symbol of these regions and the inqua, and the trident,...
24. Thale said: In Thy name, O Jehovih, will I be God of earth and her heavens till the next rise of dan! Be Thou with me, O Father!
25. Thereupon, he that had been God laid the crown and jewels on Thale, saying: Hail, O God of earth and heaven!
26. Thus ended the ceremonies.
The symbol of Aquarius - the pouring or giving away of great learning ....
Oahspe Book of Osiris 6:13-18...the law of the resurrection,...the spirit of man groweth by giving away of whatsoever the spirit hath to give. If ye have great learning, and ye give of it, then shall more learning be added unto you;...
As the corporean man accumulateth corporeal things by not giving them away, not so accumulateth the spirit of any man.
14. For he who locketh up the light of the Father that is in him, cannot obtain more light .
15. The chief delight of man shall be, therefore, to find some way to impart his spiritual talents and strength, and to the greatest possible number of people.
"impart his spiritual talents and strength, and to the greatest possible number of people" = communication via the Internet/World Wide Web.
Aquarius age when Jehovih's Light or Spirit will be poured on all flesh (the greatest possible number of people) = communication via the Internet/World Wide Web.
OAHSPE: Book of Es Chapter 1:
11. As in former cycles, I sent unto the nations separately; so in kosmon, I shall not send separately, but unto the whole world.

Around 40% of the world population has an internet connection today (view all on a page ). In 1995, it was less than 1%.
The number of internet users has increased tenfold from 1999 to 2013.
The first billion was reached in 2005. The second billion in 2010. The third billion in 2014.
4,034,253,709 Internet users in the world
"We are now living in a post-globalization age with increased and open access to most cultures around the world 
through the World Wide Web and other communication technologies that can virtually extend across geographic 
boundaries." - Audrey Bennett, Professor and Graduate Program Director, Communication and Media, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
One generation (33-35 years) after the start of the Age of Aquarius (2013) is the 200 Dan (2048 and 200 learning on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate).
This is the time for man to learn (great learning) the published deciphered cosmological prophetic mystery of God (ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate). During those 33-35 years the general worldwide public coming to learn of it.
Cosmic clocks and Time keepers of Oahspe:
1. Cevorkum: approximately 4,700,000 years sub-galactic orbit of the solar system and 1600 etherean arc cycles (includes sub-cycles of Dan and A'ji, and the rules of prophecy of 11, 33, and 99 years).
2. Astrological Zodiac:
The 25,920 years cycle of the Zodiac including 12 Zodiac signs (constellations) and 2,160 years for each age.
Oahspe Plate 67.--ONK, or ZODIAC:
Zodiac Established during the time of Osire.
The hosts of Osire spoke in the oracles and by entrancement. Priests were raised up by inspiration and were given certain signs and the tablet of onk (zodiac), divided into twelve groups, with twelve lines coming from the sun. These things are known to this day.
Oahspe The Lord's Fifth Book 2:15:
Learn to prophesy by the sun [solar, sunspot cycles], and by the moon and by the stars. They tell no lies.
Oahspe The Lord's Fifth Book 2:16:
16. The Lord then gave the signs of the zodiac (the horses, and cows, and lions, and sheep, and birds) that rule upon the earth, and upon the winds of heaven, and on the heat and cold, and the sun, and moon and stars, and spring and summer, and fall and winter. But these things are here omitted in this book, because they are known in mortal histories to this day.
Oahspe Book of Osiris 9:
16. ...and ye shall show them the travel of the sun, north and south, and give them a tablet of onk (zodiac), divided into twelve groups, with twelve lines coming from the sun.
17. And ye shall raise up priests by inspiration, and by entrancement, and through them illustrate the position of the sun in the signs of the zodiac (onk). And the priests shall explain these things to the unlearned, that they may comprehend of their own knowledge.
3. Solar and lunar cycles: The solar and lunar years. The revolution of the Earth around the Sun, sunrises and sunsets, sun dials, The phases of the Moon. Divided by 12 months.
The book of the Zohar says: "All the celestial treasures and the hidden riddles that have not been solved for generations will be discovered in the Age of Aquarius".
"Scientific knowledge and advancement was necessary in order to bring about the Age of Aquarius, where all people recognize the laws of nature. That time is now. Our amazing access to information, through resources like the Internet and our generally global world, make this the time when accessing this long-hidden information is possible." - Deepak Chopra M.D.

Where to from Here - Page 93 - Google Books Result

celestial treasures = C'vorkum and Orachnebuahgalah plate of Oahspe.
celestial treasures = C'vorkum (sub-galactic orbit of solar system) mathematical proof = February 2013 (
Age of Aquarius).

"The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows his handiwork." - ◄ Psalm 19:1 ►
"THE GENERAL PLAN OF THE UNIVERSE" that John Ballou Newbrough desired to learn.
Oahspe Book of Saphah: Osiris: 58
Jehovih said: The sun I made as the head of a serpent, and his phalanx made I as the body of a serpent; thus made I the great corporeal serpent. To him gave I a circuit to travel in, and I numbered his time a thousand tuos and seven aka and four bi'jus *(Equal to four million seven hundred thousand years), for the sun coil. On the circuit have I placed my A'ji and my Ji'ay in many places, but my Dan'ha have I placed only in one thousand six hundred places [1600 arc cycles].
"hidden riddles that have not been solved for generations" = "Oahspe has been in the world for 130 years, its PRIMARY CONTRIBUTION ON PROPHECY, PLATE 48, HAS NEVER BEEN DECIPHERED TO ANY DEGREE."
"130 years" = 132 YEARS = 4 GENERATIONS UNSOLVED, UNDECIPHERED until February 12, 2013 (
Age of Aquarius).
"hidden riddles that have not been solved for generations" = "For all intents and purposes, Plate 48, 'Orachnebuahgalah,' from Oahspe, remains largely undeciphered"
Above quotes from _TIME OF THE QUICKENING_ (2011) by Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D.
Mysteries of God:
Mystery 1: Orachnebuahgalah, and a'ji.
Mystery 2: Sacred name and mathematics (relating to the circumference of a circle) of E-O-IH .
Mystery 3: Genetics (DNA): How the Loo'is work for God producing humans with a special purpose.
◄ Revelation 10:7 ► of the Bible:
But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets. [
seventh angel = completion, 7 represents completion or finished].
The solar and moon cycles are not the same, just as the etherean arc cycles and the astrological zodiac ages (cycles) are not the same:
average etherean arc cycle = 3000 years (some 2,400, some 3,600)
average zodiac age cycle = 2,160 years.
If you count time by zodiac cycles you will get a different number than if you count time by arc cycles. The arc cycles are the MASTER cycles, the zodiac cycles are the MINOR cycles.
Likewise if you count years by lunar cycles you will get a different number than if you count years by solar cycles. The Solar years are the MASTER cycles, and LUNAR years are the MINOR cycles.
June 21, 2015
on June 20, 2015 at 10:34 PM, updated June 20, 2015 at 10:35 PM.
The summer solstice 2015 has arrived -- the first day of summer. And, Sunday, June 21, 2015 is the longest day of the year. Jun 20, 2015
June Solstice (Summer Solstice) is on Monday, June 20, 2016 at 6:34 PM in Toronto. This day is 6 hours, 31 minutes longer than on December Solstice. In most locations north of Equator, the longest day of the year is around this date. Earliest sunrise is on June 14 or June 15.
longest day of the year 2015 = June 20, 2015
longest day of the year 2016 = June 20, 2016
From June 20, 2015 to June 20, 2016 = 1 solar year.
How many days are there between two dates?
Date 1: June 20, 2015
Date 2: June 20, 2016
366 Days:
366 days (average 365.25 for solar year) agrees with Oahspe:
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter VII:
18. ..Thus, the moon's time is 18, the earth's 365,
the earth's time = the time it takes for the earth to orbit in a circumference around the sun = 365.25 days = 1 solar year. The sun is in the CENTER of the MASTER vortex so the solar year on earth = the MASTER year, the lunar (moon) year of 354, and 355 days is the MINOR year on earth.
December Solstice (Winter Solstice) is on Wednesday, December 21, 2016 at 2:44 AM in Los Angeles. This day is 4 hours, 33 minutes shorter than on June Solstice. In most locations north of Equator, the shortest day of the year is around this date. Earliest sunset is on December 3 or December 4.
shortest day of the year 2015 = Tuesday, December 22 Winter Solstice 2015
shortest day of the year 2016 = Wednesday, December 21 Winter Solstice 2016
shortest day of the year 2015 = December 22, 2015
shortest day of the year 2016 = December 21, 2016
How many days are there between two dates?
Date 1: December 22, 2015
Date 2: December 21, 2016
365 Days:
365 days (average 365.25 for solar year) agrees with Oahspe:
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter VII:
18. ..Thus, the moon's time is 18, the earth's 365,
If you count days of year by the moon cycles of 355 days (average) if you are 42 years old in Gregorian calender years (365 days a year) then how much younger in days and years would you be by MOON CYCLE years? Here is the calculation:
42 (years) x 365 (days) = 15,330 days
42 x 355 = 14,910
15,330 - 14,910 = 420 days less (of moon Cycle days of years to Gregorian days of years).
420 / 355 = 1.18 years difference, So if you count days of year by 365 and you are 42 years old (15,330 days), by Moon cycle days of year you would be 42 - 1.18 = 40.82 years old (14,910 days = 420 days less
than 15,330 = 420 days = 1.18 Moon cycle years less).
The current and future Kosmon race predicted by Oahspe:
Early or Primitive man
1. Asu = Adam 100% of the Earth, 0% of Heaven. = Ardipithecus ramidus - Australopithecines
2. I'hin = Abel 50% Asu, 50% heaven = Homo floresiensis *
* Homo florsiensis is mixed with Homo Erectus, but in phenotype I consider him I'hin just as an African-american is considered black even when mixed with caucasion or american indian. I'hin was not a "pure" race anyway, the only pure race was A'su the first, all the others are mixed.
3. Druk = Cain 75% Asu, 25% heaven = Homo neanderthalis, Homo heidelbergensis, Homo ergaster
4. Yak = tallest 87.5% Asu, 12.5% heaven = Sasquatch, Bigfoot
Other excellent Oahspe scholars have said the druks were Homo neaderthalis also:
Augustine Cahill, author of DARKNESS, DAWN, AND DESTINTY (DRAWN FROM OAHSPE) 1965.
Ruth and Vernon, the experts who put together THE OAHSPE STANDARD EDITION!
Susan Martinez, Ph.D.(Anthropology) has Neanderthals being a half druk/half I'huan cross.
Page 307 fig. 9.4 Family Tree of Man, THE LOST HISTORY of the Little People, 2013
Modern Man
5. I'huan = 62.5% Asu, 37.5% heaven = Homo sapiens sapiens Cromagnon (modern man)
6. Listian-Ghan = 56.25% Asu, 43.75% heaven = Modern man
7. Kosmon = mixture of all the modern races of man = Cosmic man
Druk = cross between Asu and Ihin
Yak = cross betweem Asu and Druk
I'huan = cross between Druk and I'hin
Mongrel = cross between I'hin and half Ghan, half Druk
Listian - Ghan = cross between I'huan and I'hin
Kosmon = cross between different Listians, Ghans, I'huans, and Mongrels
I'hins 50/50 genetics vs Kosmon race 55/45 (earthly/heavenly) genetics.
I'hins were not perfected, not complete, not ripe, premature vs mature,
physically and spiritually balanced, quantity (I'hins) vs quality (Kosmon)
of genetics. "Quantity vs quality" - Glenn Kendall, February, 2013
The Kosmon race will result from the mating of those members of the Ghan [also I'huan and Mongrel] race who are the most advanced in spirituality and intelligence. This selection is now [1940] being accomplished by unseen forces [Loo'is], and will result in an inspired genetics [DNA]. -  - page 160 of SEVEN YEARS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD, 1941-1948 (1940) by Wing Anderson.
"Cosmic dust (a'ji) will cease to fall in 1947-1948, and the earth will pass into the light of the Kosmon era.
The Kosmon race will then begin to appear, the result of the amalgamation on the American continent of all the races." - page 161 of SEVEN YEARS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD, 1941-1948 (1940) by Wing Anderson.
The 1st 33 year cycle of Kosmon = 1848-1881, 2nd 33 year cycle = 1881-1914, 3rd 33 year cycle = 1914-1947, 4th 33 year cycle = 1947-1980 = (Kosmon amalgamation race will then begin to appear) = Generation X.
Generation X
Generation X, commonly abbreviated to Gen X, is the generation born after the Western Post–World War II baby boom. Demographers and commentators use birth dates ranging from the early 1960s to the early 1980s.
The center of the 4th 33 year cycle of Kosmon = 1947 + 1980 = 3927 / 2 = 1963.5. 1963 is the center of the 4th 33 year cycle of when the Kosmon race would begin to appear (Generation X).
1963 is also the 115th year of Kosmon. 360 / 115 = 3.130, 363 (solar tuff cyle) / 115 = 3.156. 3.130 + 3.156 = 6.286 (tau) / 2 = 3.143 (pi).
1963 is also exactly 50 years before 2013, 2013 is the end of the 5th 33 year cycle and the beginning of the 6th 33 year cycle of Kosmon, also the end of the Pisces Age and the beginning of the Aquarian Age, the cusp of the ages.
50 years is one Dan, time of light or enlightenment.
Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter 8:
2. Ethe, being the time of light, is named dan .
Oahspe Book of Knowledge Part IV:
6....dans varied from fifty (50) to six hundred (600) years.
Page 70 of DARKNESS, DAWN AND DESTINY by Augustine Cahill (a student of Oahspe) says "For both physically and spiritually all was not quite as well as it seemed with the I'hins. They matured early and died young, and this condition progressed in after generations until few lived much beyond the age of thirty. They were prolific, yet lacking in the power of body and strength of spirit that makes a complete man. And the process of physical degeneration slowly but surely continued."
Oahspe Synopsis of Sixteen Cycles 1-33     
24. Because the I'hins have become a spiritual people and have prospered in peace and spirit, behold, they have degenerated in the corporeal body. They yield abundant harvests for My etherean realms, but they are like untimely births.
OAHSPE: The Lords' Fifth Book CHAPTER IV:
9. Think not, however, that the I'hins were the perfection of manhood and womanhood. They were not a developed race, nor righteous because of their own knowledge.
10. By the constant presence of my exalted angels, they were obsessed to righteousness, being restrained away from evil. They were my sermon before the tribes of druks and cannibals that covered the earth over; and, by virtue of signs and miracles, and by nonresistance, preserved I them.
OAHSPE: Book of Inspiration CHAPTER XII:
31. As there was a time when I created every animal perfect in its order; so also shall such a time come unto man.
32. And now is the dawn thereof. Hence, I named it kosmon
E-O-IH = the Creator's sacred name = 9 + 8 + 5 = 22 sum total
See Language - Symbols - Pictographs - Sound Chapter/pages 1/2 way down from top
"let the note C2 be the fundamental or first harmonic of a string"
C2 = 65.4064
E = 587.33(D5) / 65.4064(C2) = 8.979 = 9.0 x multiple = harmonic = polarization (within .02)
O = 523.251(C5) / 65.4064(C2) = 7.999 = 8.0 x multiple = Harmonic = polarization (exact)
IH = 329.628(E4) / 65.4064(C2) = 5.039 = 5.0 x multiple = Harmonic = polarization (within .03)
9x + 8x + 5x = 22 = Vortexian highest up-spike to lowest down-spike cycle years
The number 22 is 7x PI (3.142) the ratio of the circumference of a circle to it's diameter.
9 is the most powerfull single digit. 8 is the number of harmony. 5 is the number of balance.
5 = half = 50%
IH of E-O-IH = IH of I'Hins
IH = 5x or 5 = balance, wisdom, genetic balance of I'Hins (50% Earthly Asu, 50% Etherean Angel)
IH = (I'Hins) is the foundation of human corporeal balance = 5 or half between 0-10 and 1-9, 50-50 genetics. The I'Hins were balanced in quantity of genetics, but not quality. Quality and maturity would come later with the Kosmon race. See Pendulum of races on Hominidae - animal-man pages/chapter at top.
OAHSPE: The Lords' Second Book CHAPTER I.
2. The chosen of God, being called I'hins, because they were the fruit of both heaven and earth,
Called I'hins because...fruit of both heaven and earth = both heaven and earth = half and half, 50-50.
Evolution of humans caused by cross breeding, mixing.
Octave of corporean races:
1. Kosmon
2. Ghans-Listians
3. I'huan
4. I'hin
5. Mongrel
-------------------------------2/3 mark or threshold (.666)
6. Druk
7. Yak
8. Asu 
5/8 of the races are above the mark of the Beast, those 5 have beauty, symmetry of features.
8 / 5 = 1.6 (PHI) the Golden Ratio, Divine Ratio, harmony of the God Apollo (the cycle of the Orian Cheif Apollo).
Golden Ratio proportions of the human body
The following sections of the modern human body are all in phi proportion:
finger tip to elbow…wrist to elbow
shoulder line/top of head… head length
navel/top of head… shoulder line/top of head
navel to knee… knee to end of foot.
The beauties and harmonies of Nature are an expression of the All-Person, Jehovih. 3/8 of the races are below the mark of the Beast, those 3 races had bent backs, low foreheads, receeding chins, hanging jaws, disproportionate long arms, clawlike long sharp curved fingernails.
8 corporeal races mentioned in Oahspe, 5 have symmetry of features, 3 don't = 3, 5, and 8 are fibonacci numbers, 8 divided by 5 = 1.6 = golden ratio of symmetry, beauty. 5 and 8 are two numbers of the sacred name of the Creator E-O-IH (9-8-5).
Modern human beauty is found in phi Golden Ratio facial geometry (living mathematics).
E-O-IH = 9-8-5. 8/5 = Fibonacci numbers = Harmony/balance = golden ratio = Kosmon race
Beauty of multiracial diversity of the modern I'huans, Ghans and Kosmon races
Marquardt Beauty Mask - Asian, based on phi, the golden ratio Marquardt Beauty Mask - Black, based on phi, the golden ratio Marquardt Beauty Mask - Caucasian, based on phi, the golden ratio
Asian Black
Page 87 of DARKNESS, DAWN, AND DESTINY, 1965 by Augustine Cahill says "I have frequently remarked in the course of this study that the I'hins were originally a fair race, descended on the one side however from Adam [Asu], a black race. The pigmentation of subsequent tribes was at first proportional to the degree of I'hin or Adamite blood [genetics], but in course of time various permutations manifested. It may be advisable at this juncture to emphasize that Oahspe clearly and repeatedly states that the day of race or colour discrimination is now past. The I'hins and the Ghans were required to keep their blood pure for spiritual reasons, but today the Adamites [Asu], the cavemen [Druks, Yaks], and the I'hins are all extinct. There is no longer any necessary spiritual virtue in the accident of a fair complexion. The lower caste Hindus [of India] for instance have more I'hin blood in them than many of the white races."
In Oahspe the first anatomically modern humans were the I'hins.
The I'hins of Ham (Africa) had the most diversity (they were of all colors, white, yellow, red, brown, and black) whereas elsewhere the I'hins were white and yellow.
OAHSPE: The Lords' Fifth Book Chapter III:
4. Of all colors (black, white, yellow, copper, red and brown) were the tribes of Ham; nevertheless, they were I'hins (Faithists), having flat nails and short arms, and of such as desired to acquire knowledge.
Current genetic research have demonstrated that humans on the African continent are the most genetically diverse.[152] There is more human genetic diversity in Africa than anywhere else on Earth.
Jump up ^ Jorde, L.; Watkins, W; Bamshad, M; Dixon, M; Ricker, C.; Seielstad, M.; Batzer, M. (2000). "The distribution of human genetic diversity: a comparison of mitochondrial, autosomal, and Y-chromosome data". American Journal of Human Genetics 66 (3): 979–988. doi:10.1086/302825. PMC 1288178. PMID 10712212.
International travel and cultural mixing (example; the modern Olympic games).
Kosmon Era: Kosmon, universal knowledge, corpor and spirit. Universal fellowship in all nations.
Ancient DNA processed from publicly available raw files uploaded to GEDMatch for comparison:
Saturday, September 20, 2014 Clovis-Anzick DNA
The genome of a Late Pleistocene human from a Clovis burial site in western Montana
Clovis-Anzick-1 ancient DNA have matches with living people!
Matches with living people from Guatemala (Guatama where the I'hins first landed in Central America from Pan):
June Ristow2 months ago  -  Shared publicly  This is very interesting. My daughter is match A130308. She was also adopted from Guatemala. Read moreShow less+0
1  ·  ReplyAdd a comment...Dianne Crouse2 months ago  -  Shared publicly  My son is number 15 on this list. He was adopted from Guatemala. My daughter is number 17 on the full list on Gedmatch. She is also from Guatemala, although from a completely different part of Guatemala. Their DNA testing showed them to be "4th to distant" cousins to each other. This is very interesting!Read moreShow less+0
1  ·  ReplyAdd a comment...Beth Komel2 months ago  -  Shared publicly  My daughter is the number 5 profile  She was adopted from Guatemala in 2008Read moreShow less+0
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Adopted daughter of Guatemala high clovis match GEDmatch HarappaWorld
The Anzick site is a human burial which occurred approximately 13,000 years ago, part of the late Clovis culture, Paleoindian hunter-gatherers who were among the earliest colonizers of the western hemisphere.
DNA analysis of a fragment of the boy's bones revealed that he was closely related to Native American people of Central and South America, rather than those of the Canadian and Arctic, ...
The Anzick site, sometimes called the Wilsall-Arthur site and designated as Smithsonian 24PA506, is a human burial site dated to the Clovis period, ~10,680 RCYBP. Anzick is located in a sandstone outcrop on Flathead Creek, approximately one mile (1.6 kilometers) south of the town of Wilsall in southwestern Montana in the northwestern United States.
Clovis, Montana, 12.5ky GEDmatch MDLP World-22 Admixture Proportions results:
Mesoamerican 45.72%, North-Amerind 33.40%, South-America_Amerind 15.45%, Arctic-Amerind 0.92%, East-South-Asian 1.39%.
Map showing Clovis-Anzick-1 ancient Native American site south of Wilsall (black square on map) in southwestern Montana. Notice the nearby Shoshone and Flathead Indian Territories (Both the Shoshone and Flathead Indians are mentioned in Oahspe God's First Book Chapter XXIV :16 and Chapter XXVII:34. Then came Eawahtah; came first to the kingdom of Took-shein, and to his queen, Che-guh, in the land Anagoomahaha, the flat-heads. Told them all the words of the Great Spirit, Egoquim.
The Flathead Indian Reservation, located in western Montana on the Flathead River, is home to the Bitterroot Salish, Kootenai, and Pend d'Oreilles Tribes - also known as the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Nation. The reservation was created through the July 16, 1855, Treaty of Hellgate, and reservation has land on four of Montana's counties: Lake, Sanders, Missoula, and Flathead.[1] The Flathead Indian Reservation, west of the Continental Divide, consists of 1,938 square miles (5,020 km2) (1,317,000 acres (533,000 ha)) of forested mountains and valleys.[2]
Native Americans have lived in Montana for more than 14,000 years, based on archaeological findings.
Clovis-Anzick-1 ancient DNA "closely related to Native American people of Central and South America, rather than those of the Canadian and Arctic" This agrees with what Oahspe said in 1881, that the first Native Americans came from 
Guatemala in Central America (Guatama) not from crossing the Bering strait in the Artic.
9. And these were the first tribes of I'huans in the land of Guatama (after the flood), and they dwelt together, marrying and begetting offspring, dwelling in peace. And the I'hins taught them in all things, so they became an honor on the earth and a glory unto the Creator; but they were mixed so together that one tribe had no preference over another. So, by commandment of God, they were called the tribe of Oedukakaooh, of the middle kingdom, Waneopanganosah (Central America).
Spreadsheet of the MDLP K23b ethnicity results of the ancient specimens and two living Europeans:
Screenshots of the MDLP K23b ethnicity results of the ancient specimens and two living Europeans:
Friday, November 21, 2014
GEDmatch Archaic DNA matches
I would like to thank John Olson from GEDmatch for preparing an excellent tool to compare all ancient DNA uploaded to GEDmatch in one page. The tool allows to reduce the cM as low as 0.5. However, based on my experience and experiments, always try to use 1.5 to 2 cM and above.
For people who carry known Native heritage, matches, especially relatively large matches to Anzick, confirm not only their Native heritage, but his too.
For people who suspect Native heritage, but can’t yet prove it, an Anzick match provides what amounts to a clue – and it may be a very important clue.
Minimum DNA GEDmatch for significant amount of common ancestry (500 SNPs and 2 cM).
No Match between my DNA and Archaic Eskimo at 500 SNPs and 2 cM.
GEDmatch.Com Autosomal Comparison:
Comparing Kit F999919 (Clovis, Montana, 12.5ky) and A121953 (Ethe1959):
Match at 500 SNPs and 2 cM threshold at Chromosome 6.
Denise Neufeld Nov, 2014 -  Shared publicly
I am interested to know what you think of my results.
I match Clovis-Anzick on Chr 1- I kept the number at 700 SNP's and changed the cM to 6 and these are my results:
Chr 1
Start Location- 5594373
End Location-9405975
Centimorgans (cM)- 6.8
SNPs - 1062
Largest segment = 6.8 cM
Total of segments > 6 cM = 6.8 cM
Comparison took 0.17030 seconds
The woman above may be least 40 to 50 percent Native American DNA and at over 500 SNPs she has a 6.8 Cm match on Chromosome 1 to Archaic Clovis-Anzick of Montana. Her Chromosome segment length match to Clovis-Anzick is more than 3 times my Match.
Q – Does my match to Anzick mean he is my ancestor?
A – No, it means that you and Anzick share common ancestry someplace back in time, perhaps tens of thousands of years ago.
Q – I match the Anzick sample.  Does this prove that I have Native American heritage?
A – No, and it depends.  Don’t you just hate answers like this?
No, this match alone does not prove Native American heritage, especially not at IBS levels [the segment is small and you can’t necessarily connect it to the ancestor].
If the segment match is large (at least 2 cM) and the SNPs are high (at least 500) I believe [based on research] there is a high chance of Native American heritage.
The admixture report below is for the first individual on the Anzick one to all Gedmatch compare at 700 SNPs and 7cM, above:
His average DNA to Clovis-Anzick was 94.5%, almost 100 percent Native American. His largest chromosome match was 14.8 cM. Denise Neufeld above had a segment match almost half the size (45.9%, 6.8/14.8).
DNA ethnicity percentage estimate of Clovis-Anzick (91.68 - 95.38% American Indian):
Genetic evidence for archaic admixture in Africa
A long-debated question concerns the fate of archaic forms of the genus Homo: did they go extinct without interbreeding with anatomically modern humans, or are their genes present in contemporary populations?
to test whether patterns of neutral polymorphism in three contemporary sub-Saharan African populations are better explained by archaic admixture.
Although whole-genome polymorphism data are now available from hundreds of samples (20), they do not include individuals from African hunter-gatherer populations, which serve as important reservoirs of human genetic diversity. Our study includes two such populations (Biaka Pygmies and San), along with an agricultural population from West Africa (Mandenka). We use a model of historically isolated subpopulations (17, 21) to predict patterns of nucleotide variation expected as a consequence of no admixture (null hypothesis) vs. low levels of admixture (alternative hypothesis). We apply two complementary coalescent-based approaches, a two-population and a three-population model to test the null hypothesis, and then estimate three key parameters: the time of admixture (Ta), the ancestral split time (T0), and the admixture proportion (a).
The evidence for archaic admixture is extremely strong in the Biaka and the San (P < 10−4) but not in the Mandenka (P > 0.05).
Geographic Surveys. A survey of the insertion that is diagnostic for the divergent haplotype at 4qMB179 (i.e., at position 179,598,847 in Table S3) in 502 individuals from West, East, central, and southern Africa reveals that it reaches its highest average frequency (3.6%) in Pygmy groups from west-central Africa (Fig. 4). The variant is also found at low average frequencies (0.8%) in some non-Pygmy groups from West and East Africa. An A→G mutation that marks the divergent haplotype at 18qMB60 shows a similar distribution—also reaching its highest average frequency in the Pygmy groups—although it is found at slightly lower frequencies than the variant at 4qMB179 (i.e., 1.6% vs. 3.6%, respectively). This variant is also found in some non-Pygmy groups, exhibiting similar average frequencies as the 4qMB179 variant in West Africans (0.8%), East Africans (0.8%), and southern Africans (0.5% vs. 0.0%, respectively) (Fig. 4). Interestingly, the distribution of the G→A variant marking the divergent haplotype at 13qMB107 exhibits a somewhat different geographic distribution, reaching its highest average frequency in our sample of southern Africans (6.3%, and especially in the San at a frequency of 11.9%) rather than in central African Pygmies (average of 5.2%). However, it is important to note that its presence in our sample of central Africans is entirely limited to the Mbuti, where it has a frequency of 14.8%.
Mbuti from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Interestingly, the Mbuti represent the only population in our survey that carries the introgressive variant at all three candidate loci, despite the fact that no Mbuti were represented in our initial sequencing survey. Given that the Mbuti population is known to be relatively isolated from other Pygmy and neighboring non-Pygmy populations (26), this suggests that central Africa may have been the homeland of a now-extinct archaic form that hybridized with modern humans.
Archaic genetic admixture in Africa
Frequency of introgressive variants within three sequenced regions in an expanded sample of ≈500 sub-Saharan Africans (SI Materials and Methods). The filled bar represents the frequency of a variant marking the divergent haplotype at 4qMB179 (Left), 18qMB60 (Center), and 13qMB179 (Right) in each of 14 population samples. Each horizontal line on the bar charts represents a frequency of 5%.
Our inference methods reject the hypothesis that the ancestral population that gave rise to AMH in Africa was genetically isolated and point to several candidate regions that may have introgressed from an archaic source(s).
The pygmies have more archaic human (I'hins and I'huans) admixture, and the Mandenka, Ghanans, Ivory Coast, Nigerian, Bantu, Mali, and Senegal have less archaic human admixture and more modern (Ghan and Mongrel) admixture.
Other Ethnic admixure proportions from my Ancestry raw DNA data file uploaded to GEDmatch:
Admixture Proportions from ancestry raw dna data GEDmatch:
https://postimg.cc/image/6vcrsiqpx/ (shows Archaic African)
Ethnic African only admixture GEDmatch:
I have more Biaka (Aka) Pygmy DNA than Mbuti pygmy DNA, and less San DNA. Since this is a 100% African test my European DNA shows up as North African, Nilo-Saharan, etc.. which is mostly Caucasion.
The Aka or Biaka are related to the Baka people of Cameroon, Gabon, northern Congo, and southwestern Central African Republic.
The Mbuti pygmies are of the far eastern Congo, farther from the West African coast (than the Biaka) where most of the slave trade was, so naturally I would have less Mbuti pygmy DNA than Biaka pygmy DNA.
GEDmatch HarappaWorld Admixture Ethnic proportions:
Shows percent of pygmy, San, and American Indian DNA. If you add up the Afican (W-African, pygmy, E-African, San) DNA from this test the sum is 70.31% which is close to the 72% from Ancestry.com. The 1.30% American Indian matches the 1% Native American of Ancestry.com.
If you add up the European (Meditteranean, NE-Euro, Caucasian) from this test, the sum is 24.25% which is close to the 27% of Ancestry.com. On this test Papuan shows up as 0.12% which matches the Ancestry.com range of 0%-1% of Melanesia.
3.18% Baloch = Iranian-Afghanistan, Persian
Admixture Dodecad V3 Ancestry GEDmatch:
Shows Meditteranean as 5.71% which matches ancestry.com Iberian Peninsula 5%. If you add up the African (Palaeo_African, East_African, Neo-African) the sum is 71.18% which is a close match to the 72% African of Ancestry.com. If you add up the European (Meditteranean, West_European, East_European) the sum is 24.45% a close match to the 27% of ancestry.com. Which shows these tests are not far off from each other and are close to the median of the minimum to maximum ethnicity elstimate ranges.
Eurogenes K13 Ethnic admixture proportions GEDmatch:
Shows American Indian DNA percentage of 1.47% that matches 1% Native American Ancestry.com ethnicity estimate. The Oceanian 0.42% matches the 0%-1% range of Melanesia from Ancestry.com. The West_Med 5.10% matches the 5% Iberian Peninsula from Ancestry.com. The North_Atlantic 14.2% is a close Match to the sum of Ireland (13%) and Great Britian (3%) of Ancestry.com. It shows Sub-Saharan African at 65.74% which is a 91.3% match with the 72% of Ancestry.com.
According to the previous DNA ethnicity estimate tests from my raw DNA data file the amount of African pygmy dna I have ranges from 0.50% minimum to 7.27% maximum, and 2.47% medium. This matches the common minimum to maximum range of ethnicity estimates for my other ethnic groups on Ancestry.com such as Mali (range 0%-7%), and Finland/Northwest Russia (0%-7%). Ancestry.com came up with an ethnicity estimate of 2% for both Mali and Finland/Northwest Russia in my DNA which matches the 2.47% medium estimate of pygmy DNA for me on GEDmatch.
DNA ethnicity percentage and ancestral generations back:
100% = You = 0
50% = Parent = 1 generation back
25% = Grandparent = 2 generations back
12.5% = Great Grandparent = 3
6.25% = Great Great Grandparent = 4
3.125% = Great Great Great Grandparent = 5
1.56% = Great Great Great Great Grandparent = 6
0.78% = Great Great Great Great Great Grandparent = 7 generations back
0.39% = Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparent = 8 generations back
HarappaWorld is the most accurate DNA ethnicity estimate on GEDmatch.
highest match to Archaic Luxembourg GEDmatch HarappaWorld
highest Native American match to Clovis Montana GEDmatch HarappaWorld
Some Ancestry DNA RESULTS:
2% ethnic DNA is considered significant, 1% and under is considered insignificant.
I have 11 ethnic regions 2% or more (6 from Africa, and 5 from Europe).
Gerry Isaac Williams has 10 ethnic regions 2% or more.
Gerry Isaac Williams is 33% Africa, 20% Asia, 15% Europe, 31% Pacific Islander.
Ancestry DNA results (12 ethnic regions of 2% or more, 80% african-American, 20% European):
7 ethnic regions, 95% European, 4% Native American:
80% European 20% African, 10 ethnic regions 2% or more

8 ethnic regions for one sibling, 67% African, 33% European
10 ethnic regions for other sibling, 70% African, 30% European

(Puerto Rican / Colombian):

59% European, 19% Africa, 17% Native American, 5% West Asia:
One of the most ethnicly diverse Ancestry DNA results so far (13 Ethnic regions of 2% or more).
Dominican: Ancestry DNA.
27% Africa
8% Mali
4% Africa North
4% Senegal
4% Cameroon/Congo
4% Africa Southeastern Bantu
2% Benin/Togo
>1% Africa South-Central Hunter Gatherers
7% Native American
>1% Asia
58% Europe
30% Iberian Peninsula
11% Europe West
7% Italy/Greece
4% European Jewish
3% irish
2% Europe East
>1% Great Britain
>1% Scandinavia
7% Middle East
14 ethnic DNA regions 2% or more (One of the most ethnicly diverse Ancestry DNA results so far).
Ancestry.com DNA results 2015 (Dominican).
49% Europe, 32% African, 12% Native American, 5% Middle East, 2% Central Asian.
15 ethnic DNA regions (Most ethnicly diverse Ancestry DNA results so far). 

Betaface | Advanced face recognition
race - asian-middle-eastern, asian, african-american (black), hispanic (european), white, middle eastern, other

Below Betaface facial recognition and race classification of the 2 most ethnic diverse people (Dominican)
and a Puerto Rican/Columbian and a Mexican.
Dominicans were classified as asian because of their mixture and having close to 30% black DNA
(asian is like inbetween black and white).
Puerto-Rican/Columbian was classified as white because almost 60% European, with less than 20% Black DNA.
Mexican man classified as white because 48% Native American, 35% European both are classified as white
or caucasian Ghan (Ongwee-ghan and European).

African American woman:
12 ethnic DNA regions 2% or more (82% African, 16% Europe, 2% Asia).
Mixed woman:
8 ethnic DNA regions 2% or more (20% African, 79% European, 1% Pacific islander).
White girl:
9 Ethnic DNA regions 2% or more (97% Europe, 2% Asia South, 1% Caucus).
Mexican man
At least 8 or 9 ethnic regions 2% or more (48% Native American, 35% European, 11% African,
6 % West Asian).
Puerto Rican woman:
8 ethnic regions 2% and more (Africa 22%, Europe 60%, 16% Native American, Pacific Islander 1%)
Jamaica man:
10 ethnic regions 2% and more (85% Africa, 15% Europe).

The perfect human is Puerto Rican | Bits of DNA

...computational biology by Lior Pachter

Together, SNPedia and PCA therefore provide a path to determining where a “perfect human” might be from:

  1. Create a “perfect human” in silico by setting the alleles at all SNPs so that they are “good”.
  2. Add the “perfect human” to a panel of genotyped individuals from across a variety of populations and perform PCA to reveal the location and population of origin of the individual.


After restricting the SNP set from SNPedia to those with green painted alleles, i.e. “good”, there are 4967 SNPs with which to construct the “perfect human” (available for download here).

A dataset of genotyped individuals can be obtain from 1000 genomes including Africans, (indigenous) Americans, East Asians and Europeans.

The PCA plot (1st and 2nd components) showing all the individuals together with the “perfect human” (in pink; see arrow) is shown below:

The nearest neighbor to the “perfect human” is HG00737, a female who isPuerto Rican.


The fact that the “perfect human” is Puerto Rican makes a lot of sense. Since many disease SNPs are population specific, it makes sense that an individual homozygous for all “good” alleles should be admixed. And that is exactly what Puerto Ricans are. In a “women in the diaspora” study, Puerto Rican women born on the island but living in the United States were shown to be 53.3±2.8% European, 29.1±2.3% West African, and 17.6±2.4% Native American. In other words, to collect all the “good” alleles it is necessary to be admixed, but admixture itself is not sufficient for perfection.  https://liorpachter.wordpress.com/2014/12/02/the-perfect-human-is-puerto-rican/

... shall be of the amalgamated races...shall become the best, most perfect of all the peoples of the earth." - Oahspe Book of Es 20:37-39.

There is no "perfect human" because we all have bad and good genotypes, but the closest match to the perfect human with all good SNPedia genotypes is a Puerto Rican woman. 
the only reason a Puerto Rican sample shows the most beneficial alleles among peoples from the populations compared is that Puerto Ricans typically provide the most admixed samples. That is, virtually all Puerto Ricans carry a substantial proportion of three relatively well-studied populations: European, sub-Saharan African and the Native American. Thus, a Puerto Rican sample has the best chance of drawing “the best” or “the biggest mix” of alleles from all three ancestral sources. By contrast, the non-admixed populations can only have “the best genes” derived from the local ancestry.
Recent studies in population genetics have concluded that Puerto Rican gene pool is on average predominantly European, with a significant Sub-Saharan African and Indigenous American substrate, the latter originating in the island's pre-Hispanic Taíno inhabitants.[16][17][18
Though, most Puerto Ricans self-identify as white, few are of purely European ancestry, with about 61% of Puerto Ricans have significant Taino ancestry and 46% of Puerto Ricans having significant African ancestry, many are racially mixed, with most people having varying degrees of European, African, and Taino ancestry.[29][31][32][33][32][34][34][35][29][35][33][36][37] Studies have shown that the ancestry of the "average" white Puerto Rican person is about 64% European, 21% African, and 15% Taino/Amerindian,...
Aaron Hagedorn 100% Europe has five (5) 2% or more ethnic regions, a low diverse result.
nick oldja 93% Europe has five (5) 2% or more ethnic regions, a low diverse result.
Mark G. 95% Europe has seven (7) 2% or more ethnic origins, a moderate diverse result.
thecolourofsunset is Mexican-American, 66% Europe (40% Iberian Peninsula), 28% Native American, 3% Africa (Mali, Senegal, Nigeria), 2% Asia East has 8 ethnic DNA regions 2% and over, moderate-high diverse results.
A wife of a friend of mine initials LJ is 99% Europe and <1% Caucasus has only 3 ethnic DNA regions of 2% or more, a very low diverse number.
My friend HJ is African-American and his Ancestry DNA results are 9 ethnic DNA regions, a high diverse number.
African-Americans average 8.4 ethnic DNA regions.
Out of the many Ancestry DNA results I have seen posted I have found African-Americans, Puerto Ricans, and Dominicans to have the most ethnic DNA diversity, the most Kosmon race-like.
European-American populations are less genetically diverse and have more potentially harmful genetic variations than African-American populations, according to an international team of researchers.
Study Finds Africans More Genetically Diverse Than Other Populations... because of historical migrations and genetic mixing across the continent.
Her team looked at 98 African Americans from North Carolina, Baltimore, Chicago and Pittsburgh. The researchers determined that, on average, 71 percent of their genes could be traced to the far-flung African linguistic group Niger-Kordofanian, 8 percent to other African groups and 13 percent to Europe, with a smattering of genetic markers pointing to other places on the globe.
But the percentages vary widely from individual to individual. In a conference call with reporters, Tishkoff said the 13 percent figure for European genetic markers may be a slight underestimate; other studies have found numbers closer to 20 percent.
Genetic diversity is important....Genetic diversity also reduces the incidence of unfavorable inherited traits...
The vulnerability of a population to certain types of diseases can also increase with reduction in genetic diversity. 
Genetic diversity is so important because it helps organisms to cope with current environmental variability, as well as reduces potentially deleterious effects of close relative breeding. Genetic diversity is also the primary basis for adaption in the face of future environmental uncertainty.
Oahspe Book of Es, Daughter of Jehovih Chapter Chapter VIII:
29. ...for in kosmon, man shall go abroad into all countries, one nation with another; and they shall profit by wisdom, to bring forth a new race with all the glories selected from the whole.
Oahspe Book of Es, Daughter of Jehova: Chapter XX:
37. But, in this era, I come not to an exclusive people,...Hence, I have called this, the KOSMON ERA.
38. Henceforth, my chosen shall be of the amalgamated races, who choose Me. And these shall become the best, most perfect of all peoples on the earth.
"a new race with all the glories selected from the whole", "Henceforth, my chosen shall be of the amalgamated races, who choose Me".
amalgamated, amalgamating.
1. to mix or merge so as to make a combination; blend; unite; combine:

Above Kosmon amalgamated race genotype.
The Maasai's autosomal DNA has been examined in a comprehensive study by Tishkoff et al.
(2009) on the genetic affiliations of various populations in Africa. According to the study's
authors, the Maasai "have maintained their culture in the face of extensive genetic introgression".[26]
Introgression, also known as introgressive hybridization, in genetics is the movement of a gene (gene flow) from one
species into the gene pool of another by the repeated backcrossing of an interspecific hybrid with one of its parent species.
Hopefully my own and others DNA results will inspire readers to get their DNA tested also.
My own ancestry DNA results:
25% Cameroon/Congo, only 3% Bantu, <1% Nigerian, South-Central Hunter-Gatherers (Khoisan-San, Pygmy) < 1%.
72% to 28% DNA = 2.6 = golden ratio squared = alternating fibonacci sequence numbers ratio.
When unity(1) is added to the Golden Ratio(1.6), the result is the Golden Ratio squared(2.6)! 
I have 13% Irish-Scottish DNA, 6.5% from my father's side, 6.5% from my mother's side. 
Comparison of my Ancestry DNA (on left) to My mother's (on right):
My Mother and I are descended from Pacific Islanders...Melanesians....dark skinned with blonde hair.
Melanesians got their blonde hair from the I'hins who were white and yellow.
My genetic proportions from the I'hin fleets that survived the sinking of Pan during the arc of Noe:
My Ham (Africa) dna / my Shem (Indo-European) + Guatama (American-Native) dna = 2.6 = the Golden Ratio squared - unity (1) plus the Golden Ratio (1.6).
Shem is the father of the Indo-European and Semitic peoples, most notably the Jews and the Arabs.
The majority of Ham's descendants moved southwest into Africa, and were the forefathers of the nations there.
My Origins from familytreedna:
http://postimg.org/image/qal0h1rvd/ (almost same as AncestryDNA, 1% Persian added).
The 1% possibly shows a full-blooded Persian and a full-blooded Native American 7 generations back. 
South-Central Africa 2% = South-Central Hunter-Gatherers = San-Pygmy
Members of the South-Central Africa group are the earliest human hunter-gatherers seen today primarily in the Mbuti Pygmies of the Congo.
...the Bushmen are the most ancient of human lineages.
My Mother's Origins from familytreedna and distant relatives in U.S.A and other countries.
My Family Tree DNA Ethnic Makeup and distant relatives in other countries (Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria):
I probably have 1 percent or a fraction of 1 percent Jewish ancestry. Because when Ancestry.com processed my DNA they saw a 0%-2% range of European Jewish DNA which is the same range as my Africa South-Central Hunter-Gatherers DNA which they listed at < 1%, and the same range as my Native American DNA which they listed at 1%.
Ancestry.com rounds off all fractional DNA to the nearest whole percent, because of this some fractional or 1 percent ancestral DNA is not included in your ethnicity estimate.
My Italy/Greece (Greco-Roman) Ancestry DNA. Ancestry.com saw a 0%-0% range, zero Greco-Roman ancestry, not even a fraction of a percent.
Ancestry.com listed my Middle East DNA range as 0%-0% which means zero Middle Eastern DNA not even a fraction of a percent. My ancestral DNA in Asia goes through Persian (Asia Central), and European Jewish (which includes Asia Minor and Caucasus Jews), but not through Middle Eastern (Arabic).
Ancestry.com listed my North African DNA range as 0%-0% which means zero North African DNA not even a fraction of a percent. My ancestral DNA in Africa is sub-Saharan but not North African.
A number of genetic characteristics are associated with Ashkenazi groups, as opposed to other Jewish populations and other contemporary Middle-Eastern and European peoples. Certainly they are genetically distinguishable. “Compared with European samples, our Ashkenazi Jewish panel has 47 percent more novel variants per genome,” write the scientists.
The Jtest is now available at GEDmatch. It is to determine if you have Recent Jewish ancestry.
My Jtest Admixture Proportions results:
Ashkenazi (Jewish) 1.74%
Middle Eastern (Arabic) - 0.00%
EAST_MED (Italy-Greece) - 0.00%
Also shows:
African (West + East) = 69.8% closely matches 70% of Familytreedna and 72% Ancestry.com.
European (Baltic+East+North-Central+Atlantic+West_Med) = 26.46% closely matches 27% of Ancestry.com and Familytreedana.
2% Finland/Northwest Russia (St. Petersburg area):
Most people are surprised when they discover that until as recently as the 1960s it was widely accepted that the Finns originally came from Mongolia. But the Mongolian ‘Origins of the Finns’ is a controversial topic in Finland.
Posted in the China Forum
The more recent discovery of genetics has added further evidence to the ‘Mongol’ claim. Geneticist Richard Kittles found in 1998 that Finns have ‘Dual Origins’ between Germanic and Mongoloid as measured by their ‘Y Chromosome Haplotype Variation.’ Other geneticists estimated that Finns have between 10 percent and a quarter mongoloid genes, more than any other European nation. Twenty-seven percent of Finns carry the eastern ‘Tat C’ marker compared to only seven percent in Norway...
Finnish are more likely to carry the ADH-22 gene, a gene which is uncommon in many Western cultures, but has a high frequency in both Native American and Asian cultures.
CONCLUSIONS: The high frequency of certain mtDNA haplotypes considered to be Saami specific in the Finnish population suggests a genetic admixture, which appears to be more pronounced in northern Finland. Furthermore, the presence of haplogroup Z in the Finns and the Saami indicates that traces of Asian mtDNA genotypes have survived in the contemporary populations.
Genetic Relationships of Asians and Northern Europeans, Revealed by Y-Chromosomal DNA Analysis
evidence for a substantial paternal genetic contribution of Asians to northern European populations such as the Finns.
Genetic link between Finnish and Chinese:
Blonde Estonian with some distant Northeast Asian features:
Minna Kemell-Kutvonen of southern Finland:
How come so many Finnish people look East Asian?
In genetic discoveries, it was discovered that 10% of the genes of a typical ethnic Finn is shared with Siberian and East Asian populations. The rest of the other genes are shared with typical Europeans. Their most prominent genetic haplogroup (a haploid genotype shared with ancestors) is N1c. It is found in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia ...
The Mongol invasion of China spanned six decades in the 13th century and involved the defeat of the Jin dynasty, Western Xia, the Dali Kingdom and the Southern Song, which finally fell in 1279. The Mongol Empire under Genghis Khan started the conquest with small-scale raids into Western Xia in 1205 and 1207.[1] By 1279, the Mongol leader Kublai Khan had established the Yuan dynasty in China and crushed the last Song resistance, which marked the onset of all of China under the Mongol Yuan rule. This was the first time in history that the whole of China was conquered and subsequently ruled by a foreign or non-native ruler,[2] compared with the Manchus (who established the Qing dynasty) who did so a few centuries later.
Mongolian Empire 13th Century A.D.
My highest percentage of ancestry region of Africa:
Cameroon, Congo, Africa population history, Pygmy hunter-gatherers
My own DNA ancestry results for other regions and ethnic groups:
The MDLP WORLD 22 is the only test results I know that separates North American Indian DNA from Central, South American, and Arctic-American Indian DNA.
Shows North American Indian 1.56%, Mesoamerican Indian 0.55%, South-American Indian - 0.00%, Arctic-Amerind - 0.00%.
African Pygmy 3.83%, Sub-Saharian African 65.19%, North-East-European 11.67%, Atlantic_Mediterranean_Neolithic 8.95%:
My DNA Kit Chromosome 1 segment Gedmatch HarappaWorld Admixture proportions:
Someone's DNA report on their genes and inherited traits
Some genes found in my raw DNA data file:
https://postimg.cc/image/dxi563t09/ (Enhanced hippocampal volume (C;C))
rs9264942(C;C) :
HLA-C plays a key role in tumor cells recognition and elimination
HLA-C is important in viral control and tumor elimination
People with rs3732379(T;T) have increased susceptibility to HIV infection and raped progression to full-blown AIDS.
People with rs3732379(C;C) have increased resistance to HIV infection and resistance to developing AIDS.
US National Library of Medicine
National Institutes of Health
Immunology. 2011 May
Some associations are clearly attributable to HLA-C/KIR interactions, as they involve both a KIR as well as an HLA-C component. The first description of an HLA-C/KIR association with clinical outcome was made in hepatitis C virus infection, which leads to a chronic viral infection in approximately 80% of infected people. In a large study of hepatitis C virus-exposed individuals, Khakoo et al.23 found a strong association between the presence of KIR2DL3, along with homozygosity for the C1 group of HLA-C molecules that bind to KIR2DL2 and 2DL3, and clearance of infection.
Natural killer (NK) cells provide a central defense against viral infection by using inhibitory and activation receptors for major histocompatibility complex class I molecules as a means of controlling their activity. We show that genes encoding the inhibitory NK cell receptor KIR2DL3 and its human leukocyte antigen C group 1 (HLA-C1) ligand directly influence resolution of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. This effect was observed in Caucasians and African Americans with expected low infectious doses of HCV but not in those with high-dose exposure, in whom the innate immune response is likely overwhelmed.
PON1 Q192R (rs662) had a significant effect on the risk of coronary artery disease (CAD)
Much lower 0.15x risk of Type 1 Diabetes.
Normal (lower) risk of Type 2 Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes.
Where Did We All Come From? Tracing Human Migration Using Genetic Markers
Presented by Professor Moses Schanfield, Ph.D. Professor of Forensic Science and Anthropology George Washington University.
January 11, 2014. National Science Foundation Arlington, VA.
From 1 hour and 3 minutes and 9 seconds to 1 hour 4 minutes and 2 seconds into above video:
23andMe and Ancestry.com....how accurate besides the interpretation that they offer, how accurate is their technology in terms of how accurate are they reading the SNPs?
The technology is accurate. Can we accurately determine a SNP, yes. Is the raw data [raw dna data file] they supply accurate? I would assume the raw data is accurate
. You then would have to go look up at either Yale [University] site at Alfred [
alfred - Yale University] or some other site [SNPedia or Promethease] all the information about those particular SNPs if they identify them.
Dr. Schanfield was the director of Analytical Genetic Testing Center, Inc. in Denver, Co., a private forensic laboratory that was on the forefront of developing DNA technology for forensic science, and was involved with many of the early forensic DNA cases.
The hippocampus ...is a major component of the brains of humans and other vertebrates.
Theta rhythm[edit]
Main article: Theta rhythm
Because of its densely packed neural layersthe hippocampus generates some of the largest EEG signals of any brain structure. In some situations the EEG is dominated by regular waves at 3 to 10 Hertz [3.3 to 9.9 harmonic range of 3 associated with the rules of prophecy-vortex'ya, and the sacred sound of E-O-IH], often continuing for many seconds. These reflect subthreshold membrane potentials and strongly modulate the spiking of hippocampal neurons and synchronise across the hippocampus in a travelling wave pattern.[52] This EEG pattern is known as a theta rhythm.[53] Theta rhythmicity is very obvious in rabbits and rodents and also clearly present in cats and dogs. Whether theta can be seen in primates is a vexing question.[54] In rats (the animals that have been the most extensively studied), theta is seen mainly in two conditions: first, when an animal is walking or in some other way actively interacting with its surroundings; second, during REM sleep.[55] The function of theta has not yet been convincingly explained although numerous theories have been proposed.[49] The most popular hypothesis has been to relate it to learning and memory. An example would be the phase with which theta rhythms, at the time of stimulation of a neuron, shape the effect of that stimulation upon its synapses. What is meant here is that theta rhythms may affect those aspects of learning and memory that are dependent upon synaptic plasticity.[56]
Sharp waves[edit]
Main article: Sharp wave–ripple complexes
During sleep or during waking states when an animal is resting or otherwise not engaged with its surroundings, the hippocampal EEG shows a pattern of irregular slow waves, somewhat larger in amplitude than theta waves. This pattern is occasionally interrupted by large surges called sharp waves.[58] These events are associated with bursts of spike activity lasting 50 to 100 milliseconds in pyramidal cells of CA3 and CA1. They are also associated with short-lived high-frequency EEG oscillations called "ripples", with frequencies in the range 150 to 200 Hertz in rats. Sharp waves are most frequent during sleep when they occur at an average rate of around 1 per second (in rats) but in a very irregular temporal pattern. Sharp waves are less frequent during inactive waking states and are usually smaller. Sharp waves have also been observed in humans and monkeys. 
Brain waves[edit]
Delta wave – (0.1 – 3 Hz)
Theta wave – (4 – 7 Hz)
Alpha wave – (8 – 15 Hz)
Mu wave – (7.5 – 12.5 Hz)
SMR wave – (12.5 – 15.5 Hz)
Beta wave – (16 – 31 Hz)
Gamma wave – (32 – 100 Hz)
Theta brain waves are the brain state of REM sleep (dreams), hypnosis, lucid dreaming, and the barely conscious state just before sleeping and just after waking. Theta is the border between the conscious and the subconscious world, and by learning to use a conscious, waking Theta brain wave we can access and influence the powerful subconscious part of ourselves that is normally inaccessible to our waking minds. While in the Theta state, the mind is capable of deep and profound learning, healing, and growth - it is the brainwave where our minds can connect to the Divine and manifest changes in the material world.
Lying in the middle of the brain is part of the temporal lobe called the Ammon's horn (Amuns Horn) or the hippocampus. In neuroanatomy, Ammon's horn is a metaphor that relates to the gods and the brain.
Ammon's horn is the hidden creator, king of the gods, and the lord of the thrones of the world. Amun is 'The hidden one.'" Lord of the visible and the invisible worlds, he was the mysterious soul of the universe which reveals itself in light.
The God Amun or Ammon in ancient times was usually depicted as a ram with curved Jupiter Ammon horns, a man with a ram's head ...
Many ancient images depict Jupiter Ammon under the figure of a ram, or on medals and coins he appears in human shape with ram-horns growing out beneath his ears.
Could it be that they were sending us a message with these images and that the Ammon's Horn or (hippocampus) is one of the most important areas of our brains in our evolution ...
Theta Brain Waves
Brain Waves Theta In the theta state of awareness, brain waves are oscillating between 4 to 5 cycles per second. This is a state of mind where excellent psychic experiences can occur, astral projection and extended remote viewing. We generally experience the theta level in deep meditations and in our sleep state. Here we can transcend time and space, obtain remote perceptions, and obtain information from the highest source.
With each brain state level that we descend, the closer we get to our Source, higher self, or the universal mind. While beta is highly exterior in focus, this is still very much an inward state. The beta state of awareness is related to our conscious thoughts; the theta state is related to our subconscious mind.
Theta – (4 to 7 Hz)
Theta brainwave occur during deep relaxation and meditation, light sleep or lucid dreaming including the REM dream state. It is the realm of your subconsciousness, where the mind is capable of profound insight, advanced intuition, healing, and oneness – in Theta state our minds can connect to the universe and manifest life-enhancing changes.
You can also experience vivid visualizations, great inspiration and profound creativity. The lower the brain frequency the faster the learning. Meditation or yoga is credited as being so relaxing because they induce the mind in a trance like state where it starts generating theta waves. People tend to have paranormal, psychic experiences when their brain is full of theta brainwaves.
Most children and teenagers have dominant theta brainwave patterns.
The hippocampus is a double arc or C-shaped structure formed by cutting open a torus.
UZH|ETH Zurich - Neuroscience Center Zurich - Research Groups - Cognitive Neuroscience - Henke
Prof. Dr. Katharina Henke
Department of Psychology
University of Bern
current research projects:
Role of hippocampus in creativity, insight and problem solving.
Our findings suggest that the human hippocampal formation specializes in the rapid establishment of new conceptual associations between items in memory. Importantly, we found that the hippocampal formation mediates the rapid encoding of new associations even when encoding (and later retrieval) were carried out without conscious awareness of encoding (and retrieval). Moreover, unconscious encoding affects the success of subsequent conscious encoding when the same, similar or different material is given for conscious learning. This influence of encoding across levels of consciousness was mediated by the hippocampal formation.
Hippocampus (animation)
The hippocampus plays a vital role in enhancing memory in those who are actively engaged in learning something new. It coordinates with other brain structures to accomplish different tasks, such as recognizing an object one has seen before or remembering its original location. (Credit: Graphic by Diana Yates. Brain by Andrew Giglio.).
BMED Report
health and wellness through psychological science
Dr. Christopher Fisher, Managing Editor for The Behavioral Medicine Report, received his PhD in Clinical Health Psychology & Behavioral Medicine from University of North Texas. His clinical training emphasized biopsychosocial approaches to health and wellness, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), neurofeedback, biofeedback, cranial electrical stimulation (CES), and QEEG. He is Board Certified in Neurofeedback (BCN) by BCIA. Dr. Fisher also received a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Texas A&M - Corpus Christi. Dr. Fisher maintains a private practice in Corpus Christi, Texas, and offers individual therapy, group therapy, peripheral biofeedback, and neurofeedback.
 VCE U4 Psychology - Brain mechanisms involved in learning.
    1. Brain mechanisms involved in learning
    2. Glutamate• It is the most abundant excitatory neurotransmitter in the nervous system• It plays a key role in learning (LTP), highly concentrated in Hippocampus, amygdala• Stored in the vesicles of the presynaptic neuron• Nerve impulses (action potential) triggers release into the synapse• Glutamite then binds with specialised receptors on the dendrites of the postsynaptic neuron
    3. NMDA (N-methyl D-aspartate)• A specialised receptor (found on dendrites) that receives Glutamate (vital to LTP)
    4. NMDA (N-methyl D-aspartate)• Evidence: Morris water maze experiment - NDMA blocked - rats unable to spatially learn (no LTP)• Tissens (2000) study on modified NMDA receptors of mice
    5. Hippocampus• largely responsible for LTP• Consolidation of declarative memories• involved in spatial learning and navigation• Along with the thalamus & amygdala – it is responsible for intiating and processing fear response• Evidence: MRIs indicate a larger right hippocampus area of London cab drivers compared to population• Morris water maze experiment with removal of Hippocampus
Long-term potentiation (LTP) is a persistent increase in synaptic strength following high-frequency stimulation of a chemical synapse. Studies of LTP are often carried out in slices of the hippocampus, an important organ for learning and memory.
noun: synapse; plural noun: synapses
a junction between two nerve cells, consisting of a minute gap across which impulses pass by diffusion of a neurotransmitter.

In neuroscience, long-term potentiation (LTP) is a persistent strengthening of synapses based on recent patterns of activity. These are patterns of synaptic activity that produce a long-lasting increase in signal transmission between two neurons.[2] The opposite of LTP is long-term depression, which produces a long-lasting decrease in synaptic strength. It is one of several phenomena underlying synaptic plasticity, the ability of chemical synapses to change their strength. As memories are thought to be encoded by modification of synaptic strength,[3] LTP is widely considered one of the major cellular mechanisms that underlies learning and memory.[2][3] LTP was discovered in the rabbit hippocampus by Terje Lømo in 1966 and has remained a popular subject of research since. Many modern LTP studies seek to better understand its basic biology, while others aim to draw a causal link between LTP and behavioral learning. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long-term_potentiation

The Ethereans' brains, immune system, bones, muscles, organs etc... are superior to earth people's body.  Most of the Ethereans' beneficial DNA is of the (C;C) genotype (single nucleotide polymorphism or  SNPs). I have noticed a genetic pattern in my research, several of the good enhanced human genotypes contain the C allele such as:

I come to these conclusions based upon extensive study and research of Oahspe and human genetics. When the Angels came here to earth they had all the blood types (A, B, AB, and O) in them from corporeal man from when they died in infancy or fetus on other corporeal worlds. The Blood types would have been recorded in the DNA. DNA is a physical and non-physical vortexian record. When the angel hosts of Sethantes came to earth and inter-breed with Asu they passed on all the different corporean blood types (that was still recorded in their DNA from when they were a corporeal fetus or infant from another corporeal world like earth) to the I'hins.

What made the angels different from the first earth man (Asu) was that they were capable of being taught spiritual things (they had an enhanced ability to learn) and Asu could not. The ability to learn is connected to the hippocampus (even the ancient Egyptians connected the hippocampus to the god Seth or the hosts of Sethantes). The C allele is connected to enhanced hippocampal volume, and enhanced ability to learn and remember. Like Asu the Druks were born not capable of being taught spiritual things. The Druks could not learn, could not understand what the I'hins said to them about spiritual things and the druks soon forgot what they were told (evidence of sub-normal hippocampus). Oahspe makes it clear it was the learning ability of the angels and I'hins that separated them from Asu or primitive earth man. The hippocampus and the C allele is connected to enhanced learning ability. Blood types (A, B, AB, and O) are not connected to enhanced learning ability.

Blood types are not responisble for enhanced learning ability that the angels and I'hins had (and Asu didn't have) but the hippocampus and the C allele is responsible for enhanced learning ability and is our connection to the Ethereans.
Blood type by race/ethnicity:
Notice from above chart that O negative blood type is 8% in Caucasian and only 0.19% in African-Americans. 8 / 0.19 = 42.1 x more in Caucasians than in African-Americans.
There is a theory that O negative blood type is a genetic mutation that came about as reaction to The Black Death which spread across Europe.
There is a theory that O negative blood type is a genetic mutation that came about as reaction to The Black Death which spread across Europe.
Another theory is the O negative Rh- blood type came from Neanderthals. Recent studies proved the homosapiens interbred with neanderthals in Europe around 30,000 years ago and Europeans have the highest percentage of Neanderthal genes. Interestingly, Europeans also have the highest percentage of O negative Rh- people.
Recently came across this theory which suggests that those with Rh negative blood group might be the descendants of ancient alien astronauts
the alien blood group theory which states that
If all mankind evolved from the same ancestor their blood would be compatible. Where did the Rh negatives come from? If they are not the descendants of prehistoric man, could they be the descendants of the ancient astronauts?
This makes one believe as if Rh negative indicates the “presence of something rare in one’s blood”. But as we learn earlier, Rh negative indicates the “absence of the Rh D antigen” which otherwise is quite abundant in most (85%) humans. So what could be the contribution of alien blood here? Obviously, there is nothing alien here, because there is no alien genes present here, its actually the “absence” of our own genes which produce the Rh D antigen in most humans.
The entire theory seems to have been built upon an incorrect understanding of blood groups, antigens and antibody response. Because Rh D is not the ONLY antigen either, in Rh group itself we have around 50 such antigens, and human blood group classification itself has around 32 types based on different groups of antigens.
The theory then states
All animals and other living creatures known to man can breed with any other of their species. Relative size and color makes no difference. Why does infant’s haemolytic disease occur in humans if all humans are the same species?
This seems to suggest that other animals are free from such instances of mother’s immune system attacking the child’s blood. Well, it is not. We have seen newborns die because of this attack even in horses and mules! It appears in all those species where the mother has a negative antigen blood group, and the fetus has a positive antigen blood group, and mother’s blood comes in contact with fetal blood.
For that matter, it is not only restricted to Rh D antigen either. After all, it is also very much possible that mother whose blood group is O, gives birth to a child whose blood group is B, and if the mother’s blood comes in contact with fetal blood, then there will be antibodies against B produced by the mother’s blood! Its only that in this case it is not life threatening, while in the case of Rh D it can be life threatening to the baby.
All combinations where mother is negative antigen, and child is positive antigen can cause scenarios where mother’s immune system produces antibodies against the child’s positive antigen. It is only that while some of them cause no harm, some cause mild issues, and the ones like Rh D can be severe.
So there is nothing alien here, and this is a common evolutionary compromise across the human species.
 29/8.25. All men are My children; into conscious being I created them alike, privileged to all the earth, and the waters of the earth, and the air in the firmament above the earth.

29/8.26. Brothers and sisters I created them; of various tribes, races, colors and sizes, but nevertheless, in My own way I created them, every one for a glory in the way I made him.

29/8.27. In the early days, behold, I kept man on certain continents and places, so that I could unfold him in the glory for which I designed him.

29/8.28. But in kosmon, I open the gates of the oceans, seas and rivers, and I say to all My people: Come forth, behold your brethren; go into this country, and into that, and learn wisdom from that which I have proved in the family of My house. Be profitable to one another, in the experience and practice of My hand upon all peoples.

29/8.29. In one, tallness; in another, shortness; in one, sound teeth and bones, and well-formed limbs; in another, sagacity; in one, a dense population and well-tilled lands; in another, plain food and long life; for in kosmon, man shall go abroad into all countries, one nation with another; and they shall profit by wisdom, to bring forth a new race with all the glories selected from the whole.


Over time, individuals from a group of people usually had children with people from the same group.  In so doing, they passed their DNA to their children – generation after generation.  And if a group of people remained relatively isolated from other groups, there wouldn’t be much new DNA entering that group from othersIn this process, the DNA of human populations becomes slightly differentiated.
Positive correlation between genetic diversity and fitness in a large, well-connected metapopulation .
Theory predicts that lower dispersal, and associated gene flow, leads to decreased genetic diversity in small isolated populations, which generates adverse consequences for fitness, and subsequently for demography.
Our results suggest that dispersal is a very important factor maintaining genetic diversity.
Variation is genetic key to survival
A genetically "healthy" population is defined as having a large amount of genetic variability. The information for each of an organism's characteristics is carried on a gene, but a gene can have different forms. These are known as alleles, and a large range of alleles leads to a wide variety of genetic "options" or genetic "possibilities".
By contrast, a lack of genetic diversity can prove detrimental to a population, limiting its ability to adapt to changing environmental conditions. Merely having a large population does not negate the need for genetic diversity to ensure the survival of a population.
Take the Tasmanian devil, for example. Despite a relatively large population, this species lacks significant variation in a key immune gene region, known as the major histocompatibility complex. This lack of genetic variability has contributed to the spread of devil facial tumour disease (DFTD), with up to 90% of some devil populations suffering from this lethal affliction.
They are simply limited in their ability to develop an immune response to this virus - they do not have the genetic tools to combat the virus.
Genetic diversity is calculated according to the number of alleles and the frequency of these within a population. Several factors can contribute to variations in the number and frequency of these alleles.
Decreases in genetic variation can occur through random fluctuations in allele frequency, called genetic drift, which can result in the loss of alleles. Alternatively, genetic variation can be increased by mutation (the spontaneous creation of novel alleles) or by gene flow that introduces alleles from migrating members of a foreign population.
In conjunction with natural selection, these phenomena form part of the natural process leading towards evolution and speciation.
Genetic diversity provides the resource for phenotypic variation that is integral in determining the rate of evolutionary change in an environment. A population that lacks genetic diversity will be poorly equipped to meet environmental changes and demands (Resnik 2000, 452). The importance of genetic diversity is undeniable; the survivability of a population is directly related to genetic diversity.
What are the advantages of human genetic variation?
...there is a bigger range of characteristics, so the best traits allow those members to survive longer and therefore mate more.
Heterosis, hybrid vigor, or out-breeding enhancement, is the improved or increased function of any biological quality in a hybrid offspring. The adjective derived from heterosis is heterotic.
An offspring exhibits heterosis if its traits are enhanced as a result of mixing the genetic contributions of its parents.
...crossbred plants and animals exhibiting heterosis may have "superior" traits, but this does not necessarily equate to any evidence of outright "genetic superiority". Use of the term "superiority" is commonplace for example in crop breeding, where it is well understood to mean a better-yielding, more robust plant for agriculture. Such a plant may yield better on a farm, but would likely struggle to survive in the wild, making this use open to misinterpretation. In human genetics any question of "genetic superiority" can only be a questionable value judgement in the realm of politics, not science.[2]
Second, not all hybrids exhibit heterosis (see outbreeding depression).
An example of the ambiguous value judgements imposed on hybrids and hybrid vigor is the mule. While mules are almost always infertile, they are valued for a combination of hardiness and temperament that is different from either of their horse or donkey parents. While these qualities may make them "superior" for particular uses by humans, the infertility issue implies that these animals would most likely become extinct without the intervention of humans through animal husbandry, making them "inferior" in terms of natural selection.
Many modern geneticists refrain from even using the terms inferior and superior due to the association of these words with political movements that espouse genocide or eugenics. However in fields such as plant breeding and horticulture, they are less controversial.
In Oahspe I'huans were an example of heterosis from the mixing or crossbreeding of an I'hin with a Druk.
The Ghan and Listians are an example of heterosis from the mixing or crossbreeding of I'hins with I'huans.
Heterosis continues in Kosmon from mixing or crossbreeding geneticly diverse human populations.

Book of Es, Daughter of Jehovih


|1196| Being a heavenly history of the earth and her heavens, and of etherea, from four hundred years before kosmon, to the dawn of the Kosmon era

1196  Es is not an actual angel or Goddess, like those mentioned in titles of preceding books; but Es is an entity, signifying the spirit world.

Globalization (or globalisation, also mundialisation or mundialization) is a common term for processes of international integration arising from increasing human connectivity and interchange of worldviews, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture.[1][2] In particular, advances in transportation and telecommunications infrastructure, including the rise of the Internet, represent major driving factors in globalization and precipitate further interdependence of economic and cultural activities.[3]

Though several scholars situate the origins of globalization in modernity, others map its history long before the European age of discovery and voyages to the New World.


Age of Kosmon - Globalization - 1848-1849 - California Gold rush

Globalization - When did Globalization Begin?

The World Bank states that there have been three 'waves' of globalization. The first began in 1870 and ended at the beginning of World War I in 1914. It was characterized by a reduction in trade barriers and and improvement in transportation technologies, which resulted in major migration of about 10% of the world's population. 


5. Globalization Begins – A Worldwide Rush for Gold

The Gold Rush in California marks the beginning of globalization. For the first time in human history, transportation and communications had advanced to such a state that people from all over the world could come to one location to work and compete with on another. The immensity of the California gold discovery provided the irresistible incentive to come.

From Europe came the British, Spanish and French. Chileans and Peruvians arrived from South America. Australians joined the Gold Rush. Hawaiians took part. And of course, Americans from the eastern part of the United States as well as Sonorans from Mexico came. Adventurers from the largest continent of all, Asia, also joined the gold rush.


The 1849 gold rush formed one of the biggest westward migrations. Through the 1900s, even when people did not physically move, the advent of radio and then television began a degree of globalization that allowed cultures to witness the lives of others. With more and more technology (airplanes, computers), we now not only witness other people and their lives but interact with other people as well. Just 30 years ago, grandparents never dreamed that one day people could instantly communicate with another person who lives across the world. Now, we can more easily send a message via E-mail and can instantly connect via land phone or mobile phone to almost anywhere and anyone in the world. This is such a far cry from the life in the 1800s and early 1900s (just 100 years ago) when people communicated through telegrams that had to be delivered by a person to someone's house or business, or when making a call into another State or even down the street meant ringing up an "Operator" who would manually "connect" calls through a massive switching board (a switchboard). Almost unheard-of now are "party lines" in which numerous households shared the same "line" but each home was assigned a different number of "rings" so that each home would know whether the call was for them or for another house. 

But, globalization also means that within hours any person can spread major illnesses or disease, or introduce illnesses in places that have not yet built immunity to a certain pathogen. For example, in the 1920s, tuberculosis patients were routinely placed in "TB hospitals/sanitoriums" to keep them away from healthy persons. Now, someone may not even know they have been exposed to TB and can get on a plane, thus exposing hundreds of unsuspecting people to the illness. Global transportation also means that certain species of insects or animals have accidentally hitched rides via boats or airplanes into new countries that have no natural predators against these new "visitors". Governments have outlined the types of foods or products that can be brought back into a home country from foreign lands -- for example, some fruits grown in other countries carry insects native to the other country but that could wipe out crops in a different country.



"And it shall come to pass, that when the Western 

Continent is inhabited across from East to West, all the 

earth will be circumscribed with men of wisdom and 

learning. And the year of the circumscribing shall be the beginning of KOSMON.

Let this, therefore, be the beginning of the KOSMON 

ERA. My people have settled the whole earth around, 

from East to West: the lands of the western borders of 

Gautama have become inhabited."

Book of Es, Daughter of Jehova: Chapter II:

25. And it shall come to pass, that when the western continent is inhabited across from east to west, all the earth will be circumscribed with men of wisdom and learning.

26. And the year of the circumscribing [globilization] shall be the beginning of kosmon.[1848]

27. And the heavens of the earth shall be opened [Dan-Light], and the angels thereof shall descend to the earth, and make themselves known to mortals; even through them which your loo'is shall have born unto the work.

28. And from that time forth, the old order [the Beast] shall decline, to be put away forever; and the new order *[the New World Order] shall take its place, to triumph over all the earth.

1848 the dawn of Kosmon was a warm up-spike year, the warmth and light of the dawn of a new cycle shining through to the earth.

New World Order *

As a conspiracy theory, the term New World Order or NWO refers to the emergence of a totalitarian one-world government.[2][3][4][5][6]


The New World Order of Christian Fundamentalists and Right Wing Conspiracy Theorists is not the same New Order spoken of in OAHSPE. Oahspe time and time again speaks against totalitarianism (Emperors, Kings, Tyrants, Inquisitions, the Beast etc...).

Oahspe's globilization [Kosmon] New World Order is about unity, freedom, justice, and equality for everyone.

In his 11 September 1990 Toward a New World Order speech to a joint session of the U.S. Congress, President George H. W. Bush described his objectives for post-Cold-War global governance in cooperation with post-Soviet states:

Until now, the world we’ve known has been a world divided—a world of barbed wire and concrete block, conflict and cold war. Now, we can see a new world coming into view. A world in which there is the very real prospect of a new world order. In the words of Winston Churchill, a "world order" in which "the principles of justice and fair play ... protect the weak against the strong ..." A world where the United Nations, freed from cold war stalemate, is poised to fulfill the historic vision of its founders. A world in which freedom and respect for human rights find a home among all nations.

New World Order formed after World War II. See ORACHNEBUAHGALAH in Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter VII verse 17 Plate 48. on the left side of chart near the bottom it says 100 order, 100 + 1848 = 1948, this is 100 years [the number of ethe'ic wave] after the dawn of Kosmon (1848). 1948 is the year the UNited Nations founded the World Health Organization which linked global health with global peace. 1948 was also the year of the first official UFO investigation Project Sign * (visiting ethereans or 2nd or 3rd resurrection angels in ships) of the 20th century. 100 years after 1948 will be the first 200 year Dan of Kosmon (a period of Light on the Earth) which there should be more Order and Ethe manifestations. 100 and 1000 is the number of Ethe, that's why all dans and dawns (periods of light) are multiples (x) of 100, such as 200, 400, 500, 600, 2400, 3000, 3400, etc.. 100/99 and 50/49 are half and quarter Dans.

Project Sign was the first official, formal investigative body concerned with the mystery of unidentified flying objects. 

It was a United States Air Force (USAF) intelligence activity located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. Its bureaucratic location was in Air Materiel Command’s (AMC) Intelligence Division, referred to on the base as T-2. It operated formally for about one year, the calendar year of 1948. 

During that year Project Sign collected reports on a large number of cases, con­ducted some on-site investigations and many interviews, and attempted to analyze the UFO phenomenon in any way available. By the fall of 1948 the lead personnel of Sign decided that their investigations pointed to a conclusion. As was usually done for any intelligence analysis, they then composed what the military called an “Esti­mate of the Situation” which they sent to their superiors in the Pentagon. Their con­clusion: The flying-disk phenomenon was caused by extraterrestrial agencies.[from beyond the Earth's atmosphere].

This created a great stir in the Pentagon. Authorities there were unwilling to ac­cept it. The fallout of this consternation resulted in a quashing of the document, and a denial to the public that it had ever existed


Dawn (dan) of Kosmon and UFO sightings 1847-1848
From 1848 to 1851 there was a worldwide UFO flap, and poltergeist cases hit an interesting peak in 1849. Strange, isn't it, that all these things should explode at once? p. 251.
...from John Keel's book UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse.

John Alva Keel, born Alva John Kiehle (March 25, 1930 – July 3, 2009) was an American journalist and influential UFOlogist...
Keel analyzed what he called "windows" and "waves" of reported UFO events...

Pre-1947 UFO reports published in the Times of London:
1848. "There they shone with a bright flickering light until about 10 o'clock when they moved, making a slight curve westward. The speed with which they migrated was prodigious."
19 November 1847 04:30 - Oxford Wytham Park, UK -   A hovering object was observed. One object was observed by one experienced male witness for seven minutes (Symonds).
England, London:  A spherical craft was spotted rising vertically through the clouds.
19 September 1848 Evening
Inverness, Scotland, UK
Hovering objects were observed. Two objects, about 300 feet across, were observed
12 July 1848 19:15
Nottingham, England, UK
One object was observed by one experienced male witness (Lowe).
9 March 1848 01:45
Oxford Wytham Park, UK
One object was observed in cloudy weather by one experienced male witness (Symonds).
Location. Near Balashov, Saratov region, Russia
Date: October 12-13 1847 until October 6 1848
Time: various
During the night local residents noticed four fiery columns of light in the clear northeastern sky. The columns or beams of light were in close proximity of each other, with blue and white shades. The phenomenon lasted for about 2hours. After that the area became dark again and the sky again appeared normal. Soon after this observation, bizarre looking strangers appeared in the Saratov region. These “men” looked aged, like elderly men, with strange yellow-greenish looking faces, and all the men were beardless. These strangers visited several villages but never begged for alms. When the locals attempted to communicate with the strangers these only mumbled in an unrecognizable language which the Russian villagers could not understand. So the strangers were then considered eccentric or crazy (if indeed extraterrestrials, a perfect disguise which did not attract too much attention). Neither village elders nor district policemen detained the strangers. But as was found out later the strangers aroused the suspicion of local representatives and authorities. The strangers seemed to move very quickly in between villages, and never stayed one night in any of the villages. But the authorities could never corner or pinpoint the whereabouts of the strangers. All of the strangers appeared to vanish soon after October 6 1848 when a report was sent to the Ministry of Internal affairs from the town of Balashov. This report stated that on the above date at around 2100 there was very bright lighting over the area corresponding with the rumble of thunder which lighted the sky. And then at 2200 a blood red colored spot appeared in the center of the sky which was visible for 5 minutes, the spot then took an elongated form, becoming pinkish in color and moving towards the northwest, in half an hour the sky appeared to clear and the red “spot” moved to the west and separated into several dozen cone-shaped columns stretching to the horizon and becoming dark red in color. After that the north was covered with whitish-red stripes which slowly drifted towards the west. The phenomenon vanished around 2300.


HC addendum
Source: “Sekretnye Isslendovaniya v Ukraine” (Secret investigations, Ukrainian variant) # 6 2003
Type: D?


The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) that is concerned with international public health. It was established on 7 April 1948, with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and is a member of the United Nations Development Group. Its predecessor, the Health Organization, was an agency of the League of Nations.

The constitution of the World Health Organization had been signed by all 61 countries of the United Nations by 22 July 1946, with the first meeting of the World Health Assembly finishing on 24 July 1948. It incorporated the Office International d'Hygiène Publique and the League of Nations Health Organization


The New Age movement is related to the new world order of globalization and connectivity

The New Age movement is a Western spiritual movement that developed in the second half of the 20th century. Its central precepts have been described as "drawing on both Eastern and Western spiritual and metaphysical traditions and infusing them with influences from self-help and motivational psychology, holistic health, parapsychology, consciousness research and quantum physics".[2] 


In 1947–48, Russell wrote: "This New Age is marking the dawn of a new world-thought. That new thought is a new cosmic concept of the value of man to man. The whole world is discovering that all mankind is one and that the unity of man is real – not just an abstract idea. Mankind is beginning to discover that the hurt of any man hurts every man, and, conversely, the uplift of any man uplifts every man" (Message of the Divine Iliad, vol. 2, p. 69). Russell's predictions about what the New Age would bring included "a marriage between religion and science" (MDI p 257). Russell appeared to believe that this "New Age" would begin in 1946, based on a vision he had in 1921.

Walter Bowman Russell...The Secret of Light (1947) and The Message of the Divine Iliad (1948–49),

1848 (dawn of Kosmon) + 99 (ethe'ic wave 100 or 99 in some cases) = 1947 warm (dan) up spike year


Timeline above showing the year 1848 as the beginning of the California Gold Rush and the beginning of the Kosmon cycle.


The call rang around the world: Gold in California! Of the 300,000 fortune-seekers who
flocked to America’s West Coast, at least 4,000 were Jews. The majority hailed from
Prussia and other German-speaking lands, though others came from France, Spain,
England, Poland, and America’s East Coast. These Jews proved crucial to the
establishment of American civilization in the Far West.
1849  The California Gold Rush begins. Eventually four thousand African Americans will migrate to California during this period.
1849  Early African American settlers in San Francisco create the first two mutual aid associations for blacks in the far west, the West Indian Benevolent Association and the Mutual Benefit and Relief Society.
Alta California became a part of Mexico in 1821 following its successful war for independence, but was ceded to the United States in 1848 after the Mexican–American War. The western portion of Alta California was organized as the State of California, which was admitted as the 31st state on September 9, 1850.
California is tied to the start of the Kosmon cycle (1848-1850).


Plate 48.--ORACHNEBUAHGALAH (prophetic numbers, word associated, dates, events)
ORACHNEBUAHGALAH Table (list) below of historical manifestations related to plate 48 of Oahspe and future prophecy of 2048 - 2050.
0 = faith = 1848 = dawn of dan (Kosmon), spiritualism religious movement began in 1848
10 = arbitration = 1858 = Arbitration (International Law) Brazil and Great Britain
INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION between the United States and the United Kingdom, 8 April 1858
Chilean-American Diplomacy - Convention for Arbitration of Macedonian Claims; November 10, 1858
16 worship = 1864 = Syllabus of Errors, document of Pope Pius IX, important part of Church history
20 = arbitration = 1868 = Russell Gurney's Act, Russell Law, Arbitration Laws, trade union law
48 = peace = 1896 = 1st modern Olympics, uniting for peace, symbol of peace
50 = arbitration = 1898 = Erdman Act of 1898, United States Federal Law pertaining to railroad labor disputes. The Law provided arbitration for disputes
66 = war = a'ji = 1914 = World War 1
88 = worship = 1936 = first Pope (future) who visited the US, met with President Franklin D. Roosevelt to appoint a US representative to the Holy See, inspired awe and respect wherever he traveled.
88 = war = 1936 = war = Chronology of World War 2: Adolf Hitler reoccupies Rhineland breaking the terms of Versailles (first act of aggression that leads to World War II, global significance)
, Adolf Hitler announces plan to prepare for war, Italy and Germany announce the Rome-Berlin Axis, Germany and Japan sign the Anti-Comintern Pact, to cooperate in defense against Communistic International, Spanish civil war, Japan wars against China and Soviet Union
90 = learning = 1938 = John Dewey wrote Experience and Education
90 = learning = 1938 = Discovery of Atomic fission. [learned something of great importance to mankind]
99 = war = 1947 = Indo-Pakistani war, Civil war - 1947–48 Civil War in Mandatory Palestine (global significance), Cold War began (first superpower war between nuclear superpowers)
, 1st Kashmir war, Indochinese conflict
100 = order = 1948 = World Health Organization founded by United Nations, interlinked global health with global peace, office located in UN headquarters
ORACH-NEBU-AH-GALAH gives precise words, and precise numbers, that are added to precise beginnings of cycles to get precise dates or year of prophecy, and it is 100% accurate.
From 1848 to 2048 on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH:
Precise words (9) = arbitration, worship, peace, war,  pestilence (epidemics), learning, plenty, order, famines.
Precise  numbers (10) = 10, 16, 20, 48, 50, 66, 88, 90, 100, 200.
The reason (the why) the numbers work is because they correspond with the places in the roadway of the travel of the earth (AH) around the galaxy (GALAH), the sub-galactic orbit called CEVORKUM. The roadway has certain nebulous (NEBU) regions and arcs of light (dawn of dan) at exact places in the circuit of the travel of the earth.  The Creator put those regions there and thus KNOWS what numbers and words match up to make precise predictions like an Oracle (ORACH) of the Creator. No other book has this revealed precise knowledge that has PROVEN to be true.
These precise numbers and dates (years) are based (the base) on 1848 being the start of Kosmon. Using 1847 or 1849 as a base would not be precise, that would throw the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate off by 1 year.
ORACH-NEBU-AH-GALAH means : Diety reveals hidden knowledge of the Earth through Nebula and Galaxy.
ORACHNEBUAHGALAH = Oracle, Nebula, Earth, Galaxy
Oahspe - Book of Cosmology and Prophecy Chapter VII:
17. In orachnebuahgalah the student will draw a curved line, representing the travel of the great serpent for three thousand years. This shall be cut across in eight places, to represent the periods of light.
400 dan is a light number, a period of light. 375 (3000 / 8) for example is not a dan number.
OAHSPE: Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter VII:
18. These periods will be found to come under certain numbers, ...dan 200, 400, 600, 500 ...
Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter 8:
2. Ethe, being the time of light, is named dan.

Questions and answers about the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate:
"i've gone back to plate 48, studying it....
there's something i don't understand, tho. there are eight danhas pictured in pl. 48. WHICH ONE IS KOSMON???? it looks like kosmon is toward the top, and the lower danhas indicate: arc of rupta, arc of mos, arc of dae, etc. on up. is that correct?
No that is not correct. See answer below:
The 8 danhas is a misquote, Oahspe actually says 8 "periods of light"  representing any 3000 year arc cycle.
Verse  17 says "a curved line , representing the travel of the great serpent for three thousand years", that equals ONE arc cycle, not multiple arc cycles, so the question WHICH ONE IS KOSMON????  is not applicable.
"cut across in eight places, to represent the periods of light".
Example arc of Bon cycle:
1. 1553 B.C. = first danha = dawn period of light.
2. 1553 - 400 = 1153 B.C. = 400 dan = period of light.
3. 1153 - 400 =  753 B.C. = 800 dan = period of light
4. 753 - 400 = 353 B.C. = 1200 dan = period of light
5. 353 - 400 = 47 + 1 for no zero year = 48 A.C.E. = 1600 dan = period of light
6. 48 + 400 = 448 ACE = 2000 year dan = period of light
7. 448 + 400 = 848 ACE = 2400 year dan = period of light
8. 848 + 400 = 1248 ACE = 2800 year dan = period of light.
2800 year dan = 200 years from 3000 year cycle.
The above are the 8 "periods of light" of ONE arc cycle.
The numbers and words on the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate are not in chronological order.
Drawing an ORACHNEBUAHGALAH helps students to visualize the alternating periods of light and darkness.
One of the things we can agree upon is Oahspe instructs a student on how to draw or illustrate an
ORACHNEBUAHGALAH, but it is the interpretation of the words and numbers on the plate that is more
important than just drawing a curved line divided by eight places.

But Oahspe does not tell us how to interpret the numbers and words on the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate,
the interpretation has to be done by the student or researcher. And the interpretation has to make sense,
and the interpreter has to be able to go back in the past (to prove it, because you cannot prove the future)
and into the future to show manifestations that match the numbers and words on the ORACHNEBUAHGALH plate.
"(1) the numbers on the LEFT of the "film strip"/cvorcum indicate years and (2) the words and numbers on the RIGHT indicate degree of manifestation. is that correct?".
Answer: Yes, but actually the numbers represent years and degrees of manifestation. Degrees is a measurement (like the tables of times and measurements of verse 18) just like years. The words represent what will manifest, the type of manifestation or degree.

The highest number on the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate is 1000.
Does the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate numbers repeat every 1000 year cycle of each arc cycle?
66 war on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate
1553 - 1066 = 487
487 BC
The island of Aegina and the city of Athens go to war. The island has earned the enmity of Athens by earlier submitting to the Persians. The Spartan King, Leotychidas, tries unsuccessfully to arrange a truce in the war.
66 a'ji 66 war on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate
487 BC was borderline cold year (the end of a cold dip from 490 BC to 487 BC) = a'ji.
99 war on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate
1553 - 1099 = 454
454 BC
Pericles leads a naval expedition in the Corinthian Gulf, in which Athens defeats Achaea. He then attacks Sicyon and Acarnania, after which he unsuccessfully tries to take Oeniadea on the Corinthian Gulf, before returning to Athens.
666 war on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate
1553 - 1666 = 113 + 1 (no zero AD) = 114.
Roman Empire
Emperor Trajan defeats the Parthians and overruns Armenia and northern Mesopotamia.
The Roman–Persian Wars were a series of conflicts between states of the Greco-Roman world and two successive Iranian empires: the Parthian and the Sassanid. Battles between the Parthian Empire and the Roman Republic began in 54 BC;
A fresh series of conflicts began in the 2nd century AD, during which the Romans consistently held the upper hand over Parthia. The Emperor Trajan invaded Armenia and Mesopotamia during 114 and 115 and annexed them as Roman provinces.
54 BC was a below normal cold dip in temperature (53 BC was a cold down-spike) = a'ji.
48 peace on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate
1553 - 48 = 1505
1506 BC — Cecrops, legendary King of Athens, dies after a reign of 50 years. Having survived his own son, he is succeeded by Cranaus.
c. 1506 BC — Thutmose I (Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt) starts to rule. Alternatively, a date of c. 1504 BC is a possibility.
Egypt conquers Nubia and the Levant (1504 BC–1492 BC).
Earliest remains of domesticated ferrets found.[1]
1505 BC appears to have been a year of peace.
88 war on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate
1553 - 1088 = 465
Thasos revolts from the Delian League. The revolt arises from rivalry over trade with the Thracian hinterland and, in particular, over the ownership of a gold mine. Athens under Kimon lays siege to Thasos after the Athenian fleet defeats the Thasos fleet.
465_BC near the bottom of a long sharp cold down-spike (464 BC below normal cold down-spike) = a'ji.
100 order on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate
1553 - 1100 = 453
453 BC
Achaea, on the southern shore of the Corinthian Gulf, becomes part of what is effectively now the Athenian Empire. The Delian League had changed from an alliance into an empire clearly under the control of Athens.
The Wei and the Han swap allegiances to side with Zhao and eliminate the Zhi house, ending the Spring and Autumn period of Chinese history.
66 war on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate
1553 - 2066 = 513 + 1 (no zero year)
Byzantine Empire
Vitalian, Byzantine general, marches again to Constantinople. A fleet of 200 vessels sails from the Black Sea ports and blockades the entrance of the harbor capital. Emperor Anastasius I is disquieted by riots in the city, which cost many casualties, and decides to negotiate with Vitalian.
514 AD = bottom of below normal Cold dry down-spike period (coldest from 500-550 AD) = a'ji.
48 peace on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate
1553 - 2048 = 495 + 1 = 496 (no year zero).
Year 496
Byzantine Empire, Africa, and Asia had no wars, one battle in Europe (Battle of Tolbiac),
Battle of Tolbiac
The date of the battle has traditionally been given as 496, though other accounts suggest it may have been fought in 506.
99 war on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate
1553 - 2099 = 546 + 1 = 547
Year 547
Gothic War: Belisarius recaptures Rome from the Ostrogoths but his Italian campaign is unsuccessful. He is starved of supplies and reinforcements from Constantinople.
Battle of Marta: The Byzantine army under John Troglita is defeated by Moorish tribes in Tripolitania. He flees to Lunci (9 km south of Mahares[1]) and is forced to withdraw north to the fortress of Laribus (near modern El Kef[2]).
The Tonkin revolt (Vietnam) led by Lý Nam Đế is suppressed by the Chinese Liang dynasty.
66 war on  ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate
1553 - 3066 = 1513 + = 1514
Year 1514
August 23 – Selim I crushes the Persian army of Shah Ismail I in the Battle of Chaldiran.
September 8 – Battle of Orsha: In one of the biggest battles of the century, Jagiellonian dynasty forces comprising Belarusians of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Poles defeat the army of the Grand Duchy of Moscow.
1514 AD bottom of below normal Cold dry down-spike period (coldest from 1500-1550 AD) = a'ji.
99 war on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate
1553 - 3099 = 1546 + 1 = 1547
Year 1547
April 24 – Battle of Mühlberg: Emperor Charles V defeats the Lutheran forces of the Schmalkaldic League.
September 10 – Battle of Pinkie Cleugh: An English army under the Duke of Somerset, Lord Protector of England, defeats a Scottish army under James Hamilton, 2nd Earl of Arran, the Regent. The English seize Edinburgh.
1547 AD = cold down-spike (a'ji)
90 learning [education] on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate
1553 - 3090 = 1537 + 1 = 1538
Year 1538
October 28 – The first university of the New World, the Universidad Santo Tomás de Aquino, is founded.
The Universidad Santo Tomás de Aquino (St. Thomas Aquinas University) founded in 1538 in Santo Domingo, in the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, present-day Dominican Republic, was the first institution of higher education in the western hemisphere. It ceased to operate in 1823.
1538 AD = warm above average going up = dan
88 worship and war on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate
1538 - 2 = 1536
Year 1536 war
May 6 – Incan emperor Manco Inca Yupanqui, having on April 18 escaped from imprisonment in Cuzco, begins his revolt against his captors when his army begins the 10-month Siege of Cuzco against a garrison of Spanish conquistadors and Indian auxiliaries led by Hernando Pizarro.
Battle of Un no Kuchi: Takeda Family forces defeat Hiraga Genshin.
War resumes between Francis I of France and Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor. Francis ceases control of Savoy and captures Turin. Charles triumphally enters Rome following the Via Triumphalis and delivers a speech before the pope and college of cardinals publicly challenging the king of France to a duel.
Battle of Un no Kuchi: Takeda Family forces defeat Hiraga Genshin.
Battle of Reynogüelén: First battle between Spanish conquistadors and Mapuches in Chile; start of the Arauco War.
Various religious buildings are closed as part of Henry VIII of England's Dissolution of the Monasteries, including
Basingwerk Abbey
Bourne Abbey
Brinkburn Priory
Buildwas Abbey
Cartmel Priory
Dore Abbey
Haltemprice Priory
Tintern Abbey
Publication of John Calvin's Institutio Christianæ religionis, a seminal work of Protestant systematic theology.[1]
1536 AD = down-spike borderline cold-warm (a'ji-dan, war-worship)


The precise numbers and dates (years) and words of the YA-LA-PESTA are based (the base) on 1848 being the start of Kosmon. Using 1847 or 1849 as a base would not be precise, that would
throw the YA-LA-PESTA off by 1 year.
The movement (YA) Graceful (gliding motion like a serpent)
The system or phalanx (LA) Solar (contains the earth)
The Roadway (PESTA) Trail-Track (contains a'ji)
108--Two changes: Yissain and C'tarin.[1848 + 108 = 1956 = Arab-Israeli War 1949 to 1956, Suez Sinai Peninsula War 1956
[Interpretation = duration of wars = change]. Duration = Start/End Date.
Suez Sinai = Egyptian, Arab = Arabic
ISSA. GENDER: Masculine. USAGE: Arabic. OTHER SCRIPTS: ???? (Arabic). Issa is an Egyptian baby name. Isa, Arabic form of Hebrew Yeshua. Yissa Bracha real estate firm (7 Malchei Israel Street, Jerusalem) provides information about apartments for rent and sale in Jerusalem and the area. West Bank outpost of Yissa Bracha in Isreal.
-C'tarin = Tarin, Syria?
Israel's Border Wars 1949–1956 is a 1993 book written by Benny Morris about the Arab infiltration from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria into Israel after the 1948 Arab Israeli War and before the Suez Crisis war in 1956.
2 wars (changes) 1. Arab-Israeli War 1949 to 1956, occured AFTER 1948 and BEFORE the 1956 Egyptian Suez war, 2.Suez Sinai Peninsula Egyptian-Israeli War 1956 
C'tarin = Tiran?
In 1956, Egypt closed the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping,
The Straits of Tiran (Arabic: مضيق تيران‎ Maḍyaq Tīrān, Hebrew: מצרי טיראן‎ Metzarei Tiran), are the narrow sea passages, about 13 km (7 nautical miles) wide, between the Sinai and Arabian peninsulas which separate the Gulf of Aqaba from the Red Sea.
Access to Jordan's only seaport of Aqaba and to Israel's only Red Sea seaport of Eilat is contingent upon passage through the Gulf of Aqaba, giving the Straits of Tiran strategic importance. Egypt's blockade of the Straits to Israeli ships and ships bound for Israel in 1956 and again in 1967 was a catalyst, respectively, to the Suez Crisis and the Six-Day War.
Oahspe Glossary
C'Vorkum: ...Also spelled C'vork'um, Cevorkum, C'warkum. Literally meaning the place and direction of the chief vortex...C' means Chief.
C'tarin = Straits of Tiran? = Chief seaport access to the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea for Jordan and Isreal.
C' = Cheif, or major, main, or only access
Tiran is a name which means 'place in South Israel'. It is a boy's name that is of Hebrew origin. Similar names are Terrin, Taran [Tarin]
[Interpretation = This is an OAHSPE prophecy of 2 wars coming to and end (duration) 108 years after dawn of Kosmon.
(1848 + 108 = 1956) in 1956. Oahspe's use of the name Yissain (Yissa, and Issa) indicate Arabic-Egyptian and Isreali names.
C'tarin may refer to Syria or the Straits of Tiran. There were two wars (change) that
came to and end (duration) in 1956 that involved Arabs, Egypt, and Isreal.
1956 = cold (a'ji) down spike
1949 = cold (a'ji) down point, inbetween down slope
47--Three changes: Sim, Will and loo.[1848 + 47 = 1895 = The Sino-Japanese War 1894-1895, Japanese invasion of Taiwan (1895), 1895: Cuban War for Independence (vs Spain). Leading journalists like William [ Will ] Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer took great interest in the Cuban struggle, using dramatic, sensationalist stories to sell millions of newspapers. Although Hearst's [ Will ] altruism may be questioned, he and other journalists did bring American attention to the sufferings of the Cuban people...the United States government was drawn into the conflict in 1898.
[Interpretation = duration of wars = change] Duration = Start/During/End Date.
Sino = Chinese, Chinese Indonesian surname = Sim. Loo = a common Chinese family name (surname). Taiwan officially the Republic of China, William, The name's shortened familiar version in English is Bill, Billy, Will or Willie.
[Interpretation = this is a OAHSPE prophecy of 3 wars coming to and end or starting (duration) 47 years after dawn of Kosmon (1848 + 47 = 1895) in 1895. Oahspe's use of the names Sim and Loo indicate Chinese surnames, which indicates Chinese wars coming to and end in 1895. Oahspe's use of the name Will inicates that an english speaking country (United States) would participate in a war that started (duration) in 1895.
In 1895, 14 years into the future AFTER OAHSPE was written two wars involving Chinese nations did come to an end 47 years after dawn of Kosmon and 1 war that an english speaking nation would get involved in would start in the same year.
The United States government (english speaking) was drawn into the Cuban War for Independence (vs Spain) that started in 1895.
1895 = warm up spike (dan), but it had just came up from the coldest dryest (a'ji) down spike (1893-1894) from 1850-1900 and the Sino-Japanese War started in 1894 (cold dry a'ji) http://www.longrangeweather.com/1850ad.htm
Like on the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate 48, the table of YA-LA-PESTA at the end of chapter VII:18 of Cosmogony and Prophecy gives you coded numbers and words (names),
but it goes TWO (2) steps further than the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate by saying HOW many wars (changes) shall occur in time period (year) and who (geographic origin, nations) shall be involved in the wars.
Changes (war) table (of times and measurements) at the end of Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter VII:18:
The numbers 326, 821, 1060, 1245, 1746, 1768, 1790, 2274, 2340, 3601, 3644, 4750, and 9278 are for the past history of the earth. 47 and 108 were for the FUTURE (AFTER Oahspe was written in 1881).

Both the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH Plate and the YA-LA-PESTA are Cosmogony-Prophecy Space-Time-lines of the PAST and FUTURE, both are exactly based (the base) on 1848 being the start of the Kosmon Cycle.


Climate cycles from NASA correspond to the a'ji (NEBU) and dan (LIGHT) periods that the earth (AH) travels through on it's way around the galaxy (GALAH) and can be used to foretell (ORACH-ORACLE) the future, and read the past. Cycles begin on a warm dan period. At the start of a dawn (dan) of a cycle the whole earth travels through a light region in space.
Cold aj'i periods are at the end of a cycle. As can be seen by the NASA global climate time-line above 1847 was a cold dry (a'ji) down-spike year, so was 1849, but 1848 was a warm up-spike year (the dawn light of the higher heavens breaking through the cold nebulous clouds of a'ji). This is objective scientific evidence of the start of Kosmon in 1848.
Like the needle on a polygraph the climate cycles fluctuate and manifest when the earth travels through a region of light (dawn, dan) or a region of darkness (a'ji, nebula).
Oahspe - The Book of Knowledge Part IV:
8. And Tae perceived ...Thereupon Tae classified cycles at three thousand years, and the wave of the Great Serpent at two hundred years and four hundred years. These again he subdivided, and he found that every thirty-third year was alike on the earth in heat and cold, ...
Every 33rd year (singular) of the Kosmon cycle from 1848, 1881, 1947, 1980, and 2013, was alike on the earth (globally) in heat (warm up-spike or above average heat) the only exception was 1914 (the beast, a'ji, year 66).
Another way I know that 1848 was the start of Ksomon and not 1847 or 1849 is because Oahspe says that Tae "found that every thirty-third year was alike on the earth in heat and cold", this is true if you start at 1848, then 1881, 1947, 1980, and 2013 were all above average warm years or warm up-spike years. If you start at 1849 as the dawn of Kosmon Oahspe - The Book of Knowledge Part IV:8 is not true.
Starting at 1849, every thirty-third year is 1882, 1915 (66 a'ji doesn't count), 1948, 1981, 2014. 1849 was cold down-spike year, 1882 was a warm up-spike year, skip 1915 because year 66, 1948 was a below average going down cold, 1981 was a warm up-spike year, 2014 was a warm up above average year, so using 1849 as the start of Kosmon every 33 years is not alike in heat and cold, you have 2 cold years, and 3 warm years. If you use 1847 as the start of Kosmon, every thirty-third year is 1880, 1913 (66 a'ji doesn't count), 1946, 1979, and 2012. 1847 was a cold down-spike, 1880 was a warm up-spike, 1946 was a cold down-spike year, 1979 was a warm above average year,
2012 was a warm above average up year. So using 1847 as the start of Kosmon every 33 years is not alike in heat and cold, you have 2 cold years, and 3 warm years just like using 1849 as the start of Kosmon. Only when you correctly use 1848 as the start of Kosmon are you in harmony with Oahspe - The Book of Knowledge Part IV:8 "that every thirty-third year was alike on the earth in heat and cold". So this is another very strong evidence and proof that the start of the Kosmon cycle was 1848 and NOT 1849 or 1847.
A'ji (Gau), semi-dark. There are places in the firmament of heaven...Arji (Poit). When the earth passeth through A'ji (Panic), it aggregateth and groweth. An abundance of Dar'ji in the firmament giveth a cold year upon the earth.
A'ji = cold year = down-spike
A'ji giveth a cold year upon the earth and also a drop in temperature or down spike = a'ji sub-cycles every 1-11 years.
Dan gives a warm year to the earth or a rise in temperature or up spike = dan sub-cycles every 1-11 years. Dan cycles = 200, 400, 600 years, ethe cycles = 99-100 years, dan sub-cycles = warm or up-spike years every 1-22 years.
Yearly Mean Sunspot Numbers .
The table below, available from the National Geophysical Data Center in Boulder (USA), lists the yearly values of sunspot number from 1700.
MAX marks a sunspot cycle maximum and min a minimum. Up to 1944, yearly means were calculated as the average of the 12 monthly means; since 1945 yearly means have been calculated as the average of the daily means.
1847 98.5 
1848 124.7 MAX .
1849 96.3
The number of sunspots observed during a year or cycle indicates the DEGREE of DENSITY of etherean or atmospherean regions the earth is traveling through.
Oahspe Book of Jehovih: Chapter II:
4. ...These are the three kinds of worlds I created (corporeal, atmospherean, and etherean); but I gave different densities to atmospherean worlds, and different densities to the etherean worlds.
5. For the substance of My etherean worlds I created Ethe, the MOST RAREFIED.
8. Atmospherean worlds...Of three degrees of density created I them...called A'ji, and one Ji'ay, and one Nebulæ.
Dictionary definitions for rarefied:
to become rare or less dense...having a low density...
A'ji is like atmospheric haze that reduces visibility at a far distance. The view of the sun is dimmed by dense a'ji,
Sunspots are merely easier to see when there is no (cold) space junk (a'ji) in the way. - pages 142-143 of DELUSIONS IN SCIENCE & SPIRITUALITY by Susan B. Martinez, PH.D.
As you can clearly see above from the National Geophysical Data and the IPS (Ionospheric Prediction Service),
 1848 had much more sunspots visible than 1847 or 1849 which indicates a more rarefied region of space around the earth, 1847 and 1849 indicating a more dense region of space around the earth.
This is more objective scientific evidence for 1848 being the Dawn (start) of the Kosmon cycle over 1847 and 1849.
Dawn of a cycle = Etherean region that has less degree of density (more rarefied).
End of a cycle =  Atmospherean region that has more density (less rarefied) than the Dawn of a cycle.
"i think your work on aji'an down- and up-spikes is very valuable, and the key to future science, not only prophecy but climate science as well. keep up the great work! - Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D June 10, 2016.
Another source that proves the importance of March 31, 1848… the beginning of the Spiritualist Movement and the beginning of Kosmon. - June 21, 2016, Michael W.  
Source above from: Buckland’s Book for Spirit Communications, Raymond Buckland, 
2nd edition, Revised and expanded, eleventh printing, 2014, pg 24
Source above from: The Spirit Book Encyclopedia of Clairvoyance Channeling and Spirit Communication, 
Raymond Buckland, 2006, pg 98
Source above from: The Gale Encyclopedia of the Unusual and Unexplained, vol 1, 
Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger, 2003, pg 137
People wanting change and freedom at beginning of Kosmon Cycle:
The European Revolutions of 1848, known in some countries as the Spring of Nations, Springtime of the Peoples[3] or the Year of Revolution, were a series of political upheavals throughout Europe in 1848. It remains the most widespread revolutionary wave in European history, but within a year, reactionary forces had regained control, and the revolutions collapsed.
The revolutionary wave began in France in February, and immediately spread to most of Europe and parts of Latin America. Over 50 countries were affected, but with no coordination or cooperation among the revolutionaries in different countries. Five factors were involved: widespread dissatisfaction with political leadership; demands for more participation in government and democracy; the demands of the working classes; the upsurge of nationalism; and finally, the regrouping of the reactionary forces based on the royalty, the aristocracy, the army, and the peasants.[4]
The uprisings were led by shaky ad hoc coalitions of reformers, the middle classes and workers, which did not hold together for long. Tens of thousands of people were killed, and many more forced into exile. The only significant lasting reforms were the abolition of serfdom in Austria and Hungary, the end of absolute monarchy in Denmark, and the definitive end of the Capetian monarchy in France. The revolutions were most important in France, Germany, Poland, Italy, and the Austrian Empire, but did not reach Russia, Sweden, Great Britain, and most of southern Europe- Spain, Serbia,[5] Greece, Montenegro, Portugal, or the Ottoman Empire.[6]

OAHSPE GLOSSARY says of KOSMON ERA, "Kosmon, universal knowledge...Universal fellowship in all nations." OAHSPE BOOK OF CPENTA-ARMIJ, CHAPTER V verse 32 says: "To North Guatama [North America], because she is the ground on which the circumscribing of the earth by different nations shall take place,...and it shall be called Kosmon." OAHSPE GLOSSARY says of GUATAMA, "The cosmological name of America." North Guatama is North America. From the book Special Edition USING THE INTERNET WITH YOUR MAC copyright 1995 by Que Corporation page 10 says "In the mid-to-late 1960s, the United States government began to realize the impact computers would have on education and military research and development. The government decided to found an experimental network that would allow remote research and development sites to exchange information. This network, funded by the U.S. Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), was christened the ARPANET. ONE OF THE MAJOR IMPACTS OF THE ARPANET research--the one that led to today's Internet--was the development of the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) network protocol, the language that computers connected to the network use to talk to one another. During the 1970s, TCP/IP became the standard network protocol for the ARPANET...The increasing number of users led to the development of many of the services available on the internet today, including electronic mail (email), file transfer, and remote login. This conversion to TCP/IP was completed by the end of 1983--and the Internet was born. Today the Internet is undergoing tremendous growth, with several million hosts connected world wide.
On introduction page of THE INTERNET YELLOW PAGES THIRD EDITION 1996 by Harley Hahn it says "On December 5, 1969..., the first wide area network connection among multiple computers was completed...In one moment, as a switch closed, electrical signals jumped from one computer to another, and the world was changed forever. These four computers formed the beginning of the Arpanet, which within a few years, developed into the Internet, the ancestor of the Net. A global communication organism spanning the Earth."
The Internet (including Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook) is an example of Kosmon Universal Fellowship in all nations. The circumscribing of the earth by different nations (the Internet) did begin in North Guatama (North America) in the United States as OAHSPE said it would. Also television, Radio, and telephone etc...began here in the U.S. and it has become global in all nations.
Scientists have split a single photon into two separate particles, creating twins with identical properties. They used equipment and fired both particles away from one another in different directions. Even though we perceive, and conventional thinking tells us that the particles are apart, they still act as if they’re connected.
Our belief has been that when physical objects in this world are separate, they are really separate in every sense of the word. But the photons are showing us something very different. Albert Einstein called the possibility of such results occurring ”spooky action at a distance.” Today scientists believe that these unconventional results are properties that occur only in the quantum realm and acknowledge them as “quantum weirdness.” – Greg Braden
What is responsible for connecting two particles of light in such a way that a change in one occurs simultaneously in the second? What are we being shown about the way the world works? We are learning that everything within the universe is interconnected.
As we move through 2013 and beyond [toward the dan-light of 2048], maybe we will have a clearer understanding [200 learning on the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate 48 of Oahspe] about these new concepts of reality that are now emerging.
In-separability, still called the EPR effect (standing for Einstein Podolski Rosen), is a quantum phenomena, a part of quantum physics. The EPR paper was written in 1935. Since Einstein's death, experiments analogous to the one described in the EPR paper have been carried out, starting in 1976 by French scientists Lamehi-Rachti and Mittig[2] at the Saclay Nuclear Research Centre. These experiments appear to show that the local realism idea is false.[3]
It is not until the moment where the measurement is made of a photon that the other aquires its characteristics: if the polarisation of one photon is +1, the other becomes -1 and vice-versa. The two particles form an inseparable ensemble, even if they are infinitely distant.
The experiments of Alain Aspect in 1983 came down cleanly in favour of the quantum interpretation. This has revolutionary consequences upon our vision of the world:
  • Two correlated particles are still one despite their distance of separation
  • Knowledge of one has an instantaneous influence on the other, without the transmission of information resulting in any physical action.

  • Is there an "indivisible totality" of the Universe
    Quantum Entanglement = cycle, paired polarity, paried reverse polarity, paired balance
    polarisation of one photon is +1, the other becomes -1
    +1, + -1 = 0 = balance, symmetry, oneness, sameness.
    0 = Creator, Oneness.
    0 and 1 = Creator and creation, binary code, computing-
    Of two apparent entities am I, nevertheless I am but One. - Book Of Jehovih chapter 1 verse 5, Oahspe (here Jehovih speaks directly in 1881 of two apparently separate things in REALITY are One, that this is the underlying REALITY of the universe, which is all CONNECTED inseparable as a part of Him, which is ONE, non-locality. OAHSPE said this 102 years BEFORE the experiments of Alain Aspect in 1983, and 54 years BEFORE the EPR paper was written. and 95 years BEFORE the Lamehi-Rachti and Mittig experiments of 1976.
  • Is this evidence and proof of the One Whole All Person spoken of in Oahspe? All things being connected and part of this All Person. Everything connected to the Father or Source like five fingers sticking through 5 holes in a carboard square. The fingers look seperated because they don't see their connection to the one hand below the cardboard. The cardboard represents the physical universe of seeming separation, the hand represents the spiritual reality of wholeness, the Source at the subatomic or ethe'ic level.

    Oahspe Book Of Jehovih chapter 1:

    2. Nor is there aught in all the universe but what is part of Him.

    3. He said, I am the soul of all; and the all that is seen is of My person and My body.

    "All things are One, but made to appear as two extensions of the centered One." - page 111 of THE SECRET OF LIGHT by Walter Russell, 1947.

    Vortex'ya = Ethe'ic Solution = Inseparability = A homogeneous (One) mixture of two or more substances = Of two apparent entities but One = Quantum Entanglement = EPR Effect = Unified Whole 

    Before an observer makes any measurements. The two photons constitute two separate systems and are totally independant, the one of the other.
    It is not until the moment where the measurement is made of a photon that the other aquires its characteristics. The two particles form an inseparable ensemble, even if they are infinitely distant... Possible interpretations of the EPR effect: reality is created by observation; reality is an undivided wholeness; consciousness creates reality; etc...

    Kosmon, or, kosmon said: THE PRESENT ERA. All knowledge in possession of man, embracing corporeal and spiritual knowledge sufficiently proven.

    Quantum physics is a branch of physics which concerns itself with the study (observation) of the subatomic realm. 

    Ethe'ic Solution = Quantum Entanglement

    Entanglement = togetherness = inseperability = oneness at the subatomic level

    Salt in a glass of water doesn't go into solution (dissolve) until it breaks down into tiny parts, then it becomes apart of the water (solvent) as saline (salt) solution. Until it is broken down to its tiniest parts it floats in the water like a planet floating in outer space (ethe). When corpor (salt) breaks down into its smallest parts (sub-atomic particles) then it goes into ethe'ic solution and is lost to mortal observation. Quantum physics deals with the subatomic world, the world where everything is connected, the world of the ethe'ic soltuion or Quantum entanglement.

    Quantum entanglement, also called the quantum non-local connection, is a property of the quantum mechanical state of a system containing...In quantum entanglement, part of the transfer happens instantaneously.[8] Repeated experiments have verified that this works even when the measurements are performed more quickly than light could travel between the sites of measurement: there is no slower-than-light influence that can pass between the entangled particles.[9] Recent experiments have shown that this transfer occurs at least 10,000 times faster than the speed of light,[10] which does not remove the possibility of it being an instantaneous phenomenon, but only sets a lower limit.[11] This behavior is consistent with quantum-mechanical theory, has been demonstrated experimentally, and it is accepted by the physics community.[citation needed] However there is some debate[12] about whether a possible classical underlying mechanism could explain why this correlation occurs instantaneously even when the separation distance is large. The difference in opinion derives from espousal of various interpretations of quantum mechanics.

    en·tan·gled, en·tan·gling, en·tan·gles
    1. To twist together or entwine into a confusing mass; snarl (vortex'ya, the ethe'ic soltion spirals, twists, and entangles like the double-helix Dna molecule).

    Quantum entanglement is one of the central principles of quantum physics, which is the science of sub-atomic particles. Multiple particles, such as photons, are connected with each other even when they are very far apart and what happens to one particle can have an effect on the other one at the same moment, even though these effects can not be used to send information faster than light.

    Quantum entanglement is when two particles act together in an entangled system. This means that they behave like one object even though they are physically apart. It suggests that space is just the construct that gives the illusion that there are separate objects. Scientists all over the world have conducted experiments using particles like electrons, photons and even diamonds that interact physically together as one, but when separated, they behave as if they are still together. For example, if you spin one electron, the other electron will act in the exact same manner simultaneously, as if they are still physically connected. In our reality the universe is the entangled system, and everything in it is interconnected.
    Throughout the universe, subatomic particles and atoms act as if they are connected.
    A large majority of quantum physics in the academic world is labelled as theoretical, but this isn’t true. Most technologies that have been developed using the ‘theories’ of quantum physics have been concealed from the human race. If these technologies would be unveiled, some of what we consider to be ‘theoretical physics’ wouldn’t be so theoretical anymore.
    Throughout history, intellectual authorities have used their supremacy to conceal information that did not fit the accepted framework about the nature of our reality. We are always subject to paradigm changes, and scientific laws that we may think govern our universe, but they are always subject to change as the human race continues to make new discoveries.
    We now know that atoms and subatomic particles act in a manner as if they are connected, but scientists don’t really know what this means and if it has any significance. Quantum entanglement has a large significance and is one of many new discoveries that can shed light on the true nature of our reality. It’s time that human beings grasp the significance of oneness, and what this oneness really means.

    Quantum physics raises questions of a spiritual and religious order [that is a threat to the Beast and the traditional powers that Be].

    David Bohm postulates that the ultimate nature of physical reality is not a collection of separate objects (as it appears to us), but rather it is an undivided whole [Jehovih -the All-person of Oahspe] that is in perpetual dynamic flux. For Bohm, the insights of quantum mechanics and relativity theory point to a universe that is undivided and in which all parts ‘merge and unite in one totality.’  This undivided whole is not static but rather in a constant state of flow and change [the All-motion was his speech -Oahspe], a kind of invisible ether from which all things arise and into which all things eventually dissolve.

    David Joseph Bohm FRS[1] (20 December 1917 – 27 October 1992) was an American theoretical physicist who contributed innovative and unorthodox ideas to quantum theory, philosophy of mind, and neuropsychology. He is widely considered to be one of the most significant theoretical physicists of the 20th century.[2]
    In physics, Bohm advanced the view that the old Cartesian model of reality was limited, in the light of developments in quantum physics. He developed in detail a mathematical and physical theory of implicate and explicate order to complement it.[3]

    Like Einstein, Schrödinger was dissatisfied with the concept of entanglement, because it seemed to violate the speed limit on the transmission of information implicit in the theory of relativity.[18] Einstein later famously derided entanglement as "spukhafte Fernwirkung"[19] or "spooky action at a distance".

    spook·y Synonyms ghostly - spectral

    Spooky definition, like or befitting a spook or ghost;


    The definition of spooky is something that is eerie or related to a ghost

    www.yourdictionary.com › Dictionary Definitions?Cached

    ghost Synonyms phantom - spectre - spirit - apparition - specter - shade  

    Spirit is manifesting itself in our physical world here on earth. Kosmon, the Internet, Quantum physics, connectivity, smart phones, Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instant Messenger, Skype, All-information, All-knowledge, All-light, no secrets, no privacy, nothing hidden not made manifest, GPS, satellites, face recognition, cameras, etc... In Spirit we are all connected. In Spirit there is all-knowledge, all-information, instant communication, no secrets, no privacy, everything recorded.

    This is the direction we are headed with technology, Spirit is manifesting itself on earth through technology and science. With this technology and no secrets, no privacy, nowhere to hide, maybe it will inspire man to give up crime and evil since everything about him can be found out with technology, our technology is the manifestation of the All seeing and the All knowing Spirit. This technology will help man to see that we are all connected, and that we must learn to work together in harmony. Disasters help us to learn we are all connected and need to work together. It is darkest at night before the dawn. The dark times we are going through with many disasters will help us to learn to work together in harmony. As we learn to work together in harmony the darkness and disasters will go away. Kosmon is the age of universal fellowship, brotherhood, and the age of light (electro-magnetic spectrum). 
    As for invasion of privacy, the eye of Jehovih is always on you, and recording
    angels record everything you do. Long before the big brother government and the NSA there was the recording angels and the all-knowing Creator.

    Dawn of kosmon song
    Dawn of Kosmon lyrics
    Another one of Christianity's insanities has to do with the end of the world and Jesus' second coming. For 2,000 years they have been waiting without satisfaction. The King James Version of Matthew 28:20 reflects that view.
    20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. (Matt. 28:20 KJV)
    It was a misinterpretation. According to the authoritative Strong's Dictionary, "world" was mistranslated from the Greek, aion, meaning "an age". Strong's goes on to say aion implies "world". There are some powerful differences between world and age.
    A fundamentalist favorite, the New International Version gets it right with "age".
    20 teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the end of the age." (Matt. 28:20 NIV)
    The "end of the world" implies some kind of calamity like a giant meteor or a nuclear war. If something like that happens, one's faith is not going to make a difference. The end of the age refers to a cosmological age.
    Astrologers call the 25,920 year cycle a Great Year and divide it into twelve Ages according to the constellations. Figure 5 shows the sun entering the Age of Pisces at 6 BCE. Over 2018 years before, the sun was in the Age of Aries. 2018 years after Pisces, about 2012 CE, Aquarius will be in the background and it will be the Age of Aquarius. Because of the direction of precession, the Great Year cycle progresses in the reverse direction of the solar cycle.
    To summarize, the Age of Aries was marked in the Old Testament by the Passover lamb.
    21 Then Moses called for all the elders of Israel, and said unto them, Draw out and take you a lamb according to your families, and kill the passover. (Ex. 12:21)
    The Age of Pisces began when the sun entered Pisces at the spring equinox (Figure 5).
    18 As he walked by the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon who is called Peter and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea; for they were fishermen.
    19 And he said to them, "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." (Matt. 4:18-19)
    So when Jesus told his disciples he will be with them until the age, he meant the Age of Pisces. His time is almost over. There will be no end of the world, only the end of an Age.
    20 teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the end of the age." (Matt. 28:20 NIV)
    Oahspe mentions a larger cycle of our solar system that lasts 4.5 million years, larger than the 25,920 year solar cycle astrologers are aware of and it is based on sound science and math (see Extrasolar planets, CEVORKUM, Light speed page).
    1. First, the earth plieth in a circuit around the sun, which circuit is divided into four arcs called spring, summer, autumn and winter.
    2. Second, the sun, with his family, plieth in a large circuit, which is divided into one thousand five hundred arcs, the distance of which for each arc is about three thousand years, or one cycle.
    3. During a cycle, the earth and her heavens fall in the etherean regions of hundreds of etherean worlds, where dwell Jehovih's high-raised angels, whose Chiefs have to do with the management of worlds.

    Synopsis Of Sixteen Cycles Chapter I

    1,500 arcs x 3,000 years = 4,500,000 years

    Oahspe said the last cycle (age) ended in 1848, the new cycle (age of Kosmon) began in 1848. The fall of Looeamong happened shortly after the Light of the Dawn of Kosmon (1848) and the arrival of the Etherean hosts, and about the same time as the end of the Roman Inquisition (1542 – c. 1860), the defeat of the Papal Army by Victor Emmanuel (1861), the loss of the Pope's temporal powers (1870), the Pope declared the vicegerent of Christ and King of kings and Lord of lords (1871) by the Vatican Council.

    1570 In 1848 the pope decided to allow participation by the populace in the government of the Papal States. But after the first prime minister (a papal appointee) was assassinated, he changed his mind.
    Consequently Rome burst into revolution and the pope fled. He returned with French military assistance and retook Rome and the Papal States, reinstating absolutist rule. Meanwhile, events were simmering in the Italian Nationalist movement and in 1859-1860 many parcels of the Papal States were won.
    But while Italy was united under the Nationalists in 1861, Rome remained in the hands of the Pope, protected by French soldiers; though when the Franco-Prussian War caused them to be recalled, the Italians took the offensive and Rome surrendered September 20, 1870, thus effectively ending the last of the earthly rule of Christ over dominions (territory and doctrine).
    The pope withdrew to the Vatican, issued his edict of papal infallibility: He (notice---not Christ) was now supreme arbiter of all things Christian; but the Italian government ignored him and his excommunications against them. Which relations stood until February of 1929, when the pope formally renounced claims to the former papal states, and in return the pope was granted sovereignty over the Vatican (108.7 acres).

    Kosmon era, United harmonious labor, talents and destiny of man
    26/3.12. Jehovih had said: Even as I provided a little labor for mortals to develop the talents I created with them, so similarly, and after the same like, but spiritually, I provided greater labor to the high-risen inhabitants in My etherean worlds. For which reason, let My children learn the secret of harmonious and united labor with one another. I gave labor to man not as a hardship, but as a means of great rejoicing.

    26/3.13. For the talents I gave on corpor, I gave not to die on corpor, but to continue on forever. As I gave talent for corporeal mathematics, and talent for building corporeal structures, yes, a talent for all things on corporeal worlds; even so have I provided in My etherean worlds for the same talents, but spiritually. In which man on the corporeal earth, judging the adaptability of talent to corporeal things, may comprehend the nature of the labors I provided in My exalted heavens for the same talents.

    26/3.14. Neither let any man fear that his talents may become too exalted for the work I have provided; for until he has created a firmament, and created suns and stars to fill it, he has not half fulfilled his destiny.

    International Space Station
    The International Space Station, as seen from Space Shuttle Endeavour in May 2011.
    A silhouette of the ISS shown orbiting above the Earth. This image is suspended within an orange and purple shield, with the words 'International Space Station' above the image, and laurel leaves beneath.
    ISS insignia
    Station statistics
    COSPAR ID1998-067A
    Call signAlpha
    CrewFully crewed 6
    Currently onboard 6
    Expedition 34)
    Launch padBaikonur LC-81/23, LC-1/5
    KSC LC-39,
    Massapproximately 450,000 kg (990,000 lb)
    Length72.8 m
    Width108.5 m
    Heightc. 20 m (c. 66 ft)
    It has been visited by astronauts and cosmonauts from 15 different nations.[16]

    The ISS programme is a joint project between five participating space agencies: NASA, the Russian Federal Space Agency, JAXA, ESA, and CSA.[15][17] The ownership and use of the space station is established by intergovernmental treaties and agreements.[18] The station is divided into two sections, the Russian orbital segment (ROS) and the United States orbital segment (USOS), which is shared by many nations.

    The ISS is helping further advance near-Earth space exploration and realisation of prospective programmes of research and exploration of the Solar system, including the Moon and Mars."[27] A manned mission to Mars, however, may be a multinational effort involving space agencies and countries outside of the current ISS partnership. In 2010 ESA Director-General Jean-Jacques Dordain stated his agency was ready to propose to the other 4 partners that China, India and South Korea be invited to join the ISS partnership.[28] NASA chief Charlie Bolden stated in Feb 2011 "Any mission to Mars is likely to be a global effort".[29] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Space_Station

    "I believe the children are our future
    Teach them well
    and let them lead the way
    Show them all the beauty they possess inside
    Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
    Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be" - WHITNEY HOUSTON
    "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these." - Jesus [Joshua]
    Newbrough and his wife traveled to Kansas City, San Francisco, New Orleans, and Chicago and gathered fifty children. The 20-room Children's House was constructed in 1890; by all accounts, the children, from all races, were pampered and treated with love and kindness.[20]
    20.^ Jump up to: a b Fogarty, Robert S. (2003). All things new: American communes and utopian movements, 1860-1914. Lexington Books. p. 187. ISBN 978-0-7391-0520-7.
    Chapter I:
    2. Foremost, amongst the many, there came out of Uz one who was esteemed wise and good above all others; and because he was a representative man, the people named him, Tae.
    3. And Tae prayed unto Jehovih for light and knowledge as to how best he could accomplish good unto the resurrection of the race of man.
    4. And Jehovih answered Tae, saying: Go, bring My people out of Uz, and found them in a place by themselves; for now is the beginning of the founding of My kingdom on earth.
    5. Tae answered, saying: Behold, O Jehovih, I have gathered together many men and many women, and they all profess a desire to found Thy kingdom.
    6. One desireth to be a teacher; another, to be a superintendent; another, an overseer; another, an adviser.
    7. And they are all learned and wise and good in their own way; but, also, they are neither workers nor capitalists, the two chief of all that I require.
    8. Now, I pray to Thee, O Father, what shall thy servant do?
    9. Jehovih answered Tae, saying: Go, seek, and bring out of Uz orphan babes and castaway infants and foundlings.
    10. And these shall by thy colony, which shall be My new kingdom on earth.
    11. Tae inquired: What can a man do with babes? How shall I feed them? Moreover I have not money to hire nurses.
    12. Jehovih said: Have faith in thy Creator; in a good work done unto My little ones, behold, I will provide.
    13. Whatsoever thou dost unto them, even so dost thou unto Me, wherein thou shalt not fail.
    14. Neither shalt thou have anything to do with any adult man or woman who is without faith in Me. Behold, My people are infants in this era.
    15. Deal thou with them, and with such only as are willing to serve them; for as much as they are served, so am I served also.
    Oahspe Book of Judgement: Chapter XXVIII:
    7. Remembering, it is wiser to accomplish with the young than with the aged. For the mature will be dead in a few years; and, in that day, those that are children will be mature.
    8. Better is it, that ye provide a way unto ten fatherless children, than for forty people that are grown.
    9. But, even in this, ye may err toward the children. For, to provide them an asylum in infancy, saying: Behold, what a good work we have done! showeth that ye measure not as your God measureth.
    10. For it is not sufficient that ye feed and clothe little ones; but ye shall teach them a trade, and occupations, and give them learning, so that, when they are grown, they can sustain themselves.
    Oahspe Book Of Jehovih's Kingdon On Earth: Chapter V:
    31. First of my teaching unto them shall be, to make them know Thee, and to remember that Thy eye is upon them, and Thy hand above them, to bless them according to their wisdom, truth, love and purity.
    32. And I will teach them the way of the communion of Thy angels; to develop them in su'is and sar'gis.
    33. Teaching them to live for the spirit within, rather than for corpor.
    34. Teaching them by books and instruments.
    35. Teaching them useful trades and occupations.
    36. Teaching them music and worship.
    37. Teaching them dancing and gymnastics.
    38. And, in all things, developing in them all the talents Thou hast created in them, that they may grow up to be an honor and a glory on the earth, and to rejoice because Thou hast created them alive.
    39. And I will emancipate them from infancy at fourteen years of age; and bestow upon them the rights of man and woman, in their thoughts, words, deeds, choice and actions.
    40. Throwing upon them, at that age, their responsibility unto Thee, for their thoughts, words, ideas, behavior, as fully as I claim the same unto mine own self.
    Oahspe Book Of Jehovih's Kingdon On Earth: Chapter IX:
    1. TAE said: Behold, the Uzians have schools, and they teach their young by and in books. But when their youth are thus educated, as to their brains, their hands are useless for providing food and clothes and habitations.
    2. Education, in regard to corporeal things, must embrace the manipulation and handling of corporeal things for useful purposes. And, foremost of all problems is: How to provide the necessities of life with one's own hands, that he may not be rendered a dependent on others.
    3. This shall be one of the first problems ye shall make our infants understand.
    4. Young children not only ask questions, but they desire illustrations, with the privilege of trying to do something themselves.
    5. Their questions must be answered by their nurses and their teachers.
    6. It is not sufficient unto Jehovih's requirements of you, that ye put off His children with elusive answers, or with incomprehensible explanations.
    7. Education must be accompanied with practice. As, for example, ye show the child certain seeds, explaining what will grow therefrom; ye shall plant and illustrate. And when the vine hath come up out of the ground, ye shall not only illustrate its corporeality, but shall display the life therein as a manifestation of Jehovih's Presence.
    8. To simply teach the child the botany, without reference to the spirituality that underlieth all living things, would have little effect in turning the child's thoughts to its own life and growth in spirit.
    9. At an early age, these infants shall be thus put to work in gratification of their own desires to do something; and their work shall be educational, corporeally and spiritually.
    10. And when they are large enough to handle tools, they shall be permitted to work at trades, or in art; and full and sufficient explanations shall be given to all their questions.
    11. And this shall come to pass in Shalam; without tiresome study and without tiresome labor, these infants, at fourteen years, shall be wiser and better learned than Uzians at twenty.
    12. For they shall not be limited to one trade each, or one occupation each; but, to a great extent, all of them shall know all trades and occupations.
    13. For botany, they shall have a garden; and for astronomy, an observatory; for chemistry, a laboratory; for clothing, a factory; for horticulture and agriculture, they shall have orchards, fields and gardens.
    14. Such, then, shall be the method of teaching our infants.
    (The Tablet of Prophecy).

    Plate 48.--ORACHNEBUAHGALAH (prophetic numbers, word associated, dates, events)
    ORACHNEBUAHGALAH Table (list) below of historical manifestations related to plate 48 of Oahspe and future prophecy of 2048 - 2050.
    90 = learning = 1938 = John Dewey wrote Experience and Education.
    Experience and Education is the best concise statement on education ever published by John Dewey, the man acknowledged to be the pre-eminent educational theorist of the twentieth century.
    Jim Dennon an Oahspe scholar, studied the prophetic numbers, particularly the half-time (200 years).
    Etherean arc-angels bring new knowledge and inspiration to earth before they leave at the first dan [200 years].
    1848 + 200 = 2048. "new knowledge" or "new learning centers", "new schools", "new education", on the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate with the prophetic number 200 is the word "learning".
    200 years after the beginning of the Arc of Bon (the cycle before the present Kosmon) Pharaoh Amenhotep IV Akhenaton rises to the throne of Egypt [1848 - 3400 = 1552, 1552 - 200 = 1352 B.C.].
    Akhenaton brought "new teachings" [200 learning ORACHNEBUAHGALAH] of "monotheism", One God.
    1352 BC—Amenhotep IV starts to rule.
    1352 BC—Pharaoh Amenhotep IV Akhenaton rises to the throne of Egypt.
    Akhenaten...He is especially noted for abandoning traditional Egyptian polytheism and introducing worship centered on the Aten, which is sometimes described as monotheistic...
    Tae will bring "new teachings" at the 200 year dan:
    There should be an Oahspe type shalam community established between 2040 and 2048 in the United States.
    Teaching a child in Shalam about how matter is caused by vortex motion:
    "Matter has disappeared by depolarization because motion has ceased." - page 64 of A NEW CONCEPT OF THE UNIVERSE (1953) by Walter Russell.
    Vortex motion causes matter to polarize, when vortex motion ceases, matter depolarizes and disappears.
    Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy CH. I:
    "29. Withdraw the vortexian power, and the earth would instantly go into dissolution.
    30. What is called corporeal substance, which has length, breadth and thickness, remaineth so by no power of its own, but by vortexya external thereto.
    Exchange the vortexya, and the corpor goeth into dissolution."
    synonyms: cessation, conclusion, end, ending, termination, winding up/down, discontinuation, suspension, disbanding;
    Chemistry. the process by which a solid, gas, or liquid is dispersed homogeneously in a gas, solid, or, especially, a liquid
    Matter is an effect caused by rapid spiral (vortex) motion.
    "Any child will fully comprehend you when you tell him that sound is an effect caused by rapid vibrations [cyclic motion].
    You can demonstrate it by plucking a harp string so that he can see that the sound is caused by rapid motion.
    You do not even need to tell him that the sound ceases when the motion ceases. His common sense will tell him that." - page 64 of A NEW CONCEPT OF THE UNIVERSE (1953) by Walter Russell.
    1953 = warm above normal up-spike dan.
    Below is a 1986 photograph (from Sydney University laboratory) of a carbon particle, revealing a surrounding, spiralling energy field.
    Spiralling Energy field surrounding a carbon particle.
    If intelligence is the ability to learn, then babies are born geniuses!
    While a baby's brain has the potential to learn just about anything, parents have an important role to play in determining just how much - and how easily - their baby learns. Here, we discuss the key issues to bear in mind when teaching your baby.
    A unique window of opportunity: 5 months' gestation to 5 years of age
    The younger the brain, the more malleable it is - that's why young children are like sponges. A baby's brain builds itself by forming connections in response to the stimulation it receives. The fetus begins responding to sound during month five in the womb, when her sense of hearing becomes fully developed. This means that learning begins before birth.
    After birth, the baby's brain continues wiring itself in response to the child's experiences of the world. Learning is faster and more effortless than it will ever be again. Acquiring our native language from birth guarantees that we will master that language, regardless of how linguistically gifted we turn out to be as adults. It's all about harnessing the power of a baby's brain. Likewise, anyone can master the skills of reading, math or music, so long as they begin learning at a young enough age.
    Babies LOVE to learn!
    A baby's brain is hardwired for learning, making babies the most avid students in the world. What's more, babies and small children carry none of the baggage that comes from being sent to school and being subjected to quizzes, tests and examinations. For babies, learning is pure enjoyment.
    Regular practice is important, but not to the point of forcing. Above all, your child should enjoy the learning process. Hold lessons only when he is receptive, and end them before he loses interest.
    Teaching should never be forced
    Regular practice is important, but not to the point of forcing. Above all, your child should enjoy the learning process. Hold lessons only when he is receptive, and end them before he loses interest.
    Play is ESSENTIAL
    Babies and children need time to explore the world around them, pick up objects and examine them, and get to grips with the laws of nature. Your baby should spend the majority of her waking hours engaged in hands-on play.
    Relax and have FUN
    Avoid focusing on having your child achieve specific knowledge goals. Treat lesson time instead as an opportunity for strengthening the parent-child bond. Teaching your baby should never become a source of stress for either one of you. If you feel this is happening, reevaluate your approach or trim down the lesson program as necessary.
    Early Childhood education focuses on children learning through play, based on the research and philosophy of Jean Piaget. This belief is centered on the "power of play". It has been thought that children learn more efficiently and gain more knowledge through play-based activities such as dramatic play, art, and social games. This theory plays stems children's natural curiosity and tendencies to "make believe", mixing in educational lessons.[1]
    Many believe that education at pre-school ages can significantly affect a person's ability to deal successfully with later life. Some studies supporting this point of view are detailed below.
    "Why Does Infant Attention Predict Adolescent Intelligence?" by Sigman, Cohen, and Beckwith. This study found that speaking often to children between the ages of 8 and 24 months of age could significantly improve intelligence later in life. It appears in volume 20 (1997) of the journal Infant Behavior and Development.
    A report by Rose and Feldman, August 1997 edition of Child Development suggests that visual recognition skills and tactile-visual skills at ages 7 to 12 months are a significant indicator of later IQ scores.
    Visual stimulus and response time as early as 3 months is an indicator of verbal and performance IQ at age 4 years: Dougherty and Haith of the University of Denver, "Infant Expectations and Reaction Time as Predictors of Childhood Speed of Processing and IQ", published in volume 33 (1997) of the journal Developmental Psychology.
    Robert Titzer, of Southeastern Louisiana University, reported on a longitudinal case study in which an infant who was exposed to an interactive video involving words was able to visually recognize more than 100 words by 12 months of age and more than 500 words by age 15 months.
    Theory and practice
    The Developmental Interaction Approach is based on the theories of Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson, John Dewey, and Lucy Sprague Mitchell. The approach aims to involve children in acquiring competence via learning through discovery.[6][7][8]
    1. Jump up ^ Winner, Melinda (28 January 2009). "The Serious Need for Play". Scientific American.
    6. Jump up ^ Shapiro, N.; Nager (1999). "The Developmental-Interaction Approach to Education: Retrospect and Prospect". Occasional Paper Series (New York: Bank Street College of Education).
    7. Jump up ^ "Bank Street Developmental Interaction Approach". State of New Jersey Department of Education.
    8. Jump up ^ Casper, V; Theilheimer, R (2009). Introduction to early childhood education: Learning together. New York: McGraw-Hill.
    Oahspe Book Of Jehovih's Kingdon On Earth: Chapter XII:
    1. ES, the chief nurse, had said: I must tell you of the wonderful Light of Jehovih, that always cometh to us in time of emergency. Even at the moment despair is about to reach us, lo, His Light provideth unto us.
    2. I had undertaken to nurse, with bottles, ever so many babes, more than was possible for one woman to attend, taking one at a time on my lap, but I could not get round in time. So, also, I had had observation that babes should be held in somebody's arms, and that when they cried they should be taken up, held upright, and diverted by walking with them or by tossing them.
    3. To do these things for many babes was not possible for one nurse; so, after I had prayed for strength and light as to what was best to be done, the Voice came to me, plainly, as if I had read it in a book, saying:
    4. My Daughter, why thwartest thou the way of My creations? Had I designed My little ones to be upright, I should have provided a way for them.
    5. Thou shalt permit them to lie down, and to roll about. Neither shalt thou encumber them with pillows and cushions. Permit them to exercise themselves by crawling in their own way.
    6. And when the proper time cometh for them to stand upright, and to jump, behold, I will be with them.
    7. Es said: Now, thereupon, I began a new system. I not only searched to know myself, but to develop these little ones. And when I took away the pillows and cushions, giving them double blankets to lie on, and opportunity to exercise by rolling about, behold, they grew in strength daily, and not only soon ceased to cry, but began to sing songs (to me they were songs) and to laugh and amuse themselves with their hands and toes and whatever they got hold of.
    8. From this little light, of applying the law of development unto babes, I applied myself to make them understand that they should divert themselves, without depending on their nurses. For many of the orphans we had received were little tyrants, having been spoiled by former nurses, and they screamed constantly, to make some one carry them about and divert them.
    9. Now, therefore, I perceived that Jehovih required more of me than merely to feed and clean these little ones; the minds of the spoiled ones had to be remodeled; they should be made to comprehend that no one was slave unto them; and, moreover, that they themselves should cultivate patience, gentleness and love, as better attributes than fretfulness and authority.
    10. For, let no one be surprised, even babes can be spoiled to think themselves an authority, with power to command obedience from adults. And they discover, at an early age, that to give vent to peevishness and passion bringeth the nurse to do them service.
    11. And I saw, too, that some, even such as could merely hold up their heads, became jealous, to be the first fed, or the first washed, and answered my negligence with fearful screams.
    12. Now, it came to pass, when I ceased taking them up to feed them, and did away with the pillow-props, and laid them all down alike, and gave them food at the same time (according to their groups), I had not only provided unto them better corporeal development, but better spiritual development.
    13. Such as had been peevish and jealous ceased their former habits, and began to look with respect to the other babes, rolling beside them.
    14. Not many months passed by till they began to be interested in one another, examining their feet and hands, and evidently trying to comprehend who they were, and whence they came. And they also saw in one another a representation of themselves, appreciating a fellowship that was surpassingly beautiful.
    Chapter XIII:
    1. TAE said: Never grew such straight and handsome children as those of Shalam.
    2. And it was so. And, moreover, they were of all shades of color, and of all nations and peoples on the earth.
    3. And they were timed and disciplined from the very first; a time to be fed, a time for bathing, a time for dressing and a time for sleeping.
    4. Besides these times, the nurses provided music twice a day for them, and at regular hours. And many of the babes began to sing and to beat time to the music, even before they could stand upright.
    5. And when the children were able to walk, the nurses provided them, in processions, with music to their steps; and a time was also set apart for these.
    6. Soon after this, they were given simple calisthenics; and, in time after this, calisthenics proper, for the development of the arms, limbs and person.
    7. Thus were they trained to keep time with music; to carry themselves erect; to control the motions of their feet, limbs, arms and hands, and, also, made to develop the full use of their joints. And they were taught the names of the bones, joints and muscles, by repeating the words in time to the music, being in songs and semi-songs.
    8. Great were the delight and interest these little ones took in these exercises; and it came to pass, that even whilst they were little more than babes, they had mastered the names and uses of the bones and muscles of the body.
    9. And they were timed and limited in exercise, adapted to the most delicate and slender, and to the most robust; and every one learned simply by diversion, and not by talk or labor.
    10. After this, they were taught marching, slow and fast, even running in time to music; and, after this, simple tournaments.
    11. Simple tournaments embraced games of hunting and chasing; some of them taking the part of foxes or wolves, and others, the part of hunters. Yet, in all these games, the teachers and musicians took part, directing and cautioning, guarding and supervising the games, teaching the little ones the oneness of teachers and pupils. Teaching the stronger children to be observant and gentle toward the weaker ones, illustrating to them how Jehovih had made them all as brothers and sisters.
    Hi there- I EXPERIENCED THE EXACT SAME THING!!! My son who is now almost 14 months started doing that too- throwing tantrums like he was having the terrible twos or something. I was at a loss for what to do and how to deal with it and a good friend of mine said that really you should (as long as they aren't hungry or tired) ignore it when they scream and fuss for nothing and really limit your reaction. Also when they calm down, talk soothingly to them and say how scary that must have been to be soooo upset. It is difficult to do, but if you are trying to cook dinner and your son is screaming (happens to me) just talk to him and explain what you are doing and when you can, pick him up and reassure him and tell him its ok. Once he has gotten his fill of mommy time, he most likely will go play for awhile by himself... good luck and let me know what happens! Shaana
    It seems like all the perfectly sweet babies we know, including our own, started throwing fits at between 10-15 months. We try not to react to the tantrums, since we don't want to reinforce that behavior, but try to direct her energy and avoid the tantrums if possible, otherwise just deal with it and let her be angry for a moment. It got a little worse (e.g., head banging, gymnastic back arches) before it got better. janet
    Consider a research study in which 6-month-old infants observed their mothers either giving attention to a life-like baby doll (hugging or gently rocking it, for example) or to a book (Hart & Carrington, 2002). When mothers directed their attention to the doll, the infants were more likely to display negative emotions, such as anger and sadness, which may have indicated their jealousy (see Figure 6.2). On the other hand, their expressions of anger and sadness may have reflected frustration in not being able to have the novel doll to play with. Debate about the onset of an emotion such as jealousy illustrates the complexity and difficulty in indexing early emotions.
    What does a baby really need in life?
    Food, clothing, a warm place to sleep, love, exercise. Exercise? Yes, exercise! Child Development shares, “The processes by which infants learn to control and coordinate their bodies…set the stage for all further development. ” 1 Physical development precedes both cognitive and emotional development. But physical development can’t take place without exercise.
    Learning to play an instrument can have longer-lasting effects on spatial reasoning, however. In several studies, children who took piano lessons for six months improved their ability to work puzzles and solve other spatial tasks by as much as 30 percent.
    Parents and child-care providers can help nurture children's love of music beginning in infancy. Here are some ideas:
    Play music for your baby. Expose your baby to many different musical selections of various styles. If you play an instrument, practice when your baby is nearby. But keep the volume moderate. Loud music can damage a baby's hearing.
    •Sing to your baby. It doesn't matter how well you sing! Hearing your voice helps your baby begin to learn language. Babies love the patterns and rhythms of songs. And even young babies can recognize specific melodies once they've heard them.
    •Sing with your child. As children grow, they enjoy singing with you. And setting words to music actually helps the brain learn them more quickly and retain them longer. That's why we remember the lyrics of songs we sang as children, even if we haven't heard them in years.
    •Start music lessons early. If you want your child to learn an instrument, you don't need to wait until elementary school to begin lessons. Young children's developing brains are equipped to learn music. Most four- and five-year-olds enjoy making music and can learn the basics of some instruments. And starting lessons early helps children build a lifelong love of music.
    Encourage your child's school to teach music. Singing helps stimulate the brain, at least briefly. Over time, music education as a part of school can help build skills such as coordination and creativity. And learning music helps your child become a well-rounded person.
    May 9, 2012 — After completing the first study of its kind, researchers at McMaster University have discovered that very early musical training benefits children even before they can walk or talk.
    The findings were published recently in the scientific journals Developmental Science and Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.
    "Many past studies of musical training have focused on older children," says Laurel Trainor, director of the McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind.
    This "first study of its kind" discovered what Oahspe stated 131 years before, that musical training benefits the development of infants and toddlers.
    “You’re gonna get such a spanking …”
    As children, it was a phrase many of us dreaded. In the 1950s, the words “when your father gets home” finished the sentence. In the 1970s, mothers stopped waiting and finished the sentence themselves. Often times it was an empty threat. But sometimes our moms and dads delivered.
    While spanking was generally an acceptable—even expected—form of discipline for our parents, it is a murkier question today.
    Not Acceptable
    The Center for Effective Discipline uses simple terms when describing spanking: “… it is a violent act. If an adult were struck, we would call it ‘assault.’” The Center questions why there aren’t laws protecting children like those protecting battered women.
    The CED says more school shootings happen in states where paddling is legal. Despite these claims, John Rosemond says state prohibition is not the way to go, claiming it would result in “accomplishing Karl Marx’s dream.”
    Nevertheless, some studies have been done. In one set of analyses with young children in the laboratory, time outs worked just as well as spanking for (immediate) subsequent compliance on 30 tasks assigned by the mother. Long-term compliance is decreased after spanking (Gershoff, 2002; Gershoff & Grogan-Kaylor, 2013).
    In terms of whether parental aggression (spanking) decreases aggression in the child, the answer is no. In fact, spanking tends to increase child aggression. “Spanking predicted increases in children’s aggression over and above initial levels [of aggressive behavior]” and “in none of these longitudinal studies did spanking predict reductions in children’s aggression over time” (p. 134). Instead, spanking predicted increases in children’s aggression.
    Oahspe has much info on the raising of children but nowhere does it say to hit, whip, or cause pain to a child.
    Many child care people consider hiting, and whipping children as not good for children. Many people say you are teaching children to use violence to solve problems.
    The Efe Pygmies are “wholly non-aggressive,” Jean-Pierre Hallet told me.
    Hallet never saw a Pygmy adult hit or criticize a child.
    Oahspe Book of Inspiration Chapter VIII:
    8. And My angels said unto man: Become thou one with thy Creator; these are His direct inspirations:
    10. To give delights only, and not pain.
    12. To do not violently against His creatures.
    16. But these are thy evil inspirations, O man, these come from thy birth and surroundings, formerly called, satan:
    19. To punish.
    Those who spare the rod hate their children, but those who love them
    are diligent to discipline them — Proverbs 13:24
    One of the most unfortunate misunderstandings of Scripture concerns passages that refer to the necessity of using “the rod of discipline” in the training of children. These include:
    Proverbs 22:15 — “Foolishness is bound in the heart of the child, but the rod of discipline will drive it far from him.”
    Proverbs 23:13 — “Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you punish him with the rod, he will not die.”
    Many well-intentioned Christians take these passages and others like them to mean that God is specifically instructing parents to spank children when they misbehave; further, that these spankings should be administered with variations on the general theme of “the rod”: belts, hickory switches, paddles, and the like.


    Just as hitting or beating a puppy or dog is not consided good, likewise hitting or beating a human child is not considered good.


    As a result, spanking, beating, and hitting a dog may lead to even more behavioral issues, including fear aggression as well as submissive urination.

    If beating or hitting a dog does not work, then how can we teach our dogs right from wrong?

    How can we get our dogs to behave and not engage in destructive behaviors?

    The answer lies in the other school of dog discipline, namely reward based techniques.


    Animal behaviorist and University of Wisconsin professor Patricia McConnell describes the results...

    The most confrontational, and I would argue, aggressive, behaviors on the part of the owners resulted in the highest levels of aggressive responses from the dogs. 43% of dogs responded with aggression to being hit or kicked,

    "Violence begets violence, aggression begets aggression," McConnell added. Her conclusion is corroborated by additional studies.



    Eloin Wilderness Preserve and Spiritual Community
    From the Top 

    Main focus is to create and maintain a community that can live in harmony with nature and other beings, be self-sufficient, learn the physical and spiritual laws that hold harmony and abundance and be an example for other communities to learn from. 

    Year Round
    Deep in Nature
    Oahspe Foundation, P.O. Box, 446, Ashland, OR.  97520
    In the old growth forest of Southern Oregon. Living in harmony with nature in a simple and joyful way.
    So true.

    So true.

    The power of love = ethe, dan, light, 99-100, 1000 (peace) = higher (Shalam)

    The love of power = a'ji, war, darkness, 66, 666 (beast) = lower (UZ)

    Shalom (Sephardic Hebrew/Israeli Hebrew: shalom; Ashkenazi Hebrew/
    Yiddish: sholom, sholem, sholoim, shulem) is a Hebrew word meaning peace, completeness, prosperity, and welfare and can be used idiomatically to mean both hello and goodbye.[1][2][3]
    1.Jump up ^ Glamour of the Grammar in the Jerusalem Post
    2.Jump up ^ Blue Letter Bible
    3.Jump up ^ As mentioned in the Strong's Concordance
    Shalam = a Oahspe word for a Kosmon Community and Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth.
    Shalam = a headstart program for children.
    Shalam, God shows how to dwell practically in peace and love.
    "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven."
    Better it is to labor with a child from
    infancy, and thence to maturity, to
    teach it aright
    , than to strive with a
    score of conceited adults, and fail to
    redeem one.
    The sound, "Ah," substituted for "Oh," makes a word earthly that was heavenly, or a substituted for o makes a word earthly instead of heavenly.
    Am of shalam = earthly peace = Jehovih's Kingdom on EARTH (Shalam) as it is in heaven (Shalom).

    OAHSPE: Book Of Jehovih's Kingdom On Earth: THE BOOK OF SHALAM CHAPTER I: 4. And Jehovih answered Tae, saying: Go, bring My people out of Uz, and found them in a place by themselves; for now is the beginning of the founding of My kingdom on earth.

    Uz is also equivalent to, WORLDLINESS, or, world's people.

    Therefore, "Come out from them and be separate, says the Lord." - ◄ 2 Corinthians 6:17 ► of the Bible:
    Example of a fraternal community:

    Oahspe Book Of Jehovih's Kingdon On Earth: Chapter XIX:
    23. The way is open for any to go hence to found a new colony. Neither shall it be a branch of Shalam, nor a dependent. But it shall be in independent sister colony.
    24. Neither shall it copy after Shalam, saying: Shalam shall be our example.
    25. This would be following an earthly light.
    26. Neither shall its people copy after Tae, saying: Tae did so and so, let us also.
    27. For this would be following a lower light.
    28. But it shall follow the Light of Jehovih as it cometh unto you who found it.
    29. Save Jehovih found it, they shall fail who attempt it.
    30. Jehovih designed not that man should build his house exactly like his neighbor's. The misfortune of man is to copy after others, instead of following Jehovih's Light as it cometh to himself.
    31. Let not this misfortune come unto Shalam's sister colony. Another locality will call for other things. Be mindful of these, and adapt yourselves accordingly.

    Performing arts, Opera, Musical Theater and Ballet in Shalam:
    Oahspe Book Of Jehovih's Kingdon On Earth: Chapter XV:
    1. AT six years of age, the children were entered in the school of oratory, and also given the signs and graces of unspoken words by means of gestures. And, now, they began to take part in theatricals and operatic performances.
    2. For such purposes these two houses were provided with angel chambers adjoining the stages, and during the performances the angels came in sar'gis, also taking parts in the operas, ascending and descending before the audiences, singing and speaking audibly, so all could hear them.
    3. Many of the plays and operas were composed and prepared by the angels, who also gave directions how to put the pieces on the stage. And in some of the pieces there were, of the children and angels combined, more than three hundred performers on the stage at one time.
    4. Instead of the crude and loud-sounding horns and hideous instruments, as used by the Uzians for their operas, the opera here was provided with an organ of full power, and with instruments of delicacy and sweetness, so that the most refined ear should not be shocked or pained by any crude or disgusting noise, so common in the Uzian orchestras.
    5. Now, as to the plays, whether in the opera or in the theatre, they varied on different nights, as to being adapted to young children, or to older ones, or to adults. But, for the most part, the plays and operas pertained to illustrations embracing a life on earth and an entrance into the lower heavens, showing also the part in real life which angels of purity take in guarding and advising mortals, by inspiration, to righteousness, and also showing how drujas inspire mortals to sensual things and to wickedness.
    6. So, that the plays required the presence of angels, to illustrate their parts in the affairs of mortal; and every play was made a lesson and sermon on life, so simple a child could understand them and apply the instructions to its own soul.
    7. Herein, then, was the difference betwixt the plays and operas in Shalam, as compared with plays and operas with the Uzians: With the latter, they apply to the lives and adventures of mortals, and to histories of mortal affairs and occurrences wrapt up in inexplicable causes; but the plays and operas with the Faithists, in Shalam, illustrated the same things by showing the causes that govern and control mortals by spirit-presence.
    8. So that (for example), were it necessary to exhibit a drunkard on the stage, it was also shown how the drunkard was surrounded by dark spirits (drujas), who inspired him to his course; and also was exhibited the struggle of his guardian angels to save him, showing thus how the choice lay with himself as to who he would serve, satan or Jehovih.
    An opera house is a theatre building used for opera performances that consists of a stage, an orchestra pit, audience seating, and backstage facilities for costumes and set building. While some venues are constructed specifically for operas, other opera houses are part of larger performing arts centers.
    On earth we should learn to dwell in peace and practice good works by associative labor with other people in an organization, that organization could be religious or secular, government or civilian.

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