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GUT = Grand Unified Theory or Grand Unification Theorem of physics.
"If the author, Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D., is correct, an 890-page book called "Oahspe" is the best kept secret in the world. But it is not supposed to be a secret. It was intended to be as well known as the Bible and provide answers to humankind on all life's mysteries, including the history of the planet, the history of the human race, the fate of man, and countless other matters pertaining to the nature of man and the purpose of life."
Page 37 of The Universal Cycle Theory (2011) by Stephen J. Puentz and Glenn Borchardt, PH.D. ..."sadly a new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it." 
OAHSPE Book of Discipline Chapter XIV:
21 ...Jehovih, Creator, Ruler and Dispenser, worlds without end. Amen!
OAHSPE Book of Ouranothen CHAPTER 1:
21. And He is forever bringing together (creating), and forever dissolving and dissipating worlds without number. |1238|
22. Illimitable |1239| in soul and spirit, forever quickening into life from His own parts, without loss or waste, or lack of space, and without hindrance.
1238  being too many to count
1239  limitless, immeasurable, inexhaustible, infinite, uncircumscribable

string theory particles
how to do a screen shot

Above needle shaped particles of string theory (originating in 1970, 89 years after Oahspe).
1970 String theory is born
Three particle theorists independently realize that the dual theories developed in 1968 to describe the particle spectrum also describe the quantum mechanics of oscillating strings. This marks the official birth of string theory.
String theory particles (26 seconds into video below):

Page 1 of THE UNIVERSAL CYCLE THEORY NEOMECHANICS OF HIERARCHICALLY INFINITE UNIVERSE (2011) by Stephan J. Puetz and Glenn Borchardt, PH.D. says "Infinity is crucial because it explains the extent and structure of the universe. Based on logic and observation, we assume that matter is infinitely divisible in the microscopic direction and infinitely integrable in the macroscopic direction."

OAHSPE Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter I:35:

...light is polarity of corporeal needles in solution, caused by the lines of vortexya. In experiments on earth, the flash requireth a certain time to polarize these infinitesimal needles, and for convenience sake such lapse of time is called the travel of light. When the flash continueth, as in the case of the sun centre, the master's infinitesimal needles remain poised from the sun centre outward, even to the earth ...

◄ Hebrews 11:3 ► of the Bible: By faith we understand that the universe was created by God's command, so that what is seen has been made from things that are not visible. 


5....As previously stated, corpor being in solution in ethe, hath in the main the shape of needles, but of such infinitesimal size that corporeal knowledge of them can only be, at most, subjective knowledge.

Google in·fin·i·tes·i·mal


noun: infinitesimal; plural noun: infinitesimals

1. an indefinitely small quantity; a value approaching zero.

[Zero-point energy, also called quantum vacuum zero-point energy]

Remove the (open) middle third of it, i.e. get (1/3, 2/3). Now remove the middle thirds of each of
the remaining intervals,i.e. get (1/9, 2/9) and (7/9, 8/9). Continue this process ad infinitum.
The points left over form a fractal called the standard Cantor Set.

Above fractal mathematical Cantor Set line segments [needles]= infinity = infinitely small.

Page 11 of THE UNIVERSAL CYCLE THEORY says Aether ...refers to all forms of matter too small to be easily detected by humans...a subdivision of baryonic matter...we label matter smaller than an electron (undetectable matter) as aether...

Baryonic Matter: Matter the size of electrons and larger [corpor of Oahspe].

Aethereal Matter: Matter smaller than electrons [ethe'ic corporeal needles of Oahspe].

"...(neutrons, protons and electrons), then are these made of some form of still smaller legos [building blocks]? ...the way to tackle this question experimentally: collide these smallest known building blocks together really hard and check if they break apart. This procedure has been tried with ever-larger particle colliders, but electrons still show no sign of being made of anything smaller despite having been smashed at 99.999999999% of the speed of light at the CERN Laboratory outside Geneva." - Page 161 of Our Mathematical Universe (2014) by By Max Tegmark (physics professor at at MIT).

Oahspe Book of Thor, Son of Jehovih: Chapter IV:
13. Jehovih said: ...As the earth is to the air and the ether above, so is an atom of corpor to the ethe'ic solution.

But we can get an estimate of the number of atoms in the earth by first knowing what its mass is. The mass of an object is a measure of how much material the object has. The mass of the earth is 5.98*1027 grams ...
The bottom line is that there are about 1.33*1050 atoms in the world. If you want to write it with all the zeros it would be:
133,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 = x larger the earth is to an atom of corpor.
Ethe'ic needles of corpor are 133,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 x smaller than an atom.
That gives you an idea of how infinitesimal ethe'ic needles of corpor are (infinity on the microscopic scale).
183,600,000 x larger Hydrogen atom to electron
133,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 x larger an atom is to ethe'ic needles of corpor.
133,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 / 183,600,000 = 7.2440087e+41 = x larger electron is to ethe'ic needles of corpor.
724400871459694989106753812636165577342047.9302832244008715 x larger electron is to ethe'ic needles of corpor
724 duodecillion times smaller than an electron are some ethe'ic needles of corpor.

Google 100 duodecillion = 1e+41
Page 13 of THE UNIVERSAL CYCLE THEORY says Field: redefined as a circulation of matter. Rather than being matterless, think of a field as a circulation of aether particles. When a vortex forms, aether particles circulate around the center of the vortex. The circulating aether causes an effect described as a field.

[Field = electromagnetic, gravitational, quantum, etc ...]  

Energy - Force = matter-motion terms. .. energy calculations use mass as the matter and velocity-squared as the motion [E=mc2].

Force calculations multiply mass (matter) by acceleration (motion). [F=ma]. 


In physics, the term phase has two distinct meanings. The first is a property of waves ...
The term phase also refers to states of matter. For example, water can exist in liquid,
solid, and gas phases
. In each phase, the water molecules interact differently, and the
aggregate of many molecules has distinct physical properties. Condensed matter systems
can have interesting and exotic phases, such as superfluid, superconducting, and quantum
critical phases. Quantum fields such as the Higgs field can also exist in different phases.


phase refers to states of matter.
The ethe'ic solution is a different phase of corpor.
Just as steam or vapor is a different phase of water or ice.
Solution-Phase Combinatorial Chemistry:
phases or solutions of water molecules:
density of ice
0.9167 g/cm3
density of water
1 g/cm³
density of steam
Water/Density / density of steam:
1 (((g / cm³) / kg) / m3) =
1000 m-6
On page 135 of Our mathematical Universe by Max Tegmark (physics professor at MIT) 2014:
If a clever fish figured out the physical laws governing water molecules, it could realize that
they have three different solutions, 'phases", corresponding to the liquid water it knows and
also to steam and ice, which it's never seen.

Likewise in Oahspe corpor comes in three different "phases", the ethe'ic solution composed
of etherea and atmospherea
, and corpor composed of corporea.
The ethe'ic solution is a different "phase" of corpor, in a sub-atomic smaller than an electron
phase of matter.

The elementary particles of the Standard Model include:[4]

Composite subatomic particles (such as protons or atomic nuclei) are bound states of two or more elementary particles. For example, a proton is made of two up quarks and one down quark, while the atomic nucleus of helium-4 is composed of two protons and two neutrons. Composite particles include all hadrons, a group composed of baryons (e.g., protons and neutrons) and mesons (e.g., pions and kaons).


From the Book DARKNESS, DAWN AND DESTINY by Augustine Cahill (DRAWN FROM OAHSPE) page 277 says The vortexian-etheric solution theory leads Cosmogony to an even more revolutionary proposition. Matter in its subatomic state in etheric solution (remember the teaspoonful of salt in a clear glass of water) takes an acicular form---in plain language, it is needle-shaped.
Above photographs of the Higgs boson.
Higgs boson discovery: now the real work begins
Scientists at Cern are confident they have found the 'God particle',
Proton-proton collisions as measured by the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (Cern) in its search for the Higgs boson particle. Photograph: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images
 The discovery – or probable discovery – at Cern, the particle physics lab near Geneva, will go down as a triumph of science, engineering and collective hard graft. Now the real work begins.
...physicists want to know whether it is the simplest kind of particle put forward in physicists' theories, or something more unusual – and more exciting.
The Higgs boson appears in a theory first fleshed out in 1964 by Peter Higgs at Edinburgh University and five other physicists. Finding the particle proves there is an energy field that fills the vacuum of the observable universe [ethe or ether]. It plays the crucial role of giving mass to certain subatomic particles that are the building blocks of matter.
The tough job ahead is working out whether the Higgs particle is the simple, singular particle that underpins what physicists call the Standard Model – a set of equations that describe how all the known particles behave – or something more complex.
One possibility is that the particle they have found is one of a larger family of Higgs particles. To find out, they must study in exquisite detail how the particle is made in the LHC and how it disintegrates into other, more familiar particles as soon as it is created.
The aim of subatomic physics is to understand matter and the fundamental forces in the universe and ultimately form a Theory of Everything.
Ultimately, we (scientists) hope to incorporate the fourth force in nature, gravity, into this Standard Model, and the leading candidate theory for a Theory of Everything is String Theory.

A classic Bubble chamber photograph from CERN.

Particle and Subatomic Physics Facilities
Studying nature's tiniest particles, ironically, tends to require the largest experimental facilities found in physics. UBC's experimental particle physicists conduct experiments at several of the largest particle physics facilities in the world: the LHC at CERN; the SLAC B-Factory, Stanford; KEK and J-PARC near Tokyo. At UBC, we have such a facility on campus, TRIUMF, which serves as national infrastructure laboratory for all Canadian particle physics projects.


Bubble chamber photographs provide an insightful introduction to the exotic short -lived particles that emerge from all high energy accelerator experiments

[short-lived particles are sublimated more and lost to sight. OAHSPE BOOK OF COSMOGONY CH 2:11..."they return again into sublimated solutions , and are lost to mortal sight" - Oahspe]

Following its invention in 1953 by Donald Glaser, the bubble chamber provided important tech-nological, sociological and pedagogical legacies, in addition to profoundly influencing the develop-ment of particle physics during the 20 years or more when bubble chambers were the dominant detectors.
...back to the early fifties, to a time when interesting new particles were observed either by Photographic Emulsion or in Cloud Chambers...strange particles...represented truly new phenomena, unexpected and unexplained by theory.

Notice how the above CERN photographs of subatomic particles show spiral (vortex) patterns, and line or string (needle) shapes.

There are two main categories of subatomic particles - fermions and bosons.



 34. ...As the lines of vortexya are in currents from the outer toward the interior, so do the solutions of corpor take the shape of needles
 35....But that which is called light is polarity of corporeal needles in solution, caused by the lines of vortexya.
Chapter IV

5....As previously stated, corpor being in solution in ethe, hath in the main the shape of needles...


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


The above figure shows false-color images of ultracold lithium-atom clouds, produced by physicists at Rice University. Lithium has two stable isotopes, one of which is a boson (lithium-7), the other of which is a fermion (lithium-6). Bosons and fermions are the two fundamental types of quantum particles found in nature.

The Rice researchers trapped the two lithium species together in the same cloud and photographed them one after the other.


As can been seen from the photographs above, Bosons and Fermions are needle shaped. needle-shaped - narrow and long and pointed; as pine leaves http://www.thefreedictionary.com/needle-shaped

Oahspe says these subatomic particles are not only needle-shaped, but they have spin. Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter V:
2. Such is not, however, the juxtaposition, save when they are in a line direct; otherwise the ends of the needles do not bend like joints, but each one turneth more or less on its own axis. If they all turn, an APPARENT wave is produced, expressive of a certain color; if part of them turn, another color is produced. In proportion to this disturbance, so are the APPARENT vibrations slow or fast, as to mortal observation.

What causes the needles of corpor to spin are subatomic primary vortices (see above and Oahspe plate PRIMARY VORTEX).

Needles, lines or strings or corpor is the matter that fills the center pole of a subatomic primary vortex.

If part of them turn (spin) then some of them don't spin (zero spin).

Oahspe says these needle shaped subatomic particles differ in spin, some don't spin (zero spin), sometimes they all spin (multiple times, 1,2,3, spin etc..). Sometimes part of them spin (1/2 spin etc...). The subatomic needle shaped particles express different spin characteristics, from zero spin to 1/2 spin to multiple complete spins 1, 2, 3, etc...

spin [spɪn] 1. to rotate or cause to rotate rapidly, as on an axis. 2. (Physics / General Physics) Physics  a.  the intrinsic angular momentum of an elementary particle or atomic nucleus, as distinguished from any angular momentum resulting from its motion. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/spin

The difference between bosons and fermions is just spin. But in physics, this is a fundamental difference.

Page 448 of THE UNIVERSAL CYCLE THEORY (2011): Fractional spin - The concept of fractional spin has no meaning in a 3D infinite universe. All microcosms that spin do so around a central axis - similar to the way that the Earth rotates.

Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter V:2. ...otherwise the ends of the needles do not bend like joints, but each one turneth more or less on its own axis.

Universal Cycle Theory

Infinite Matter - Progressing from smaller masses to larger ones, every microcosm is part of something larger...all matter is infinitely divisible and integrable. Mega-vortex: a massive spiraling structrue larger than our observable universe. Some cosmologists use the terms pocket-universe or parallel-universe to convey a similar concept. However, mega-vortex better describes the hierarchical nature and spiral motion of this hypothesized structure. Multiverse is an oxymoronic synonym for universe. Some cosmologists use the term multiverse to convery a hierarchical structrue to the universe. - UNIVERSAL CYCLE THEORY (2011).

Below is a picture of the Observable Universe (red) orbiting the Local Mega-Vortex. 

Observable Universe orbiting Local Mega Vortex u
image url upload

Above middle image of Plate 46.- DISSECTION OF THE GREAT SERPENT (SOLAR VORTEX) of Oahspe shows the same type of spiral orbit vortex pattern seen from the smallest to the largest scales (fractals) of the Universe. Top to bottom images; CERN Bubble Chamber photograph of subatomic particles, solar system drawing in Oahspe, Hubble Space Telescope (HST) image of NGC 4622 Spiral Galaxy. OAHSPE BOOK OF COSOGONY CH. III:12 says "vortexya, in fact, is no substance or thing as such; but is the vortex in axial and ORBITIC MOTION, or in other words, CORPOR IN AN ETHEIC SOLUTION."

The First Image Ever of a Hydrogen Atom's Orbital Structure.


OAHSPE BOOK OF COSMOGONY IX:1 says "The same force, vortexya, pervadeth the entire universe but different, according to volume, velocity and CONFIGURATION." Oahspe made this statement and plate 46 drawing decades before subatomic particles and spiral galaxies were known by man of earth.


Above image FIG. 7-22 of page 252 of THE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE by Krauskopf and Beiser show the 4 fundamental forces (strong nuclear, weak nuclear, electromagnetic, and gravitational) that form the characterstic structures of the universe from the smallest to the largest scale. One of the goals (the "holy grail") of physics is a single theoretical statement and equations that unites all 4 fundamental forces of the universe into one fundamental force of the universe (the Grand Unified theoretical force, statement, and equations). In Oahspe this Grand Unified force is called Vortex'ya. This force, vortexya, pervadeth the entire universe but different, according to volume (size), velocity (speed) and CONFIGURATION (structure) from the smallest scale (subatomic particles) to the largest scales (galaxies) i.e. fractal.
String theory is a physical model whose fundamental building blocks are one-dimensional extended objects (strings) rather than the zero-dimensional points that were the basis of most earlier physics...Interest in string theory is driven largely by the hope that it will prove to be a theory of everything. It is one viable solution for quantum gravity, and in addition to gravity it can naturally describe interactions similar to electromagnetism and the other forces of nature. Superstring theories also include fermions, the building blocks of matter.
2 wave octave of physics and creation:
- 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 = -10
+ 4 + 3 + 2 + 1 = +10 (1 = unification, 0 = creator) + 4 - 4 = 0, or + 10 - 10 = 0.
Equal positive and negative vortex'ya void each other out (the pendulum of creation).
0 = balance, stillness, unchanging, undivided, Creator, the Cause, the Power.


Above drawing of Vortex Unified Field Theory of Oahspe, showing atomic mass (matter), strings, e=mc2, m=E/c2, radiation, gravitation, electromagnetism, strong and weak nuclear forces all unified in a vortex etheic rotary motion. See Miscellaneous and Miscellaneous 2 chapters/pages of this website.
Zpe zero point energy (Unified Field).
Thread in the ' Discussion The dialogue table of Table ' by ZOLDAR_XXX , dated June 8, 2016 .

First, what Haya unified field theory simply 
[Haya (African people).
The Haya are an ethnic and linguistic group based in the Bukoba District, Muleba District and Karagwe District of Kagera Region in northwestern Tanzania, East Africa. In 1991 the Haya population was estimated to number 1,200,000.[1] They speak the Haya language.
Archaeologist Peter Schmidt discovered through a literalist combination of archaeology and oral tradition that the Haya had been forging steel for around 2000 years.
This discovery was made accidentally while Schmidt was learning about the history of the Haya via their oral tradition. He was led to a tree which was said to rest on the spot of an ancestral furnace used to forge steel. A group of elders were later tasked with the challenge of recreating the forges.
At this time they were the only ones to remember the practice, which had fallen into disuse due in part to the abundance of steel flowing into the country from foreign sources. In spite of the lack of practice the elders were able to create a furnace using mud and grass which when burned provided the carbon needed to transform the iron into steel. Later investigation of the land yielded 13 other furnaces similar in design to the re-creation set up by the elders. This process is very similar to open hearth furnace steelmaking.
These furnaces were carbon-dated and were found to be as old as 2000 years. Steel of similar quality did not appear in Europe until several centuries later.[5]

5. "Africa's Ancient Steelmakers" (html). Time magazine. 1978-09-25. Retrieved 2007-09-21.
The theory has been interpreted by the name 

The theory says simply: that the whole existence of all four major cosmic forces were one unit one thing before
he creates the universe and the universe emerged after Ncih four major cosmic force of the first one of which is 
made up of all the assets and Haya 


Strong nuclear 2.alqoh (strength of the strong interaction) 

Weak nuclear 3.alqoh (the weak force) interaction 



A quick note: Link this force of nature four elements that occur Filavsvh by the Greeks and others 

1.turab 2.me 3.hoa 4.nar 

First you have to know that the universe is moving geometrically all assets of the biggest of the smallest part
and the whole 

This movement is called the b (rotational motion or rotational energy Vortex Energy) 

Some are asked Lama has called rotational Card reason the following equation (E = M * C ^ 2 ) 

Energy = mass X speed of light square 

And Bouktsar This theory says that energy - intensive material and energy light material, liquid and that
energy and matter are two sides of thesame coin 

Complete topic Let 's call this movement the movement or the movement of creation of the universe 

There are scientists in this field Ahtamo remind them German scientist (Victor Cherbrger) [Viktor Schauberger]



Note: The image appears in the middle of the hoop rotation in which the Supreme luminous ball which mediates 
the vortex attic and assholes this luminous ball Haya zero sum full equilibrium full or absolute (ZPE energy zero point) 

If when the universe emerged from the absolute full (ZPE) start in motion a whirling Here pluralism and began popping polar 

There were four cosmic force moved in Durrani also became our tidal sense 

Two forces are moving out and moving to within two forces 

1.gazbah strong nuclear force and moving to within 

2.alkahromagnatisah weak nuclear force and moving abroad 


Please carefully then be in the upper well 

Note the first spiral gravity strong nuclear force and the movement towards the inside or the center accompanied
by a contraction conglomerate attracted an increase in the mass of material 

If gravity Haya assets Mkrz movement and contraction and convergence to some of the m = E / c2 

This is what causes the fabric of spacetime curvature of the bottom so the more the mass of the more increased
its attractiveness 

It's the second gravity Haya energy as we have said previously moving inward 

Since all assets consist of the gravitational energy present everything 

Meaning that the presence of gravity movement inward in Durrani 

-------------------------------------------------- ------------- 

Second electromagnetic vortex are moving outside of the rotational movement and Haya anti-gravity movement
accompanied by low density high energy 

Stretch light Mojuat E = m * c2 Energy 

The electromagnetic energy also Haya 

I do not want stretching and complexity so that the reader does not get tired
-------------------------------------------------- ---- 

There are two possible kinds of things in the universe. The two types are known as "bosons"[force carrier] and "fermions,"[matter] and the dialectic between them describes all physical form. The whole scheme of quantum field theory, for example, is that fermions interact by exchanging bosons.

Oahspe - Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter II:
1. THERE are two known things in the universe: ethe and corpor. The former is the solvent of the latter

TOE = Theory of Everything = ethe, vortexya, and corpor
OAHSPE: Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter VI:9
As previously stated, there are two things, corpor and ethe; the latter is the solvent of corpor. Whirling vortices [fundamental force] of the solution make planets [matter, gravity, elctromagnetism, strong-weak nuclear forces, radiation). And these are the sum and substance of all things manifested in the universe.
ethe'ic = elementary subatomic bosonic field, ethe = force. Corpor = building blocks of matter, Corpor = fermions
Force (ethe) dissolves matter (corpor).

In 1966 Peter Higgs (University of Edinburgh) proposed that the universe was full of a field called a HIGGS FIELD. Disturbances in this field as particles move through it cause objects to have mass. From a a quantum point of view, we can only stir up the field in discrete units. The smallest possible disturbance is due to a HIGGS PARTICLE, or more precisely, a Higgs Boson. The field consists of countless Higgs Bosons that act like a kind of cosmic molasses that fills all of space. As objects move through space they have to 'wade' through these Higgs particles that 'cling' to them, causing a drag that shows up as mass.
To sum up, Higgs Particles are believed to be responsible for mass of objects in the universe.

"Higgs Boson...field...a kind of cosmic molasses that fills all of space"
OAHSPE BOOK OF COSMOGONY IX:1 says "The same force, vortexya, pervadeth the entire universe

The Higgs Boson field has been compared to a cosmic molasses. Molasses is often described as a "molasses solution" this is analogous to the "ethe'ic solution" of Oahspe.

The Higgs Bosons field = ethe or the ethe'ic solution. Higgs Boson particle = ethe'ic particles = corpor in an ethe'ic solution = God Particle = Vortex'ya = God force

"Higgs Particles are believed to be responsible for mass of objects in the universe."
Oahspe - Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter I:
30. What is called corporeal substance [fermions, matter], which has length, breadth and thickness [mass of objects], remaineth so by no power of its own, but by vortexya [ethe'ic force - Higgs Boson field] external thereto.

Einstein and the Ether Paperback – December 1, 2000
This book really surprised me because it demonstrates conclusively that the general view that Einstein dispelled the ether in his 1905 paper and never looked back is totally wrong. Einstein actually became a strong advocate of the "new ether" concept from about 1916 onwards, recognizing that space itself has physical qualities that are the basis for acceleration and other undeniable aspects of our world. This new ether was for Einstein still relativistic but it opens up a powerful philosophical and physical path of inquiry when we acknowledge that there is a structure and a depth to space itself. We are only now, a hundred years after Einstein's initial work, starting to really delve into these qualities. The Higgs field itself is very likely part of this new physics, but the connections have not yet been made in this regard in mainstream physics - yet.

A way to test the theory
One way of interpreting the quantum correction term in their equation is that it is related to the density of dark matter, Das said.
If so, the universe could be filled with a superfluid made of hypothetical particles, such as the gravity-carrying particles known as gravitons, or ultra-cold, ghostlike particles known as axions, Das said.
"the universe could be filled with a superfluid" = sounds like ethe'ic solution of Oahspe.

Etheic waves and vibrations:
38. When Tae pursued su'is, which is the reading of unseen impressions, he was also developed in ethe, which is the overtaking of the vibrations of things long past. For as one may cast a stone in a lake, and it waves the water, and the air above it, so also do all things vibrate to the uttermost places.
In a double slit experiment the particle travels a well defined path which takes it through one slit. The associated ether wave passes through both. As the ether wave exits the slits it creates wave interference. As the particle exits a single slit the direction it travels is altered by the wave interference.

Thomas Young's Double Slit Experiment

Turning our attention to light, if we imagine Ether to represent still water and photons to represent water molecules, we can easily explain the interference pattern observed in the double slit experiment done with photons. When a photon gets fired, it initiates a wave in the Ether medium just like how a water molecule fired inside the water medium initiates a water wave. And just like the water wave, the Ether wave (in other words electromagnetic wave) travels in all directions and parts of it pass through the slits in the first screen to emerge as daughter waves on the other side. These wavelets interfere with each other and produce the interference pattern on the ‘photosensitive screen’ just like how the water wavelets produced interference on the ‘hydrosensitive screen’. In fact, double slit experiment can be argued as proof of existence of Ether.
electromagnetic waves
are nothing but waves in the Ether medium and the particles which make up Ether are nothing but photons. In addition to providing a logical explanation for the double slit experiment, the concept of Ether explains two ‘mysterious’ things in Nature.
1) Inertia and mass: Existence of Ether explains why there is something called inertia and thus explains mass. Ether is probably what represents the Higg’s field and photons the so called God’s particles. The funny thing here is that scientists have disproved Ether only to reintroduce it with a different name and flavour.
2) Gravity: Just like how a spinning body inside a pond spins the water around it and drags nearby smaller bodies towards it, spinning Ether around the spinning celestial bodies explains the phenomenon of gravity and gravitational waves. And things like star light bending and observations on pulsars can be explained by the same
While the scientific crowd readily embraced the concept that space is curved around gravitational bodies, it is pity that they couldn’t think why not the Ether, a constituent of the same space, gets affected similarly by gravity.
Imagine a pond of still water representing the Ether. A ball spinning in this water also spins a layer of the surrounding water with it. As the ball moves from point A to B in the pond, the local agitation at point A gradually settles and the water attains its original ‘resting state’.
Similarly Ether, though in absolute rest elsewhere, can get affected in the vicinity of celestial bodies. So the spinning Earth could spin a ‘layer’ of Ether within its gravitational field. This local agitation of Ether settles to its resting state as the earth moves ‘forwards’.
Oahspe - Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter III:
12. ...vortexya, in fact, is no substance or thing as such; but is the vortex in axial and orbitic motion, or, in other words, corpor in an etheic solution.


Vortex'ya = matter in motion = force and energy.

Vortex'ya = etheic solution in axial and orbitic motion = force = mass x acceleration (F = m x a) = pressure x area = vortex applies pressure over an area and creates mass, density, hardness, etc...

One of the most important equation in physics is F = ma, also known as Newton's second law of mechanics.(motion) 

Vortex'ya = GUT + TOE = Grand Unified Field Theory + Theory Of Everything = V(GUT + TOE) 

Vortex'ya accelerates corpor (particles, needles, strings) in solution (sub-atomic form) in axial and orbitic motion, to produce force (gravity, magnetism, strong and weak nuclear) or energy (light, heat, electricity) = Unified Field = Theory of Everything

Vortex'ya = etheic solution in rotary motion = push force toward center = Gravity 

Vortex'ya = corporeal needles in solution (subatomic particles) in polarized linear position = Light

Vortex'ya = pressurized, stored, dormant energy = matter, mass = released, liberated energy = Heat, Fire

Vortex'ya = Mass (Corpor, Length, Breadth, Thickness) = Energy (axial and orbitic motion) = V = ME

Vortex'ya = mass x accelaration = Force

Vortex'ya = corpor x axial and orbitic motion (speed, acceleration) = Force

E = MC2 = E(Vortex'ya) = MC (mass x velocity squared)

E  = MC2 = E (Vortexya) = MC (corpor x axial and orbitic motion = velocity of prticles) 2 (squared)

C = constant speed of sub-atomic needle polarization or the so-called speed or travel of light

"james these formulas are great I especially like "e=mc2" - From: Susan Martinez Ph.D. April 29, 2013 

"I can say with some certainty that no one (before you) made those equations." - From: Susan Martinez Ph.D. May 01, 2013 

E = mc2 Importance: Probably the most famous equation in history. Completely changed our view of matter and reality.

Vortices contain substantial energy in the circular motion of the fluid. In an ideal fluid this energy can never be dissipated and the vortex would persist forever. However, real fluids exhibit viscosity and this dissipates energy very slowly from the core of the vortex. It is only through dissipation of a vortex due to viscosity that a vortex line can end in the fluid, rather than at the boundary of the fluid.

The ether'ic solution is an ideal fluid with the least or near zero viscosity (the most subtle and most rarefied) who's energy can last billions of years (ethe has 100 or 99 % motion of it's own, corpor has zero).

Vortex'ya = Rotary Force = Spin, Spirals, Curves = Curved, warped space-time = Einstein's General Theory of Relativity

Vortexian lens = Gravitational lensing = bending of light = curving of corporeal needles in solution = magnifying power 

Vortex'ya = corpor in etheic solution (subatomic particle) in orbitic motion = Electron 

Vortex'ya = corpor in etheic solution (subatomic particle) in extreme center = no force = Neutral = Neutron 

Vortex'ya = corpor in etheic solution (subatomic particle) in center with force = Proton

Vortex'ya = corpor in axial and orbitic motion = electrons, moons, planets, solar systems, galaxies.

V = Vortex'ya, C = Corpor (matter, mass), A = Axial (spin) Motion, O = Orbitic Motion. V=CxA+O = E=mc2 = F=ma = E=hv

Vortexya = Ethe (Bosons) and Corpor (Fermions), Vortexya = Vortexian Currents = Lines of needles = Strings = String Theory

Vortex'ya = Space-Time, etheic solution = Space, in axial and orbitic motion  = Time. Corpor (Length, Breadth, Thickness, Dimensions)= Space. Motion (Axial, Orbitic, Linear) = Time.

Vortex'ya = Quantum Physics = V=(QP)

Vortex'ya = Creator and Creation = ALL = Everything = Unified Whole. Vortexya (Force) = Ethe'ic solution in rotary motion creates matter = Creator. Corpor = matter, creation. Vortex'ya = Ethe'ic Solution = Inseparability = A homogeneous (One) mixture of two or more substances = Of two apparent entities but One = Quantum Entanglement = EPR Effect = Unified Whole 

V(Vortex'ya) = ES(Ethe'ic Solution) = QE(Quantum Entanglement) = EPR(Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen)Effect = V(ES) =QE(EPR Effect) 

Vortex'ya = corpor in etheic solution (subatomic particles) in axial motion (spin) = Waves, Frequencies, Colors  

Definition: The de Broglie equation is an equation used to describe the wave properties of matter, specifically, the wave nature of the electron:

λ = h/mv,

where λ is wavelength, h is Planck's constant, m is the mass of a particle, moving at a velocity v.

de Broglie suggested that particles can exhibit properties of waves.



The deBroglie Equation: Relating a Particle's Energy to its Wavelength

Equation Number One: KE = (1/2) mv2

There are three symbols in this equation:

a) KE stands for kinetic energy 

b) m stands for mass 

c) v stands for velocity

Kinetic Energy = mass x velocity = Newton's Force = mass x acceleration = Einstein's Energy = mc2

Vortex'ya = corpor in etheic solution (mass) X axial and orbitic speed (velocity)

Here's a key point from physics: mv is a particle's momentum. The standard symbol for momentum is p:

2Em = p2

p = √(2Em)

Now comes the second equation. It is one of two related equations called the de Broglie equations. You can read more about de Broglie's work here. He received the 1929 Nobel Prize in Physics for this work. (I will discuss the second de Broglie equation below the following example problems.)

Equation Number Two: λ = h/p

There are three symbols in this equation:

a) λ stands for the wavelength of the particle 

b) h stands for Planck's Constant 

c) p stands for the momentum of the particle

wavelength of the particle (λ) = Planck's Constant (h) divided by mass x velocity (p) = 2 = 8/(2x2)4 = 2

Wavelength of coporeal needles in solution (sub-atomic particle) = rotation (spin) on axis. The slower the spin = longer wavelength = lower frequency. The faster the rotation (spin) = the shorter the wavelength = the higher the frequency (more cycles per second or hertz). Wavelength and frequency = spin rate of subatomic particle.

Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter V:
2. ...the ends of the needles do not bend like joints, but each one turneth more or less on its own axis. If they all turn, an APPARENT wave is produced, expressive of a certain color; if part of them turn, another color is produced. In proportion to this disturbance, so are the APPARENT vibrations [frequencies] slow or fast [low or high], as to mortal observation [measurement].

Planck's Constant = subatomic-scale constant (one of the smallest constants used in physics)
Why is the equation λ = h/ mv only for subatomic particles and not for macroscopic particles?
λ = h/ mv = wavelength = planck's constant / mass x velocity
h = Planck's  constant, which is dealing with the smallest units on the subatomic scale. The smallest units of the subatomic scale in Oahspe = needles of corpor in solution. λ = wavelength. The spin or rotation of the needles of corpor in solution is what creates electromagnetic waves. The wavelength is caused by how fast or slow (frequency or hz) the subatomic needles spin or rotate, faster spin = higher frequency = shorter wavelength, slower spin = lower frequecy, and longer wavelength.
mv = mass x velocity = the mass of the vortex and its velocity
h/mv = the subatomic needles are compressed by the vortexian currents which have mass and velocity.
The more mass x velocity of the vortexian current = more compression of the subatomic needles = faster spin, shorter wavelength.
h/mv = the subatomic particles are divided and compressed by the mass and velocity of the vortexian current that produces faster or slower spin rate (frequency) and shorter or longer wavelength (λ).
Electromagnetic wavelength is produced on the subatomic scale (needles rotating or spinning) and do not apply on the macroscopic scale (larger than an atom).
wavelength of the particle (λ) = Planck's Constant (h) divided by mass x velocity (p) = 2 = 8/(2x2)4 = 2
The wavelength of the particle (λ) decreases with the increase of the momentum (p) of the vortexian current
Equation: λ = h/p = 2 = 8/(2x2)4 = 2, wavelenth = 2
Increase momentum (mass x velocity) = increased presure or compression = shorter wavelegth
Increase velocity:
λ = h/p = 8/2x4 = 1, wavelength = 1, increased velocity of vortexian current = shorter wavelength
Increase mass:
λ = h/p = 8/4x2 = 1, wavelength = 1, increased mass of vortexian current = shorter wavelength
h/p or m/v = mass x acceleration = force, more mass and more acceleration (velocity) = more force = faster spin, shorter wavelength
Increase mass and velocity:
λ = h/p = 8/4x4 = 0.5, wavelength = 0.5, increased momentum (mass x velocity) of vortexian current = shorter wavelength
Definition: The de Broglie equation is an equation used to describe the wave properties of matter, specifically, the wave nature of the electron:
λ = h/mv,
where λ is wavelength, h is Planck's constant, m is the mass of a particle, moving at a velocity v.
de Broglie suggested that particles can exhibit properties of waves.
Frequency is the number of wave cycles or revolutions per second (Hz).
Frequency Formula:
If we consider any wave in terms of velocity and wavelength, the Frequency Formula is given by:
f = v/λ
Where f is the frequency of the wave,
V is the wave velocity or wave speed,
λ  is the wavelength of the wave.
?x? = mass x velocity
If λ = h/p = 8/4x4 = 0.5 (wavelength), then f = v/λ = 4/0.5 = 8 (Frequency)

= Ultraviolet
If λ = h/p = 8/4x2 = 1 (wavelength), then f = v/λ = 2/1 = 2 (frequency)

= green
If λ = h/p = 8/2x2 = 2 (wavelength), then f = v/λ = 2/2 = 1 (frequency)

= red
Color(Wavelength nm),(Frequency THz)
red 780 - 622, 384 - 482
orange 622 - 597, 482 - 503
yellow 597 - 577, 503 - 520
green  577 - 492  520 - 610
blue 492 - 455, 610 - 659
violet 455 - 390, 659 - 769
666 THz = Violet = color of the Beast
Thz = terahertz (THz) = vibrational frequency
White light is a mixture of the colors of the visible spectra. 
1 terahertz = 1,000,000,000,000 hertz = 1 trillion cycles per second
An object (mass) would have to extremly small (sub-atomic, microscopic) to rotate 400 trillion times per second to produce the color red, and 666 trillion times per second to produce the color purple (violet).
This is why the equation λ = h/ mv is only for subatomic and microscoptic particles and not for macroscopic objects.
Wavelengths will also be very short at this small (microscopic) scale.
Larger objects take much longer for wave cycles or revolutions.
In physics, terahertz radiation, also called submillimeter radiation, terahertz waves, terahertz light.
Terahertz radiation begins at a wavelength of one millimeter and proceeds into shorter wavelengths.
Millimeter mm = one thousandth of a meter (0.039 in.).
The equation λ = h/ mv is only for subatomic particles and not for macroscopic objects because of the number of cycles per second (400-800 trillion) are so high and the length of waves (0.039 in > less than 400ths of an inch) are so short.
Large objects (macrocscopic) produce large (macroscopic) wavelengths.
small objects (microscopic) produce small (microscopic) waves.
The waves are actually longer than the particles that produced them.

The fastest spinning star ever discovered rotates 100 times faster than our Sun does. They found that the giant star is about 25 times more massive than the sun.
At the equator the solar rotation period is 24.47 days, once in 25 days.
If the fastest spinning star ever discovered was the same size as the sun it would only rotate once every 6 hours.
Jupiter is the fastest spinning planet in our solar system rotating on average once in just under 10 hours.
The fastest spinning stars and planets spin nowhere near the 400 trillion times per second of the electromagnetic spectrum.
So the equation λ = h/ mv is only for (microscopic) particles that spin 400-800 trillion cycles per second.
If the fastest spinning planet (macroscopic) has a cycle of 1 rotation in 10 hours and is 86,881 miles in diameter, how small would
an object be that has a cycle of 576 trillion rotations in a second (576 terahertz).
Would the object be microscopic and would it be small enough for the electomagnetic spectrum (100-3000 nanometers) ultraviolet-infrared.
43,441 miles (69,911 km) Jupiter, Radius
86,881 miles (139,822 km) Jupiter, Diameter
9hrs 56 minutes Jupiter, Length of day (rotation rate or cycle).
cycles per minute
576 trillion x 60 = 3.45600 x 10(16 zeros) = 34,456,000,000,000,000 = 34 quadrillion = cycles per minute
cycles per hour
34,456,000,000,000,000 x 60 = 2.06736 x 10(18 zeros) = 2,067,360,000,000,000,000 = 2 quintillion
cycles per 10 hours =
2,067,360,000,000,000,000 x 10 = 2.06736 x 10(19 zeros). 20,675,600,000,000,000,000 = 20 quintillion
86,881 miles / 20,675,600,000,000,000,000 = 4.2021096 x 10-15 miles = 2.662452436688657e-10 inches = -25.4 centimeters
-25.4 centimeters = -254 millimeters
2.662452436688657e-10 inches = 6.76263e-9 millimeters
2.6624 inches =  6.7624 centimeters
2.6624 inches x 20,675,600,000,000,000,000 = 868793000000000 miles
86,881 miles / 2.6624 inches = 2.06760072 x 10(9 zeros) = 2,067,600,000
20,675,600,000,000,000,000 / 2,067,600,000 = 9.99980654 x 10(9 zeros)
2.6624 inches / 9,999,806,540 = 6.76262683 x 10 -9 millimeters
That exponent is negative ... what does it mean?
Negative? What could be the opposite of multiplying? Dividing!
Dividing is the inverse (opposite) of Multiplying.
A negative exponent means how many times to divide by the number.
Example: 8-1 = 1 ÷ 8 = 1/8 = 0.125
Or many divides:
Example: 5-3 = 1 ÷ 5 ÷ 5 ÷ 5 = 0.008
So, what about 8-2 ?
Example: 8-2 = 1 ÷ 8 ÷ 8 = 1/82 = 1/64 = 0.015625
2.662452436688657e-10 inches
1 / 2.6624 / 2.6624 / 2.6624 / 2.6624 / 2.6624 / 2.6624 / 2.6624 / 2.6624 / 2.6624 / 2.6624 = 0.00005588135 inches
0.00005588135 inches = 1.41938629 microns
Google micron definition:
noun: micron 1. a unit of length equal to one millionth of a meter, used in many technological and scientific fields.
A unit of length equal to one millionth (10-6) of a meter
2.6624 / 0.00005588135 = 47,643.8024493 x smaller than 2.6624 inches
1 / 0.00005588135 = 17,895.058 x smaller than 1 inch
The best resolution for an optical microscope is about 0.2 microns = 200 nm.
1 micron = 1000 nanometers.
1.41938629 microns = 1419.38629 nanometers
Traditionally, the ranges of each spectrum are ultraviolet light (100-400 nm), visible light (400-750 nm) and infrared (750 nm-1,000 nm).
Electromagnetic radiation, having a wavelength...Infrared (IR) radiation has longer wave lengths than light and it is also classified...into three groups: IR-A (780-1,400 nm), IR-B (1,400-3,000 nm) and IR-C (3,000-1,000,000 nm).
So a microscopic particle the size of 1.4 microns could rotate 576 trillion times in a second if it rotated at the same speed as jupiter if Jupiter was shrunk in size 4 quadrillion times smaller.
So the equation λ = h/ mv would apply to it and it's infrared-B wavelength of 1419 nanometers.
1 plus 6 zeros is 1 million
1 plus 9 zeros is 1 billion
1 plus 12 zeros is 1 trillion
1 plus 15 zeros is 1 quadrillion
1 plus 18 zeros is 1 quintillion
1 plus 21 zeros is 1 sextillion
1 plus 24 zeros is 1 septillion
1 plus 27 zeros is 1 octillion
1 plus 30 zeros is 1 nonillion
1 plus 33 zeros is 1 decillion
1 plus 36 zeros is 1 undecillion
1 plus 39 zeros is 1 duodecillion
1 plus 42 zeros is 1 tredecillion
1 plus 45 zeros is 1 quattuordecillion
1 plus 48 zeros is 1 quindecillion
1 plus 51 zeros is 1 sexdecillion
1 plus 54 zeros is 1 septendecillion
1 plus 57 zeros is 1 octodecillion
1 plus 60 zeros is 1 novemdecillion
1 plus 63 zeros is 1 vigintillion

Astronomers using the National Science Foundation's Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope have discovered the fastest-spinning neutron star ever found, a 20-mile-diameter superdense pulsar whirling faster than the blades of a kitchen blender.
The newly-discovered pulsar is spinning 716 times per second, or at 716 Hertz (Hz), readily beating the previous record of 642 Hz from a pulsar discovered in 1982. For reference, the fastest speeds of common kitchen blenders are 250-500 Hz.
86,881 miles / 20 miles = 4344.05
716 x 60 = 42,960 per minute
42960 x 60 = 2,577,600 per hour
2577600 x 10 = 25,776,000 per 10 hours
2.662452436688657e-10 inches
1 / 2.6624 / 2.6624 / 2.6624 / 2.6624 / 2.6624 / 2.6624 / 2.6624 / 2.6624 / 2.6624 / 2.6624 = 0.00005588135 inches
0.00005588135 inches = 1.41938629 microns
1.41938629 microns = 1419.38629 nanometers
1.41938629 microns x 4344.05 = 6165.88501 microns
1.41938629 microns / 6165.88501 = 0.000230199929 microns = 0.230199929 nanometers
Gamma rays have the shortest wavelengths, < 0.01 nanometers (about the size of an atomic nucleus). This is the highest frequency and most energetic region of the electromagnetic spectrum.
X-rays range in wavelength from 0.01 – 10 nm (about the size of an atom).

A 4th octave chemical element is Iron (see Periodic Tabel of Chemical elements and Electromagnetic Spectrum on Miscellaneous chapter 1/2 way down).
Iron has a BCC crystal structure, an atomic radius of 0.124 nm
Fe 126 x 10^-12 m 1 nm = 10^-9 m so radius is 0.126 nm = the atomic radius of Fe (iron) in nm
0.1258 nm (radius) x 2 = 0.2516 nm (diameter of Iron Fe atom)
If the fastest spinning pulsar (macrocosmic) was shrunk down to the size of of 0.2301 nanometers
it would spin at the rate of 576 trillion cycles per second and would be smaller than an Iron atom.
So the equation λ = h/ mv does apply to subatomic (smaller than an atom) particles.
Only a micrscopic particle could spin 576 trillion times in one second and produce waves less than 10 nanometers in size.
Google nan·o·me·ter definition:
1. one billionth of a meter.
Vortexian currents cause the sub-atomic needles to spin faster or slower by the increase or decrease in force or pressure of the etheic vortexian current. Velocity of current = force = denisty = pressure = spin rate = waves and frequency  = elctromagnetic spectrum = colors. The greater the velocity of the vortexian currents = faster spin of subatomic needles = higher frequency = shorter wavelength = green, blue, violet colors = higher density of chemical elements  = higher atomic mass =  iron, tungsten, plutonium. The slower the velocity of the vortexian currents = slower spin of subatomic needles = lower frequency = longer wavelength =  red, orange, yellow colors = lower density of chemical elements = lower atomic mass = hydrogen, lithium, calcium. Velocity of vortexian currents and the pressure applied by the votexian currents on the sub-atomic needle-shaped particles is what produces the electromagnetic spectrum of colors and the different chemical elements of the periodic table.

The second de Broglie equation is this: ν = E/h

There are three symbols in this equation:

a) ν stands for frequency (sometimes ν is replaced by f) 

b) E stands for kinetic energy 

c) h stands for Planck's Constant

Frequency = Kinetic Energy divided by Planck's Constant 

The de Broglie equation   f =E/h = Frequency = Energy/Planck's Constant = 4 = 8/2 = 4

Frequency of corporeal needles in solution = Energy divided by Planck's Constant (size or mass of sub-atomic corporeal needles)

Planck's Constant = subatomic-scale constant (one of the smallest constants used in physics)

The Planck constant is related to the quantization of light and matter. Therefore, the Planck constant can be seen as a subatomic-scale constant. In a unit system adapted to subatomic scales, the electronvolt is the appropriate unit of energy and the Petahertz the appropriate unit of frequency. Atomic unit systems are based (in part) on the Planck's constant.

The numerical value of the Planck constant depends entirely on the system of units used to measure it. When it is expressed in SI units, it is one of the smallest constants used in physics.


The Planck constant was first described as the proportionality constant between the energy (E) of a photon and the frequency (ν) of its associated electromagnetic wave. This relation between the energy and frequency is called the Planck relation:

E = hv = (Energy = Plancks's constant x frequency) = (E = MC2) = (Energy = Mass x Speed of light2) = (Force = Mass x Acceleration) = (F=MA)

The other famous equation of physics, perhaps the second most famous equation is E = hv. This equation is central to the theory of quantum physics, because it defines the quantum of energy that all material things are built upon. It is the fundamental equation of the universe of matter.

Vortex'ya = V 

Axial (spin) and orbitic motion (velocity, speed) = Frequency(v) 

Vortex'ya (Energy, Force) = (corpor in ethe'ic solution x axial and orbitic velocity) = E = hv = V=MC2 = V=MA

Above planck's constant = smallest, mass, corpor, in-solution, subatomic, length-breadth-thickness

Webster's II New College Dictionary: Wave number = F(frequency)/V(velocity of propagation) = WN = F/V

Speed = Wavelength • Frequency
The above equation is known as the wave equation.

There is a relationship between speed (velocity) and frequency (cycles). The speed of an axial or orbitic (circuit) motion = speed or velocity.
Because of the vortexian spiral, light (polarization of needles) travels (bends) in a spiral or curve, not a straight line, but a straight curve.
rate of spin, rate of orbit, speed of arc (curved) motion = speed or velocity. How often something occurs (frequency/cycles) = speed or velocity.
E = hv is equal to E =mc2 and F=ma where circular speed and acceleration is equal to frequency.

In physics, angular frequency ω (also referred to by the terms angular speed, radial frequency, circular frequency, orbital frequency, radian frequency, and pulsatance) is a scalar measure of rotation rate. Angular frequency (or angular speed) is the magnitude of the vector quantity angular velocity. The term angular frequency vector  is sometimes used as a synonym for the vector quantity angular velocity.[1]
One revolution is equal to 2π radians

Angular frequency ω (in radians per second), is larger than frequency ν (in cycles per second, also called Hz),
by a factor of 2π. This figure uses the symbol ν, rather than f to denote frequency.

Since the frequency v, wavelength λ, and speed of light c are related by λν = c, the Planck relation for a photon can also be expressed as

E = hc/λ = Energy = Planck's constant x speed of light divided by wavelength or (Energy = Mass x velocity divided by wavelength) = (8 = 4x6 / 3), Vortex'ya = mass x axial and orbital velocity divided by wavelength, (Wavelength = axial (spin) velocity of corporeal needles in solution)

The Planck constant is named after Max Planck, one of the founders of quantum theory, who discovered it in 1900. Classical statistical mechanics requires the existence of h (but does not define its value).[2] Planck discovered that physical action could not take on any indiscriminate value. Instead, the action must be some multiple of a very small quantity (later to be named the "quantum of action" and now called Planck's constant). This inherent granularity is counterintuitive in the everyday world, where it is possible to "make things a little bit hotter" or "move things a little bit faster". This is because the quanta of action are very, very small in comparison to everyday macroscopic human experience. Hence, the granularity of nature appears smooth to us.

Thus, on the macroscopic scale, quantum mechanics and classical physics converge at the classical limit. Nevertheless, it is impossible, as Planck discovered, to explain some phenomena without accepting the fact that action is quantized. In many cases, such as for monochromatic light or for atoms, this quantum of action also implies that only certain energy levels are allowed, and values in-between are forbidden.[3] In 1923, Louis de Broglie generalized the Planck relation by postulating that the Planck constant represents the proportionality between the momentum and the quantum wavelength of not just the photon, but the quantum wavelength of any particle. This was confirmed by experiments soon afterwards.


Mass analyzers separate the ions according to their mass-to-charge ratio. The following two laws govern the dynamics of charged particles in electric and magnetic fields in vacuum:
F = Q(E + v x B) (Lorentz force law);
F = ma (Newton's second law of motion in non-relativistic case, i.e. valid only at ion velocity much lower than the speed of light).
Here F is the force applied to the ion, m is the mass of the ion, a is the acceleration, Q is the ion charge, E is the electric field, and v× B is the vector cross product of the ion velocity and the magnetic field
Equating the above expressions for the force applied to the ion yields:
(m/Q)a = E + v x B.
This differential equation is the classic equation of motion for charged particles. Together with the particle's initial conditions, it completely determines the particle's motion in space and time in terms of m/Q. Thus mass spectrometers could be thought of as "mass-to-charge spectrometers".

Lorentz force = Vortex'ya = Charged corpor(inward or outward pressure x axial + orbitic velocity) = E(FORCE)=m(CHARGED CORPOR) x c(velocity)2

Lorentz force
In physics, particularly electromagnetism, the Lorentz force is the force on a point charge due to electromagnetic fields.
If a particle of charge q moves with velocity v in the presence of an electric field E and a magnetic field B, then it will experience a force
F=q[E+(v x B)]
Variations on this basic formula describe the magnetic force on a current-carrying wire (sometimes called Laplace force), the electromotive force in a wire loop moving through a magnetic field (an aspect of Faraday's law of induction), and the force on a particle which might be traveling near the speed of light (relativistic form of the Lorentz force).
Charged particle
The force F acting on a particle of electric charge q with instantaneous velocity v,
due to an external electric field E and magnetic field B, is given by:[3]
F=q(E + v x B)
Significance of the Lorentz force [edit]
While the modern Maxwell's equations describe how electrically charged particles and currents or moving charged particles give rise to electric and magnetic fields, the Lorentz force law completes that picture by describing the force acting on a moving point charge q in the presence of electromagnetic fields.[3][16] The Lorentz force law describes the effect of E and B upon a point charge, but such electromagnetic forces are not the entire picture. Charged particles are possibly coupled to other forces, notably gravity and nuclear forces. Thus, Maxwell's equations do not stand separate from other physical laws, but are coupled to them via the charge and current densities. The response of a point charge to the Lorentz law is one aspect; the generation of E and B by currents and charges is another.
In real materials the Lorentz force is inadequate to describe the behavior of charged particles, both in principle and as a matter of computation. The charged particles in a material medium both respond to the E and B fields and generate these fields. Complex transport equations must be solved to determine the time and spatial response of charges, for example, the Boltzmann equation or the Fokker–Planck equation or the Navier–Stokes equations. For example, see magnetohydrodynamics, fluid dynamics, electrohydrodynamics, superconductivity, stellar evolution. An entire physical apparatus for dealing with these matters has developed. See for example, Green–Kubo relations and Green's function (many-body theory).

Primary(P) first age Vortex(V) = Negative female(F) M'vortex'ya > Positive male(M) vortex'ya = Chromosome(C) sizes of 23rd(23) pair(2) in humans.

Primary(P) first age vortex(V) = double(D) helix(H) spiral structure = DNA(DNA) shape = Se'mu(S) = Preceeding substance of the living

Vortex'ya = etheic solution in axial and orbitic motion = Space-Time Structure, Pressure, Density, Hardness, Mass, Energy, Strings, Subatomic Particles, Atoms, Nuclear forces, Light, Waves, Vibrations, Frequencies, Colors, Heat, Electricity, Magnetism, Gravity, Molecules, DNA, Comets, Planets, Moons, Stars, Solar Systems, Galaxies, Cosmic structures

The Lamb-Oseen vortex model is an exact solution of the Navier-Stokes equations governing fluid flows and assumes cylindrical symmetry, for which...

Einstein’s  equation: E=mc2

The Law of Energy = Mass x velocity squared takes effect. (where velocity is the tangential velocity of rotation of the vortex at it's outer radius).

E=mc2 = Energy = Mass x velocity squared = Vortex'ya = corpor in ethe'ic solution x rotational velocity squared

Velocity = velocity of rotation of the vortex 

As is already known a vortex is a swirling mass with velocity = swirling energy

E=mc2 = swirling energy (Vortex'ya) = swirling mass (corpor in etheic solution) x velocity 2 (axial and orbitic rotational speed)

The more mass the more energy created by the vortex (E=mc2). The more energy the more power (mass x velocity F=ma) the vortex has to continue the whole all over again (cycles). It then starts the cycle all over again (Cooke, 2002).

The energy E needed to form a vortex at rest is calculated, and the mass MV is found by using the Einstein formula E = MV c2

A moving vortex carries with it some angular and linear momentum (c2, speed, velocity), energy(E), and mass(m) = E=mc2.


Subatomic (corpor in ethe'ic solution) particle size: 

Planck's constant = 6.62606957 × 10-34 m2 kg / s

....electron mass = 9.10938291 × 10-31 kilograms (rest mass)

Google’s built-in calculator function 

6.62606957 × 10-34 = 32.2606957 (Planck's constant)

9.10938291 × 10-31 = 60.0938291 (electron rest mass)

10 x (-34) = -340 (Planck's constant)

10 x (-31) = -310 (electron rest mass) 

Planck's constant < electron rest mass

An electron has a small mass, less than 0.1% the mass of an atom. 100 divided by 0.1 = 1000 times smaller than an atom.

The electron is the lightest particle having a non-zero rest mass. It belongs to the lepton lepton [Gr.,=light (i.e., lightweight)], class of elementary particles that includes the electron and its antiparticle, the muon and its antiparticle, the tau and its antiparticle, and the neutrino and antineutrino associated with each of these particles. 

Lightest electrically charged subatomic particle known. It carries a negative charge (see electric charge), the basic charge of electricity. An electron has a small mass, less than 0.1% the mass of an atom. Under normal circumstances, electrons move about the nucleus of an atom in orbitals that form an electron cloud bound in varying strengths to the positively charged nucleus. Electrons closer to the nucleus are held more tightly. The first subatomic particle discovered, the electron was identified in 1897 by J. J. Thomson.


The electron rest mass (symbol: me) is the mass of a stationary electron. 

It is one of the fundamental constants of physics, and is also very important in chemistry because of its relation to the Avogadro constant. It has a value of about 9.11×10-31 kilograms or about 5.486×10-4 atomic mass units, equivalent to an energy of about 8.19×10-14 joules or about 0.511 megaelectronvolts.[1]


An electron has a mass that is approximately 1/1836 that of the proton.[9] The intrinsic angular momentum (spin) of the electron is a half-integer value in units of h, which means that it is a fermion.


A photon is an elementary particle, the quantum of light and all other forms of electromagnetic radiation, and the force carrier for the electromagnetic force, even when static via virtual photons. The effects of this force are easily observable at both the microscopic and macroscopic level, because the photon has no rest mass; this allows for interactions at long distances. Like all elementary particles, photons are currently best explained by quantum mechanics and exhibit wave–particle duality, exhibiting properties of both waves and particles.

In empty space, the photon moves at c (the speed of light) and its energy and momentum are related by E = pc, where p is the magnitude of the momentum vector p. This derives from the following relativistic relation, with m = 0:[15]

The energy and momentum of a photon depend only on its frequency (?) or inversely, its wavelength (?): where k is the wave vector (where the wave number k = |k| = 2p/?), ? = 2p? is the angular frequency, and h = h/2p is the reduced Planck constant.[16]

Since p points in the direction of the photon's propagation, the magnitude of the momentum is

The photon also carries spin angular momentum that does not depend on its frequency.[17] The magnitude of its spin is  and the component measured along its direction of motion, its helicity, must be ±h. These two possible helicities, called right-handed and left-handed, correspond to the two possible circular polarization states of the photon.[18]

The photon is currently understood to be strictly massless, but this is an experimental question. If the photon is not a strictly massless particle, it would not move at the exact speed of light in vacuum, c. Its speed would be lower and depend on its frequency. Relativity would be unaffected by this; the so-called speed of light, c, would then not be the actual speed at which light moves, but a constant of nature which is the maximum speed that any object could theoretically attain in space-time.[21] Thus, it would still be the speed of space-time ripples (gravitational waves and gravitons), but it would not be the speed of photons.

A massive photon would have other effects as well. Coulomb's law would be modified and the electromagnetic field would have an extra physical degree of freedom. These effects yield more sensitive experimental probes of the photon mass than the frequency dependence of the speed of light. If Coulomb's law is not exactly valid, then that would cause the presence of an electric field inside a hollow conductor when it is subjected to an external electric field. This thus allows one to test Coulomb's law to very high precision.[22] A null result of such an experiment has set a limit of m ? 10-14 eV/c2.[23]

Sharper upper limits have been obtained in experiments designed to detect effects caused by the galactic vector potential. Although the galactic vector potential is very large because the galactic magnetic field exists on very long length scales, only the magnetic field is observable if the photon is massless. In case of a massive photon, the mass term  would affect the galactic plasma. The fact that no such effects are seen implies an upper bound on the photon mass of m < 3×10-27 eV/c2.[24] The galactic vector potential can also be probed directly by measuring the torque exerted on a magnetized ring.[25] Such methods were used to obtain the sharper upper limit of 10-18eV/c2 (the equivalent of 1.07×10-27 atomic mass units) given by the Particle Data Group.[26]

These sharp limits from the non-observation of the effects caused by the galactic vector potential have been shown to be model dependent.[27] If the photon mass is generated via the Higgs mechanism then the upper limit of m?10-14 eV/c2 from the test of Coulomb's law is valid.

Photons inside superconductors do develop a nonzero effective rest mass; as a result, electromagnetic forces become short-range inside superconductors.[28]


Photon = zero rest mass

Electron > Photon

Tornado energy [Vortex energy = Vortex'ya]

Most energy of a tornado is energy of motion: kinetic energy. From physics you may remember that the kinetic energy (KE) is 

KE = 1/2 m v2 [E=mc2] = mass x velocity2 = Corpor x rotational velocity2 (axial and orbitic)

To get the mass, recall that m = r V, where r = density and V = volume.[mass = density X volume] = Vortex (mass and volume) applies pressure (multiplies x) over area to get density

Hurricane energy [Vortex energy]

Every second a hurricane releases as much energy as the explosion of a atomic bomb at Hiroshima. (vortex'ya = atomic energy)

The energy released by a hurricane would, if converted into electricity, power the United States for 3 years.(vortex'ya = electrical power)

The heat energy released by a hurricane in one day can equal the energy released by the fusion of four hundred 20 mega-ton hydrogen bombs. (vortexya = nuclear energy)

Nonrelativistic Quantum Mechanics - A. Z. Capri 

The incoming photon carries energy E=hv and momentum p =(hv)/c in the x-direction, while the electron is initially at rest (energy E=mc2).

Silva and Lochak write (Silva/Lochak 1969): 

As we remember, at the beginning of wave mechanics there was the idea to regard every particle of the mass m as the origin of a periodical phenomenon of the frequency v. In order to express this in a quantitative way: De Broglie linked Einstein's formula E=mc2; with Planck's formula p = h/? and thus received the formula mc2 = hv 

[mc2 = hv, (m=h)mass = Planck constant, (C2 = V) velocity light 2 = frequency, mass x velocity = Plank constant x frequency].

He showed that the frequency of this wave is transformed as well as the mass from one observer to the other, and that therefore the quantum relation mc2 = hv becomes relativistically covariant, if the cyclic frequency in it, which from now on is designated vc , is substituted by the frequency v of that wave.

A photon is an elementary particle, the quantum of light and all other forms of electromagnetic radiation, and the force carrier for the electromagnetic force, even when static via virtual photons. The effects of this force are easily observable at both the microscopic and macroscopic level, because the photon has no rest mass; this allows for interactions at long distances. Like all elementary particles, photons are currently best explained by quantum mechanics and exhibit wave–particle duality, exhibiting properties of both waves and particles.

A photon is an etheic (light) particle, it carries force and acts like a wave (fluid) or particle (corpor).

The energy and momentum of a photon depend only on its frequency (ν) or inversely, its wavelength (λ):
E = hw = hv = hc/λ
P = hk
where k is the wave vector (where the wave number k = |k| = 2π/λ), ω = 2πν is the angular frequency, and ħ = h/2π is the reduced Planck constant.[16]

Vortexya(F) = corporeal needles(m) x acelleration = F=ma

Vortexya(E) = corporeal needles(m) x axial and orbitic velocity(c2) = E = mc2

Vortexya(E) = corporeal needles(m) x axial and orbitic frequency(c2) = E = mc2

Vortexya(E) = corporeal needles(h) x velocity(c) / wavelength(λ) = E = hc/λ

Vortexya(E) = corporeal needles(h) x frequency(v) = E = hv 

Vortexya, the ethe'ic force UNITES Newtonian physics (F=ma), Einstein physics (E=mc2), 

and Quantum physics (E = hc/λ, E = hv).

E=mc2 = Energy = mass x velocity squared

c = the speed of light in a vacuum. An electron travels at speed = 0.997c

Electron = orbital velocity of vortexya = 0.997c

Electron spin speed = > c = faster than light = axial velocity of vortex'ya

In the atom, not only electrons have spin: The atomic nucleus also may have spin. But protons and neutrons are much heavier than electrons (about 1836 times), and the magnetic dipole moment is inversely proportional to the mass. So the nuclear magnetic dipole momentum is much smaller than that of the whole atom. This small magnetic dipole was later measured by Stern, Frisch and Easterman.

When the idea of electron spin was first introduced in 1925, even Wolfgang Pauli had trouble accepting Ralph Kronig's model. The problem was not that a rotating charged particle would have given rise to a magnetic field but that the electron was so small that the equatorial speed of the electron would have to be greater than the speed of light for the magnetic moment to be of the observed strength.


Vortexya = axial and orbitic velocity = c2

Vortexya(E) = corpor in an ethe'ic solution (m) x axial and orbitic velocity (c2) = E=mc2 

"something in space accelerated particles in the radiation belts to more than 99 percent the speed of light...particles in the radiation belts surrounding Earth are accelerated by a local kick of energy" = Vortex'ya = mass x accelaration to the speed of light = E = mc2 = F=ma

Mass = Energy = Light = Electromagnetic radiation
E = mc2 explained:
C = (constant, speed of light)
If a piece of matter is converted to pure energy that equals light or electromagnetic
radiation which is moving at the constant speed of 186,240 miles per second
. All matter is basically motion = ethe'ic solution in rotary motion = vortex'ya.
C2 = (speed of light squared)
The reason you square light is because when something is moving 4 x as fast as something
else it doesn't have 4x the energy but rather 16x the energy - in other words that number
is squared.
Force = mass x acceleration, what acceleration?
The acceleration of gravity, without gravity the mass would exert no force at all.
The acceleration of gravity here on earth = 32 feet per second squared =
32 ft/sec^2 (slower version of E=mc^2) = velocity squared
Uniting E=mc^2(electromagnetic radiation) with F=ma(force, Gravity)
Force of gravity = mass / distance
Elctromagnetic energy = mass x velocity squared
Note that the force of gravity does not depend on the object's shape, density, or what it is made of. GRAVITY DEPENDS ON MASS AND DISTANCE AND NOTHING ELSE!
Energy is force x distance, Force is mass x acceleration. So energy is mass x acceleration
x distance or pounds x 32 ft/sec^2 x ft. This is (mass) x (speed) 2(squared) just like the
right hand side of E=mc^2. The speed of light is 186,240 miles per sec. we want ft/sec so
(186,240) x (5,280 ft/mile) = ? ft/sec now this number must be squared(^2). To get energy
in ft-lb we must divide by the acceleration of gravity (32) to get ?
E = MC 2
We've all seen it but what does it really mean? Atomic reactions create energy by making matter disappear. The amount of matter that disappears to make a lot of energy is amazingly small. In E = MC 2 E is energy, M is mass, and C is the speed of light so (energy) = (mass)x(the speed of light) 2 .
Energy, mass, and speed seem unrelated; how can you calculate with things that are so different?
The word "energy" is defined in physics as a force applied through a distance. The energy it takes to lift a one pound weight one foot upward is one foot-pound (ft-lb) of energy. But this force (measured in pounds) isn't the same as mass (measured in pounds). Force is defined in physics as (mass)x(acceleration). What acceleration? The acceleration of gravity; without gravity the pound(mass) would exert no force at all.
The acceleration of gravity here on Earth is 32 ft/sec 2 . What sort of units are (ft/sec 2 )? Acceleration is the rate of change of speed. A car that accelerates to 60 (miles/hour) in 10 seconds has an average acceleration of 6(miles/hour)/sec. When we measure speed in ft/sec acceleration is (ft/sec)/sec. The rules of algebra say (a/b)/b = a/b 2 so (ft/sec)/sec = ft/sec 2 .
Energy is (force)x(distance). Force is (mass)x(acceleration). So energy is (mass)x(acceleration)x(distance) or (pounds)x(32 ft/sec 2 )x(ft) or (pounds)x(32 ft 2 /sec 2 ). This is (mass)x(speed) 2 just like the right hand side of E = MC 2 .
The speed of light is 186,000 miles/sec. We want ft/sec so (186,000)x(5,280(ft/mile)) = 984,000,000 ft/sec. Now this enormous number must be squared! The result is around 967,000,000,000,000,000. To get energy in ft-lb we must divide by the acceleration of gravity (32) to get 30,000,000,000,000,000.
Electric energy is measured in kilowatt-hours (1000 x watts x hours) or kwh. One kwh will light a 100 watt bulb for 10 hours. One kwh is 2,660,000 ft-lb. Dividing 30,000,000,000,000,000 by 2,660,000 we get one pound mass equal to 11,300,000,000 kwh
Math or numbers used for verification or proof of physics.
Use the lowest multiple numbers greater than 1 because 1 cannot be multiplied (or squared).
Atomic mass = E/c^2 = mass x speed of light^2 = Energy = E = mc^2
2 = 8/2x2(4) = 2
2 = mass x acceleration(2x2) = 8 Energy(mc^2)
----|-Newton's 2nd Law-| / distance = Gravity(force)
8 = Energy / speed of light (2x2) = 2 Mass(E/c^2)
----|-Einstein Special relativity-|= Electromagnetic(radiation)
Unification of E=mc^2 and F=ma, Gravitational force and Electromagnetic energy:
E = mxa^2 = Electromagnetic Energy = mass x velocity^2 / distance = Gravitational force
"I for one added it to favorites, I had never seen the relationship between force and energy, relativistically"
- thescienceforum.com/physics, July 23rd, 2007
The Relationship between E = Mc2 and F = ma
By Joseph A. Rybczyk
An analysis is presented showing the complete relationship between Einstein’s E = Mc2 energy equation and Newton’s F = ma inertial force equation.
the Greek gamma symbol γ for simplicity.  Using the gamma symbol for the relativistic transformation factor
4. Converting to Similar Terms
Before establishing the relationship between energy and inertial force there is one remaining area of confusion to resolve.  Whereas Einstein’s theory of relativity distinguishes between two different kinds of masses, i.e. rest masses mo and Mo and masses m and M that have increased as a result of motion, both, Newtonian physics and millennium relativity physics treat all masses as rest masses, i.e. as being unaffected by motion.  It should be
understood here that in the case of the millennium theory treatment including that which has just been applied to Newton’s second law involving force, the results are not affected by this consideration.  In the millennium theory treatment all of the changes are directly attributed to time dilation which in turn gives the same results as would be obtained in Einstein’s theory.  Thus, for consistency in the combining of the two different theoretical approaches, we can either use the variables mo and Mo for masses, or the variables m and M with the understanding that they all refer to rest masses and not the two different
conditions given in Einstein’s theory.  For simplicity, the latter variables, m and M, will be used with the understanding that mass is unaffected by motion.
5. The e to f Relationships
Now that the meanings of the two different quantities, e and f have been clarified it is a relatively simple matter to determine the relationship of one to the other. Since energy Equation (14) and force Equations (27) and (28) all have rest mass in common we can solve each for that variable and equate the resulting expressions to each other.
6. The E to F Relationships
Repeating the procedure of Section 5 using energy Equation (16) for the total energy of a system rewritten as
we can solve for mass M to obtain
M = E/C^2γ
for use with constant force Equation (29)
Joseph A. Rybczyk physicist, came up with M = E/C^2γ which equals Atomic mass = E/c^2 (derived seperate from)
mass = force / acceleration
Atomic mass = Energy / speed of light^2
Gravity = Vortex diameter(mass) / vortex radius(distance to center)
G = vd / vr = Gravity equation = Vortex gravity equation(excluding velocity)
Force of gravity = mass / distance
Positive force of Vortex'ya = Vortex diameter / Vortex radius
(+)vortex'ya = vd / vr
Vortex gravity equation (including velocity, and pressure(push force)
Centripetal Force
Any motion in a curved path represents accelerated motion, and requires a force directed toward the center of curvature of the path. This force is called the centripetal force which means "center seeking" force. The force has the magnitude
Centripetal force = mass x velocity2 / radius
force of gravity = Vortex diameter x velocity2 / radius
Positive force of vortex'ya = Vortex diameter x velocity2 / radius
(+) vortex'ya = vd x a(acceleration) / r or vd x a^2 / r
Corpor in ethe'ic solution(mass) accelerated toward the center = gravitational force = pressure = positive(+) vortex'ya

Inverse-square law of Vortexya:
Vortexya strength decreases inversely as the square of the distance from the center = gravity, magnetism, electromagnetic field, gravitational field
Vortexya = unified field theory = unification of gravity and electromagnetism
Vortex intensity = I/d2 = (VI = I/d2) = strength decreases inversely as the square of the distance from the center.
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A: E=mc2 can also be read as m=e/c2 and c2=e/m?
B: Yes:
E = mc²
m = E/c²
c² = E/m
and don't forget.... c = v (E/m)
A: Thanks! I had forgotten the square root one!
C: ...this formula could possibly be used to find the initial mass of an explosive after it had detonated, if the energy generated could be calculated from blast patterns and forensic examinations. In other words, if the energy generated in an explosion was calculated, it could be divided by c2 and give the approximate mass of the explosive substance before detonation.
D: Yes, through basic algebra we can replace the letters with numbers as such.
Let E=12, m=3, C=2
12 = (3)*(2)²
3 = 12/2²
2² = 12/3


Above image of sub-atomic needle-shaped quantum particles
Quantum Field Theory = ethereal = ethe'ic solution of corporeal needles
34. ...As the lines of vortexya are in currents from the outer toward the interior, so do the solutions of corpor take the shape of needles
35....But that which is called light is polarity of corporeal needles in solution, caused by the lines of vortexya.
Chapter IV:
5....As previously stated, corpor being in solution in ethe, hath in the main the shape of needles...
Quantum field theory is the language in which all of modern physics is formulated. It represents the marriage of quantum mechanics with special relativity and provides the mathematical framework in which to describe the creation and destruction of hoards of particles as they pop in and out of their ethereal existence and interact.
"pop in and out of their ethereal existence and interact."
OAHSPE BOOK OF COSMOGONY CH 2:11..."they return again into sublimated solutions , and are lost to mortal sight" - Oahspe]


Needle-shaped strings of the magnetic and quantum fields
Magnetic field of a bar magnet. Magnetic lines of force (lines of vortex'ya) cause the needle shaped iron fillings (corpor) to line up in long strings, showing the direction of the magnetic field (vortexian currents).

Oahspe states that the spin of subatomic particles gives rise to electromagnetic waves
Fermions, the particles that constitute ordinary matter, have half-integer spin. ... their spin, and this magnetic moment gives rise to electromagnetic interactions that ... Equation, implying the wave must have multiple components leading to spin.

Spin-½ objects are all fermions (a fact explained by the spin statistics theorem) and satisfy the Pauli exclusion principle. Spin-½ particles can have a permanent magnetic moment along the direction of their spin, and this magnetic moment gives rise to electromagnetic interactions that depend on the spin.

Spin as a consequence of combining quantum theory and special relativity
When physicist Paul Dirac tried to modify the Schrödinger equation so that it was consistent with Einstein's theory of relativity, he found it was only possible by including matrices in the resulting Dirac Equation, implying the wave must have multiple components leading to spin.[5]

In quantum mechanics and particle physics, spin is an intrinsic form of angular momentum carried by elementary particles, composite particles (hadrons), and atomic nuclei.[1][2]

Spin is one of two types of angular momentum in quantum mechanics, the other being orbital angular momentum. Orbital angular momentum is the quantum-mechanical counterpart to the classical notion of angular momentum: it arises when a particle executes a rotating or twisting trajectory (such as when an electron orbits a nucleus).[3][4] The existence of spin angular momentum is inferred from experiments, such as the Stern–Gerlach experiment, in which particles are observed to possess angular momentum that cannot be accounted for by orbital angular momentum alone.[5]
In some ways, spin is like a vector quantity; it has a definite magnitude, and in some approximations as having a direction. All elementary particles of a given kind have the same magnitude of spin angular momentum, which is indicated by assigning the particle a spin quantum number.[2] However, in a technical sense, spins are not strictly vectors, and they are instead described as a related quantity: a spinor. In particular, unlike a Euclidean vector, a spin when rotated by 360 degrees can have its sign reversed.[6]

Oahspe introduced the concept of spin to subatomic particles in 1881, 44 years BEFORE (1925) scientists first proposed it.

Wolfgang Pauli was the first to propose the concept of spin, but he did not name it. In 1925, Ralph Kronig, George Uhlenbeck, and Samuel Goudsmit suggested a physical interpretation of particles spinning around their own axis. The mathematical theory was worked out in depth by Pauli in 1927. When Paul Dirac derived his relativistic quantum mechanics in 1928, electron spin was an essential part of it.

As the name suggests, spin was originally conceived as the rotation of a particle around some axis. This picture is correct so far as spin obeys the same mathematical laws as quantized angular momenta do. On the other hand, spin has some peculiar properties that distinguish it from orbital angular momenta:

Bosons: Elementary particles which are thought of as carrying forces are all bosons with spin-1. They include the photon which carries the electromagnetic force, the gluon (strong force), and the W and Z bosons (weak force). The ability of bosons to occupy the same quantum state is used in the laser, which aligns many photons having the same quantum number (the same direction and frequency), superfluid liquid helium resulting from helium-4 atoms being bosons, and superconductivity where pairs of electrons (which individually are fermions) act as single composite bosons.

"The ability of bosons to occupy the same quantum state is used in the laser, which aligns many photons having the same quantum number (the same direction and frequency)"
Oahspe states Light (electomagnetic force, laser) is polarity (same direction and frequency) of corporeal needles (subatomic particles, bosons) linear in position (same direction with same spin and frequency)

Theoretical and experimental studies have shown that the spin possessed by elementary particles cannot be explained by postulating that they are made up of even smaller particles rotating about a common center of mass (see classical electron radius); as far as can be presently determined, these elementary particles have no inner structure. The spin of an elementary particle is therefore seen as a truly intrinsic physical property, akin to the particle's electric charge and rest mass.

Spin was first discovered in the context of the emission spectrum of alkali metals... Ralph Kronig, one of Landé's assistants, suggested in early 1925 that it was produced by the self-rotation of the electron. When Pauli heard about the idea, he criticized it severely...
Despite his initial objections, Pauli formalized the theory of spin in 1927, using the modern theory of quantum mechanics invented by Schrödinger and Heisenberg. He pioneered the use of Pauli matrices as a representation of the spin operators, and introduced a two-component spinor wave-function.
Pauli's theory of spin was non-relativistic. However, in 1928, Paul Dirac published the Dirac equation, which described the relativistic electron. In the Dirac equation, a four-component spinor (known as a "Dirac spinor") was used for the electron wave-function.

In 1940, Pauli proved the spin-statistics theorem, which states that fermions have half-integer spin and bosons integer spin.
In retrospect, the first direct experimental evidence of the electron spin was the Stern-Gerlach experiment of 1922. However, the correct explanation of this experiment was only given in 1927.[18]

The "first direct experimental evidence of the electron spin was the Stern-Gerlach experiment of 1922", 41 years AFTER OAHSPE stated subatomic particles had spin.

The "spinor wave-function", "a four-component spinor (known as a "Dirac spinor") was used for the electron wave-function." Spin is related to "wave function".
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter V:2..."the ends of the needles [subatomic particle] do not bend like joints, but each one turneth [spin] more or less on its own axis. If they all turn [spin], an APPARENT wave [wave-function] is produced"
A wave function or wavefunction is a probability amplitude in quantum mechanics describing the quantum state of a particle and how it behaves. Typically, its values are complex numbers and, for a single particle, it is a function of space and time. The laws of quantum mechanics (the Schrödinger equation) describe how the wave function evolves over time. The wave function behaves qualitatively like other waves, like water waves or waves on a string, because the Schrödinger equation is mathematically a type of wave equation. This explains the name "wave function", and gives rise to wave–particle duality.
The wave function is central to quantum mechanics, because it is a fundamental postulate of quantum mechanics. It is the source of the mysterious consequences and philosophical difficulties in the interpretations of quantum mechanics—topics that continue to be debated even today.

Each of these three rows is a wavefunction which satisfies the time-dependent Schrödinger equation for a harmonic oscillator. Left: The real part (blue) and imaginary part (red) of the wavefunction. Right: The probability distribution of finding the particle with this wavefunction at a given position. The top two rows are examples of stationary states, which correspond to standing waves. The bottom row an example of a state which is not a stationary state. The right column illustrates why stationary states are called "stationary".

Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter V:
2. Such is not, however, the juxtaposition, save when they are in a line direct; otherwise the ends of the needles do not bend like joints, but each one turneth more or less on its own axis. If they all turn, an APPARENT wave is produced, expressive of a certain color; if part of them turn, another color is produced. In proportion to this disturbance, so are the APPARENT vibrations [waves] slow or fast, as to mortal observation.

The colors of the familiar "rainbow" of visible light correspond to differing wavelengths of the light, here shown on a nanometer scale. The wavelengths get successively larger as one moves from left to right. Optical light runs from about 400 to 700 nanometers.

It's the same way as we move throughout the electromagnetic spectrum. Each range of light we have defined above corresponds to a range of frequencies (or wavelengths) of light vibrations.

In the standard interpretation of quantum mechanics, the wavefunction is the most complete description that can be given to a physical system. Solutions to Schrödinger's equation describe not only molecular, atomic, and subatomic systems, but also macroscopic systems, possibly even the whole universe.[1]


A wave function which satisfies the non-relativistic Schrödinger equation with V=0. In other words, this corresponds to a particle traveling freely through empty space. The real part of the wave function is plotted here 

...the Schrödinger equation...The equation is derived by partially differentiating the standard wave equation and substituting the relation between the momentum of the particle and the wavelength of the wave associated with the particle in De Broglie's hypothesis.

The nonrelativistic Schrödinger equation is a type of partial differential equation called a wave equation. Therefore it is often said particles can exhibit behavior usually attributed to waves. In most modern interpretations the relation is reversed- the quantum state, i.e. wave, is the only genuine physical reality, and under the appropriate conditions it can show features of particle-like behavior.

Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter V:2..."the ends of the needles [subatomic particle] do not bend like joints, but each one turneth [spin] more or less on its own axis. If they all turn [spin], an APPARENT wave [wave-function] is produced"
Hydrogen, as atomic H, is the most abundant chemical element in the universe, making up 75% of normal matter by mass and over 90% by number of atoms... 

Because of its relatively simple atomic structure, consisting only of a proton and an electron, the hydrogen atom, together with the spectrum of light produced from it or absorbed by it, has been central to the development of the theory of atomic structure.[64] 


Oahspe glossary: Ethe: The solvent of corpor; as water is the solvent of salt, so is ethe the solvent of corporeal substance,of which latter, hydrogen is one of the most sublimated.   

inadequate to produce a sensation or a perception. 2. : existing or functioning
below the threshold of consciousness 

Hydrogen is one of the most basic corporeal substances,  having the smallest atomic number (mass) of all the other atoms or 100 + chemical elements. Hydrogen is the foundation atom from which all other atoms and chemical elements are built on or multiplied from.  Hydrogen is atomic number 1 (the smallest atom and the most sublimated) from which all other atoms and chemical elements are created from. hydrogen is composed of one proton, zero neutron and one externally circulating electron.

Vortex'ya = Corpor in etheic solution (subatomic particle) in orbitic motion = Electron 

Vortex'ya = corpor in etheic solution (subatomic particle) in extreme center = no force = Neutral = Neutron

Vortex'ya = corpor in etheic solution (subatomic particle) in center with force = Proton

Vortex'ya = corpor in etheic solution (subatomic particles) in center (holding center together) where the greatest force = Nucleus (strong nuclear force - positive vortex'ya).

Vortex'ya = corpor in etheic solution (subatomic particles) in center (from center radiated outward) where the weakest force = (negative vortex'ya, radiative, decay, weak nuclear force)

2 subatomic forces in center (nucleus, nuclear) = strongest (positive vortexya , compression +), and weakest (negative vortex'ya , radiation, decay -).

Strong and weak nuclear forces of Vortex'ya:
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter I:
16. Whereof it may be said the force of the vortex is toward its own centre [nucleus, strong nuclear force], but turneth [changes] at the centre and escapeth outward [radiation, weak nuclear force] at the north pole.
...although for convenience called positive [male, strong] and negative [female, weak].
+5V-HIGH--------LOW-OV<--Electronic circuit voltage
Positive->->->negative<--DC Electric flow, vortexya
Gravitation---Radiation<-Vortexya flow

The weak interaction is responsible for both the radioactive decay and nuclear fusion of subatomic particles. Most fermions will decay by a weak interaction over time.
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter I:
31. Wherefore it is said, the tendency of corpor is to uncorpor itself [dissolve or decay].
Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy: Chapter IV:
17. Wherever the vortexian current falls, corpor [matter] is more or less damaged or changed in its combinations [radioactive decay].
Vortex'ya is THE FUNDAMENTAL FORCE that is responsible for the Four Fundamental Forces of  gravity, electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force, and the weak nuclear force.
Vortex'ya is also responsible for subatomic particle spin, and waves (Quantum physics).

Vortex'ya UNITES the four fundamental forces and subatomic particles, and chemical elements. Vortex'ya = GRAND UNIFIED THEORUM (GUT) OR THEORY OF EVERYTHING (TOE), from the subatomic scale (microcosm) to the galactic cosmic scale (macrocosm).

On the smallest (sub-atomic) scale vortex'ya manifests as the strong (+ positive) and weak (- negative) nuclear forces of compression and radioactivity, electrons, protons, and neutrons.
On the largest (macrocosim) scale vortex'ya manifests as electromagnetism, gravity, planets, solar-systems, and galaxies.

Vortex'ya = Atomic structure = Hydrogen Atom

OAHSPE Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy: Chapter I:30 "What is called corporeal
substance, which has length, breadth and thickness, remaineth so by no power of its own,
but by vortexya external thereto."
Vortex applies pressure over an area and creates atomic mass, hydrogen atom, atomic
number, chemical elements, etc...
Muliplication (1 x 2, x 3, x 6 etc...) of Vortex'ya force or pressure creates different atoms
(with multiple numbers of electrons, protons, and neutrons), and chemical elements.
Vortexya force (x axial and orbitic velocity) and pressure 1 creates atomic number 1 =
hydrogen atom, 12 x (vortex'ya force and pressure 12) creates atomic mass 12 = carbon
atom. Vortex'ya force and pressure 235 (235 X 1 hydrogen) creates atomic mass 235
= Uranium 235 = atomic bomb elements. The higher the atomic mass number = the higher the
vortexya force (x axial and orbitic speed) and pressure = the more mass, more atomic
weight = more energy = E=mc2 = F=ma = E=hv = pressure x velocity = chemical element.
Vortexya is the creative force of matter (corpor).
If you look at Carbon, for example, the sixth supposed element, you will find that it is made up of six protons, and six externally circulating electrons. This makes carbon ALMOST a compound of six hydrogen elements (Hydrogen has zero neutrons, and Carbon has 6 neutrons that is NOT a multiple of hydrogen). One of the errors of Gabriel Oyibo's GAGUT is that Carbon is 6x compoud of Hydrogen. 
Hydrogen does not have any neutrons, unlike the other chemical elements.
GAGUT and GUVT (Grand Unified Vortex Theorem)
Dr. Oyibo and his Grand Unified Theorem (Gij,j=0) tensor equation.

The GOD Almighty's Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT) which is represented by an absolutely exact mathematical equation Gij,j=0, that can be interpreted as GOD (Gij), in GOD's Material (i) and Space Time (j) Dimensions, does not change, where the comma symbolizes change in tensor notation. Gij could also represent everything in the Universe including the Unified Force Field, all of its components, all particles, both atomic as well as subatomic including all quarks, and leptons and all of their interactions.
Dr. Oyibo says that GAGUT also ,
unified the three known accounts of creation which are the Holy Books which says that the Universe came out of the Word of God, the Science which says that the Universe came out of the Big Bang, and the Ancient Africans who showed that the Universe came out of the roaring water waves of Nun out of which came out the building block called Atum, which was later mispronounced as Atom, and was further mispronounced as Adam. GAGUT unified those three accounts by demonstrating mathematically that the word of God is the Big Bang and sounded like the roaring water waves of Nun.
God (the Father-Creator) = zero, or zero point power, cannot be measured, unchanging, undivided, zero.
God = Power, the Power of the Universe, the Creative Causative Force or Power.
I have unified the accounts of creation which are in the Books of the Bible, and Oahspe:
Genesis 1:2 of the Bible:
"And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep" = no created world, no light, no motion yet.
"and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters." = The Great Spirit moved the ethe'ic solution and created a vortex.
Ethe like water or a gas is a mass of fluid.
<---ethe like water is a solvent that holds 4-dimensional coordinates (matter-space-time) in solution.
The vortex is the Wave or Word of God, the creative force.
Oahspe - Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter II:
2. For comparison, take a lump of table salt (or a sugar cube), which, though white, is impervious to man's vision. Cast it into water, and it is lost to sight (it becomes transparent as it dissolves); though it (salt, sugar) still exists, man's eyesight can see through it.
3. Earth substance, as such, is equally soluble in ethe. And the great etherean firmament is thus constituted; being a dense solution of corpor. Most of etherea is transparent; but in some places it is translucent, and in others, opaque.
OAHSPE Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter III:
"13. As previously stated, ethe holdeth corpor in solution, ...When a portion of this solution is given a rotary motion it is called a vortex. ...As a whirlpool can not exist without water, or a whirlwind exist without air, so can not a vortex exist without the etheic solution. "
In spacetime, a coordinate grid that spans the 3+1 dimensions locates ... so to speak, four dimensions of space—the name of the fourth being Time".
Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter I:
"30. What is called corporeal substance, which has length, breadth and thickness [3 dimensions], remaineth so by no power of its own, but by vortexya external thereto. Exchange the vortexya, and the corpor goeth into dissolution. This power was, by the ancients, called Uz, or the fourth dimension of corpor."
◄ Genesis 1:3 ► of the Bible:
"And God said, Let there be light: and there was light." = vortex motion created light.
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter III:
11. As light, and heat, and magnetism, and electricity, ...are the manifestation of vortexian currents under different conditions,...
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter II:5,6,10,16:
a vortex in etherea, the corporeal solutions are propelled toward the centre thereof in greater density.
light = sufficiently dense to have its corpor polarized, = sufficiently dense to manifest light.
Light = polarity of corporeal needles in solution, lined up, in order, harmony.
34. ...As the lines of vortexya are in currents from the outer toward the interior, so do the solutions of corpor take the shape of needles.
35....But that which is called light is polarity of corporeal needles in solution, caused by the lines of vortexya.

Genesis 1 New International Version (NIV) of the Bible:
14 And God said, “Let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and years, 15 and let them be lights in the vault of the sky to give light on the earth.” And it was so. 16 God made two great lights—the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars. 17 God set them in the vault of the sky to give light on the earth, 18 to govern the day and the night, and to separate light from darkness. And God saw that it was good.
"lights in the vault of the sky " = light regions in the firmament = places of dan = etherean arcs
vault = arch = arcs
vault 1. a roof in the form of an arch or a series of arches,
synonyms: arched roof, dome, arch
Oahspe 3000 year Day & Night Cycles (dawn of dan and a'ji cycles).
Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter 8:
2. Ethe, being the time of light, is named dan .
OAHSPE Book of Saphah - Tablet of Biene 11. I provided for the nations in their darkness, saith Jehovih. For I bring the earth into a light region in the firmament, ...
Oahspe Book of Saphah: Osiris: 58
Jehovih said: The sun I made as the head of a serpent, and his phalanx made I as the body of a serpent; thus made I the great corporeal serpent. To him gave I a circuit to travel in, and I numbered his time a thousand tuos and seven aka and four bi'jus *(Equal to four million seven hundred thousand years), for the sun coil. On the circuit have I placed my A'ji and my Ji'ay in many places, but my Dan'ha have I placed only in one thousand six hundred places [1600 arc cycles].
"two great lights—the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night"
"the greater light to govern the day" = ethe or dan = 99 or 100% light.
"the lesser light to govern the night" = a'ji or semi-darkness = 66 or 1/3 light 2/3 darkness.
The physical universe of Time and Space begins with motion and the creation of a vortex, not with a big-bang
The Big Bang theory is based on redshift, what if scientists interpretation of redshift is wrong?
Redshift of stars and universe expansion, The Big Bang theory:
The Secret of Light - Page 176-177 by Walter Russell:
"The so-called “red shift” in the spectrum proved this to be fact. The fact is true. They do rush away from each other, but the conclusion drawn from that observed fact is not justified by the processes of natural law. The reason for the universal expansion which is now taking place is that the universe as a whole breathes inward and outward just as all things in nature do.
Large-scale breathing cycles of the whole universal body consume untold aeons for the completion of one cycle while man consumes but a few seconds to complete his cycle.
Man of aeons to come will witness the effect of nebulae rushing toward each other at the same speeds for the same number of aeons.
In all Nature there is no effect of motion which is not balanced by an opposite effect."
THE SECRET OF LIGHT by Walter Russell, page 161:
"All motion is wave motion [vortexian]. All waves are expressed by fields of equal and opposite pressures of two-way motion [positive and negative vortex'ya]."
"Cycles are crucial because they explain how all motion in the universe primarily occurs as a result of two types of cycles -- vortices and waves. A vortex causes matter to rotate, which produces circular cycles. Conversely, waves cause matter to compress-and-decompress [Big-Crunch-Big-Bang] in repeated oscillations, which produces linear cycles. According to our theory, these two basic motions explain much, if not most, of what happens in the universe." - Page 1 of The Universal Cycle Theory (2011) by Stephen J. Puentz and Glenn Borchardt, PH.D.
Newton's third law is: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction = RHYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE Walter Russell's Law of the universe.

A vortex causes the ethe'ic solution to aggregate which is called a CREATION or a created world.
The creative wave (word) is the vortex sine wave:
In The Secret of Light Walter Russell stated that, "In the wave lies the secret of creation."
Oahspe Plate 25.--PRIMARY VORTEX (above). The primary vortex, the secret of creation.
The power that maketh planets. (See Book of Cosmogony.) [The power that creates planets and atmospherean worlds]. The beginning of a star (sun) or corporeal world. A comet's tail shows the long cylindrical shape of the first or primary stage of a vortex]. The primary vortex shows the same twisted spiral shape as the sine wave above.
Water vortex simulation of spiral and elliptical galaxies.
1. Let ether [the near zero point flux]*stand as one,..and matter [corpor] as four. To ether give
motion [power] one hundred, or ninety-nine (as the case may be); to matter [corpor] give zero*,
*Zero point flux, flow, dynamic, power to produce motion = 99 or 100 %, corpor no power to produce motion.
All creation is in motion 4,3,2,1= wave, the Creator is still, unchanging =0 .
Spiral-Galaxy-prophetic-numbers-11-33-66-99-cycles.jpgMessier51 sRGB.jpg
Vortex = 99,66,33,11 = 3/3, 2/3, 1/3, 1/9 = 4,3,2,1 = wave, 0 = Central, Creator.
...the way you explain the 99-66-33 with the vortex....incredible - oahspe101, 01/19/2015.
Oahspe Book of Inspiration Chapter I:
1. ...I am Light; I am Central, but Boundless, saith Jehovih.
Notice at the center of the
Whirlpool Galaxy M51 vortex above is a central mass of bright light, same as a central sun (symbol of Creator).
E-O-IH-Circle-Cross-Central-Sun.jpg<---Symbol of Creator, circle, cross, central Sun.
wave, vibration, or pendulum swing motion of creation = 4, still center  of Creator = 0, 
Physics and mathematics of whole numbers:
For motion in Time and Space you need two things, two points, to places. The geometry of Time and Space begins with 2 things, the One Whole dividing itself into parts which = wave, vibration, creation (changing space and time). Newton's Third Law = Equal opposite balanced action and reaction = 2+2 = 4 (pendulum swing or wave). Newton's Third Law = Rhythmic balanced interchange = Walter Russell's Law of the Universe.
0 = nothing, 1 = individual unit, no motion, 2 = motion (move from 1 to 2 in time and space), 4 = repeated motion or wave. 8 = octave or repeated wave.
+4+3+2+1-0-1-2-3-4 = Dual wave octave of matter and energy, external positive vortex'ya to center,  to negative vortex'ya to outward from center.
4 = corpor, 3 = a'ji, 2 = Ji'ay, 1 = ethe, 0 =  Jehovih, the Creator, un-divided, un-created, still center (unchanging).
8/4/2 = 1 = The One Whole Created matterial universe of space and time. 0 = beyond matter, energy, space and time.
The zero (point) of the center and the zero (circle) of Circumference = I am Central, but Boundless, saith Jehovih.
Zero Point Energy.
The Creator said: “For behold, I am in all things, centering them; and I am without all things, controlling them. But I am not those things which I center and control.” - Walter Russell.
in all things, centering them = zero center of circle. without all things, controlling them = zero circumference of a circle.
"I am the center of My universe of Me. Everywhere I am is the center of all things, and I am everywhere." Thus saith the Universal One, Father-Mother of the heavens and earths" - page 16 of THE MESSAGE OF THE DIVINE ILIAD VOL.1 by Walter Russell, 1948.
+4-3-2-1-0-1-2-3-4- = electromagnetism + and - polarity.
positive vortex'ya (4-3-2-1-0) = Gravity and strong nuclear force.
negative vortex'ya (0-1-2-3-4) = Radiation and weak nuclear force.
the weak interaction, the weak force or weak nuclear force ...is responsible for radioactive decay.
emitting or relating to the emission of ionizing radiation or particles.
The Weak Nuclear Force (or Weak Force) is a repelling force that causes some elements, such as uranium,
to spontaneously decay.
a repelling force = negative vortex'ya = negative polarity.
Strong nuclear force = micro level positve vortex'ya, gravity = macro level positive vortex'ya.
"It is hard to believe that a strong force at micro level, like the strong nuclear force, disappears
into thin air at macro level."

Gravity From A New Angle 

"UG Postulate 1: The nuclear strong interaction and gravitation are actually one and the same interaction, viewed on different distance scales (fractal = self-similarity and scaling). Therefore, a single equation can describe both interaction from the sub-nuclear scale to the cosmological scale (fractal mathematics)." [Raviv, 2010] - page 419 of THE UNIVERSAL CYCLE THEORY NEOMECHANICS OF HIERARCHICALLY INFINITE UNIVERSE (2011) by Stephan J. Puetz and Glenn Borchardt, PH.D.


Above Walter Russell 4-3-2-1-0 spiral vortex octave waves + = postive vortex'ya, - = negative vortex'ya.

Unified positive and negative vortex'ya forces:
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy Chapter I:
16. Whereof it may be said the force of the vortex is toward its own centre [4-3-2-1+], but turneth at the centre [0]and escapeth outward [1-2-3-4-] at the north pole.
After which the same power [force] applieth, and is all one power [force], although for convenience called positive and negative.

15. The positive force of the vortex is, therefore, from the external toward the internal; and the negative force of the vortex is toward the poles, and in the ascendant toward the pole external from the sun centre.


If scientists interpretation of redshift is wrong, and scientists interpretation of the COSMIC MICROWAVE BACKGROUND RADIATION (CMBR) is wrong, and the Big Bang theory is largley based on redshift and the CMBR, then perhaps there was no big bang and the Universe has always existed.
The ALL MOTION was His speech (Word).
Oahspe Book of Jehovih: Chapter I:
1. ALL was. ALL is. ALL ever shall be. The ALL spake, and Motion was, and is, and ever shall be;...The ALL MOTION was His speech.
[In the begining was the word (Motion) and the word was with God (the Creator), and the word (Vortex Motion) was God (the Creative Ethe'ic Force) John 1:1 the Bible. http://biblehub.com/john/1-1.htm. The Creator is the unmoving mover, that created all motion (the whole universe is in motion)]
4. By virtue of My presence all things are. By virtue of My presence is life. By virtue of My presence are the living brought forth into life. I am the QUICKENER, the MOVER, the CREATOR, the DESTROYER. I am FIRST and LAST.
Motion is required to do anything. Motion started when God spake. 
A vortex causes particles to aggregate together...the result is called a CREATION.
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter III:
20. They have said there are five elements of corpor; then again sixty; and a hundred...And yet all of them are comprehended in the word corpor...Where they are aggregated together...the result is called a CREATION...
Action or motion has to take place for something to be created, the vortex is the will of the Creator in motion.
Thought or speech is a type of action or motion. A vortex is circular motion, the circle is the symbol of the Creator.
The Creator is the unmoving mover, that created all motion (the whole universe is in motion).
The WORD of GOD (the Father) is Motion, Light is Motion, the Highest Motion is Light. Light is the Word of God. Light is a manifestation of vortexian currents.
◄ 1 John 1:5 ► of the Bible
This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.
E-O-IH, E=mc2 and the order of the cosmos, creation, cause and effect :
1st = All-mighty force or power, potent, potential, energy, (E)
2nd = Harmony, polarization, Light (c2)
3rd = Balanced central creation (m)
1st = Energy (E) potential (ethe)
2nd = Light (c2) or motion (vortex'ya). Genesis 1:3 (Bible), Book of Jehovih 1:1 (Oahspe), BK of Jehovih 3:6.
3rd = Matter (m) solid cubes, polygons, spheres, crystals (corpor)
m=E/c2, matter was created by energy compressing light into matter (E/c2 = m).
Corpor was created by Spirit compressing the ethe'ic solution in motion into matter.
Matter is just different forms of motion (vortex'ya).
E=mc2, m=E/c2:
Page 33 of _A NEW CONCEPT OF THE UNIVERSE_ by Walter Russell ...Energy (E) belongs to the invisible universe. It is extended into the visible universe (m) of motion (c2)....The invisible (E) becomes visible (m) by vortexya (c2).
Mathematics and physics of creation
Positive and negative vortex'ya = m=e/c2 and e=mc2 = 2=8/4=2 and 8=2x2(x2)=8
m = corpor(2), e = ether (8), c2 = vortex'ya (4). Division (/) = compression, multiplication (x) = expansion.
3. Apollo said: To condense and to expand; to expand and to condense, is this all? Who shall fashion a corporeal world by compressing ether?
fashion a corporeal world by compressing ether = m=e/c2 = 2=8/4=2 = division = compression. ether (e) is compressed into corpor (m) by vortex motion (c2) = 8/4=2 = e/c2=m.
Neutron number = mass number minus (-) atomic number. 
Look at the periodic table to find the mass number and atomic number of the elements and using the formula above you can calculate neutrons. 

Hydrogen: 1-1 = 0 neutrons
Carbon: 12-6 = 6 neutrons
Nitrogen: 14-7 = 7 neutrons
Oxygen: 16-8 = 8 neutrons
Potassium: 39-19 = 20 neutrons
Sulfur: 32-16 = 16 neutrons
The Vortexya force (pressure x axial and orbitic velocity) is 12 times that to create carbon than to create hydrogen. 

Name: Hydrogen, Atomic Number: 1, Number of Protons/Electrons: 1,
Atomic Mass: 1.00794 amu  = Vortex'ya force 1

Name: Lithium, Atomic Number: 3, Number of Protons/Electrons: 3,
Atomic Mass: 6.941 amu  = Vortex'ya force 6.94

Name: Carbon, Atomic Number: 6, Number of Protons/Electrons: 6,
Atomic Mass: 12.0107 amu = Vortex'ya force 12.01

Name: Iron, Atomic Number: 26, Number of Protons/Electrons: 26 ,
Atomic Mass: 55.845 amu  = Vortex'ya force 55.84
How many protons electrons neutrons does iron have? in Iron.
There is 30 neutrons. So protons=26, electrons=26, neutrons=30. 
Mass number 56 minus Atomic number 26 = 30
Name: Uranium, Atomic Number: 92, Number of Protons/Electrons: 92,
Atomic Mass: 238.0289 amu = Vortex'ya force 238.02

Name: Plutonium, Atomic Number: 94, Number of Protons/Electrons: 94,
Atomic Mass: (244.0) amu = Vortexya force 244
Instead of the symbol for Hydrogen being H it could change to V1 (Vortex'ya force 1)
and instead of carbon being C it might be time to change it to V12 (Vortex'ya force 12),
because Carbon's atomic mass number is 12 x that of hydrogen. Atomic mass is an accurate indicater of Vortexya force or energy rather than atomic number because mass = energy = E=mc^2 = Vortex'ya.
Uranium would be V235 (Vortex'ya force 235) instead of U.
Because hydrogen is atomic number 1 (vortex'ya force 1), it is the building block for all corporeal chemical elements in the universe. This means that even in studying biology, a study of the cell, for example, you are back to studying physics (vortex'ya force and energy) and chemistry (hydrogen) because cells are but compounds of hydrogen (Vortexya force 1).
It is the vortexian force (pressure and velocity) that holds the atoms together and moves their parts. The difference in vortexian pressure and velocity create different elements of corpor.

Remove the vortexian pressure and velocity and the corpor vanishes into ethe and energy is released in the form of heat and fire. Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy CH. I:
30. What is called corporeal substance, which has length, breadth and thickness, remaineth so by no power of its own, but by vortexya external thereto. Exchange [or remove] the vortexya, and the corpor goeth into dissolution [vanishes into ethe]. This power was, by the ancients, called Uz, or the fourth dimension of corpor. (See Uz, in Saphah.)

All corporeal elements are UNIFIED under Vortexya force (x multiplications of Vortexya force 1) . 
Vortexya = ethe(E) and corpor(C) x axial(A) and 
orbitic(O) velocity(V) = ECxAOV = Grand Unified Theorem of Everything.

"Your equations are groundbreaking. Fifty years from now scientists will be coming up with the same formulas and claiming kudos for their pioneering work! - Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D." - May 05, 2013

adjective: groundbreaking; adjective: ground-breaking
  1. 1.
    breaking new ground; innovative; pioneering.
    synonyms:innovative, fresh, unusual, unprecedented, inventive; More
    advanced, state-of-the-art, pioneering, revolutionary, radical;
    "they applaud this groundbreak"

VGUT = Vortex Grand Unified Theorem = the science of Vortex'ya

Vortexya = ethe(E) and corpor(C) x axial(A) and orbitic(O) velocity(V) = ECxAOV = Grand Unified Theorem that encompasses everything including Psychology, History, Geometry, mathematics etc...

Psychology is the study of the behavior of Man, the behavior of man is ruled by the unseen vortexian currents that bring aji, jiay, nebula, and light (dan) that gives  man his earthly and spiritual desires (behavior). A branch of the science of Vortexya.

History is the study of events. The unseen vortexian currents bring the aji, jiay, nebula, and dan that causes historical events (ORACHNEBUAHGALAH). A branch of the science of Vortexya.

Geometry is the study of mathematics, which is a branch of vortexya (prophetic numbers, 99, 66, 33, 2/3, 1/3, Orachnebuahgalah, arcs, curves, spirals, lines, elliptical, spherical, circles, C'vorkum, orbits, cycles, 11, 22, PI = n). A branch of the science of Vortexya (circles) and vortexian currents (lines). 

The universe is made up of two (2) shapes = curves and lines = circles and diameters. The vortex (circular motion) = circle. The vortexian currents = lines of vortexya = diameter. All these shapes make up geometry and they have mathematical numbers. Geometry and mathematics =  the science of vortex'ya. The ratio or relationship of the line (diameter) to the circle (Circumference) = PI (n) the universal scientific and mathematical constant and transcendental number  = 22/7, 3 and 1/7, or 3.142-->infinity. PI x 7 = 22.

Cycles are crucial because they explain how all motion in the universe primarily occurs as a result of two types of cycles -- vortices and waves. A vortex causes matter to rotate, which produces circular cycles. Conversely, waves cause matter to compress-and-decompress in repeated oscillations, which produces linear cycles. According to our theory, these two basic motions explain much, if not most, of what happens in the universe. - Page 1 of The Universal Cycle Theory (2011) by Stephen J. Puentz and Glenn Borchardt, PH.D (Geology-Geophysics).


Vortexya = Light = Magnetism = electromagnetism
25. A complete planetary vortex is a globe, or nearly so,
and its manifested light like a complete magnet.
35....But that which is called light is polarity of corporeal needles in solution,
caused by the lines of vortexya.
Like Light, Magnetism is a state of polarity of corporeal parts (atoms) caused by the lines
(strings) of Vortexya. The lines of vortexya line up (polarize) the tiny subatomic and atomic
corporeal parts
. See Physics - Magnetism - Gravity page of this website
formula equation = Vortex'ya = polarized (lined up) Iron (metalic) atoms = Magnetism = V=PMA = V(Vortexya)=P(Polarized)M(Metalic)A(Atoms)
Magnetism = Vortex'ya currents flows through (and charges) the Iron and polarizes (magnetize) the atomic particals.
45...If vortexya be charged into a piece of iron or steel, it is called a magnet, because it APPARENTLY draweth its own kind to itself.

Oahspe Book of Jehovih: Chapter II:
5. For the substance of My etherean worlds I created Ethe, the MOST RARIFIED. Out of ethe made I them. And I made ethe the most subtle of all created things, and gave to it power and place, not only by itself, but also power to penetrate and exist within all things, even in the midst of the corporeal worlds. And to ethe gave I dominion over both atmospherea and corpor.

Ethe is the substance of a vacuum.

Ethe the most rarefied (opposite of dense matter)

Ethe or etherea is the high vacuum regions of Interstellar, Intergalactic space and inter-nebula space. The space between the stars, planets, and nebulae is ethe (etherea).

Vacuum is space that is empty of matter...

Physicists often discuss ideal test results that would occur in a perfect vacuum, which they sometimes simply call "vacuum" or free space, and use the term partial vacuum to refer to an actual imperfect vacuum as one might have in a laboratory or in space.
Outer space has very low density and pressure, and is the closest physical approximation of a perfect vacuum. But no vacuum is truly perfect, not even in interstellar space, where there are still a few hydrogen atoms per cubic meter.

Oahspe glossary: Ethe: The solvent of corpor; as water is the solvent of salt, so is ethe the solvent of corporeal substance,of which latter, hydrogen is one of the most sublimated.

Hydrogen is one of the most basic corporeal substances,  having the smallest atomic number (mass) of all the other atoms or 100 + chemical elements.

Outer space provides the most rarefied example of a naturally occurring partial vacuum,

Vacuum quality is subdivided into ranges according to the technology required to achieve it or measure it. These ranges do not have universally agreed definitions, but a typical distribution is as follows:

pressure (Torr) pressure (Pa)
Atmospheric pressure 760 1.013×10+5
Low vacuum 760 to 25 1×10+5 to 3×10+3
Medium vacuum 25 to 1×10−3 3×10+3 to 1×10−1
High vacuum 1×10−3 to 1×10−9 1×10−1 to 1×10−7
Ultra high vacuum 1×10−9 to 1×10−12 1×10−7 to 1×10−10
Extremely high vacuum <1×10−12 <1×10−10
Outer space 1×10−6 to <3×10−17 1×10−4 to <3×10-15
Perfect vacuum 0 0

molecules per cm3
Standard atmosphere, for comparison 2.5×10-19
Earth thermosphere 10-14 to 10-7
Vacuum tube 10-9 to 10-6
Cryopumped MBE chamber 10-7 to 10-5
Pressure on the Moon approximately 4×10-5
Interplanetary space      11
Interstellar space      1
Intergalactic space     −6

Outer space, or simply space, is the void that exists between celestial bodies, including the Earth.[1] It is not completely empty, but consists of a hard vacuum containing a low density of particles: predominantly a plasma of hydrogen and helium, as well as electromagnetic radiation, magnetic fields, and neutrinos
Data indicates that the majority of the mass-energy in the observable Universe is a poorly-understood vacuum energy of space which astronomers label dark energy.[5][6] Intergalactic space takes up most of the volume of the Universe
Outer space is the closest natural approximation to a perfect vacuum. It has effectively no friction, allowing stars, planets and moons to move freely along their ideal orbits. However, even the deep vacuum of intergalactic space is not devoid of matter, as it contains a few hydrogen atoms per cubic meter.[32] By comparison, the air we breathe contains about 1025 molecules per cubic meter.[33] The sparse density of matter in outer space means that electromagnetic radiation can travel great distances without being scattered

all motion in the universe primarily occurs as a result of two types of cycles -- vortices and waves. A vortex causes matter to rotate, which produces circular cycles. Conversely, waves cause matter to compress-and-decompress in repeated oscillations, which produces linear cycles. According to our theory, these two basic motions explain much, if not most, of what happens in the universe. - Page 1 of The Universal Cycle Theory (2011) by Stephen J. Puentz and Glenn Borchardt, PH.D.
Universal Cycle Theory Vortex Circle Compression
quantum foam Quantum Foam
Quantum Foam --------------------------------------Quantum Foam
A fake vortex tangle representing quantum turbulence in a cubic volume and showing the quantized vortices
Pilot-wave dynamics of walking droplets:
two droplets orbiting each other on the surface of a liquid
"quantum mechanics, ...it is concrete and not so abstract and fuzzy as we thought, so it supports the vortexia theory" - David July 3, 2014
Fluid Tests Hint at Concrete Quantum Reality
The pilot-wave dynamics of walking droplets

When guided by pilot waves, they found that the oil droplets are displaying quantum-like features.
Repeated trials show that the overlapping wavefronts of the pilot wave steer the droplets to certain places and never to locations in between - an apparent replication of the interference pattern in the quantum double-slit experiment that Feynman described as “impossible to explain in any classical way.”
And just as measuring the trajectories of particles seems to “collapse” their simultaneous realities, disturbing the pilot wave in the bouncing-droplet experiment destroys the interference pattern.
Droplets also seem to:
“tunnel” through barriers,
orbit each other in stable “bound states", and
exhibit properties analogous to quantum spin and electromagnetic attraction.
The trajectory of a droplet "walking" in a circular corral, colour coded according to speed. Note the correlation between position and speed, which results in the wavelike statistics. ((Source: Math.MIT.edu))
When confined to circular areas called corrals, they form concentric rings analogous to the standing waves generated by electrons in quantum corrals.  They even annihilate with sub-surface bubbles, an effect reminiscent of the mutual destruction of matter and antimatter particles.
Bohmian Mechanics- An Alternative to Quantum

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