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Walter Bowman Russell, although he only had a fourth-grade education
he was an American polymath known for his achievements as a painter,
sculptor, author and builder and less well known as a natural philosopher
and for his unified theory in physics and cosmogony.
Born: May 19, 1871
Died: 1963
“[Russell was] the Leonardo Da Vinci (IQ=205) of our time.”
— Walter Cronkite (1963)

“Even though Walter Russell only had a fourth-grade education,
he was a genius.”
— Robert A. Mayer (2007)
Leonardo Da Vinci born April, 1452
1452 = normal warm (dan) period

Secret of Light Walter Russell
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Wrong conclusions from correct mathematics.
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter III:
17.. A man may prophesy by a traveling wagon what time it will reach town; but the correctness of his prophecy does not prove that the wagon pushed the horse to town.

"I couldn't help feel that sometimes scientists get attached to an idea with an almost religious ferver, so that no facts can dissuade them." - Page 208 of Our Mathematical Universe (2014) by By Max Tegmark (physics professor at at MIT).
Difference between Albert Einstein's science and Oahspe science:
The mc2 of E=mc2 is composed of the speed of light squared and you know what Oahspe says about the speed or travel of light. Also Relativity denies the existence of an Ether, and Einstein's new relativistic ether has no motion according to Einstein, and Oahspe says give ethe motion 100 or 99, ether has definite motion (vortex motion).
Einstein ignored the Sagnac experiment results and supported the Michael-Morely experiment result of no ether. Also Einstein (and Relativity) says Gravity is the result of the MASS of an object warping space-time, whereas Oahspe says gravity and mass is the manifestation (result) of vortex (ether) MOTION.
Einstein and his Relativity theories are a MAJOR part of the Standard Model.
Challenging Einstein.
Starkman's conception of ether ...In Starkman's theory of how ether works, ...
Michael Turner, an astrophysicist at the University of Chicago in Illinois, is intrigued by Starkman's theory, but he hesitates to accept it wholesale due to its troubling implications. For example, the presence of ether would create holes in Einstein's theories of relativity, the widely accepted explanations for how light moves and gravity works (read an excerpt and see images from "Einstein and Beyond" in National Geographic magazine).
I have been asked if Walter Russell copied some of his ideas from Oahspe, I said no.
25. Neither are, nor were, the revelations within this OAHSPE wholly new to mortals. The same things have been revealed at the same time unto many, who live at remote distances from one another, but who were not in correspondence till afterward.

"It is shown that Einstein was not the first to derive the famous equation E=mc2, which has become synonymous with his name." - Back cover of Challenging Modern Physics by Al Kelly. 

Was Einstein the First to Invent E = mc2? - Scientific American

OAHSPE: Book Of Jehovih Chapter IV:
21. Nevertheless, O man, the seen and the unseen are but parts of My person; I am the Unity of the whole.
"I am the Unity of the whole" = The Universal One.

THE SECRET OF LIGHT 1947 BY Walter Russell page vii Concerning The Divine Illiad
The Divine Iliad is the basis of this book. The Divine Iliad is an inspired message from
the Creator to give man the needed comprehension [understanding] 
of his relation to his universe, to man, and to God, for the coming cycle.
Man progresses in cycles of approximately twenty-five hundred [2,500] years. At the beginning [dawn, 33, 99-100, 111, 165, 200 dan] of each cycle of his growing [seed] awareness of the Light [Ethe] within him, God [Jehovih] sends messages through prepared messengers to futher his comprehension [understanding] of the Light [Spirit].
Civilization progresses in cycles. New comprehension periodically transforms mankind into higher beings. A new cycle of three thousand years duration is now in its birth throes. - The Secret of Light by Walter Russell
Oahspe Book of Saphah: Osiris:
58. Dan'ha (Panic). The etherea, the highest place in ethereal worlds. Jehovih said: The sun I made as the head of a serpent, and his phalanx made I as the body of a serpent; thus made I the great corporeal serpent. To him gave I a circuit to travel in, and I numbered his time a thousand tuos and seven aka and four bi'jus *(Equal to four million seven hundred thousand years), for the sun coil. On the circuit have I placed my A'ji and my Ji'ay in many places, but my Dan'ha have I placed only in one thousand six hundred places [1600 cycles = 1600 seasons which is comparable to 4 seasons of the earth's orbit arond the sun, 16 is divisible by 4 = 4 x 4 = 16]. (A cycle of time is about three thousand years, sometimes more, sometimes less.) From Kosmon, the present time, back to Moses and Capilya, alias Capella, three thousand four hundred years; from Moses and Capilya to Brahma and Abraham, two thousand four hundred years; from Brahma and Abraham to Zarathustra, three thousand one hundred years; from Zarathustra to Osiris the first, three thousand three hundred years; from Osiris to Thor, three thousand two hundred years; from Thor to Apollo, two thousand eight hundred years; from Apollo to Sue, three thousand two hundred years; from Sue to Aph, three thousand six hundred years.
Dan'ya, the orbit of the solar phalanx (Gau). Dian'ya, the course of the cosmical phalanx (Puit). The light of Dan'ga is my timekeeper (Vede). Dh'a'yi, the light shining; the soul-fructifier (Pali). When Dang'hi cometh, the All-men grow in spirit; when he is past, man whetteth the sword and spear and entereth into blood.
1947 was a warm up-spike year, time of dan of Kosmon, and the 3rd rule of prophecy year (1848 + 99 = 1947).
OAHSPE'S BOOK OF COSMOGONY Chapter 8:1 ...To ethe give motion one hundred, or ninety-nine (as the case may be). Motion is time, the time of ethe is 99 or 100. Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy Chapter VIII:2. Ethe, being the time of light, is named dan. The motion or time of dan is 99 or 100. 1848 + 99 = 1947 a warm (dan) up-spike year.
Oahspe says dan ...is the time of prophecy and inspiration, and the time of spirituality amongst mortals. In 1947 Walter Russell published his very spiritual book "The Secret of Light". The next year (100 dan) Walter Russell published his very spiritual book "The Message of The Divine Illiad Vol.I".
OAHSPE: Book of Cosmology and Prophecy CHAPTER VII:
6. The time of dan ...it is the time of spirituality amongst mortals, and the time of prophecy and inspiration
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy CHAPTER VII:
15. ...the periods of inspiration, and periods of darkness, are not haphazard. **
18. These periods will be found to come under certain numbers, 11, 33, 66, 99, 100, 200, 400, 666, 333, 66, 18, 500, 600, 365, 99, 33, 18, and so on.
In Oahspe the ethe'ic wave (99 or 100) is associated with Dan (light). The third algorithm (set of rules to be followed in calculations) of prophecy is to add 99 to the base of 1848.
** haphazard definition:
1. characterized by lack of order or planning, by irregularity, or by randomness; determined by or dependent on chance; aimless.
...We had no control over you, but merely passed...intellectual light before you. It is most probable you thought to yourself that a new thought struck you, which is a common [reaction] by reflecting people to the new ideas which they receive from spirits. - Page 108 of THE HIDDEN PROPHET The Life of Dr. John Ballou Newbrough by Susan B. Martinez, PhD.
9. Jehovih saith: ...
22. One man is sensitive, as a plate for a picture, and he catcheth My Light instantly, and knoweth it is from Me.
23. Another one saith: A sudden thought struck me! But he discerneth not whence it came.
Photographic plates preceded photographic film as a capture medium in photography. The light-sensitive emulsion of silver salts was coated on a glass plate, typically thinner than common window glass, instead of a clear plastic film.
God's Book of Eskra CHAPTER XVI:56...he named him, Illaes, signifying, Servant of Light...
The Secret of Light based upon The Divine Illiad by Walter Russell 1947-1948, books of Light.
Illiad = epic = heroic = hero = of divine origin = divine light 
The root of Illaes and Illiad is Ill = Light = Ill-uminate. 
Walter Russell and Cosmogony
THE MESSAGE OF THE DIVINE ILLIAD VOL II 1949 by Walter Russell page 200:
To charge is to increase electrical potential--which means to multiply [x] pressure.
To discharge is to lower electrical potential--which means to lower electrical pressure.
Charging is positive and discharge is negative.

Charge = increased pressure = positive vortex'ya.
Discharge = decreased pressure = negative vortex'ya.

Positive charge winds up light-waves to create the visible universe of form...
Take note of the fact that the direction of charge is inward toward the still center
for any whirlpool [vortex] of motion which all matter is.[matter = energy x motion = force x motion
F=ma = E=mc2]. 

Charge is inward toward center (positive vortex'ya)
Discharge is outward away from center (negative vortex'ya).

Positive electricity, gravitation and contraction are the integration of matter, while 
Negative electricity, radiation and expansion disintegrates matter into space.

Positive vortex'ya, gravity and contraction = pressure = integration (creation) 
of matter.
Positive vortex'ya = Light = contraction.
Negative Vortex'ya = Darkness = expansion.

THE SECRET OF LIGHT 1947 BY Walter Russell page 246:

Matter generated by higher pressure zones [area]
Pressure x area = Force = matter

THE SECRET OF LIGHT 1947 BY Walter Russell page 256:
Energy is generated by contracting vortex.

THE SECRET OF LIGHT 1947 BY Walter Russell page 264:
Man full grown in middle age = 7x7= 49 + 1 = 50.
50-----30----15--7--0<-Human age, years, Spiritual peak 49/7 = 7
22--------11------3--0<-Cycles, numbers, PI(n) 22/7 = 3.14159
^-----------------------V<-wave cycle, trough to crest, downspike to upspike (New Zodiac)
Square root of 49 is 7. (7^2) 7 x 7 = 49 / 30 = 1.63 Golden Ratio, Divine Ratio
Square root of 50 is 7.07.
Oahspe - The Book of Knowledge 
All below 50 years of age are considered minors (as to spirit).
Facial recognition (below) is an important and rapidly evolving biometric science.
Walter Russell (born May, 1871) received his greatest inspiration and enlightenment (time of light) at age 50 (May, 1921).
May, 1921 Walter Russell experiences a 39 day and night period of illumination, writing down some 40,000 words given to him from the Light of Cosmic Consciousness.
Cosmic Consciousness.
DNA Awareness. - DNA Fusion [joining two or more things together to form a single entity]
ESP Precognition
Hedonic Passivity
The Adolescent
The Learning Child
The Toddler
The Newborn
joining two or more things together = joining two alleles to form a single genotype = (C;C)
2) Brain regions involved with mystic experiences.
...are the amygdala and hippocampus. The hippocampus on the right is a cognitive structure that processes non-verbal information. It's also involved in spatial perception, music appreciation, as well as memory creation and consolidation . It's a major source of dream imagery.
A mystic whose experiences appear from an unusually responsive right hippocampus is expected to report experiences dominated by right hippocampal (RH) phenomena. The RH role in spatial reasoning and memory implicates it in experiences of 'infinity', the "infinite void", spaciousness, and the experience that the space occupied by the sense of self is limitless ("one with the universe").
The RH role in non-verbal information implicates it in the experience of inner silence, or freedom from 'mind chatter'. Its cognitive functions implicate it in the experience of 'knowingness', and 'insight', in which understandings appear spontaneously. Its role in creating and retrieving memories suggests it may be crucial in accessing inner images, including symbolic, spiritual, and artistic images. Its production of theta activity suggests it's crucial in trance and meditation.
Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter 8:
2. Ethe, being the time of light, is named dan.
Oahspe Book of Knowledge Part IV:
6....dans varied from fifty (50) to six hundred (600) years.
the time of light = dan = fifty (50) years.
1921 was a sharp increase up-spike in vortexian energy (heat), time of dan.
1921: Walter Russell paints The Octave Wave..
From the start of the current Kosmon cycle (1848) to year of Walter Russell's greatest time of light (1921) = 63 years. 63 / 3.7 (4th rule of prophecy) = 17.02, a harmonic multiple of the 2nd rule of prophecy (11.1) divided by 3.
Pages 4 and 8 of THE UNIFIED CYCLE THEORY (How Cycles Dominate the Structure of the Universe and Influence Life on Earth) by Stephen J. Puetz, 2009 says "Cycles exhibit harmonics of three. Take the period of cycles, multiply by three, and the next larger cycle results [33 x 3 = 99-100]. Conversely, take cycle...divide it's frequency by three, and the next smaller cycle appears [33 / 3 = 11].
Rules of prophecy in Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter III:14.
Cycles are in harmonics of 3. 3rd rule of prophecy (99.9 years) divided b 3 = first rule of prophecy (33.3 years) divided by 3 = 11.1 years (2nd rule of prophecy). 2nd rule of prophecy (11.1) divided by 3 = 3.7 years = the 4th rule of prophecy = the average cycle of warm up-spikes (see near the bottom of Misc. 3, Sacred mathematics, geometry, music, harmonics, cosmology, cycles chapter/page of this website).
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter IX:
2. These fall under the divisor, or multiple, 3 ...

Genero-activity = vortex'ya = inner explosive speed of light  186,240 miles
per second = E=mc2 = Carbon

THE SECRET OF LIGHT 1947 BY Walter Russell page 266:
Genero-activity = winding up process = opposite of radioactivity
Vortex'ya = tightends the winding of Carbon into such a dense substance = Diamond 
= heat = highest percentage of charge.

Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy chapter 1:37
Corporeal substances all contain heat (vortexya proper)...but the diamond containeth the highest percentage of charge.

Diamond is the hardest substance found in nature, Diamond is four times harder than the next hardest natural mineral,
Graphite and diamond are two of the most interesting minerals. They are identical chemically—both are composed of carbon (C), but physically, they are very different. Minerals which have the same chemistry but different crystal structures are called polymorphs.
The reason for the differences in hardness and other physical properties can be explained with the molecular models below. 

In a diamond, the carbon atoms are arranged tetrahedrally. Each carbon atom is attached to four other carbon atoms 1.544 x 10-10 meter away with a C-C-C bond angle of 109.5 degrees. It is a strong, rigid three-dimensional structure that results in an infinite network of atoms. This accounts for diamond's hardness, extraordinary strength and durability and gives diamond a higher density than graphite (3.514 grams per cubic centimeter). Because of its tetrahedral structure, diamond also shows a great resistance to compression. The hardness of a crystal is measured on a scale, devised by Friederich Mohs, which ranks compounds according to their ability to scratch one another. Diamond will scratch all other materials and is the hardest material known (designated as 10 on the Mohs scale). It is the best conductor of heat that we know, conducting up to five times the amount that copper does. 

A tetrahedral number, or triangular pyramidal number, is a figurate number that represents a pyramid with a triangular base and three sides, called a tetrahedron 

The tetrahedron is one kind of pyramid, which is a polyhedron with a flat polygon base and triangular faces connecting the base to a common point. In the case of a tetrahedron the base is a triangle (any of the four faces can be considered the base), so a tetrahedron is also known as a "triangular pyramid".

FIG. 66 OF THE SECRET OF LIGHT (Page 256) "Vortices of contracting cones" 

Contraction = Charge = Heat = stored Vortexya = hardness = Diamond

The mass density or density of a material is its mass per unit volume. The symbol most often used for density is ρ (the lower case Greek letter rho). Mathematically, density is defined as mass divided by volume:[1]
p = m/v where ρ is the density, m is the mass, and V is the volume. The density at all points of a homogeneous object equals its total mass divided by its total volume.
In general, density can be changed by changing either the pressure or the temperature. Increasing the pressure always increases the density of a material. Increasing the temperature generally decreases the density...

...a pyramid is technically a cone with a polygonal base.

The volume of a pyramid (also any cone) is  where b is the area of the base and h the height from the base to the apex. 
The same equation, , also holds for cones with any base. This can be proven by an argument similar to the one above; see volume of a cone.

OAHSPE BOOK OF COSMOGONY IX:1 says "The same force, vortexya, pervadeth the entire universe but different, according to volume, velocity and CONFIGURATION." 
Force of Vortexya = Configuration = tetrahedral pyramid structure = fig. 52 Atomic systems forming, Fig. 53 AA Atomic systems forming. = Vortices of contracting cones. Below Fig. 52 and Fig. 53 of THE SECRET OF LIGHT (PAGE 249). Fig. 66 Below.


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Above Mystery of Gravitation and Radiation = Charge and Discharge = Positive and Negative Vortexya of THE SECRET OF LIGHT by Walter Russell.
Plate 46. - DISSECTION OF THE GREAT SERPENT (SOLAR SYSTEM) of Oahspe. showing Solar Vortex and Gravitation and Radiation spiral forces.
Plate 47. - THE CYCLIC COIL of Oahspe showing side view of Plate 46. above.

Electro-magnetism and cubes:
Charge is a quality of compression, gravity, positive vortexya, cubic structure (of the Diamond) etc...
Fig 1 Microstructure of pure iron showing grains, grain boundary and crystal structure
As shown in Fig 1, if lines are drawn connecting the centres of the atoms, a three-dimensional array of little cubes stacked together to fill space is generated. In iron at room temperature, the cubes have an atom at each of the eight corners and one atom right in the middle of the cube. This crystal structure is called a body-centered cubic (bcc) structure, and the geometric arrangement of atoms is often called a bcc lattice. In the Fig 1, the crystal lattice can be envisioned as three sets of intersecting planes of atoms, with each plane set parallel to one face of the cube.
Crystal structures and magnetic structure of Mn 3 Cu 0.89 N 0.96 : (a) cubic structure with Pm 3m symmetry; (b) tetragonal structure with P4/mmm symmetry; (c) orthorhombic magnetic structure model with P1 symmetry at 6 K (a M = 2c N , b M = 2a N , c M = b N ). 
(a) Cobalt magnetic moment in the cubic CAFM magnetic structure as a function of temperature (K). (b) Structure of the pseudo-cubic CAFM structure SmCoO 3 at 1273 K. Please note that the temperature is related to the supercell volume.
Magnetic materials , NIT Calicut STRUCTURE 3 Schematic of the cubic ...
Mn 3 Cu 0.89 N 0.96
Vortexya is charged in iron and other metals [called magnetism]:
Ferromagnetism is the basic mechanism by which certain materials (such as iron) form ....
The spin of the electrons in atoms is the main source of ferromagnetism, although there is also a contribution from the orbital angular momentum of the electron about the nucleus .... Thus the magnetization, and the resulting magnetic field, is "built in" to the crystal structure of the material, making it very difficult to demagnetize.
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter III:
12. Vortexya can be charged, as before mentioned, into iron and other substances. When it is charged in iron it is called magnetism; ....
...vortexya, in fact, is no substance or thing as such ; but is the vortex in axial and orbitic motion, or, in other words, corpor in an etheic solution.
Vortexya = sub-atomic matter in in axial and orbitic motion = spin of the electrons in atoms and the orbital angular momentum of the electrons about the nucleus.
Question: What is the difference between magnetism and electricity? 
Answer: "Magnetism is... the vortex of electric whirlpools..." - by Walter Russell “The Divine Iliad Vol. II”, 1949. 

Above diamond cubic crystal structure is a repeating pattern of 8 atoms that certain materials may adopt as they solidify. While the first known example was diamond, other elements in group 14 also adopt this structure.
Page 225 of THE SECRET OF LIGHT by Walter Russell "...sphere of multiplied [2x2x2=8] matter [gaseous] and the space [cube] of divided [8/4=2] matter.
Page 226 of THE SECRET OF LIGHT by Walter Russell "Multiplication [2x2x2=8] and division [8/4=2] of expressed energy [E=] into high and low potential of gravitation [compression] and radiation [expansion] is made possible by the plan of Nature...
Gravitation [m=E/c2]...spirally inward...to wind [compress] light waves [c2] into solids [m] to center space [vortex center]. Radiation [E=mc2] thrusts spirally outward to unwind [expand] dense solids [m] into space to surround solids.

Notice above at center of sphere is a compressed cube.

Above music sound --------------------and------------------nuclear explosion = radiation expanding sphere.

What Is Radiation?

Above pressure = compression = diamond cubic structure. A few diamonds are formed from highly compressed coal.

Diamond - Wikipedia

Below picture of a bipolar planetary nebula (PN G111.8-02.8) and Octave bar magnet (by Walter Russell)

bipolar planetary nebula and Octave Bar Magnet W
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Hubble Views Bipolar Planetary Nebulae
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Above Double Interpenetrating Vortex (scan courtesy of University of Science & Philosophy)
Bipolar nebula in Oahspe:
9. ...some comets have two tails, one toward the sun and one away.
10. Interior nebula is generally described as comets; whilst exterior nebula is usually called nebula.

The Man who tapped the secrets of the universe
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Above lecture by Walter Russell (age 80) in 1953.
Walter Russell's University of Science and Philosophy

Page 269 0f THE SECRET OF LIGHT by Walter Russell...Density = high heat = high charge = high melting point. 

Page 270 of THE SECRET OF LIGHT by Walter Russell...negative Vortexya [Oahspe] = Radioactivity = reaches speed of light = subatomic and atomic vortexian velocity = C = speed of light = E=mc2

Page 275 of THE SECRET OF LIGHT by Walter Russell - Atomic Structure = elements of matter = are not different substances, or different things. They are DIFFERENT PRESSURE conditions of light waves = Vortexya [Oahspe] = electric pressures exerted upon them during INWARD OR OUTWARD SPIRAL JOURNEY. 

Page 276 of THE SECRET OF LIGHT by Walter Russell...Spiral Journey = spiral motion = contracts into greater pressures

Page 277 of THE SECRET OF LIGHT by Walter Russell...MULTIPLYING [X] and DIVIDING [/] PRESSURES determine the DENSITY and VOLUME of each ELEMENT. The COLOR SPECTRUM RECORDS [records of vortexian currents] these PRESSURES, as the COMPLETE HISTORY of EVERY ELEMENT [spectral analysis, mass spectrometer, spectrograph].

Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter IX: 2. As previously shown, colors are not substances or things in fact, but records of currents of vortexya, and are in proportion to their deviation from linear to adverse parallelism. These fall under the divisor, or multiple, 3 (primaries), yellow, blue and red, corresponding to the times, 11, 33, 99, and so on.

The Beast color = Purple or Violet = 66 (between blue 33 and red 99), Yellow is 11, the White light (whole spectrum) = 100  or 1000 = Ethe 

THE MESSAGE OF THE DIVINE ILLIAD VOL. 1 page 238...Compression and expansion are represented by matter and space, by the earth and the heavens; by positive and negative, by the male father principle and the female mother principle.

Question: Wouldn't a person progress faster spiritually if he could leave his dialy round of chores and lead a more solitary life for at least a little while--in the mountains or woods [forest], or by the seashore?
Answer (from Walter Russell): Yes! If it is possible, one should do that; and one can also learn to lead a solitary life in the midst of even boiler factories and noises.

OAHSPE: Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter X:
3. These creatures prophesy by the direct action of vortexian currents upon them. They feel what is approaching, BECAUSE THE UNSEEN CAUSE IS ALREADY UPON THEM.
4. Man can learn to acquire the same kind of prophecy. And this is different from the prophecy herein before mentioned, because he prophesieth in this last method without rules or calculations.
5. To attain this kind of prophecy, the following discipline is requisite:
6. To live in the fields and forests [alone in the wilderness], and study the action of unseen forces upon himself [introspection]; to eat not fish, nor flesh, nor any food that cometh of animals; to bathe daily; to permit no passion to enter his mind; to abnegate self and to wed himself to the Creator for righteousness sake, and to do good; to discipline his mind, to remain in any given direction on any subject, for days if necessary; to become oblivious to pain. After which he shall receive anointment [anointed] from one who had previously attained the seership.

Planets are born from the sun by the way of rings sent out from the sun's equator--great nebulous rings which wind up upon themselves to become planets of the sun, just as the rings of Saturn will wind themselves up into moons. All of the moons of Saturn were rings. All of the moons of any satellite were first equatorial rings; then they become moons of the planet from which they were born.

OAHSPE Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy: Chapter IV:
14. In the early age of the vortex of the earth, so swiftly flew the outer rim that
border eddies ensued, from which nebula congregated, until the earth had a nebulous belt around it. This belt, in time, losing pace with the earth's vortex, condensed and made the moon.

OAHSPE: Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy CHAPTER V:
14. Wherefrom this rule will now be plain to the student: When a planet hath attained to so great age she no longer giveth forth light or heat to radiate upon herself, she can not be seen in the heavens. Of which kinds of planets there are millions in the etherean firmament. Some of these move slower than any of the planets man can see. Some of these at times eclipse the sun, and are taken for sun-spots, although, perhaps, not a million miles from the earth.
15. Like unto these, in darkness, are there plateaux of nebula floating in the firmament, which also produce eclipses of the sun and of the moon. For convenience, let such planets and nebula be called dead planets and dead nebula.
To charge means to compress, or condense, into higher pressure. It means to accumulate a large volume ito a small volume, like compressing a gas into a solid. Conversely, to discharge means to radiate a solid back into a liquid or gas.

Q....compression of atoms in relation to their wave frequencies.
A. The more you contract atoms together [higher mass], the shorter the distance between each wave [shorter wavelength] and the higher their troughs and crests. That means more waves per inch--which means more activity [higher frequency]. That means more power to express energy.


Table of Flame Colorations and Emission Spectra:[Color = wavelength = frequency = element = mass = compression]

Spectral colors, Frequency and Wavelength

lithium Li = Red Crimson = Atomic Mass 6.941 = 400–484 THz(Frequency), 620–750 nm(Wavelength) 

sodium Na = Yellow intense = Atomic Mass 22.989768 = 508–526 THz(Frequency), 570–590 nm(Wavelength)

Boron B = Green (Bright, somewhat yellowish) = Atomic Mass 10.81 = 526–606 THz(Frequency), 495–570 nm(Wavelength)

molybdenum Mo = Green (Yellowish) = Atomic Mass 95.94 = 526–606 THz(Frequency), 495–570 nm(Wavelength)

thallium Tl = Green (Pure) = Atomic Mass 204.3833 = 526–606 THz(Frequency), 495–570 nm(Wavelength)

Indium In = Blue (prominent blue) = Atomic Mass 114.82 = 606–668 THz(Frequency), 450–495 nm(Wavelength)

cesium Cs = Violet Pale (masked by the more prominent yellow) = Atomic Mass 132.9054 = 668–789 THz(Frequency), 380–450 nm(Wavelength)

Higher the Compression = Higher atomic mass = higher frequency = shorter wavelength = more power = more energy = more vortexya
Mass = Frequency = Energy = Vortexya = M = F = E = V

Compression increases charge, energy and mass, shortens wavelengths, and increases frequency and vibrations per second,

Compression shortens the distance which shortens the wavelengths and increases the frequency (bounce back waves, echos, vibrations)
Expansion increases the distance which lengthens the wavelengths and decreases the frequency of waves (vibrations)

Because each element has an exactly defined line emission spectrum, scientists are able to identify them by the color of flame they produce. For example, copper produces a blue flame, lithium and strontium a red flame, calcium an orange flame, sodium a yellow flame, and barium a green flame.

copper (atomic mass 63.5) produces a blue flame 
lithium (Atomic mass: 6.941) and strontium (Atomic mass: 87.62) a red flame
calcium (Atomic mass: 40.078) an orange flame
sodium (Atomic mass: 22.989769) a yellow flame
barium (Atomic mass: 137.327) a green flame
Higher the Compression = Higher atomic mass = higher frequency = shorter wavelength = more power = more energy = more vortexya
Mass = Frequency = Energy = Vortexya = M = F = E = V
Color(Wavelength nm),(Frequency THz)
red 780 − 622, 384 − 482
orange 622 − 597, 482 − 503
yellow 597 − 577, 503 − 520
green  577 − 492  520 − 610
blue 492 − 455, 610 − 659
violet 455 − 390, 659 − 769
666 THz = Violet = color of the Beast
Thz = terahertz (THz) = vibrational frequency
White light is a mixture of the colors of the visible spectra. 

Google terahertz = one trillion periods per second. http://wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn

Higher atomic mass = higher frequency
cesium (Atomic Mass 132.9054) a violet flame = 659 − 769 THz
Indium (Atomic Mass 114.82) a blue flame = 610 − 659 THz
molybdenum (Atomic Mass 95.94) a green flame = 520 − 610 THz
calcium (Atomic mass: 40.078) an orange flame = 482 − 503 THz
lithium (Atomic mass: 6.941) a red flame = 384 − 482 THz
Higher the Compression = shorter wavelength

Emission Spectra vs. Flame Test?
What are some difficulties that may be encountered in the use of the flame test for identification compared to using emission spectra?
If you have a spectrum of sufficiently high resolution, you should be able to clearly identify the individual atomic emission lines even if there are large concentrations of other substances; in a flame test, where you rely on a visual impression of color, this is not always possible. As the eye is not a spectrometer, we cannot distinguish between spectra that are in reality very different but add up to an overall similar color impression ( for example, you can assign a blue flame color to copper(I) or arsenic - same flame color, different spectra). Also, even small traces of sodium will simply color the flame a bright orange that outshines any other typical emissions. Additionally, as color is something perceived individually, different experimenters may well assign one flame color to different elements.

Spectroscopy is the study of the interaction between matter and radiated energy.[1][2] Historically, spectroscopy originated through the study of visible light dispersed according to its wavelength, e.g., by a prism. Later the concept was expanded greatly to comprise any interaction with radiative energy as a function of its wavelength or frequency. Spectroscopic data is often represented by a spectrum, a plot of the response of interest as a function of wavelength or frequency.
Analysis of white light by dispersing it with a prism is an example of spectroscopy.
Spectroscopy and spectrography are terms used to refer to the measurement of radiation intensity as a function of wavelength and are often used to describe experimental spectroscopic methods. Spectral measurement devices are referred to as spectrometers, spectrophotometers, spectrographs or spectral analyzers.
Daily observations of color can be related to spectroscopy. Neon lighting is a direct application of atomic spectroscopy. Neon and other noble gases have characteristic emission colors, and neon lamps use electricity to excite these emissions. Inks, dyes and paints include chemical compounds selected for their spectral characteristics in order to generate specific colors and hues. A commonly encountered molecular spectrum is that of nitrogen dioxide. Gaseous nitrogen dioxide has a characteristic red absorption feature, and this gives air polluted with nitrogen dioxide a reddish brown color. Rayleigh scattering is a spectroscopic scattering phenomenon that accounts for the color of the sky.
Spectroscopic studies were central to the development of quantum mechanics and included Max Planck's explanation of blackbody radiation, Albert Einstein's explanation of the photoelectric effect and Niels Bohr's explanation of atomic structure and spectra. Spectroscopy is used in physical and analytical chemistry because atoms and molecules have unique spectra. These spectra can be interpreted to derive information about the atoms and molecules, and they can also be used to detect, identify and quantify chemicals. Spectroscopy is also used in astronomy and remote sensing. Most research telescopes have spectrographs. The measured spectra are used to determine the chemical composition and physical properties of astronomical objects (such as their temperature and velocity).
The energy (E) of a photon is related to its frequency (v) by E = hv where h is Planck's constant, and so a spectrum of the system response vs. photon frequency will peak at the resonant frequency or energy.

Pages 202-203 of Universal Cycle Theory (2011), Figure 9.4.A (Bulk  Denisty Cycles in the Periodic Table) shows the bulk density of atoms from 1 to 100 in the Periodic Table. [Barbalance, 2010] In the figure, the vertical lines mark the nobel gases. Note that the noble gas densities are slightly above zero, even though they appear as zero in the figure. Notice how bulk densities decrease [down-spike cycle] as the atomic numbers approach that of the next noble gas, and then immediatly increase [up-spike cycle] for the element after the noble gas.
Pages 271-272 of The Secret of Light (1947) by Walter Russell, "THE INERT GASES ...Elements are not fixed created things. They are pressure conditions of light waves...The inert gases are cosmic elements which will not combine with any other elements. They constitute the recording system of this creating universe...They represent minimum motion in the wave, just as amplitude represent maximum motion. Elements are waves ...The cosmic inert gases fill all space between the stars of heaven.
They insulate states of motion from each other by their balancing zero....The list of cosmic gases follows: helium, neon, argon, krypton, zernon, etc.."
Each cosmic gas mentioned by Walter Russell in 1947 is a noble gas that is at the end-beginiing of each bulk density cycle of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements, their bulk densities approach zero, or as Walter Russell said "They insulate states of motion from each other by their balancing zero." The noble gases insulate, separate or divide the different orders of chemical elements by their near zero bulk densities.
Noble Gases - at ChemicalElements.com
These elements were considered to be inert gases until the 1960's, because their oxidation number of 0 prevents the noble gases from forming compounds readily. All noble gases have the maximum number of electrons possible in their outer shell (2 for Helium, 8 for all others), making them stable.
Comparison of Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements (studyofoahspe.com 2013) divided into octaves and electromagnetic waves with:
Bulk density of atoms in the Periodic Table (Universal Cycle Theory, 2011) ordered by atomic numbers:
1st Octave = mean atomic number of 1-2
1st Bulk density = mean atomic number 1-2
2nd Octave = mean atomic number of 7-8
2nd Bulk density = mean atomic number of 7-8
3rd Octave = mean atomic number of 17-18
3rd Bulk density = mean atomic number of 14-15
4th Octave = mean atomic number of 27-28
4th Blulk density = mean atomic number of 27-28
5th Octave = mean atomic number of 38-39
5th Bulk density = mean atomic number of 44-45
New Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements ordered by Bulk density cycles of atomic numbers (2014):
1st Order = Atomic numbers 1-2
2nd Order = Atomic numbers 3-10
3rd Order = Atomic numbers 11-18
4th Order = Atomic numbers 19-36
5th Order = Atomic numbers 37-54
6th Order = Atomic numbers 55-86
7th Order = Atomic numbers 87-100+ = 7 completion of creation
Pi = 22/7, 22 = Circumference of circle, Creator, 7 = Diameter, Creation (chemical elements).
Circumference = Vortex circular cycle, Diameter = linear compression-decompression wave cycle.

Q....compression of atoms in relation to their wave frequencies.
A. The more you contract atoms together[higher mass], the shorter the distance between each wave[shorter wavelength] and the higher their troughs and crests. That means more waves per inch--which means more activity[higher frequency]. That means
more power to express energy.

Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary 10th Edition: electromagnetic spectrum: the entire
range of wavelengths or frequencies of electromagnetic radiation extending from gamma rays to the longest radio waves and including visible light.

Gamma rays have the shortest wavelength but the highest frequency = more compression = more energy = more power

According to Walter Russell the higher the frequency the more power to express energy. Gamma rays have the highest frequencies and should also express more power and energy. 

Gamma radiation, also known as gamma rays, and denoted by the Greek letter γ, refers to electromagnetic radiation of high frequency and therefore high energy per photon.
In astronomy, gamma rays are defined by their energy, and no production process need be specified. The energies of gamma rays from astronomical sources range over 10 TeV, at a level far too large to result from radioactive decay. A notable example is extremely powerful bursts of high-energy radiation normally referred to as long duration gamma-ray bursts, which produce gamma rays by a mechanism not compatible with radioactive decay. These bursts of gamma rays, thought to be due to the collapse of stars called hypernovas, are the most powerful events so far discovered in the cosmos.

Higher frequency = Higher energy = higher power = gamma rays have the highest frequency = gamma ray bursts are the most powerful event in the cosmos
gamma-ray bursts...are the most powerful events so far discovered in the cosmos.

Gamma rays, X-rays, visible light, and radio waves are all forms of electromagnetic radiation. The only difference is the frequency and hence the energy of those photons. Gamma rays are generally the most energetic of these...

Higher frequency = Higher energy = Gamma rays have the highest frequency = Gamma rays have the most energy

The so-called long-duration gamma ray bursts produce events in which energies of ~ 1044 joules (as much energy as our Sun will produce in its entire life-time) but over a period of only 20 to 40 seconds

Gamma rays are ionizing radiation, and are thus biologically hazardous. They are classically produced by the decay from high energy states of atomic nuclei (gamma decay), but are also created by other processes. Paul Villard, a French chemist and physicist, discovered gamma radiation in 1900, while studying radiation emitted from radium. Villard's radiation was named "gamma rays" by Ernest Rutherford in 1903.
...produced by the decay from high energy states of atomic nuclei (gamma decay)...Gamma rays are emitted during radioactive decay processes such as those found in nuclear explosions.[produced from atomic fission...the spliting or breaking of atomic particles produces radiation or energy.

Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy: Chapter IV:
17. Wherever the vortexian current falleth, corpor is more or less damaged or dissolved, or changed in its combinations. On a piece of iron, fresh broken, it produceth rust...the vortexian solution...The break of its needles liberateth vortexya, which result is a minor representation of the discharge of an electric spark from the pole of a battery.

Here Oahspe in 1881 states that "The break of its needles liberateth vortexya" or the spliting or breaking of atomic or subatomic particles liberates energy (atomic fission).

2. A nuclear reaction in which an atomic nucleus, especially a heavy nucleus such as an isotope of uranium, splits into fragments, usually two fragments of comparable mass, releasing from 100 million to several hundred million electron volts of energy.
1. the act or process of splitting or breaking into parts

The discovery of nuclear fission occurred in 1938 [57 years AFTER Oahspe described the fission of subatomic particles).

Principles of atomic (fission) weapons
When bombarded by neutrons, certain isotopes of uranium and plutonium (and some other heavier elements) will split into atoms of lighter elements, a process known as nuclear fission. In addition to this formation of lighter atoms, on average between 2.5 and 3 free neutrons are emitted in the fission process, along with considerable energy.

high- energy photons such as gamma rays

Gamma rays are high energy photons or high energy subatomic particles

Plate 40. SHA'MAEL in Oahspe GOD'S BOOK OF BEN says. ...My etherean hosts shall have redeemed man from sin. Nor shall the inhabitants of the earth marry, for the time of begetting will be at an end...the earth will have fullfilled its labor...In the place where the earth was, shall some of My far-off worlds come and fulfill the labor allotted to them. And the atmosphereans who have not been redeemed from darkness in that day, shall alight on the new world and also fulfill their labor.

THE MESSAGE OF THE DIVINE ILLIAD VOL I, by Walter Russell, page 241: Question: What about after we have found completion in cosmic conscious awareness of unity with God?

Answer: When that time comes, the planet will be way out where Mars is--or beyond--and Venus will be rolling up getting ready to play the man-idea all over again.

When all mankind has found the Light, the play will be finished. Likewise this planet will be finished as an abode for man. It will then be rolled off into its ever expanding orbit while Venus is gradually being rolled into place to become the stage for the next repetition of THE ASCENT OF MAN in this solar system. - The Secret of Light by Walter Russell

THE SECRET OF LIGHT by Walter Russell, page 161:
IS LIGHT A WAVE [etheic wave] OR CORPUSCLE [corpor]?
Much contorversy has arisen as to whether light is corposcular, as Newton claimed it to be , or waves.
There is much evidence in favor of both theories. It is both. Light is expressed by motion [etheic solution in rotary motion].
All motion is wave motion [vortexian]. All waves are expressed by fields of equal and opposite pressures of two-way motion [positive and negative vortex'ya].

Terrence Howard. Mr Howard is a deep student of the Russells’ illumined teachings...
Russell Art & Sculptures in Baltimore Museum - The University of ...

Walter Russell Terrance Howard Debunk Einstein
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Walter Russell the Universal One Alchemy Chemist
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I first started reading the teachings of Walter Russell (The Message of The Divine Iliad Volumes 1 and 2) back in 1979 when I was 16 years old, 3 years before I started reading Oahspe. When I was in boot camp in 1984 there was two books I was allowed to keep that I had brought with me, the Bible, and The Message of The Divine Iliad by Walter Russell (my Oahspe was too large a book, and I had Oahspe sent to me after I graduated boot camp and went to my next station and training center).
...as in the magnetic poles or the center of gravity of the earth — or the sun ...It is the vortex of electric whirlpools which we call cyclones. It centers the positive and negative parts of a wave as the wave fulcrum. Matter is wound up into dense spheres and unwound into space surrounding those spheres. - Walter Russell 


"The positive electric condition compresses large volumes of light-waves into small volumes by winding them up centripetally into spiral vortices by thrusting inward from without. That is what gravitation is." - A New Concept of the Universe by Walter Russell.
The light-waves are made of polarized sub-atomic needles of corpor (just as magnetic materials are made of microscopic polarized domains).



Einstein correctly overturned the Newtonian hypothesis. Gravity, he knew, was "in the field."
But what Einstein got wrong was his view of gravity, that gravity was caused by the mass of a planet or star, which is OPPOSITE of what Oahspe says (the mass of a planet or star is caused by the vortex), Einstein's gravitational field was the area of influence around a planet or star that was caused by the mass of the object to warp space-time (like a heavy ball sitting on a foam mattress, causing the foam to bend and warp and causing anything near it to fall towards the heavy ball).
You can emulate this by placing a heavy object, like a bowling ball, on your mattress and observe the depression it makes.
This effect is a "curvature" of the fabric (mattress) due to the mass (bowling ball).  As you might imagine, the heavier the object you use, the more significant this curvature will be.  Similarly, any object with mass will have a similar effect on the invisible space around it.
Einstein's visualizes gravitation
The idea above is exactly what Einstein was thinking when he tried to imagine why things move they way they do.
Einstein eventually identified the property of spacetime which is responsible for gravity as its curvature...pushed and pulled, stretched and warped by matter. Einstein's theory of general relativity, which is often summed up in words as follows: "matter tells spacetime how to curve, and curved spacetime tells matter how to move".
Einstein got it wrong, that matter is the cause of gravity.
Undergraduate physics experiments also show that gravity is not curved space. If space was curved in a gravitational field, then projectiles moving through a gravitational field would all follow the same path regardless of velocity, but as the experiments show, the faster the object is traveling, the straighter its path. Eric Baird's aether density gradient theory seems to be a good alternative to the curved space theory of general relativity.
By Alvin D. Heindel on July 3, 2009


It says: "The ether, if it exists, cannot be detected" - Albert Einstein.

Einstein based that assumption on the null result of the Michelson-Morley experiment of 1887. But what is missing from the website is the Sagnac experiment which did detect the ether in 1913, but Einstein ignored the results of the Sagnac experiment.

Unfortunately, relativity by this time was considered to be correct and many reputations (and egos) could be damaged by the disclosure of the existence of an ether. So the Sagnac experiment was suppressed as were all similar subsequent experiments. Einstein ignored Sagnac and his work.
The Sagnac experiment backs up John Ballou Newbrough and Oahspe (the ether vortex).
Einstein and the Ether
Although Einstein is widely credited with abolishing the ether concept, he actually introduced a new relativistic ether in 1916, developing the idea in his later works. This book relates the story of Einstein and the rebirth of the ether, demonstrating how Einstein came to reject the 19th century ether. It details three relativistic ether models developed by Einstein and Einstein's treatment of spacetime as a material entity-a "new ether".
Einstein's views on the aether
Therefore, as historians such as John Stachel argue, Einstein's views on the "new aether" are not in conflict with his abandonment of the aether in 1905. For, as Einstein himself pointed out, no "substance" and no state of motion can be attributed to that new aether.
[B 11][B 12][B 13]
Einstein himself pointed out, no "substance" and no state of motion can be attributed to that new aether
, this is OPPOSITE of what Oahspe said:
5. For the substance of My etherean worlds I created Ethe [ether], the MOST RARIFIED. Out of ethe made I them.
Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter 8:
1. To ethe [ether] give motion one hundred, or ninety-nine (as the case may be); to corpor give zero, that is, no motion (of itself).
A anti-Oahspe person said:
"Michelson Morley proved without a shadow of a doubt, THERE IS NO AETHER TO MEASURE. Furthermore, in Einstein's special theory of Relativity, it was proven that light was a constant.  SORRY VORTEX BOY, but all of that shit has been discarded hundreds and hundreds of years ago."
Read the information below that refutes what the Anti-Oahspe person said.

The Sagnac Effect: Does it Contradict Relativity?

In Builder's "Ether and Relativity" he summarizes his view as follows [12]:

     "The relative retardation of clocks, predicted by the restricted theory of relativity, demands our recognition of the causal significance of absolute velocities. This demand is also implied by the relativistic equations of electrodynamics and even by the formulation of the restricted theory itself. The observable effects of absolute accelerations and of absolute velocities must be ascribed to interaction of bodies and physical systems with some absolute inertial system. We have no alternative but to identify this absolute system with the universe. Thus in the context of physics, absolute motion must be understood to mean motion relative to the universe, and any wider or more abstract interpretation of the "absolute" must be denied. Interactions of bodies and physical systems with the universe cannot be described in terms of Mach's hypothesis, since this is untenable. There is therefore no alternative to the ether hypothesis. "

    Builder’s conclusion that there must be "an absolute inertial system" re-introduces the preferred frame of Lorentz back into relativity, the very thing that Einstein sought to eliminate.

   If we are to accept Builder's hypothesis of a universal preferred frame for motion (ether), then we are compelled to accept the other critical tenet of Lorentz over Einstein, that it is the speed of light, and not time, which is the fundamental variable in our universe. In accepting a notion of absolute motion, or a preferred frame, we are as Dingle says, rejecting the notion of "relative motion". Despite Einstein borrowing heavily from Lorentz's equations and theory, and the fact that both theories predict similar results for the same experiments, the two theories are philosophically antithetical - and as such the conclusions about the nature of space and time result in entirely different models of the universe.

    Let’s look at the implications of the Hafele and Keating Experiment on the relativity of time. Similar to our original case 3, we expand the travelling clock experiment to the orbit of the earth. Rather than planes, we put cesium clocks on two rockets and have them take off from the surface of the earth at equal escape velocities (say 12 km/s), but set to travel in opposite directions around the sun before returning to the earth, as in the figure below. The rockets maintain the same velocity with respect to the earth’s surface throughout their voyage. Both rockets arrive back on the earth at around the same time, and again at the same velocity with respect to the earth, at 12 km/s.  As expected, the rocket on the left going counter-clockwise arrives with its clock rate slowed with respect to the earth clock, and the rocket on the right travelling clockwise has had its clock rate sped up with respect to the earth clock, even though their velocity with respect to the earth’s surface clock was the same. From the perspective of the earth (assuming no foreknowledge that they are  rotating),  the  path  lengths  for  each  rocket

Click to see image below:


 appear to be the same. However, an observer B on the sun would see that the rockets had to travel at different speeds with respect to the sun in order to be travelling at the same speed with respect to the orbiting earth. The paths that they travelled would also appear to be different lengths when viewed from the sun. Only the observer on the sun would agree that the SR postulate that a clock decreases it rate with velocity is found to be (approximately) true. The earth observer A sees this to be false – for him, the clocks have travelled identical paths at identical speeds, yet the clocks have gone out of synchronization.  This invalidates the notion that the ECI frame of the earth is a unique frame of reference for rotation with which the laws of SR hold true.

   Again, we can extrapolate this thought experiment to the edge of the galaxy, and further to the entire universe.  For clocks rotating around an observer, the only unique perspective where ultimately any rotational motion will always lead to a slowing of the clock rate is the stationary frame of the universe. In any other velocity frame, it will always be possible to create orbiting clocks that appear to speed up in rate with respect to our observer. This is the same conclusion as earlier for the speed of light, except now applied to time.  

   These rotation experiments have implied that there is a an absolute space with which we can define a reference speed of light C, and a preferred frame of reference for a time clock for which all other moving clocks will count at a slower rate.

   Since Einstein invented the idea of a variable time in order to explain the constancy of the speed of light, should it not follow then that if we have shown that the speed of light is not always constant for moving observers, then perhaps instead it is “time” that is constant, and the velocity of light is variable depending on our motion with respect to absolute space? Since translational experiments always show a constant measured speed of light, unlike the Sagnac experiment, perhaps apparent time dilation is our only indirect evidence that the speed of light is changed in a hidden way during translational motion. In order to prove this we would need to design a clock that doesn’t depend on the speed of light in its counting principle, and see if this clock is unaffected by time dilation.


The Sagnac Clock:


   As we said earlier, in order to prove that time dilation is an illusion,  we would need to design a clock that does not depend on the speed of light in its counting principle, and see if this clock is unaffected by time dilation. Again, we turn to essential feature of the Sagnac effect, rotation, to design such a clock. This concept was first proposed in our article “The Paradox of the Clocks in the Canaries” in 2010.


   The simplest time dilation effect to test is gravitational time dilation, the speeding up of clocks with altitude. According to Einstein, the rate of time follows the gravitational potential, so a clock on the surface of the earth should count more slowly than a clock at some high altitude, such as at the top of a mountain. Time is alleged to be moving into the future faster at the top of a mountain.  So we need a clock on the Earth that is unaffected by altitude. Let's say we use the rotation of the earth as our clock instead of a conventional cesium clock. After all, our human concept of time, and the units that compose it (days, hours, minutes, seconds) are already derived from the rotation period of the earth, so it should be the ideal clock for comparison. For each observer, we could use as our reference the position of the sun in the sky, or the position of a Foucault pendulum, or most preferably the position of the fixed stars in sidereal time. If we measure the sidereal day (23.93447 hours) as the time for one earth rotation relative to the vernal equinox, using a sighting star as a reference, we can then place an observer A at the top of a mountain, and another observer B at sea level. Preferably the mountain observer is exactly vertical over the sea level observer, and this vertical line passes through the center of the earth, as shown in the picture below. We use as our example the mountain Pico del Teide on Tenerife, with an altitude of 3718 meters. We give each observer A and B a cesium clock, and a sidereal clock.  The sidereal clocks mark a tick when the reference star is directly overhead each day. The cesium clocks mark a tick when 23.93477 hours has passed in their local time. We then compare the four clocks to determine if they are counting at the same rate. 

   What happens is that when the reference star passes over the red vertical line passing through observer A and B, both sidereal clocks have no choice but to trigger at the same moment, differing only in the light propagation time between A and B. Because this propagation time is a fixed amount, it does not affect the rate at which the two clocks count – therefore the count rate is exactly the same. However, since both cesium clocks experience gravitational time dilation, the cesium clock at observer A must count faster than the cesium clock at observer B. If we had pre-synchronized the two clocks at sea level, then the cesium clock at observer A will begin to go out of synchronization with

Click to see image below:



the other three clocks, and the amount of time gained by cesium clock A will continue to increase as the days pass. Clearly three of the 4 clocks agree on the amount of elapsed time – only cesium clock A reads in error. The fact that we have created clocks immune to time dilation implies that real time has never changed at the top of the mountain – apparent time dilation is an artifact of the difference in the speed of light at two difference points in space, and the use of clocks calibrated to the speed of light – i.e. the light clocks of Einstein.


   This conclusion is also consistent with our reason – given the millions of years that the mountain has been around, the summit of Pico del Teide should by now be several minutes in the future compared to the land at its sea shore base. And yet they are physically connected. To believe that time dilation is real would require us to assume that walking up the mountain is the same as walking into the future - the land would have to form a bridge between two points in Einstein’s dimension of time.  It is somewhat trivial to travel to the top of the mountain and view through a telescope a clock tower in Puerto de la Cruz far below to verify that the top of the mountain and the sea side resort share the same present.


The author at the summit of Pico del Teide in 2012, checking the time. Puerto de la Cruz is clearly visible 3718 meters below. Still in the present


Click to see image below:




    It is often argued that the predictions of Special and General Relativity have been continuously verified and that therefore the theory is unquestionable. However, other theories, such as Lorentz ether theories modified to take into account gravitational effects, can also make similar claims. There are in fact multiple mathematical routes by which a correct prediction can be arrived at, but these theories may imply very different interpretations of what our physical reality is. And this is at the heart of what is wrong with the theory of relativity – it may make successful predictions based on math, but implies a nature of time and space which are not only inconsistent with logic and  reason, but are even contradictory. Our interpretation is that these problems arise because of the switch from the absolute time / variable speed of light of Lorentz (1904) [13] to relative time / absolute speed of light of Einstein (1905) – two stances which are only slightly different mathematically. In Lorentz’s favour, the Sagnac effect demonstrates that depending on the placement of the observer, it is possible to see this variable speed of light and to confound apparent time dilation. Our analysis of Einstein’s light clock has shown that it will always count in error if the speed of light is not C in the moving frame. And further, our thought experiment with sidereal clocks has shown that the entire premise that time dilation corresponds to a change in “real” time is highly questionable. So when countered with the argument that General Relativity can explain the Sagnac effect, we might ask, why bother? If time dilation is an illusion, then the entire 4D time-space continuum of Einstein should be considered, to use his own word for the aether, “superfluous.”[7]



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[13] Hendrick Lorentz (1904) Electromagnetic phenomena in a system moving with any velocity smaller than that of light.



Seffas: ??? = THE ESTABLISHED, or, THE ENFORCED; as the laws of the land, or, the religion of the land, as established.

Seffas could also mean the established science (such as Newton and Einstein).
Relativity is such a cornerstone of modern physics (the Standard Model) that anyone who challenges it risks not being published.
John E. Chappell (1979)...Chappell wrote that he was denied the opportunity to complete a Ph.D. thesis in 1965 at the University of Kansas, U.S.A.  He claims that he was threatened that if he dared to write a thesis critical of Einstein, he would never receive his doctorate.
Page 171 of Challenging Modern Physics: Questioning Einstein's Relativity Theories (2005) by Al Kelly.
The editor of the American Journal of Physics said that articles critical of relativity could not be published "given the current situation in physics in the late 1970s". ..the American Journal of Physics had "an editorial policy which explicitly forbade any criticism of special relativity within its pages". This policy continues to the present day, ...Page 171 of Challenging Modern Physics: Questioning Einstein's Relativity Theories (2005) by Al Kelly.
Essen, the inventor of the atomic caesium clock, wrote several articles critical of SR.
The renowned Essen was warned by his employers that “to persist in his criticism of relativity may affect his career and hence pension prospects, and he was  told to use his private address on all correspondence on the subject of relativity”. - Page 170 of Challenging Modern Physics: Questioning Einstein's Relativity Theories (2005) By Al Kelly.
To even begin to criticize Einstein's theory of special relativity has become a scientific heresy of the highest order. The prevailing attitude of the physical establishment is that anyone who doubts the validity of this "bedrock of modern physics" is insane, and that trying to refute it is a symptom of "psychosis".
"Only a HIGHLY delusional person would believe that they have disproved relativity and quantum mechanics. Period." -  January, 2012 from a physicist reviewing The Universal Cycle Theory book by Sephen J. Puetz and Glenn Borchardt, PH.D. on Amazon.
Unfortunately for the progress of physics, when opinions like these reach a critical mass, they become self-fulfilling prophecies. Dissent is no longer respected, or even tolerated. Evidence to the contrary can no longer be communicated, for journals will refuse to publish it (23). Mathematically and logically, the notion that a theory that has made many correct predictions or leads to engineering applications must necessarily be true is untenable. Wrong models can make correct predictions. Scientific models may produce arbitrarily many, arbitrarily good predictions and still be flawed, as the historical example of the Ptolemaic (geocentric) model of the solar system shows. It does not matter how many observations are consistent with a theory if there is only one observation that is not.
Wrong conclusions from correct mathematics.
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter III:
17.. A man may prophesy by a traveling wagon what time it will reach town; but the correctness of his prophecy does not prove that the wagon pushed the horse to town.
Part 1: by David de Hilster
Back in 1992, I met a physicist, Dr Ricardo Carezani of Argentina, who claimed to have shown Einstein's special theory of relativity to be wrong, corrected the problem, and wanted my help to get this information out to the wider world.
In the ensuing years, I have found out more about the dysfunctional state of modern physics and cosmology, where the physics establishment enforces a dogma based on politics and its own emotional needs.
As dealt with by Roger below, the media blocks most of the information about Einstein's being wrong. Thus, in their state of ignorance, they reject such a documentary and do not give it a fair hearing.
Part 2: by Roger J. Anderton
I've had a long interest in physics and mathematics, and, like David de Hilster, I've noticed the "lie" with Einstein. After long, hard study of modern physics inspired by Einstein and obtaining a degree from the Open University, I was shocked to find that I had been lied to about both the physics and the history of the subject.
Einstein's relativity is supposed to be highly mathematical, and I felt that I needed to learn more maths before studying the subject, so I did the maths and went through the physics education system. I then looked back on what I had been taught by studying the relativity writings of Einstein and was horrified to find them to be nonsense. Worse, I found that there were clever people who had already worked out long ago that Einstein was talking nonsense but were being ignored. (I found them through the social group that David refers to.) Einstein in the popular imagination is a super-genius, and it just does not go down well with the public to have their hero represented as anything else.
So, the physics establishment holds up this false front of Einstein the genius. To maintain this false front, it even constructs a false history, ignoring actual history as much as it can. I now recognise what a genius Tesla was, but he wasn't working from physics as it is now taught to students but was working from an earlier physics uncorrupted by Einstein.
Many others have had a low opinion of Einstein, but they've often found that this damaged their reputations when they encountered people who hero-worshipped Einstein.
We have been really profoundly messed up by Einstein. There are many mistakes in Einstein's works. It is no longer really clear what Einstein’s relativity is supposed to be any more, and we dissidents have asked the Einstein believers to clarify this. See our communiqué, "An Open Letter to the Physics Community: The Twin Paradox".20
Einstein's portrayal as a hero has made it difficult for anyone to correct the mistakes in his relativity theories. Those who do try to correct these mistakes risk being smeared by his hero-worshippers.
Now  imagine yourself as the pilot of a jet aircraft with a horn and a headlight in its nosecone. You are flying at 650 mph. If you sound the horn, because sound travels at about 700 mph, the sound is only traveling 50 mph faster than you are. Yet, according to relativity theory apologists, if you turned the headlight on, because c is supposed to be constant within any reference frame, the light beam would travel at c ahead of you, not c minus 650 mph. This is patent, unmitigated nonsense.
The vortex turneth the earth on its axis, with its own axial motion (OAHSPE: Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy CHAPTER 1:3).

OAHSPE, BOOK OF COSMOGONY AND PROPHECY Chapter III:13... ethe [ether]...given a rotary motion it is called a vortex.
Light travels around the Earth faster Westward than Eastward. Sagnac Test. By: Dr. Alf Kelly, Engineer.
Light generated on the earth and sent around the globe travels faster westward than eastward relative to the surface of the earth. The Michelson and Gale 1925 test and the Saburi et al. 1976 test, as well as the Global Positioning System (GPS) for clock synchronisation, prove this. - page 117 of  Challenging Modern Physics: Questioning Einstein's Relativity Theories (2005) by Al Kelly.
SR [special relativity] has two requirements relating to the behaviour of light: (i) the speed of light is independent of the speed of its source and (ii) the speed of light is always measured as a constant (c) by any observer travelling at uniform speed with respect  to the source of the light (see Einstein 1905 and 1922).. - page 118 of  Challenging Modern Physics: Questioning Einstein's Relativity Theories (2005) by Al Kelly.

Air molecules or wind have a very small effect (1 c vs 1.0003 c) on the so called travel of light:
material n material n
Vacuum 1 Crown Glass 1.52
Air 1.0003 Salt 1.54
Water 1.33 Asphalt 1.635
Ethyl Alcohol 1.36 Heavy Flint Glass 1.65
Fused Quartz 1.4585 Diamond 2.42
Whale Oil 1.460 Lead 2.6
Values of n come from the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics   Notice that the index of refraction of air differs from the index of refraction of vacuum by a very small amount [1 c vs 1.0003 c].
Just as the vortex (ether) PUSHes things to the earth (gravity), the vortex PUSHes (controls) the travel (speed) of light (independant of the motion of the earth and the air) so that Light travels faster going one way around the earth and travels slower going the other way around the earth. This is the same result of the Sagnac experiment where light is faster going in one direction around a rotating disk and slower going the other direction around a rotating disk (even when factoring in and calculating the speed and direction of rotation). This proves Einstein was wrong, that the speed of light is not constant (which special relativity is based on).  
The effect of an ether would be to slow down or vary the speed of light (the Sagnac effect).  
Light travels around the Earth faster Westward than Eastward. Does not the Special Theory of Relativity claim that the speed of light is a constant? The standard answer to this conundrum is that the Special Relativity applies solely to uniform straight line motion. It is claimed that, no matter how big the circle, motion along its periphery cannot be said to approach straight line motion. This is said to be so even if the best measuring instruments devised cannot pick up the divergence from straight line motion over the portion of circumference being used.. In his paper launching the theory in 1905, having applied his theory to straight line motion, Einstein then applied it to a closed curve of any shape. This rather undermines the popular explanation! The circuit does not have to be as large as the cross section of the Earth to detect this effect. A Frenchman, Sagnac, found in 1914 that light signals go around a disc of 1 m diameter faster against the spin of the disc than in the direction of the spin.
We must then take it that the Special Theory of Relativity is not correct and that Time and Space are absolute, not relative. The speed of light is no longer sacrosanct. But, what about the many many experiments that fit Relativity theory? A thousand things may fit a theory but, if one fact does not, the theory fails. In the words of Huxley "the great tragedy of science - the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact".
By: Dr. Alf Kelly, Engineer


Dufour & Prunier Tests
The French pair, Dufour & Prunier (D & P) [3] repeated the Sagnac test, forty years after Sagnac had done it, and got the same result. They then did other very important variations on the original Sagnac experiments. They showed that the photographic record could be taken upon the spinning disc or from the fixed laboratory and that the result was the same.
This author has located no reference by Einstein to the Sagnac tests, and that can be viewed as very strange because the tests were on the speed of light, which is the basis and core of Special Relativity. Einstein visited Miller [4] in the USA in 1921 where tests on the speed of light were in progress. Lorentz also visited the same site. Sagnac’s work was referenced by Silberstein [5] (1921) who worked with Michelson & Gale [6] on their on 1925 tests (described below). Miller was a co-worker with Michelson. Silberstein remarked “As a matter of fact, Einstein himself never entered into the details of this important problem of rotation” and “In fine, the optical circuit experiment may easily become crucial and fatal for Einstein‟s theory.” Turner [7] (1979) commented that neither the Sagnac tests nor the Michelson & Gale tests were ever mentioned by Einstein.
Series #2 -      Tests Invalidating  Relativity
Question - (2-A)
Why should we believe that Einstein's theory of relativity is wrong?
A. - Because several experiments have shown very clearly that the results are not compatible with Einstein's predictions of general relativity.  One can also think of other important reasons, (like the non-conservation of momentum and mass-energy in general relativity [Ref.]) but this has been discussed elsewhere (see Einstein's Theory of Relativity versus Classical Mechanics).
Question - (2-B)
Can you give an example of an experiment giving results which are contrary to Einstein's predictions?
A. - Yes. One of the most simple and remarkable experiment showing that Nature is not compatible with Einstein's hypothesis is the one described by Sagnac in 1914. (Ref. Sagnac M. G., J. de Phys., 1914, 4, 177-195).
Question - (2-C)
Can you give a simple description of the Sagnac's Experiment?
        A. - Yes. Here is a simple description.
       Let us assume that you have a source of light (a laser) at a certain location on Earth (e.g. your home). You project that beam of light directly toward a satellite in orbit around the Earth on which there is a reflecting mirror. After that first reflection, light reaches other mirrors in space so that it can finally complete a full turn around the Earth and reach again the same spot on Earth where light has been emitted.
        Using that apparatus, you can measure the time it takes for light to make a complete turn around the Earth when light moves from West to East. Now, if you repeat the same experiment, with the same mirrors, (or even do it simultaneously), using light moving from East to West, you find that the time taken by light to move from East to West is shorter than the time taken for light to complete the revolution in the opposite direction. That difference of time is observed with the same apparatus, making simultaneous measurements, at the same location. One can show that this difference is due to the Classical Newtonian motion of Earth rotation. That difference of time for light taken between each direction depends directly on the velocity of the Earth moving around itself.
         Einstein's Theory claims that there is no possible way to detect the ABSOLUTE velocity of the Earth. The very use of the expression RELATIVITY comes from Einstein's hypothesis that parameters, like VELOCITY, are relative so that any absolute motion (like absolute velocity) is meaningless. However, we see above, that the velocity of Earth is responsible for the change of time light takes to go around the Earth. From a fixed location on Earth, we can detect the Earth's motion. Therefore, contrary to Einstein principle of relativity, the velocity of light is not relative to the observer. One must conclude that the Sagnac effect contradicts Einstein's hypothesis of General Relativity.
        Let us note that in practice, the Sagnac effect is observed quite easily. In order to observe that effect, you do not have to make a full circle around the Earth. If you make light rotate around a diameter of only one meter and many rotations, (in either directions) you will observe the same effect. The slight change of time interval to travel in either directions can be detected using interference patterns between the beams moving simultaneously in opposite directions. This method is very sensitive to detect a very small rate of rotation. Such an observation is very important in ships (or spaceships) and in airplanes. It is a kind of optical gyroscope (laser gyroscope) manufactured commercially in large number. This optical gyroscope detects the absolute velocity of the rotating Earth from any location on Earth, even if Einstein's theory claims that light travels with respect to the observer.
        There is also a Straight-Line-Component Sagnac effect. (see Einstein's Theory of Relativity versus Classical Mechanics, chapter 9).  This will not be developed here. The Sagnac effect has been discussed in many papers. Recently, A. Kelly (The Sagnac Effect and GPS Synchronization of Clock-Stations) presented a paper at the meeting of "Galileo Back in Italy", Bologna May 1999. Ref. A. G. Kelly, HDS Energy Limited Celbridge, Co, Kildare, Ireland. The Sagnac effect on the GPS Clock synchronization is extremely important.
        One can conclude that you can possess now your own instrument that measures the ABSOLUTE velocity of rotation of the Earth, which is in striking contradiction with Einstein's Theory of Relativity, while most of the scientists still refuse to accept that this can actually work. This is the most striking proof that Einstein's Theory of General Relativity is wrong.
Question - (2-D)
Since the Sagnac experiment was known in 1914 (even before the development of general relativity), how can Einstein's general relativity be accepted so readily around 1919?
        A. - For the same reason that in Galileo's time, when people refused to accept that it was not the Sun (nor the sky) which is moving around the Earth.
        During Galileo's time, the interpretation of the bible was that EVERYTHING in the sky was moving around the Earth. However, a contrary observation was already definitely observed using Galileo's first telescope (when observing the satellites of Jupiter moving around Jupiter). It is reported that the monks even refused to look through the Galileo's telescope. Modern physics is dogmatic and possesses many characteristics of a religion.
Question - (2-E)
How accurate are the measurements of the Sagnac effect?
        A. - The Sagnac experiment has been measured a large number of times during the last century. In the case of an experiment of radio waves moving around the Earth, Michelson and Gale (Ref. Michelson A. and Gale H. Astroph. J. 1925, 61, 137-145) made the first observation that the electromagnetic signals around the world took a different time in the East and West directions in 1925. Very recently, using a ring laser, Bilger H. R. et al. (IEEE Trans. 44, No:2, p. 468-470) confirmed that the Sagnac effect to better than one part in 1020.

The speed of light in vacuum, commonly denoted c, is a universal physical constant important in many areas of physics. Its value is exactly 299792458 metres per second (≈3.00×108 m/s), as the length of the metre is defined from this constant and the international standard for time.[1] According to special relativity, c is the maximum speed at which all matter and information in the universe can travel.
Consider what happens to light that is arriving to us now from a galaxy at a distance from earth of, say, 7,000 million light-years.
The blink of light that emanated 7,000 million years ago would by now be a sphere with a radius of 7,000 million light-years. At what speed is the surface of that sphere expanding? The expansion is related to 2πrc, where r is 7,000 million light-years. However, the speed of expansion (and the light is expanding to cover the whole surface of the sphere) is billions of billions times the speed of light. The light
itself is moving transversely at that immense speed. It is supposed that no information can be transferred at a speed greater than c, yet here we have a practical example of where information on a faraway galaxy is  being transferred laterally at a far, far greater speed.
- page 85 of Challenging Modern Physics: Questioning Einstein's Relativity Theories
(2005) by Al Kelly
Tesla said that "Einstein was completely wrong about General Relativity!" ...The Polymath and Mystic Walter Russell also said that 'General Relativity' was completely wrong!
A] Does the Sagnac Experiment disprove Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity?
The answer is YES. Unless it’s assumed that STR does not apply to rotating frames of reference, the Postulate of Constancy is sufficiently falsified by the positive outcome of the Sagnac Experiment. There is not doubt about that. Is it wise on the part of the Physics Establishment to hold STR as valid in spite of all this? Probably…yes. The Sagnac effect is so minute. In order for them to discard their STR, they need something big. Say a radio signal goes to Mars and comes back in less than half of its expected travel time.
A. Faraj, Jun. 14, 2005
The usual claim is that the Sagnac effect somehow falsifies the invariance of light speed with respect to all inertial coordinate systems. Of course, it does no such thing, as is obvious from the fact that the simple description of an arbitrary Sagnac device given above is based on isotropic light speed with respect to one particular system of inertial coordinates, and all other inertial coordinate systems are related to this one by Lorentz transformations, which are defined as the transformations that preserve light speed. Hence no description of a Sagnac device in terms of any system of inertial coordinates can possibly entail non-isotropic light speed, nor can any such description yield physically observable results different from those derived above (which are known to agree with experiment).
i·so·trop·ic Physics: isotropic:
(of an object or substance) having a physical property that has the same value when measured in different directions.
(of a property or phenomenon) not varying in magnitude according to the direction of measurement. [Google definition].
The Sagnac Effect
There are probably more conflicting opinions expressed about the Sagnac effect than any other "relativistic" effect. The review here of the Sagnac effect will be brief. The Sagnac effect is the result of a non-isotropic speed of light and arises any time an observer or measuring instrument moves with respect to the frame chosen as the isotropic light-speed frame. And it is here that the Sagnac effect runs into trouble with the special theory. The special theory by postulate and definition of time synchronization requires that the speed of light always be isotropic with respect to the observer. And this is where the special theory is in error—the Sagnac effect illustrates that error. Since relativists do not like to admit that non-isotropic light speed exists, they attempt to explain the effect by other mechanisms...
The presence of the Sagnac effect in the GPS system clearly shows that none of the explanations listed above are adequate,
By Ronald R. Hatch.
8. E. J. Post  (1967) "Sagnac Effect," Review of Modern Physics, Vol. 39, pp 475-493.
12. Herbert E. Ives  (Aug. 1938) "Light Signals Sent Around a Closed Path," Journal of the Optical Society of America, Vol. 28, pp 296-299
Ron Hatch missed the boat completely in his discussion of the Sagnac effect. One must keep in mind that in his RELATIVITY AND GPS, he attempted to refute Einstein by using the GPS.
Hatch continues: "In point of fact, rotation is only incidentally involved with the Sagnac effect. The Sagnac effect is the result of a non-isotropic speed of light and arises any time an observer or measuring instrument moves with respect to the frame chosen as the isotropic light-speed frame." (My emphasis).
The truth is that the Sagnac effect is only present in rotating reference frames. Linear, non-accelerated movement does not cause any Sagnac effect.
A recent ingenious test by Wang et al. (2003) shows that the Sagnac result is also achieved by sending out and back again light in a straight-line portion of the light path. This is what this author claimed above, but it is so much more convincing when an actual experiment has shown the same thing. I wonder what excuse will be trotted out now!
Wang has succeeded in proving that the Sagnac effect applies to straight-line motion. - page 55 of Challenging Modern Physics: Questioning Einstein's Relativity Theories [2005] by Al Kelly
1965: John Chappell: "Georges Sagnac and the Discovery of the Ether", Arch. Internat. d'Histoire des Sciences, 18:175-190, 1965

The Important Sagnac Effect .
John-Erik Persson, Fastlagsvägen 2, 12648 Hägersten
The  almost  hundred  years old conflict between the special relativity theory (SRT) and the
Sagnac effect
is analyzed. The common interpretation of Sagnac effect as an effect of rotation
is refuted. The relation between Sagnac effect and ether model is discussed.
Since Sagnac in 1913 discovered the effect named after him scientists have failed to provide a
unification of the effect and  SRT  that all could agree upon. Many different ideas have been
presented. These problems have been explained away by stating that Sagnac effect is an effect
of rotation. However, the notion of Sagnac effect as an effect of translation has been advocated by H Ives.
Sagnac effect is an effect of translation that refutes SRT and proves the ether’s existence.
Sagnac effect is the best way to find the ether’s state of motion.
[1] Rayong Wang, Ti Zheng, and AipingYao, “Generalized Sagnac Effect”, Physical Review Letters, Vol 93 Number 14, (2004)
[2] C S Unnikrishnan, ‘Light and the observer: New experiments and a critique of our common beliefs about light’, SPIE 6664-23
[3] J.-E. Persson, “The Special Theory of  Relativity  and  the  Sagnac  Effect”, 14:th Annual Conference of the Natural Philosophy Alliance (May 2007), In Absentia
Available  at:
Also  in Infinite  Energy, Nr 77, Vol 13, 35-40 
Electrical Engineer (Retired)
Interests: Special Relativity, Experiments, Gravity, Ether
Education: MSEE (Master of Science in Electrical Engineering)
Electrical engineering primarily focuses on applying electricity and magnetism principles from physics to make useful devices and materials. There is often a lot of overlap between electrical engineering and physics, especially in the area of solid state physics.
Computer Scientist, Artist, Filmmaker
Interests: Special Relativity, Gravity, Growing Earth, Autodynamics, Neomechanics
David de Hilster is webmaster for the John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society and also helped found the Society for the Advancement of Autodynamics, founded in 1994. He is also co-founder of the Natural Philosophy Database. He also produced and directed the feature-length documentary film Einstein Wrong - The Miracle Year which was complete in 2014.

Einstein Clock Synchronization Error.
Roger J Anderton
Einstein made the error of defining his clock synchronization so that the clocks are synchronized if they measure light speed as constant in vacuum for inertial frames
(under the conditions of Special Relativity (SR)).  When really there are various ways of synchronizing clocks.  By adjusting his clocks so that light speed is defined as
constant, means that he was not allowing the speed of light to be tested to see whether it was constant or not. This totally violates scientific method to have light speed
defined as constant rather than allow it to be put to empirical test. 
We have not defined a common 'time' for A and B, for the latter cannot be defined at all unless we establish by definition that the 'time' required by light
to travel from A to B equals the 'time' for it to travel from B to A.
This definition by Einstein is not borne out in practice; the time for light to travel from one point to another is not always measured as the same as the time for
the reverse journey. This has been proven in the Sagnac experiments and in numerous other experiments described earlier. It is also disproven in the daily Global Positioning
System (GPS) signalling system, where the time for the light to go around the earth in one direction is not the same as the reverse journey.
Page 93 of Challenging Modern Physics: Questioning Einstein's Relativity Theories (2005) by Al Kelly.
Clocks Run Slow with Respect to What?
We shall see further evidence in this chapter that atomic clocks run slow in proportion to their speeds with respect to the the centre of the earth. This surprising physical fact was not suspected until about 1970.
Page 95 of Challenging Modern Physics: Questioning Einstein's Relativity Theories (2005) by Al Kelly.
As already quoted, Hafele (1970), in answer to the query “what would be the rate of a standard clock that is moving relative to stationary standard clocks on the
geoid?”, responded with this extraordinary statement: “The standard answer that moving clocks run slow by the well known factor gamma is almost certainly incorrect.
The 'standard answer' to which Hafele referred was SR!
Page 99 of Challenging Modern Physics: Questioning Einstein's Relativity Theories (2005) by Al Kelly.
In physics, the twin paradox is a thought experiment in special relativity involving identical twins, one of whom makes a journey into space in a high-speed rocket and returns home to find that the twin who remained on Earth has aged more.
Twin Paradox (from Einstein Light: relativity):
twin-paradox-sketch before and after:
Twin Paradox ...
Dr. Brewster reported at an American Rocket Society meeting. "It depends on whether you say the space ship is moving. away from the earth or the earth is moving away from the space ship. No matter which twin brother you are, you will see the other aging faster. When the two of you are back home, one will not be any older than the other."
This contradicts Einstein.
Page 281 of Challenging Modern Physics: Questioning Einstein's Relativity Theories (2005) by Al Kelly.
145. LIFE SPAN SAME IN SPACE AS ON EARTH. Sci.News Ltr. 70:371,Dec.15,1956.
Twins Paradox of Relativity Is Absolutely Wrong
Some Errors in Modern Astrophysics
As far as they went, they were correct, and they were right that the Earth twin WOULD see his rapidly receding brother appear to be aging more slowly than himself, by something called Time Dilation. an unavoidable effect of Einstein's Special Relativity. The part that those Physicists misunderstood was that the exact same situation applies to the Traveling twin.
Those Physicists only looked at ONE perspective, that of viewing from Earth, and they never considered the equally logically and correct perspective of the spaceship traveler. Given that story, the CORRECT situation is that BOTH twins have personally aged twenty years ...
Qutoes about Einstein and the constant speed of light:
"Einstein's theory of special relativity sets the speed of light, 186,000 miles ... to a cosmic speed limit set by Albert Einstein's special theory of relativity. ... Einstein introduced the speed of light as a mathematical constant, c."

"It was the young Einstein's genius to explain just WHY the speed of light is constant and does not depend on the speed of its source or its observer"

"In 1905, Albert Einstein postulated that the speed of light c with respect to any inertial frame is a constant and is independent of the motion of the"
Light does not travel, light is not a wave, Albert Einstein had it wrong, Walter Russell got it right.
Light is still. The sense of sight cannot respond to stillness. That which the eyes “feel” and believe to be Light is but wave motion simulating the idea of Light."  - Walter Russell (From The Secret of Light – Chapter XII).
OAHSPE BOOK OF COSMOGONY CHAPTER 1 verse 35: ...that which is called light is polarity of corporeal needles in solution, CAUSED by the lines of vortexya. In experiments on earth, THE FLASH REQUIRETH A CERTAIN TIME TO POLARIZE THESE INFINITESIMAL NEEDLES, AND FOR CONVENIENCE SAKE SUCH LAPSE OF TIME IS CALLED THE TRAVEL [SPEED] OF LIGHT...but there is no travel in any sense whatever.
Sound is a wave, like the waves of a pebble hitting water, the wave travels. Light is not a wave,
Light does not travel. Light is harmony, needles pointing in the same direction. Darkness and sound
is chaos, a disturbance, disharmony, needles pointing in different directions. Sound can be harmonic (music).
Here is what Hawking (2001) said ...(I still get two or three letters a week telling me Einstein was wrong). - Page 175 of Challenging Modern Physics: Questioning Einstein's Relativity Theories (2005) by Al Kelly.
OAHSPE: Book of Fragapatti CHAPTER XXVIII:
4....so are there in the etherean firmament currents [vortices] ...
In 1881 Oahspe talked of currents in the etherean firmament (sky, intergalactic space).
Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy IX:1 says "The same force, vortexya, pervadeth the entire universe but different, according to volume (size), velocity (speed) and CONFIGURATION (structure).
swirl  = move in a twisting or spiraling pattern.
General patterns of ocean flow are called currents. Sometimes these currents can pinch off sections and create circular currents of water called an eddy. ... The swirling motion of eddies in the ocean cause nutrients that are normally found in colder, deeper waters to come to the surface.
The gravitational waves suggested by the BICEP2 results would have expanded across the entire universe at that time, Irwin said. The length of one of these waves -- the distance between peaks and troughs -- would have been billions of light years across.
Instead of temperature, BICEP2 scientists were looking specifically at the polarization of the cosmic microwave background -- that is, the direction the electric field is pointing across the sky.
Researchers were looking for a specific type of polarization called "B-modes," which signify a curling pattern in the polarized orientations of light from the ancient universe, said Jamie Bock, co-leader of the BICEP2 collaboration and professor of physics at California Institute of Technology.
In theory, this swirling polarization pattern could only be created from gravitational waves. And that is what BICEP2 found.
a curling pattern....swirling polarization pattern = vortexian currents.
a curling pattern....swirling polarization pattern = created from vortexian waves.
The gravitational waves pattern = manifestation of vortexian currents
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter I:
45...Nor is there any substance of gravitation. These powers are the manifestation of vortexya.
Above: image of Galactic magnetic spiral.
News Astronomy
Magnetic ‘glue’ helps shape galaxies.
Map shows how patterns align, suggesting way to keep spiral arms stable
7:30am, June 23, 2015
SPACE SWIRL Magnetic fields (yellow lines) closely match the spiral pattern of galaxy IC 342 (pictured), suggesting that magnetism might help hold the spiral arms together.
New maps of the nearby galaxy IC 342 show that its magnetic fields closely mimic its spiral arms of gas and stars. The similar pattern suggests that galactic magnetic fields have some role to play in molding spiral galaxies, astronomer Rainer Beck reports June 11 in Astronomy & Astrophysics.
“The magnetic field can help stabilize the spiral pattern,” says Beck, of the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy in Bonn, Germany.
Spiral arms are a bit puzzling. As a galaxy’s disk of gas spins, hiccups in the gas can set up spiraling waves. The waves compress the gas, which gravitationally collapses to form stars, lighting up the spiral arms. But simulations suggest that the spiral pattern should fall apart relatively quickly.
Magnetic fields aligned across tens of thousands of light-years might act as glue for ionized gas, says Beck. The rotating galaxy.
Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter I:
7. Things fall not to the earth because of the magnetism therein, save as hereinafter mentioned, but they are driven toward the centre of the vortex, by the power of the vortex.
There is no substance of attraction. Nor is there any substance of gravitation. These powers are the manifestation of vortexya.
OAHSPE BOOK OF COSOGONY CH. III:12 says "vortexya, in fact, is no substance or thing as such; but is the vortex in axial and ORBITIC MOTION, or in other words, CORPOR IN AN ETHEIC SOLUTION."
Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter III:
11. As light, and heat, and magnetism, and electricity, are all one and the same thing, which are the manifestation of vortexian currents under different conditions, ...
13. As previously stated, ethe holdeth corpor in solution, which is the condition of atmospherea and of the etherean regions beyond. When a portion of this solution is given a rotary motion it is called a vortex.
Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy CHAPTER 2: 1. There are two known things in the universe: ethe and corpor. The former is the solvent of the latter.
Page 11 of THE UNIVERSAL CYCLE THEORY says Aether ...refers to all forms of matter too small to be easily detected by humans...a subdivision of baryonic matter...we label matter smaller than an electron (undetectable matter) as aether...
Baryonic Matter: Matter the size of electrons and larger [corpor of Oahspe].
Aethereal Matter: Matter smaller than electrons [ethe'ic corporeal needles of Oahspe].
solvent = disolves larger matter into matter too small to detect directly with the physical senses,
solution = disolved matter uniformly distributed throughout the universe too small to detect directly with the physical senses.
The magnetic field of our Milky Way galaxy as seen by the Planck satellite.
Big Bang breakthrough announced; gravitational waves detected
The BICEP2 experiment has detected swirls in light from the early universe, called B-mode polarization, that could result from primordial gravitational waves.
Above side by side comparison of magnetic field of Milky Way galaxy and gravitational waves (ripples in space-time) showing very similar swirling effect.
Below is the scientific article that backs up my observation (I made the above observation BEFORE I read the article below):
Blog Physics 24 September 2014
The European Space Agency’s Planck mission has called into question the dramatic announcement earlier this year that astronomers had found evidence of gravitational waves. The Planck scientists say the observation could be just an effect of space dust.
But so dramatic was the apparent discovery of gravitational waves, first predicted by Einstein in 1916 as part of his Theory of General Relativity, that it captivated the scientific community worldwide.
Not only did the discovery appear to prove Einstein right but it provided the “smoking gun for inflation”, a 1980 refinement of the Big Bang theory.
Doubts were first raised in June by Raphael Flauger, a researcher at Princeton's Institute for Advanced Study, who revealed the devil in the detail. He suggested the swirls, or ripples, may be caused by space dust looping the loop in the Milky Way’s magnetic field.
It appears scientists were wrong about detecting the gravitational waves predicted by Einstein, what else could they be wrong about (what other misinterpretations of data)
small group of Danish physicists who were casting doubt on the original gravitational wave signal detected by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO).
For most physicists, however, LIGO has been vindicated.


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Walter Russell simulation universe:
“The Cause is real. The Effect is but a simulation of the reality"
"the illusion of substance which we call matter."
The Secret of Light- Page 13 - Google Books Result
"deceived by the illusions of our senses"
corpor remaineth so by no power of its own but by vortexya external thereto - Oahspe Book of Cosmogony.
"Still magnetic LIGHT acts at the fulcrum for the electric simulated universe"
"this universal illusion, which seems so real to the human senses, and proves to the satisfaction of the most exacting scientists that the entire electric wave universe is but a cosmic cinema picturing a cosmic idea of cause and effect with cosmic projection cameras called wave fields of light."
"senses of men in order that he should believe the simulation to be reality"
"The Creator is One Mind indivisible. Creation is One Whole Idea of Mind divided into countless simulated ideas of mind, through motion"
"this forever creating universe which seems so real to him is but a cosmic cinema, conceived by the Master Playwright. It is but an electrically projected, spectrum-colored light"
The Secret of Light- Page 15 - Google Books Result
This work presents color holographic display, which is based on a single phase only spatial light modulator (SLM). In the display entire area of the SLM is illuminated by an on-axis
white light beam generated by a single large LED. The holographic display fully utilizes SLM bandwidth and has capability of full-color, 
full frame rate imaging of outstanding quality.
"The only thing that is real is Consciousness or Spirit everything else is a simulation and illusion." - Studyofoahspe.com author.
Oahspe God's Book of Ben: Chapter II:
24. Nor is there aught in thy corporeal knowledge that thou canst prove otherwise, save it be thy presence; and even that that thou seest is not thy presence, but the symbol and image of it, for thou thyself art but as a seed, a spark of the All Light, that thou canst not prove to exist.
Chapter V
17. Uz said: All thou seest and hearest, O man, are but transient and delusive.
"a seed, a spark of the All Light" = a fractal. The All Light = Whole.
delusive definition:
"giving a false or misleading impression"
String Theory Supersymmetry Physics equations Adinkras on left (2010) and Walter Russell physics illustrations on right (1926).
2 sub-cell cubes of physics Tesseract = 2 (positive and negative) wave cubes of Walter Russell (above).
Two sub-cell cubes smash into each other = Union of two wave cubes that collide into each other. 
Computer Code Hidden Within Reality
Tesseract Adinkra with binary codes (the information-theoretic bit-word address of each node).
From 1:48 to 2:34 of the video:
"into the equations we want to use to describe the cosmos...computer codes, strings of bits of ones and zeros...it's not even just is computer code it's a special kind of computer code that was invented by a scientist named Claude Shannon in the 1940s, thats what we find buried very deeply inside the equations that occur in string theory and in general systems that we say are supersymmetric".
Professor S James Gates said at the 1:12:25 to 1:12:35 of:
"the last time I was here I actually mispoke I used the name of Shannon when I meant Hamming code instead, first let me correct that for this wonderful audience ..." 
A bit of history.
• After the II World War: Claude Shannon, Stephen Kleene, John von
> Development of computers and telecommunications.
> Interest in exploring the functions of the human brain
 From 13:00 minutes into the video:
"The most interesting thing I found out about it was historical. In the 12th century, Hugo Santalia brought it from Islamic mystics into Spain. And there it entered into the alchemy community as geomancy, divination through the Earth. This is a geomantic chart drawn for King Richard II in 1390. Leibniz, the German mathematician, talked about geomancy in his dissertation called De Combinatoria. And he said, "Well, instead of using one stroke and two strokes, let's use a one and a zero, and we can count by powers of 2." Right? Ones and zeros, the binary code. George Boole took Leibniz's binary code and created Boolean algebra, and John von Neumann took Boolean algebra and created the digital computer. So all these little PDAs and laptops -- every digital circuit in the world -- started in Africa," - Ron Eglash
...the binary code appears to have a distinct African origin (Eglash 1997a)
The modern binary code, essential to every digital circuit from alarm clocks to super-computers, was first introduced by Leibnitz around 1670. Leibniz had been inspired by the binary-based "logic machine" of Raymond Lull, which was in turn inspired by the alchemists’ divination practice of geomancy (Skinner 1980). But geomancy is clearly not of European origin. It was first introduced there by Hugo of Santalla in twelfth century Spain, and Islamic scholars had been using it in North Africa since at least the 9th century, where it was first documented in written records by the Jewish writer Aran ben Joseph. The nearly identical system of divination in West Africa associated with Fa and Ifa was first noted by Trautmann (1939), but he assumed that geomancy originated in Arabic society, where it is known as ilm al-raml ("the science of sand").
The mathematical basis of geomancy is, however, strikingly out of place in non-African systems. Unlike Europe, India, and Arabic cultures, base 2 calculation is ubiquitous in Africa, even for multiplication and division. Doubling is a frequent theme in many other African knowledge systems,
particularly divination. The African origin of geomancy -- and thus, via Lull and Leibnitz, the
binary code -- is well supported
Known for Ethnomathematics
Scientific career
Fields Mathematics
Information Technology
Oahspe The Lord's Fifth Book: Chapter VI:
29....and the seer sat therein, with a table before him, on which table sand was sprinkled.
And the Lord wrote in the sand, with his finger, the laws of heaven and earth.
"the laws of heaven and earth" = Algorithms = Binary fractal recursion (iteration).
"the laws of heaven and earth" = Rules of Prophecy = Cycles = recursion (iteration).
Can mere computational mathematics (mathematical code) create an entire universe? 
Mandelbrot set fractal infinite orders of magnitude and diversity. 
See Mathematical knowledge of Israelites and sub-Saharan Africans page of this website. 
Is the universe a Binary fractal self-replicating algorithm?
How do cells duplicate (replicate) themselves, and why? In all complex multicellular
organisms (eukaryotes), cell duplication occurs by a process called "mitosis" or cell division.
Growth. We all started out as a single cell; the fusion of a sperm from dad and an egg
from mom. That original cell divided repeatedly until you grew and differentiated into an
organism composed of billions of cells. But this raises an interesting problem. When one
cell divides into two, both must have a copy of the genetic information. Therefore, before
cell division occurs, the genes must also make duplicates of themselves so that all of the
important genetic information ends up in each of the new cells
. The first cell divides into
two, and each of those two divide again, and this process continues geometrically along
the following progression: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, and so on into the billions. That's growth
Computer code bits is in harmonic multiples and divisions of 8. The two (2) base system (bi-nary, base 2 calculation) is a harmonic division of 8. Multiply 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 4, 8, 16, 32 which are harmonic parts (divisions) or multiplications of 8 which are 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, etc...start off with 1 whole and multiply x 2, x 2, x 2, x 2, x 2, x 2, x 2, etc... you get all divisions or multiples of 8, like harmonic musical notes or computer bits.
Computer binary code 8 bit-system (each number below represents a iteration in the recursive branching fractal process):
1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024 2048 4096 8192 16384 32768
The part of science that deals with the transmission of data is called information theory. For the most part, this is a science that has largely developed in ways that are unrelated to the fields used in theoretical physics. However, with the observation that structures from information theory — codes — control the structure of equations with the SUSY property, we may be crossing a barrier. I know of no other example of this particular intermingling occurring at such a deep level. Could it be that codes, in some deep and fundamental way, control the structure of our reality? In asking this question, we may be ending our “treasure hunt” in a place that was anticipated previously by at least one pioneering physicist: John Archibald Wheeler.
Life in the Matrix?
computer codes!
It's not just any code either; it is a distinct and very particular code and it belongs to a
family known as "doubly even self-dual linear binary error-correcting block codes." Yet whatever family they belong to, all error-correction codes,...serve the same function: they are used to detect errors and allow the correct transmission of digital data.
We depend on these little sentences of code daily. Everything that is transmitted over the interwebs relies on ...error-correction code ...
Let me show you how that relates to adinkras:
Simply put: when a four-color, multi-dimensional adinkra's points are assigned super-symmetric values corresponding to their actual theoretical supersymmetric existence and the pattern is “folded” over on itself. The resultant binary words formed are the self-correcting codes we've just discussed. The question Gates had to ask was: “Could it be that codes, in some deep and fundamental way, control the structure of our reality?”
In the article, Gates asks, “How could we discover whether we live inside a Matrix? One answer might be ‘Try to detect the presence of codes in the laws that describe physics.'” And this is precisely what he has done. Specifically, within the equations of supersymmetry he has found, quite unexpectedly, what are called “doubly-even self-dual linear binary error-correcting block codes.” That’s a long-winded label for codes that are commonly used to remove errors in computer transmissions, for example to correct errors in a sequence of bits representing text that has been sent across a wire.
Gates explains, “This unsuspected connection suggests that these codes may be ubiquitous in nature, and could even be embedded in the essence of reality. If this is the case, we might have something in common with the Matrix science-fiction films, which depict a world where everything human being’s experience is the product of a virtual-reality-generating computer network.”
Why are these codes hidden in the laws of fundamental particles? “Could it be that codes, in some deep and fundamental way, control the structure of our reality?,” he asks. It’s a good question.
Now why does this discovery matter? Well it is more than strange and intriguing that fundamental physics equations that describe the universe would contain these error correcting codes. Could it mean that the universe itself is built with error correcting codes in it, codes that that are just like those used in computers and computer networks? Did they emerge naturally, or are they artifacts of some kind of intelligent design? Or do they indicate the universe literally IS a computer? For example maybe the universe is a cellular automata machine, or perhaps a loop quantum gravity computer.
Cellular Automata as Simple Self-Organizing Systems.
Stephen Wolfram *
Physics Department, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena CA 91125
(July 1982; revised November 1982)
Cellular automata provide simple discrete deterministic mathematical models for physical. biological and computational systems. Despite their simple construction, cellular automata are shown to be capable of complicated behaviour, and to generate complex patterns with universal features. An outline of their statistical mechanics is given.
The Mathematics of the Game Owari.
An article by Bennett in Rattray's book on Ashanti in 1927 gives the rules and some strategies of the game. The National Game of Africa.
There are periodic patterns is such a cellular automaton. For instance, the square is a fixed pattern, which has period 1. There are patterns which flip back and forth between two states, such as the horizontal and vertical short lines which have period 2.
Ron Eglash has shown how one can view the owari board as a one-dimensional cellular automaton (African Fractals. Modern Computing and Indigenous Design, New Brunswick, Rutgers University Press, 1999, summery available online). A marching group is replicated with a right-shift, thus it is a pattern with period 1.
Ron Eglash is doing interesting cross-disciplinary work. He has been modeling the fractal organization of African settlement patterns (squares within squares within squares, or circles of circles of circles) and nonlinear street branching patterns. "The fractal architecture is not unconscious, but part of indigenous knowledge systems based on African conceptions of recursion and scaling. The self-similar architecture is linked to self-organizing social dynamics." There are also self-organizing numeric patterns in the traditional African board game Owari or Mancala -- essentially a one-dimensional cellular automaton (elementary cellular automata). Eglash is looking for user-friendly alife/cellular automata software (other than CALAB) that can produce the double-scroll spiral seen in self-organizing systems such as Belousov-Zhabotinsky chemical reactions. (This may require a third or "ghost/sleeping" state in addition to "alive" and "dead" states.) His motivation is a Jola village in Senegal that looks like a double scroll pattern. The Jola use logarithmic spirals in their religious rituals to symbolize the spiritual "energy" of growth. Eglash hopes to use alife simulators in Africa to help teach biodiversity and sustainable agriculture. [, genetic-programming, 18Dec96. Bill Park.] 
Pages 102-106 of African_Fractals_Modern_Computing_and_Indigenous_Design by Ron Eglash.
Cellular automaton Spaceship (above) of Game of Life is similar to Manichean (Manichaean) spaceship (gold center). 
The Mandelbrot set isn’t normally constructed as a cellular automaton (although it certainly can be as cellular automatons are Turing-complete for the computer scientists out there.) However, many other famous fractals are easily expressed as cellular automatons. The two fields are closely related, as many fractals (including Mandelbrot) are related to bifurcation problems on recursive functions (famously related to automaton simulations).

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