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"If the author, Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D., is correct, an 890-page book called "Oahspe" is the best kept secret in the world. But it is not supposed to be a secret. It was intended to be as well known as the Bible and provide answers to humankind on all life's mysteries, including the history of the planet, the history of the human race, the fate of man, and countless other matters pertaining to the nature of man and the purpose of life."



2. Now, therefore, let my chief loo'is come before me, and hear the decree of God.

3. The Lord said: When the chief loo'is had come before the throne, God said unto him:

4. Know then, O Thoanactus, thou shalt go down to the earth, to the land of Chine'ya, and by inspiration bring forth a birth, capable of the All Voice, but not capable of su'is. And thou shalt accomplish this service so that he shall be born into the mortal world at the time a'ji ceaseth to fall upon that land.

5. And thou shalt provide him with great learning and great adversity and great experience withal. For he shall establish the fundamental doctrines of the nations of Chine'ya. For his followers shall become the most numerous and peaceful inhabitants on the face of the earth.

6. And as thou preparest for his birth by thy mastery over the generations of mortals, so shalt thou, through these, thy hosts, raise up such as shall become disciples. For however great a man thou mightest raise up, it is wisdom to have also born into the mortal world, at the same era, such hosts of philosophers as shall follow him, and indorse his doctrines.


10. The child shall be taught to love, to revere and to obey its own father (and its mother, who is its vice-father); the man to love and revere the rab'bah; the rab'bahs to love and revere the chief rab'bahs; the whole people to love and revere the emperor.

29. Do not unto others what we would that they should not do unto us.

30. To return good for evil.

35. To respect all people, as we desire to be respected.

Chapter XXXII:

3. God had said: Suffer not Ka'yu and his chief disciples to know they are instruments in my hands. Neither suffer them to know that my angels inspire them, nor suffer them to know that they come from their respective kingdoms by my voice through my angels.

4. In one age, to say a matter cometh by inspiration or by the angels, is to render the matter impotent; and yet, in another age, to not profess inspiration or angel-presence, is to render the matter impotent.

5. The latter condition is now upon Chine'ya. Let my angels heed this.

Chapter XXXIII:

4. In the language of Ka'yu, the Great Spirit was called Shang Te; but the word, Te, was God; the words, the Shang Te, were the Gods.

7. We must, therefore, make one book acknowledging the EVER PRESENT GREAT SPIRIT, and His one, SHANG TE (True God). And this book must contain all the glory and beauty now contained in the seven hundred sacred books of the empire.

OAHSPE  Book of Wars Against Jehovih Chapter XLV:

5. And great and costly temples were built in all the cities of Jaffeth, and dedicated to TE-IN, CREATOR AND RULER OF HEAVEN AND EARTH.


12. And there were thus produced, from the lips of Ka'yu, twenty books, which contained the digest of upward of eighteen thousand books. Nor had any man in all the world ever done the one-tenth part so great a feat of learning.

Chapter XXXVII:

29. And God inspired Ka'yu to write:


Page 490 WORLD ALMANAC & BOOK OF FACTS 1986 - HISTORY CHINA...Confucius (551-479 BC)...The Analects, attributed to him, are revered throughout East Asia.

From MAJOR RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD 1959 by Marcus Bach page 74 - One thing that the communist regime will never be able to do is to get Confucius out of China. Some say it has not tried. Others contend there is no use trying. China's nearly 600,000,000 people [in 1959] know Confucius fully as well as America's millions know the Christ. We do not have a state religion, but we are predominantly Christian. China does not have a state religion, but it is predominantly Confucian. They called him K'ung the Master, or K'ung-fu-tze, a name that later latinized by Jesuits into "Confucius". [Oahspe calls him Ka'yu, K'yu, K'yu is short for K'ung like Joshu is short for Joshua]. Whereas Christianity has to do with the will of God and the love of Christ, Confucianism begins with man as a moral being and then leads into a Cosmic Consciousness and the hint of God. In Confucianism there are no salvation, and no sacrifice as the Christian understands these things. TAOISM - A contemporary of Confucius, Lao-tzu, whose name means "old philosopher", for Lao-Tzu...creative force was Tao. Confucius was a moralist and Lao-tzu was a mystic. It is said they never met. Some say Lao-tzu never even lived, but others who love Lao-tzu a great deal say that Confucius sat at his feet. From book THE WORLDS GREAT RELIGIONS 1965 by Time/Life page 67 Confucius agreed with Lao tzu that the Tao represented the great law of life. "If a man in the morning embrace the Tao, then he may die the same evening without regret.

The five relationships are essential to the social order, according to Confucius. The father must show love, the son filial piety or humility; the older brother must act with gentility, the younger with humility; the husband must treat his wife properly, and he may expect obedience in return; elders must show consideration, juniors respect; rulers must be kindly, subjets loyal in return. Foremost of these is the dutiful respect of children for their parents, for it is on the firm foundation of the family that the whole of chinese culture has rested ever since Confucius's day. From the book THE GREAT ASIAN RELIGIONS by Chan 1969 (Wing-tsit Chan). Confucius - Confucius (551-479 B.C.) and his followers have always affirmed the reality of a purposive and powerful Heaven; secondly, Confucianism has promoted traditional rites such as sacrifice to Heaven and Earth, sacrifice to ancestors, and so on; thirdly, it has exercised an influence and control on Chinese society as religion has done in other countries; and finally, it's classics have served as the fountain of truth as religious scriptures have done elsewhere.

As to Confucius himself, there have been two grave misunderstandings in the west. One is that he taught only the "negative golden rule," for, it is claimed, he told us not to do to others what one does not do to oneself (Analects, 5:11). This is true, but Confucius also taught the doctrine of humanity (Jen, love, benevolence). According to his teachings, the man of jen establishes other people's character as well as his own and wants others to be successful and prominent as he wants to be so himself (6:28). The concept of jen consists of both conscientiousness, which means the full development of oneself and altruism, which means treating others as one treats oneself. This is the "central thread" running through the entire Confucian system (4:15). [Confucius taught love, and the Golden Rule more than 500 years before Jesus did in the Bible.] The other grave misunderstanding is that Confucius was interested only in man and not religion, because he seldom talked about fate (9:1), avoided discussing spiritual beings (7:20), kept silent on the way of heaven (5:12), and turned aside questions on serving spiritual beings and on death (11:11). But we must not forget that he glorified heaven (8:18), believed that he knew the mandate of heaven (2:4) and was convinced his own career as well as the course of culture depended on Heaven (7:22, 9:5). Heaven cannot be cheated and it is useless for one who has sinned against Heaven to pray (3:13, 9:11). The Chinese belief in Heaven underwent radical change in Confucius. Heaven ceased to be an ANTHROPOMORPHIC being (Heaven does not speak" 17:19) in the Analects, the terms Ti (Lord) and Shang-ti (Lord on high) are not used at all. Instead, the term T'ien is employed. This word is not easy to translate, for it means not only Nature, a person, or a principle, but all of them. At any rate it is real purposive, powerful, and the Source of the moral law. With regard to spiritual beings, Confucius did not deny their existence but he preferred not to talk about them because he did not want people to rely on spiritual beings to solve their problems. The Lun-yu (Analects), a collection of 499 passages in twenty "books" on Confucius words and deeds...2:4

Confucius said "At 15 my mind was set on learning, at 30 my character had been formed. At 40 I had no more perplexities. At 50 I knew the Mandate of Heaven (7x7 = 49 + 1 = 50, spiritual peak or completion). At 60 I was at ease with whatever I heard. At 70 I could follow my heart's desire without transgressing moral principles.
Squareroot of 49 is 7. (7^2) 7 x 7 = 49 / 30 = 1.63 Golden Ratio, Divine Ratio
Kohen or Cohen is the Hebrew word for priest. Jewish Kohanim are traditionally believed and halachically required to be of direct patrilineal descent from the Biblical Aaron.
Although Kohanim may assume their duties once they reached physical maturity, the fraternity of Kohanim generally would not allow young Kohanim to begin service until they reached the age of twenty,[9] some opinions state that this age was thirty.[10] There was no mandatory retirement age.
10.Jump up ^ Chizkuni to Devarim chapter 18
Oahspe has a portrait (painting) of Confucius (KA'YU) and it says KA'YU, erroneously called Confucius, an i-e-su, a lawgiver of Sub-cycle rank [born at the time of the 1000 year Dan of the Arc of Bon cycle, 4 years after a'ji cold period had stopped] of China, living 2,500 years ago. He was one of the most learned men that ever lived, and has today [in 1881] more followers than any other lawgiver on earth [in 1881], being over 300 million people [in 1881]. He taught the doctrine of one Great Spirit, and to worship Him only. He abridged 18 thousand books of the ancients, taking the cream of all of them, and condensed them into about twenty books.

Ka'yu (Confucius) probably had the Rs7294919 (C;C) gene in his DNA.
http://postimg.org/image/dxi563t09/ (Enhanced hippocampal volume Rs7294919 (C;C))
The hippocampus is a critical brain structure involved in learning and memory.
(C;C) 3 Enhanced hippocampal volume
(C;T) 3 Moderately enhanced hippocampal volume
(T;T) 0
Average hippocampal volume  
(C;C) Enhanced hippocampal volume (originated with I'hins, angels) ***
(C;T) Moderately enhanced hippocampal volume (originated with I'hins) **

China -

Oahspe BOOK OF THE ARC OF BON CHAPTER XXXI: 3. "Chine'ya shall become the most numerous nation in all the world." According to the Guinness book of World Records 1984 page 459 - Most Populous Country - The largest population of any country is that of China,...The census of July, 1982 was 1,008,175,388.

Confucius (KA'YU - K'UNG)

Oahspe 719.37 - Because of the presence of God and angels, Ka'yu saw clearly and heard clearly; nevertheless, his inspiration was God by proxy, and not like the inspiration of Chine [a prophet of China before Confucius] to whom God came in person, dwelling with him. Wherein, on many occasions, Ka'yu did things of his own accord, and committed some blunders. [So it is very possible for a prophet or teacher inspired by Ethereans to make blunders or mistakes, speaking and doing things of his/her own accord and not by direct inspiration from God or Jehovih].

Page 225 of DARKNESS, DAWN AND DESTINY 1965 by Augustine Cahill says Ka'yu or Confucius was inspired by the higher angels entirely without his knowledge. He was therefore a sage but never a seer [not a su'is - clairvoyant]. The principle task given him was that of digesting the accumulated knowledge of the ancient literature of China. His intellectual powers had the scholars of China at his feet, and he was able to produce a pure ethical system which won their assent and obedience. Page 226 says By the standard of Confucius himself and because of the sanity of his ethical system the Chinese for more than two thousand years were the most advanced of all peoples, for in no other part of the world did so many people dwell together in such comparative peace and plenty.

Plate 35.--LO'IASK.

The position of the earth that led to the building of the Chinese Wall. It came to pass in those days, that the spirit of the Father dwelt in mortals, and they were turned away from the shedding of blood. And when the earth came into Lo'iask, in etherea, His etherean angels penetrated the darkness and inspired the chosen of China to build a wall to protect themselves from destruction. And a wall was built, the greatest on the whole earth. Jehovih said: Since these, my chosen people, have achieved the age of peace on earth, let them shut themselves in, away from the barbarians without, and they shall endure as a secluded people till the coming of kosmon. And it was so.

Oahspe God's Book of Eskra Chapter XL:

23. In the meantime, the anti-war spirit of the people had cried out to the Creator: O Father, what shall we do to avert war, and to preserve the revelations of Thy holy ones of old?

24. And Jehovih answered them, through God of Paradise, Jehovih's Son, saying: Build ye walls against the barbarians. And your walls shall stand as a testimony of what ye are willing to do, rather than engage in war, even for self-preservation.

25. Because ye have faith in Me, I will be with you even unto the end.

26. And it came to pass that the Faithists of Chine'ya built stone walls, the greatest buildings in all the world. And they stand to this day.

27. Jehovih said: Behold the works of My chosen. As long as these walls stand, they shall be testimony of the struggle of My people, to maintain themselves, by means of peace instead of war...

According to the chronology of Oahspe in the Book of Eskra, the Great Wall of China was built between the time of Confucius and the birth of Joshu (Jesus), that would be between 500 B.C and 100 B.C.

Great Wall of China
The Great Wall of China at Jinshanling.jpg
The Great Wall of China at Jinshanling

The Great Wall of China is a series of fortifications made of stone, brick, tamped earth, wood, and other materials, generally built along an east-to-west line across the historical northern borders of China in part to protect the Chinese Empire or its prototypical states against intrusions by various nomadic groups or military incursions by various warlike peoples or forces. Several walls were being built as early as the 7th century BC;[3] these, later joined together and made bigger, stronger, and unified are now collectively referred to as the Great Wall.[4] Especially famous is the wall built between 220–206 BC by the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang. Little of that wall remains. Since then, the Great Wall has on and off been rebuilt, maintained, and enhanced; the majority of the existing wall was reconstructed during the Ming Dynasty.

Interesting Facts About 

The Great Wall of China

While the Great Wall of China is not one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, it is typically included in the Seven Wonders of the Medieval World.

The Great Wall of China is the longest man-made structure in the world.

The main wall is around 2,145 miles (3,460 km) long with an extra 1,770 miles (2,860 km) of branches and spurs.

Uranus, or Tianwang, who was the personification of Heaven, is often portrayed on the reliefs found at strategic points and passes on the Great Wall.

Voltaire (1694-1778) discussed the Great Wall several times, but he remained undecided what the real point was. In one piece, he thought the Egyptian pyramids were “childish” compared to the Wall, which was a “great work.” In another place, he calls the Wall a “monument to fear.

Novelist Franz Kafka (1883-1924) praised the Great Wall as a great feat of human engineering. He even wrote a short story titled “The Great Wall of China” about an educated man who reflects on his life’s work overseeing the building of small portions of the Wall.

Watchtowers were built at regular intervals along the Great Wall and could be up to 40 feet tall. They were used as lookouts and fortresses as well as for housing garrisons of troops and stockpiled supplies. They were also signal stations, where beacons, smoke, or flags were used for messages. They also represented a tremendous diversity of architectural styles.

great wall watchtower
There are more than 10,000 watchtowers and beacon towers along the Great Wall

The Great Wall’s western section, with a long chain of watchtowers, provided defense for those traveling the Silk Road.

To defend the Great Wall, the Chinese would use sophisticated weapons such as axes, sledge hammers, lances, crossbows, halberds, and a Chinese invention: gunpowder. 

The Great Wall of China is 25 feet high in some places and ranges from 15-30 feet wide.

While the Great Wall is currently a symbol of national pride, China struggles with how to manage and protect the Wall while controlling the mass-market development of it. Two organizations, the China Great Wall Society and the International Friends of the Great Wall, are dedicated to preserving it.


Warm Dan (light) period in 220-219 B.C. and 211-206 B.C. during the time of the building of the Great Wall of China.


Above are 3 images, from top to bottom are; TAO symbol, light and darkness spiral galaxy Fig. 35 from Walter Russell's Secret of Light 1947, Fig. 38 from Walter Russell's Secret of Light pages 241-243. The arrows pointing in opposite directions show the two female and male vortex forces of Jehovih or yin and yang of the Tao.
The creative force was/is Tao. Confucius agreed with Lao-Tzu that the Tao represented the great law of Life.
Unlike the Christian cross symbol [+], the Tao symbol is circular [O] which represents the Infinite Creator with no beginning and no ending, One Whole, All-Person, with two curved Yin-Yang halves [the vortexian spirality of space is curved] which represents the positive and negative forces [vortex'ya], male and female, gravity and radiation, inward and outward.

   1. "The high-minded Po I [the first] mentioned by Ka'yu in the "Book of Changes" the I Ching [Ming I] and the Chinese Historical Classic "Shu King" translated by Walter Old, page 305, Po was aka Fo, the "Adam" of the far east. Po's legacy seems to include the use of his name, in Chinese, to denote the soul or spirit and as the title of a lord under the Supreme Deity; T'ien. "The yin aspect (or p'o) of the dead person's soul must descend to Hell to be judged. In the "I Ching" by Ka'yu, T'ien...is another term for the positive, male, creative principle or force (yang). The earliest known use of the graph for T'ien Å occurs in ancient texts of the Chou period (c. 1111-256 BCE) where it refers to the supreme deity of the Chou people [Tet Å in paleo-Hebrew or proto-Semitic later became Teth _ in Hebrew & Theta ? in Greek. "Scrolls from the Dead Sea" by Sussmann and Peled] ...The T'ien of Taoism [T'ien tao means the way of heaven or the First Cause, Supreme Reason, Celestial Law, Stellar Motion, Laws of Heaven or Ways of Heaven according to the context. Tao compounded of cho, motion & show, chief, first, head, seems to embody the idea of the Primum Mobile or Supreme Cause. Thus we have the Great Spirit {Chief Motion, spirited also means moved} referred to by "Oahspe"....The word can generally be translated by "Way". Pages 84 & 99 "Shu King by Ka'yu]. The term T'ien also figures in Taoist cosmology, where hsien-t'ien (pre-cosmic) and hou-t'ien (cosmic, that is, the phenomenal universe) denotes stages of evolution. Pages 246 & 294 on Chinese Religion and 508-509 on T'ien "Encyclopedia of Religion".
   "Shang Civilization" by Kwang-Chih Chang page 217 refers to men and women who ruled, collectively known as the "many pos and t'iens [i.e. lords and gods-emperors where considered gods]. - Martha Helen Jones
Oahspe LIST OF PORTRAITS: PO, of Jaffeth (afterward called China), was an i-e-su. He was a lawgiver contemporaneous with Abram [Abraham] of Persia, living about five thousand eight hundred [5,800] years ago, and in the cycle of Cpenta-armij. He also taught, like Zarathustra, the doctrine of one Great Spirit, which doctrine he re-established in Jaffeth (China).
John Newbrough's drawings were done by angelic control, its spiritual authors did not transmit the book through Dr. Newbrough's mind--but controlled his hands and arms, independent of his consciousness--so that he could not interfere or alter or color its contents...
"The peculiar drawings in Oahspe were made with pencil in the same way."

1. white-skinned; of European origin. a white person; a person of European origin.
Facial recognition is an important and rapidly evolving biometric science.
Facial recognition match to the Prophet/Law-giver Po:
Max Adler and Po facial recognition match 86% (extremely high).
Facts of Max Adler
Ethnicity White
Height: 6 Feet
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown-Red

Po and Vernon Wobschall 2 (put together the Oahspe Standard Edition) facial recogniton match 62% (very high).

Penn Badgley (English, Irish) and Po facial recognition match 62% (very high).
Ahmet Kutsi Karadogan (Turkish) and Po facial recognition match 62% (very high).
Chinese man and Po facial recognition match 62% (very high).
Josh Charles and Po facial recognition match 62% (very high).

Xian Lim (Chinese-Filipino) and Po facial recognition match 59% (high).
Tomoya Nagase (Japanese singer and actor) and Po facial recognition match 59% (high).

David Sunjata (white and black) and Po facial recognition match 55% (high).
Leon Lucev (Croatian actor) and Po facial recognition match 55% (high).
Kevin Alejandro and Po facial recognition match 55% (high).
Adam Scott and Po facial recognition match 52% (high).
John Ballou Newbrough and Po facial recognition match 52% (high).
John C McGinley and Po facial recognition match 52% (high).
Daniel Goddard and Po facial recognition match 52% (high).
David Zepeda (Iberian-Spanish-Portuguese) and Po facial recognition match 52% (high).
Jun Kaname and Po facial recognition match 52% (high).
Kousuke Atari (Japanese singer) and Po facial recognition match 52% (high).
Po and Albert Einstein facial recognition match 52% (high).
Po and Enrico Fermi facial recognition match 52% (high).
Po and Kapil Dev facial recognition match 45%
Po and Pusha T facial recognition match 30%
14/20 of the highest (over 50%) facial recognition matches to Po are European or Caucasian
, including European Jewish. 5/20 are East Asian, 1/20 is mulatto.
The Turkish people are composed of various ethnic types, ranging from Caucasoid to Northern Mongoloid. Turks are part of the family of Turkic peoples which includes the modern nations of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
Daniel Goddard
Race or Ethnicity: White
Penn Badgley
Ethnicity: English, Irish
David Sunjata
He was told his biological mother was a white teenage runaway and his father was black.

On November 15, 2010, Adler spoke at the Anti-Defamation League Concert Against Hate at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C..[15]
Birth Name: Kevin Michael Alejandro
What Race or Ethnicity?: Mexican [Spanish-Iberian-hispanic].
Josh Charles
*Ashkenazi Jewish (father)
*German, English, Scottish (mother)
Ashkenazi = (European Jewish)
Facial recognition match to the Prophet/Law-giver Ka'yu (Confucius):
Above highest facial recognition match to Ka'yu is Michael L Johnson (European-American) 69%.
Jocelyn Quivrin (French) and Ka'yu facial recognition match 69% (very high).
Above: 66% facial recognition match of Matthew Johnson to Ka'yu.
Ka'yu and Bruce Lee (Chinese, as well as 1/4 or less German) facial recognition match 66%.
Valerio Scanu (Italian pop singer) and Ka'yu facial recognition match 66% (very high).

Ka'yu and Nikola Tesla (Serbian-American) facial recognition match 66% (very high).
Ahmet Kutsi Karadogan (Turkish) and Ka'yu facial recognition match 59% (high).

John Ballou Newbrough and Ka'yu facial recogniton match 55% (high).
John C McGinley and Kayu facial recognition match 55% (high).
Ka'yu and Albert Einstein facial recognition match 55% (high).
Ka'yu and Pusha T facial recognition match 55% (high).
Ka'yu and Enrico Fermi facial recognition match 55% (high).

Jun Kaname and Ka'yu facial recognition match 52% (high, same as Po).

Ka'yu and Laurent Fignon facial recognition match 52%

Ka'yu and Denzel Washington facial recognition match 45%

Ka'yu and Kapil Dev facial recognition match 45%
Jocelyn Quivrin (14 February 1979 – 15 November 2009) was a French actor.
John Ballou Newbrough 1828-1891.
Born on June 5, 1828 in a log cabin in Mohican Township, Ohio, John was one of seven children whose ancestry included Scottish, Swiss and English.
11/14 of the highest (over 50%) facial recognition matches to Ka'yu are European or Caucasian (including European Jewish), 2/14 is East Asian, and 1/14 is African-American.
Confucius (Kayu) birth site (Qufu) was just 56 miles from Linzi, the ancient capital city.
Here is a Genetic study published by Oxford University (May 29, 2000) regarding the population in Linzi (Modern Day Zibo), Shandong Province, China.
Genetic Structure of a 2,500-Year-Old Human Population in China and Its Spatiotemporal Changes

The Linzi( Zibo) population of 500 B.C genetically match up to present-day European populations.
The Current Day population in Zibo are genetically closest to the Mongols, Japanese, and Koreans.

The 2,500-year-old Linzi population clusters with the present-day European populations:
Icelander, German, Finnish, Welsh, and Portuguese. Oddly, no Russians.
"After years of controversy and political intrigue, archaeologists using genetic
testing have proved that Caucasians roamed China's Tarim Basin 1,000 years
before East Asian people arrived...."

"He stood six feet tall, and was buried wearing a red twill tunic and tartan leggings. He
looks like a Bronze Age European. In fact, he's every inch a Celt. Even his DNA says so..
DNA testing confirms that he and hundreds of other mummies found in Xinjiang's Tarim
Basin are of European origin....."

23:00 A meeting of civilisations: The mystery of China's celtic mummies

y-Haplogroups R and N are East-Asia haplogroups that are found in Europe.
These haplogroup lines connect East-Asia to Europe.

Above: y-DNA Haplogroup Cluster Tree with Geographic Origin. Below: haplogroup N (Y-DNA) distribution.

Above: Prehistoric migration routes for Y-chromosome haplogroup N lineage to Europe from East Asia[3][4]

Map above shows (in red) where Jaffeth fleet of pygmy I'hins landed in China-East-Asia (24000 years ago) from Pan in the Pacific Ocean, then interbred wth I'huan race (producing Ghans about 19000 to 14000 years ago) then migrated to Europe (about 12000 to 10000 years ago). Red on the map matches the red arrows of the migration map above and the time periods match.

Haplogroup N (including N1c1) is found in Europe but according to DNA data it's coalescence age
(originated from a common ancestor) is 21,000 years ago in southern East Asia then migrated into
Northern East Asia into Siberia then west to Central Asia and Europe 8 to 10,000 years ago. The
DNA data and time periods agrees with the Jaffetic migration story in Oahspe after the submersion
of Pan. This does not agree with the migration story of the descendants of Noah from Mt. Ararat
in Turkey after the Flood to repopulate East Asia and Europe. The DNA Haplogroup (N Y-DNA) migration
evidence supports the Oahspe story not the Bible.

Both Ka'yu (Confucius) and Po were Chinese Ghans of European Caucasian racial stock.
Po and Ka'yu facial recognition match 52% (high).

John Newbrough's drawings in 1881 (Oahspe) closely matches data gathered from facial
recognition computer science and DNA testing, more than a 110 years before the DNA
testing and facial recognition were performed.
Max Adler (2 photos) match to Abraham-Capilya-Brahma-Zarathustra-Moses:
Valerio Scanu (3 photos) match to Abraham-Capilya-Brahma-Zarathustra-Moses:
Above a high (over 50%) facial recognition match of John Ballou Newbrough (Oahspe transmission) to the Prophet/Law-giver Ka'yu (Confucius).
Above are images of John Ballou Newbrough, original I'hin, Congo Pygmy and 7 orthographic projection lines showing very similar head and facial features.
I believe John Ballou Newbrough was from a high genetic line of light which along with his purification process and desire for heavenly light gave him an advantage in being an instrument of the Creator.

Above Prophet Po of China 6000 years ago (cotemporaneous with Abram) and Max Adler face points.
I believe the prophets and law-givers in Oahspe were bred along certain high genetic lines of light by the Loo'is, and facial characteristics are a manifestation of genetics.
The prophets and law-givers of Oahspe had very good genes due to selective breeding by the Loo'is.
The prophets and law-givers faces are the results (reflective) of their genes.
The higher your facial match to a prophet or law-giver the more similar your genes are to that prophet or law-giver.
The more prophets and law-givers you match over 50% (diversity) in facial recognition the better your genes are.

22 photos which prove that your genes are amazing.” It shows a series of “photographs of people who, despite belonging to different generations within their families, are as alike as two peas in a pod.” (Take a look! Those photos are pretty cool!).
Genetics: It's Written On Your Face
Wednesday, 9 July 2014
Genealogy CSI Style - Facial Recognition.
possibilities of facial recognition for genealogy and family tree research.
Facial Recognition could be described as facial arithmetic, providing facial analytics  to facilitate the detection and recognition of people from photos or videos.
It seems logical that there is a niche for this tool in the world of genealogy in assisting with the identification of unidentified family members by the comparison of family photos.
<---20 March, 2014, geneticist Mark Shriver of Pennsylvania State University and imaging specialist Peter Claes of the Catholic University of Leuven (KUL) in Belgium.
22 facial characteristics which, based on literature in genetic and cognitive science, seemed likely to be hereditary.
18. ...And Jehovih put these marks upon His peoples that the races might be read in thousands of years.

Genetic lines of light trace back thousands of years ago to the ancient prophets and law-givers. Even if the genetic line of light was lost, the Loo'is through selective breeding would regain the line of light:
Oahspe First Book of God 8:4-6 (the generations of the line whence came Abram):
5. In Sadr the line was lost, but through his daughter Bar-bar regained through the I'hins in the land of Goats, where the Listians lived,

Most if not all people in 1881 (and even today) didn't know that Chinese near the time and place of Ka'yu's birth were of mostly Caucasian stock.
But when I did facial recognition matches to Po and Ka'yu 13/19 of the highest (over 50%) facial recognition matches to Po are European or Caucasian, 5/19 are East Asian, 1/19 is mulatto,  and 9/11 of the highest (over 50%) facial recognition matches to Ka'yu are European or Caucasian, 1/11 is East Asian, and 1/11 is African-American.
It seems that both facial recognition biometric science data and DNA testing of 2,500-Year-Old Human Population in China back up the inspired angelic control drawings of John Ballou Newbrough of Po and Ka'yu.
"your hypothesis seems to be confirmed by the westerly route taken by the jaffetic (china) faithists who kept migrating west, eventually to asia minor and Europe, when their lands (like Gobi) began to dry out. less than 10,000 years ago, these people began the main stock of Europeans."
- November 27, 2016 Susan Martinez, Ph.D (Anthropology, and Oahspe expert).

The Jaffeth fleet (of the arc of Noe) landed in China 24,000 years before Kosmon (1848) . About 14,000 to 19,000 years ago I'hins in China breed with I'huans to produce a race of Ghans. The Jaffeth Ghans migrated west to Asia Minor, the Caucasus region amd Europe and began the main racial stock of Europeans (Caucasian peoples).

Anatolia/Asia Minor, with her Hittites, Trojans, Lydians, Lycians, and Phrygians, gives us the Jaffetic branch *54 of Noah's sons, leading to the Etruscans, Greeks, Britons, and other founding populations of Europe, and these are the "Asianic" whites who are eventually known to us as Caucasians."

The Lost History of the Little People: Their Spiritually Advanced ... 

Oahspe The Lord's Fourth Book
Cycle of Thor = 15400 years B.K. - 12200 years B.K. B.K. = Before Kosmon (1848).
Oahspe The Lord's Fourth Book: Chapter II:
11. Then spake God to the people of Jaffeth, saying: Behold, there are two other countries inhabited by kin of your kin, flesh of your flesh, and they are Ghans also. And they speak and write with Panic words, even as ye do.
12. The Jaffeth'yans said: How far are the two other countries? Where are they?
13. The Lord said: Gather together a thousand men and women, and I will lead you to your brethren, whose forefathers were also saved from the flood; saved by the sacred little people, the I'hins. Provide ye in all things requisite for a journey of four years, and I will lead you.
14. The Jaffeth'yans obeyed God, and provided themselves as commanded; into two companies of a thousand each equipped they themselves and started for Ham and Shem.
Starting 13,000 to 15,000 years ago it was the Destiny of Faithist Caucasian (white) people to migrate west from China to Asia Central, to Asia Minor, Caucasus region, Greece, Western and Northern Europe, then to America and play a major role in the Kosmon (present) cycle.
Po, Confucius, John Ballou Newbrough, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, and Enrico Fermi are descendants from this genetic line of light and racial stock.
Originally 13,000 to 15,000 years ago the Ghans of Jaffeth (China) were faithists (obeying and having faith in Jehovih) but later in Oahspe it says the Ghans became conquerers having faith in mastery, but not faith in Jehovih, but they shall ultimately become believers in Jehovih only.
Oahspe  BOOK OF OSIRIS, SON OF JEHOVIH. CHAPTER I:12, Oahspe God's Book of Eskra: Chapter L:32.
Y-Chromosome DNA Haplogroups
R1b - Most common haplogroup in European populations. Believed to have expanded throughout Europe as humans recolonized after the last ice age, 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. Contains the Atlantic Modal Haplogroup. - Page 362 of ABRAHAM'S CHILDREN Race, Identity, and the DNA of the Chosen People, 2007 by Jon Entine. The previous information corresponds to the appearance of the Ghans in Europe (about 10,000 to 12,000 years ago) according to Oahspe who came from East Asia (China).

The Birth of the Caucasian Race
Cro-Magnon was not The Original White Man. He was a Middle Easterner – an Arab-Iranian type.
The early genesis of the Caucasoid race involved a large injection of Asian genes from Mongolia, Siberia and East Turkestan. This occurred about 40-45,000 years and represents about 2/3 of the proto-Caucasian genetic line (Bowcock 1991). These proto-East Asians probably looked something like Aborigines or possibly Ainu. Modern NE Asians do not appear until about 9,000 years ago.
Before that, all Asians looked like Aborigines, Melanesians, or Ainus. As noted above, the modern European phenotype also only appears 10,000 years ago. So both modern Whites and modern East Asians only go back 10,000 years, to the Last Glacial Maximum. All humans had dark skin until 10,000 years ago.
It seems Oahspe's story of the origins of the Caucasian race (from East Asia) and the time period (about 10,000 years ago) fits the DNA and fossil record that was not known by earth man at the time Oahspe was written (genetic haplogroup evidence didn't come about until the 21st Century).

Betaface | Advanced face recognition
race - asian-middle-eastern, asian, african-american (black), hispanic (european), white, middle eastern, other

Betaface facial recogniton software classifies what Oahspe would call Ghan as "white", "hispanic", or caucasian race.
Below Betaface facial recogniton of Thothma (Great Pyramid builder) and Ka'yu (Confucius).

Below Betaface facial and race recogniton of Po, Spencer-Breslin, Shirly-Winters:
Above Betaface facial and race recogniton of Enrico Fermi, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Paine, and Walter Russell.
Above are 8 Orthographic projection lines from photo of Nikola Tesla's head and face to John Newbrough's drawing (under Angelic control) of original I'hin's head and face showing that Nikola Tesla's head and facial features does not match when magnified to the same size as original I'hin's. See Human origins - Pygmies - I'hins page/Chapter of this website for orthographic projection comparisons.

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