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The 5 big problems of the faithist community today are:
1. The mixing of Oahspe teachings with astrology (as a cause for human behavior).
2. The mixing of Oahspe teachings with New Age teachings (Nibiru, Sirius, Reincarnation, etc.).
3. The mixing of Oahspe teachings with trance medium messages from non-anonymous spirits
4. The mixing of Oahspe teachings with UFO contactee messages from non-anonymous sources
5. Not learning physics, mathematics, and genetics. 

The term wireless has been used twice in communications history, with slightly different meaning. It was initially used from about 1890 for the first radio transmitting and receiving technology, as in wireless telegraphy, until the new word radio replaced it around 1920.
Ancient advanced network of Laser Light Communications from high up in the atmosphere to earth.
Oahspe God's Book of Eskra: Chapter XLIII:
1. WHEN Joshu was grown up, and ready for his labor, God provided a host of one hundred million angels to make a line of light from his Holy Council down to the earth; and they so made it.
2. And God provided a guardian host of two thousand million angels to protect the line of communications; for it was war times in heaven and earth.
A long distance line (cable or laser) of light (optics), line of communication, constructed (made like they make their ships), stretching tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of miles, from one network (space-station) down to another network (earth), an internet of communication.
This wasn't a telepathic communication, this was a constructed line of light (a type of optic cable or laser communication). This wasn't telepathy this was a technological type of communication. This was constructed by 100 million people over a long distance of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of miles. Telepathy or su'is is individual to individual, telepathy or su'is is not something that is made (constructed) by 100 million people.
They may have costructed the line of communication out of a finer type of optical fiber cables (nanowire) or more advanced lasers.
Oahspe spoke of this "line of light", "line of communications" more than 80 years before the inventions of lasers. This was a type of all-optical satellite-to-ground communications, similar to the technology NASA is working on in 2013-2014.
Oahspe Book of Lika, Son of Jehovih:
3.13. For the talents I gave on corpor, I gave not to die on corpor, but to continue on forever. As I gave talent for corporeal mathematics, and talent for building corporeal structures, yes, a talent for all things on corporeal worlds; even so have I provided in My etherean worlds for the same talents, but spiritually. In which man on the corporeal earth, judging the adaptability of talent to corporeal things, may comprehend the nature of the labors I provided in My exalted heavens for the same talents.
Free-space optical communication (FSO) is an optical communication technology that uses light propagating in free space to transmit data for telecommunications or computer networking. "Free space" means air, outer space, vacuum, or something similar. This contrasts with using solids such as optical fiber cable or an optical transmission line. The technology is useful where the physical connections are impractical due to high costs or other considerations.
Rendering of OPALS mounted on the ISS
The invention of lasers in the 1960s revolutionized free space optics. Military organizations were particularly interested and boosted their development. However the technology lost market momentum when the installation of optical fiber networks for civilian uses was at its peak.
Many simple and inexpensive consumer remote controls use low-speed communication using infrared (IR) light. This is known as consumer IR technologies.
Space probe design concept using optical rather than radio communication
Usage and technologies
Free-space point-to-point optical links can be implemented using infrared laser light
In outer space, the communication range of free-space optical communication[6] is currently of the order of several thousand kilometers,[7] but has the potential to bridge interplanetary distances of millions of kilometers, using optical telescopes as beam expanders.[8] In January 2013, NASA used lasers to beam an image of the Mona Lisa to the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter roughly 240,000 miles away. To compensate for atmospheric interference, error correction code algorithm similar to that used in CDs was implemented.[9] The distance records for optical communications involved detection and emission of laser light by space probes. A two-way distance record for communication was set by the Mercury laser altimeter instrument aboard the MESSENGER spacecraft. This infrared diode neodymium laser, designed as a laser altimeter for a Mercury orbit mission, was able to communicate across a distance of 15 million miles (24 million km), as the craft neared Earth on a fly-by in May, 2005. The previous record had been set with a one-way detection of laser light from Earth, by the Galileo probe, as two ground-based lasers were seen from 6 million km by the out-bound probe, in 1992.[10]
Secure free-space optical communications have been proposed using a laser N-slit interferometer where the laser signal takes the form of an interferometric pattern. Any attempt to intercept the signal causes the collapse of the interferometric pattern.[11] [12] This technique has been demonstrated to work over propagation distances of practical interest[13] and, in principle, it could be applied over large distances in space.[11]

Two solar-powered satellites communicating optically in space via lasers
Typically scenarios for use are:
LAN-to-LAN connections on campuses at Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet speeds
LAN-to-LAN connections in a city, a metropolitan area network
To cross a public road or other barriers which the sender and receiver do not own
Speedy service delivery of high-bandwidth access to optical fiber networks
Converged Voice-Data-Connection
Temporary network installation (for events or other purposes)
Reestablish high-speed connection quickly (disaster recovery)
As an alternative or upgrade add-on to existing wireless technologies
As a safety add-on for important fiber connections (redundancy)
For communications between spacecraft, including elements of a satellite constellation
For inter- and intra -chip communication.[21]
The light beam can be very narrow, which makes FSO hard to intercept, improving security. In any case, it is comparatively easy to encrypt any data traveling across the FSO connection for additional security. FSO provides vastly improved electromagnetic interference (EMI) behavior compared to using microwaves.
RONJA is a free implementation of FSO using high-intensity LEDs.Ease of deployment
License-free long-range operation (in contrast with radio communication)
High bit rates
Low bit error rates
Immunity to electromagnetic interference
Full duplex operation
Protocol transparency
Increased security when working with narrow beam(s)[citation needed]
No Fresnel zone necessary
Disadvantages[edit]For terrestrial applications, the principal limiting factors are:
Beam dispersion
Atmospheric absorption
Fog (10..~100 dB/km attenuation)
Interference from background light sources (including the Sun)
Pointing stability in wind
Pollution / smog
These factors cause an attenuated receiver signal and lead to higher bit error ratio (BER). To overcome these issues, vendors found some solutions, like multi-beam or multi-path architectures, which use more than one sender and more than one receiver. Some state-of-the-art devices also have larger fade margin (extra power, reserved for rain, smog, fog). To keep an eye-safe environment, good FSO systems have a limited laser power density and support laser classes 1 or 1M. Atmospheric and fog attenuation, which are exponential in nature, limit practical range of FSO devices to several kilometres
NASA Moonshot Will Test Laser Communications
NASA launches a moon satellite this week that will test ultrafast optical data transmission.
By David Talbot on September 4, 2013
A new communications technology
slated for launch by NASA this Friday will provide a record-smashing 600 megabits-per-second downloads. The resulting probe will orbit the moon and send communications back to Earth via lasers.
The plan hints at how lasers could give a boost to terrestrial Internet coverage, too. Within a few years, commercial Internet satellite services are expected to use optical connections—instead of today’s radio links—providing far greater bandwidth. A Virginia startup, Laser Light Communications, is in the early stages of designing such a system and hopes to launch a fleet of 12 satellites in four years.
Laser Light Communications is putting together components for a commercial system that would provide all-optical satellite-to-ground and satellite-to-satellite communications. The company aims to supercharge Internet bandwidth around the world with a space-based optical network to complement the global fiber one
Again this "line of light", "line of communications" of Oahspe God's Book of Eskra: Chapter XLIII:1,2 was made (constructed) by 100 milion people, and was tens of thousands or hundrends of thousands miles long, it was a technological line of optical communications that was constructed or made like they make ships:
Oahspe Book of Lika, Son of Jehovih: Chapter III:
2. Lika called his chief builder and said unto him: Build me a fire-ship, an airavagna, with capacity for a thousand millions; and provide thou the ship with officers and workmen sufficient. Consult thou with my mathematicians as to the distance to the red star, and as to the densities through which the ship shall pass, and as to the power required, and the time of the journey, and provide thou all things sufficient therefor.
Oahspe God's Book of Eskra: Chapter XLIII:
1. WHEN Joshu was grown up, and ready for his labor, God provided a host of one hundred million angels to make a line of light from his Holy Council down to the earth; and they so made it.
2. And God provided a guardian host of two thousand million angels to protect the line of communications; for it was war times in heaven and earth.

Communications from space to earth via a direct line of light (electromagnetic wireless communications).

Caption: Communications satellite. Computer illustration of a communications satellite in space orbiting above the Earth, with green communication signals seen. The satellite has solar cell arrays (blue) to produce power, and a rounded dish antenna to receive and transmit communication signals. These satellites act as relay vehicles for radio signals. Typical communication satellites orbit with the same period as the rotation of the Earth at a height of 35,700 kilometres and appear to 'hover' above the same point at all times. Communication satellites are used to relay telephone and fax messages, computer data and to broadcast television signals.


OAHSPE GOD'S BOOK OF ESKRA Chapter XLIII:1,2 says a guardian host of 2 billion angels were provided to protect the line of communication; for it was war times in heaven and earth. During war communications is vital and often a target of attack. During the time of 1881 when Oahspe was being typed, there was no such thing as communication from the upper atmosphere or outerspace to the earth by means of light (electromagnetic wireless communication). This ability was not realized or invented by man until he sent up the first space satellites in 1957 and 1958. Today not only are we used to getting messages from men in space but we also get TV pictures from the International Space Station and even live TV from satellite. However, in 1960 radio communication with space was quite a different story, and in 1881 when Oahspe was writen it was not thought of. In October 1945 Arthur C. Clarke published an article titled “Extra-terrestrial Relays” in the British magazine Wireless World.[2] The article described the fundamentals behind the deployment of artificial satellites in geostationary orbits for the purpose of relaying radio signals. Thus, Arthur C. Clarke is often quoted as being the inventor of the communications satellite.




Light has a much higher frequency than radio waves, so it's possible to send more data at a high rate over a light beam than over radio. That's one reason why light is an attractive way to communicate.
To make a fiber optics communications system, you still have a laser at one end and a photodetector at the other, but instead of going through free space, you send the light into a plastic or glass optical fiber. You need to match the wavelength of the laser to the wavelength at which the fiber absorbs the least light.
Intel Milestone Confirms Light Beams Can Replace Electronic Signals for Future Computers
Intel Creates World's First End-to-End Silicon Photonics Connection with Integrated Lasers; Could Revolutionize Computer Design, Dramatically Increase Performance, Save Energy
Intel Labs has created the world's first silicon-based optical data connection with integrated lasers using Hybrid Silicon Laser technology.
The experimental chip can move data at 50 billion bits per second (50Gbps). Researchers are now pressing on to demonstrate even faster speeds.
The availability of low-cost, high-speed fiber-optics based on this technology could allow computer makers to completely rethink traditional system design from netbooks to supercomputers.
Businesses with server farms or datacenters could eliminate performance bottlenecks while saving significant operational costs in space and energy, replacing many cables with one optical fiber.
July 27, 2010
Today computer components are connected to each other using copper cables or traces on circuit boards. Due to the signal degradation that comes with using metals such as copper to transmit data, these cables have a limited maximum length. This limits the design of computers, forcing processors, memory and other components to be placed just inches from each other. Today's research achievement is another step toward replacing these connections with extremely thin and light optical fibers that can transfer much more data over far longer distances, radically changing the way computers of the future are designed and altering the way the datacenter of tomorrow is architected.

Subwavelength-diameter optical fibre 

A subwavelength-diameter fibre wraps light around human hair. 

OAHSPE Book of Apollo, Son of Jehovih: Chapter X: 9

...etherean ships of fire...up within the openings, were the crystal and opaque chambers...within these chambers, were the reports of the guardian angels, of the lives and good work heretofore done by every man and woman of all the two thousand million who were to ascend to Jehovih's higher heavens. But in all the records there was not recorded one evil thing, or dark deed, or selfish thought; for of these things the ascended hosts had long since purged themselves...

"within these chambers" were crystalline substances (like germanium or silicon semiconductors).


1. Any of various solid crystalline substances, such as germanium or silicon, having electrical conductivity greater than insulators but less than good conductors, and used especially as a base material for computer chips and other electronic devices.


Etherean ships of fire have a data storage system that contain the records of the lives of 2 billion people stored therein by the recording guardian angels. This is probably something like 5 million terabytes of data. 

Even Google, which is considered currently the best search engine ever, has succeeded to index only 170 terabytes up until now, Schmidt Google CEO said http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-Big-Is-the-Internet-10177.shtml

Oahspe says within these data storage chambers are crystals. Cystals (crystallography) are associated with solid-state physics technology and transistors


a small device that is used to control the flow of electricity in radios, computers, etc.

Solid-state semiconductor device for amplifying, controlling, and generating electrical signals. Invented at Bell Labs (1947) by John Bardeen, Walter H. Brattain, and William B. Shockley.


Germanium transistors certainly helped start the computer age, but silicon transistors revolutionized computer design and spawned an entire industry in California's aptly-named Silicon Valley.

Silicon transistors worked wonderfully for computer production. With smart engineering, transistors helped computers power through huge numbers of calculations in a short time.


Solid-state physics...such as...crystallography...has direct applications, for example in the technology of transistors and semiconductors.

The bulk of solid-state physics theory and research is focused on crystals


Crystals have some properties that make them very important to the electronics and optical industries. Today, crystals are used in just about every type of modern technology.


The crystals and data storage system of the etherean ship are apart of a communications network that probably involve light (electrical) rather than paper, or in other words a electronic storage system, like a computer network (data storage and transfer system).

In 1881 Oahspe talked about a data storage system for 2 billion people, which was a preview of our future 120 years later.

In 2011 more than 2 billion of the world's ...people were connected to the Internet. ...


According to Intel, at the beginning of 2012 there were approximately 2 billion people connected to the Internet. 


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John Newbrough's drawings were done by angelic control, its spiritual authors did not transmit
the book through Dr. Newbrough's mind--but controlled his hands and arms, independent of his
consciousness--so that he could not interfere or alter or color its contents...
"The peculiar drawings in Oahspe were made with pencil in the same way."

Below are portraits of the prophets and law-givers in Oahspe drawn by John Ballou Newbrough
under angelic control.
From top to bottom; Abraham, Capillya, Brahma, Zarathustra, Moses, Ea-Wah-Tah, Joshu (Yeshu), Po,
Ka'yu (Confucius), Sakaya (Buddha), these are the portraits I used for facial recognition because
the faces were frontal and not side-ways (profile) like the portrait of Chine. Pictriev facial recognition
software works on "photos of frontal faces with the gap between eyes more than 80 pixels wide".

Portraits of the prophets.





Facial recognition is an important and rapidly evolving biometric science.
Facial recognition quantifies the similarity between two faces.
Facial matching technology can measure things that you might miss with the "naked eye".

Since the 1960s, a significant effort has been underway to program computers to “see” the human face—to develop automated systems for identifying faces and distinguishing them from one another—commonly known as Facial Recognition Technology. - Our Biometric Future: Facial Recognition Technology and the Culture of Surveillance, 2011 by Kelly Gates
An individual face changes considerably not only with its surface movements, but also with aging, trauma, surgery, makeup, and lighting.
Faces themselves change over time, and images captured of a face can be of highly variable quality. - Page 17 of Our Biometric Future: Facial Recognition Technology and the Culture of Surveillance, 2011 by Kelly Gates

pictrieve is the most accurate facial recognition software/website available on the web because it is able to detect the difference in identical twins better than other facial recognition sites (such as https://www.twinsornot.net/#). pictrieve detects more detail than other facial recognition sites. twinsornot.net/#stepone is good to use when http://www.pictriev.com/fc.php cannot detect a face. Betaface is another good facial recognition software/website available at https://www.betafaceapi.com/demo_old.html

In face-recognition technology, the similarity between two faces is calculated as a difference between their face descriptors and returned as a value between 0 (no similarity) and 100 (maximum similarity). Images for face descriptors

Above: Brahma and his wife Yu-tiv average facial recognition match is 87.3% (100+69+93/3). 
Vede the son of Brahma and Yu-tiv would have DNA that looked creepily identical to his mother and father based on facial recognition of his parents. 
Like using forensic DNA analysis, or fingerprint matching, state-of-the-art facial recognition with
advanced mathematical algorithms
shows the closest modern matches to the prophets and law-givers.    


Facial Recognition (to Moses) online:

bell curve in Science:

A symmetrical bell-shaped curve that represents the distribution of values, frequencies, or probabilities

of a set of data. It slopes downward from a point in the middle corresponding to the mean value, or the

maximum probability. The Gaussian or normal distribution is a mathematically well-defined bell curve

used in statistics and in science generally.

7 of the top 14 facial matches to Moses are African-American or sub-Saharan African.
3 of the top 14 facial matches to Moses are of India (ancestry).
3 of the top 14 facial matches to Moses are European or European-American.
1 of the top 14 facial matches to Moses are Arabian. 
11 Projection lines above show the similarities between two faces.
Genetics: It's Written On Your Face 

There is that which is "Written in the Stars", and there is that which is written on the face.


List Of The Principal Prophets And Law-Givers - Sacred Texts

Below are the top facial recognition matches of people to the drawings (by John Ballou Newbrough under Angelic control) of prophets and law-givers in Oahspe:

1. Pankaj Advani 94% to Moses:


Pankaj Advani:

"have a common interest in religious and self-help books", Sitwala says.

"He has a positive vibe about him and his spirituality rubs off on me."

"he lost his father when he was just two and, four-odd years later, his family was forced to flee the country".

"Advani upset Merchant 7-5 to become the youngest player to win the national snooker title".

"Though I was training a number of children at that time, what drew me to him was that he was a really fast learner --

you just had to demonstrate a shot for him to reproduce it in the very next attempt. I was convinced that he would go a long way," Savur adds."

"Advani started playing the sport after watching his elder brother Shree play it."

"his pre-match routine revolves around visualization." 


2. Michael James,  Habib Ali al-Jifri93% to Moses,:

Spirituality & The Soul: Shaykh Habib Ali Jifri 

4. Haya (Horn of Africa Youth Association) male, Audrey Pulvar, Jared Leto 92% to Moses: 


7. SheRaSeven1 90% to Abraham:  

8. Cobra Gypsy woman, Sebastien Chabal, Manny Ramirez 88% to Moses, Haile Salassie and Keanu Reeves 88% to Joshu, Anthony P. Crawford and Haile Salassie, 87% to Moses:

14. Sushanth, J. Cole, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Shwayze 86% to Moses, Rodrigo Santoro 86% to JoshuMax Adler 86% to Po:, and Guy Oseary 86% to Zarathustra, Michael James 86% to Abraham:

No photos with shades or glasses on are accepted for facial recognition matches to the prophets or law-givers.


8 of the 10 top facial matches to Abraham are African-American, sub-Saharan African.

SheRaSeven1 90% to Abraham: Below: Betaface mathematical face points of I'huan Abraham & African-American SheRaSeven1.Above: Prophet Abraham & SheRaSeven1 face points and 4 orthographic projection lines.

Spiritual Knowledge (Aliens and Beings ) of SheRaSeven1

"I actually am teaching the same thing ... how the human race is being pushed to mix back into the races of the more melanated , just so you know , My mom is black and my father is Puerto rican ....I go into the sky beings the plasma gods ...i did my DNA test , Im 71 % african , 21% Iberian penensula and 9% native american" - SheRaSeven 1, September 25, 2019. 

There is a correlation between closeness to Africa (such as the southern Arabian peninsula or southern Europe) and highest facial recognition matches to Moses:
After the Horn of Africa and African-American (72% West African) the highest male facial recognition matches to Moses (excluding one from southern Arabian Peninsula and one from India) are 2 individuals from southern European ancestry (Ashkenazi Jews, and Southern France).
Most individual participants with southern European ancestry (Italians, Greeks, Portuguese, Spaniards), and Ashkenazi Jews have >85% membership in the southern population; and most northern, western, central, and eastern Europeans (Swedes, English, Irish, Germans, and Ukrainians) have >90% in the northern population ...
Most definitions of Southern Europe, also known as Mediterranean Europe, include Gibraltar, Southern and Eastern Spain, Southern France, Italy, the Adriatic coast of former Yugoslavia, Albania, Greece, the East Thrace of European Turkey, Malta and Cyprus.

What race are people in india?
Best Answer:  People from India are a race in themselves. They have intermixed for a long time in history because
it was a trade hub of spice, silks, etc.
I think Indian people are a mixture of Black and White people.
DroningOn · 2 years ago
Per DNA, Indians are the missing link race between blacks and everyone else .
Black to Dravidian to Indian to North east Indian to Mongoloid race
Black to Dravidian to Indian to Kashmiri Indian to white race
Shan Barani · 2 years ago
Scientific racism of the late 19th and early 20th centuries divided mankind into three "great races", Caucasoid (white),
Mongoloid (yellow) and Negroid (black) in accordance with their own world-view.
...India, for the purposes of scientific racism, presented a complicated mixture of all major types.
The highest facial matches to Po of China (Jaffeth) (66% and up) are European, white, or cauc-asian:

Max Adler 86% to Po:
The 2,500-year-old Linzi population clusters with the present-day European populations:
Icelander, German, Finnish, Welsh, and Portuguese. Oddly, no Russians.
"After years of controversy and political intrigue, archaeologists using genetic
testing have proved that Caucasians roamed China's Tarim Basin 1,000 years
before East Asian people arrived...."

"He stood six feet tall, and was buried wearing a red twill tunic and tartan leggings. He looks like a Bronze Age European. In fact, he's every inch a Celt. Even his DNA says so..DNA testing confirms that he and hundreds of other mummies found in Xinjiang's Tarim Basin are of European origin....."

23:00 A meeting of civilisations: The mystery of China's celtic mummies

"your hypothesis seems to be confirmed by the westerly route taken by the jaffetic (china) faithists who kept migrating west, eventually to asia minor and Europe, when their lands (like Gobi) began to dry out. less than 10,000 years ago, these people began the main stock of Europeans." - November 27, 2016 Susan Martinez, Ph.D (Anthropology, and Oahspe expert).

The highest facial matches to Joshu (falsely called Jesus) (81% and up) are Ethiopian,
Portuguese, Brazilian, or mixed Caucasian:

Haile Salassie and Keanu Reeves 88% to Joshu:

Keanu Reeves Shook The World With Another POWERFUL Message

Rodrigo Santoro 86% to Joshu:

Brazilians (Portuguese, Iberian Peninsula):

Alves-Silva et al. (2000), for example, found that 28% of a sample of mainly “white” subjects from

Brazil were of recent African maternal ancestry, with substantial variation from region to region.

Some lineages could be readily attributed to arrivals from western Africa, which had already been

extensively sampled, but almost 50% belonged to haplogroups L1c and L3e, which are rare in

western Africa. Their presence at much higher frequencies in small west-central African data sets

suggested that the Brazilian L1c and L3e mtDNAs might be of largely west-central African origin

(see also Bandelt et al. 2001). Indeed, major sources for Brazilian slaves are thought, on the basis

of historical records, to have been Congo and Angola (e.g., Curtin 1969; Thomas 1998).

Alves-Silva et al. (2000) predicted that, when these regions were sampled for mtDNA variation,

L1c and L3e would be found at high frequencies.
Above average genetic makeup of Brazilian racial groups - white (Branco) 10.8% African.
At 9:36 of the video "Are the Europeans 1 Race? The Genetic Evidence"
Above: Abraham and Joshu as drawn by John Ballou Newbrough under angelic control.
Abraham and Joshu were Hebrew Israelites, but there was a racial difference between Abraham and Joshu:
1 Abraham had recent I'hin (pygmy) ancestry 3 generations back (Abraham's great-grandparent was an I'hin).
2. 3 of Abraham's grandparents were pure I'huans and 7 of 8 great-grandparents were pure I'huans.
3. Joshu did not have recent I'hin (pygmy) ancestry. I'hins had been extinct for 1000 years (30 generations).
4. Joshu had recent Ghan or Listian ancestry. Joshu was about half Ghan or Listian.
On the basis of autosomal polymorphic loci, it has been estimated that 60% of the Ethiopian gene
pool has an African origin, whereas ~40% is of Caucasoid derivation….
Haile Salassie of Ethiopia looks the closest to the drawing of Joshu below and looks like a twin to
the law-giver, see facial recognition proof below:

"Are ye not as children of the Ethiopians unto me, O children of Israel? saith the Lord." (Amos 9:7 of the Bible).
A Puerto Rican is a hispanic that on average is 53% European, 29% sub-Saharan African, 18% Native American. 
"We must point out, however, that the term 'Ethiopians' is used throughout classical literature
generally to refer to Black people who inhabited Africa south of Egypt
[sub-Saharan Africa] (See Map 3.1). Occasionally
the expression is used to specify African people like the Nubians or the Cushites."

Highest facial matches to Zarathustra (81% and up) are Ashkenazi Jewish, Afro-Arabic, Chinese, and Caucasian:

Guy Oseary 86% to Zarathustra


Guy Oseary and Zarathustra Betaface mathematical face points.
Above: Zarathustra and Sheikh Sa'ad Abdallah of Kuwait 85% facial match.
Sheikh Sa'ad Abdallah's mother was of East African origin. 85% on betaface
is equivalent to 84 or 86% on pictrieve.
Below: unlike Pictrieve, Betaface can match profiles or side-views of faces as well as frontal views of faces. 


Above: are the highest facial matches of the prophet Chine (drawn by Newbrough under angelic control) to Celebrities. The top 8 are African-American women. Diana Ross 80% match. Dinah Washington 79% match. Florence Griffith Joyner 77% match. Rest of top 8 are Jada Pinkett Smith, Lisa (Left Eye) Lopes, Lauryn Hill, Tatyana Ali, and Debra Wilson = 76% match. Below: the highest facial match to Chine is Dinah Washington 81%.

 "the most popular black female recording artist of the '50s".[1] Primarily a jazz vocalist, she performed and recorded in a wide variety of styles including blues, R&B, and traditional pop music,[1] and gave herself the title of "Queen of the Blues".[2]She was a 1986 inductee of the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame,[3] and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993.


Oahspe - Book of the Arc of Bon.: Chapter XXI HISTORY OF CHINE (TSCHIN'E), OF JAFFETH, FOUNDER OF CHINA:

5. Ah Sho'e, i.e., Chine's father, said: I have had other sons; my words are wise and true; Chine was unlike any child born in the world; for boy child, or girl child, no physician could tell which, but rather to the boy kind was he. The angel of Jehovih (Ormazd) came to me before the birth and said: The child shall be called Chine, signifying no sex; as it is written among the ancients, i-e-su, having no earthly desires. For he shall restore the chosen people of Jehovih.


a lawgiver cotemporaneous with Capilya and Moses. He was an i-e-su, and like Moses was of copper colour and very large ...

Through him was established so firmly the doctrine of one Great Spirit ...Some of his miracles have never been excelled.


Oahspe Book of the Arc of Bon CHAPTER 21:14 [About Chine]:
After which I procured a teacher for him; but lo and behold, he could learn a whole book in a day.
He learned by hearing once; nor did he forget anything he learned.
Oahspe Book of the Arc of Bon CHAPTER 21:16: 
From sunrise in the morning until late at night his tongue did not cease speaking. And his mouth
was as if it were the mouthpiece of heaven. For after one angel had discoursed before the audience
for a while, another came, and then another, and so on; and when none came, then Chine himself
Oahspe Book of the Arc of Bon CHAPTER 21:17:
And there came before him men of great learning, and philosophers, to try him as to his knowledge;
but they all went away confounded, as if they were fools. Nor was it possible to ask him a question
that he could not answer correctly. 
Chine probably had the Rs7294919 (C;C) gene in his DNA.
The hippocampus is a critical brain structure involved in learning and memory.
(C;C)3Enhanced hippocampal volume
(C;T)3Moderately enhanced hippocampal volume
(T;T)0Average hippocampal volume  
(C;C) Enhanced hippocampal volume (originated with I'hins, angels) ***
(C;T) Moderately enhanced hippocampal volume (originated with I'hins) ** 

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