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"If the author, Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D., is correct, an 890-page book called "Oahspe" is the best kept secret in the world. But it is not supposed to be a secret. It was intended to be as well known as the Bible and provide answers to humankind on all life's mysteries, including the history of the planet, the history of the human race, the fate of man, and countless other matters pertaining to the nature of man and the purpose of life."

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The 5 big problems of the faithist community today are:
1. The mixing of Oahspe teachings with astrology (as a cause for human behavior).
2. The mixing of Oahspe teachings with New Age teachings (Nibiru, Sirius, Reincarnation, etc.).
3. The mixing of Oahspe teachings with trance medium messages from non-anonymous spirits
4. The mixing of Oahspe teachings with UFO contactee messages from non-anonymous sources
5. Not learning physics, astronomy, mathematics, anthropology, Neuroscience, and genetics.  

Classic Books from a Higher Intelligence
"This book has been advertised as the world’s most challenging book. It may be. Before you start,
I recommend that you study both the glossary and the index, to familiarize yourself with the
strange words used
." - LTC USAF (Ret) Donald M. Ware
(about 60% down from top of page).

Donald M. Ware - Webs
LTC USAF (Ret); Fighter pilot, Teacher
Truthseeker since 1952
BS in Mechanical Engineering, 1957, Duke University
MS in Nuclear Engineering, 1972, AF Institute of Tech.


The Key to understanding anything you read is to take it one word andone sentence at a time.
If you come to a word you don't understand then research the word until you understand it,
then go back and re-read the sentence again.
I have made the word research easier for you by providing definitions for many strange words
in Oahspe and on my website


Summary of Higher Advanced Knowledge contained in Oahspe:
The following information which was transmitted through John Ballou Newbrough in 1881 in the book of Oahspe was higher than the knowledge that mankind on earth had at that time.
This knowledge came from a HIGHER SOURCE, a HIGHER POWER. When someone or something (as a book) says something and you later find EVIDENCE that backs up that statement or information, that is SCIENCE (KNOWLEDGE). OBSERVATIONAL EVIDENCE that confirms an idea, belief, or theory is SCIENCE. An Idea, belief, or theory without OBSERVATIONAL EVIDENCE to confirm it is RELIGION or BLIND FAITH.
◄ Matthew 15:14 ► of the Bible:
English Standard Version
Let them alone; they are blind guides. And if the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.”
Full Definition of LIGHT .
1 a :  something that makes vision possible .
Knowledge is Light, OBSERVATIONAL EVIDENCE is Light, demonstrable facts are Light.
When a book gives us information of things we know not of, it should also give us a method of proving that information to be true. Oahspe and this website covers that ground.
The day (cycle) has arrived, when man will not accept proclamations and assertions; he wants plausible reasons, or substantial proofs (EVIDENCE), that the authority be not merely a presence, but a demonstrable fact (OBSERVATIONAL EVIDENCE).
One anti-Oahspe person falsely stated:
"Newbrough really did a very poor job of plagiarizing Swedenborg and Descartes. He just copied their ideas"
Read the below facts and you will see that Newbrough did not copy Descartes or Swedenborg or anyone else for that matter (Oahspe had original new ideas and facts that Swedenburg and Descartes did not have).
Scientist theorized that STARS came from nebula (Nebular hypothesis  Pierre-Simon Laplace) as far back as 1796 and 1734 (Emanuel Swedenborg) but did not know that NEBULA was created by a supernova until 1921. But 40 years BEFORE in 1881 Oahspe used the words "ji'ay'an swamps of exploded worlds".
In Oahpse Ji'ay refers to Nebula. Exploded worlds refer to supernova. Here Oahspe plainly indicated in 1881 that Nebula (Ji'ay) was from (of) supernova (exploded worlds) 40 years before man on earth found this out.
"nebula was created by a supernova, dates to 1921"
Modern understanding that the Crab nebula was created by a supernova, dates to 1921, when Carl Otto Lampland announced he had seen changes in the structure of the Crab Nebula.[3] This eventually lead to the nebula being linked to a bright supernova seen in 1054 A.D. by the 1940s.[4]
The creation of the Crab Nebula corresponds to the bright SN 1054 supernova recorded by Chinese astronomers in AD 1054.[5]
The Crab Nebula was first identified in 1731 by John Bevis. The nebula was independently rediscovered in 1758 by Charles Messier as he was observing a bright comet. Messier catalogued it as the first entry in his catalogue of comet-like objects [M1]; in 1757,
Messier 1
Supernova Remnant M1 (NGC 1952) in Taurus
Crab Nebula
The Crab Nebula, Messier 1 (M1, NGC 1952), is the most famous and conspicuous known supernova remnant, the expanding cloud of gas created in the explosion of a star as supernova which was observed in the year 1054 AD.
Rene Descartes in (Principia philosophiae, 1644) was one of the first to propose a mechanical universe or vortex motion of planets.
Rene Descartes illustrations are different from Oahspe, Descartes shows planetary or sun vortices touching each other, whereas in Oahspe the planetary vortices are spaced far apart and the correct sizes that correspond to the magnetospheres of the planets.

A depiction of Rene Descartes' vortices:
Also Descartes celestial vortices are five and six sided polygons (pentagons,
Oahspe's celestial vortices are cone-shaped like the magnetospheres of the planets in the solar system:
Oahspe even shows in the plate (link below) no tilt to the magnetic (vortexian) field of Saturn. 98 years before scientist discovered Saturn's magnetic field has no tilt, John Ballou Newbrough had drawn a picture of the magnetic field (vortex) of Saturn with no tilt. Newbrough drew the magnetic fields of 5 planets in the solar-system, Saturn was the only one he drew that had no tilt which is true (Rene Descartes, Sir Issac Newton, and James Clark Maxwell didn't know that Saturn's magnetic field had no tilt).
You can read the information about Saturn's magnetic field and Oahspe at the link below:
Descartes describes the stars as "fixed stars" which was the common scientific belief at the time and even up to the early part of the 20th century, whereas Oahspe correctly described the sun and stars as being in orbit.
Compare the image below of Descartes "fixed stars" and suns and their touching vortices with Oahspe's ahead of it's time picture of other solar systems with planets in orbit around the galaxy.
Descartes fixed stars and their vortices:
Oahspe solar systems (vortices with planets) in orbits:
Some Oahspe haters falsely teach that Oahspe science is all "pre Newtonian science".
Read the facts and information below and judge (think) for yourself.
OAHSPE BOOK OF INSPIRATION IX:8-10 "I have given thee many sacred books, and I said to thee: Save thou judgest them, thou shalt be caught in a snare; I charge thee, thou shalt accept nothing from men, nor angels, nor Gods, But thou shalt rely on THINE OWN INSPIRATION FROM THY CREATOR."
OAHSPE Book of Inspiration CHAPTER XI:17 "I said unto man: BE FREE! Learn to know liberty! Think for thyself! Study thy Creator in all things, and IN THYSELF IN PARTICULAR!"
Sep 8, 2006 - A concept abandoned in the 19th century is being revived by a physicist as an alternative to dark matter,
Glenn Starkman, a cosmologist at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, is hitting back with a blast from the past.
Starkman's controversial counterproposal is that the presence of ether in the universe better explains the galaxies' behavior.
His theories were recently reported in the August 26 issue of New Scientist magazine.
"Galaxies spin faster than they should, given the amount of matter we see in them. The possibility we've gone with for a long time
is that there's some unaccounted-for mass generating that extra gravity," Starkman said.
"But the other possibility is that the amount of mass we see generates more gravity than we thought. That's where ether comes in."
Several high-profile theoretical physicists have lined up to support Starkman's theory, including Jacob Bekenstein, theoretical
physics professor at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel, and Andreas Albrecht, cosmologist and physics professor at the
University of California, Davis.
computer simulation of dark matter:
computer simulation of dark matter looks like Network of Etherean worlds and roadways (Oahspe plate 24 God's Book of Ben)
drawn by John Ballou Newbrough in 1881:
long before it was detected indirectly using gravitational lensing and 51 years BEFORE it was first postulated and its existense
and properties were first inferred by any man on earth and 133 years before it was seen for first time via intense radiation from
a quasar.

OAHSPE BOOK OF COSMOGONY AND PROPHECY CH.I:2,5,8 says "The earth floateth in the midst of a vortex, the outer extremity of which is somewhat beyond the moon.
From the book EXPLORING THE UPPER ATMOSPHERE by Richard A. Craig copyright 1968 pages 136-137: 
In 1958 when the U.S. first sent up space satellites scientist discovered the invisible magnetosphere of the Earth. They discovered that the magnetosphere was comet shaped. Scientist also discovered the magnetotail (of the magneosphere) streched well beyond the moon. The magnetosphere was first theorized in 1931, but OAHSPE had that information in 1881 (original manuscript before publishing).
From the book AURORA BOREALIS THE AMAZING NORTHEREN LIGHTS copyright 1979 by S.I. Akasofu page 69 says "Our understanding of the aurora began to improve dramatically about 10 years ago as a result of a very intensive study. Scientist view this phenomena in terms of an electrical discharge [As did OAHSPE in 1881] powered by the magnetosphere generator [The Earth's vortex Oahspe says]. They are now engaged in proving this theory with information gathered by satellites and rockets - INFORMATION UNOBTAINABLE BEFORE THE SPACE AGE." Page 71 of Akasofu's book says "a cavity, shaped like a comet is formed around the earth. It is the Earth's invisible magnetic field. The cavity is called the magnetosphere." On page 72 of Akasofu's book it says "Professor Sydney Chapman, a physicist who, with his colleague, Vincenzo Ferraro, was the FIRST to THEORIZE the formation of the MAGNETOSPHERE in 1931." OAHSPE BOOK OF COSMOGONY AND PROPHECY II:25 says "A complete planetary vortex is a globe, or nearly so, and it's manifested light like a complete magnet."
An Astronomer in 1997 said "The OAHSPE author has described the interaction of presumably the solar vortex with planetary or cometary vortices and deduced correctly what the effect of solar emmanations on a diffuse spherical structure would be."
This current (2011) scientific book backs up the vortex theory of Oahspe:

Some say The Universal cycle Theory is "Bigger than Principia", "more revolutionary than Newton's Principia."
"All of science fits into this framework and the paradoxes, fantasies, unicorns, and the illogical thought of modern physics are swept away for what will be known for hundreds of years as a sentinel work in human history and scientific knowledge. Step aside Principia. You have been replaced."
Our latest book: Universal Cycle Theory .
"In short, we propose that vortex motion brings aether particles together, forming the less mobile complexes that we call ordinary matter. What we observe as universal gravitation is produced by the still-active aether particles that exist wherever ordinary matter does not. With celestial bodies, complexification is a function of the velocity of vortex rotation, with the density of ordinary matter decreasing with distance from the center. At the same time, the density and activity of aether increases with distance from the center. This produces a “gravitational pressure gradient,” which acts like our own atmospheric pressure gradient—only in reverse."
As for the vortex motion of the planets was proven wrong by Sir Isaac Newton:
"Based upon the assumptions Newton made, his arguments clearly refuted Descartes theory [aether vortex theory].
However Newton's criticism falls apart ...in neomechanics, that aether consists of infinitely divisible matter distributed heterogeneously. That is, heterogeneously divisible aether interacts with baryonic matter differently than the homogeneous elementary aether assumed by Newton and Descartes.
Newton assumed that the "solid sphere" at the center of the vortex caused the spiral motion, Hence Newton argued that without an external source of energy to sustain the spiral, the vortex would quickly die. However, as already discussed in Chapter 6, the core does not cause a vortex...Once formed, the inertia from all the matter within the vortex keep it circulating - until friction finally stops the spiral. Newton was correct in the sense that friction eventually causes a vortex to die. However, he was incorrect about the sphere at the center being the sole source of its momentum. A vortex behaves as a collection of matter (aethers and baryons) moving in harmony. The movements within the vortex sustain its circulation. In the process, the circulation causes accretion, excretion, and gravitation...
Newton incorrectly assumed that the aether circulates in a perfect circle. Hence, he concluded several things. First, he noted that the planets orbit the Sun in ellipses which is inconsistent with circular motion.
Second, he noted that natural satellites orbit the planets. This is inconsistent with a single circular vortex. Third, he argued that comets move in extremely eccentric orbits. In combination these three independent motions were highly inconsistent with perfectly circular rotation.
However, the concept of a simple uniform vortex clouded Newton's platonic view of reality...every vortex contains sub-vortices [as Oahspe said in the book of Cosmogony], just as every microcosm contains submicrocosms...aether particles and baryonic matter influence each other univironmentally as they circulate together. Likewise, eccentric and irregular orbits develop in all vortices. Collisions happen continuously - occasionally being significant. When that happens, the new motion may send the object flying out beyond the far edges of the Solar system; or it may cause a subsequent collision with another celestial body; or it could cause an unstable eccentric orbit similar to a comet's...Again, it bears repeating that the motions of a vortex are never perfectly circular, like Newton assumed....
Simple observations of motion reveal the direction of the vortex's primary circulation. Kepler's orbital laws and Newton's gravitational law approximate these motions quite well. - pages 235-236 of THE UNIVERSAL CYCLE THEORY (2011) by Stephen J. Puetz (mathematician, statistician) and Glenn Borchardt, PH.D.(Geology-Geophysics).
Ever heard of the Sagnac experiment?
The Sagnac effect Proof of Aether
Unfortunately, relativity by this time was considered to be correct and many reputations (and egos) could be damaged by the disclosure of the existence of an ether. So the Sagnac experiment was suppressed as were all similar subsequent experiments. Einstein ignored Sagnac and his work.

The Sagnac experiment backs up John Ballou Newbrough and Oahspe (the Vortex ether).
A beam of light leaves the light source and is split into two different beams (tagged red and blue). They travel around the circuit in opposite directions until they reach the splitter which recombines them where they go on to the photographic plate producing interference patterns because the ether has slowed one beam down more than the other.
A simplified version: The light is split and going in opposite directions. The distance between the mirrors and splitter is always the same, as everything, including the splitter is moving on the platform together. No matter what the speed of rotation, there should be no interference pattern, but there is, proving the existence of the ether.
Michelson-Morley experiment vs. Sagnac experiment
No aether (Relativity) vs Aether (Classical)
The effect of an ether would be to slow down the light ....
Russian Physics Journal .
August 2001, Volume 44, Issue 8, pp 858-862
The Sagnac Vortex Optical Effect
Authors: N. V. Kupryaev
Author Affiliations: 1. Samara Dept. of P. N. Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (FIAN), Russia
It is shown that the Sagnac phenomenon observed experimentally is in conflict with special (and also general) relativity. The calculation of the magnitude of the Sagnac effect within the framework of a relativistic theory results in a paradox. Thus, for the moving relativistic observer, the simultaneous events of meeting of ± rays with the radiant are nonsimultaneous for the events of meeting of the radiant with ± rays. Here, the index “+” denotes a ray propagating in the direction of motion of the observer, while the index “−” denotes a ray propagating against the motion. The paradox is resolved within the framework of the theory of a luminiferous ether at rest.
On the proof of the reality of the luminiferous aether by the experiment with a rotating interferometer  (1913)
by Georges Sagnac, translated from French by Wikisource
The interferometer produces and measures, by the expression \tfrac{1}{2}z, the first order vortex-effect of its overall motion, without using any external reference.
The result of these measurements shows that, in ambient space, light propagates with a velocity V_0, independent of the collective motion of the source of light O and the optical system. This property of space experimentally characterizes the luminiferous aether. The interferometer measures, according to the expression \tfrac{1}{4}z\lambda\mathsf{V}_{0}, the relative circulation of the luminiferous aether in the closed circuit \jmath a_{1}a_{2}a_{3}a_{4}\jmath.
A comment on the Sagnac experiment by a professional Physicist:
A home-made Sagnac interferometer
made with fibre-optic cable. The upper right corner shows the interference pattern captured by the camera. When the table is rotated the phase of the beams is shifted and the interference pattern changes. Rotating it in the opposite direction has the opposite effect.
This is how in principle a fiber-optic gyroscope works (
Sagnac Interferomter / FOG
" The Sagnac effect cannot be explained by the theory of relativity and it also cannot distinguish whether the earth is rotating inside the universe or the universe rotates in the opposite direction about the earth." Rauch, Helmut, 1993. "Neutron Interferometry," Science, 262:1384-85. Quote is on page 1385.
Helmut Rauch is an Austrian physicist. He is specially known for his pioneering experiments on neutron interference. Rauch studied Physics at Vienna University of Technology and worked at Atominstitut Vienna. Wikipedia
"Here, Langevin said that the speed of the light varied. Later, in short note appended to the Dufour and Prunier 1942 paper, he seems to have conveniently overlooked that he had admitted of this possibility. Many references to Langevin refer to his earlier paper in 1921, where he proposed that the Sagnac effect could be explained by relativity theory.
His later 1937 analysis is conveniently forgotten...Dufour and Prunier carried on their experimental work and published the 1939 and 1941 papers described above without any response from Langevin. - Page 44 of Challenging Modern Physics (Questioning Einstein's Relativity Theories) by Al Kelly (2005).

A Favorite Excuse.
"Let us kill off here a favourite supposed justification for SR that is trotted out whenever the Sagnac effect is mentioned.
It is said that in the Sagnac experiment, the light travels different distances going clockwise and counter-clockwise so that light travelling at the constant speed of c takes different times. This is claimed as the reason for the fringe shifts and is said to explain the whole matter in accordance with SR. However, this is wrong. Sagnac had the light source, the interferometer and the camera all aboard the disc. All measurements are taken aboard the spinning disc. The fringe shifts result from the difference in times taken by the light signals to traverse the circumference of the disc in opposing directions. Later we shall see that in the case of light signals sent around the earth, the matter is further clarified because we are all aboard the disc (the spinning earth). In this case, there is no doubt that the light signals take different times to go around the earth in an eastward and a westward direction – we cannot step off the earth to view the process and thereby claim that the signals take different times because they traverse different distances. - Page 39 of Challenging Modern Physics (Questioning Einstein's Relativity Theories) by Al Kelly (2005).
Light travels around the Earth faster Westward than Eastward. Sagnac Test. By: Dr. Alf Kelly, Engineer.
A common mistake for Oahspe readers is to think that Oahspe does not account for the travel of light:
Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter I:
35...But that which is called light is polarity of corporeal needles in solution, caused by the lines of vortexya. In experiments on earth, the flash requireth a certain time to polarize these infinitesimal needles, and for convenience sake such lapse of time is called the travel of light.[Speed of polarization of corporeal needles in solution. Light is polarized state, once polarized there is no travel or speed to Light, but to go from unpolarized darkness or confusion to polarized light takes a certain time and that lapse of time is the constant C speed of polarization which scientist call the speed or travel of light]
The infinitesimal polarized needles (or strings) of corpor cannot be seen.
“Light cannot be seen; it can only be known. Light is still. The sense of sight cannot respond to stillness. That which the eyes “feel” and believe to be Light is but wave motion simulating the idea of Light."  - Walter Russell (From The Secret of Light – Chapter XII).
An apparent ray of light is produced by the polarization of a line of these sub-atomic needles. In length, such needles may approximate to the actinic wave-length , or a number of them may. The angle or angles at which they are each set upon their axes gives the wave-form affect. The effect
travels along lines of needles outwards from the apparent source of radiation, giving the phenomenon of an apparent period of travel (the 'speed of light')
. - page 277 of DARKNESS, DAWN AND DESTINY by Augustine Cahill (DRAWN FROM OAHSPE) 1965.
Oahspe says Tae measured the travel of light (such as light-years distance to the stars):
Oahspe Book of Knowledge Chapter 2:
28. Tae said: ...
32. Yes, I have measured the stars in Your firmament,...
33. I have measured the light and computed the time of its coming, |1503| and lo, they have also existed for millions of years.
1503  i.e., computed how long it took the light to "travel" from star(s) to the earth.
What is being measured as the speed of light is actually an EFFECT of light, not light itself.
The effect of the subatomic needles polarizing = lapse of time and travel of light.
In the Book of Cosmogony Chapter 1 it says Light doesn't travel but THAT WHICH MAN CALLS LIGHT DOES TRAVEL [a measurable lapse of time such as the Sagnac experiment]. Oahpe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter I:35...But that which is called light [by earth man]...requireth a certain time to polarize these infinitesimal needles....such lapse of time is called the travel of light.
The above verses clearly PROVES Oahspe says LIGHT TRAVELS [as in the Sagnac experiment].
I calculate that the magnetic field pattern produced by an electric current is approximately that of a hurricane vortex.
I consider this to be more than just a coincidence, I say the magnetic field of an electric current is the manifestation of an etheric vortex which is the cause of electric and magnetic phenomena.
Hurricane vortex pattern and magnetic field lines produced by electric current are approximately the same (as I calculated them to be according to Oahspe).
Magnetic vortex - experimental proof .
The video linked here shows experimental proof of the existence of a magnetic vortex. The direction of rotation changes when magnetic polarity is reversed.
Usually, we see magnetic field lines shown as bending straight back from one end of the magnet to the other. Correctly, what should be shown is magnetic lines of force in a vortex configuration, with flow spiraling into the magnet (or out of it) in a right-hand or left-hand turning motion, depending on the magnetic polarity.
A neodymium magnet (also known as NdFeB, NIB or Neo magnet), the most widely used[1] type of rare-earth magnet, is a permanent magnet made from an alloy of neodymium, iron and boron to form the Nd2Fe14B tetragonal crystalline structure.[2] Developed in 1982 by General Motors and Sumitomo Special Metals, neodymium magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnet commercially available.[2][3] They have replaced other types of magnets in the many applications in modern products that require strong permanent magnets, such as motors in cordless tools, hard disk drives and magnetic fasteners.
OAHSPE (1881): Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy CHAPTER I:
48. The power of a magnet ...vortexya floweth through the magnet, even as water floweth through a tube.
Oahspe says Light is a polarized state, subatomic parts are lined up pointing in the same direction.
Electricity and magnetism microscopic parts are polarized and lined up in the same direction.
Light is electromagnetic, and Light, electricity and magnetism are manifestations of the ethe'ic vortex.
electromagnetism shows polarization (microscopic parts lined up and pointing in the same direction).
A magnetic domain is a region within a magnetic material which has uniform magnetization. This means that the individual magnetic moments of the atoms are aligned with one another and they point in the same direction.
"point in the same direction." = polarization
Polarization is a concept that comes from science, and it involves light, radiation, or magnetism moving in specific directions.
polarization definition. The direction in which the electrical field of an electromagnetic wave points.
Electromagnetic dynamic magnetic domain motion of grain oriented electrical silicon steel.
Above microscopic photograph of electromagnetic polarized (vertical lines) parts of electrical steel.
Cobalt film as imaged by magnetic force microscopy: (a) the initial domain configuration in zero applied magnetic field, (b) the beautiful parallel stripe domain pattern prepared by single domaining the film in a large magnetic field applied in the plane of the film...
Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter I:
17. Vortexya can be concentrated in iron and steel, and in iron ore, in which condition they are called magnetic. And these substances, if poised as needles, will assume the line of polarity of the vortex or its poles.
"if poised as needles, will assume the line of polarity of the vortex or its poles."
Above the needle shaped filings align with their long axis parallel to the magnetic field. They clump together in long strings, showing the direction of the magnetic field lines at each point.
"polarity of corporeal needles ...caused by the lines of vortexya."(OAHSPE BOOK OF COSMOGONY AND PROPHECY CHAPTER I:35)
The microscopic polarization of the parts of a magnet was revealed in 1881 by Oahspe, this was 25 years BEFORE French physicist Pierre-Ernest Weiss developed Magnetic domain theory (that the individual magnetic moments of the atoms are aligned with one another and they point in the same direction).
"individual magnetic moments of the atoms are aligned with one another and they point in the same direction" = polarization = lines of vortexya = vortexya floweth through the magnet in the same direction.
Magnetic fields of currents:
Iron filings follow magnetic field lines around a single wire with current (a magnetic force produced by an electric current)
Color-enhanced satellite image of the eye and circular storm patterns of Hurricane Andrew
Oahspe says light, electricity, and magnetism are the same thing under different conditions, in other words light is electromagnetic [electric and magnetic] as Maxwell concluded.
Before the 1887 Michelson-Morely Experiment:
James Clerk Maxwell began working on Faraday's lines of force. In his 1861 paper On Physical Lines of Force he modeled these magnetic lines of force using a sea of molecular vortices that he considered to be partly made of aether and partly made of ordinary matter.
A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field in which the details of the luminiferous medium were less explicit.[A 2] Although Maxwell did not explicitly mention the sea of molecular vortices, his derivation of Ampère's circuital law was carried over from the 1861 paper and he used a dynamical approach involving rotational motion within the electromagnetic field which he likened to the action of flywheels.
Electric currents and Magnetic fields have a geometric pattern that approximates a hurricane vortex not by coincidence. Oahspe defines electromagnetism as a polarized state [particles pointing in same direction]. Electric and magnetic materials have microscopic parts that are polarized (pointing in same direction) just as Oahspe said.
There's another recent discovery predicted by Oahspe. In the glossary of unusual terms in Oahspe there is the following entry: "Vocent: Perpetual roaring of the atmospherean elements." Apparently in 2009 NASA scientists discovered a phenomenon they called 'space roar'. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_roar Apparently it constantly bombards the earth and is virtually everywhere in the Universe. Oahspe discussed this phenomenon in 1881- but it didn't enter the scientific lexicon until 2009. Even the same word, roar, is used to describe it, even though the technology to detect this sound existed nowhere on earth in the 19th century. This book continues to amaze and inspire. - Marli, May 29, 2014
OAHSPE in 1881 has a drawing of the Parker Spiral that was not discovered until the early 1960s. More than 80 years after OAHSPE was typed.
Oahspe describes the sun’s field of force that reaches beyond Neptune and pushes the tails of comets away from it (the cosmic wind was not postulated until more than half a century later).
An Astronomer in 1997 said "The OAHSPE author has described the interaction of presumably the solar vortex with planetary or cometary vortices and deduced correctly what the effect of solar emmanations on a diffuse spherical structure would be."
From the book of Sephah, plate 65, Se'moin'
Within the description of Agni, number 72, we find the following:
"Emblem of corporeal dissoltution and of the escape of the potent power within"'. Here we have the statement of the equivalence of mass and energy, or Einstein's  E=MC² from his special theory of relativity. It was in Oahspe (in statement form) long before Einstein formulated his famous equation in 1905.
OAHSPE'S BOOK OF COSMOGONY Chapter 4: 2. The belt in atmospherea where these things happen is usually about five, six or seven hundred miles up from the earth's surface. But the belt sometimes ascends a thousand miles. At other distances upward other belts exist; and others still beyond, and so on.
These statements discuss what is now known as the Van Allen belt, not discovered until the following century. An article in Scientific American March, 1959, describes the Van Allen belts to exist from five hundred up to ten thousand feet [miles]. - Martha Helene Jones
6. "Oahspe is also a book that has numerous “firsts” i.e. it is the first to use the word “Starship” long before science-fiction writers conceived of interstellar space travel
Oahspe was also revealed details of a sunken continent in Pacific Ocean whose remnants include Japan, several decades before Lemuria or Mu were thought to have been located in the Pacific Ocean.
From the book OAHSPE'S AMAZING PREDICTIONS OF THINGS TO COME by Laura Horst page 64 says JEHOVIH made these predictions, saying: "I will provide in the Kosmon Era...that mortals will discover the sunken land of Pan". In 1995 114 years AFTER Oahspe was written the sunken land of Pan was discovered just as Oahspe said it would. In Oahspe Japan means remnant of Pan, where Pan was broke off in the north.
UNDERWATER PYRAMIDS: JAPAN...beginning in March 1995...One of the greatest discoveries in the history of archaeology was made...off Japan...spread over an amazing 311 miles on the ocean floor, are the well-preserved remains of an ancient city...CNN network televised a report about Japan’s underwater city.
Japan's Ancient Underwater "Pyramid" Mystifies Scholars
Some experts believe that the structures could be all that's left of Mu, a fabled Pacific civilization rumored to have vanished beneath the waves.
Pan in later times was called the lost continent of Mu, and Lemuria.
THE CONSISE BOOK OF ASTRONOMY in 1978 contained information about the relationship of NEBULAE AND DNA with LIFE ON EARTH, but in 1881, 97 years earlier, OAHSPE contained almost the same information about NEBULAE AND SE'MU (the preceding substance of the living) with LIFE ON EARTH.
OAHSPE BOOK OF JEHOVIH (1881) VI:5 "JEHOVIH stores the ingredients of which worlds are made...everything in its place...THE substance of the vegetable kingdom...and even so of the substance of the animal kingdom; for HE hath PLACES IN THE FIRMAMENT of heaven for all of them. These that thou sawest are the aji, and the jiay, and the NEBULAE; and AMIDST THEM IN PLACES THERE IS SE'MU ALSO." OAHSPE says of Se'mu "Gelatine, the preceding substance of the living." OAHSPE PLATE 39 says "The Earth in semu. Jehovih saith; in the TIME OF SEMU I brought the EARTH INTO AJI, and JIAY and darkness was upon the face of the earth for the space of 3,000 years; and yet for other 3,000 years half darkness covered all the land and water." OAHSPE says of AJI, SEMI DARK. Less than NEBULA. OAHSPE says of JIAY, PERTAINING TO NEBULAE, BUT LESS DENSE.

A nebula (Latin for "cloud" pl. nebulae, nebulæ, or nebulas) is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases.
March 01, 2013
Ancient DNA Precursors Found in Interstellar Clouds --Predate Birth of Our Solar System
During the past decade, astrochemists have found that DNA molecules, the fundamental building blocks of life, find their origins not on Earth, but in the Cosmos. They are the language of the Universe --the information they inherited comes from the stars and the cosmic ecology that formed them. Scientists using the National Science Foundation's Green Bank Telescope (GBT) in West Virginia to study a giant cloud of gas some 25,000 light-years from Earth, near the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, have discovered a molecule thought to be a precursor to a key component of DNA and another that may have a role in the formation of the amino acid alanine.
"Finding these molecules in an interstellar gas cloud means that important building blocks for DNA and amino acids can 'seed' newly-formed planets with the chemical precursors for life," said Anthony Remijan, of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO).
One of the newly-discovered molecules, called cyanomethanimine, is one step in the process that chemists believe produces adenine, one of the four nucleobases that form the "rungs" in the ladder-like structure of DNA. The other molecule, called ethanamine, is thought to play a role in forming alanine, one of the twenty amino acids in the genetic code.
.."In the days when mortals put words into all things and made them speak" - Oahspe book of Sephah, plate 65, Se'moin' number 72.
History and Types of Speakers
Speakers - how it works and history - by the Edison Tech Center
2. The Electrodynamic Loudspeaker (The Modern Speaker).
electrodynamic loudspeaker...the most common type of speaker in the world today.
While the electromagnet part of the speaker was invented early on in the 1860s, it took 40 more years to develop a knowledge of acoustics and materials. C.W. Rice and E.W. Kellogg finally invented it by solving the final part of the puzzle. The final work was on how to shape the diaphragm and what materials to use. The recent developments in vacuum tubes in the 1910s helped to do sophisticated control of frequencies and power regulation.
C.W. Rice of General Electric and E.W. Kellogg of AT&T worked together in Schenectady, New York to develop the modern speaker and first electric amplification system. They created a working prototype in 1921.
Oahspe Book of Fragapatti, Son of Jehovih: Chapter III:
11. Speeding swiftly across the swamps of Ull, where seven corporeal stars were dismembered a thousand million years ago, now set with a'ji'an fields, and forming nebulae;...

Oahspe says the stars were dismembered (came to an end) one billion years ago and then formed into nebulae, but Oahspe doesn't say when these corporeal stars were FIRST FORMED. Obviously these stars were first formed LONG BEFORE THEY ENDED over 1 billion years ago.
...by the end of the nineteenth century, all scientists who had studied the evidence were convinced that the age of the Earth must be at least many tens of million of years.
By the end of the nineteenth century...A hundred million years...scientifically informed people thought that was a plausible age for our entire solar system.
It wasn't until the discovery of radioactive elements and the invention of Radiometric dating in 1905 (24 years AFTER Oahspe was typed) that showed that some rocks were not just hundreds of millions, but billions of years old. Similar measurements of isotopes in asteroids (rocks fallen from elsewhere in the solar system) also gave ages in billions of years.
Oahspe in 1881 mentioned stars that had formed over a billion years ago, and stars that had died a billion years ago. Oahspe was talking about billions of years for stars in the universe 24 years before scientists had discovered that stars in the universe were billions of years old. The Bible doesn't use the words millions or billions of years old for any formed object in the universe.
At the time Oahspe was typed in 1881 scientist thought the solar system and stars were tens of millions or hundreds of millions years old, they didn't discover that the solar system and stars were billions of years old until the invention of Radiometric dating in 1905.
Analysis by James May of California
The significance of this plate shows that there are other phalanxes
in proximity of our own, and that they cross the orbit of our own solar
system at the node points shown in the plate. In Newbrough's time,
and until only recently, have any planets been discovered in other
solar systems. Today, there have been numerous planets discovered
orbiting other stars, and this list continues to grow. Such are other
solar systems, just as Oahspe has told us that there are.
1= Equivalent: 4,700,000; 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Other orbits for other phalanxes.
An extrasolar planet, or exoplanet, is a planet outside the Solar System. A total of 859 such planets (in 676 planetary systems, including 128 multiple planetary systems) have been identified as of January 15, 2013.[5]
On 21 April 1992,[34] radio astronomers Aleksander Wolszczan and Dale Frail announced the discovery of two planets orbiting the pulsar PSR 1257+12.[11] This discovery was confirmed, and is generally considered to be the first definitive detection of exoplanets. In 1992 was when man first discovered planets orbiting a star in another solar system, the first discovery of a planet outside our solar system. This discovery VERIFIED and CONFIRMED Oahspe, and was made 111 years AFTER Oahspe was typed.
From the book THE ELEMENTS RAGE by Lane on page 58 it says "One ingenious INVENTOR (during the first World War) claimed that shells fired VERTICALLY in rapid succession would produce a vortex and start the tornadic process. Tornadoes occured in the second World War as a result of fire-bombing. The rain of HIGH EXPLOSIVES  and incendiares, and the fires they started, turned sultrines into violent heat. The resultant fire storm burnt out eight square miles of the city. In typical tornado fashion, the funnels twisted large trees out of the ground and tossed them as giant torches into the air. OAHSPE BOOK OF COSMOGONY AND PROPHECY chapter VIII:13 says "He shall provide EXPLOSIVE gases high up in the air, which shall break the wind currents, establishig VORTICES FROM THE UPPER REGIONS DOWNWARD [like a tornado funnel descending from the clouds to the ground]." Lane says on page 59 of his book "A tornado also formed after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and was strong enough to uproot trees.  OAHSPE in 1881 stated that man made explosives high up in the air would produce vortices [like a tornado], 30 YEARS LATER this was confirmed during World War 1.
Oahspe had knowledge of oil in the firmament of heaven (nebula) 131 years before it was discovered by scientists.
Oahspe Book of Jehovih: Chapter VI:
5. Behold, O man! As a farmer soweth corn in one place, and wheat in another, and roots in another, and flax--everything in a separate place; even so doth Jehovih store the ingredients of which worlds are made--everything in its place--the substance of the iron in one place, the substance of the stones in another, the substance of the vegetable kingdom in another, and even so of the substance of the animal kingdom; and the oils and sand; for He hath places in the firmament of heaven for all of them. These that thou sawest are the a'ji and the ji'ay and the nebulæ; and amidst them in places there is se'mu also. Let no man say: Yonder is hydrogen only, and yonder oxygen only. The divisions of the substances of His creations are not as man would make them. All the elements are to be found not only in places near at hand, but in distant places also.
Scientists Find Mega-Oil Field ... 1,300 Light Years Away.
06 December 2012.
Have our wishes been answered? Scientists have found an oil field which contains 200 times more hydrocarbons than there is water on the whole of the Earth.
Time to wave peak oil goodbye forever … but before you do I should probably inform you of the tiny hiccup in any plan to develop this oil field.
It is around 1,300 light years away.
The scientists work at the Max Planck Institute in Germany, and using the 30m-telescope of the Institute for Radio Astronomy they discovered a vast cloud of hydrocarbons within the Horse Head Nebula galaxy in the Orion constellation. Upon discovery of the cloud IRAM astronomer Viviana Guzman declared that, “the nebula contains 200 times more hydrocarbons than the total amount of water on Earth!”
Oahspe calls the earth the red star
Behold the red star, the earth.
Then they pointed, surmising by the red-like color and tedious motion, which of them was the earth, one of the small gems that Jehovih had placed in the measureless firmament
"red-edge" spectral surface feature biomarker of Earth = around 750 nm [red wavelengh]
Visually the Earth appears as a Blue Planet from within the Earth's atmsophere and within the orbit of the moon,  pass the orbits of the planets Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, the Earth looks like a star – which gets fainter as you get farther away. Visually from deep space from the distance of the other planets in the solar system the Earth appears like a white star like the other stars and planets in the sky. But spectrally (with the use of a spectroscope which can do what the naked eye can't ) the earth appears as a red star, just as Oahspe called it in 1881. Although the other planets in our solar system looks like a white star in the sky to the naked eye, it is the vegetation of earth that gives it a "red-edge" spectral surface feature biomarker around 750 nm [red wavelengh] that the other planets in the solar system don't have. With vegetation comes water, and with water and vegetation comes animal life that eats the vegetation and the animals that eat other animals. This "red-edge" spectral biomarker is important for finding extrasolar planets with life on them(including human life). Other planets that are not in their blue-white hot young age and that also do not have vegetation would show other spectral colors such as green, yellow, orange or a mixture of these colors. This "red-edge" spectral surface feature biomarker around 750 nm [red wavelengh] is what the Ethereans see when looking at the Earth from outside our solar system. Knowing what the optical spectra of Earth is from outside our solar system will help scientists in their search for extrasolar Earth-like planets.
This red-color (spectral) knowledge of the earth was not obtained until we sent space probes into deep space with spectrometers onboard. The experimental PUMA-1 and PUMA-2 – the first mass spectrometers to be flown in space – back in 1981-1984 for the two Russian VeGa-1 and VeGa-2 missions to Halley’s Comet.
Google "Spectrometry and robotics for space exploration"
It was in 2002 that scientists determined how the Earth would appear to a distant astronomer in another star system,  bright reflections in the far-red region of the visible spectrum is what they found. Oahspe had this same knowledge 121 years BEFORE in 1881, and referred to the earth as the red star.
15. -
Oahspe only shows 8 planets out to Uranus, and Neptune. Oahspe does not show a planet beyond Neptune in our solar system.
Following the discovery of the planet Neptune in 1846, there was considerable speculation that another planet might exist beyond its orbit. The search began in the mid-19th century and culminated at the start of the 20th with Percival Lowell's quest for Planet X.
Clyde Tombaugh's discovery of Pluto in 1930 appeared to validate Lowell's hypothesis, and Pluto was officially considered the ninth planet until 2006.
...in 2006 the International Astronomical Union reclassified Pluto and its largest neighbours as dwarf planets, leaving only eight planets in the Solar System.[4]
Today, the astronomical community widely agrees that Planet X, as originally envisioned, does not exist,...
9..."the ji'ay'an swamps of exploded worlds, boiling in the roar of elements, where wise angels and Gods explore to find the mystery of My handiwork." = hot diffuse nebulae after supernova explosion.
ji'ay'an swamp (from  exploded worlds) = supernova remnant
Scientist theorized that STARS came from nebula (Nebular hypothesis  Pierre-Simon Laplace) as far back as 1796 and 1734 (Emanuel Swedenborg) but did not know that NEBULA was created by a supernova until 1921. But 40 years BEFORE Oahspe used the words "ji'ay'an swamps of exploded worlds".
In Oahpse Ji'ay refers to Nebula. Exploded worlds refer to supernova. Here Oahspe plainy indicated in 1881 that Nebula (Ji'ay) was from (of) supernova (exploded worlds) 40 years before man found this out.
"nebula was created by a supernova, dates to 1921"
Modern understanding that the Crab nebula was created by a supernova, dates to 1921, when Carl Otto Lampland announced he had seen changes in the structure of the Crab Nebula.[3] This eventually lead to the nebula being linked to a bright supernova seen in 1054 A.D. by the 1940s.[4]
The creation of the Crab Nebula corresponds to the bright SN 1054 supernova recorded by Chinese astronomers in AD 1054.[5]
The Crab Nebula was first identified in 1731 by John Bevis. The nebula was independently rediscovered in 1758 by Charles Messier as he was observing a bright comet. Messier catalogued it as the first entry in his catalogue of comet-like objects [M1]; in 1757,
Messier 1
Supernova Remnant M1 (NGC 1952) in Taurus
Crab Nebula
The Crab Nebula, Messier 1 (M1, NGC 1952), is the most famous and conspicuous known supernova remnant, the expanding cloud of gas created in the explosion of a star as supernova which was observed in the year 1054 AD.
Network of Etherean worlds and roadways (Oahspe plate 24 God's Book of Ben) drawn by John Ballou Newbrough in 1881 looks like invisible Dark Matter in Space and Human Nerve Cells Network, both discovered decades later. A similar graphical pattern to the universe and the brain, a connection to the cosmos and consciousness.
cosmological large-scale structures formed by standard CDM (‘cold dark matter’) and by wavelike dark matter
John Ballou Newbrough drew a PICTURE OF THE INVISIBLE COSMIC WEB AND FILAMENTS OF DARK MATTER IN 1881 long before it was detected indirectly using gravitational lensing and 51 years BEFORE it was first postulated and its existense and properties were first inferred by any man on earth and 133 years before it was seen for first time via intense radiation from a quasar.
Whatever they are, dark matter particles are transparent to light, and unlike most components of ordinary matter, 
In astronomy and cosmology, dark matter is a type of matter hypothesized to account for a large part of the total mass in the universe. Dark matter cannot be seen directly with telescopes; evidently it neither emits nor absorbs light or other electromagnetic radiation at any significant level.[1] Instead,its existence and properties are inferred from its gravitational effects on visible matter, radiation, and the large scale structure of the universe. It was first postulated by Jan Oort in 1932 to account for the orbital velocities of stars in the Milky Way and Fritz Zwicky in 1933 to account for evidence of "missing mass" in the orbital velocities of galaxies in clusters. According to consensus among cosmologists, dark matter is composed primarily of a new, not yet characterized, type of subatomic particle.[3][4] The search for this particle, by a variety of means, is one of the major efforts in particle physics today.[5]
20 January 2014
Cosmic 'web' seen for first time
The hidden tendrils of dark matter that underlie the visible Universe may have been traced out for the first time.
Cosmology theory predicts that galaxies are embedded in a cosmic web of "stuff", most of which is dark matter.
Their calculations suggest that as the Universe grows and forms, matter becomes clustered in filaments and nodes under the force of gravity, like a giant cosmic web
The cosmic web suggested by the standard model is mainly made up of mysterious "dark matter". Invisible in itself, dark matter still exerts gravitational forces on visible light and ordinary matter nearby
In the dark
 He added: "What is expected is that the dark matter dominates the mass and forms these structures, and then the ordinary matter, the gas, the stars and everything else trace the filaments and structures that are defined by the dynamics of the dark matter." 
"Filaments have been detected indirectly before using gravitational lensing, which allows us to see the distribution of the dark matter. 
Dark matter's cosmic web revealed
UCSC Scientists Capture First Cosmic Web Filaments at Keck Observatory
January 19, 2014
Computer simulations suggest that matter in the universe is distributed in a "cosmic web" of filaments, as seen in the image above from a large-scale dark-matter simulation (Bolshoi simulation, by Anatoly Klypin and Joel Primack). The inset is a zoomed-in, high-resolution image of a smaller part of the cosmic web, 10 million light-years across, from a simulation that includes gas as well as dark matter (credit: S. Cantalupo). The intense radiation from a quasar can, like a flashlight, illuminate part of the surrounding cosmic web (highlighted in the image) and make a filament of gas glow, as was observed in the case of quasar UM287.
Above: Etherean worlds and roadways courtesy of Oahspe and Dark matter visualization courtesy of SDSC and NPACI Visualization Services.
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter III verse 20:
20. They have said there are five elements of corpor; then again sixty; and a hundred. But in time they will say there are millions. And yet all of them are comprehended in the word corpor. To resolve them, discover them, and classify them, and their combinations, is the work of man.

At the time Oahspe was written in 1881 man had only discovered and classified 64 elements (Gadolinium is the 64th element discovered in 1880). In 1952 as Oahspe correctly predicted man discovered and classified the 100th element named Fermium, 72 years after Oahspe was typed.


19. Creation of elements:

International Scientists Race to Create the Heaviest Element in the Universe
Two international teams are competing to create the heaviest element in the universe. Super-heavy elements are the elements at the bottom of the periodic table with an atomic number (the number of protons) above 104. The previous heaviest element, temporarily called ununoctium, was "discovered" in 2002, and the two teams are now attempting to produce elements 119 and 120.
The basic principle of creating super-heavy atoms is simple: smash the atoms of one element into those of another and their protons will add up to create a new element. Titanium's 22 protons will join berkelium's 97 to create an atom with 119 protons, one atom of element 119.
Oahspe on elements of corpor, creation, aggregate
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter III:
20. They have said there are five elements of corpor; then again sixty; and a hundred...And yet all of them are comprehended in the word corpor...Where they are aggregated together...the result is called a CREATION...What is creation more than to make a drop of rain [or to make a new chemical element].
1 ag·gre·gate: formed by adding together two or more amounts
Definition of AGGREGATE
: formed by the collection of units or particles into a body, mass, or amount :  collective: as a (1) :  clustered in a dense mass...
Compression of the ethe'ic solution (which contains infinitesimal sub-atomic particles, needles, or strings) by the vortexian spiral force creates matter, mass, density, protons, atoms, and elements.
Aggregate = creation = 2 + 2 creates 4.
Titanium's 22 protons will join berkelium's 97 to create an atom with 119 protons, one atom of element 119 = aggregate = creation.
1952 is the first year man created a new element that is not found in nature, even in trace amounts. That was elements number 99 and 100 which Oahspe predicted man would discover (element 100) and Oahspe defined how they would be created, "aggregated together"...elements of corpor...a hundred (element 100 fermium).
Fermium is a synthetic element with symbol Fm and atomic number 100...formed by the absorption of six neutrons by a uranium-238 nucleus..[aggregate, creation, new element].
Oahspe correctly predicted element 100 and predicted how it would be created by aggregation (six neutrons by a uranium-238 nucleus) 71 years BEFORE it occured in 1952.
99. einsteinium, Es, named after the theoretical physicist Albert Einstein (1952).
100. fermium, Fm, named after Enrico Fermi, the physicist who produced the first controlled chain reaction (1952).

In 1907, beginning with a simple thought experiment involving an observer in free fall, he embarked on what would be an eight-year search for a relativistic theory of gravity. After numerous detours and false starts, his work culminated in the presentation to the Prussian Academy of Science in November 1915 of what are now known as the Einstein field equations. These equations specify how the geometry of space and time is influenced by whatever matter is present, and form the core of Einstein's general theory of relativity.[2]
General relativity predicts that the path of light is bent in a gravitational field; light passing a massive body is deflected towards that body. This effect has been confirmed by observing the light of stars or distant quasars being deflected as it passes the Sun.[59]
"the real reason why general relativity is widely accepted is because it made predictions that were borne out by experimental observations. The primary one that put general relativity on the map was its prediction of the bending of starlight by the sun, which in 1919 was confirmed by observation during a solar eclipse. That was the moment when general relativity emerged from the realm of theory and entered the realm of being a piece of reality as we know it." - Physicist-author Brian Greene, June 13, 2003 interview to NOVA
OAHSPE Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy chapter 6 :1,2
It is an error to say that the eye sees the sun by means of a straight line. The line of sight to the sun is spiral and oval...allowance must be made for the vortexian spirality.
Oahspe described that the path of light is not a straight line but bent (spiral) in a gravitational (vortexian) field in 1881, 34 years BEFORE the brilliant scientist Albert Einstein presented this theory in 1915, and 38 years before this was confirmed by observation during a solar eclipse in 1919. It is reported that Einstein had a copy of Oahspe. Einstein is often regarded as the greatest scientist of the 20th century.
"I first came upon it while researching the visibility of stars, the
planets and even the Sun, which I had been claiming was not possible
without the Earths ionosphere. In the cosmology section I found the
quote "Without the Earths atmospherean lens, the stars and planets would
not be visible, and the Sun would only appear as a small, pale red dot".
Also, the brightness of the Moon, viewed from Earth is explained in a
way which modern science does not accept, but fits in with how I believe
the process works. Much more to read, but the science, if correct, could
turn our modern beliefs on their head."  - Gary Nicholls on Oahspe, March 30, 2012
Without the earth's atmospherean lens, man could not even see the moon, nor the stars
"Well that may have been one small step for Neil, but it's a heck of a big leap for me...Just for the record, I don't see any stars out here." Astronaut Nary Captain Bruce McCandless II during the first untethered space walk. Feb. 7 1984. Science Digest Magazine 1/1985. - Martha Helene Jones
 I have been trying to find
someone on the science boards to explain how it is I can see Mars by eye
quite clearly, even though its angular size is less than 1/2 of the
accepted limit of the eye. With the Celestia astronomy program, Mars has
an apparent diameter of 4.25 arc minutes, whereas its true size is about
.5, and that is at closest approach. Nobody can provide any figures or
formulas or reasons that make it work by reflection of Sunligh
The other thing is that Mars has never been photographed, or seen by
eye, from the Space Station, and I recently went through hours of video
of the EVAs from the ISS to try and see if the Moon or stars were ever
mentioned, and there is nothing, even when I match the EVA with a
Celestia simulation, showing a full or nearly full Moon, and no Sun. The
Moon should provide around 2 lux when full up there, more than enough to
see by, but that is never mentioned.  - From: "Gary Nicholls", March 20, 2013
Magnification with a Gravitational Lens?
One of the most distant observed objects in the universe, 13.4 billion light years, was observed with the help of the gravitational lens effect. The experimenters report an effective magnification of about 30, which allowed them to observe an object which would otherwise have been undetectable.
What Oahspe called vortexian lens in 1881, scientist called gravitational lens after Einstein's special theory of relativity (1915-1919).. Albert Einstein presented this theory in 1915, and 38 years AFTER Oahspe, this was confirmed by observation during a solar eclipse in 1919.
Gravitational lensing magnification
Vortexian lens = Gravitational lensing = vortex curved spiral motion = curvature of corporeal needle lines = curved rounded lens = magnifying power.
16. When a nebulous planet is sufficiently dense to have its matter polarized, but so that its polarity corresponds to the polarity of the master, it is transparent, and possesses no eclipse power.- i.e. dark matter, the word ji'ay is the name used by Oahspe - Martha Helene Jones
Whatever they are, dark matter particles are transparent to light, and unlike most components of ordinary matter,
In astronomy and cosmology, dark matter is a type of matter hypothesized to account for a large part of the total mass in the universe. Dark matter cannot be seen directly with telescopes; evidently it neither emits nor absorbs light or other electromagnetic radiation at any significant level.[1] Instead, its existence and properties are inferred from its gravitational effects on visible matter, radiation, and the large scale structure of the universe. It was first postulated by Jan Oort in 1932 to account for the orbital velocities of stars in the Milky Way and Fritz Zwicky in 1933 to account for evidence of "missing mass" in the orbital velocities of galaxies in clusters. According to consensus among cosmologists, dark matter is composed primarily of a new, not yet characterized, type of subatomic particle.[3][4] The search for this particle, by a variety of means, is one of the major efforts in particle physics today.[5]
Oahspe described transparent dark matter, transparent dark planets and stars in interstellar space in 1881, 51 years BEFORE it was first postulated and its existense and properties were first inferred by any man on earth.
It wasn't until 1918 that astronomers discovered that our Sun was not at the center of the Galaxy or universe and was in orbit around the central sun(s) or central star(s) of the Galaxy, but Oahspe contained this knowledge 37 YEARS BEFORE in 1881.
Oahspe in 1881 said there is a "cycle" or orbit to the sun's sun, or that our Milky Way galaxy has a cycle or orbit around the centre of gravity of the Local Group.
Book of Wars Against Jehovih: Chapter XXXVII:
7. ..orbitic and vorkum; the plan of the hissagow, and the cycles of the earth; the cycles of the sun; and the cycles of the sun's sun;..

Inside the Local Group,. there are three major spiral galaxies and a few dozens smaller (dwarf) galaxies. They are all in orbit around the centre of gravity of the Local Group. The Local Group is the group of galaxies that includes Earth's galaxy, the Milky Way. The group comprises more than 54 galaxies (including dwarf galaxies), with its gravitational center located somewhere between the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy.
The term "The Local Group" was introduced by Edwin Hubble in Chapter VI of his book The Realm of the Nebulae (Hubble 1936, pp. 124–151)
It probably was AFTER 1936 when "The Local Group" was first introduced by Edwin Hubble to the scientific world that scientists discovered that our Milky Way galaxy has a cycle or orbit around the centre of gravity of the Local Group. Oahspe called this movement the "cycles of the sun's sun" 55 years BEFORE.
A'ji (Gau), semi-dark. There are places in the firmament of heaven...Arji (Poit). When the earth passeth through A'ji (Panic), it aggregateth and groweth. An abundance of Dar'ji in the firmament giveth a cold year upon the earth.
A'ji and cold
Some interstellar clouds are cold.
...interstellar gas and dust known as molecular clouds. These regions are extremely cold (temperature about 10 to 20K, just above absolute zero). At these temperatures, gases become molecular meaning that atoms bind together.
The deep cold also causes the gas to clump [aggregateth] to high densities.
Stars form inside relatively dense concentrations of interstellar gas and dust known as molecular clouds. These regions are extremely cold...known as dark nebula.
Thus, ether, the most rarified place; Ji'ay, the second place, less rarefied; A'ji, the third place (nebulous places in the firmament), and fourth, the corporeal worlds. 
Out of A'ghi maketh Jehovih a new world.
The advent of deep photographic imaging allowed Edward Barnard to produce the first images of dark nebulae silhouetted against the background star field of the galaxy, while the first actual detection of cold diffuse matter in interstellar space was made by Johannes Hartmann in 1904[5] through the use of absorption line spectroscopy.
[5] ^ Asimov, Isaac. Asimov's Biographical Encyclopedia of Science and Technology (2nd ed.).
The first actual detection of cold diffuse matter in interstellar space was made by Johannes Hartmann in 1904, 23 years AFTER Oahspe associated A'ji with cold.

In Oahspe lightning is called vortexya, and the vortexya combines (fusion-mixes) hydrogen and oxygen which produces an extraordinary powerful explosion generating energy somewhat between nuclear and chemical reaction. This explosive reaction of hydrogen-oxygen fusion-mixture was unknown in 1881 when Oahspe was first typed, but it was discovered by ACCIDENT in 1992 at a cold fusion cell at SR1 Intemational in Menlo Park, Califomia, 111 years after Oahspe described it in the Book of Cosmogony.
Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy CHAPTER 1:
18. Vortexya in the atmosphere will combine oxygen and hydrogen, and an explosion ensues, which is called thunder. But if an iron wire is raised up in the air (a lightning rod), it forms a negative center, to which the vortexya quickly flies, following it down into the moisture of the earth, where it is dissolved.
Revisiting Anomalous Explosion of Hydrogen and Oxygen Mixture
In 1881 Oahspe stated sun or starlight was polarized by magnetic fields (lines of vortex), this was 68 years before the polarization of optical starlight was first discovered.
Oahspe BOOK OF COSMOGONY CHAPTER 1:34...As the lines of vortexya are in currents from the outer toward the interior, so do solutions of corpor take the shape of needles, in the master, pointing toward the centre, which condition of things is called LIGHT.
35....But that which is called light is polarity of corporeal needles in solution, caused by the lines of vortexya.
The polarization of optical starlight was first discovered by Hiltner (1949). As
light from stars in the same vicinity were found to have similar polarization directions
it was concluded that the interstellar medium was the cause of this effect,
not the stars themselves. Soon after, Davis & Greenstein (1951) argued that the
polarization was caused by the alignment of spinning, non-spherical grains through
the mechanism of paramagnetic relaxation. This effect causes the long axis of the
grains to align perpendicular to the ambient magnetic field and preferentially absorb
light that is polarized in the direction of the grain’s long axis, and hence gives
a net polarization of the unabsorbed light parallel to the magnetic field.
Light Polarization is an important phenomenon in astronomy. The polarization of starlight was first observed by the astronomers William Hiltner and John S. Hall in 1949. Subsequently, Jesse Greenstein and Leverett Davis, Jr. developed theories allowing the use of polarization data to trace interstellar magnetic fields.
Irregular Magnetic Fields in Interstellar Clouds and the Linear Polarization of Starlight

Diamonds in interstellar medium, dense molecular clouds
In 1881 Oahspe stated that diamond substances are in a'jian regions (dense molecular clouds) in interstellar space.
3. Onward sped Lika's airavagna now in the Roads of Nopita, now in the a'ji'an Forest of Quion, most rich in adamantine substances, arches, stalactites and stalagmites, and in forming and dissolving scenes, a forest, a very background in the etherean worlds for the over-brilliant crystal regions of light.
ad·a·man·tine  adj.
1. Made of or resembling adamant.
2. Having the hardness or luster of a diamond.
adamantine - having the hardness of a diamond.
Definition of ADAMANT.
1:  a stone (as a diamond) formerly believed to be of impenetrable hardness
2:  an unbreakable or extremely hard substance
Diamonds in the sky
As discussed earlier in this chapter and in chapter 6, various carbonaceous solids are expected to form around carbon-rich AGB stars. So far, the discussion has centred on silicon carbide, PAHs and various forms of hydrogenated amorphous carbon. Another form of carbon that could be present around these stars is diamond.
Diamonds in the interstellar medium were were first proposed by Saslaw & Gaustad (1969), who argued that, although graphite is the thermodynamically stable form of carbon in dust forming regions and in interstellar space, it was possible that diamond could form as a metastable product(see section 3.2.3). Following this theoretical work, interest in interstellar diamonds lay dormant until, in 1987, they were found, in meteorites, rather than in interstellar spectra (Lewis et al., 1987).
Diamonds in the interstellar medium
When meteoritic diamonds were discovered, there had been no observational evidence for diamonds in interstellar space. Then, in 1992, Allamandola et al. (1992) found an absorption feature in the spectra of protostars embedded in dense molecular clouds at 3.47µm (2880 cm-1 ), which they attributed to sp3 bonded C-H, i.e. hydrogenated diamond-like particles. Thus, we have evidence of diamonds in space. Their observations suggested that the diamond-like grains seemed to be ubiquitous in dense clouds, while methyl (-CH3) and methylene (-CH2) rich material dominated the diffuse ISM. The diamond signature was only found in dense molecular clouds and not in the diffuse ISM, which was surprising because thorough mixing is expected to occur between the dense and diffuse media. Allamandola et al. (1992) suggested that the absence of -CH2 and -CH3 bands, together with appearance of the sp3 bonded -CH not found in the diffuse ISM, implies that C-rich materials in the diffuse medium do not become incorporated into, or do not survive incorporation into, dense molecular clouds. Neither destruction by shocks (which are weak in dense clouds) or UV photolysis (mild as a result of dust extinction), or H atom attack (which would make -CH2 and -CH3 groups rather than destroy them) can explain the apparent lack of the carbon-rich diffuse cloud components in dense clouds.
It is my proposal that we need to turn the argument around. I would argue that, without any explanation of how it got there, the sp3 bonded -CH is stable in the dense molecular clouds where it is protected from the severe environment outside. Only when it leaves the dense cloud is it converted into -CH2 and -CH3 by the harsher environment. If this is the case, we need to seek out a very effective mechanism by which -CH2 and -CH3 groups would be converted into sp3 bonded -CH inside the dense molecular clouds. However, if this paradigm is correct, the diamonds are formed in dense molecular clouds and are not of interest in a discussion of dust formation around carbon-rich AGB stars. Therefore, let us consider the meteoritic evidence for the origins of interstellar diamonds further.
Diamonds in the interstellar medium were first proposed by Saslaw & Gaustad (1969), 88 years AFTER Oahspe had that information.
In 1992 observational evidence of diamonds in interstellar space was discovered, 111 years AFTER Oahspe.
Oahspe said the diamonds were in a'ji regions which are dense molecular clouds, instead of Ji'ay regions which are diffuse clouds and that is where they have been discovered, in the dense molecular clouds (a'jian regions).



OAHSPE Book of Cosmology and Prophecy CHAPTER 1:
11. In the early times, the earth was longer north and south than east and west. But the m'vortexya, being less than the vortexya, the earth assumed the globular form, which was afterward attenuated east and west, then it again turned, to adapt itself to the polarity north and south.
12. In these various turnings of the earth, the same force of the vortex exerted over to the east and west. By which behavior every portion of the earth hath been to the east, to the west, to the north and to the south. Which is proven in the rocks, and boulders, and mountains of the earth.
Scientists (geologists) didn't discover evidence of geomagnetic reversal (pole shift) of the earth in rocks until the early 20th century (1900s), this was more than 20 years AFTER Oahspe was typed.
Oahspe in 1881 said geomagnetic reversal (pole shift) "is proven in the rocks, and boulders, and mountains [volcanic rocks] of the earth."
The first estimate of the timing of magnetic reversals was made in the 1920s by Motonori Matuyama, who observed that rocks with reversed fields were all of early Pleistocene age or older. At the time, the Earth's polarity was poorly understood and the possibility of reversal aroused little interest.[1][2]
The first estimate of geomagnetic reversal was made in the 1920s, more than 40 years AFTER Oahspe was typed. Scientists (geologists) found evidence in the rocks of geomagnetic reversals in the "early Pleistocene age or older",
the Pleistocene, the time period that spanned from 2.6 million to 11,700 years ago.*
"in the "early Pleistocene age or older" corresponds to "In the early times, the earth" spoken of by Oahspe.
Galactic stellar life cycle
OAHSPE BOOK OF COSMOGONY III:25 says "Though the general FORM of a vortex in its BEGINNING, is long, funnel-shaped (like a whilwind)[or whirlpool] its ULTIMATE is toward a GLOBULAR FORM. And though the CURRENT of a vortex is SPIRAL, AT FIRST, its CURRENTS ULTIMATE is toward LESS SPIRALITY.
elliptical galaxies...Optical spectra of ellipticals showed that their light is dominated by cool red stars whose UV output is negligible. Such stars are very old, and the absence of young blue stars indicated that ellipticals had a quiescent stellar population dating back about 10 billion years. In contrast, star formation in spiral galaxies (including the Milky Way) and irregular galaxies, continues quite vigorously to this day.

The spiral galaxies are in the primary or first stage of a vortex, this is the stage where young blue stars are created. The elliptical or globular galaxies are in the third or fourth age of a vortex which is passed the age of creating new stars, thus it is composed of old stars.
SPIRAL SHAPED galaxies SPIRAL ARMS are defined by YOUNG BLUE STARS, gas, and dust. ELLIPTICAL (spherical or globular shaped) galaxies are ALMOST DEVOID of the gas and dust that form NEW STARS: only OLD STARS remain. Scientists (astronomers) first discovered this in 1924, 43 years AFTER Oahspe was typed.
Source: Page 134 of THE AMAZING UNIVERSE by Friedman
The magnetic field of a bar magnet revealed by iron filings on paper. A sheet of paper is laid on top of a bar magnet and iron filings are sprinkled on it. The needle shaped filings align with their long axis parallel to the magnetic field. They clump together in long strings, showing the direction of the magnetic field lines at each point.
Above is evidence of the needle shaped strings ('superstrings') lines of vortex theory of Oahspe, which light, electricity, and magnetism is a manifestation of. Gravity is also a manifestation of this vortex forcefield. The Oahspe etheic vortex force field is the unified field theory that unites light, electricity, magnetism and gravity that Einstein and other men were working on and never completed.
 34. ...As the lines of vortexya are in currents from the outer toward the interior, so do the solutions of corpor take the shape of needles
 35....But that which is called light is polarity of corporeal needles in solution, caused by the lines of vortexya.
Chapter IV
5....As previously stated, corpor being in solution in ethe, hath in the main the shape of needles...
OAHSPE Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy III:11 "As light, and heat, and magnetism, and electricity, are all one and the same thing, which are the manifestation of vortexian currents under different conditions".
48. The power of a magnet decreaseth in proportion to the square of the distance from it. Under certain conditions one leg of the magnet repelleth things from it. As previously stated, this is nevertheless one current; which vortexya floweth through the magnet, even as water floweth through a tube.

Magnetic Field Around an Electric Current
Iron filings align in concentric rings around the conductor show the magnetic field of the current in the wire.  The iron filings are dense next to the conductor, showing that the field is strongest at this point.  Furthermore, the field strength decreases inversely as the square of the distance from the conductor.  It is important to note the following two factors about the magnetic lines of force.
In addition, the current need not be in a wire conductor.  As an example, the beam of moving electrons in the vacuum of a cathode-ray tube has an associated magnetic field.  In all cases, the magnetic field has circular lines of force in a plane perpendicular to the direction of motion of the electric charges.
A magnetic domain is a region within a magnetic material which has uniform magnetization. This means that the individual magnetic moments of the atoms are aligned with one another and they point in the same direction.
Magnetic domain theory was developed by French physicist Pierre-Ernest Weiss[1] who in 1906 suggested existence of magnetic domains in ferromagnets.[2] He suggested that large number of atomic magnetic moments (typically 1012-1018)[citation needed] were aligned parallel.
The microscopic polarization of the parts of a magnet was revealed in 1881 by Oahspe, this was 25 years BEFORE French physicist Pierre-Ernest Weiss developed Magnetic domain theory (that the individual magnetic moments of the atoms are aligned with one another and they point in the same direction).
"individual magnetic moments of the atoms are aligned with one another and they point in the same direction" = polarization = lines of vortexya = vortexya floweth through the magnet in the same direction.

"Ardi" (Ardipithecus ramidus), discovered in 2009, is considered the oldest human ancestor and to date the closest resembling the drawing of Asu man in Oahspe. Ardipithecus ramidus was discovered 128 years after Oahspe.
John Ballou Newbrough in 1881 drew a picture of the oldest human ancestor next to a body of water, such as a river or stream. Newbrough also drew trees next to the bank and in the distant background looks like a Savannah grassland (low vegetation).
Recent scientific findings suggest Newbrough's inspired drawings and writings about the oldest human ancestor is accurate.
Archaeology & Fossils December 26, 2011
Couple finds evidence indicating earliest humans lived by rivers and streams
Husband and wife team Royhan and Nahid Gani have been studying the sediments surrounding the place where Ardipithecus ramidus, aka, "Ardi," was found in Ethiopia, and have, as they describe in their paper published in Nature Communications, found that most of the evidence in the area points to a group of people that lived near a very large river.
Ardi is believed to have lived some four and half million years ago in what is now Aramis, a hot and dry part of Ethiopia, but until now, no serious study had been done on the dirt in which the skeletal remains were found. After doing so, the Gani’s discovered that the dirt was actually layers of sandstone that appear most likely to have been the result of an ancient stream overflowing it’s banks periodically, leaving behind layers of sand. Branching out, the team discovered that the sediments indicated that such a stream was actually a river, likely twenty six feet deep and over twelve hundred feet wide.
Next they turned their attention to plant material that had been preserved in the sandstone, measuring their isotopes, and found that the material had come from grassy plants, suggesting a Savannah type environment. But once again, widening their area of study, they also found that there were wide changes in the types of plant material in the area. This caused them to surmise that there were patches of forests near the rivers and streams.
Based on these two pieces of information, the team suggests that it appears Ardi, who many researchers believe is our oldest found ancestor, lived in a savannah, near fresh flowing water. Some suggest that such an environment would be consistent with learning to walk upright to see over the tall grasses.
Our finding suggests that, in contrast to a woodland habitat far from a river, Ar. ramidus lived in a river-margin forest in an otherwise savanna (wooded grassland) landscape at Aramis, Ethiopia.
These data are interpreted to indicate the presence of major rivers and associated mixed vegetations (grasses and trees) in adjacent floodplains. Our finding suggests that, in contrast to a woodland habitat far from a river, Ar. ramidus lived in a river-margin forest in an otherwise savanna (wooded grassland) landscape at Aramis, Ethiopia. Correct interpretation of habitat of Ar. ramidus is crucial for proper assessment of causes and mechanisms of early hominin evolution ...
Oahspe Book of Sethantes, Son of Jehovih: Chapter X:
3. The Lord said: On our journey let us run through the valleys and the banks of rivers, for it is here that both asu and men dwell. And so they journeyed, surveying the earth as they sailed above. The country was mostly barren, not supporting man nor beast.
4. But by the river sides man dwelt, burrowing in the ground to avoid the heat by day and the cold by night.
"through the valleys and the banks of rivers, for it is here that..asu...dwell" - Oahspe
1992–1993...discovered the first A. ramidus fossils—seventeen fragments including skull, mandible, teeth and arm bones—from the Afar Depression in the Middle Awash river valley of Ethiopia.
Emergence of the Human 'SuperBrain' 75,000 Years Ago
There is archaeological evidence for the evolution of a human "super-brain" no later than 75,000 years ago that spurred a modern capacity for novelty and invention, according to John Hoffecker, an archaeologist at the University of Colorado.
Hoffecker says there is abundant fossil and archaeological evidence for the evolution of the human mind, including its unique power to create a potentially infinite variety of thoughts expressed in the form of sentences, art and technologies.
An internationally known archaeologist...Hoffecker.
While anatomical fossil evidence for the capability of speech is controversial, the archaeological discoveries of symbols coincides with a creative explosion in the making of many kinds of artifacts. Abstract designs scratched on mineral pigment show up in Africa about 75,000 years ago and are widely accepted by archaeologists as evidence for symbolism and language. "From this point onward there is a growing variety of new types of artifacts that indicates a thoroughly modern capacity for novelty and invention."
Humans were producing perforated shell ornaments, polished bone awls and simple geometric designs incised into lumps of red ochre by 75,000 years ago. "With the appearance of symbols and language -- and the consequent integration of brains into a super-brain -- the human mind seems to have taken off as a potentially unlimited creative force," he said.
The evolution of the human "super-brain" occured when Angels bred with Asu and produced the I'hin 73,000 years ago according to Oahspe.
Homo floresiensis ("Flores Man", nicknamed "hobbit" and "Flo") is a possible species, now extinct, in the genus Homo. ...were discovered on the Indonesian island of Flores in 2003 by a joint Australian-Indonesian team of archaeologists looking for evidence of the original human migration of Homo sapiens from Asia to Australia.[1][3] They were not expecting to find a new species, and were surprised at the recovery of a nearly complete skeleton of a hominin they dubbed LB1 because it was unearthed inside the Liang Bua Cave. Subsequent excavations recovered seven additional skeletons, dating from 38,000 to 13,000 years ago.[2] An arm bone provisionally assigned to H. floresiensis is about 74,000 years old.
Australian anthropologist Susan Hayes from the University of Wollongong has completed the first ever forensic facial reconstruction of Homo floresiensis, an extinct human relative that lived on the island of Flores as early as 17,000 years ago. And perhaps surprisingly, her interpretation reveals a face that was startlingly human. This species, which measured only three feet (one meter) in height and weighed about 70 pounds (32 kilograms), would have been very Hobbit-like indeed.
Hayes, who has a background in forensic science, completed the 2D reconstruction using high-resolution 3D imaging and CT scan data obtained from a female floresiensis skull found in the Liang Bua cave in Flores. The data was fed into a computer graphic program, allowing Hayes to create a virtual model of the skull. From there, Hayes was able to reconstruct the facial features.
Homo floresiensis was first discovered in 2003, 122 years AFTER Oahspe was typed. In 1881 Oahspe spoke of the I'hin people who were the same size, and had the same look as Homo floresiensis. Homo floresiensis skeleton was dated to 13,000 to 74,000 years ago which closely matches the dates given to the I'hins in Oahspe.

Ancient Little People Found? - National Geographic

Science vs The Bible:
Modern Science:
10. Most stars formed billions of years before earth.  Stars are still forming.
The Bible:
Earth was created three days before the Sun and stars. Today, stars are dying, not being created.  (Genesis 1:2, 1:16; Exodus 20:11)
Oahspe (1881) The Lord's Third Book: Chapter II:
10. Forget not the Lord thy God; such labor will fall to thy lot when thou art long risen in heaven. Behold, there are millions of worlds, new coming into being every day.
Radio Astronomy, University of Calgary, public research university located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
How often are stars born?
To answer this question we need to talk about the number of stars born each year or, more accurately, the amount of material (gas & dust) that is converted into stars per year. This is expressed in solar masses per year (one solar mass is equal to the mass of our Sun = 2x1027 kg). This quantity is called the "star formation rate". In our Galaxy the current star formation rate is about 3 solar masses per year (i.e. interstellar gas and dust corresponding to about 3 times the mass of the Sun goes into stars each year). However, all this mass doesn't necessarily go into 1 star. Some stars are more massive than 3 solar masses and some are less massive. However, stars like our Sun (1 solar mass) are quite common and so we can approximate the star formation rate to be about 3 stars (like our Sun) per year in our Galaxy.
Furthermore, we estimate that there are about 50 billion galaxies in the entire observable Universe. Now all galaxies are different - our own is a typical spiral galaxy, but there are large and small spirals, giant and dwarf ellipticals, irregulars, etc. However, if we once again assume that our own Milky Way Galaxy represents an average type of galaxy, we can calculate that there are roughly 150 billion stars born per year in the entire Universe. This corresponds to about 400 million stars born per day.
How many stars are born and die each day?
Therefore we get on average about one new star per year, and one star dying each year as a planetary nebula in the Milky Way. These rates are different in different types of galaxies, but you can say that this is roughly the average over all galaxies in the Universe. We estimate at about 100 billion the number of galaxies in the observable Universe, therefore there are about 100 billion stars being born and dying each year, which corresponds to about 275 million per day, in the whole observable Universe.
Calculations are based on:
1. "star formation rate" in our Galaxy
2. number of galaxies in the observable Universe
Since other galaxies outside our Milky Way was not discovered by scientists until Edwin Hubble in 1924. Knowledge of millions of new worlds (stars) coming into being every day was not known or calculable until after 1924. Oahspe contained this advanced new knowledge in 1881, 43 years before.
Stars form when cold gas in interstellar space collapses under its own weight. It is therefore not a stretch to think that the rate of star formation and amount of gas might be correlated. In today’s review of an “astrophysical classic,” we go back to 1998, and the seminal paper in which this correlation – now known as the “Kennicutt-Schmidt law” – is shown to hold across a wide sample of star-forming galaxies. This important relation not only hints at the underlying physics involved in the formation of stars, but is also a widely used prescription for modeling the star formation process in galaxy and cosmological simulations today.
A long time ago in a galaxy not so far, far away
The idea that the star formation rate (SFR) and gas density should be related started with a simple hypothesis stated in a key 1959 paper by Maarten Schmidt: “It is assumed that the rate of star formation…varies with a power n of the density of interstellar gas.” Schmidt supported his assertion with observational data of the solar neighborhood, concluding that the power law had an index of about two – a nonlinear relation.
Computing SFRs in galaxies
Estimating star formation rates is a tricky business. In nearby regions in the Milky Way, we can resolve individual stars, and thus simply look at young stellar clusters, count the stars, and then estimate their ages and masses. Not so in other galaxies – there one must rely on integrated, indirect measures.
Accurately calculating star formation rate in the galaxy and observable universe goes back to 1998 and 1959, 117 and 78 years after Oahspe.
Oahspe - its PRIMARY CONTRIBUTION ON PROPHECY, PLATE 48, "Orachnebuahgalah," - Page 34 Chapter Prophetic Numbers of TIME OF THE QUICKENING (2011), Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D.  
Plate 48.--ORACHNEBUAHGALAH (prophetic numbers, word associated, dates, events)
ORACHNEBUAHGALAH Table (list) below of historical manifestations related to plate 48 of Oahspe and future prophecy of 2048 - 2050. 
0 = faith = 1848 = dawn of dan (Kosmon), spiritualism religious movement began in 1848
10 = arbitration = 1858 = Arbitration (International Law) Brazil and Great Britain
INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION between the United States and the United Kingdom, 8 April 1858
Chilean-American Diplomacy - Convention for Arbitration of Macedonian Claims; November 10, 1858
16 worship = 1864 = Syllabus of Errors, document of Pope Pius IX, important part of Church history 
20 = arbitration = 1868 = Russell Gurney's Act, Russell Law, Arbitration Laws, trade union law
48 = peace = 1896 = 1st modern Olympics, uniting for peace, symbol of peace
50 = arbitration = 1898 = Erdman Act of 1898, United States Federal Law pertaining to railroad labor disputes. The Law provided arbitration for disputes
66 = war = a'ji = 1914 = World War 1
88 = worship = 1936 = first Pope (future) who visited the US, met with President Franklin D. Roosevelt to appoint a US representative to the Holy See, inspired awe and respect wherever he traveled.
88 = war = 1936 = war = Chronology of World War 2: Adolf Hitler reoccupies Rhineland breaking the terms of Versailles (first act of aggression that leads to World War II, global significance), Adolf Hitler announces plan to prepare for war, Italy and Germany announce the Rome-Berlin Axis, Germany and Japan sign the Anti-Comintern Pact, to cooperate in defense against Communistic International, Spanish civil war, Japan wars against China and Soviet Union
90 = learning = 1938 = John Dewey wrote Experience and Education
Experience and Education is the best concise statement on education ever published by John Dewey,
the man acknowledged to be the pre-eminent educational theorist of the twentieth century.
90 = learning = 1938 = Discovery of Atomic fission. [learned something of great importance to mankind] 
99 = war = 1947 = Indo-Pakistani war, Civil war - mandatory Palestine (global significance), Cold War began (first superpower war between nuclear superpowers), 1st Kashmir war, Indochinese conflict
100 = order = 1948 = World Health Organization founded by United Nations, interlinked global health with global peace, office located in UN headquarters
ORACH-NEBU-AH-GALAH gives precise words, and precise numbers, that are added to precise beginnings of cycles to get precise dates or year of prophecy, and it is 100% accurate. 
From 1848 to 2048 on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH:
Precise words (9) = arbitration, worship, peace, war,  pestilence (epidemics), learning, plenty, order, famines.
Precise  numbers (10) = 10, 16, 20, 48, 50, 66, 88, 90, 100, 200.
The reason (the why) the numbers work is because they correspond with the places in the roadway of the travel of the earth (AH) around the galaxy (GALAH), the sub-galactic orbit called CEVORKUM. The roadway has certain nebulous (NEBU) regions and arcs of light (dawn of dan) at exact places in the circuit of the travel of the earth.  The Creator put those regions there and thus KNOWS what numbers and words match up to make precise predictions like an Oracle (ORACH) of the Creator. No other book has this revealed precise knowledge that has PROVEN to be true.
These precise numbers and dates (years) are based (the base) on 1848 being the start of Kosmon. Using 1847 or 1849 as a base would not be precise, that would throw the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate off by 1 year.
ORACH-NEBU-AH-GALAH means : Diety reveals hidden knowledge of the Earth through Nebula and Galaxy.
ORACHNEBUAHGALAH = Oracle, Nebula, Earth, Galaxy 
Oahspe Book of Fragapatti, Son of Jehovih: Chapter XXVIII:9-22.
"rods of fire and water" sounds similar to canisters of tear gas (CS, CN, Mace, pepper spray).
Water is normally used as the carrier of the chemical agent that produces a burning effect or burning sensation.
Police Chemical Agents are mixed with water and flammable carrier chemicals.
The Ethereans in Oahspe seem to be using a combination flash-diversionary and burning effect device for hostage rescue and riot control.
In 1881 Oahspe describes flash-burning diversionary devices used for riot control and hostage rescue 80 years before they were first developed by the British Army's SAS in the 1960s.
In 1881 Oahspe described modern techniques of riot control 44 years before they were first formed in 1925.
The first squad trained in modern techniques of riot control was formed in 1925 in colonial Shanghai as a response to the mismanaged riot of the May Thirtieth Movement.
Largest army ever, Xerses, Persia, 2.5 million + 2.5 million = 5 million
OAHSPE: God's Book of Eskra CHAPTER XX:
32. And it came to pass, that Xerxes and the people, the Parsi'e'ans, were moved to go forth and destroy the Argos'yans. And king Xerxes took two and a half million soldiers with him for his army. And so great was the inspiration and obsession of Ashtaroth's angels, that they caused another two and a half million of Parsi'e'ans to go with Xerxes' soldiers. So that Xerxes' whole army was five millions of souls, which was the largest army on earth, that ever had been, or ever shall be.
Numbers of Xerxes' army: over five million, half of them combatants (185-86).
Source: Herodotus: Book Seven
HERODOTUS (c. 484-425 B.C.), Greek historian, called the Father of History, was
born at Halicarnassus in Asia Minor.
China is the country with the largest standing army
The latest estimates about the size of this army is put at 2,333,000 personnel.

Page 472 "Numerically, the world's largest army is that of the People's Republic of China, with a total strength of some 3,600,000 in mid-1980."
Page 177 "Largest army The People's Liberation Army of China had 2.2 million service personnel as of May 2000."
From the Book DARKNESS, DAWN AND DESTINY by Augustine Cahill (DRAWN FROM OAHSPE) page 277 says The vortexian-etheric solution theory leads Cosmogony to an even more revolutionary proposition. Matter in its subatomic state in etheric solution (remember the teaspoonful of salt in a clear glass of water) takes an acicular form---in plain language, it is needle-shaped.
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter V:2..."the ends of the needles [subatomic particle] do not bend like joints, but each one turneth [spin] more or less on its own axis. If they all turn [spin], an APPARENT wave [wave-function] is produced"
Oahspe introduced the concept of spin to subatomic particles in 1881, 44 years BEFORE (1925) scientists first proposed it.
Wolfgang Pauli was the first to propose the concept of spin, but he did not name it. In 1925, Ralph Kronig, George Uhlenbeck, and Samuel Goudsmit suggested a physical interpretation of particles spinning around their own axis. The mathematical theory was worked out in depth by Pauli in 1927. When Paul Dirac derived his relativistic quantum mechanics in 1928, electron spin was an essential part of it.
Spin was first discovered in the context of the emission spectrum of alkali metals... Ralph Kronig, one of Landé's assistants, suggested in early 1925 that it was produced by the self-rotation of the electron. When Pauli heard about the idea, he criticized it severely...
Despite his initial objections, Pauli formalized the theory of spin in 1927, using the modern theory of quantum mechanics invented by Schrödinger and Heisenberg. He pioneered the use of Pauli matrices as a representation of the spin operators, and introduced a two-component spinor wave-function.
Pauli's theory of spin was non-relativistic. However, in 1928, Paul Dirac published the Dirac equation, which described the relativistic electron. In the Dirac equation, a four-component spinor (known as a "Dirac spinor") was used for the electron wave-function.
In 1940, Pauli proved the spin-statistics theorem, which states that fermions have half-integer spin and bosons integer spin.
In retrospect, the first direct experimental evidence of the electron spin was the Stern-Gerlach experiment of 1922. However, the correct explanation of this experiment was only given in 1927.[18]
The "first direct experimental evidence of the electron spin was the Stern-Gerlach experiment of 1922", 41 years AFTER OAHSPE stated subatomic particles had spin.
There are about 50 galaxies in our Local Group (see list of nearest galaxies for a complete list), of the order of 100,000 in our Local Supercluster and an estimated number of about 170 billion in all of the observable universe.
The discovery of the nature of galaxies as distinct from other nebulae (interstellar clouds) was made in the 1920s.
Galaxies were first discovered in the 1920s (1923). Oahspe in 1881, 42 years earlier spoke about clusters of stars, millions of stars occupying one vortex (galaxy) with one center of gravity (so-called).
gal·ax·y .
A system of millions or billions of stars, together with gas and dust, held together by gravitational attraction.
Google Galaxy definition
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy V:
23. In the case of double stars, and triplets, and so on, if conjoined, the centre of gravitation (so-called) is not to each one, but to the intervening centre between them. The polarity of such a group is as to the vortex. Think not, however, that double stars or triplets or quadruples are the limit of combinations in one vortex. There are clusters of planets, hundreds of them, thousands, and even millions, that sometimes occupy one vortex.
Because of the plural words clusters, and sometimes, Oahspe is plainly indicating in 1881 that there are more than one system that contains millions of stars held together by gravitation (so-called) in one vortex.

Plate 47 - TOW-SANG in Oahspe shows the cone-shaped field (vortex) around Jupiter.
Jupiter's Magnetosphere
Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics
Vol. 15: 389-436 (Volume publication date September 1977)
Jupiter's magnetosphere, discovered twenty years ago by radio astronomers, has recently been traversed by the Pioneers 10 and 11 spacecraft.
Oahspe had a drawing of Jupiter's cone-shaped magnetosphere in 1881, Jupiter's magnetosphere wasn't discovered until 1967, 85 years AFTER Oahspe was typed.
There are 6 magnetized planets in our solar system that have magnetospheres, mercury, earth, saturn, jupiter, uranus, neptune. Oahspe showed a picture of all of them except mercury [which may have been too small and too near the Sun to show in the picture in plate 47 -TOW-SANG.]
OAHSPE correctly showed the cone-shape of the planets' magnetospheres 76 years before they were discovered by space probes.
See Oahspe Plate 47 Tow Sang above (shows Uranus magnetic field twisted to a pointed screw shape, and tilted at a strange angle {60 degrees?}). Oahspe Plate 47 Tow Sang was drawn 105 years BEFORE Voyager 2 collected data from Uranus. Voyager 2 mission. That encounter took place on January 24, 1986. Nearly everything we know about Uranus was learned at this time.
Uranus is different from any other planet in the Solar System in that its axis of rotation is tilted 98 degrees. Another strange fact about Uranus is that its magnetic field is tilted at a 60-degree angle to its axis of rotation. This angle is only 12 degrees on Earth. An interesting effect of Uranus' sideways tilt is that the tail of the planet's magnetic field is twisted like a corkscrew. Voyager 2 also discovered that Uranus has a magnetic field. It is tilted 60 degrees from the planet's rotational axis, and is about the same intensity as the magnetic field on Earth. The magnetic field on Earth and the other terrestrial planets is probably caused by electrical currents produced in the planets' molten core. Since Uranus has no molten core, astronomers are not sure what is responsible for creating the magnetic field.
OAHSPE Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy III:11 "As light, and heat, and magnetism, and electricity, are all one and the same thing, which are the manifestation of vortexian currents under different conditions"
See Plate 47 Tow Sang of Oahspe, it shows no tilt to the magnetic (vortexian) field of Saturn (only planet in plate 47 Tow Sang with no tilt). Saturn's very axisymmetric magnetic field: No detectable secular variation or tilt. Saturn is the only planet in the solar system whose observed magnetic field is highly axisymmetric.
Magnetic Field
While Saturn does generate radio waves, these waves are not strong enough to be detected on Earth. Thus until Pioneer 11 reached Saturn in 1979 it was not known whether Saturn had an intrinsic magnetic field.
The passage of Pioneer 11 within 1.4 Saturn radii of the center of the planet was soon replicated by Voyager I in 1980, passing within 3.1 Rs, and Voyager 2 in 1981, passing within 2.7 Rs. These spacecraft found its magnetic field quite unlike that of any other planet. To the accuracy that could be obtained, there was no tilt to the rotation axis and the interior magnetic field was perfectly axisymmetric.
It wasn't until 1979 that scientist discovered that Saturn had a magnetic field and that its magnetic field was unlike that at any other planet,  there was no tilt to the rotation axis.
In 1881 98 years before scientist discovered saturn's magnetic field with no tilt, John Ballou Newbrough had drawn a picture of the magnetic field (vortex) of saturn with no tilt, Newbrough drew the magnetic fields of 5 planets in the solar-system, Saturn was the only one he drew that had no tilt (as can be seen on the Tow'-Sang plate) and more than 98 years later scientist have discovered that Saturn is the only planet in the solar system with a magnetic field with no tilt just as Newbrough had drawn, but man did not have the technology to know that about saturn in 1881.
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter VII:
17. In orachnebuahgalah...The duration of wars shall be marked with a cut called change.
...the following tables of times and measurements [prophecy] were established:
YA-LA-PESTA.[change-war table of times and measurements] Table at the end of Chapter VII:18 of Cosmogony and Prophecy.
The movement (YA) Graceful (gliding motion like a serpent)
The system or phalanx (LA) Solar (contains the earth)
The Roadway (PESTA) Trail-Track (contains a'ji)
Oahspe Glossary, C'Vorkum:
"The roadway of the Solar Phalanx. Also spelled C'vork'um, C'vorkum...the orbit of the sun with its family of planets."
The graceful moving solar system encounters a'ji on the C'vork'um trail or track.
108--Two changes: Yissain and C'tarin.[1848 + 108 = 1956 = Arab-Israeli War 1949 to 1956, Suez Sinai Peninsula War 1956
[Interpretation = duration of wars = change]. Duration = Start/End Date.
Suez Sinai = Egyptian, Arab = Arabic
ISSA. GENDER: Masculine. USAGE: Arabic. OTHER SCRIPTS: ???? (Arabic). Issa is an Egyptian baby name. Isa, Arabic form of Hebrew Yeshua. Yissa Bracha real estate firm (7 Malchei Israel Street, Jerusalem) provides information about apartments for rent and sale in Jerusalem and the area. West Bank outpost of Yissa Bracha in Isreal.
-C'tarin = Tarin, Syria?
Israel's Border Wars 1949–1956 is a 1993 book written by Benny Morris about the Arab infiltration from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria into Israel after the 1948 Arab Israeli War and before the Suez Crisis war in 1956.
2 wars (changes) 1. Arab-Israeli War 1949 to 1956, occured AFTER 1948 and BEFORE the 1956 Egyptian Suez war, 2.Suez Sinai Peninsula Egyptian-Israeli War 1956 
C'tarin = Tiran?
In 1956, Egypt closed the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping,
The Straits of Tiran (Arabic: مضيق تيران‎ Maḍyaq Tīrān, Hebrew: מצרי טיראן‎ Metzarei Tiran), are the narrow sea passages, about 13 km (7 nautical miles) wide, between the Sinai and Arabian peninsulas which separate the Gulf of Aqaba from the Red Sea.
Access to Jordan's only seaport of Aqaba and to Israel's only Red Sea seaport of Eilat is contingent upon passage through the Gulf of Aqaba, giving the Straits of Tiran strategic importance. Egypt's blockade of the Straits to Israeli ships and ships bound for Israel in 1956 and again in 1967 was a catalyst, respectively, to the Suez Crisis and the Six-Day War.
Oahspe Glossary
C'Vorkum: ...Also spelled C'vork'um, Cevorkum, C'warkum. Literally meaning the place and direction of the chief vortex...C' means Chief.
C'tarin = Straits of Tiran? = Chief seaport access to the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea for Jordan and Israel.
C' = Cheif, or major, main, or only access
Tiran is a name which means 'place in South Israel'. It is a boy's name that is of Hebrew origin. Similar names are Terrin, Taran [Tarin]
[Interpretation = This is an OAHSPE prophecy of 2 wars coming to and end (duration) 108 years after dawn of Kosmon.
(1848 + 108 = 1956) in 1956. Oahspe's use of the name Yissain (Yissa, and Issa) indicate Arabic-Egyptian and Isreali names.
C'tarin may refer to Syria or the Straits of Tiran. There were two wars (change) that
came to and end (duration) in 1956 that involved Arabs, Egypt, and Israel.
1956 = cold (a'ji) down spike
1949 = cold (a'ji) down point, inbetween down slope
47--Three changes: Sim, Will and loo.[1848 + 47 = 1895 = The Sino-Japanese War 1894-1895, Japanese invasion of Taiwan (1895), 1895: Cuban War for Independence (vs Spain). Leading journalists like William [ Will ] Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer took great interest in the Cuban struggle, using dramatic, sensationalist stories to sell millions of newspapers. Although Hearst's [ Will ] altruism may be questioned, he and other journalists did bring American attention to the sufferings of the Cuban people...the United States government was drawn into the conflict in 1898.
[Interpretation = duration of wars = change] Duration = Start/During/End Date.
Sino = Chinese, Chinese Indonesian surname = Sim. Loo = a common Chinese family name (surname). Taiwan officially the Republic of China, William, The name's shortened familiar version in English is Bill, Billy, Will or Willie.
[Interpretation = this is a OAHSPE prophecy of 3 wars coming to an end or starting (duration) 47 years after dawn of Kosmon (1848 + 47 = 1895) in 1895. Oahspe's use of the names Sim and Loo indicate Chinese surnames, which indicates Chinese wars coming to an end in 1895. Oahspe's use of the name Will indicates that an english speaking country (United States) would participate in a war that started (duration) in 1895.
In 1895, 14 years into the future AFTER OAHSPE was written two wars involving Chinese nations did come to an end 47 years after dawn of Kosmon and 1 war that an english speaking nation would get involved in would start in the same year.
The United States government (english speaking) was drawn into the Cuban War for Independence (vs Spain) that started in 1895.
1895 = warm up spike (dan), but it had just came up from the coldest dryest (a'ji) down spike (1893-1894) from 1850-1900 and the Sino-Japanese War started in 1894 (cold dry a'ji)
Like on the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate 48, the table of YA-LA-PESTA at the end of chapter VII:18 of Cosmogony and Prophecy gives you coded numbers and words (names),
but it goes TWO (2) steps further than the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate by saying HOW many wars (changes) shall occur in time period (year) and who (geographic origin, nations) shall be involved in the wars.
On the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH PLATE 48 in OAHSPE it says 99 war, and hagga 99
1848 + 99 = 1947 war. Hagga 99 just as on the YA-LA-PESTA table of changes
(wars) indicates who (geographic region, nation) will be involved in the war.
Haggar is a girl's name. It is of Hebrew origin, a variant of Hagar (Hebrew).
Hagga = Hebrew = Israel.
ORACH-NEBU-AH-GALAH means : Deity reveals hidden knowledge of the Earth through
Nebula and Galaxy. The travel of the earth and solar system through nebulous regions
inside the galaxy. ORACH = ORACLE, NEBU = NEBULA, AH = EARTH (O-AH-spe, Panic) =
GALA = GALAXY. ORACHNEBUAHGALAH = Oracle, Nebula, Earth, Galaxy.
1947–1948 Civil War in Mandatory Palestine
30 November - Following the announcement of the Partition Plan, Arabs in Palestine react violently and fighting breaks out leading to the civil war which centered around the Haganah and Palestinian Arabs supported by the Arab Liberation Army.
2–5 December - 1947 Jerusalem riots, 30 December - Haifa Oil Refinery massacre
hagga on the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH is very similar to Haganah
Haganah (Hebrew: "The Defense"‎, ההגנה HaHagana) was a Jewish paramilitary organization
in what was then the British Mandate of Palestine from 1920 to 1948, which later became
the core of the Israel Defense Forces.
[Interpretation = This is an OAHSPE prophecy of 1947 (66 years after Oahspe was written) about Israel and war.
On the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH PLATE 48 in OAHSPE it says 88 war, and ni 88
1848 + 88 = 1936 war. Ni 88 just as on the YA-LA-PESTA table of changes
(wars) indicates who (geographic region, nation) will be involved in the war.
ni word origin is a variation of the Spanish/Portuguese noun negro.
The Spanish Civil War (1936–1939) broke out with a military uprising in Morocco
on July 17, triggered by events in Madrid. Within days, Spain was divided in two:
a "Republican" or "Loyalist" Spain
[Interpretation = This is an OAHSPE prophecy of 1936 (55 years after Oahspe was written) about war involving Spain.
On the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH PLATE 48 in OAHSPE it says 66 war, and foos 66
1848 + 66 = World War I.
World War I (WWI) was a global war centred in Europe that began on 28 July 1914
and lasted until 11 November 1918. It was predominantly called the World War or
the Great War from its occurrence until the start of World War II in 1939, and the
First World War or World War I thereafter.[5][6][7] It involved all the world's great
powers,[8] which were assembled in two opposing alliances: the Allies (based on the
Triple Entente of the United Kingdom, France and the Russian Empire) and the Central
Powers of Germany and Austria-Hungary.
Foos meaning: Americanized spelling of German Fuss
[Interpretation = This is an OAHSPE prophecy of 1914 (World War I) and Germany at war, 33 years after Oahspe was written. The ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate 48. of OAHSPE correctly prophecies war, the year (1914), and the nation (foos, Germany) involved. The left side of the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate 48. predicts war, and on the right side it foretells who (geographic region, nation) is involved like the YA-LA-PESTA table.
ORACHNEBUAHGALAH Plate 48. of Oahspe book of Cosmogony and Prophecy chapter VII
66 war
1848 + 66 = 1914 World War I
Oahspe book of Cosmogony and Prophecy chapter VII:18
tables of times and measurements:
Rufus , 66
Rufus Early Origins
The German state of Bavaria is the ancestral home of the Rufus family
The family name Rufus is a name for a person associated with the color red
The name comes from the Old German word "rot," meaning "red,
During World War I, the German Empire was one of the Central Powers that ultimately lost the war.
Oahspe book of Cosmogony and Prophecy chapter VII:18
tables of times and measurements:
Zed, 66
Meaning of name Zed 
Etymology : Short form of ZEDEKIAH
Origin : English
zed n. Chiefly British
the British call Z zed
The British Army during World War I fought the largest and most costly war in its long history.
[Interpretation = This is an OAHSPE prophecy of 1914 (World War I) and Germany and Britain at war (World War Z or Zed), 33 years BEFORE it happened.
ORACHNEBUAHGALAH Plate 48. of Oahspe book of Cosmogony and Prophecy chapter VII
100 order
order = organization
In May 1948, Israel became an independent state after Israel was recognised by the United
Nations as a country in its own right within the Middle East.
1848 + 100 = 1948
Oahspe book of Cosmogony and Prophecy chapter VII:18
tables of times and measurements:
Alef, 100
Name: Alef
Pronunciation:(AH lehf)
Used in:Hebrew speaking countries
During the *War of Independence (1948), the Syrian army, having taken neighboring Ẓemah, attempted to continue its advance across the Jordan westward; but on May 20, 1948, it was repulsed by the vigorous defense of Deganyah Alef.
Degania is the first Kibbutz in Israel, founded in 1909. It had split into two kibbutzim,
Degania Alef ("A") and Degania Bet ("B") by 1948. During the Israel War of Independence
Degania was attacked by the Syrian army, though like Nirim, it was in the area allotted
by the UN partition plan to the State of Israel. The heroic resistance of the Degania
defenders against a regular army, like the stands of the defenders of Yad Mordechai,
Nirim, Kfar Darom, Negba and others, gave the people of the young state a large morale boost. It also caused the Arab armies to reassess their earlier predictions of rapid and easy victory.
Oahspe Tablet of Biene (Poit.)
8. Alef (Panic). A new beginning.
Oahspe book of Cosmogony and Prophecy chapter VII:18
tables of times and measurements:
Alef, 100.
1848 + 100 = 1948 = new beginning for Israel. 1948 the New Nation of Israel.
Lulu, 100 name origin
The meaning of Lulu is "famous warrior".
[Interpretation = This is an OAHSPE prophecy of 1948 (67 years after Oahspe was written) and war involving Israel and a organization named Alef.
Any astronaut returning to Earth from the International Space Station (ISS) does their best to smile for the cameras but struggles to stand. So, imagine what it will be like for future missions to Mars. After several months cooped up in zero (or micro) gravity, the first astronauts to step onto the Martian surface will barely be able to manage an ungainly stagger, let alone a giant leap.
“There’s a variety of different effects that can happen,” says Nasa biologist Sharmila Bhattacharya. “There’s a reduction in bone density, there’s loss of muscle and vision can be affected.” Her recent studies suggest that spaceflight even compromises the immune system.
Add in difficulties with balance, sleep deprivation, a slowing of the cardiovascular system, not to mention excess flatulence; throw in a bit of space sickness, vertigo and lethargy, and you begin to understand the scale of the problem. Bhattacharya’s experiments, along with countless others carried out over more than fifty years, attribute most of these symptoms to the effects of living without gravity.
It seems humans have not evolved for life in space.
Weightlessness causes many adverse effects; short-term effects include nausea and vomiting, while long-term effects include bone loss, muscle atrophy, fluid loss,and anemia (see How Weightlessness Works).
In the early 1970s I heard people talking about Astronauts suffering from the above symptoms of weightlessness, and concluding that God didn't mean for man to leave the earth (probably and old Bible based belief, the same way people said of the Wright brothers early efforts if man was meant to fly God would have gave him wings). 
The weightlessness symptoms was the result of man not yet learning how to create artificial gravity the way it is mentioned in Oahspe.
The ignorant statements above about the Astronauts space sickness and the Wright brothers efforts to fly are from those people who based their beliefs on the old Christian Bible and who lack the knowledge of Oahspe that clearly states man is meant and destined to make space-ships and travel (fly) in space.
On spaceships, such as "Star Trek"'s Enterprise or Star Wars' "Millennium Falcon," there is some type of artificial gravity field that allows the occupants to experience normal gravity in flight. This is important to counteract the adverse effects of prolonged weightlessness. It is also easier to film a movie without having to make the occupants appear weightless. How these artificial gravity fields are generated are unknown (remember, sci-fi writers are free to extrapolate). Currently, the only known means of producing artificial gravity is spinning the astronauts in a wheel-like environment. Centripetal acceleration towards the center of the wheel produces centripetal force. The reaction to this acceleration (often called centrifugal force) throws the occupants against the wall and feels like gravity (many amusement parks have rides like this). The films "2001: a Space Odyssey, " "2010: The Year We Make Contact," and "Mission to Mars" all depict this type of artificial gravity correctly.
Artificial gravity is the varying (increase or decrease) of apparent gravity (g-force) via artificial means, particularly in space, but also on Earth. It can be practically achieved by the use of different forces, particularly the centripetal force and linear acceleration.
The creation of artificial gravity is considered desirable for long-term space travel or habitation, for ease of mobility, for in-space fluid management, and to avoid the adverse long-term health effects of weightlessness.
A number of methods for generating artificial gravity have been proposed for many years, as well as an even larger number of sci-fi approaches using both real and fictitious forces. Practical in-space applications of artificial gravity for humans have not yet been built and flown, principally due to the large size of the full-scale spacecraft that would be required to allow centripetal acceleration rotating spacecraft, such that they have not been selected as funded missions for the various large national space agencies that have developed the vast majority of space hardware in the early decades of human spaceflight.[1]
Dave: In space, it is possible to create "artificial gravity" by spinning your spacecraft or space station. When the station spins, centrifugal force acts to pull the inabitants to the outside. This process could be used to simulate gravity. It wouldn't be exactly the same, though, because large coriolis forces would also be present, and things would fall in curves instead of straight lines.

Pages 62 and 63 of The Elegant Universe (Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory) by Brian Greene (2003, 1999) says:
Spinning [spacecrafts] space stations are designed to create artificial feeling of gravity in outer space...if you were to ride a spinning [object]
tornado in outer space, and if it were to spin at just the right rate, it would feel just 
like lying in a stationary bed on earth. Moreover, were you to "get up" and walk along the interior
 of the...your feet would press against it just as they do against an earthbound floor.
Oahspe spoke of space-ships spinning to produce artificial gravity (and counter weightlessness) 120 years before the sci-fi film 2001: a Space Odyssey:
OAHSPE: Book of Apollo CHAPTER X:
9. And the mighty vessel, and the vessel of Apollo, adjoined, arose up from Gau, rocking, rising, and moving to the music of a million trumpeters and singers, joined by the es'enaurs of the lower heavens. Higher and higher rose the etherean fire-ships, turning and rising, passing beyond the vortex of the earth, beyond Chinvat, out into the firmament of etherea, higher and higher, till all was lost in the distance. 
13. Then on its axis turned the great ship, rising and turning, higher and higher. And in a little while only an ascending star was seen, and then it disappeared in the distance. 
It seems that the author of Oahspe knew about the adverse effects of space weightlessness and how to counter it by spinning (artificial gravity) long before we sent a man into outer-space. More than 80 years before. This shows superior pre-knowledge about the universe again by the Oahspe author.
Why haven't we built ourselves a centripetal space station yet? One problem is size. John Page, a lecturer on aerospace design for University of South Wales, told ABC Science that the scale of such a craft would pose some problems. "The smaller the spacecraft is, the faster it has to rotate," he says, "so if you're going to generate gravity, it's got to be done with a very large spacecraft that spins very slowly. The bigger the disk, the slower you can rotate it.
Oahspe in 1881 mentions ethereans using "very large spacecraft that spin very slowly" just like John Page, a lecturer on aerospace design for the University of South Wales, told ABC Science.
"the mighty ship...turning round and round, slowly"
Oahspe Book of Cpenta-Armij, Daughter of Jehovih: Chapter II:
15. ..Out shot the flames, the buoyant force ...where whirled the million screws of fire, propelling, till the mighty ship reeled, and turned, and rose from its foundation, with all its joyous hosts aboard, shouting loud, and singing praise to Him who ruleth over all. Then turning round and round, slowly, spiral like...the great airavagna began her course in the roadway of Salkwatka, in etherea, shooting toward the red star, the young earth.
16. Nearing first the Oixanian Spars of Ochesu, where were gathered near the road ten million spectators to see the Goddess pass in her ship;...
"slowly turning on its upright axis, turning and rising, higher and higher"
OAHSPE: Book of Sethantes CHAPTER XIX:
17. ..and the light of the ascending ship of fire made all else as a shadow. But higher and higher it arose, in the form of a crescent, slowly turning on its upright axis, turning and rising, higher and higher, and the music faded away in the distance. 
18. In a little while the meteor-like ascending ship of heaven looked like a star, till farther and farther off it disappeared in the distance. 
Diameter of Milky Way Galaxy = 100,000 light-years
Average distance between (frequency or density of) stars = 4.22 light-years (from Sun to nearest Alpha Proxima Centauri)
100000 / 4.22 = 23,696.68 stars along the diameter of the Milky Way. = a space-ship would pass by 23,696 stars along the diameter of the Milky Way Galaxy.
Judging by galactic maps (Hercules Dwarf galaxy is behind Sagitrarius dwarf on the other side of the Milky Way from the Sun-earth) travellers coming from the direction of the Hercules Dwarf galaxy would pass through
1/2 the Milky Way galaxy plus 2/3 of the distance from the center to the Sun-Earth)
1/2 + 2/3 of 50% = 33.3% + 50 = 83.33% of 23696.68 = 19,746.4 stars
So a traveller from the Hercules Dwarf Galaxy would pass aproximately 19,746.4  stars on their way to the Earth's solar system or rounded off to the nearest whole number = Twenty thousand star-worlds, the same figure that Oahspe Book of Fragapatti Chapter XVII:5 has for the same distance and direction of travel to our solar system.
Oahspe Book of Fragapatti Chapter XVII:5..."Then Fragapatti inquired how many star-worlds Ctu had so far passed on his journey, and Ctu said: Twenty thousand star-worlds we have passed" "from the north regions, a thousand times farther than the north star" - Oahspe Book of Fragapatti Chapter XVII:1.
This accurate number of 20,000 star worlds from a thousand times farther than the north star to our solar system could not have been known when John Newbrough typed Oahspe in 1881 because the diameter of the Milky Way Galaxy was not known, so the mathematical calculations based on the size of the Milky Way Galaxy could not have been made.
In the 1920s, observations by astronomer Edwin Hubble showed that the Milky Way is just
one of many galaxies. [before that the Milky Way was thought to be the whole universe, its size and dimensions not yet determined]
Physics Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for active researchers, academics and students of physics. It's 100% free, no registration required
Most accurate ways to find the average distance between stars in Milky way galaxy
. Do you mean the average, over all stars in the galaxy, of the distance to that star's nearest neighbor (e.g., about 4.3 light-years for the Sun)?
1 Answer
Making some assumptions of our own (like 200,000,000,000 stars which is LOW in my opinion), we come out to an average distance of about 5 light years. Doubling the number of stars gives an average of about 4 light years though, so again, we are not off by factors.
The Milky Way is a barred spiral galaxy 100,000–120,000 light-years in diameter containing 200–400 billion stars.
My calculation of 4.22 light years (between 4 and 5) appears to be very accurate according to the physics site above.
...the Milky Way galaxy is approximately 100000 light years in diameter...
"a ship of a thousand million [billion] explorers from the north regions [northern celestial hemisphere], a thousand times farther than the north star [Polaris]"
"of the seventh magnitude of light"
...distance to Polaris at about 434 light-years
Polaris = 434 light-years away
434 x 1000 = 434,000 light-years away (home of Ctu's ship in Oahspe Book of Fragapatti)
Hercules is a large constellation in the northern hemisphere [from the north regions]
September 17, 2007
Giant Galactic Binoculars Discover Odd Features of Milky Way's Tiny Companion Galaxy
An international team of astronomers using new Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) in Arizona
has found that the Hercules Dwarf Galaxy, a recently discovered tiny companion to our Milky Way at a distance of 430,000 light years, has truly unusual properties.
While basically all of its known peers in the realm of these dwarf galaxies are
rather round, this galaxy appears highly flattened, either the shape of a disk or of a cigar.
The fact that the numbers are accurate, the distance (430,000 light-years), the region of the sky (northern celestial hemisphere), the magnitude (7), the number of stars passed (20,000) all is evidence that this story of Ctu's ship and inter-galactic travel to our solar system in Oahspe's Book of Fragapatti Chapter XVII is not science fiction but a true story (and the other stories of space-ship voyages in Oahspe are probably also true).
"three higher than Fragapatti" = more negative an object's absolute magnitude, the higher its luminosity. -7 = 3 higher than -4. (positive 7 would be lower than 4).
"of the seventh magnitude of light" = Ctu's ship of Oahspe Bk of Fragapatti XVII:1
"absolute visible magnitude of about −6.6"  = Hercules dwarf spheroidal galaxy
-6.6 rounded off to nearest whole number = 7 (seventh magnitude of light)
According to the scientific knowledge at the time in 1881, a reasonable calculated figure of the number of star worlds a space traveler would
have passed on a journey to earth from 430,000 light-years distance would be:
Stars outside of the galaxies (between the galaxies) is few and none in most places.
In 1881 the size or dimensions of our Milky Way Galaxy was unknown and the position of our own solar system in the galaxy was unknown.
430,000 light-years travel to earth / 4.3 light-years (distance to nearest star obtained by parralax) = 100,000 stars which is 5x larger than the correct number.
Astronomers use the principle of parallax to measure distances to the closer stars.
Distance measurement by parallax is a special case of the principle of triangulation, ...
Measurement of annual parallax was the first reliable way to determine the distances to the closest stars. The first successful measurements of stellar parallax were made by Friedrich Bessel in 1838 for the star 61 Cygni using a heliometer.
The size or dimensions of our Milky Way Galaxy and the position of our own solar system in the galaxy was unknown.
Not knowing the size or dimensions of our galaxy and the relatively empty space between galaxies, or the distance to the next nearest galaxy scientist would have assumed in 1881 that the stars were uniformly spaced apart throughout the universe and would have divided the whole travel distance (aprox 430,000 light-years) by the spaced out distance of the closes stars (aprox 4.3 light-years) not knowing most of that distance would have been empty space (empty of stars).
For John Ballou Newbrough to come up with a 20,000 figure that is accurate and 5x less than
what the scientific knowledge of that time would have calculated is truly amazing. It is as if John Newbrough was in contact with someone who knew the size of our Milky Way Galaxy and the position of our own solar system in the galaxy and the distance to the next nearest galaxy almost 40 years BEFORE man on earth knew this (this was definitley not pre-Newtonian science).
1920: Harlow Shapley Finds Our Place in the Milky Way
When Harlow Shapley began to study large groups of stars called globular clusters in 1914, very little was known about the overall shape of our galaxy or our place in it.  By the time he finished his research in 1919, after publishing more than 40 research papers, the overall shape of our galaxy was coming into focus, including the position of our own solar system.  Shapley’s discovery of our place in the galaxy was a remarkable achievement, comparable to discovering that the Earth orbits the Sun.
List of the most distant astronomical objects
This article documents the farthest known astronomical objects, and the time periods in which they were so classified.
Sourced from World Heritage Encyclopedia™ licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0
    1 List of the most distant astronomical objects .
    2 List of most distant objects by type
    3 Timeline of most distant astronomical object recordholders .
    4 List of objects by year of discovery that turned out to be most distant
    5 See also
    6 References
(Alpha Bootis)  Star  1891 − 1910  160 ly
(18 mas)
(this is very inaccurate)  This number is wrong; originally announced in 1891, the figure was corrected in 1910 to 40 ly (60 mas). From 1891 to 1910, it had been thought this was the star with the smallest known parallax, hence the most distant star whose distance was known. Prior to 1891, Arcturus had previously been recorded of having a parallax of 127 mas.[156][157][158][159]
(Alpha Aurigae)  Star  1849 -   72 ly
(46 mas)  [160][161][162]
(Alpha Ursae Minoris)  Star  1847 - 1849  50 ly
(80 mas)
(this is very inaccurate)  [1
At the time of Oahspe (1881) the most distant star or stars that man had measured in light-years was the star Capella (Alpha Aurigae) at only 72 light-years.
At the time of Oahspe (1881) man thought that Polaris was only 50 light-years away instead of the correct number of 434 light-years away. If Newbough had used the 50 light-years distance to Polaris (the radius of Cevorkum) he would not have been able to come anywhere near the 4.7 million years number for the Cevorkum circuit of the sub-galactic orbit of the solar system. There is no way Newbrough could have came up with the 4.7 million years number (which is within 5 to 7% accurate according to modern astronomy and math) for the sub-galactic orbit around Polaris (using pi x radius x 2 + speed of solar system around galaxy).
This is more evidence that Newbrough was in contact with a source that was far ahead of the knowledge of man on earth.
Using the 1881 math and science for the distance to Polaris (50 ly) Newbrough would have came up with a C'vorkum circuit number of approximately 502,300 years or 541,470 years by Oahspe's number. Both numbers are way off. It is as if Newbrough was in contact with someone who knew the distance to Polaris was 434 light-years in 1881 instead of 50 light-years.
Above is the nearby region of our galaxy showing a pattern (cycles) of bands or arcs of bright dense cloudy regions and dark vacuous rarefied regions.  According to Oahspe there are patterns (cycles) of nebulous regions of a'ji and rarefied regions of dan (ethe regions) in space that the solar system periodicly passes through. Patterns or cycles per time and space have a mathematical or numerical measurement such as 1/3 or 3 or 3.7, 11,  33, or 99(100) which are the rules of prophecy and the periodicity of a'ji (cold spikes) and dan (warm spikes) times on earth.-
A connection between cold a'ji periods and the travel of the earth and solar system through the galaxy.
"terrestrial climate change and Galactic spiral arm transit".
In recent years there have been suggestions of a strong correlation between 
spiral-arm passages of the Sun in its orbit around the Galaxy and changes in the 
terrestrial climate
. This connection has been based on a statistical association of spiral-arm passages with the timing of ice ages ......
1. Ice Age Epochs and Milky Way Spiral Arm Passages
By Nir Shaviv, Thu, 2006-03-30 00:45
Nir Shaviv is an Associate Professor at the Racah Institute of Physics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Ice ages linked to galactic position / Study finds Earth may be cooled by movement through Milky Way's stellar clouds
...But new research suggests the coming and going of major ice ages might result partly from our solar system's passage through immense, snakelike clouds of exploding stars in the Milky Way galaxy.
A'ji (Gau), semi-dark. There are places in the firmament of heaven...Arji (Poit). When the earth passeth through A'ji (Panic), it aggregateth and groweth. An abundance of Dar'ji in the firmament giveth a cold year upon the earth.
"ice ages might result partly from our solar system's passage through immense, snakelike clouds" = cold periods on earth caused by the solar system passing through nebulous (a'ji) regions in the spiral structure of the galaxy. This was stated in Oahspe over 100 years earlier.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Oahspe Book of Jehovih: Chapter VII:
2. And Jehovih caused the earth, and the family of the sun to travel in an orbit, the circuit of which requireth of them four million seven hundred thousand years. (C'VORKUM, 4.7 million years).
Cevorkum is a geometric diagram of a circumference (the outer boundary of the roadway, ie. the dashed curve under the letters cevorkum) whose centre is very nearly the North Star hidan sun, sun's sun?
Oahspe gives a diagram of the orbit of the solar system [called Cevorkum] around an area in the direction of the north star, in the Book of Cosmogony.
Plate 49.-Cevorkum, roadway of solar phalanx. 4,700,000 [years]
So far modern science has not discovered the Cevorkum, but my calculations show that Oahspe's numbers of 4.6 or 4.7 million are mathematically sound and are in agreement with the scientific measurement of facts (distance of Polaris from our solar system, velocity of our solar system, using formula Circumference = π × diameter = π × 2 × radius).
CEVORKUM mathematical formula (date < February 10, 2013):
Speed of solar system around galaxy = 420,000 mph
Distance to Polaris (North Star) 434 light years = radius
Orbit or circumference of a circle = radius x 2 x Pi (π = 3.14159)
C'VORKUM or Circumference = π × diameter = π × 2 × radius
For speed of solar system = 550000 mph
434 (light-years away Polaris) x 3.14159 x 2 = 2726.90012 light-years circuit
2726.90012 x 1220.7 (x faster light vs solar system) = 3328726.97648 = 3 million 328,726 years circuit around north star (Polaris).
Convert to solar system speed of 420,000 MPH
550,000 divided by 420,000 = 1.30952380952 x 3328726.97648 = 4359047.23109 = 4 million 359,047 years circuit or rounded to 4.4 million years
4.4 million is very close to Oahspe's 4.6 to 4.7 million. (an age or cycle can vary 2,400 to 3,600 years, so a circuit or C'VORKUM can vary 200 to 300 thousand years)
CVORKUM EQUATION = CV =C'VORK'UM, Pd = Polaris distance (radius), SGS = Solar Galactic Speed
CV = Pdx2 + SGS = 4.4 million years
According to Oahspe scholar Jim dennon C'Vork'um is 4.6 million years (4,608,000 years).
My calculation of C'vorkum based on astronomical calculations and geometric formula = 4.359.067 years
4,359,047 / 4,700,000 (Oahspe's number) = 92.74% same
4,359,047 / 4,608,000 (Dennon's number) = 94.59% same
5 to 7 percent is an acceptable margin of error or variation over such an enormous (4.6 million years) period of time.
Margin of error .
Like confidence intervals, the margin of error can be defined for any desired confidence level, but usually a level of 90%, 95% or 99% is chosen (typically 95%). This level is the probability that a margin of error around the reported percentage would include the "true" percentage.
The 4.6 or 4.7 million year number in Oahspe is amazing because it wasn't possible for man to calculate the sub-galactic orbit of the solar system in 1881 when Oahspe was written because man did not have the knowledge that our sun was in orbit , so the speed of the solar system could not be calculated.  Even if they knew the distance to the North Star in 1881, and they calculated r x 2 x Pi = Circumference, without knowing the speed of the solar system around the galaxy they could not arrive at the time in years it would take to complete the circuit or orbit.
Yet even in the early twentieth century, the prevailing view was that our Sun was the center of not only the Galaxy, but also of the universe.
Harlow Shapley (November 2, 1885 – October 20, 1972) was an American astronomer.
He is notable for his groundbreaking 1918 work using Cepheid variables to estimate the size of the Milky Way Galaxy and the sun's position within it
It wasn't until 1918 that astronomers discovered that our Sun was not at the center of the Galaxy or universe and was in orbit around the Galaxy. CEVORKUM could not be calculated by man until after 1918, 37 years after Oahspe was typed.
First calculated speed of the solar system I could find was 1978 (86 years after Oahspe).
Speed of the Sun
The Physics Factbook
Norton, Arthur P. Norton's Star Atlas.New York: Longman Scientific & Technical, 1978:
The Sun's orbit around the Galaxy is expected to be roughly elliptical with the addition of perturbations due to the Galactic spiral arms and non-uniform mass distributions.
The difference between my calculated time of C'vorkum vs the number in Oahspe is probably due to the difference between an elliptical orbit vs a circle.
"In a circular orbit, the speed is the same all the way round, but in an elliptical orbit, the speed is NOT the same at perigee and apogee (those are the points of maximum and minimum speed)".
The Earth travels around the sun in an ellipse. If the Earth were to orbit the sun in a circle, the Earth's speed around the sun would be constant. We can think of this as the Earth's average speed. However, because the Earth's orbit is elliptical, the speed of the Earth varies throughout the year. The speed of the Earth is fastest when it is closest to the sun, in January, and slowest when it is farthest away from the sun, in July. In other words, in January it will be moving faster than average, and in July it will be moving slower than average.
The difference in speed of an elliptical orbit vs a circular orbit is proportional to the difference in distance at aphelion and perihelion.
Orbital characteristics
aphelion = 152.10 million kilometres (94.51×106 mi) 1.0167 AU
perihelion = 147.10 million kilometres (91.40×106 mi) 0.98329 AU
00.98329 / 1.0167 = 0.96713878233 .
4,700,000 x 0.96713878233 = 4,545,552.27695
4,608,000 x 0.96713878233 = 4,456,575.50898
4,359,047.23109  / 4,545,552.27695 = 0.9589 = 95.89% same .
4,359,047.23109  / 4,456,575.50898 = 0.9781 = 97.81% same .
The remaining 2.19% or 4.11% could be "perturbations due to the Galactic spiral arms and non-uniform mass distributions".
2.19% and 4.11% are within the 95% margin of error.

At the time of Oahspe (1881) man thought that Polaris was only 50 light-years away instead of the correct number of 434 light-years away.
Using the 50 light-years distance for Polaris that astronomers falsely calculated in 1881 would have calculated Ctu's journey in the Book of Fragapatti to 1000 x 50 = 50,000 light-years = 1/2 diameter of the Milky Way Galaxy. So an average of 1 star world for every 4.3 light-years =
50,000 / by 4.3 = 11,627.9 stars rounded to 12,000 star worlds, far short of 20,000.
It is as if Newbrough was in contact with someone who in 1881 knew the correct distance to Polaris (434 ly) and the correct diameter (size) of the Milky Way Galaxy (100,000 ly), and also knew how far our solar system was from the center of the galaxy.
List of the most distant astronomical objects
This article documents the farthest known astronomical objects, and the time periods in which they were so classified.
Sourced from World Heritage Encyclopedia™ licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0
(Alpha Ursae Minoris)  Star  1847 - 1849  50 ly.
(80 mas)
(this is very inaccurate)  [1
Planet-star-galaxy mergers evolve to globular or elliptical form .
Though, when spirals collide with a similar-sized galaxy, the disruption can cause them to merge and evolve into a giant elliptical galaxy.
Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter 3:
22. ...But were the earth's vortex to be swallowed in the vortex of another planet, then the earth would be precipitated as a globe to such planet. Such is the case as regardeth double stars, and triplets and quadruplets, especially where they are in contact...
23. In the case of double stars, and triplets, and so on, if conjoined, the centre of gravitation (so-called) is not to each one, but to the intervening centre between them....
There are clusters of planets, hundreds of them, thousands, and even millions, that sometimes occupy one vortex [a galaxy].
25. Though the general form of a vortex, as before stated, in its beginning is long, funnel-shaped (like a whirlwind), its ultimate is toward a globular form. And though the current of a vortex is spiral, at first, its currents ultimate toward less spirality.
precipitated .
1.Cause (an event or situation, typically a bad one) to happen suddenly, unexpectedly, or prematurely.
2.Cause to move suddenly and with force: "suddenly the ladder broke, precipitating them down into a heap".
Google precipitated definition
Oahspe's use of the word "precipitated" matches NASA's word "collide" and "disruption", and Oahspe's use of the
word "conjoined" matches NASA's word "merge". Oahspe's use of the phrase "its ultimate is toward a globular form"
matches NASA's use of the phrase "evolve into a giant elliptical galaxy"
Above Oahspe states that when Planets-stars-galaxies collide or merge (swallowed in the vortex), they evolve to globular or elliptical form (from spiral to globular or ellipitical).
Galaxy Collisions
Background Information:
Back in the mid-1970s it was becoming obvious that peculiar galaxies that did not fit into the usual classifications could be explained by knowledge of tidal interactions. We now know that galaxies can, and usually do experience many collisions or tidal interactions over the course of their existence, which are strong enough to profoundly impact their structure and speed up their evolutionary processes.
The term "tidal interaction"..."tidal gravity forces".
Scientist didn't discover that spiral galaxies collide, merge and evolve into elliptical (globular) galaxies until after the mid-1970s. Oahspe (in 1881) more than 92 years BEFORE had this same information. Nasa uses the termes "tidal interaction" and "tidal gravity forces" and Oahspe uses the term "vortexian tide" - Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter 11:9.
Elliptical galaxy IC 2006.[11]
The evolution of elliptical galaxies is a mystery and remains an active area of research.
According to a source most if not all elliptical galaxies may be the result of a long process where two or more galaxies of comparable mass, of any type, collide and merge.[12]
An elliptical galaxy is a type of galaxy having an approximately ellipsoidal shape...
They are one of the three main classes of galaxy originally described by Edwin Hubble in his 1936 work The Realm of the Nebulae,[1] along with spiral and lenticular galaxies. They range in shape from nearly spherical to highly flat and in size from tens of millions to over one trillion stars. Originally, Edwin Hubble thought that elliptical galaxies may evolve into spiral galaxies, which later turned out to be false.[2] Stars found inside of elliptical galaxies are much older than stars found in spiral galaxies.[2]
[2] John, D, (2006), Astronomy, ISBN 1-4054-6314-7, p. 224-225
Atomic fission:

Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy: Chapter IV:
17. Wherever the vortexian current falleth, corpor is more or less damaged or dissolved, or changed in its combinations. On a piece of iron, fresh broken, it produceth rust...the vortexian solution...The break of its needles liberateth vortexya, which result is a minor representation of the discharge of an electric spark from the pole of a battery.

Here Oahspe in 1881 states that "The break of its needles liberateth vortexya" or the spliting or breaking of atomic or subatomic particles liberates energy (atomic fission).


2. A nuclear reaction in which an atomic nucleus, especially a heavy nucleus such as an isotope of uranium, splits into fragments, usually two fragments of comparable mass, releasing from 100 million to several hundred million electron volts of energy.
1. the act or process of splitting or breaking into parts

The discovery of nuclear fission occurred in 1938 [57 years AFTER Oahspe described the fission of subatomic particles).

Principles of atomic (fission) weapons
When bombarded by neutrons, certain isotopes of uranium and plutonium (and some other heavier elements) will split into atoms of lighter elements, a process known as nuclear fission. In addition to this formation of lighter atoms, on average between 2.5 and 3 free neutrons are emitted in the fission process, along with considerable energy.



Here is another scientific FACT found in Oahspe that is NOT pre-Newtonian:

From David P. Stern of NASA/GSFC and Maurice Peredo of Hughes STX Corporation and NASA, they said on their website called THE TAIL OF THE MAGNETOSPHERE "in contrast to the dayside magnetosphere, compressed and confined by the solar wind, the nightside is stretched out into a long 'magnetotail'. This part of the magnetosphere is quite dynamic...The magnetotail is also the main source of the polar aurora. Even before the space age observers noted that in the artic winter, when the sky was dark much of the time, the BRIGHTEST auroras were seen in the hours around MIDNIGHT. It WAS WIDELY BELIEVED THEN that auroral electrons CAME FROM THE SUN, and THE FACT THAT AURORA SEEMED CONCENTRATED ON THE SIDE FACING AWAY FROM THE SUN PUZZLED SCIENTISTS. Those observations made much more sense AFTER SATELLITES DISCOVERED AND MAPPED THE MAGNETOSPHERE'S LONG TAIL". OAHSPE BOOK OF COSMOGONY CHAPTER I verse 2 says "The earth floatest in the midst of a vortex, the outer extremity of which is somewhat beyond the moon"...Chapter III verse 3 says "The vortex is larger than the earth, so that POLAR LIGHTS ARE POSSIBLE ON THE SHADOW SIDE"...OAHSPE described and mapped the magnetosphere's long tail in 1881 calling it the earth's vortex saying it was comet shaped and that it stretched somewhat beyond the moon ON THE SIDE AWAY FROM THE SUN. Scientists did not DISCOVER the magnetosphere until 1958 and it was AFTER that that they DISCOVERED that it was the MAGNETOSPHERE and it's TAIL that was the cause of the POLAR AURORA (LIGHTS) and NOT THE SUN. Scientists discovered after 1958 that in conjunction with the solar wind, the earth's magnetosphere acted as a electric generator to produce the polar lights, and the polar lights were not produced by the Sun. OAHSPE GOD'S BOOK OF BEN Plate 45 gave this knowledge to man: Jehovih said: In times past, man beheld the sun, saying...light and heat comes from the sun. Jehovih said: I will put a sign in the firmament, and no man shall gainsay the work of My hand. And above the earth, to the north and south, He placed polar lights, that man might bear witness that light depended not on corporea [The Sun] and had no part therewith". OAHSPE correctly had the solution to the polar lights mystery in 1881 more than 77 years before EARTH man discovered it. OAHSPE TRULY had knowledge NOT OF THE EARTH, but of the SKY and SPIRIT. AMAZING!

The Tail of the Magnetosphere

Oahspe - Book of Fragapatti, Son of Jehovih: Chapter XXXV:
8. As for the mortals of Jaffeth, they have cities of warriors, huge and fierce. The earth of this region hath been in a'ji thirteen hundred years.
A'ji (Gau), semi-dark. There are places in the firmament of heaven...Arji (Poit). When the earth passeth through A'ji (Panic), it aggregateth and groweth. An abundance of Dar'ji in the firmament giveth a cold year upon the earth.
Book of God's Word
Being contemporaneous with the cycle of Fragapatti, Son of Jehovih. As the upper book [Book of Fragapatti] is of heavenly things, so is this lower book of the earthly administration of God for the same period of time. And it is called the Book of God's Word, because it is about the first descent of God to the earth to establish his word with man. Through Zarathustra, a man of Par'si'e, God came for that purpose, eight thousand nine hundred years before the Kosmon era. |622|
Oahspe Book of Saphah:
58...From kosmon, the present time, back to Moses and Capilya, alias Capella, three thousand four hundred years; from Moses and Capilya to Brahma and Abraham, two thousand four hundred years; from Brahma and Abraham to Zarathustra, three thousand one hundred years;
From Kosmon, the present time, to Zarathustra, 1848 - 8900 = 7052 B.C
7052 + 1300 = 8,352 B.C. for the earth in a'ji,
8,352 - 7052 B.C cold period on earth according to Oahspe Book of Fragapatti Chapter XXXV:8
Matches Younger Dryas sudden cold and dry period in Northern Hemisphere.
The Younger Dryas stadial, also referred to as the Big Freeze,[1] was a geologically brief (1,300 ± 70 years) period of cold climatic conditions...
1,300 ± 70 years matches Oahspe Book of Fragapatti 1,300 years of a'ji.
List of periods and events in climate history
Knowledge of precise climatic events decreases as the record goes further back in time.
All dates are approximate. "(B-S)" means this is one of the periods from the Blytt-Sernander sequence, originally based on studies of Danish peat bogs.
10,800 - 9,500 BC Younger Dryas sudden cold and dry period in Northern Hemisphere (B-S)
1,300 years of cold, matches 1,300 years of a'ji in Book of Fragapatti.
The Younger Dryas cold reversal event is one of the best known instances of an abrupt climate change on record. Theories about what caused the shift from global warming to a distinctly cooling period are varied. Debate continues amongst scientists as to whether the Younger Dryas was a regional or global occurrence. Evidence from the Northern Hemisphere strongly supports the existence of the event, but evidence from the Southern Hemisphere is less compelling. [Jaffeth (China) is in the Northern Hemisphere (as Oahspe stated in Book of Fragapatti, Son of Jehovih: Chapter XXXV:8)]. Concern about the impact of a similar abrupt climate change episode in today's world has prompted further research to better understand the Younger Dryas.
...many parts of the world experienced an abrupt reversal in its warming trend to nearly fully glacial conditions (Lowell and Kelly, 2008). This event was named after the Dryas Octopetala, a cold loving flower found in alpine glacial areas.
The Younger Dryas climatic event is one of the most extreme since the Last Glacial Maximum and has thus had many workers focus their research on this period, so a good deal of supporting evidence has been gathered.
Evidence supporting this cold period includes studies of moraines, radiocarbon dating, geomorphology of the area, and fossil pollen extract from lake and bog sediments (Grove, 2004). Lithostratigraphic and biostratigraphic evidence from many sites throughout Europe including Iberia, the Pyrenees, and Northern Italy support this event., and that previously forested areas of Scandinavia were replaced with tundra. Chronology from varves in Lake Gosciaz in Poland indicate the colder transition into and the warmer transition out of the Younger Dryas period (Grove, 2004).
Asia:Cores from western Tibet's Lake Sumix indicate cold, dry conditions between 11,000 and 10,000 years ago. Aquatic organisms and organic matter were absent and decrease in Oxygen 18 isotope indicated a cooling period. (Grove 2004)
The earth routinely oscillates between natural warm and cold periods. Prior to the Younger Dryas, the earth was transitioning from a cold, glacial period (glacial maximum) to a warm period (glacial minimum). During the Younger Dryas, however, the climate in many parts of the world abruptly returned to glacial conditions. The cold period lasted for about 1,400 years before quickly reverting back to warm conditions. The end of the Younger Dryas was also abrupt, occurring in the span of about five years [Dawns of dan of new arc cyles usually last about 5 years according to Oahspe such as the 5 year dawn of the Arc of Bon (from 1553 B.C.E to 1548 B.C.E), and "five years and fifty days would be her dawn of dan, her time to cross the arc of Aza" (OAHSPE: Book of Fragapatti CHAPTER I:6)].
The name Younger Dryas was derived from a white tundra flower, Dryas octopetala, that became common in Europe due to resultant colder conditions in the Northern Hemisphere.  In a warmer climate (like today), Europe is less likely to host such vegetation, which thrives in a colder tundra environment. The discovery of pollen from this flower in Europe today implies that during the Younger Dryas, the climate was cold enough to host such a plant.
Measurement Techniques Fossil Pollen
Fossil pollen was the first evidence of the Younger Dryas. Researchers found that the composition of fossil pollen during the Younger Dryas represented plants that thrived in cold climates.  This pollen is taken from cores of lake sediments.
The discovery of the Younger Dryas in Scandinavia was followed in the 1930s by pollen investigations into lake and bog sediments throughout Europe (Watts,1980).
Tundra pollen was diagnostic of the YD.
It wasn't until the 1930s that the first evidence of the Younger Dryas cold period of 9,500 BC was discovered in Europe by pollen investigators, this was over 50 YEARS AFTER Oahspe had information about the Younger Dryas sudden cold (a'ji) period of 1,300 years on earth.


OAHSPE describes the rocket-like emissions for space propulsion.

Book of Fragapatti, Son of Jehovih: Chapter XXVIII:

1. THE Goddess Arieune slackened the speed of her arrow-ship to suit that of Hoab's vessel; so, onward together they sped in a direct line, propelled as a rocket is propelled, by constant emissions from the hulk; the which expenditure is manufactured by the crew and commanders, skilled in wielding Jehovih's elements. For as mortals find means to traverse the ocean and to raise a balloon, so do the Gods and spirits build and propel mightier vessels through the firmament, betwixt the stars and over and under and beyond the sun.

Modern Rocketry Begins.
In 1898, a Russian schoolteacher, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (1857-1935), proposed the idea of space exploration by rocket. In a report he published in 1903, Tsiolkovsky suggested the use of liquid propellants for rockets in order to achieve greater range. Tsiolkovsky stated that the speed and range of a rocket were limited only by the exhaust velocity of escaping gases. For his ideas, careful research, and great vision, Tsiolkovsky has been called the father of modern astronautics.
the idea of space exploration by rocket was written in Oahspe in 1881, predating Konstantin Tsiolkovsky's proposal by 17 years, making Oahspe the father of modern astronautics.
The 19th century saw early science fiction works such as From Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne.
Verne’s story of an incredible journey from Earth to the Moon using a space gun — a cannon that is used to shoot a projectile into space. This projectile could then carry 3 people, including food water, oxygen and other crucial cargo.
Jules Verne’s journey from Earth to the Moon (1865) shooting a projectile into space is different from Oahspe's description of "propelled as a rocket is propelled, by constant emissions from the hulk".
Basics of Space Flight: Rocket Propulsion.
"The rocket's engine is fired for time t and, during this period, ejects gases at a constant rate"
Large Dinosaurs were warm-blooded and even had a higher temperature than mammals today. This was revealed in Oahspe more than one hundred and twenty years before scientists found out
Back in 1882 when Oahspe was first published, it contained many contradictions to the conventional scientific thinking of the time. But since then many of Oahspe's apparently absurd contradictions have been found to be not so absurd, instead it is proving to be advanced knowledge that man had yet to discover. One such contradiction to the scientific opinion of its time is Oahspe's statement that the large extinct animals (dinosaurs) had a body temperature on average of 2 degrees higher than animals of today! Oahspe also informs why!
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter VI:
...the overlapping waves of the sun's vortex,...(1881)
MAR 16, 2010
Scientists have identified a sort of double-whammy solar super wave that is responsible for blowing away air from Mars and keeping its atmosphere thin, frigid and downright inhospitable for any possible future travelers.
The waves happen when one stream of solar wind is overrun and amped up by another, faster gale of solar particles. 
Edberg and his colleagues identified 41 doubled solar particle waves and solar powerful particle waves ...
When these two winds overlap and create pulses, they are called corotating interaction regions (CIRs).
Lifetime for a comet = tens of thousands of years.
OAHSPE: Book of Lika Chapter 1:
This vortex, when first formed by Aclonguin, was three hundred thousand million miles long and was cometary thirty thousand years in Aclon-guin's hands. 
Comets which orbit the inner solar system are very short-lived, lasting no more than a few tens of thousands of years on average.
For example, we have Haley’s comet which is quite well-known since it passes the Sun once every 75 years or so, and this comet will be completely sublimated and disappear after only 10,000 years or about 100 rotations around the Sun.
This is a typical lifetime for a comet. - Katrin Ros, a researcher in Astrophysics at Lund University, Sweden.
Halley's Comet.
Halley's overall lifespan is difficult to predict, and opinions do vary.
In 2002, David C. Jewitt conducted a study that indicated that Halley will likely evaporate, or split in two, within the next few tens of thousands of years.
"few tens of thousands of years" = 30,000 years.
David C. Jewitt (born 1958) is an English astronomer and professor of astronomy at UCLA's Earth, Planetary, and Space Science Department in California.
He was born in 1958 in England, and is a 1979 graduate of University College, London (UCL). Jewitt received an M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in astronomy at the California Institute of Technology in 1980 and 1983, respectively. His research interests cover all aspects of the solar system, including the trans-Neptunian Solar System, Solar System formation, ice in the asteroids and the physical properties of comets.
John Newbrough's (Oahspe's) number of 30,000 years for the lifespan of a comet agrees with modern astrophysicists calculations for the life-span of a comet.
Below is a European Ghan (about 9,000 years before Kosmon):
The Birth of the Caucasian Race
Cro-Magnon was not The Original White Man. He was a Middle Easterner – an Arab-Iranian type.
The early genesis of the Caucasoid race involved a large injection of Asian genes from Mongolia, Siberia and East Turkestan. This occurred about 40-45,000 years and represents about 2/3 of the proto-Caucasian genetic line (Bowcock 1991). These proto-East Asians probably looked something like Aborigines or possibly Ainu. Modern NE Asians do not appear until about 9,000 years ago.
Before that, all Asians looked like Aborigines, Melanesians, or Ainus. As noted above, the modern European phenotype also only appears 10,000 years ago. So both modern Whites and modern East Asians only go back 10,000 years, to the Last Glacial Maximum. All humans had dark skin until 10,000 years ago. 
It seems Oahspe's story of the origins of the Caucasian race (from East Asia) and the time period (about 10,000 years ago) fits the DNA and fossil record that was not known by earth man at the time Oahspe was written (genetic haplogroup evidence didn't come about until the late 20th or early 21st Century). More facts and evidence that backs up and authenticates the truth of Oahspe.  See bottom of Confucius, Po, China, Jaffeth & Caucasians page/chapter of this website.
Birkeland currents ...the mainstream view that currents could not cross the vacuum of space and therefore the currents had to be generated by the Earth.
It was not until 1967, long after Birkeland’s death in 1917, that his theories were finally proven to be correct.

35. ...As the lines of vortexya are in currents from the outer toward the interior ...

In 1881 (long before the discovery of the Solar Wind) Oahspe correctly and clearly described and illustrated in drawings by John Ballou Newbrough that currents could cross the vacuum of space to the Earth.
Charged particles carry currents, which cause significant modifications in the Earth’s magnetosphere.
...there is a transfer of energy from the solar wind to the particles in the magnetosphere.
a stream of ionized particles translated into laymen’s common sense language = AN ELECTRICAL CURRENT.
By the mid 1960s it had been theorized that the Hueyatlaco site could be 22,000 years old.
If this date were true it would cause all sorts of history and science books to be re-written. 
The peopling of the Americas, according to the longstanding theory, began some 13,000 to 16,000
years ago when hunters and gatherers from Asia crossed the Bering Land Bridge to North America
and migrated southward.
...in 1966...the accepted theory that human beings had only entered North America 12,000 years ago.
So in 1966 scientists thought man had only been in the New World for 12,000 or 16,000 years ago,
whereas Oahspe in 1881 (85 years earlier) had said man had been in the New World for at least
25,000 years (at the time of the sinking of Pan).

Where did Newbrough copy the scientific facts listed above from (it is as if Newbrough was in contact with the Masters of the universe)?
Just saying "I would imagine that Newbrough copied and re-messaged" the science in Oahspe from pseudo-science in the 1880s without pointing to what that source was is not going to work.
Imagination without observable evidence or proof is not going to work. People can imagine all kind of things without observable evidence or proof such as "a theory that giant pink interdimensional flying elephants are urinating on us continually."
Below is a list of scientists who were reviled for their crackpottery, only to be later proven correct.
Next to Parker, Eugene (existence of a 'solar wind') is Oahspe (John Ballou Newbrough).
Next to Goddard, Robert (rocket-powered space ships) is Oahspe (John Ballou Newbrough).
Next to Bakker, Robert (fast, warm-blooded dinosaurs) is Oahspe (John Ballou Newbrough).
John Bell, interviewed by Paul Davies in "The Ghost in the Atom" has suggested that an aether theory might help resolve the EPR paradox by allowing a reference frame in which signals go faster than light. He suggests Lorentz contraction is perfectly coherent, not inconsistent with relativity, and could produce an aether theory perfectly consistent with the Michelson-Morley experiment. Bell suggests the aether was wrongly rejected on purely philosophical grounds: "what is unobservable does not exist" [p.49]. Einstein found the non-aether theory simpler and more elegant, but Bell suggests that doesn't rule it out. Besides the arguments based on his interpretation of quantum mechanics, Bell also suggests resurrecting the aether because it is a useful pedagogical device. That is, many problems are solved more easily by imagining the existence of an aether.
Notable awards of John Bell:

Oahspe - Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter XI 6. There is no such thing as separating science and religion. To obtain knowledge and to do good; these are valuable.

Prof. T. A. M Ward, who deciphered the characters on the Obelisk said, "It is the book of the age and marks a new era in the transitory progression of man."
Prof. Herman Paysse said, "This is the book that was prophesied of old would come. It is worthy the investigation of profound scholars."
Dr. Saml. Hitchcock said, "It would take a lifetime to criticise this book. It is so overwhelming I do not know what to say about it."
Prof. C. A. Cummngs, L. L. D., said, "As a literary phenomena it surpasses all other books."
New York Star, Oct. 29th 1882: "In the narrow limits of a newspaper article it is impossible to give more than a faint idea of the scope of OAHSPE. It brings the history of heaven and earth down to the time of President Lincoln."
The Graphic, Oct. 26th 1882: "It contains not only all that will be found in Prof. Max Muller's work, but a great deal more."
"When we open Oahspe we are at once startled by a powerful voice which we have not heard for centuries."

Oahspe greatest book of the Age

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