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OAHSPE Book of Inspiration CHAPTER XI:17 "Study thy Creator in all things, and IN THYSELF IN PARTICULAR!"

Abram (Abraham) 
(Oahspe First Book of God 8:4-6)
4. These, then, are the generations of the line whence came Abram, that is to say: Of Shem and the seventy tribes, first going forth beyond the mountains of Owatchab-habal, Tur who settled in Parsi'e, and his descendants Raf-bak, and his descendants Goe, and his descendants Wawa, and his descendants Sadr. 
5. In Sadr the line was lost, but through his daughter Bar-bar regained through the I'hins in the land of Goats, where the Listians lived, having fled from the tyranny of the kings of Oas. 
6. From Bar-bar was descended Egount, from him Dir, from him Wow-sha, from him He-lial, from him Rac-ca. And here the line ran by female heirs, beginning in Rac-ca's daughter, Hess, from whom was descended Gil-gil, from whom was descended Thussa, from whom was descended She, from whom was descended seven generations in su-is; and it was lost in We-ta-koo, but regained again through I'hin seed, and appeared in Re-both, and again su-is extended through these generations: Arfaxad, Sala, Eber, Peleg, Roo, Sa-rug, Na-hor and Terah; but in Terah the line was lost, but regained by I'hin seed, from whom sprang Geth, from whom sprang Choe, from whom sprang Gus, from whom sprang Ra-bak, from whom sprang Ya-shem, and by I'hin seed sprang Ti-lot, and by I'hin seed Shi-ar, and by I'hin seed Shir-ra, from whom descended Na-hor the second, from whom sprang Abram. (Book of Cpenta-armij 5:8-9) 
(Oahspe First Book of God 9:4) Now it came to pass in the early days of Abraham, he told his brothers that the light and power of God were with him; and, though others believed in Abraham, yet Lot, Abram's brother, and Lot, Abram's nephew, believed not in Abraham, saying of him: He was born naturally, and is wise of his own judgment. 
(Oahspe First Book of God 8:17) 17. And God said unto Abraham: Divide thou thy people into families of tens, and families of hundreds, and families of thousands, and give to each family one rab'bah, and yet to all of them together one chief rab'bah. And make thou thy will, and appoint thy son Isaac and his heirs by his wife Rebecca to be thy successor, that My voice may remain with My chosen
brahmins caste 
Tae the mouth, writes and speaks the words of the Creator.
Oahspe - The Book of Knowledge Part IV:
22. Jehovih said: ...as many as hear Me and behold My presence shall be called Tae, ...
23. And Tae shall come forth in Me, for he is My word, speaking in his labor to that end. 
Brahmins = 50% Brahma
Kshatriyas = 40% Brahma
Vaishyas: = 30% Brahma
Shudras = 20% Brahma
Dalits = under 20% Brahma

Mathematics of Face Recognition



3. I am the living mathematics;

“Science” deals in facts and measurements that are repeatable.
Science deals with facts and mathematics deals with the measurements of facts.


The Oahspe narrative speaks continually of the purpose of the exodus being to lead the Israelites westward. The object
of the etherean Gods in this age was to spread them out over the earth in the direction of the eventual Kosmon dawn, which
would make its first impact on the countries and peoples of the West. - Pages 205-206 of Darkness, Dawn And Destiny by Augustine Cahill.
Darkness Dawn Destiny

The Key to understanding anything you read is to take it one word and one

sentence at a time. If you come to a word you don't understand then research

the word until you understand it, then go back and re-read the sentence again.
I have made the word research easier for you by providing definitions for many

strange words in Oahspe and on my website.


The people below have their idea about who is Tae of Oahspe;
Baha'u'llah, the Prophet founder of the Baha'i Faith, is indeed descended from both the kings of ancient
Persia and from the kings of ancient Israel.
Baha'u'llah's half brother, related to Mirza Abu'l-Fadl that their family possessed a genealogical chart
which traced their family back to "Yasdigird the Sasanian" of the ancient Persian Empire.
"The Oahspe Book refers to Baha'u'llah as Tae (Manifestation)"
Persian or Hafghanistun ancestry (Central/South Asian FamilyTreeDNA):
Across the center of Eurasia, it highlights the ancient influence of the Iranian nomads, Scythians,
Sarmatians, and Cimmerians. The ancestors of the Central Asia group, however, cautiously explored
their possibilities to the east. They came into the light of history as the Persians, Sogdians, and Afghans ...
Persian ancestry
Zoroaster, also known as Zarathustra, or as Zarathushtra Spitama, was the founder of
Zoroastrianism. He was a native speaker of Old Avestan and lived in the eastern part
of the Iranian Plateau, but his birthplace is uncertain. Wikipedia 
Map of Persia (Parsie) in Oahspe.
Persian is the greatest common denominator among the modern ancestry of the principle
prophets and lawgivers of Oahspe.
don't include Thothma because although he was a su'is he was under the inspiration of the false Gods, he 
had not attained to ethe (which is higher than su'is) to hear the voice of E-O-IH and the higher angels the Ethereans.
Tae in Kosmon will not be any one great leader-forth like in past ages, Tae will be merely an
instrument through which Jehovih and his angel sons and daughters will work through, just
as with Newbrough who was a Tae.
Q. Do you consider yourself the messenger promised in all the holy books for this time?
A. No! I consider everyone on earth a messenger, whether he runs an elevator or is president
of a country. We are all messengers but I have been given a special message for man of this
new age—and have been prepared for that message all my life since I was seven years of age.
This preparation allowed me to go “behind the scenes” of the cosmic drama to see what it is
all about. This experience gave me a state of knowledge which must now be unfolded. 
ANSWERED by Walter Russell
Walter Russell was a Tae, as was Jim Velasques.
New prophets arise in Kosmon (since 1848):
Oahspe Book of Sethantes Chapter 9:
16. The Lord said: And yet further on, a brighter light adorneth the way: Great Jehovih's
hand sendeth the traveling worlds into the light of kosmon, and new prophets arise
gathering up the histories lost, and glorious plan of the Great Spirit over all.
The prophets and law-givers of Oahspe were closer to GOD, than any other human being
because of the selective breeding of the Loo'is angels.
Tae, as used in the Book of Knowledge and elsewhere in Oahspe, represents
the highest expression of mankind.
Here is information and facts about Tae according to Oahspe:
Oahspe - The Book of Knowledge Part IV:
The Meaning of Tae.
21. It came to pass, that when the earth had entered into the thirty-third year of the arc of Kosmon 
(1881) in the etherean firmament, Jehovih spake out of the midst of heaven, and there were
quickened up those whom His holy angels had prepared to hear the Father's voice.
22. Jehovih said: All who hear My voice shall know Me, and comprehend My Person. And as many
as hear Me and behold My presence shall be called Tae,
OAHSPE Book of Saphah - Tablet of Biene 11. Tae (Panic). A representative man ...Also one who
is chosen by etherean spirits for an earth cycle; as Zarathustra, Abraham, Brahma, Moses, Capilya,
Confucius, etc.[earth cycle refers to the cyclic prophetic numbers of light and the 2nd, 1st, and 3rd
rules of prophecy, 11(111), 33 (multiples of 33), and 99(100, 200, 400, and the dawns 00).
John Ballou Newbrough was a Tae.
Tae, also spelled Tai, is a rare Korean family name, a single-syllable masculine Korean given name,
and an element used in many two-syllable Korean given names. As a family name, it is written with a hanja 
meaning "great", while in given names, it may have a variety of meanings depending on the hanja used to write it.
  1.  (클 태 keul tae): "great"
  2.  (클 태 keul tae): "exalted"

Han character[edit]

 (radical 85 +5, 9 strokescangjie input 手大水 (QKE), four-corner 50132)

  1. greatexaltedsuperior
  2. big
One of the set of glyphs common to Chinese (where they are called "hanzi"), Japanese
(where they are called kanji ), and Korean (where they are called hanja ). Han characters are generally
described as "ideographic", i.e., picture-writing; but see the reference below.
Oahspe The Lord's Fifth Book: Chapter III:
9. For I locked up sufficient of the Panic language in Jaffeth as a testimony to be discovered in after years;
showing that, unlike Ham and Shem, a mighty nation could retain one language for thousands of years.
Jaffeth (China),
Below Oahspe Plate 63 - TREE OF LANGUAGE.-- Panic trunk one, China branch two, India branch 3-4,
Semitic 5, American Indian 6, Europe 7, etc...
Prophecies in Oahspe about Tae that have been and will be fulfilled:
1. Tae would prove whether the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH tablet is true or not.
OAHSPE Book of Knowledge
2. Thereupon Tae collected histories from the arc of Bon to the coming of Kosmon;
and the sons and daughters of Jehovih quickened him to remember all the knowledge
that had come into the world from the revelations of that day. When Tae had completed
his labors he made a tablet of events, and classified them, and he called the tablet
Orachnebauhgalah, ...But the people called it the tablet of prophecy, signifying, the
mathematics of both evil and good. 
4. Tae said: According to the light of my Father in heaven will I call the ends of the
tablet dan'ha, for these are the quickened times mentioned by the prophets of old.
Not only will I prove them whether they are true or not, ...
Tae shows the historical manifestations that match the numbers and words on the Orachnebuahgalah 
plate, and Tae knows the base to apply the numbers to get a historical or prophetic manifestation.
CONSECUTIVE from 17 years into the future to 67 years into the future. 
2. Tae will find the motion of the Great Serpent (solar system), motion = time in millions of years
calculate the orbit of CEVORKUM and prove if it is true within a low margin of error (within 5 to 7%) or down
to only 2.19% or 4.11% difference when accounting for the difference in speed of a elliptical orbit vs a circle.
OAHSPE Book of Knowledge
Not only will I prove them whether they are true or not, but I will find the motion of the
Great Serpent and this will determine the orbit thereof
Motion = time
"find the motion of the Great Serpent" = calculate the time of Cevorkum (C'vorkum).
"determine the orbit thereof" = circumference of a circle = pi x radius (distance to North star) x 2.
Mathematical work showing the distance to the North Star and calculating the speed of our solar system
around the galaxy and utilizing the circumference formula pi times radius (distance to North Star) squared.
3. Tae proved the attraction of the corporeal worlds do not exceed seven diameters, each of its own,
but many of them less than two. And he measured the satellites and their distances from their central corpor,..
OAHSPE Book of Knowledge
12. Tae then cast aside the philosophy of this day, and proved the attraction of the corporeal
 worlds do not exceed seven diameters, each of its own, but many of them less than two. 
Magnetic attractive force is incomparably stronger than the gravitational attractive force.
Tae shows at 2 diameters the magnetic strength or attractive force is at 0%,
The EM (electro-magnetic force) force is incomparably stronger than the gravitational force.
if the Sun was the most powerful steel magnet its magnetic attraction would extend 865,000 x 2
= 1 million 730,000 miles. The average distance between the Sun and the Earth is about 92,935,700 miles.
4. Tae measured the travel of light (such as light-years distance to the stars).
Oahspe Book of Knowledge Part II:
32. Yea, I have measured the stars in Thy firmament, ...
33. I have measured the light and computed the time of its coming, and lo, they also have
existed for millions of years.
Tae measured light-years distance to the center of Cevorkum (Polaris-North Star)
and light-years travel of the solar system around the star Polaris.
Tae measured and computed the orbit of our star around Polaris the North Star using
the geometric formula pi x radius x 2 plus the speed of the solar system
(computed x faster light vs solar system) and found it lasted (existed) for over 4.35
millions of years or over 4.5 millions of years when calculating the difference in speed
of an elliptical orbit vs a circle.
Measuring light-years distance of Ctu's journey to earth from the Hercules Dwarf Galaxy:
Oahspe Book of Fragapatti Chapter XVII:
1. ON the way to Zeredho, Fragapatti and his hosts in the avalanza were joined by a ship of a thousand
million [billion] explorers from the north regions, a thousand times farther than the north star,.
The north star [Polaris]. Polaris = 434 light-years away.
Polaris, the team calculated, was 434 light-years away.
Polaris is located at a distance of 434 light-years from Earth and has luminosity nearly
434 x 1000 = 434,000 light-years away (home of Ctu's ship in Oahspe Book of Fragapatti)
Hercules is a large constellation in the northern hemisphere [from the north regions]

...the Hercules Dwarf Galaxy, a recently discovered tiny companion to our Milky Way
at a distance of 430,000 light years, has truly unusual properties
5. Additionally like Newbrough Tae should have his greatest inspiration on a 33 year
(1st rule of prophecy) cycle of Kosmon (1881, 1947, 1980, 2013, 2046 etc...) close to or exactly
on his peak year of age 50. Age should fall between age 49 (7 x 7) and 55 (Hippocampus declines 1 to 2%)
on a 33 year cycle of that arc cycle.
Oahspe was transmitted in the 33rd year of Kosmon (1881) when Newbrough (a Tae) was age 52.5 to 53.5
(spiritual peak is age 50 to 54) years old. 
Starting at age 55, our hippocampus, a brain region critical to memory, shrinks 1 to 2 percent every year...

Confucius’s own spiritual and intellectual milestones:
At fifty, I knew the decrees of Heaven.
-> he was clear about what the universe had arranged for him, and could feel and align with by moment.

ORACHNEBUAHGALAH is a key to the past as well as the future, an open book
Arc of Bon = 3400 B.K (before Kosmon, before 1848).
Arc of Bon begins 1,552 B.C.E, 1848 - 3400 = 1552 + 1 for no zero year of Roman Gregorian calender = 1553 B.C.
Kong Qui, better known as Confucius, was born in 551 B.C. in the Lu state of China.
1000 = peace = 553 B.C.E (1,553 - 1000 = 553)
551 B.C. = warm (dan) year period (1000 year dan 553 B.C).
Start of Arc of Bon Cycle = 1,553 B.C.
33 year multiples of the Arc of Bon cycle:
33 x 20 = 660
1,553 -  660 = 893
33 x 30 = 990
1,553 - 990 = 563
563 - 33 = 530
530 - 33 = 497 B.C
551 - 50 = 501 (age 50)
501 - 497 = 4 years = 
Confucius was age 53-54 (during hippocampus-
intellectual-spiritual peak years 50-54)
on the 32nd 33 year cycle of the Arc of Bon age:
September 28 is still widely observed in East Asia as Confucius's birthday. 
6. Additionally like Newbrough and the other prophets and law givers in Oahspe, Tae should be a descendant
of the sons of Isaac, or of Native American, Persian, or Chinese descent (ancestral DNA).
John Ballou Newbrough 1828-1891.
Born on June 5, 1828 in a log cabin in Mohican Township, Ohio, John was one of seven children whose
ancestry included Scottish, Swiss and English.
Scottish, Swiss and English = CELTIC-SAXON (ISAAC'S SON).
7. Tae will gather together many men and many women, orphan babes and castaway infants and foundlings
(little children) for the founding OF JEHOVIH'S KINGDOM ON EARTH and the resurrection of the (Kosmon) race of man.
Oahspe Book Of Jehovih's Kingdon On Earth: Chapter II
8. Tae like Newbrough and Confucius would not be born during a cold a'ji year:
4. Know then, O Thoanactus, thou shalt go down to the earth, to the land of Chine'ya, and
by inspiration bring forth a birth, capable of the All Voice, but not capable of su'is. And thou
shalt accomplish this service so that he shall be born into the mortal world at the time
a'ji ceaseth to fall upon that land.
A'ji (Gau), semi-dark. There are places in the firmament of heaven...Arji (Poit). When the
earth passeth through A'ji (Panic), it aggregateth and groweth. An abundance of Dar'ji in
the firmament giveth a cold year upon the earth.
John Ballou Newbrough was born on 5 June 1828
1828 =  warm high point (very close to 1827 up-spike) dan.
(1827-1828 2nd highest warm peak from 1800-1850).
Kong Qui, better known as Confucius, was born in 551 B.C. in the Lu state of China.
551 B.C. = warm above average (dan) year period (1000 year dan 553 B.C).
Confucius was born 4 years after a very cold and dry (a'ji) period (coldest from 600 b.c. to 500 b.c.)
"Cosmic dust (a'ji) will cease to fall in 1947-1948, and the earth will pass into the light
of the Kosmon era.
The Kosmon race will then begin to appear, the result of the amalgamation on the American
continent of all the races." - page 161 of SEVEN YEARS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD,
1941-1948 (1940) by Wing Anderson.
9. Tae found that every thirty-third year of Kosmon was alike on the earth in heat and cold
(Tae would study warm and cold cycles).
Oahspe - The Book of Knowledge Part IV:
8. And Tae perceived ...Thereupon Tae classified cycles at three thousand years, and the
wave of the Great Serpent at two hundred years and four hundred years. These again he
subdivided, and he found that every thirty-third year was alike on the earth in heat and cold, ... 
Every 33rd year (singular) of the Kosmon cycle from 1848, 1881, 1947, 1980, and 2013,
was alike on the earth (globally) in heat (warm up-spike or above average heat) the only
exception was 1914 (the beast, a'ji, year 66).

10. Tae will measure the stars in the sky and compute their number as more than there

are drops of water in the Pacific Ocean.
Oahspe Book of Knowledge Part II:
32. Yea, I have measured the stars in Thy firmament, and the sun and moon, and weighed

them, and they proclaimed a greater glory unto Thee. Their number is more than there are

drops of water in the ocean;
Prophecy in Oahspe Book of Knowledge came true:
Tae is able to calculate the drops of water in the Pacific Ocean (largest Ocean on Earth) and

the number of stars, planets and moons in the observable (known) universe.
There are about 20 drops of water in 1 milliliter(mL). For room temperature, pure water at

atmospheric pressure, this is reliable to 20 drops = 1.00 mL, so our precision is about 1/100,

about the same as Wikipedia's estimate of the volume. A mL is a centimeter cubed (cm3).

There are 100 cm in 1 meter and 1000 m in a km, so there are 105 cm/km. Cube this term

and you get 1015 cm3/km3. So multiply 20 drops/cm3 x 1015 cm3/km3 x 622 x 106 km3

= 12440 1021 drops. The second '4' and the trailing '0' of 12440 are a guess because we are

only estimating, so putting it together we get, 1.24 x 10(25) drops of water in just the Pacific Ocean.
10 plus 25 zeros = 10 septillion.
400 billion stars in galaxy x 170 billion galaxies = 1 plus 24 zeros =
1 septillion
At least one planet per star = 1 septillion
Both gravitational microlensing and planetary transit observations indicate that there may be at

least as many planets bound to stars as there are stars in the Milky Way,
171 moons in solar  system = 171 septillion in observable universe

Total = 173 septillion stars, planets, and moons in observable universe = more than the drops

of water in the Pacific Ocean (10 septillion).

In 1923 before (galaxies were discovered), the whole observable universe was:
400 billion stars plus 400 billion planets plus 68.4 trillion = 69.2 trillion (13 zeros) = 
less than

one hundred billion times smaller than the drops of water in the Pacific Ocean. Trillion x Trillion

= Septillion. 10 septillion / 100 trillion = one hundred billion times smaller.

So when Oahspe said "Yea, I have measured the stars in Thy firmament, and the sun and moon...

Their number is more than there are drops of water in the ocean", that was a prophecy that could

not come true until 1924 when Edwin Hubble using the then largest telescope in the world, the

100 inch Mount Wilson Telescope, discovered other galaxies beyond our Milky Way Galaxy. Before

that scientists thought the whole universe was the Milky Way Galaxy (and they thought the other

galaxies were nebulae or stars). 


11. Tae's knowledge and work will be based on science:
Oahspe Book of Knowledge Part I:
30. Tae said: I will reason with Thee, Jehovih, for all I know shall be based on science and truth. From
Thine own perfection am I inspired to this end, and my talents shall be strengthened by pursuing the
exact sciences of all the known truths. Neither will I put away mine own judgment, nor accept for truth
that which is at variance with Thy established laws.
There is this website  http://www.studyofoahspe.com/  that I am not familiar with, so I don't have an
opinion on it.  On the surface it looks like this website is making a scientific evaluation of Oahspe,
which is the right way to do it.
Regards: D.R. Ballard
the angels had Newbrough research various scientific subjects ...
12. Tae will discover in the earth's travel on the roadway of the solar-phalanx a hidden mathematical
astronomical code to prophecy connected to CEVORKUM, and light-years traveled
what hath been and what will be.
Tae would find that the travel of the earth in light-years = prophecy.
OAHSPE Book of Knowledge Part IV:4
14. Tae said: ...to find the roadway in the earth's travel is to find what hath been and what will be.
Cevorkum = sub-galactic orbit of the Orachnebuahgalah plate of Oahspe
Cevorkum = 434 light-years to Polaris x pi (3.1415926) = 1363.4511 x 2 = 2726.9022 = 2727 light-years
2727 / 1600 = 1.7043 light-years for each arc or cycle
Cevorkum: Circumference = pi × diameter = pi × 2 × radius
The circumference of a circle is the length around it.
pi = 3.14159
434 (light-years away Polaris) x 3.14159 x 2 = 2726.90012 light-years distance circuit
1600 arcs or cycles or dan'has (dawns) in each circuit = 2727 / 1600 = 1.7043 light
years per dan'ha or etherean arc.
3000 / 84 (years) = 35.7142. 1.7043 / 35.7142 = 0.0477 (rounded 0.048) light-years
of Cevorkum = 48 peace on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate.
3000 = average years for one cycle or arc of Cevorkum.
Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy: Chapter VII:
17. In orachnebuahgalah the student will draw a curved line, representing the travel of
the great serpent for three thousand years.
Oahspe instructs to use 3000 years for ORACHNEBUAHGALAH prophecy plate.
Match light-years distance travel of the solar phalanx to prophetic numbers and words
on the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate of Oahspe - August, 11, 2014.
Hidden mathematical astronomical code to prophecy = every 1/1000th light-year traveled
on the roadway of Cevorkum by the Solar Phalanx is aproximately equal to 1 year or
1 number on the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate.
light-years travel of the solar phalanx in Cevorkum:
_176 years = 0.100 light-years = 100 order on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate.
_175 years = 0.099 light-years = 99 war on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate
_159 years = 0.090 light-years = 90 learning on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate
_155 years = 0.088 light-years = 88 worship and war on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate
_116 years = 0.066 light-years = a'ji 66 and 66 war on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate.
__84 years = 0.048 light-years = 48 peace on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate
__19 years = 0.010 light-years = 10 arbitration on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate.
1848 + 176 = 2024 = 0.100 light-years = 100 order on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate.
1848 + 175 = 2023 = 0.099 light-years = 99 war on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate.
1848 + 159 = 2007 = 0.090 light-years = 90 learning on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate
1848 + 155 = 2003 = 0.088 light-years = 88 war on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate
1848 + 116 = 1964 = 0.066 light-years = 66 war and a'ji 66 on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate.
1848 + 84 = 1932 = 0.048 light-years = 48 peace on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate.
1848 + 19 = 1867 = 0.010 light-years = 10 arbitration on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate.
2007 = United Nations first Education for All Global goal.
2007 =  Apple Inc.'s first iPhone smartphone
2007 = the first evidence of atmospheric water vapor beyond the Solar System.
2007 = first satellite in the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program, is launched
2003 = invasion of Iraq, the Iraq War, Operation Iraqi Freedom by the United States.
1964 = Gulf of Tonkin incident led to America’s entry into Vietnam War.
1964 = coldest down-spike of 1950-2000 (a'ji, beast).
1932 = WORLD PEACE CONFERENCE, first world disarmament conference ever, it had no precedents
1932... It was the first world disarmament conference ever called, it had no precedents .
1932 = Games of the X Olympiad, symbol of peace, major world wide multi-athletic event
Los Angeles 1932 Olympics...The modern young sportsman presents the laurel of peace.
1867 = British North America Act, Arbitration, award by two arbitrators
Arbitration under the British North America Act 1867 ...proceedings and award by two arbitrators.
The travel of the solar family can be timed upon the Creator's clock and future events foretold with
mathematical accuracy by one possessed of spiritual insight. - Page 149 of SEVEN YEARS THAT
CHANGED THE WORLD, 1941 - 1948 (1940) by Wing Anderson.
The 1/1000th (one-thousandth) ratio of light-years traveled to 1 number or year on the
ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate is equivalent to "one to a thousand" rule of the Book of Cosmogony
and Prophecy: Chapter VII:17. The numbers (years) on the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate are numbered
from 1 to a 1000 which is equal to the ratio of light-years distance traveled by the solar system to the
numbers on the Orachnebuahgalah plate. To convert light-years traveled to Orachnebuahgalah numbers
multiply by one thousand (1 to 1000 ratio, "one to a thousand").
0.048 (light-years traveled) x 1000 = 48 peace on the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate of Oahspe.
ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate is connected to CEVORKUM, and light-years traveled is connected to prophecy.            
uncovering the divine plan for the universe in the form of its underlying mathematical order."9
(9) Paul C. Davies, quoted in edge.org/discourse/science_faith.html
Hidden mathematical astronomical code to prophecy = every 1/1000th light-year traveled on
the roadway of Cevorkum by the Solar Phalanx is aproximately equal to 1 year or 1 number
A beautiful mathematical relationship that was hidden and waiting to be discovered--put in place
by an orderly Creator God whose intellect is far beyond ours.
All light-year distances associated with Cevorkum are symmetrical numbers:
Radius = 434, diameter = 868, 1/9 = 303, 1/3 = 909, 2/3 = 1818, Cevorkum = 2727.

Symmetry  (symmetrical number) = same number to the left and right of center = balance.
13. Tae calculated past cycles 24,000 years ago and connected violence and war to cold a'ji periods:
OAHSPE Book of Knowledge Part IV:4
15. And Tae measured the past cycles for twenty-four thousand years, and the sons and
daughters of Jehovih were with him, contributing every one a part.
Nephilim of the Bible and Neph of Oahspe.
◄ Genesis 6:4 ► of the Bible:
English Standard Version
The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of
God came in to the daughters of man and they bore children to them.
King James 2000 Bible
There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God
came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them,
Oahspe translation = There were giants (Druks) in the earth in those days; and also
after that, when the sons of God (the I'hins) came in unto the daughters of men
(Asu, the Adamites), and they bore children to them.
"in the earth" = The Druks were called the Ground People, they burrowed in the earth.
The "sons of God" of Genesis 6 in the Bible are the descendants of Seth
(the I'hin offspring of the angel host that came with the God Seth-antes), and the
"daughters of men" are the Asu (Adamites). The sons of Seth (I'hins) bred with the
Asu (Adamic race), and the result of that mixed breeding was a hybrid offspring known as the
Druks or Ground People that were giants, much larger than their parents due to heterosis (hybrid vigor).
◄ Genesis 6:5 ► of the Bible:
King James Bible
And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination
of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.
◄ Genesis 6:11 ► of the Bible:
New International Version
Now the earth was corrupt in God's sight and was full of violence.
Oahspe translation = The druks were a violent, warlike people who hunted, stole from,
and killed the I'hins.
◄ Genesis 6:17 ► of the Bible:
Darby Bible Translation
For I, behold, I bring a flood of waters on the earth, to destroy all flesh under the heavens in
which is the breath of life: everything that is on the earth shall expire.
Oahspe translation = The Etherean Gods and Orion Cheifs (Elohims) flood the continent of
Pan by submerging it under the Pacific Ocean, to destroy the Druks and save the I'hins.
33. The sixteenth cycle was under Neph, God of Sogghonnes, in the arc of Arbroohk,
but he failed to bring forth any harvest.
1. God, that is Neph, said: Hear my prayer, O Jehovih! The earth and her heavens are
gone down in darkness.
2. The I'hin hath been destroyed off all the divisions of the earth save Wagga.
3. More than thirty thousand million angels are gathered on the surface of the earth,
and they are too low in grade to be delivered.
4. What shall Thy God do, O Father?
5. Mortals are descending in breed and blood; only as diseased vermin do they inhabit the earth.
6. Their cities are destroyed, and they dwell after the manner of four-footed beasts.
7. The inspiration of Thy God and his angels can no longer reach them.
8. When they die and enter these heavens they are as festering sores on one another, thousands
of millions of them.
9. For three thousand years have I labored with them, but the abundance of their darkness
outmatcheth Thy God.
10 . What shall I do with them, O Father! How shall Thy God deliver so great a carcass of death?
16. And now the council deliberated, and after a while caused the records of the earth and her
atmospherea to be examined, and they discovered that the heaven of the land of Wagga (Pan)
was beyond redemption because of the great numbers of the spirits of the cannibals and of the
multitude of fetals. It was as if a disease in the flesh be healed over externally, leaving the root
of the disease within. So was Wagga and her heaven; the redemption of the cycles remained
not with her, but evil broke out forever in a new way.
17. So Jehovih said: Now will I prune the earth and her heaven. Behold, the division of Wagga
shall be hewn off and cast beneath the waters of the ocean. Her heaven shall be no longer
tenable by the spirits of destruction, for I will rend the foundation thereof and scatter them
in the winds of heaven.
Nephilim = Time of Neph, before submersion (flood) of Pan
Neph-ilim = from the time of Neph, when the Earth had fallen to its lowest
the suffix “lim” in Hebrew is the plural form of the word. Those (plural) giants at the time
of Neph Nephilim is the word used to describe the giants (Druks, Ground People) spoken
of in the fallen pre-flood times of the God Neph.
The times (plural) of Neph = Neph-ilim = “lim” in Hebrew is the plural form of the word:
A time = 400 years (Mayan Baktun), Neph was God of earth for aprox. 3000 years =
7.5 times 400 years.
The Times of Neph included the 1000 years of darkness = 2.5 times 400 years.
Cold a'ji Ice Age period 24,000 years ago (22,000) B.C. before it was submerged in the
Pacific Ocean during the arc of Noe.
All dates are approximate
26,500 - 19,000–20,000 BP Last Glacial Maximum, what is often meant in popular
usage by "Last Ice Age"
The Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) refers to a period in the Earth's climate history
when ice sheets were at their maximum extension, between 26,500 and
19,000–20,000 years ago,[1] marking the peak of the last glacial period.
During this time, vast ice sheets covered much of North America, northern
Europe and Asia.
Glacial (Ice) age, A'ji 24,000 years ago
Oahspe The Lords' First Book 1:
40. And the earth stood in the arc of Noe in the firmament of heaven,
in the place and grade of six hundred [666] in the a'ji'an roads,
twenty-four thousand years before kosmon.
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter VII:
18. These periods will be found to come under certain numbers,
...dan 200, 400, 600, 500;
Oahspe Book of Jehovih Chapter VII:
17...I send down from etherea ships in the time of dan
The Ethereans (Gods and Goddesses, Orions and Nirvanians) descended to earth
for the sinking of Pan during a time of Dan (600 is a dan number/time) even in
the midst of a cold a'ji period (Ice Age) just as the founding of The United States
of America was during a warm (dan-light) period even during the cold period of
"The little Ice Age". It is as if the cold nebulous cloud of a'ji was parted for a
few years (1773-1776) to allow the light and inspiration of the high heavens to
shine through (the same during the time of the sinking of Pan).
From Webster's 9th New Collegiate Dictionary:
Ark comes from OE (Old english) Arc
Arc means curve or Arch.
Noe does not refer to a person (Noah), but a time and place in space of the travel of our
solar system. This was FIRST REVEALED in Oahspe, that the solar system traveled in a
orbit, circle, or ellipse, and it was FIRST REVEALED in Oahspe that other solar systems
with planets traveled in a circular or elliptical orbit. See Oahspe plate 40 below:
1 = Equivalent: 4,700,000: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Other orbits for other phalanxes.
"But as the days of No’-e were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.’ Matthew 24:37
This statement by Jesus is speaking of a promised return (in a future time) But as the days of No’-e were!
This spelling, No’-e, was not an honest mistake by the transcribers of the original Canon and all
who read this word think that it is referring to the time of the biblical flood and Noah’s Ark saving
the God selected “Good” things. I have only found this spelling of No’-e, in one other book ...
called OAHSPE (©1882)." - Ed Holt.
14. Tae will experience self-conceit and put away self:

Oahspe Book of Knowledge Part III:
1. Tae said: How shall I come to Thee, O Jehovih? I have nothing more to stand upon.
2. My self-conceit hath been as a mountain before my vision. I have nothing to boast over the

ancients; the things I gloried in, the inventions, and sciences, and discoveries of my time, I saw

not from Thy standpoint, I exulted in myself, saying, have I not done great things?
3. But I had not done a hand's turn with all my inventions and discoveries to better the poor and

unlearned. What, then, is the measure of the good I have done more than the ancients?

Oahspe Book of Knowledge Part IV:
22. Jehovih said: All who hear My voice shall know Me, and comprehend My Person.

And as many as hear Me and behold My presence shall be called Tae, for they are the

first-fruit of the resurrection in Kosmon.
33. Now when Tae had put away self, striving to come, by his behavior, to Jehovih,

a new light dawned upon him,..


15. A Tae can have su'is (claivoyance), and have his spirit leave his body and return
to his physical body unharmed.
A Tae would also be developed in ethe (ability to hear the voice of the Father) and
be sensitive to vibrations past and present.
Newbrough's ability to see and hear spirits (su'is), A natural clairvoyant.
A Tae could not have su'is and still hear the All-Voice such as Confucius:
4. Know then, O Thoanactus, thou shalt go down to the earth, to the land of Chine'ya,
and by inspiration bring forth a birth, capable of the All Voice, but not capable of su'is.
OAHSPE Book of Saphah - Tablet of Biene 12. Tae (Panic). A representative man ...Also
one who is chosen by etherean spirits for an earth cycle; as Zarathustra, Abraham,
Brahma, Moses, Capilya, Confucius, etc.
OAHSPE Book of Knowledge Part IV:
28. When Tae pursued suis, which is the reading of unseen impressions, he was also
developed in ethe, which is the overtaking of the vibrations of things long past. For as
one may cast a stone in a lake, and it waveth the water, and the air above it, so also do
all things vibrate to the uttermost places. He who hath developed in ethe, becometh as
an unraveler of tangled threads; and things that are past are as an open book. To him the
books of the libraries of heaven are open, for he not only seeth and heareth the spirits of
the dead, but he goeth forth out of the corporeal body (for such have no longer sin and self in them)
and he beholdeth the glories of heaven, and returneth again to his corporeal body unharmed.

Tae is also "an unraveler of tangled threads" = not just a receiver or writter like
Newbrough but a decoder or decipherer of transmitted knowledge or light.
synonyms for decoding
de·code: decoding
  1. convert (a coded message) into intelligible language.
    synonyms: decipher, decrypt, work out, solve, interpret, translate; More
  2. make sense of, get to the bottom of,unravel, unscramble, find the key to; 
    informalcrack, figure out
  3. -

    "I was especially impressed with your work concerning the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH.

    I have seen 2 other sources ONLY which even begin to make sense, other than yours:

  4. Wing Andersons "7 Years That Changed the World" and "The Tree of Light" obscure article

  5. put out by Faithists long ago. They back what you are saying and may have inspired you to

  6. write your strong analysis of the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH."- Robert Bayer, March 25, 2015.


    "the orach-nebu-ah-galah definition is incrediblehow did that come about was it channeled?" -

  7. oahspe101, 01/19/2015. 

16. Tae would talk about the quickened times, the Quickening, the earth moving into a higher cycle frequency.
Frequency of cycles is speeding up, the Quickening, more up and down spikes in a 50 year period.
More up-spike frequency. Our planet's vibrational frequency is rising.
Frequency = cycles per time frame (50 years)
1988-2013 = 19 x 2 = 38 up and down-spikes (rate) in 50 years
1950-2000 = 31 up and down spikes
1900-1950 = 29 up and down spikes
1850-1900 = 23 up and down spikes
1800-1850 = 14 up and down spikes
1750-1800 = 14 up and down spikes
The above is objective scientific evidence of the earth moving into a higher cycle frequency.
The Quickening, these are the quickened times.
Oahspe Book of Knowledge Part IV:
4. Tae said: ...for these are the quickened times mentioned by the prophets of old.
Notice since 1850 (the Dawn of Kosmon) the cyclic vibrational frequencies of up and
down spikes have increased (quickened).
A new cycle of the earth began in 1848.
Oahspe says Tae based his knowledge on science and Tae studied warm and cold cycles. 
17. Tae has a darkside in him that can be used to fight darkness,  the light that is
in him shall then master over his own darkness.
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter VII:
18. These periods will be found to come under certain numbers...
darkness 66 and 666, and so on.
the following tables of times and measurements were established:
Tae, 999.
Tae, 666.
Tae 666 999 war 
The numbers for Tae are 999 (war, fight) on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate 48, and 666 (war, beast)
Here Oahspe prophecies (through prophetic numbers) the dark-side of Tae.
Oahspe The Lord's Fifth Book: Chapter I:
21...came out of both darkness and light. The darkness in them shall battle all darkness;
the light that is in them shall then master over their own darkness.
OAHSPE: Book of Osiris CHAPTER I:
The Ghans born Conquerers, fighters, defeat others, strong willed stubborn, The I'hins were
meek and mild, not strong enough, they avoid confrontation.
Confrontation is needed sometimes, like when an Etherean God (as Osire) takes on false
Gods and defeat them (by force).
Man (I'huans-Ghans-Kosmon) needs light and darkness, dan and a'ji, a balance between
the two (angel and beast, 33 and 66).
Tae would have the warrior gene Rs4680(G;G):

Do the MAOA and CDH13 "human warrior genes" make violent ...

...genotype for this SNP is GG ...the warrior gene. The name is misleading, it has less to do with agression and more to do with how well you handle stress and strategy.
G-variant => High performance under high stress,
A-variant => Low performance under high stress, 
The so-called warrior gene comprises particular variations in the X chromosome gene that produces monoamine oxidase A (MAOA), an enzyme that affects the neurotransmitters dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. The variants, known collectively as MAOA-L, produce human MAOA “knockouts” with a low level of the enzyme.
MAOA was the first candidate gene to be linked to antisocial behavior, identified in 1993 in
a large Dutch family that was notorious for violence. It has been a media favorite ever since, acquiring the nickname “warrior gene” in 2004 as a result of an article in Science, of all places.
It’s not an adequate response to pick nits with particular papers and so by implication condemn all of behavioral genetics as a hopelessly flawed endeavor. MAOA-L is a prime example, maybe the best one–and a good place to start. The studies on low MAOA activity have piled up. Despite their individual flaws, it’s pretty clear that something really does seem to be going on with that gene variant that is (or can be) in some way related to bad behavior.
Oahspe Book of Cpenta-Armij, Daughter of Jehovih: Chapter IV:
11. ...In Arabin'ya I have raised up a man named Abram, an I'huan of the I'hin side, of grade ninety-five.
Portrait (in the sacred Oahspe) of the Prophet Abraham by John Ballou Newbrough after the 1882 edition.
B/W copies were included in the Oahspe 1891 Edition.
ABRAM, afterward called Abraham, an I'huan, large and red, like new copper, and had black hair and long
beard, He was a Persian, and the founder of the ancient Hebrews or Israelites. PO was cotemporaneous
with Abram [Abraham] of Persia, living about five thousand eight hundred [5,800] years ago
[before 1848, 3952 BCE], and in the cycle of Cpenta-armij.
OAHSPE First Book God CHAPTER 8:
The first Fonecean Bible---being of Abram, a man chosen by God for the children of Arabin'ya.
1. Out of the hosts of Par'si'e, who were of the people of Shem, who existed since the days of the flood,
came Abram, a man chosen by God, in the arc of Spe‑ta, for the deliverance of the Faithists of Arabin'ya.
God said: Because they have not raised up one out of the sons of Ham, your name shall become Abra‑Ham,
and it shall be testimony in thousands of years, of my records in the libraries of heaven.
Arabin'ya map of Oahspe. Arabinya = SHEM (Arabian peninsula) and Ham (Africa):

The letters ARABIN are written across the African countries of Mali, Niger, Chad, and Sudan.
The letters YA are written across the Arabian Peninsula nation of Saudi Arabia,
Mali, officially the Republic of Mali, is a country in West Africa.
Mali's population encompasses a number of sub-Saharan ethnic groups.
Niger, officially the Republic of Niger, is a country in Western Africa, named after the Niger River.
Saudi Arabia Arab 90%, Afro-Asian 10%.
Sudan black 52%, Arab 39%, Beja 6%, foreigners 2%, other 1%
Oahspe Map of the World (roughly superimposed over a modern world map) at the
time of Fragapatti around 9,000 years ago with ancient names of the divisions of the
Earth showing Africa and Arabia as one division and Europe as North and West of Heleste.
Oahspe The Lord's Fifth Book: Chapter III:12 - 13.
The tribes of Ham were previously ordained with characteristics to make them love to
emigrate westward; and the tribes of Jaffeth and Shem with characteristics to make them
love to stay within their own countries.
These migrations to Asia sprang from the I'hin survivors of the sunken continent of Pan
landing on the east coast of the continent of Ham, now known as Africa. Such descendents
were generally not I'hins themselves, but of those who had mixed with the native
inhabitants of regions thereabouts, being I'huan/Ghans/Listians
As for the accuracy of John Newbrough's drawings:
Newbrough correctly pictured the cone-shaped magnetosphere of the earth ...
John Newbrough's drawing in 1881 closely matches data gathered by NASA's Voyager 2 probe in 1989.
John Ballou Newbrough had drawn a picture of the magnetic field (vortex) of saturn with no tilt,
Newbrough drew the magnetic fields of 5 planets in the solar-system, Saturn was the only one he
drew that had no tilt (as can be seen on the Tow'-Sang plate) and more than 98 years later scientist
have discovered that Saturn is the only planet in the solar system with a magnetic field with no tilt
just as Newbrough had drawn.
See page below:
John Newbrough's drawings were done by angelic control, its spiritual authors did not transmit the
book through Dr. Newbrough's mind--but controlled his hands and arms,
independent of his consciousness--so that he could not interfere or alter or color its contents
"The peculiar drawings in Oahspe were made with pencil in the same way."

22 Photos Which Prove That Your Genes are Amazing.” It shows a series of “photographs of 
people who, despite belonging to different generations within their families, are as alike as two peas in a pod.”
(Take a look! Those photos are pretty cool!).
Genetics: It's Written On Your Face
Wednesday, 9 July 2014
Genealogy CSI Style - Facial Recognition.
possibilities of facial recognition for genealogy and family tree research.
Facial Recognition could be described as facial arithmetic, providing facial analytics  to facilitate
the detection and recognition of people from photos or videos.
It seems logical that there is a niche for this tool in the world of genealogy in assisting with the
identification of unidentified family members by the comparison of family photos.
<---20 March, 2014, geneticist Mark Shriver of Pennsylvania State University and imaging specialist Peter Claes of the Catholic University of Leuven (KUL) in Belgium.
PicTriev – This one uses real face recognition ...
Facial recognition is an important and rapidly evolving biometric science.
Pictrieve works on smart face recognition algorithm

22. smart face recognition system

Below more than 80 points of a face (face points) used for facial recognition:

Living mathematics of a human face (the recorded mathematics live on even after death):

Below: Betaface mathematical face points for measurements in facial recognition of Capillya and Haile Salassie:

Below: Betaface mathematical face points for measurements in facial recognition of Moses and Haile Salassie:

Below: Betaface mathematical face points for measurements in facial recognition of Capillya and Michael James:

Below: Betaface mathematical face points for measurements in facial recognition of Moses and Michael James:

http://postimg.org/image/jyup9zr93/.(Michael James in Martial Arts class photo 1992).
Oahspe Book of Divinity: Chapter XI:
18. ...And Jehovih put these marks upon His peoples that the races might be read in thousands of years.
Face shape is in the genes
August 25, 2016
Several lines of evidence suggest that a person's facial shape is controlled by one's genes,
Facial width, the distance between the eyes, the size of the nose and the distance between the lips
and eyes all had statistically significant associations with certain SNPs.
Corresponding author, Dr Seth Weinberg says "Our analysis identified several genetic associations
with facial features not previously described in earlier genome-wide studies. What is exciting is that
many of these associations involve chromosomal regions harboring genes with known craniofacial
function. Such findings can provide insights into the role genes play in the formation of the face.
It is important to keep in mind that these findings likely represent only a small fraction of the genes
influencing the size and shape of the human face. Because many of the genes influencing facial
morphology are likely to have small effects, successfully mapping a large number of these genes
will require much greater sample sizes and a more comprehensive approach to quantifying
Facial matching technology can measure things that you might miss with the "naked eye."
Accuracy of pictriev 100%:
Identical twins facial recognition 62%:
Identical twins facial recognition 84%:
Identical twins facial recognition 93%:

Identical Twins facial recognition 94%:
Identical Twins facial recognition 97%: 

Identical twins facial recognition 98%:
Batwa Pygmy of Uganda 2 pics  99%:

Like using forensic DNA analysis, or fingerprint matching, state-of-the-art facial
recognition with advanced mathematical algorithms shows the closest modern
matches to the prophets and law-givers in Oahspe.
African-Americans, Mulattos (semi, half-black, half white), and Sub-Saharan Africans match
the closest to Abraham's (facial racial) features:
Most matches (38 out of 47) above 50% are African-Americans, mulattoes,
Sub-Saharan Africans, Black Africans, Afro-Arab or Afro-Latin-American with
significant Sub-Saharan ancestry with light to dark brown or copper colored skin.
Most of the original Hebrew Israelites looked like African-Americans, mulattoes,
or Sub-Saharan Africans.

Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora: Origins, Experiences, and Culture

Black Jews in Africa and the Americas

Ancient Hebrew Israelites in Egyptian Captivity.

Egypt: The Private Tomb of Rekhmire on the West Bank at Luxor ...

Rekhmire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Oahspe Book of Es, Daughter of Jehovih: Chapter XX:
29. And Kase went to Lincoln, and told him what was said. And when Lincoln was before the
seeress, the angel of Jehovih entranced her, and said unto him: We said, we would give thee
proof to-morrow. Behold, we repeat unto thee, Jehovih is in this matter. Save, thou proclaimest
the freedom of the slaves thou shalt not succeed. Do thou this, and the enemy's armies shall
melt away like snow in the sun.
30. Lincoln's eyes were opened, and he went straight away, and proclaimed freedom to the
whole four million slaves.
32. Thus, these great angel warriors allotted themselves to the work. And, lo and behold, the
northern armies ran forth over the enemy's country as if war were but play; and the southern
armies vanished, disarming themselves, and returning to their homes.
33. The slaves were free!
34. Jehovih said: Let this be a testimony, that this land is the place of the beginning of the
kosmon era. There shall be no caste amongst my people.
35. Behold, I went to the Israelites, and in that day, I said: Keep yourselves as a separate people!
For I had work for them, which was to travel westward, and establish Me, the All One. And they
came westward, and fulfilled My commandments. Wherefore I have blessed them.
"Notice how we talk about slavery and the emanicpation and freedom of slavery and then it comes
to a verse referencing the Israelites showing you that the Oahspe correlates the Israelites with us
[blacks] in America." - Selah Shalom Feb 16, 2015.
The Israelite [copper-colored] stock was required in the eventual colonization of North America
via Europe, so that their spiritual I'hin descent and uncompromising monotheism -- despite its
inevitable contaimination by the doctrines of the false and warrior Gods--might be as a leaven
in the coming day of Kosmon. - page 206 of DARKNESS, DAWN, AND DESTINY
(DRAWN FROM OAHSPE) 1965 by Augustine Cahill.
The original religion of the African people, however, was animism (the worship of spirits), and
there is no doubt that most of the slaves were animists.
an·i·mism animism
    2. the belief in a supernatural power that organizes and animates the material universe.
"a supernatural power that organizes and animates the material universe" = the Great Spirit (Jehovih).
Shamanism is the practice that involves a shaman reaching an altered state of consciousness in order
to meet up with and interact with the spirit world and channel mystical and supernatural energies
into this world, or this reality.
Shamanism shares the animistic worldview that non-human entities such as animals, plants, and
inanimate objects or phenomena, all possess a spiritual essence or soul.
Shamanism also shares the animistic belief in a supernatural power that organizes and animates
the material universe, namely – The Great Spirit or God.
American Indians and Africans before slavery were shamanists and animists and believed in the Great Spirit.
Most African cultures, if not all, believe in a Supreme Creator in one form or another.
Although The Supreme Creator is usually referred to by him etc. it is beyond sex, being both male and female.
It has no form and is thought of in an abstract way.  It is available to any human, regardless of their position.
A breath of Its Divine Being is within all animate and inanimate things.
It is known as Mulungu (East Africa), Leza (Central Africa), Nyambe (West Tropics), Nyame (Ghana), the Molder,
Giver of Breath and Souls, God of Destiny, One Who Exists of Himself, God of Pity and Comfort, the
Inexplicable, Ancient of Days, the One Who Bends Even Kings, the One You Meet Everywhere, etc.
Throughout African history, God, Creator, Chuckwi, Allah, Yahweh, Modimo, Mudzimu,
etc, in various configuration has been a central aspect of identity. (2002 Pew survey)
There is no concept of an African atheist in antiquity.
"The thing that makes us distinctively African is our spirituality -- And we are not talking
denominations or names for various religious systems in living Africa. We are talking about
that distinctive personality found everywhere in Ancient and modern Africa. It was this
centrality of a reverence for a higher deity that traveled with us to the America's that survived
the boat and the plantation. That reformed itself into Nation of Islam, Christianity,
modern Vodon, and so forth."
"In Igbo religion, a stark contrast is drawn between Chukwu/Chineke
(the Almighty God to whom we owe praise and thanks) and ndiichie
(ancestor spirits), Alusi and other spiritual forces. "
The Creator, the Great Spirit, God Himself, is known as "The One Who Came First" -
Mvelincanti. The One Who Came First pre- existed creation.
The core of religion in traditional Africa consists of a belief in a Supreme Being
known by various names in the different languages in African societies. Especially,
in the culture areas of Africa whose influences were to become prominent in the
Americas, this Supreme Being goes by such names as Olorun and Olodumare,
among the Yoruba; Mawu-Lisa, among the Fon of the Republic of Benin; Onyame and
Onyankopon, among the Akan. This Supreme Being is the Creator
(Chineke – the Spirit that creates, among the Igbo of Nigeria) and Sustainer
(Mebee – the One who bears the World, among the Bulu of Cameroon), of the
universe. There are no visual representations of the Supreme Being, who is
understood to be a Great Spirit, as the Igbo name , Chuku (Chi – spirit; uku – great),
makes explicitly clear. And because the Supreme Being is a Great Spirit, there are no
temples built specifically for Him/Her, the Yoruba say: “Since Olorun is everywhere,
it is foolish to try to confine him/her in a temple”. The Akan also say, “If you want to
speak to Onyame, speak to the winds”. Like the winds, Onyame is invisible and is everywhere.
The Great Spirit has attendant spirits, children, agents or messengers who ran errands and
who reflect aspects of the nature of the Great Spirit. The Yoruba call such beings Orishas,
and clearly distinguish between them and Olorun. For the Yoruba, these Orishas are many,
numbering 400 + 1 all the way up to 1600 + 1 [sacred numbers 400 and 1600, Dan and
etherean arc cycles each ruled by a different Orishas or child of the Great Spirit], leaving
room for humans to discover the multifarious dimensions or manifestations of the power
of Olorun. These Orishas include: Orisha-nla (the Yoruba arch-divinity [arch or arc Angels],
and Olodumare’s deputy, who assisted in the creation of both the earth and human beings);
Most of the Israelites had migrated into Egypt over the previous five or six centuries, and they were
racially allied to the hated Shepherd Kings. - page 203 of DARKNESS, DAWN AND DESTINY
by Augustine Cahill (DRAWN FROM OAHSPE) 1965.
<---Original-Hebrew-Israelite-and-Shepherd-Kings-Queens-tribe of faithists
Shepherd Kings. A nick-name to a wandering tribe who kept flocks of goats, in the south-west of Persia.
They also migrated into Egypt,and became powerful. At first, they were mild and non-resistant, but
afterward, they became savage warriors. Such of them as did not apostatize, but kept themselves holy,
separated from the others, and became the founders of Ebra, which afterward became Hebrew, which
afterward became Jew, from whom Abram was descended. These were, therefore, the cream of the
ancient Zarathustrians of three thousand years before.

Ur Kaśdim, commonly translated as Ur of the Chaldees, is a city mentioned in the Hebrew Bible [◄ Genesis 11:28 ►]
as the birthplace of the Israelite and Ismaelite patriarch Abraham. Wikipedia
Notice Ur is near the Khuzestan Province where Ebrahim,_Iran is located, where according to Oahspe Abraham's
ancestors the Shepherd Kings and Hebrews came from.

Genesis 11:28 While his father Terah was still alive, Haran died in Ur ...

Oahspe The Lord's Fifth Book: Chapter III:
4. Of all colors (black, white, yellow, copper, red and brown) were the tribes of Ham; nevertheless,
they were I'hins (Faithists), having flat nails and short arms, and of such as desired to acquire knowledge.
And I brought them to a country of sand fields and of fields of rich pastures interspersed, where lived
but few natives, the dark people, with short hair.
" brought them to a country of sand fields and of fields of rich pastures interspersed" =
Ancient Sumeria and Mesopotamia.
the black, white, yellow, copper, red and brown I'hins of Ham bred with the Sumerian and
Mesopotamian natives, the dark people, with short hair (druks) which produced brown skinned,
copper-colored I'huans and Listians (Sheperd Kings of southwest Persia) from whom Abraham,
the Hebrew Israelites and Moses descended from.
13. The Lord said: Having designed Ham for teaching the barbarian world of me and my dominion, ....
"teaching the barbarian world of me" = Teaching the war-like idol worshippers of the Great Spirit.
14. Now, in the midst of three great countries, Jaffeth, Shem and Ham, was the chief place of the
I'huans, where they founded a new nation; and the Lord called them Parsi'e, signifying, warrior
Faithists, because he created them as a shield, to guard his chosen, the I'hins.
15. The difference betwixt the I'huans and ...the Parsi'e'ans ...
16. Nevertheless, they were all of the same blood and kin, being half-breeds betwixt the I'hins
and the native druks; and they were large, and mostly of the color of new copper.
19. And the Lord sent the Ghans, to whom he delivered his oral scriptures, to travel in search
of his people; and, lo and behold, ten tribes of the Lord's people were lost in the wilderness;
and this was the country of the Parsi'e'ans, and that land was filled with wild goats. Hence
came the name, LAND OF GOATS.
20. And the lost tribes, not being flesh-eaters, were at a loss for food; and they said:
Come, let us live on goat's milk.
21. And they so lived for a long season, taming the goats, and keeping herds of them.
And they roved about, driving their herds with them, for which reason they took the
22. And the Lord looked on them with favor, saying: These that call themselves shepherd kings
shall have this country. Behold, out of the seed of these people, will I do mighty wonders.

Oahspe Book of Wars Against Jehovih: Chapter XXI:
10. And here, even as in Par'si'e and Heleste, were thousands of cities, great and small;
|925| and like Par'si'e, they also had colleges and houses of philosophy, besides thousands
of public libraries, which supplied books freely to the poor, who came here to be taught in the
sciences, and in the arts of painting, engraving and sculpture, and in astronomy, mathematics,
chemistry, minerals, assaying, and in the rules for inventing chemical combinations.
925  Note that as well as the Fertile Crescent, this includes all of Africa; see e.g., 25/50.22<fn-interior>.
"inventing chemical combinations." =
chemistry or Kemet-stry or Kemet-story
In the history of science, the etymology of the word chemistry is debatable. It is agreed that the word
derives from the word alchemy, which is a European one, derived from the Kimiya (کیمیا) Alchemy al-kīmiyāʾ (الكيمياء).
The Arabic term is derived from the Ancient Greek χημία khēmia orχημεία khēmeia.[1][2] However, the ultimate
origin of the root word, chem, is uncertain.[3]
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the majority theory is that al-kīmiyāʾ is derived from χημία, which is
derived from the ancient Egyptian name of Egypt (khem, khame, or khmi, meaning "black earth",
Therefore, alchemy is the "Egyptian art".[1]
Listians: Born from the I'hins and a specific breed of I'huan hunters. Named the Shepherd Kings.
Ruled over flocks of goats. Lived in and around Parsi'e and were well guarded by Jehovih's angels.
Oahspe Book of Wars Against Jehovih 21:3-4.
Dark Copper colored Ancient Persian warriors from Berlin Museum (backs up the information in Oahspe):

Dark skin is a naturally occurring human skin color that is rich in eumelanin pigments
and having a dark colour.[1][2][3] People with relatively dark skin are referred to as
brown,[4] and those with very dark skin are often referred to as black,[5] although
this usage can be ambiguous in some countries where it is also used to specifically
refer to different ethnic groups or populations.[6][7][8][9] 
Oahspe Book of Fragapatti CHAPTER 8:
4. From this day forward, the south land shall be called Arabin'ya, encompassed by the sea.
And north of this, the first country of the brown red race shall be called Heleste, |545| bordering
on Shem and Jaffeth on the east, and extending half way to the sea on the west.
545  note that Par'si'e [Persia] is part of Heleste.
"the brown red race" = Copper colored people of ancient Persia.
Question: what ancient country is north of the arabian peninsula and borders India and China to
the east and extends half way to the meditteranean sea on the west?
Answer: Persia

Oahspe The Lord's Fifth Book: Chapter III:
4. ...Neither omitted I even the hair of the head of man without providing
testimony of my word.
13. The Lord said: Having designed Ham ...that, through their seed, men and
women should have hair neither straight nor short, but long and curled ...
I'hins = long straight silken hair, Druks (and Yaks) = short coarse tangled hair
Listians (Shepherd Kings) of Persia = long coarse curly hair (like I'huan image below).
The copper colored I'huan (in the middle) below looks like he has a Jerry curl hairstyle
that was popular among African Americans during the 1980s.
Above enlarged close-ups of the head and hair of the I'huan race and I'hin race
drawings in Oahspe.
Notice the woolly hair on top and curls sticking out of the back of the hair of the I'huan
which is very similar to the African-American hair.
Notice the flat straight hair of the I'hin that matches the hair of American-Indian or
Ongwee-ghan. Ongwee-ghan were born of the I'huans and I'hins and to this day is
called Indian (Native American). Very proud were the Ongwees, they would not mix
with the I'huans. The Ongwee-ghan became a new race in the world, having all the
symmetry of the I'hin, and the savageness of the I'huans.
(Oahspe The Lord's Third Book: Chapter II:2-3).
Above:on the left a I'huan with long curly frizzy hair, on the right a Ongwee-ghan
with long flat straight hair.
Eawahtah (Hiawatha)...The son of an I'hin mother and an I'huan father.
son of an I'hin mother and an I'huan father = Ghan (Ongwee-ghan) I'hin-I'huan cross.

Af·ro: a thick hairstyle with very tight curls that sticks out all around the head,
like the natural hair of some black people.

Ancient Persians with curly Afro hair:
Notice that the hair of the ancient Persians was BRUSHED FLAT! When Black people
with curly hair, brush it flat, the ends ALWAYS CURL UP! That is what is depicted above.
The Scythians (below) didn't have hair that CURLED.

Scythians at various times inhabited: the Caucasus area, including Azerbaijan,
Georgia - The central Asian steppes: Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan,
Afghanistan. Saca are considered to be a branch of Scythians by most scholars.
It appears that the Persians used curly hair to depict people WITH curly hair
i.e Black, brown or copper colored people, and straight hair to depict people
WITH straight hair, MOSTLY fair skinned or ivory Whites.
The Persians were looked upon as mulatto in origin by the Greeks when examining their
Perseus & Andromeda mythos.
According to this mythology, Perseus is the ancestor of the Persians.
Andromeda (Ethiopian black princess) was rescued by Perseus, married him,
produced numerous children.
In Greek mythology, Perses was the son of Andromeda and Perseus, and taken for Achaemenes
(of the Pasargadae tribe) as the ancestor of the Persians.
"Are ye not as children of the Ethiopians unto me, O children of Israel?
saith the Lord." (Amos 9:7 of the Bible).
The term "Ethiopia" was first used by Ancient Greek writers in reference to the east-central African 
kingdom that they believed to be not only culturally and ethnically linked to ancient "Egypt" (Kemet),
but the source of such civilization as well. Contrary to popular belief, the term was not exclusive to
the landlocked modern country of Ethiopia. According to early Greek writers, Ethiopia was an empire
originally situated between Ta-Seti in Lower Kemet and the confluence of the White and Blue Niles.
Centuries later, however, the name became synonymous with a much larger region that included the
present-day countries of South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Central
African Republic, Chad, etc
All black Africans were known as Ethiopians to the ancient Greeks, as the fifth-century B.C.
historian Herodotus tells us,
Ancient Aethiopia ...The Greek historian Herodotus specifically uses the appellation to
refer to such parts of Sub-Saharan
Africa as were then known within the inhabitable world
 Moreover, when the Hebrew Bible was translated into Greek (c. 200 BC), the Hebrew
appellation "Kush, Kushite" became in Greek
"Aethiopia, Aethiopians", appearing as "Ethiopia, Ethiopians" in the English King James Version.
An I'huan like Moses and Abraham can have naturally straight or wavy hair like a
modern day mulatto or African-American,
although the majority have long curly hair or frizzy bushy wavy hair.
Eskimos, Native Americans and Mongoloid groups usually have hair that is textured but straight.
Native American Indians can have curls without admixture but it is rare.
"family comes from Cherokee ancestry and we all have either straight or wavy hair"
"native americans usually don't have curly hair and that it's not dominant in the southwest"
"I grew up where a large percentage of the people were Lakota and I don't remember
ever seeing one with curly hair."
It is common and dominant for African-Americans or blacks to have curly hair like the
I'huan race pictured in Oahspe.
Oahspe The Lord's Fifth Book: Chapter III:4...the hair of the head of man ...providing testimony...
Natalie McCreesh, an archaeological scientist from the KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology
at the University of Manchester, UK and her colleagues studied hair samples taken from 18
mummies. The oldest is around 3,500 years old ...
The researchers believe that this fat-based hair gel was used by the Egyptians to mould and
hold the hair in position to enhance appearance, since some of the deceased that had been
mummified naturally in the desert also had fats in their hair.
Curly to straight hair below:

A comb is a toothed device used for styling, cleaning and managing hair and scalp.
Combs are among the oldest tools found by archaeologists,[1] having been discovered in
very refined forms from settlements dating back to 5,000 years ago in Persia.[2]
The fashioning of hair can be considered an aspect of personal grooming, fashion,
and cosmetics, although practical, cultural, and popular considerations also influence some
hairstyles.[1] The oldest known depiction of hair braiding dates back about
30,000 years. 
Facial recognition software does not identify or measure hair texture, but the human eye can.

Which race/ethnicities tend to have certain hair textures?.
If I wanted to stereotype hair textures according to race based on my personal observation,
it would go something like this:
Mongoloid (South-East Asians, North-East Indians, Mexico/Latinos): Straight.
South Asians: North India, Pakistan- Straight to wavy, some have curly.
South India, Sri Lanka- Wavy to curly.
Arabs/Middle-East/Persians (excepting those from North Africa): Straight to wavy.
Morocco/Algeria/Libya/Egypt: Curly/frizzy.
Sub-Saharan Africa: Very curly/frizzy.
Caucasian: All textures except very curly/frizzy. Mostly straight.
Above: Abraham and African-American both with straight hair with frizzy ends.
Above left to right: Carl Sagan, Abraham, mulatto-Afro-Asian (Blasian), Mukunda, Abraham, mulatto-blasian.
All have straight hair, but Abraham and the mulatto-blasian have frizzy ends, Sagan (Caucasian) and Mukunda (North India) does not.
Photos above and below both show straight hair, on the left natural frizzy ends,.
Above: The Kurdish (Iranian-Persian-Fertile Crescent) Ahmet Kaya looked very similar to Abraham
except without the copper-color, frizzy hair ends and high curved eye brows. I could not find another
Kurdish male or female who matched as high (66%) to Abraham, whereas I found several
African-Americans or Sub-Saharans both male and female who matched 66% or higher to Abraham,
and they were copper brown in color, with frizzy hair, and high curved eye brows like Abraham (I'huan).
Above Mustapha Farrakhan Jr. (African-American) the highest male facial recognition match to Abraham.
Below Batwa Pygmy of Uganda, Africa had the 2nd highest male facial recognition match to Abraham.

Images above of Brahma (Indian) and Ka'yu-Confucius (Cauc-asian). Both have flat straight non-frizzy hair.
images above on the left top of Mukunda's head (Indian), on the right top of Moses's head.
Mukunda has straight flat hair, Moses has wavy, bushy hair, not so flat.
<---Moses with his bushy wavy frizzy hair.
<--African-American with 86% facial recognition match to Moses.
Above photo: showing short naturally wavy hair of African-American with copper brown skin.
Above highest facial recognition match to Moses or ANY Prophet/Lawgiver in Oahspe, young male of the Horn of Africa.
Images above: on the left Ka'yu-Confucius (Cauc-asian), on the right Moses. Ka'yu has flat straight non frizzy hair.
Moses has bushy wavy hair with some frizzyness. A European person can have hair like Moses, but Moses
was copper-brown-colored, not white, yellow, or pale.

Above illustrative photo of Ashkenazi Jews with white or pale skin color, showing flat straight
non frizzy hair and bushy curly frizzy hair.
"the initial conversions and the modest intermixing over many generations has
had an impact on adaptive characteristics like blood groups, FACIAL CHARACTERISTICS,
and SKIN COLOR, which helps explain why Jews often tend to physically resemble non-jews
in their host communities." - Page 220 of ABRAHAM'S CHILDREN Race, Identity, and the DNA
of the Chosen People 2007 by Jon Entine.
Oahspe Book of Wars Against Jehovih: Chapter XXI:
4. These Shepherd Kings, the Listians, lived in peace, wandering about, making trinkets,
which they oft exchanged with the inhabitants of cities and the agricultural regions.
One-fourth of the people of Pars'ie were Listians, who were well guarded by Jehovih's angels.
9. But the chief part of all the people in Arabin'ya were I'huans, of color and size and figure
like the Parsi'e'ans, being also the offspring of the I'hins and the brown earth-burrowers,
the hoodas, from whom they inherited corporeal greatness, even as from the I'hins
they inherited holiness of spirit.
11. ...And thus it came to pass, Jehovih spake in Craoshivi, saying: The time shall
come when angels and mortals shall know of a truth that the Lord God is a false God
...For I will leave one race of I'huans on the earth, in Guatama, even till the era of kosmon.
And men and angels shall see and understand that man of himself never inventeth
a God in figure of a man born of woman.
["a God in figure of a man born of woman" = Jesus Christ.]
And that only through the inspiration of My enemies, who build kingdoms in hada for
their own glory, hath any people ever fallen from My estate to worship a God in image of man.
Many interpret the one race of I'huans (copper-colored with long curly hair) on the earth,
in Guatama (United States) till the era of kosmon (1848-2048) refers to the North
American Indian (the editor of the green 1882 Oahspe edition wrote the North American Indian in brackets),
but the drawing and description of I'huans in Oahspe fits more the so-called black African-Americans than
the American Indians. The American Indian is less copper colored than the African-American, and the
American Indian has long straight hair (like the East Asian's and European's hair) instead of the curly
hair pictured and described in Oahspe referring to the I'huans. The original race of I'huans in Guatama
(North America) had been replaced by the Ongwee-ghans (Oahspe God's First Book Chapter XXIV)
BEFORE Kosmon. Oahspe The Lord's Third Book: Chapter II:8. "And so it came to pass, as the Lord
had spoken through the I'hin prophets. In three thousand years the large and handsome race, the
Ongwees, transcended the long-armed I'huans, ...race." When the African slaves arrived in North
America 200 years BEFORE Kosmon they were the NEW one race of I'huans in North America, which
later became known as African-American to this day. The difference between an I'huan and a Ghan
is very small percentage and both words can sometimes be used in place of the other one. Someone
who is mostly I'huan could be accurately called an I'huan, and someone who is mostly Ghan can be
accuratley called a Ghan. The prophet Ea-Wah-Tah was a Ongwee-ghan with straight hair. Someone
can also be a I'huan-Ghan mix (close to 50-50, 70-30, or other mixed combinations) which is what
the New Kosmon race is. On average a I'huan is 37.5% Angel DNA but can be as much as 40.6%,
and a Ghan on average is 43.75% Angel DNA, but can be as low as 40.6 %, at least 33.3 % Angel
DNA is required to be fully modern man (Homo sapiens). Having more Angel DNA does not make
one superior, because the I'hin had 50% Angel DNA but was immature, underdeveloped, the angel
DNA has to be BALANCED with the Earth Man DNA to be fully developed. I'hins had more angel
DNA (50%) than I'huans (37.5% - 40.6%), but Abraham and Moses were I'huans that were equal
to or superior to I'hins in spiritual, intellectual, and physical ability.
The I'huan was the first BALANCED race of man, physically tall, strong, swift AND spiritually
and intellectually capable, being a 50-50 cross between the I'hin (underdeveloped physically)
and the Druk (underdeveloped spiritually-intellectually). The average genetic ratio of the I'huans
was 62.5% Asu DNA to 37.5% Angel DNA, which is 62.5/37.5 = 1.6 the same ratio as the two
fibonacci numbers 5/3 or the Golden ratio or Golden mean, the living mathematical
Fibonacci ratio found throughout nature.
62% Asu / 38% Sethantes angel hosts (who had died in infancy or fetal on other planets) =
<--African-American I'huan (facial match 62% to Abram & Moses).
1.63 Golden Ratio or 13/8 or 8/5 Fibonacci ratio found in the Human I'huan race (Homo sapiens),
DNA strands, nautilus shells, flower petals, leaf arrangement in plants, ram's horns, hurricanes,
and spiral galaxy arms.
<---Golden Fibonacci ratio in nature
Above golden-ratio-equation, where a = Asu, b = Angelic
Ratio of a/b = asu/angelic = 1.6+ = I'huan race = golden ratio
61.81% / 38.19% = 1.6184 = Golden ratio.
37.5/38.19 = 98.19% I'huan, 61.81/62.5 = 98.896% I'huan.
A "pure" blood I'huan like Abraham and Moses = 95% to 100% I'huan race.

African-Americans full-fill the destiny of Ham and the Israelites to migrate westward to America,
The American Indians (Guatama's) destiny was to migrate eastward across North-America.
Ham = Africans
Guatama = American Indians
Oahspe The Lord's Fifth Book: Chapter III:
3. To Ham I allotted the foundation of the migratory tribes of the earth. And of the tribes
of Ham, behold, I selected many colors of men; whereof I fore-ordained the name Ham
to stand as a living testimony to the end of the world. For I foresaw that the time would
come when the nations would look back for histories of my peoples, and I erected certain
words and signs which should be testimony in the later times of earth.   
13. The Lord said: Having designed Ham for teaching the barbarian world of me
and my dominion, ....
12. The tribes of Ham were previously ordained with characteristics to make them
love to emigrate westward;
And the tribes of Guatama with characteristics to make them love to go eastward.
13. The Lord said: Having designed Ham for teaching the barbarian world of me
and my dominion,
Oahspe Book of Wars Against Jehovih: Chapter XXI:
11. The time shall come when angels and mortals shall know of a truth that the
Lord God [of the Bible] is a false God ....
For I will leave one race of I'huans on the earth, in Guatama, even till the era of kosmon
(to teach the world of Jehovih, the Great Spirit, Oahspe plays a role).
"designed Ham for teaching the barbarian world of me and my dominion". barbarian world
= the non-faithists, the UZians or world's people.
Jehovih designed Ham for teaching "man of himself never inventeth a God in figure of a
man born of woman. And that only through the inspiration of My enemies, who build
kingdoms in hada for their own glory, hath any people ever fallen from My estate to
worship a God in image of man."
12. Not like lambs are the Ghans, but lions untamed, born conquerers, with seed to
learn and reason toward all things, faith in mastery, but not faith in Jehovih. As a man
having two sons, the one low-strung and passionless, the other in ceaseless mischief
and desire for havoc, because of the fullness within, so stand the twain, the I'hins and
the Ghans, on the earth. And when they die, and enter heaven, the first, the I'hins, go
like lambs, as they are directed; but the second, the Ghans, still full of inherent
stubbornness and self-will, unheed the God and Lords, and mock at them. Back to
the earth these well-formed and stately souls come, and set up heavenly kingdoms
of their own, in darkness, and fain pursue with most relentless zeal their former enemies.
The I'hins were like a preschooler 3-5 years old, and a Ghan is like a stubborn
rebellious adolescent age 13 through 19 (because of the fullness, near full grown).
The I'hins = meekness and goodness (lambs), dependent on su'is and angels (like a child).
The Ghans = strength of self, conquerers (lions) independent and self-reliance
(like an adolescent gone astray "because of the fullness within" according to Oahspe).
In some cases the I'huans were like the I'hins, and in some cases the I'huans were
like the Ghans (depending on which they were in contact with the most). Kosmon race =
the combination of meekness, goodness and strength of self (a lamb and a lion).
It was the Ghans who who built kingdoms in hada for their own glory, and taught man to
worship a God in the image of man.
The “lion and the lamb shall lay down together” is often cited a prophecy speaking of a literal utopia on
earth to come – a Golden Age – referred to as ‘The Millennium’.
This yet-to-come Golden Age (“The Millennium”) is spoken of as “Paradise Restored”
an age of Paradise on earth.
The prophets described this era with the expression, “the lion and the lamb shall lay down together…”
The closest we can get to it Isaiah 11:6.
¶ The wolf shall dwell with the lamb,
and the leopard shall lie down with the young goat,
and the calf and the lion and the fattened calf together;
and a little child shall lead them.

This is in reference to a future time of the Kosmon cycle or Aquarian Golden Age and the
Kosmon amalgamated race of Oahspe, the 7th Era at hand.
The tribes of Ham (race of I'huans) were previously ordained to migrate to
America and teach the barbarian world about the Creator.
As long as man goes to war, kills, eats flesh, and has faith in his guns and
weapons above Jehovih, he is not civilised but barbaric.
Oahspe God's First Book: Chapter XXVII:
42. From far over the water will I bring their kindred (Jews), who worship none born of
woman; a wise speaking people. A people that war not; who kill not off weaker nations.
I will come in the Mohawk (Tenonachi), and the Mohegan (Hoochiquis); My hand shall
reach around the earth in that day. I will chase away all Gods and Saviors born of woman.
Only the Great Spirit shall all men worship.
From far over the water will I bring their kindred (Jews) =
the brown copper colored Hebrew Israelites.
The mohawk (also referred to as a mohican) is a hairstyle in which, in the most common variety, both sides
of the head are shaven, leaving a strip of noticeably longer hair in the center. The mohawk is also sometimes
referred to as an iro in reference to the Iroquois, from whom the hairstyle is derived - though historically
the hair was plucked out rather than shaved. Additionally, hairstyles bearing these names more closely
resemble those worn by the Pawnee, rather than the Mohawk, Mohican/Mahican, Mohegan,
or other phonetically similar tribes. 
This style, originally the traditional haircut for warriors of the African Mandinka tribe, was popularized by actor
Mr. T. It has had a resurgence after singer Usher wore a frohawk on the cover of his album Looking 4 Myself.
Mr. T is known for his distinctive African Mandinka warrior hairstyle,[4] 
The Mandinka people live primarily in West Africa, particularly in the Gambia and the Guinea where they are
the largest ethnic group.[9] Major populations of the Mandinka people also live in Mali,Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, 
Igbo Tribe of Nigeria
"Odinani, the traditional religion/philosophy of the Igbo people of Nigeria, is a theocentric
belief system with the Supreme Being, Chi ukwu or Chukwu “God of Creation” at it's head.
In Igbo language God may also be called Chineke “God who Creates” or “God and the Creator”
(expressing a dual deity), depending on perspective.
The Igbo believe that Chukwu/Chineke is the infinitely powerful, indefinable supreme deity,
represented by the sun (the eye of light) from which all other aspects of our existence spring.
Unlike God in Euro-Christianity, but similar to Islam and Judaism; Chineke/Chukwu is not
humanized by the Igbo. Chukwu/Chineke is the creator of the world and everything good in
it as well as the evil forces that intrude into our lives. It is believed that all of this has been
done for definite reasons and to coexist in harmony and evolve.
Though Chukwu/Chineke has no known physical form, it is believed to indirectly impact
the affairs of the human world."

The Israelite [copper-colored] stock was required in the eventual colonization of North America via Europe
[from Africa-Ham], so that their spiritual I'hin descent and uncompromising monotheism -- despite its
inevitable contamination by the doctrines of the false and warrior Gods--might be as a leaven in the coming
day of Kosmon. - page 206 of DARKNESS, DAWN, AND DESTINY (DRAWN FROM OAHSPE) 1965 by Augustine Cahill.
As Africans were exposed to stories from the Bible, they began to see parallels to their own experiences.
The story of the exile of the Jews and their captivity in Babylon, resonated with their own captivity..[9]


Destiny of the Kosmon Amalgamated race and African-Americans, black Africans, mulattoes, Afro-Arabs, and
Afro-Latin-Americans with significant Sub-Saharan ancestry from Oahspe:
designed Ham for teaching the barbarian world of me
It was the destiny of Ham to teach the barbarians civilization and spirituality.
the I'huans and ...the Parsi'e'ans ...were all of the same blood and kin,
being half-breeds betwixt the I'hins and the native druks.
mostly of the color of new copper
SHEPHERD KINGS ...out of the seed of these people, will I do mighty wonders
through their seed, the hair of the head of man ...providing testimony of my word
men and women should have hair neither straight nor short, but long and curled ...
fore-ordained the name Ham to stand as a living testimony to the end of the world.
Listians (Shepherd Kings) of Persia = long coarse curly hair (like I'huan image).
chief part of all the people in Arabin'ya were I'huans, of color and size and figure like the Parsi'e'ans.
Arabin'ya = Arabian Peninsula, the Fertile Crescent and Africa including West and Sub-Saharan Africa.
I will leave one race of I'huans on the earth, in Guatama, even till the era of kosmon.
one race of I'huans = copper-colored and capable of growing long curly hair.
leave one race of I'huans on the earth, in Guatama = from 1619 A.D. millions of enslaved people
were transported from western Africa to the Americas and left here.
<---copper-colored I'huan Yoruba slaves from Nigeria, during the transatlantic slave trade.
even till the era of kosmon = from 1619 A.D.  to 1848 A.D. to present.
designed Ham for teaching the barbarian world
From far over the water will I bring their kindred (Jews) = From Ham (Africa) the copper colored Hebrew Israelites.
Oahspe - Book of Divinity: Chapter XIV:
1. JEHOVIH said:..My Voice is upon the races of men. To-day I say: Preserve ye the caste of men;
...To-morrow I say: I will have no caste,
I will come in the Mohawk and the Mohegan = mohawk (also referred to as a mohican) hairstyle = Mandinka warrior hairstyle.
Mandinka = people live primarily in West Africa = in Mali,Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Burkina Faso,
Liberia, Guinea-Bissau, Niger and Mauritania.
I will come in the Mohawk and the Mohegan = IGBO MOHAWK HAIRSTYLE = Igbo Tribe of Nigeria
From far over the water will I bring their kindred (Jews) = Nigeria's Igbo Jews
I'HUAN. Half-breed between I'hins and druks. The copper-colored race.
Color of Copper = darkening shades of red to brown to a deep chocolate brown color.
the Israelites, ...work for them, to travel westward, and establish ,,,the All One...they came westward,
and fulfilled My commandments.
The tribes of Ham were previously ordained with characteristics to make them love to emigrate westward;
designed Ham for teaching the barbarian world of me and my dominion,

The time shall come when angels and mortals shall know of a truth that the Lord God [of the Bible]
is a false God ..
Lord God [of the Bible] = Looeamong the false Christ
designed Ham for teaching the barbarian world = teaching that the Lord God [of the Bible]
is a false God.
Destiny of European whites from Oahspe:
after the fall of the great empire, Egupt, her people migrated westward = Moses
departed Egypt with the Israelites
her people migrated westward = when the Israelite Faithists left Egypt at 1549 BCE
her people migrated westward, hundreds of thousands of them, and they settled
in western Uropa
they settled in western Uropa, where these people married with the aborigines.
the aborigines of western Uropa = white blond I'hins
Their offspring were called Druids, Picts, Gales (Gaelic), Wales (Welsh), Galls
(Gauls), and Yohans (Johns).
the Faithists ...came amongst the people above mentioned.
(The apostate Faithists married with themand their offspring were the forefathers of
those now called, French, German, Russian and English.) French, German, Russian
and English ...they shall ultimately become believers in Jehovih only.
the Faithists ...migrated westward,...they settled in western Uropa
appropriate them as seed to quicken all the races of men to comprehend the All One.
seed to quicken all the races of men = copper colored Hebrew Israelites
and white Europeans mixed.
quicken all the races of men = all the races of man will be mixed with
African-Americans and white Europeans.
seed to quicken all the races of men = establishing ancient genetic line of light
in all the races of man
suffered them to become scattered = around the world
"in that day the Ghans will have triumphed over all the lands and waters of the earth."

Map of the world in 1822, Colonisation_1822, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_wave_of_European_colonization

"Not like lambs are the Ghans, but lions untamed, born conquerers, with seed to
learn and reason toward all things, faith in mastery, but not faith in Jehovih."
they shall ultimately become believers in Jehovih only.
Oahspe First Book of God 8:7: Abram was of pure blood, an I'huan; and the light
of su-is had been with his forefathers and foremothers since the flood.
Faces of Tae, you can see the ancient faces of Tae in modern people:
Abraham (SHEM+HAM) facial recognition matches:
Abraham and Khandi Alexander facial recognition match 78% (extremely high for pictriev).
Abraham and Khandi Alexander 4 facial recogniton match 78%
(extremely high for pictriev).
Abraham and Mustapha Farrakhan Jr. 2 facial recognition match 75% (extremely high):

Abraham and Rae Dawn Chong facial recognition match 75% (extremely high for pictriev).


Abraham and Khandi Alexander 2
facial recognition match 72% (extremely high for pictriev).

Below Betaface results of highest female (Khandi Alexander) match to Abraham,

white and black results = mulatto:, asian result = mixed:

Abraham and Rae Dawn Chong 2 facial recognition match 72% (extremely high for pictriev).
Remy Ma (Black) and Abraham facial recognition match 72% (extremly high):
Batwa Pygmy of Uganda facial recognition match to Abraham 72% (extremly high):


Abraham and Mustapha Farrakhan Jr facial recognition match 69% (very high for pictriev).


Abraham and Eckhart Tolle (German) facial recognition match 69% (very high for pictriev).


An anomaly (3 other photos of Eckhart Tolle matched below 60% to Abraham).


Abraham and Mustapha Farrakhan Jr. facial recognition match 66% (very high):
Abraham and Usher facial recognition match 66% (very high
for pictriev).
Abraham and Mulatto guy facial recognition match 66% (very high for pictriev).

Abraham and Alice Walker 2 facial recognition match 66% (very high for pictriev).


Abraham and Alice Walker 
facial recognition match 66% (very high for pictriev).


Abraham and Rugged man Nigeria facial recognition match 66% (very high for pictriev).

Abraham and Rugged Man 2 Nigerian Rapper facial recognition match 66% (very high for pictriev).

Abraham and and Edward Zwick 66%, facial recognition match 66% (very high for pictriev).

What is director Edward Zwick's race? | Yahoo Answers

Jul 12, 2008 - I know he's jewish, but does he have African ancestry?

Abraham and Ahmet Kaya 4 facial recognition match 66% (very high for pictriev).

Abraham and Claudia Jordan facial recognition match 66% (very high for pictriev).

Abraham and African-American man facial recognition match 66% (very high for pictriev).
Abraham and Ludacris rapper facial recognition match 66% (very high for pictriev).
Abraham and Nichelle Nichols facial recognition match 66% (very high for pictriev).
Abraham and Black Egyptian Mostafa Hefny 3 facial recognition match 66% (very high).

Abraham and African Haya girl of Tanzania facial recognition match 66% (very high).

Abraham and Ghana man facial recognition match 62% (very high for pictriev).

Abraham and Teddy Pendergrass facial recognition match 62% (very high for pictriev).

Abraham and Tilda Swinton facial recognition 62% (very high for pictriev).
Below Betaface results of the highest European American male and European female
matches to Abraham shows Error processing image, not able to classify race
because of unusual facial features:
Both Eckhart Tolle and Tilda Swinton matches to Abraham (69% to 62%) are anomalies.

Abraham and Diana Ross
facial recognition 62% (very high for pictriev).
Abraham and Pope Francis (Spanish and Italian) young man
facial recognition 62% (very high for pictriev).
Abraham and Tyler James Williams facial recognition match 62% (very high for pictriev).
Abraham and Brooke Burke Charvet facial recognition match 62%
(very high for pictriev).
Abraham and Serena Williams facial recognition match 62% (
very high for pictriev).
Abraham and Rapper Chingy facial recognition match 59% (high for pictriev).
Abraham and Mark R Hannah facial recognition match 59% (high for pictriev).
Abraham and Obrafour Ghana musician facial recognition match 59% (high for pictriev).
Abraham and Ahmet Kaya 2 
facial recognition match 59% (high for pictriev).
Abraham and AD 2000 Black facial recognition match 59%
(high for pictriev).

Abraham and Ananda Lewis facial recognition match 59% (high for pictriev).

Abraham and Sebastien Chabal (French) facial recognition match 59%
(high for pictriev).
Abraham and Juliana Paes
facial recognition match 59% (high for pictriev).
Abraham and Lemba Mordreck Maerese facial recognition match 59% (high for pictriev).
Abraham and Eckhart Tolle 4 facial recgnition match 59% (high).
Abraham and Michael James facial recognition match 55% (high for pictriev).
Abraham and Michael James 4
 facial recognition match 55% (high for pictriev).
Abraham and Haile Selassie 2 facial recognition match 55% (high for pictriev).


Abraham and Oprah Winfrey facial recognition match 55% (high for pictriev).

Abraham and Will Rogers 55% 
(high for pictriev).

Abraham and Tilda Swinton 2 facial recognition 55% (high for pictriev).

Abraham and Terrance Howard facial recognition 55% 
(high for pictriev).


Abraham and Mali man facial recognition match 55% (high for pictriev).

Abraham and Rosario Dawson
facial recognition match 55% (high).

Abraham and Haile Selassie I facial recognition match 52% (high for pictriev).

Abraham and Lil Wayne 
facial recognition match 52% (high for pictriev).
Abraham and South Africa Artist 
facial recognition match 52% (high for pictriev).
Abraham and MLK facial recognition match 52% 
(high for pictriev).
Abraham and French man facial recognition match 52%
(high for pictriev).
Abraham and Busta Rhymes
facial recognition match 52% (high for pictriev).
Abraham and Eddie Murphy facial recognition match 52% (high for pictriev).
Abraham and Katherine Johnson (African-American)
facial recognition match 52% (high for pictriev).
Abraham and Jon Hamm (German, English, Irish) facial recognition match 52%
Abraham and Konnie Huq (Bangladeshi South Asia parents) facial recognition match 49%
Abraham and Maryam Mirzakhani (Iranian-American) facial recognition match 49%
Abraham and Candy Carroll
facial recognition match 49%
Abraham and Eckhart Tolle 3 (German) facial recognition match 49%.
Abraham and Selah Shalom 4 facial recognition match 45%
Abraham and Bahá'u'lláh, the founder of the Bahá'í Faith facial recognition match 45%
Abraham and Mukunda facial recognition match 45%

Abraham and Morocco woman facial recognition match 45%
Abraham and Prince Louis Victor de Broglie facial recognition match 45%
Abraham and Selah Shalom facial recognition match 42%
Abraham and modern Persian middle eastern man facial recognition match 42%
Abraham and Moroccan man 
facial recognition match 42%
Abraham and Pashtun Asian man 
facial recognition match 42%
Abraham and AD 2000 Caucasian facial recognition match  42%
Abraham and Eckhart Tolle 2 (German) facial recognition match 42%.


Abraham and Morocco man facial recognition match 39%
Abraham and AD 2000 Asian (East) facial recognition 39%
Abraham and Saudi Mohammed al Arefe facial recognition match 36%
Abraham and Steven Watson Anglo-Scottish facial recognition match 36%
Abraham and Steven Spielberg 
facial recognition match 35%
Abraham and Saudi mufti Muhammad Al Arefi 
facial recognition match 33%

Abraham and Hasidic Jewish man facial recognition match 33%

Abraham and Vernon Wobschall facial recogniton match 33%
Abraham and Glenn Kendell facial recognition match 33%

Abraham and Susan Martinez recognition match 33%
Abraham and Chinese average man facial recognition match 30%
Abraham and Albert Einstein facial recognition match 30%
Abraham and Walter Russell facial recognition match 27%
Abraham and Bob Dylan facial recognition match 27%
Abraham and Barack Obama facial recognition match 25%
Abraham and Christian Bale facial recognition match 25%
Abraham and average lebanese man 
facial recognition match 25%
Abraham and Nordic man facial recognition match 22%
Abraham and Rodney Denk facial recognition match 20%
Abraham and Abdu’l-Bahá 
eldest son of Bahá'u'lláh (founder of Bahá'í Faith) facial recognition match 16%
Abraham and James McAvoy Scottish man 
facial recognition match 16%
Abraham and Ewan Morrison Scottish author 
facial recognition match 15%
Rabbi Matthew organized a Hebrew congregation in 1918 and proclaimed that the black people of the
United States and the West indies are the original black Hebrews. - page 133 of

Abrahamic religions, emphasizing and tracing their common origin to the tribal patriarch Abraham[1] 

or recognizing a spiritual tradition identified with him, are one of the major divisions in 

comparative religion, along with Indian,[2] Iranian, and East Asian religions.[2] JudaismChristianity 

and Islam are the largest Abrahamic religions.[3][4][5]

The largest Abrahamic religions in chronological order of founding are Judaism

(late second millennium BCE),[6] Christianity (first century CE) and Islam (seventh century CE).

Abrahamic religions with fewer adherents include Rastafari,[7] Samaritanism (sometimes classified

as a branch of Judaism),[8] the Druze faith (often classified as a branch of Isma'ili Shi'i Islam),[9] 

Bábism,[10]and the Bahá'í Faith.[11]

As of 2005, it was estimated that 54% (3.6 billion people) of the world's population considered

themselves adherents of an Abrahamic religion, about 32% adherents of other religions, and 16%

adherents of no organized religion. Christianity is the largest Abrahamic faith, with 33% of the world's

population, Islam is second with 21%, and Judaism has 0.2%.[12][13]


OAHSPE: The Lords' First Book Ch. 1:
46. And Jehovih blew His breath upon the ships of His sons and daughters; blew them about upon
the ocean; blew them to the east and west and north and south.
47. By the will of God were the ships congregated into four fleets; thirty-four ships into each fleet,
save two ships which were carried in a fleet to themselves.
48. The Lord said: I will name the fleets of my chosen, and their names shall be everlasting on the
earth. And the Lord named them GUATAMA, SHEM, JAFFETH, HAM, and YISTA.
59. The fleet named SHEM landed to the south, and the country was called Shem for thousands
of years afterward, and is the same as is called Vindyu (India) to this day.
60. The fleet named HAM landed south west, and the country was called the land of Ham for
thousands of years, and is the same as is called Egypt and Africa to this day.
Sub-Saharan Africa Map:

2 fleets (Shem and Ham) of I'hins from the sunken continent of Pan arrive at India and

Sub-Sahara Africa 24,000 years before Kosmon: 

Fleets of Ihins Shem Ham India Sub Sahara Africa 

The I'hins were the sons of Seth (the God Seth-antes). Enoch = the sons of Seth,

the I'hins (born from the hosts of Seth-antes).
In the Bible the sons of Seth, the godly line survived the flood because of their

enhanced hippocampus (C;C) DNA.

There was/is a genetic line of light from the I'hins who survived the flood who landed

in Sub-Sahara East Africa to present-day African-Americans.

Jehovih and the Loo'is established several genetic lines of light around the world that

extended from the differents fleets of I'hins who survived the flood.

SHEM genetic line of light = Indo-European. 

HAM genetic line of light = African (Sub-Sahara).  

GUATAMA genetic line of light = Central American (Native American) to

North and South America.

JAFFETH genetic line of light  = China and East Asia

YISTA genetic line of light = Japan and Pacific Islands 

Genetic lines of light are written in the face.

In Oahspe Ham is not cursed, but blessed. Testimony from the Bible

and Thomas Paine:

The Bible: 1 Chronicles 4:40:
English Standard Version
"where they found rich, good pasture, and the land was very broad, quiet, and peaceful,
for the former inhabitants there belonged to Ham."
Thomas Paine on African Slavery in America (written in 1774 and published March 8, 1775):
"The Managers the Trade themselves, and others testify, that many of these African nations
inhabit fertile countries, are industrious farmers, enjoy plenty, and lived quietly, averse to war,
before the Europeans debauched them with liquors, and bribing them against one another;
and that these inoffensive people are brought into slavery,"


Portrait (in the sacred Oahspe) of the Prophet Capilya by John Ballou Newbrough:
a lawgiver of India, living three thousand four hundred years before Kosmon [1553 BCE]
in the cycle of Lika. He was to India very similar to what Moses was to the ancient Jews.
Capilya (SHEM) facial recognition matches:
Haile Salassie 10 81%,http://postimg.org/image/qqtzv7vwt/
Sabastien Chabal 9 81%, http://postimg.org/image/td02zc1gn/
Mustapha Farrakhan Sr 72%, http://postimg.org/image/o5yqt3ojr/
Black Egyptian Mostafa Hefny 69%, http://postimg.org/image/u9vai99kz/
James Blake (Tennis Star) 69%, http://postimg.org/image/rzsf62s5f/
Yo-AHD-Ben-Yahudah 62%, http://postimg.org/image/l3lgikstz/

Kenan İmirzalıoğlu 59%, http://postimg.org/image/6rzp6bdtj/

Jan Ernst Matzeliger 59%, http://postimg.org/image/n2z4krh3f/
Steven Spielberg 2 (young) 59%, http://postimg.org/image/6b5kpew7l/
Anand Taneja South Asian man 59%, http://postimg.org/image/ih17jjgrr/
George Washington Carver 55%, http://postimg.org/image/xyhwp5as7/
Luke Somers British born US journalist 55%, http://postimg.org/image/szxm88yrb/
Chike Obi Nigerian 55%, http://postimg.org/image/w8yt4dbwn/
Satyendra Nath Bose 52%, http://postimg.org/image/swgobvpaj/
Craig Melvin African American 52%, http://postimg.org/image/gyflnkp9d/
Obrafour Ghana musician 52%, http://postimg.org/image/6yijtvgrb/
Dalai Lama (Tibetan) 45%, https://postimg.org/image/cl3jl0lvd/
Susan Martinez 39%, http://postimg.org/image/bwz2iiflj/
Christian Bale 39%, http://postimg.org/image/qne36cptn/
Saoshyant_her_holiness_Alexandra 36%, http://postimg.org/image/kkk9bo8o5/
Ghana man  35%, http://postimg.org/image/xksxqpscb/
Vernon Wobschal 22%, http://postimg.org/image/p9zgi3ad7/
Abdu’l-Bahá 20%, http://postimg.org/image/5bxf8h6bf/
Chinese average man 13%, http://postimg.org/image/3pbfev4u3/
BRAHMA, an East Indian lawgiver, cotemporaneous with Po and Abram. He was a large man
of great strength, and ranked the highest spiritually of all mortals. He re-established the
Oahspe Book of Cpenta-Armij, Daughter of Jehovih: Chapter IV:
11. ...In Vind'yu [India] I have raised up a man named Brahma, an I'huan of the I'hin side,
of grade ninety-nine
Vind'yu = central Indian Vindhya mountain range that almost bisects the country into two equal parts.
Brahma (SHEM) facial recognition matches:
Brahma and Denzel Washington 81%, http://postimg.org/image/yvl8o6nnl/
Brahma and Kapil Dev 81%, http://postimg.org/image/aic3wdgdt/
Brahma and Pusha T 81%, http://postimg.org/image/ah56vvhkj/
Brahma and Pusha T 2 81%, http://postimg.org/image/dpr18kw1j/
Brahma and Denzel Washington 2 75%,  http://postimg.org/image/kg6gymug1/
Brahma and Albert Einstein 2 72%, http://postimg.org/image/uhooas05n/ 
Brahma and Albert Einstein 69%, http://postimg.org/image/96fmq5qkr/
Brahma and Satyendra Nath Bose 69%, http://postimg.org/image/5uukpn2dn/
Brahma and Enrico Fermi 69%, http://postimg.org/image/nu6olyz2v/
Brahma and Sean Parker 69%, http://postimg.org/image/5ynx5ej9j/
Brahma and George Gabriel Stokes 69%, http://postimg.org/image/augukkbep/
Brahma and young Kurdish woman 69%, http://postimg.org/image/asq1zct3r/
Brahma and Tony Hawk 69%, http://postimg.org/image/4aofzk0qh/
Brahma and Laurent Fignon 69%, http://postimg.org/image/3jvcf41y7/
Brahma and Egyptian Wael Abbas 69%, http://postimg.org/image/tj6dm9085/
Brahma and Michael James 3 66%, http://postimg.org/image/4brldxdwh/
Brahma and Granville T Woods 66%, http://postimg.org/image/b24196dzf/
Brahma and Georges Sagnac 66%, http://postimg.org/image/z8zfzep1d/
Brahma and Bobby Jindal South Asian Indian 66%, http://postimg.org/image/f1939zjjb/
Brahma and Bobby Jindal 2 66%, http://postimg.org/image/5uh6z8i6v/
Brahma and Selah Shalom 5 62%, http://postimg.org/image/eb08q4qnt/
Brahma and Srinivasa Ramanujan 62%, http://postimg.org/image/fxddnogs1/ 
Brahma and Edwin Hubble 62%, http://postimg.org/image/o0mhl9hv5/
Brahma and Carl Sagan 62%, http://postimg.org/image/y0vmpre7l/
Brahma and Steve Jobs 62%, http://postimg.org/image/g7x7feqpd/
Brahma and Nikola Tesla 62%, http://postimg.org/image/iqtxuqzwr/
Brahma and George Robert Carruthers 62%, http://postimg.org/image/silmqycsr/
Brahma and Gabriel Oyibo Nigerian 62%, http://postimg.org/image/q30he0qnr/
Brahma and David Hilbert 62%, http://postimg.org/image/nk6lzpnbr/
Brahma and Ryan Gosling 62%, http://postimg.org/image/4lhgoj6pj/
Brahma and Rabindranath Tagore 62%, http://postimg.org/image/7ol7xo0cn/
Brahma and Teddy Pendergrass 2 62%, http://postimg.org/image/9ktgeaxf5/
Brahma and Teddy Pendergrass 59%, http://postimg.org/image/7626u27qp/
Brahma and Nordic man ** 59%, http://postimg.org/image/fkz9rxn3v/
Brahma and Selah Shalom 2 59%, http://postimg.org/image/k11mj1msr/ 
Brahma and Mukunda 59%, http://postimg.org/image/c1tgdmeh7/
Brahma and Bangladesh Cricket player 59%, http://postimg.org/image/e5wx6y28h/ 
Brahma and Obrafour Ghana musician 59%, http://postimg.org/image/6hn18c74n/
Brahma and Rodney Denk 59%, http://postimg.org/image/5kl7ctngn/
Brahma and Will Rogers 59%, http://postimg.org/image/o25cf7s7b/
Brahma and Opeyemi Enoch Nigerian 59%, https://postimg.org/image/4ppt96ilt/
Brahma and Selah Shalom 55%, http://postimg.org/image/oput6uwqj/
Brahma and Haile Selassie 2 55%, http://postimg.org/image/wckmsu0tn/
Brahma and Ed Bradley 55%, http://postimg.org/image/aau494d01/
Brahma and Lil Wayne 55%, http://postimg.org/image/52c9yqgdt/
Brahma and Bill Gates 55%, http://postimg.org/image/41j72g2cn/
Brahma and Bertrand Russell 1907 55%, http://postimg.org/image/biixofdyp/
Brahma and Martin Hairer 55%, http://postimg.org/image/4c65h0pfr/
Brahma and Kurdish old man 55%, http://postimg.org/image/vf4nq4mx3/
Brahma and Cro-Magnon Man 52%, http://postimg.org/image/js6whsp2j/ 
Brahma and Lloyd Albert Quarterman 52%, http://postimg.org/image/4grrssf2j/
Brahma and Michael James 52%, http://postimg.org/image/y7fefjzgb/
Brahma and Hasidic Jewish man 52%, http://postimg.org/image/kk7jpdm4b/
Brahma and Thomas Edison 52%, http://postimg.org/image/u4eefukyp/
Brahma and Alice Walker 2 52%, http://postimg.org/image/fg4u39f3b/
Brahma and Chike Obi Nigerian 52%, http://postimg.org/image/dp6s8lddt/
Brahma and Andrew Wiles 52%, http://postimg.org/image/xh0q6wxgx/
Brahma and Leonid Kaganov 52%, http://postimg.org/image/atxbkln1d/

Brahma and Walter Russell 49%, http://postimg.org/image/4fdu3noaj/
Brahma and Rapper Chingy 49%, http://postimg.org/image/y7y5iq917/
Brahma and Christian Bale 49%, http://postimg.org/image/m7f06vebf/
Brahma and William James Sidis 49%, http://postimg.org/image/h3fg5wkbr/
Brahma and Peter Vowels 49%, http://postimg.org/image/6e69zajon/
Brahma and Flamboyant Interovert 49%, http://postimg.org/image/4yxlabbmf/
Brahma and Candy Caroll 49%, http://postimg.org/image/zeyfam5jh/
Brahma and Konnie Huq 45%, http://postimg.org/image/vujr4zalt/
Brahma and Haile Selassie 45%, http://postimg.org/image/45a6oah69/
Brahma and Steven Spielberg 42%, http://postimg.org/image/dj05uos4n/
Brahma and Glenn Kendell 39%, http://postimg.org/image/cjkcjf7g1/
Brahma and Barack Obama 39%, http://postimg.org/image/4fxvct1m9/
Brahma and Ghana man 39%, http://postimg.org/image/627gnbdrl/
Brahma and Vernon Wobchal 36%, http://postimg.org/image/yhevprx4b/
Brahma and Bahá'u'lláh 35%, http://postimg.org/image/mit5aygkr/
Brahma and Modern Persian middle east man 30%, http://postimg.org/image/99zjae63v/  
Brahma and Abdu’l-Bahá 30%, http://postimg.org/image/o4zguymuv/
Brahma and Ahmet Kaya 2 30%, http://postimg.org/image/igpb7bakn/
Brahma and Ahmet Kaya 4 30%, http://postimg.org/image/ck120pdrl/

Brahma and Mulatto Guy 27%, http://postimg.org/image/t40wdegvr/
Brahma and John Paul Jackson 25%, http://postimg.org/image/dqf94j11n/
Brahma and AD 2000 Asian (East) 25%, http://postimg.org/image/jpfnb9aep/
Brahma and Chinese average man 22%, http://postimg.org/image/8agmd2e01/
Brahma and AD 2000 Caucasian 22%, http://postimg.org/image/u83j77rhd/
Brahma and AD 2000 Black 20%, http://postimg.org/image/z7gd0m52v/
Brahma and Susan Martinez 2 18%, http://postimg.org/image/l5fn6qjm9/
Mississippi Masala
Denzel Washington and British Indian Sarita Choudhury in the 1991 movie Mississippi Masala.
Albert Einstein and Rabindranath Tagore July 14, 1930.
As a black American actor who is so popular to Hollywood fans, Denzel Washington also gave
the experts of cranialfacial anthropometry some discovery. Cranialfacial anthropometry is a method
used for measuring the features of a human skull. Weird huh? But yes, people who study the
symmetry of the bones of the skull can actually determine which is attractive or not, or from which
race does a skull belongs to. So when experts studied Denzel Washington’s face, they’ve found
out that it is the most proportioned face that they’ve ever studied.
I’ve read about this from Reader’s Digest a few years ago and I just can’t find the magazine
anymore. I want to rephrase what has been said there–it has the measurement and all–but the
magazine was gone in the winds of time; hehe.
What I can only remember from the article is that the experts practically measured the distances
of Denzel Washington’s eyes from the nose bridge, the chin to the cheekbones, the forehead to
the lips. What they’ve discovered was that all the measurements are symmetrical.
According to Oahspe Brahma was the closest to perfection (grade 99 out of 100%) of any mortal,
and according to biometric facial recognition software Denzel Washington (and Kapil Dev, and Pusha T)
is the closest match to Brahma (81%), and according to anthropometrists the measurements of
Denzel Washington’s face is symmetrical (almost 100% symmetrical).

Denzel Washington, ...was found to have an almost perfectly symmetrical face.
noun: anthropometry
the scientific study of the measurements and proportions of the human body.
OAHSPE: Book of Apollo CHAPTER I:
3. For the Great Spirit is all Harmony and Perfection,
7. as a portrait of a man showeth his looks even after his corporeal body hath perished; and yet,
the picture is but a representative. To the spirit, a corporeal body is but a representative, being
a manifested production of a spirit.
9. Hear me, O man of earth, and ye angels of heaven: I proclaim harmony, symmetry and music. ...
and by hard toil a fashioner of the flesh mold of man and woman.
6. ...and the images were given a name signifying Harmony, Symmetry and Music (Apollo). And the
names varied in many countries, because of the languages of the people; but the significance was
that these three entities [Harmony, Symmetry and Music] comprised the All Light, the Creator, Jehovih!

Brahma and my grandmother (above right) on mother's side (she was a su'is, and that ability was passed to my mother):

Su'is, Suis. Clairaudience and clairvoyance.
CLAIR SENSES. This collective word phrase includes any or all types of psychic sensitivity corresponding
to the senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting, touching. Clair Senses in psychic terms are
translated: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairscent, clairtangency, and clairgustance.
Maternal lineage: My Grandmother had the 2nd highest modern female facial recognition
match to Brahma. Her daughter (my mother) had the second highest modern female
facial recognition score (3% lower than the 81% highest) to Moses.
Very similar to my mother  = Pam Grier matched extremely high to Moses and had a parent that matched very high to Brahma:
Pam Grier facial recognition match to Moses 81%:
Pam Grier's father and Brahma facial recognition 62%:

Pam Grier is African American, Cheyenne Native American, and European descent.
Pam Grier is of the Kosmon almalgamated race:
The Soft Side of Pam Grier
The iconic actress talks about her spiritual life and new TV movie, you dig?
the new film allows Grier to play a more spiritual character, which the actress can really identify with.
This new spiritual role is not a far cry from Grier's real life. She says she's been spiritual from a very young age.
"You have to be spiritual. Because if you're not, you cannot embrace your womanhood and you can't
embrace the universe," said Grier.
"If you love yourself as a woman, you'll love the world. And you're able to be open to others and other
religions and dogmas and churches and people. You hear them differently when you're spiritual—you're not
passing judgment. You're listening on a different level. You're hearing how they speak, how they move, how they eat.
"I've always been spiritual, even as a little girl because my family is multi-racial, multi-cultural. It's First Nation,
it's African-American, it's Pilipino, which is Chinese and Spanish, it's Romanian-Gypsy.
It's all these cultures that I grew up in."
Grier, herself, is certainly no stranger to overcoming obstacles---both in Hollywood and in life.
Widely credited as popularizing 1970s blaxploitation films, the actress says she's managed to be successful
by "Being open to others, listening, and having something to share with them that is unique and different."
She also feels living in a variety of different environments allowed her to experience life in many ways."
So, what will surprise her fans to learn about this empowering actress?
"The fact that my spirituality is intact," Grier said. "That I've shared what I've learned with others;
that I love reading and writing;
Grier has never been married and does not have children.
Pamela Suzette "Pam" Grier (born May 26, 1949).
"Cosmic dust (a'ji) will cease to fall in 1947-1948, and the earth will pass into the light of the Kosmon era.
The Kosmon race will then begin to appear, the result of the amalgamation on the American continent of
all the races." - page 161 of SEVEN YEARS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD, 1941-1948 (1940) by Wing Anderson.
Very similar pattern to my mother and Pam Grier = Haile Selassie matched extremely high to Moses and
had a parent that matched very high to Brahma:
Haile Selassie I matched 84% to Moses:
Ras Mekonnen Gudessa, the father of Emperor Haile Selassie
Ras Mekonnen father of Haile Selassie facial match to Brahma 69%:
Haile Selassie I son (Prince Sahle Selassie) highest match to a prophet or law-giver in Oahspe was 55% to Zarathustra
(Abraham, Capillya, Moses, Joshu, were 49% or less).
Haile Selassie I daughter (Princess Tenagnework) did not match over 49% to any prophet or law-giver in Oahspe.
Very similar pattern to my mother, Pam Grier, and Haile Selassie = Mustapha Farrakhan Jr matched extremely high to
Abraham and had a parent that matched extremely high to Capillya:
Abraham and Mustapha Farrakhan Jr. 2 facial recognition match 75% (extremely high):

Mustapha Farrakhan Sr father of Mustapha Farrakhan Jr facial recognition match  to Capillya 72% (extremely high):

Mustapha Farrakhan Sr. matched over 50% to each of the following prophets and law-givers below:
Abraham 52%, Capillya 72%, Brahma 52%, Zarathustra 69%, Moses 59%, = 304% total (average 60.8%).

My grandmother's Mtdna traces back to L2a haplogroup to West Africa, and to the Mbuti Pygmies
of Central African Congo, and other places and people.
L2a can be further divided into L2a1, ...The most extensive pan-African haplotype is in the L2a1
haplogroup. This sequence is observed in West Africa among the Malinke, Wolof, and others;
The Mandinka (also known as Mandenka, Mandinko, Mandingo, Manding or Malinke)[8] is a West
African ethnic group with an estimated global population of eleven million.
They migrated west from the
Niger River in search of better agricultural lands and more opportunities
for conquest. Through a series of conflicts, the Fula jihads, particularly the Fula-led Imamate of Futa
Jallon, many Mandinka people converted from indigenous beliefs to Islam.
<----sub-Saharan West African lineage (ancestry).
L2 is the most common haplogroup in Africa,...The highest frequency occurs among
the Mbuti Pygmies (64%).[8]
The most common L2 sub group is Haplogroup L2a, both in Africa and the Levant.
L2a is widespread in Africa and the most common and widely distributed sub-Saharan
African Haplogroup and is also somewhat frequent at 19% in the Americas among descendants
of Africans (Salas et al., 2002). L2a has a possible date of origin approx. 48,000 YBP.[1]
In East Africa L2a was found 15% in Nile Valley- Nubia, 5% of Egyptians, 14% of Cushite
speakers, 15% of Semitic Amhara people, 10% of Gurage, 6% of Tigray-Tigrinya people,
13% of Ethiopians and 5% of Yemenis.[13]L2a can be further divided into L2a1, harboring the
transition at 16309 (Salas et al. 2002).This is observed in West Africa among the Malinke,
Wolof, and others; in North Africa among the Maure/Moor, Hausa, Fulbe, and others; in
Central Africa among the Bamileke, Fali, and others; in South Africa among the Khoisan
family including the Khwe and Bantu speakers; Haplogroup L2a1 was found in two specimens
from the Southern Levant Pre-Pottery Neolithic B site at Tell Halula, Syria, dating from the
period between ca. 9600 and ca. 8000 BP or 7500-6000 BCE.[17]
L2a1c1 has a North African origin.[citation needed] It is defined by markers 198, 930, 3308, 8604,
16086. It is observed among Tunisia Sephardic, Ashkenazi, Hebrews, and Yemenis.[citation needed]
L2a1k is defined by markers G6722A and T12903C. It was previously described as a
European-specific subclade L2a1a and detected in Czechs and Slovaks.[21]
L2a1l2a is recognized as an "Ashkenazi-specific" haplogroup, seen amongst Ashkenazi Jews
with ancestry in Central and Eastern Europe. It has also been detected in small numbers in
ostensibly non-Jewish Polish populations, where it is presumed to have come
from Ashkenazi admixture.[22] However, this haplotype is only a very small proportion of Ashkenazi
mitochondrial lineages; various studies (including Behar's) have put its incidence at between 1.4%-1.6%.
L2a2 is characteristic of the Mbuti Pygmies.[8]
L2a mtDNA haplogroup connects Africa and the
925 Note that as well as the Fertile Crescent, this includes all of Africa; see e.g., 25/50.22<fn-interior>.
with the Mandinka and Mbuti Pygmies, with Ethiopians and Yemenis, with Khoisan (San) family Khwe,
with Syria (western Persia), with Sephardic, Ashkenazi, Hebrews, with Abraham and the I'hins.
East-Central Africa Mother's DNA:
The East-Central Africa cluster is an ancient one which emerged in the north eastern part of Sub-Saharan
Africa. The distinctive feature of this cluster is its close association with herding that allowed these
pastoralists to exist in harmony with their Bantu farmer neighbors.
They also have connections to Eurasian populations who expanded out of the Middle East.
Populations descended from Middle Eastern farmers were absorbed, and eventually, the original
hunter-gatherers of East Africa gave way to the pastoralists ...
Others moved east into the Horn of Africa and co-mingled with Semitic peoples from the Arabian
Peninsula. Over time, this admixture gave rise to the populations of Ethiopia and Somalia.
herding pastoralists = Shepherd Kings (racially allied to the ancient Israelites).
South-Central Africa and East-Central Africa Mother's DNA:
the South-Central Africa cluster peaks in the southern regions where agricultural presence is
minimal. It is the oldest of the old and includes the heritage of the most ancient of lineages.
Members of the South-Central Africa group are the earliest human hunter-gatherers seen
today primarily in the Mbuti Pygmies of the Congo.
the Bushmen are the most ancient of human lineages.

Mbuti Pygmies of the Congo and Bushmen = little people = most ancient of human lineages =
3/4 I'hin and 1/4 I'huan-Ghan-mongrel mixture.
Human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) haplogroups:
European mtDNA haplogroups H, J, K, N1, T, U4, U5, V, X and W
African haplogroups L1,L2,L3,L4,L5,L6
Macro-haplogroup L (mtDNA).
Native American mtDNA haplogroups A, B, C, D or X2a,
four main American mtDNA haplogroups (A, B, C and D), X
haplogroup C3 is Mongoloid related with Mongolians, ... C2 is typical of Australoids
like Papuans C4 is typical of Australian aborigines.
Australoid mtDNA Q, P, M26 found in high frequency in Melanesia. R22( or R14) ...
Haplogroup C2 found high in Papua, Melanesia
Negrito mtDNA M21a is predominant in semangs like Batek 48% and Mendriq 84%,
in total Semang have 43% M21a and total Orang ansli is 21% M21a. But according to
two studies M21a is also found in 6.9% of Thais if we count R22 is 7.8%. In 2 Malaysian
studies M21a is found at 4.4% and 4.6% and if we add Q, P, R22 than is 7.3%.
Was mitochondrial eve and her closest relatives pygmies (I'hins)?
How tall was mitochondrial eve?
If you trace back the DNA in the maternally inherited mitochondria within our cells, all humans
have a theoretical common ancestor. This woman, known as “mitochondrial Eve”, lived between
100,000 and 200,000 years ago in southern Africa. She was not the first human, but every
other female lineage eventually had no female offspring, failing to pass on their mitochondrial
DNA. As a result, all humans today can trace their mitochondrial DNA back to her.
8 October 2014
Found: closest link to Eve, our universal ancestor.
Now a skeleton ...has been identified as a member of a previously unknown branch
on the human family tree.
“It is, so far, the oldest identified lineage,”...The man was 1.5 metres tall...
1.5 metres = 4.92126 feet
.92126 feet = 11.05512 inches
https://www.google.com/#q=.92126+feet+%3D+inches...He was
4 feet 11 inches tall
(closest link to Mitochondrial Eve).
“mitochondrial Eve” and her closest relatives were human pygmies:
Borderline pygmy height = 4 feet 11 inches = same as closest link to Eve.
A pygmy is a member of an ethnic group whose average height is unusually short;
anthropologists define pygmy as a member of any group where adult men are on
average less than 150 cm (4 feet 11 inches) tall.

Susan B. Martinez, P.h.D. in Anthropology from Columbia University named
the I'hins Homo sapiens pygmaeus.
Middle English pigmei "pygmy, dwarf," from Latin pygmaeus (noun and adjective)
"pygmy, dwarfish," ...
It is from the I'hins that we get our su'is or psychic abilities from, and the
I'hins were the oldest human (genus Homo) race on earth.
Many Bantu view the Pygmies as having supernatural abilities...
A co-worker of mine from the Camaroon said the pygmies are mystical.
The Efe pygmies are considered by mitochondrial DNA haplotype analysis to
be one of the oldest races on earth.
The Efe are one of three groups of pygmies, collectively named BaMbuti, of the
Ituri forest of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Above Betaface facial recogniton and race match of Mbuti-Efe and Batwa
pygmies and Akhenaten and Uganda man.
Up to 70 percent of British men and half of all Western European men are related to
the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun, geneticists in Switzerland said.
Scientists at Zurich-based DNA genealogy centre, iGENEA, reconstructed the DNA profile
of the boy Pharaoh, who ascended the throne at the age of nine, his father Akhenaten
and grandfather Amenhotep III ...
The results showed that King Tut belonged to a genetic profile group, known as haplogroup
R1b1a2, to which more than 50 percent of all men in Western Europe belong, indicating
<---King Tut's DNA results, Western European.
History of slavery (slavic) and darker skinned Arabs mixing with fair skinned Europeans
and the economic recovery of Europe from the dark ages: The 8th century brought the
rapid expansion of a new civilization, Islam, into the Middle East, North Africa, and Spain.
Its Arab elite was darker-skinned than the Greco-Roman or Visigothic elites it displaced.
It was also more polygynous. A new market had come into being, a market for wives and
concubines. European women were especially sought after, not because they were exotic
but because their fair skin and fine facial features corresponded to notions of beauty that
were indigenous to Arab culture (see previous post).
And so began the commodification of European women. Initially, this trade involved
prisoners of war captured during the Islamic wars of expansion. Soon, however, a peaceful
trading relationship developed. It was officially prohibited by Christian emperors and popes
alike, but “in reality, people closed their eyes and everything was tolerated in exchange for
good gold dinars” (Skirda, 2010, p. 75).
The women came from a belt of territory stretching from the Elbe in the West to the Volga
in the East. This territory was inhabited by Slavic tribes—the ancestors of today’s Poles,
Czechs, Slovaks, Byelorussians, Ukrainians, and Russians. They were typically prisoners
of war who had been taken during fighting either between Germans and Slavs or
among different Slavic tribes:
Only the adolescent boys and girls—the Slavonici—were spared, enslaved, and immediately
sold to the merchants accompanying the armies. The Barbarian-ruled West, abandoned by
major international trade and bereft of gold, was able to get gold by trading in slaves,
who were almost exclusively Slavs. These objects of servile trade and commerce would
be integrated into harems and used as military slaves or eunuchs. Adults and children
were eliminated for obvious reasons. They did not correspond to the Muslim demand for
young virgin girls and beardless boys and it was out of the question to gather children and
raise them. The traders had neither the time nor the willingness and more importantly it
would not have been cost-effective. Later, they would spare the lives of more captives, by
selecting them according to their capacities for productive work and by using them to the
limit of their strength at laborious physical tasks (Skirda, 2010, pp. 85-86).
The captives were taken overland by various routes: through Germany and France to Muslim
Spain; through Venice and by ship to the Middle East; or down the Dniepr, the Don, or the
Volga to the Middle East via the Black Sea or the Caspian. How many were traded? It’s
difficult to say, but Skirda (2010, p. 6) advances a figure between several tens of thousands
and several hundreds of thousands for the period extending from the 8th to 12th centuries.
It was this trade, more than any other, that revived the old trading networks not only
between Europe and the Middle East, but also within Europe itself. The balance of foreign
exchange also shifted in Europe’s favor, thus giving the elites of France, Germany, and
Italy the means to buy not only foreign goods but also local products, thereby stimulating
a long economic recovery that would take Europe out of the Dark Ages.
My mother's mother  was the blackest (almost pure Sub-Saharan African) of all 4 of my grandparents
and she was the most psychic (su'is) of all 4 of my grandparents, she would dream of things and they would
happend, she would instantly feel or know things about people that were hundreds or thousands of miles away.
Su'is of Abraham: "Abram could see without eyes and hear without ears, knowing things by
the light of God which dwelt in him." - Oahspe First Book of God; 24/8.7, 8.
Oahspe dates Abraham at 4,000 BCE and places Abraham's childhood and youth among the
Zarathustrians in He-sa and Es-seth in Syria,
Northwestern Mesopotamia. This location was in the western region of Par'si'e
(which itself extended west to east in a wide strip from Turkey across Syria, crossing the
borders of the later Ancient Persia and eastward through and including Afghanistan and
My Grandmother had the 2nd highest modern female facial recognition match to Brahma, only a
Kurdish woman (i.e. Persian) matched higher (69%) which equals ancient Yu-Tiv's
(Brahma's wife) match to Brahma (69%).
Yu-tiv had su'is ability like Brahma (could see his star) and matched high to Brahma (69% facial)
and was of I'huan and I'hin (pygmy) ancestry and was chosen by the Loo'is to be Brahma's wife
and mother of his son Vede who wrote down the words that become the Vedas (sacred text of India).
I'hins = "Homo sapiens pygmaeus" - Susan B. Martinez, P.h.D. in Anthropology.
Latin word for pygmy = Latin Pygmaei (singular Pygmaeus), from Greek Pygmaioi,
plural of Pygmaios "a Pygmy,
a binomen or a scientific name; more informally it is also called a Latin name.
Next highest female match to Brahma is Miss India 2006 (59%),  4th highest was
Alice Walker 2nd highest Black female to Brahma (52%).
Brahma and young Kurdish woman (highest female match to Brahma) 69%:
Brahma and Miss India 2006 (highest India female match to Brahma) 59%:

Brahma and Rubina Ali  (India) 59%
Brahma and Bindu (India) 52%
Brahma and Nayantara (India) 52%
Brahma and Alice Walker 2 (2nd highest Black female to Brahma) 52%,
Highest female facial recognition matches to Brahma:
1. Young Kurdish woman and Yu-Tiv Brahma's su'is wife 69%.
3. My Grandmother (mother's mother) 62%.
4. Miss india 2006, Rubina Ali  (India) 59%.
6. Alice Walker (Black), Bindu (India), Nayantara (India) 52%.
Highest female facial recognition matches to Brahma of Kosmon Cycle women:
1. Young Kurdish woman 69%.
2. My Grandmother (mother's mother) 62%.
3. Miss india 2006, Rubina Ali  (India) 59%.
5. Alice Walker (African-American), Bindu (India), Nayantara (India) 52%.
Top facial recognition match to Yu-tiv Brahma's wife:
1. Bindu (
Bindu Madhavi an Indian model and film actress, in Kollywood and occasionally in Tollywood..Wikipedia) 90%.
Below India women Betaface facial recognition and race classification:
Below Yu-tiv and Mbuti Pygmy of Congo Ituri forest facial recognition match 59%:
Yu-tiv and AD 2000 Black facial recognition match 27%:
Yu-tiv and AD 2000 Asian facial recognition match 25%:
Yu-tiv and AD 2000 Caucasian facial recognition match 18%:

Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy chapter VIII:
2. Ethe, being the time of light, is named dan;...
the prefix "Dan" from Danish = Scandinavian or Nordic. **
He was met by an angelic crew of three absolutely young and healthy looking male
humans who seemed to be Nordic or Scandinavian with perfect complections. -
From Messengers of Peace - Our Contact with Star Beings, Article Three (3) -
The Jim Velasques Abduction Story, by Russell Symonds (Yogi Shaktivirya).
Nordic or Scandinavian angels = a cross between the I'hin race and the I'huans.
Oahspe Book of Judgement: Chapter XXXIX:
11. My angels shall appear before them, and walk with them, talking to them,
and teaching them of my kingdoms.
12. And angels of the I'hin race will come to them; and of the I'huans, and of
all other peoples whereof mention is made in this OAHSPE.
Brahmin is a varna (caste) in Hinduism specialising as priests, teachers (acharya)
and protectors of sacred learning across generations.[1][2][3]
Hinduism is a religion, or a way of life,[note 1] found most notably in India and Nepal.
With over one billion followers,[web 1] Hinduism is the world's third largest religion 
by population, and the majority religion in IndiaNepalMauritius and Bali (Indonesia).
Hinduism has been called the "oldest religion" in the world,[note 2] with some practitioners
and scholars refer to it as Sanātana Dharma, "the eternal law" or the "eternal way"[4] 
beyond human origins.[5] 
In the time of Apollo, man in his present form was brought into being on the earth.
The first prophets were raised up from other than the I'hin race. The I'huan became
capable of hearing the voice of the Lord understandingly.
In the time of Osiris, the light and knowledge that had been with the I'hins merged
among the Ghans and the I'huans.
Approximations (~) of the last 25,000 years:
From Zarathustra to Osiris (~10350 BC) the first, 3,300 years.
From Thor to Apollo (~16,350 BC), 2,800.
An ethnic combination of Ham and Shem is the Afroasiatic:
an Egyptian lawgiver. He was cotemporaneous with Capilya of India and Chine of China,
living two thousand four hundred years after Abram (3400 B.K.). Moses was a large man,
Remy Ma and Abraham facial recognition match 72% (extremly high):

Remy Ma (full name: Reminisce Mackie) (born Reminisce Smith; May 30, 1980),[1 is a Grammy-nominated

American rapper and member of Fat Joe's rap crew, Terror Squad. Ma was featured on the group's hit song

"Lean Back" from their second album True Story and M.O.P.'s "Ante Up (Remix)". Her debut solo album, 

There's Something About Remy: Based on a True Story,was released on February 7, 2006.

She has won two Vibe awards, two Source awards, an ASCAP pop award and a BET award for

"Best Female Hip Hop", as well as two other nominations. Remy cites Big Punisher and Roxanne Shante 

as her biggest influences.[2


Capilya look-alike celebrities Pictriev.
Abraham and Wing Anderson facial recognition match 30%
Capilya and Wing Anderson facial recognition match 39%
Brahma and Wing Anderson facial recognition match 39%

Brahma and John Ballou Newbrough facial recognition match 39%

Brahma and Srinivasa Ramanujan 62%

Srinivasa Ramanujan FRS (pronunciation: Listeni/ʃrnivɑːsə rɑːmɑːnʊən/) (22 December 1887 – 26 April 1920)

was an Indian mathematician and autodidact. Though he had almost no formal training in pure mathematics, he

made extraordinary contributions to mathematical analysis,number theoryinfinite series, and continued fractions.

Ramanujan initially developed his own mathematical research in isolation; it was quickly recognized by Indian

mathematicians. When his skills became obvious and known to the wider mathematical community, centered

in Europe at the time, he began a famous partnership with the English mathematician G. H. Hardy. The

Cambridge professor realized that Ramanujan had rediscovered previously known theorems in addition

to producing new ones.

During his short life, Ramanujan independently compiled nearly 3,900 results (mostly identitiesand equations).[1] 

Nearly all his claims have now been proven correct, although some were already known.[2] His original and

highly unconventional results, such as the Ramanujan primeand the Ramanujan theta function, have inspired

a vast amount of further research.[3] TheRamanujan Journal, an international publication, was launched to

publish work in all areas of mathematics influenced by his work.[4]


1877-1878 = above normal going up warm dan (1879 highest up-spike, Albert Einstein born).


Capilya and Edward Zwick 78%
Abraham and and Edward Zwick 66%
Edward M. Zwick (born October 8, 1952) is an American filmmaker and Academy Award winning film producer.
Zwick was born into a Jewish family[2] in Chicago, Illinois, the son of Ruth Ellen (née Reich) and Allen Zwick.[1] 
He attended New Trier High School, received an A.B. at Harvard in 1974, and attended the 
AFI Conservatory, graduating with a Master of Fine Arts degree in 1975.
Abraham and Rosario Dawson 55%

Rosario Dawson Ethnicity:
*Puerto Rican, Afro-Cuban (mother).
*unclear (biological father)
The term Afro-Cuban refers to Cubans who mostly have West African ancestry, and
to historical or cultural elements in Cuba thought to emanate from this community.
Abraham and Khandi Alexander 78%
Abraham and Khandi Alexander 2 72%
Abraham and Juliana Paes 59%
Arab Brazilian, Juliana Paes, actress
Paes was born Rio Bonito, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. According to her, she is of Black,
indigenous Brazilian, and Arab descent.[3]
Abraham and Claudia Jordan 66%

Claudia Jordan ethnicity
Jordan was born in Providence, Rhode Island, to a mother from Italy and an African-American father.
Claudia's parents met when her father was in the U.S. Air Force, stationed in Brindisi, Italy.

Abraham and Tilda Swinton facial recognition 62%.
Abraham and Tilda Swinton 2 facial recognition 55%.

Katherine Matilda "Tilda" Swinton of Kimmerghame (born 5 November 1960) is an Anglo-Scottish actress.

Abraham and Rae Dawn Chong 
facial recognition 75%.


She scored only 33% and 30% on the other (HAM-SHEM) prophet/law givers, and only 25% on Guatama prophet/law giver.

Rae Dawn Chong (born February 28, 1961) is a Canadian-American actress.

Chong's father is of Chinese and Scotch-Irish descent, and her mother is of Afro-Canadian and Cherokee descent.[3]


Brahma and Denzel Washington 81%
Capilya and Denzel Washington 62%
Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr. (born December 28, 1954)[1] is an American actor and filmmaker. He has
received three Golden Globe awards, a Tony Award,[2] and two Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor 
for the historical war drama film Glory (1989) and Best Actor for his role as a corrupt cop in the crime thriller Training Day (2001).[3]
Brahma and Kapil Dev 81%
Kapil Dev Ramlal Nikhanj, better known as Kapil Dev, is a former Indian cricketer. He captained the Indian
cricket team which won the 1983 Cricket World Cup. Wikipedia
Capilya and Ahmet Kaya 4 78%
Capilya and Ahmet Kaya 2 75%
Ahmet Kaya was a singer from Malatya, Turkey of Kurdish ethnicity. He sang in Kurdish.
He identified as Kurd of Turkey. Wikipedia
The Kurds are an ethno-linguistically Iranian group who have historically inhabited the
mountainous areas to the South of Lake Van and Lake Urmia, a geographical area collectively
referred to asKurdistan. Most Kurds speak Kurmanji or Sorani, which both belong to the Kurdish languages.
Indo-Iranian peoples, also known as Indo-Iranic peoples by scholars,[1] and sometimes as Aryans 
from their self-designation, are a grouping of ethnic groups consisting of the Indo-AryanIranian and Nuristani people;
that is, speakers of Indo-Iranian languages, a major branch of the Indo-European language family.
The Proto-Indo-Iranians are commonly identified with the descendants of the Proto-Indo-Europeans known as
the Sintashta culture and the subsequent Andronovo culturewithin the broader Andronovo horizon, and their homeland
with an area of the Eurasian steppe that borders the Ural River on the west, the Tian Shan on the east.
Extant major Iranian languages are PersianPashtoKurdish, and Balochi besides numerous smaller ones
Ossetian, primarily spoken in North Ossetia and South Ossetia, is a direct descendant of Alanic, and by that the
only surviving Sarmatian langauge of the once wide-ranging East Iranian dialect continuum that stretched from
Eastern Europe to the eastern parts of Central Asia.
1. the Iranian language of the Kurds.
1. relating to the Kurds or their language.
Zarathustra and Ahmet Kaya 4 59%
Zarathustra and Ahmet Kaya 2 55%


Zarathustra and French man 75%

Zarathustra and Michael James age 29 (1992) 62%
Zarathustra and Selah Shalom 3 55%
Zarathustra and Luis Vazquez (Puerto Rican) 66%
Capilya and Sebastien Chabal 2 75%
Sébastien Chabal, born 8 December 1977 in Valence, Drôme, is a retired French rugby union player. He played
number eight and lock professionally for the French team Bourgoin; the English team Sale ...Wikipedia
Abraham and Brooke Burke Charvet facial recognition match 62%
Brooke Lisa Burke
Ethnicity: Irish, French, and Portuguese (Jewish)
Highest combined matches (one photograph) to all 3 prophets and law givers 
Pusha T 42-66-81 = 189 (average 63)
Denzel Washington  42+62+81 = 185 (average 61.6%)
Teddy Pendergrass 62+62+59 = 183 (average 61%)
Will Rogers 55+66+59 = 180 (average 60%). 
Alice Walker 2 66+59+52 = 177 (59 average).

Alice Malsenior Walker is an American novelist, short story writer, poet, and activist.
She wrote the critically acclaimed
novel The Color Purple for which she won the National Book Award and the Pulitzer
Prize for Fiction.Wikipedia
BornFebruary 9, 1944 (age 72), Putnam County, Georgia, GA
1944 = warm up-spike (dan), highest up-spike from 1900-1950.

Walker was born in Putnam County, Georgia,[4] the youngest of eight children, to

Willie Lee Walker and Minnie Lou Tallulah Grant.

Her father, who was, in her words, "wonderful at math but a terrible farmer," earned

only $300 ($4,000 in 2013 dollars) a year from 

sharecropping and dairy farming. Her mother supplemented the family income by

working as a maid.[5] She worked 11 hours a day

for $17 per week to help pay for Alice to attend college.[6]

Living under Jim Crow laws, Walker's parents resisted landlords who expected the
children of black sharecroppers to work the fields
at a young age. A white plantation owner said to her that black people had "no need for education". 
Alice Walker's voice from the BBC programme Desert Island Discs, May 19, 2013.[1]

Edward Zwick 66+78+33 = 177 (average 59).
Sebastien Chabal 59+72+45 = 176 (average 58.6)
Ahmet Kaya 4 66+78+30 = 174 (58 average).
Obrafour 59+52+59 = 170 (56.6 average) 
Michael James 4 55+72+42 = 169 (average 56.3).
African-American man-66-45-55 = 166 total (average 55.3%).
Black Egyptian Mostafa Hefny 55+69+42 = 166 (average 55.3).
Haile Selassie (52+66+45) = 163 (average 54.3%)
Haile Selassie 2 (55+52+55) = 162 (average 54)
Mukunda (45+55+59) = 159 (average 53) 
Yo-AHD-Ben-Yahudah = 42+62+55 = 159 (average 53)
Selah Shalom 2 (33+66+59) = 158 (average 52.6)
Rapper Chingy (59+49+49) = 157 (average 52.3)
Mark R Hannah 59+49+49 (Abraham-Capilya-Brahma) = 157 (average 52.3)
Michael James and Selah Shalom = 156 (average 52)
Enrico Fermi 30+55+69 = 154 (51.3 average). 
Konnie Huq = 146 (average 48.6)
Bahá'u'lláh = 142 (average 47.3)
Albert Einstein 30+42+69 = 141 (average 47)
Rae Dawn Chong 75+33+30 = 138 (average 46).
10 of the top 13 are African-American or Sub-Saharan African. Top 5 are African-American.
Highest single matches to any 3 prophets and law givers (Abraham-Capilya-Brahma):
Denzel Washington, Kapil Dev, Pusha T, Sabastien Chabal = 81%
Michael James 2, Ahmet Kaya 4, Edward Zwick, Khandi Alexander = 78% 
Rae Dawn Chong, Ahmet Kaya 2, Denzel Washington 2, Sebastien Chabal 2, Mustapha Farrakhan Jr. 2 = 75% 
Albert Einstein 2, Rae Dawn Chong 2, Michael James 4, Sebastien Chabal, Remy Ma = 72% 
8 of the top 13 are African-American, mixed with significant African-American or Sub-Saharan.
3 are European. 2 are West or South Asian.
Highest lowest match (same photograph) to all 3 prophets and law givers (Abraham-Capilya-Brahma:
Teddy Pendergrass = 59%
Will Rogers = 55 %
Haile Selassie 2, Obrafour, Alice-Walker  = 52%
Michael James, Rapper Chingy, Mark R Hannah = 49%
Haile Selassie,  Konnie Huq, Mukunda, Sebastien Chabal, Flamboyant Interovert = 45%
The top 8 are African-American or Sub-Saharan African.
Highest combined matches (up to 3 photographs) to all 3 prophets and law givers (Abraham-Capilya-Brahma):
Michael James (55+78+66) = 199 (66.3 average).
Haile Selassie----55+81+55 = 191 (63.6% average).
Black Egyptian Mostafa Hefny (3 photos) 66-69-55 = 190 (63.3 average).
Pusha T 42-66-81 = 189 (average 63), Sebastien Chabal  (59+81+49) = 189 (average 63).
Teddy Pendergrass 62+62+62 = 186 (average 62%).
Batwa Pygmy of Uganda 72+72+42 = 186 (average 62%).
Denzel Washington  (42+62+81) = 185 (average 61.6%)
Will Rogers Master Teacher33 (59+66+59) = 184 (average 61.3%).
Alice Walker (66+59+52) = 177 (59 average).
Edward Zwick (66+78+33) = 177 (59 average).
8 of the top 10 are Sub-Saharan African pygmy or African-American. Top 3 are African-American.
To Zarathustra, Capilya, and Brahma:
Guy Oseary 84+59+59 = 202 (67.3 average).
Capilya and Guy Oseary 2 59%
Brahma and Guy Oseary 2 59%
Abraham and Guy Oseary 3 39%
Comparison of two people with the highest matches to 4 prophets/law givers:
Michael James and Guy Oseary:
M.James----55-----78------66-------62 (3) 261 total (average 65.2%).
G-Oseary---39-----59------59-------84 (1)
 241 total (average 60.2%).
Comparison of two people with the highest matches to 4 prophets/law givers:
 Black Egyptian Mostafa Hefny and Michael James:
M.Hefny-----66-----69------55-------72  (2) 262 total (average 65.5%).
M.James----55-----78------66-------62  (2) 261 total (average 65.2%).
Obrafour 59+52+59+69 = 239 (average 59.7%).
Zarathustra and Obrafour 69%
Haile Selassie 55+66+55+75 = 251 (average 62.7%)
Zarathustra and Haile Selassie 2 75%
Highest matches to 4 prophets/law givers (Abraham-Capilya-Brahma-Zarathustra): 
Haile Selassie----55+81+55+75 = 266 total (average 66.5%)
Black Egyptian Mostafa Hefny (3 photos) 66-69-55-72 = 262 (65.5 average). 
Michael James --55+78+66+62 = 261 total (average 65.2%).
Sebastien Chabal--59+81+49+59 = 248 total (average 62). 
Mustapha Farrakhan Sr---52-72-52-69 = 245 (average 61.2%).
Guy Oseary-------39+59+59+84  = 241 total (average 60.2%).
Teddy Pendergrass 62+62+62+55 = 241 total (average 60.2%).
Pusha-T 42-66-81-52 = 241  (average 60.2).
Obrafour-----------59+52+59+69 = 239 total (average 59.7%).
Will Rogers Master Teacher33 (59+66+59+55) = 239 (average 59.7%).
Luis Vazquez (Puerto Rican)--------59+55+59+66+52 = 239 (average 59.7%).
African-American man-66-45-55-72 = 236 total (average 59%).
Shwayze---------------55+59+49+72 = 235 (average 58.7)..
The top three are African-American or Sub-Saharan or black African.
10 of the top 13 are African-American or Sub-Saharan or black African.
The Indo-European Caste System
European scholars also pointed out that caste in India was originally defined by color.
Brahmins were said to be white, Kshatriyas red, Vaishyas yellow, and Shudras black.
Hence the Brahmins were said to have been originally the white Aryans...
Oahspe - Book of Divinity: Chapter XIV:
1. JEHOVIH said: When a'ji cometh ...my loo'is be swift in duty; far-seeing in the races of men.
I not only break up the old foundations of temples and cities in those days, but the foundations of the
abuse of the caste of men. My Voice is upon the races of men. To-day I say: Preserve ye the caste of men;
marry ye thus and so, every one to their own line. For I perceive it is wisdom. To-morrow I say: I will have
no caste, for the races are becoming impoverished in blood; marry here, marry there! And I give them a'ji,..
Oahspe - Book of Divinity: Chapter XIII:
17. So great was the power of a'ji that even the I'hins oft broke their vows and lived clandestinely with the
world's people, begetting offspring in great numbers, not eligible to enter their sacred cities.
Oahspe Book of Es, Daughter of Jehovih CHAPTER XX:
32. Thus these great angel warriors allotted themselves to the work. And, lo and behold, the northern armies
ran forth over the enemy's country as if war were only play; and the southern armies vanished, disarming
themselves, and returning to their homes.
33. The slaves were free!
34. Jehovih said: Let this be a testimony, that this land is the place of the beginning of the Kosmon era.
There shall be no caste among My people.
"I ...break up the old foundations...To-morrow I say: I will have no caste".
"There shall be no caste among My people".
The Indo-European caste system has been broken up.
Brahmins = 50% Brahma (no longer just white):
Brahma and Albert Einstein 2 72%
Brahma and Nordic man 59%,

Brahma and Selah Shalom 55%,
Brahma and Haile Selassie 2 55%
Brahma and Michael James 52%,
Brahma and Hasidic Jewish man 52%,
Brahma and Mukunda 52%,
Kshatriyas = 40% Brahma (no longer just red):
Brahma and Walter Russell 49%,
Brahma and Rapper Chingy 49%,
Brahma and Christian Bale 49%,
Brahma and William James Sidis 49%
Brahma and Konnie Huq 45%
Vaishyas: = 30% Brahma (no longer just yellow):
Brahma and Glenn Kendell 39%
Brahma and Barack Obama 39%
Brahma and Ghana man 39%
Brahma and Vernon Wobchal 36%
Brahma and Bahá'u'lláh 35%
Brahma and Modern Persian middle east man 30%
Brahma and Abdu’l-Bahá 30%
Shudras = under 30% Brahma (no longer just black):
Brahma and Mulatto Guy 27%
Brahma and John Paul Jackson 25%
Brahma and Chinese average man 22%
There are blacks and whites in every categorie above:
And in the United States every person above can rise to any social or political status
regardless of their race, color, or facial features.
One of the things I noticed with John Newbrough's drawings of Abraham and Capilya
is the eyebrows are high above the eyes.
Brows that are placed high above the eye (these are usually very curved, too), brows
that are naturally higher up on your face, rather than almost immediately above the eye. 
Brahma has eyebrows closer to his eyes. Plus I have noticed the facial recognition program
reads relative shape and size of the eyes compared to overall face, length of the nose and
distance from eyes and mouth, shape and size of cheeks, shape and size of the jaw and chin, distance
between the eyes and distance between the eyebrows, shape and width of forehead and face.
Facial recognition (or face recognition) is a type of biometric software application that can
identify a specific individual in a digital image by analyzing and comparing patterns.
Most current facial recognition systems work with numeric codes called faceprints. Such systems
identify 80 nodal points on a human face. In this context, nodal points are end points used to
measure variables of a person’s face, such as the length or width of the nose, the depth of the
eye sockets and the shape of the cheekbones. These systems work by capturing data for
nodal points on a digital image of an individual’s face and storing the resulting data as a faceprint.
The faceprint can then be used as a basis for comparison with data captured from faces in an image or video.
Wing Anderson made a big mistake on page 161 of his book
SEVEN YEARS THAT CHANGE THE WORLD [1940] 1941-1948 where he wrote "...
the I'huan race. American Indians are remnants of this race. ..the Ghan race, to which the
Caucasian race belongs...The negroid and oriental races are remnants of the Druks; the
Latins [Latinos?] are mongrel races between the Druks and I'huan."
All people today are remnants of Druks, Negroes, Orientals, and Latinos are also I'huans
and Ghans. Druks are extinct (Neanderthals of Europe was a type of Druk), mongrels are
the short dark people around the world (such as the negritos). East Asians
(called oriental by Wing Anderson), and Native Americans are not just I'huans but also Ghans.
Ongwee-ghan name signifies good shaped men. Ongwee-ghan were born of the
I'huans and I'hins and to this day is called Indian (Native American).
Early or Primitive man
Druk = Cain 75% Asu, 25% heaven (Angelic Eve blood).
Modern Man.
I'huan = 62.5% Asu, 37.5% heaven (Angelic Eve blood).

Percent human's with > 1/3 [33.3] Angelic Eve blood [everlasting life].
Arc, Cycle, Etherean
24, Lika,_______________ 99% = 3400 years B.K. to Kosmon (Druks make up 1% of world population).
25, Ouranothen__________ 100% [99.99%] = Present Kosmon (Druks make up less than 0.01%).
Total world population: 7 billion
Total African Diaspora: 1.3 billion
Percentage of World Part of African Diaspora: 18.5%
The world is 20% black, more or less.
All peoples today are capable of eternal life.
The crucial difference between the Druks and the I'huans and I'hins was that both the I'huans
and the I'hins were capable of eternal life which was the survival of spirit following corporeal
death. But the spirit of Druks could not crystalize into everlasting existence due to their
ratio of angel/animal [Asu] heritage.
Many beginning readers and long-time readers of Oahspe (like Wing Anderson) make the
mistake of identifying Druks with modern Africans or Blacks (Negroes).
MindOverBody MindOverBody(Feb, 2015).
"and the druks are brown and black...On the surface it seems like they're trying to link us with the druks."
Oahspe The Lord's Fourth Book: Chapter IV:
3. For the I'huans, even before the flood, were in the first place born capable of everlasting life.
But they mixed with the druks until the seed of the spirit of eternal life became exhausted, and
they brought forth heirs incapable of self-sustenance in heaven. Hence it was said of them:
They went down in darkness. According to Oahspe above I'huans born capable of everlasting
life until they mixed repeatedly with the druks and their offspring was born incapable of
self-sustenance in heaven. So obiously the druks were born incapable of everlasting life.
Druks were born not capable of everlasting life or understanding spiritual things,
as can be seen from the chart above, by the time of the arc cycle of Lika
(3400 years before 1848) 99% of humans were born capable of everlasting life,
and by the time of arc cycle of Kosmon 100 or 99.99% of mankind was born
capable of everlasting life.
So basically the Druks were all but extinct by the arc cycle of Lika (3400 years before 1848)
and were virtually extinct by the time of Kosmon (1848). Since African Blacks make up
much more than 1% of the worlds population, African Blacks can not be identified as
Druks (who were brown and black). After Druks became virtually extinct, the darkest race
of mankind was the I'huans (who were copper-colored and dark-brown to black).
The original I'huans of North America were copper-colored and dark brown with long curly
hair, but the Ongwee-ghans (American Indians) are mostly lighter in color with long straight hair.
Blacks and African-Americans are I'huans not Druks. Some blacks and African-Americans are
an I'huan-Ghan mix (like 70%-30% or 80%-20%). Some shorter blacks (like the negritoes)
are mongrels, and pygmies are a cross between I'hins and mongrels.
Oahspe Book of Wars Against Jehovih: Chapter XXI:
7. Arabin'ya had four kinds of people within her regions: the I'huans, the Listians, the I'hins, |921|
921  Recall that the I'hins, being the little sacred people, the people of spirit light, of Arabin'ya,
were of all skin colors, and this included brown I'hins and black I'hins. ||
and while I'hins were mainly white and yellow, some were darker-skinned, and these latter inhabited
Arabin'ya to such great extent, that no statistical mode regarding skin color could be stated for there.
Now post-Flood, the Lord took the I'hins to all divisions of the world (13/1.2). Could it be that the
darker-skinned I'hins, because they would suffer less from the heat, were brought to live in the
warmer climates? (Oahspe speaks later on light skin suffering from heat.) While the lighter-skinned
I'hins were brought to cooler climates? If so, we can thus perceive a cause for darker-skinned
people in the warmer zones. If we compare the people around the world in the time world-wide
exploration began (circa 1500's c.e.), in general, those with darker skins would be found in more
abundance in the warmer climates, while in the temperate zones, those with comparatively
lighter skins would predominate.
Summary Table of Skin Color Modes*
Region---- I'hin Color--Druk Color--I'huan Color 6000 bk--Man's Color c 300 bk
Arabin'ya--all colors----brown-------reddish copper---------darkish
I'hins; and Arabin'ya had brown druks but I'hins of all skin colors including dark (24/24.5; 25/21.1,9; 25/24.15).
Yet around the time of world exploration (1500's;  c. 350--250 bk), the Jaffethans, Par'si'e'ans and Guatamans,
all had lighter skin colors, in general, than the Arabin'yans. Since in 6000 bk, all the mentioned regions had
similar colored I'huans, besides brown or black druks, this suggests that the later Arabin'yans had darker
skins because their I'hin forebears were darker skinned than I'hins elsewhere.
Thus the difference in skin color of the darker Arabin'yans would seem to come from the relative
abundance of dark-skinned I'hins.
In conclusion, from the evidence presented, the many dark-skinned Africans owe their dark skin
color chiefly to the dark-skinned I'hins. As to the druks' contribution to color, there is nothing in
Oahspe to suggest it was more than other regions; in fact, 27/21.7 suggests it could be less. So
while all people today have I'hin heritage in them, in those mortals with dark skins, should we
not consider contribution from the dark-skinned I'hins? --ed
Oahspe says Abraham was a pure I'huan (Oahspe First Book of God 8:7) So if Abraham was a
pure I'huan and most of the over 50% or over 60% facial recognition matches to Abraham are
Sub-Saharan Blacks or African-Americans, then Sub-Saharan Blacks or African-Americans are
also I'huans (not Druks). According to Oahspe Moses was also a "pure" blood I'huan, if
most of the highest facial recognition matches (over 75%) to Moses are African black,
African-American, or mulatto, then Blacks and African-Americans are I'huans (not Druks).
The same applies to Ka'yu and Thothma (most of the over 50% facial recognition matches
to Ka'yu and Thothma are Caucasians) to Ghans.
Zarathustrians were the I'huan race, and the Ghans.
OAHSPE: Book of God's Word CHAPTER XVI:
3. And these people took the name of Zarathustrians, in contradistinction from the
Parsi'e'ans. Nevertheless, they were the I'huan race, and the Ghans.
"an I'huan on the I'hin side" = a ghan (I'huan-I'hin cross, 56.25% Asu and 43.75% angel)
or an I'huan with recent I'hin ancestry.
Recent I'hin ancestry = 1 grandparent I'hin, 3 grandparents I'huans = 59.375 Asu and
40.625 angel = borderline I'huan or Ghan.
Recent I'hin ancestry = 1 great-grandparent I'hin, 7 great-grandparents I'huans =
7 x 37.5 = 262.5 + 50 = 312.5 / 8 = 39.0625% angel
7 x 62.5 = 437.5 + 50 = 487.5 / 8 = 60.9375% Asu
60.9375 Asu and 39.0625 angel = I'huan. 37.5/39.0625 = 96% I'huan, 60.9375/62.5
= 97.5% I'huan.
"pure blood I'huan" = 95% to 100% I'huan.
Asu only carried alleles (G,G) for dark brown or black skin.
The first generation I'hins carried two different alleles (A,G) for skin color, one allele (A),
from the hosts of Sethantes for white and yellow skin, and one allele (G) for dark brown
and black skin from Asu. The second generation I'hins had 3 different Genotypes, (A,A) for
white and yellow skin, (A,G) for copper brown skin and (G,G) for dark brown or black skin.
About 80% of the I'hins were of the (A,A) genotype with white or yellow skin (phenotype).
About 15% of the I'hins had the (A,G) genotype for copper brown skin. About 5% of the
I'hins had the (G,G) genotype for dark brown or black skin. These percentages are based on
and almost identical to the modern rs7294919 (TT, CT, CC) genotypes in the human population.
Most or all of the I'hins on the continent of Pan with the (G,G) genotype got on the Ham fleets
of ship and sailed to the horn of East Africa. Those I'hins with the (G,G) genotype and dark
brown or black skin bred with copper colored or dark brown I'huans to produce dark brown
and black skinned Ghans in Sub-Sahara Africa, Arabia, Persia, and India.
According to Oahspe Taes in past cycles (such as Moses and Capilya) have been selected from
a race of slaves or those at the bottom of the caste system.
OAHSPE Book of the Arc of Bon
Oahspe Book of the Arc of Bon.: Chapter I:
6. To the angels God said: By inspiration and otherwise, lead ye man and woman together as husband and wife,
to the profit of the voice of God. Raise me up a man that can hear me, for I will deliver the Father's chosen.
7. The angels of God, half a million of them, then came down to the earth. The angel, Hirattax, was commander over
them. He divided his angel hosts into groups, and allotted to them certain places in the land of Vind'yu, where
they were to dwell and to labor.
8. In those days the Faithists were known by the names: Vede, and Parsi'e, and Hiyah, and Syiattahoma,
beside various other names of less note.
9. In some places they were slaves, in other places serfs, and in still other places hid away in wildernesses
and amongst the mountains; being non-resistant and timorous, having suffered great persecution by
the idolators of Dyaus and other false Gods and Lords.
[Suffering persecution and slavery by the idolators of Dyaus, De'yus, or Zeus.
Dyauṣ Pitā (द्यौष्पितृ / Dyauṣpitṛ), literally "Sky Father" is the ancient sky god of Vedic pantheon, consort
of Prithvi Mata "Earth Mother" and father of the chief deities of the Rigveda, Agni (Fire),Indra, and Ushas (Dawn).
He is mainly considered in comparative philology as a last remnant of the chief god of Proto-Indo-European religion.[1] 
The name Dyauṣ Pitā is exactly parallel to the Greek Zeus Pateretymologically, and closely related to Latin Jupiter.
Both Dyauṣ and Zeus reflect a Proto-Indo-European *Dyeus. Based on this reconstruction, the widespread opinion
in scholarship since the 19th century has been that Indra had replaced Dyaus as the chief god of the early Indo-Aryans. 
Persecuted by the idolators of Zeus or Jupiter, the "Sky Father" of the Indo-European religion or the Indo-Aryans of the
Caste system. This was a Anthro-po-morphic God (in the image of a man, the image of the Beast)Notice how the
name Jesus in Spanish (Latin derivative) is pronounced Je-Zeus (Hey-Zeus, calling Zeus or De'yus). The Norse religion
counterpart of Dyaus and Zeus was the Sky Father God Odin. Looeamong took over the title of Zeus. Spanish, like Italian,
French, etc., is a romance language. That means that it evolved from the language of the Romans, Latin.]
Chapter II
1. THESE are the generations of the scattered tribes, contributory to the bringing forth of Capilya:
2. In Brahma, begotten of the Lord, Hathiv, who begat Runoad, who begat Yaid, who begat Ovarana, who
begat Chesam, who begat Hottaya, who begat Riviat, who begat Dhor, who begat Avra, who begat Lutha,
who begat Jaim, who begat Yanhad, who begat Vravishaah, who begat Hoamya, who begat Wotcha, who
begat Saratta, who begat Hriviista, who begat Samatrav, who begat Gatonat, who begat Thurin, who begat
Vrissagga, who begat Hesemwotchi, who begat Ratha, who begat Yoshorvat, who begat Capilya.
3. Know ye, then, the way of God through his holy angels, and profit ye in the light of his revelations.
4. Capilya was a natural born iesu; and also a natural born su'is and sar'gis.
9. When Capilya's mother was pregnant, the angels of Jehovih, under the archangel Hirattax, stood guard
over her, thinking holy thoughts night and day, whereby the mother's soul ran constantly to heavenly things.
10. And when Capilya was born, behold, Hirattax appointed a host of one hundred and forty-four angels
to be with the child day and night. Into four watches of six hours each, divided he the guardian angels.
11. So the angels of God taught Capilya from the time of his birth, and he became wise above all other children.
14. By the laws of Hafghanistun, the oldest male heir succeeded to the throne; but in case the king had no
male heir, then the king's oldest brother's male heir succeeded to the throne. Therefore, every king desired
a son, but Yokovrana was frustrated by the plans of the loo'is, the angels of Jehovih.
15. For Hirattax, chief loo'is, had said: I will not only raise up an heir to Thee, Jehovih; but I will have dominion
over Thy enemies, to Thine own glory. ...
16. And in those days, whoso was of the seed of the worshippers of the Great spirit, Ormazd, was outlawed
in receiving instruction. So that the chosen, the Faithists, were held in ignorance, lest a man of learning might
rise up amongst them and deliver them. And the angel of Jehovih foresaw that Capilya should be a learned man,
and acquainted with the cities and the royal Council....
Fearing that black literacy would prove a threat to the slave system whites in the Deep South passed laws forbidding slaves to learn to read or write and making it a crime for others to teach them.
Blacks were denied the right to read and were punished for reading:
Chapter IV
1. THE word of Jehovih (Ormazd) came to Capilya, saying: Son of heaven, hear thou the Voice of the
Ever Present! Capilya asked: How sayest Thou? The Ever Present?
2. Jehovih (Ormazd) said: Behold Me; I am not of the king's laws; I am the Maker of kings. They have
made a law against Me, the Ever Present. They have scattered My people.
They have denied My people the right to obtain knowledge.
3. Capilya said: Mine eyes and ears have proved these things. What shall Thy servant do?
4. Jehovih said: Thou shalt deliver the slaves unto freedom, and provide them places to dwell together,
according to the laws of the ancients.
5. Capilya said: O Ormazd (Jehovih), why hast Thou put this upon me, Thy servant? Why gavest
Thou not such matters into the hands of the Vrix?
6. Jehovih said: Thou art thyself of the race of Faithists, and have been prepared for this labor
from the time of thy birth.
13. The nurse said: Patience, O prince! I am of a race that owneth only One King, the Ever Present!
Respect me, therefore, till thou hast learned the whole truth. The angels of Ormazd came to me
before thy birth, saying: Alas, the Chosen People are persecuted and abused, scattered and
despised; but because they are faithful and most virtuous, the Ever Present will come and deliver
them. Then I said unto the angels: What is this matter to me? Behold, I am myself but a servant,
and can do nothing.
14. Then the angel answered, saying: Thou shalt have a son, and shalt call his name Capilya; and
he shall be the deliverer of thy people. For which purpose he shall receive great learning. But
because great learning is denied to thy people, thy son shall be adopted by the queen, and the king,
believing it is his own son, will render unto the child learning and power also.
Chapter V
3. So Capilya went to Tibethkilrath, where were assembled more than seven hundred Faithists; and
they feared him, saying to one another: Is this not some one sent of the king to entrap us?
4. But when Capilya beheld they feared him, he said unto them: He who hath faith in Ormazd feareth
nothing in heaven or earth. For the Father appointeth a time unto all peoples; nor can they make it
more or less. Throtona, one of the rab'bahs, said unto Capilya: Art thou indeed one of us? Capilya said:
Because I am as I am, I cannot answer thee. If I say I am of thy race, then will not thy people be restored
to liberty; for I would suffer death, being a teacher of thy people. If I say I am not of thy race, then thy
people will not have faith in me.
5. I say unto thee, I am but a man, even as thou art; neither am I pure and good; for there is but One pure,
the Creator. Therefore, put thy faith in Jehovih, and wherein my words and labors are good, render unto me
even as to any other man, nor more nor less. And yet, even as thou believest in the Ever Present, so do I;
as thou believest not in a man-God, so do not I.
6. Are not all men brothers, and created by the same Spirit? Because the kings acknowledge not this doctrine,
they persecute and outlaw thy race. To restore thy people, who are my people also, am I sent into the world.
My labor is now upon me; and for that purpose am I here with thee and thy people.
7. This land, around about, I bequeath unto the Faithists; and they shall settle here and till the soil, and reap
the harvests, and shall not be driven away. And in time to come I will provide teachers, and the Faithists
shall have the right to obtain knowledge.
False Gods who want to be worshipped and who want to control others and have broken away
from the Great Spirit inspire certain people on earth to go forth and conquer and indoctrinate
other people for the false God's selfish (Satan) purpose. False Gods inspire (use) idol worshippers
instead of those who worship the Great Spirit.
Above illustration shows 3 fleets of Ihins (Jaffeth, Yista, Guatama) from the sunken continent of Pan in
the Pacific Ocean that landed in East Asia and central America. 
EA-WAH-TAH, a North American, cotemporaneous with Po, Abram, and Brahma. He was
taller than any other man, with a bright shining face of copper. He established amongst the
North Americans of his time the worship of the Great Spirit, and his doctrines are still held
by most of the tribes of North American Indians,
Oahspe Book of Cpenta-Armij, Daughter of Jehovih: Chapter IV:11
In Guatama I have raised up a man named Eawahtah, an I'huan of the I'hin side, of grade ninety-five.
Closest celebrity look-alike matches (in data base at the time) to Native American Ea-Wah-Tah on pictriev.
23andme groups East Asian & Native American Ancestry DNA together.
The highest (over 50%) facial recognition matches to Ea-wah-tah are East Asian
(and Sami Finland) & Native American.
Eawahtah (GUATAMA) facial recognition matches:
Ea-wah-tah and Ollokut brother to Cheif Joseph 66%
Ea-wah-tah and Masano Takeshi Japanese man 66%
Ea-wah-tah and Lu Yi Chinese actor 62%
Ea-wah-tah and Apache Indian woman 62%
Ea-wah-tah and White Bear Crow Indian 59%
Ea-wah-tah and Xian Lim Chinese-Filipino actor 59%
Ea-wah-tah and Finland Sami man 59%
Ea-wah-tah and Jim Velasques (Shoshone) 55%
Ea-wah-tah and Cheif Crazy Horse 52%
Ea-wah-tah and Don Cheadle 49%
Ea-wah-tah and Michael James 2 45%
Ea-wah-tah and Vernon Wobchal 45%
Ea-wah-tah and Glenn Kendell 39%
Ea-wah-tah and Walter Russell 36%

Ea-wah-tah and rapper Chingy 35%
Ea-Wah-Tah and Susan Martinez 33%
Ea-wah-tah and Albert Einstein 2 30%
Ea-wah-tah and Selah Shalom 30%
Ea-wah-tah and Haile Selassie 30%
Ea-wah-tah and Cro-magnon man 30%
Ea-wah-tah and Konnie Huq 30%
Ea-wah-tah and Modern Persian middle east man 30%
Ea-wah-tah and Mukunda 30%
Ea-wah-tah and Bahá'u'lláh 27%
Ea-wah-tah and Nordic man 25%
Ea-wah-tah and Christian Bale 20%
ZARATHUSTRA, (Zoa-raaster),
erroneously called Zoraaster, a Persian lawgiver who lived in the cycle of Fragapatti,
eight thousand nine hundred years ago, the farthest back of all historical characters.
Both Budhist and Christian religions are said to be made up chiefly from the history
and miracles of Zarathustra. It was to obliterate such history that Coatulus, a
Christian priest, burned the Alexandrian Library in the year 390. And for the same
purpose, and more effectually, did three Christian monks again burn it in the year 640.
Zarathustra was of enormous size, and of neither sex, being an i-e-su.
Top facial recognition match to Zarathustra:
Zarathustra and Guy Oseary Israeli American 84%.
Abraham and Guy Oseary Israeli American 30%
Capilya and Guy Oseary Israeli American 49%
Brahma and Guy Oseary Israeli American 39%
Ea-wah-tah and Guy Oseary Israeli American 25%
Guy Oseary/Ethnicity
Jewish people
Guy Oseary, an Ashkenazi  (European) Jew from Israel.
List of Israeli Ashkenazi Jews
Other industries
Guy Oseary – talent agent, businessman, investor, and music manager; founder
of Maverick Records; personal music manager of American entertainer Madonna

Above Betaface facial recognition and race of Zarathustra and Sakaya of Oahspe.
race asian = Persian or south central asian.
race white = Indo-Aryan, noble caste, born prince of Northern India/Himalayan.
Sakaya was born a prince, as commanded of Jehovih.

Highest facial recognition match to Sakaya, Thaao Penghlis 78%:
Thaao Penghlis was born and raised in Sydney, Australia to Greek parents ...

Over 1500 photographs and portraits of people of different ethnic groups or
tribes were matched to the portraits below:
Abraham facial recognition match results:
Out of 47 people who matched the highest (over 50%) to Abraham 38 are African-American,
Sub-Saharan African, Black African, or Afro-Arab or Afro-Latin-American with significant
Sub-Saharan ancestry, 8 are European. 1 is West-South Asian (Turkish-Kurdish-Iranian-Persian).

Thutmosis III was the sixth Pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty. (c. 1543–1292 BC) during the Arc of Bon cycle and the time of Moses. 
Capilya facial recognition results:
Out of 40 people who matched the highest (over 50%) to Capilya 18 are African-American or Sub-Saharan,
or Black African and 11 are West or South Asian11 are European (2 Hispanic).
Brahma facial recognition results:
Out of 52 people who matched the highest (over 50%) to Brahma 23 are of European ancestry, 17 are
African-American or Sub-Saharan, 12 are of West, South Asian, or North African ancestry. The
European ancestry includes European Jewish.

Surprise: Ashkenazi Jews Are Genetically European - Live Science

Debate on European Jews' origin settled? - Israel Jewish Scene ...

Jews of European origin are a mix of ancestries, with many hailing from tribes in the Caucasus who converted to Judaism.
"2002 Center for Genetic Anthropology study of nine geographically separated Jewish groups.
It found that most Ashkenazi Jewish women appear to be descended from non-Jewish Europeans."
- Page 218 of ABRAHAM'S CHILDREN Race, Identity, and the DNA of the Chosen People 2007 by Jon Entine.
Above Betaface facial recogniton and race match of Hasidic and Ashkenazi Jews.
Joshu has been erroneously called Jesus.
like Ka'yu and Sakaya was a lawgiver of sub-cycle rank. He was of Jewish birth, and also an i-e-su,
born near Jerusalem, something less than two thousand years ago. His predecessors were of the
tribe called Esseneans, or non-resistants. He labored to bring the Jews back to their pristine purity.
He was a severe preacher, denounced by the people as a blasphemer, and was stoned to death in
Jerusalem. He also taught the doctrine of one Great Spirit only. In the Christian New Testament it
has been supposed that the so-called Sermon on the Mount is a plagiarism on Joshu's teachings,
gotten up by the Ecumenical Council under the direction of the emperor Constantine.
Top Joshu matches over 60%:
3 of the top 7 are Ethiopian or African-American.
3 of the top 7 are of Portuguese or Brazilian descent.
The image below is also suppose to be the portrait of Joshu drawn by John Ballou Newbrough.
The portrait below looks more African or Ethiopian than Portuguese (the hair is thicker and
more coarse looking, the lips are thicker, and the nose is wider and more rounded down and
less pointed than Keanu Reeves or Rodrigo Santoro and more like Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia
circa 1930). Unfortunately I tried to scan the portrait below (even adjusting the contrast) with
http://www.pictriev.com/fc.php but pictrieve said "face not found" (as it does many other images)
so I could not compare it to photos of people from different tribes and ethnic groups.
The three images above (Jesus-Joshu-Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia) are similar except the hair of Joshu drawn
by Newbrough (in the middle) is thicker and more coarse looking (more like wool) than the image of Jesus on
the left, and the nose of Joshu as drawn by Newbrough is wider and more rounded down and less pointed
than the image on the left (more like Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia of 1930 on the right).
Above Betaface facial recognition and race of Joshu of Oahspe. race Hispanic = Portugese, Iberian, or european, mideast
= Hebrew, Persian, arabic or afro-asiatic.
Below Betaface facial recognition of un-colored un-enhanced original Joshu portrait with familiar (family).
Betaface software recognized the racial difference in the two portraits of Joshu from Oahspe (one is the real original the other has been altered).

Betaface | Advanced face recognition
race - asian-middle-eastern, asian, african-american (black), hispanic (european), white, middle eastern, other

On the basis of autosomal polymorphic loci, it has been estimated that 60% of the Ethiopian gene
pool has an African origin, whereas ~40% is of Caucasoid derivation….
Joshu and Haile Selassie 2 86%

Betaface above doesn't have a categorie of mixed or "mulatto"

(Ethiopians 60% Negro, 40% Caucasian) it will classify somone as black or white or asian.

EgyptSearch Forums: Halie Selassie - 'I am not a Negro at all',

Haile Selassie/Menelik II : "We are caucasian" | Sports, Hip Hop ...

Selassie's speech on Spirituality - Wikisource, the free online library

Haile Selassie was a member of the Solomonic Dynasty.

What kind of a ruler was Haile Selassie? Does history depict him as one of the

good guys or as one of the bad guys?
You can say that Haile Selassie was a reformer that sought to develop the country.

He built the first university (called Haile Selassie I University, now the Addis Ababa University),

introduced modern legislation and judiciary systems, modernized the army, etc. He's a bit

of Emperor Menilik II's successor in this regard. He had a progressive view towards it and

people, especially from the older generation, fondly reminisce his reign. Compared to today,

the economy was stable and life was not hard (compared to today of course, and check the

next paragraph for context). Us current generation folks are puzzled when our elders tell us

of how cheap things were during that time. Ethiopians today would agree that there were

opportunities that we didn't make use of. Many notable achievements in the literary, artistic,

and other fields were achieved during his reign. Many old classic buildings in the capital

were made of durable quality, unlike the cheap showoffs of today. Many regard the education

of his reign as the best (with a few exceptions like history I'd argue, take a look at the next

paragraph to get the idea). He is credited for creating a conducive environment for foreign

communities that came and invested here, bringing with them skills that were needed. There

were vibrant Armenian, Italian, Arab, Greek and I believe Indian communities that were part

of Ethiopian life. He's got a big foreign policy portfolio, especially with regards to Africa,

though I don't think Ethiopians give it much thought. Sometimes it just feels that he gave

the foundation for the country to reach whatever stage it has.


Joshu and Keanu Reeves 86%

Reeves was born in BeirutLebanon, the son of Patricia Bond (née Taylor), a costume designer/performer,
and Samuel Nowlin Reeves, Jr.[4]His mother is English, from Essex, England.[5] His father, an American
from Hawaii, has Native HawaiianChinesePortuguese, and English ancestry.[6][7][8][9][10]
Joshu and Rodrigo Santoro (Brazilian actor) 86%
The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Rodrigo Santoro, best known as Xerxes in the 300 duology,
has been tapped to play the Jesus Christ in Timur Bekambetov's remake of Ben Hur.

Rodrigo Santoro é Jesus- Ben Hur - YouTube

Alves-Silva et al. (2000), for example, found that 28% of a sample of mainly “white” subjects from

Brazil were of recent African maternal ancestry, with substantial variation from region to region.

Some lineages could be readily attributed to arrivals from western Africa, which had already been

extensively sampled, but almost 50% belonged to haplogroups L1c and L3e, which are rare in

western Africa. Their presence at much higher frequencies in small west-central African data sets

suggested that the Brazilian L1c and L3e mtDNAs might be of largely west-central African origin

(see also Bandelt et al. 2001). Indeed, major sources for Brazilian slaves are thought, on the basis

of historical records, to have been Congo and Angola (e.g., Curtin 1969; Thomas 1998).

Alves-Silva et al. (2000) predicted that, when these regions were sampled for mtDNA variation,

L1c and L3e would be found at high frequencies.

Joshu and Haile Selassie 3 81%
Joshu and Walter Salles (Brazilian filmmaker) 81%

Joshu and Ahmet Kaya 4 75%
Joshu and Ahmet Kaya 2 72%:
Joshu and Yo AHD Ben Yahudah 72%
Joshu and Ben Carson 72%
Joshu and Saudi Mufti Muhammad Al Arefi 69%
Joshu and Michael James age 29 69%
Joshu and Guy Oseary 69%
Joshu and Kapil Dev 69%
Joshu and Anand Taneja South Asian man 69%
Joshu and Kurd man 69%
Joshu and Bob Dylan 66%
Joshu and Mark R Hannah 66%
Joshu and Selah Shalom 4 66%
Joshu and Kenan Imirzalioglu 2 66%
Joshu and Kurdish man Iranian 66%
Joshu and Hasidic Jewish Man 66%
Joshu and Stephen Dorff (father is Jewish) 66%
Joshu and Denzel Washington 62%
Joshu and Obrafour Ghana musician 62%
Joshu and Sebastien Chabal 62%
Joshu and Mukunda 62%
Joshu and Young Kurdish woman 62%
Joshu and northern European Jesus 62%
9 out of 26 top matches to Joshu are West or South Asian.
9 out of 26 top matches to Joshu are African-American or Sub-Saharan.

8 out of 26 top matches to Joshu are European (including European Jewish).

For Abraham-Capilya-Brahma-Zarathustra:
Keanu Reeves = 30+69+52+55 = 206
Walter Salles = 25+69+45+52 = 191
Stephen Dorff = 42+45+39+52 = 178
Rodrigo Santoro = 33+49+35+52 = 169

Ea-wah-tah facial recognition match results:
Out of 9 people who matched the highest (over 50%) to Ea-wah-tah
5 are Native American, 3 are East Asian, 1 is European (Finland Sami).
"It would make sense that African-Arabic would be more recognizable
in races since Ham, according to Oahspe,
was the prime migratory and was a multi-colored race on the planet." -
June 23, 2016 From: Michael W.

3. To Ham I allotted the foundation of the migratory tribes of the earth. And of the tribes of Ham, behold,
I selected many colors of men; whereof I fore-ordained the name Ham to stand as a living testimony to the
end of the world. For I foresaw that the time would come when the nations would look back for histories of
my peoples, and I erected certain words and signs which should be testimony in the later times of earth.
4. Of all colors (black, white, yellow, copper, red and brown) were the tribes of Ham; nevertheless, they were
I'hins (Faithists), having flat nails and short arms, and of such as desired to acquire knowledge. 
Oahspe The Lords' Fifth Book CHAPTER 5:
516  1891 Editor: Nevertheless in hundreds of years after, there came into Shem I'hins from Jaffeth who
survived thousands of years. [Also there were I'hin migrants from Ham coming into Shem. --ed.]

Why were the Israelites chosen? Because they are descendants of Abraham
Mohammed, likewise, didn't deny Abraham's chosenness. He simply claimed that Abraham was a Muslim,
and he traced Islam's descent through the Jewish Patriarch.
God began a process that would bring blessings to every inhabitant of earth
(through Abraham and his descendants). The descendants of the other prophets and
law givers in Oahspe are also chosen people (bringing blessings to every inhabitant of earth).
62% and over facial recognition matches (first 1100):
European = 13.
African-American or Sub-Saharan = 8
West or South Asian, North African = 7
African-American, Sub-Saharan, or Black = 11
West or South Asian, North African = 5
European = 2
African-American, Sub-Saharan, Black, Afro-Arab or Afro-Latin = 17
European = 5 (including European Jewish)
West or South Asian = 1
East Asian = 2
Native American = 2
African or Sub-Saharan = 0
European = 0
West or South Asian = 0
Abraham and Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV) facial recognition 52%
Capilya and Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV) facial recognition 25%
Brahma and Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV) facial recognition 27%
My use of facial recognition applies to modern humans (Homo sapiens sapiens
from Cro-Magnon to present day Homo sapiens sapiens).
They do not apply to Neanderthal or Homo erectus or Ardipithecus and Australopithecines.
Instead of palm reading I use the science of face reading based on the face drawings
by Newbrough in Oahspe and facial recognition biometric science.
Black persons are literal variations of different shades of brown as you can see from the
beautiful women portrayed below.
The I'hins of Ham (Africa) were of all colors:
OAHSPE: The Lords' Fifth Book Chapter III:
4. Of all colors (black, white, yellow, copper, red and brown) were the tribes of Ham; nevertheless,
they were I'hins (Faithists).
African-Americans come in all colors from passing for white, to high-yellow, red-bone, to brown, to black:
high yel·low 1. denoting a black person with a very light complexion.
Redbone is a term historically used in much of the southern United States to denote a
multi-racial individual or culture. In Louisiana, it also refers to a specific,
geographically and ethnically distinct group.
The Kosmon race will also come in all colors being an amalgamation of the races:
Oahspe Book of Es Chapter 20 (XX):
37. But, in this era, I come not to an exclusive people, but to the combination of all peoples
commingled together as one people. Hence, I have called this, the KOSMON ERA.
38. Henceforth, my chosen shall be of the amalgamated races, who choose Me. And these
shall become the best, most perfect of all peoples on the earth.
Oahspe Book of Es, Daughter of Jehovih: Chapter XX:
30. Lincoln's eyes were opened, and he went straight away, and proclaimed
freedom to the whole four million slaves.
33. The slaves were free!
34. Jehovih said: Let this be a testimony, that this land is the place of the
beginning of the kosmon era. There shall be no caste amongst my people.
35. Behold, I went to the Israelites, and in that day, I said: Keep yourselves
as a separate people! For I had work for them, which was to travel westward,
The Israelite [copper-colored] stock was required in the eventual colonization
of North America via Europe,
so that their spiritual I'hin descent and uncompromising monotheism --
despite its inevitable contaimination by the doctrines of the false
and warrior Gods--might be as a leaven in the coming day of Kosmon. - page 206
Spirituals (or Negro spirituals)[1][2] are generally Christian songs that were created by African slaves 
in the United States. Spirituals were originally an oral tradition that imparted Christian values while also describing the
hardships of slavery.[3]  This historic group of uniquely American songs is now recognized as a distinct genre of music.[4]
The term, "spiritual", is derived from "spiritual song", from the King James Bible's translation of Ephesians 5:19, which
says: "Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to
the Lord."[5] Slave Songs of the United States, the first major collection of Negro spirituals, was published in 1867.[6]
They originated among enslaved Africans in the United States. Slavery was introduced to the British colonies in the
early 17th century, and enslaved people largely replaced indentured servants as an economic labor force during the 17th
century. In the United States, these people would remain in bondage for the entire 18th century and much of the 19th
century. Most were not fully emancipated until the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution in 1865.
Suppression of indigenous religion.
As Africans were exposed to stories from the Bible, they began to see parallels to their own experiences. The story of
the exile of the Jews and their captivity in Babylon, resonated with their own captivity.[9]
Song of the Kosmon people:
The I'hins and later the Shepherd Kings and Israelites (copper-colored race) were kept seperate
to be used as a spiritual leaven for the other races. This leaven (amalgamation, mix-breeding)
was used in the Arc of Bon cycle in Europe, and would later be used in the Kosmon cycle for
the Kosmon race in America.
(Oahspe God's Book of Eskra 50:30-33) Now, after the fall of the great empire, Egupt, her people
migrated westward, hundreds of thousands of them, and they settled in western Uropa, where
these people married with the aborigines. Their offspring were called Druids, Picts, Gales (Gaelic),
Wales (Welsh), Galls (Gauls), and Yohans (Johns), all of which are Eguptian names, preserved to this day.
31. Now, when the Faithists were moved by the inspiration of God to have no more kings, and to flee
away from the Kriste'yan warriors, they came amongst the people above mentioned.
(The apostate Faithists married with them, and their offspring were the forefathers of those now
called, French, German, Russian and English.)
32. God, Son of Jehovih, had said: Suffer the apostates to so marry, for here will I find a way to
raise up disbelievers in the false Kriste; and they shall ultimately become believers in Jehovih only.
33. For, inasmuch as I have suffered them [the original Israelites] to become scattered, so will I
appropriate them as seed to quicken all the races of men to comprehend the All One.
30. Now after the fall of the great empire, Egupt, |1187| her people migrated westward, hundreds
of thousands of them, and they settled in western Uropa, where these people married with the
aborigines. Their offspring were called Druids, Picts, Gales (Gaelic, Celtic), Wales (Welsh),
Galls (Gauls), and Yohans (Johns), all of which are Eguptian names, preserved to this day.
1187  that is, in the years after Moses departed Egypt with the Israelites.
1553 B.C.E (beginning of the Arc of Bon, time of Moses).
Thus subtracting 3400 from 1848 we find that the date of the dawn of the Arc of Bon in common
era dating is 1553 bce. This is the time when Moses began his mission resulting in the Exodus of
the Israelite Faithists from Egypt some 4 years later. This places the date when the Israelite
Faithists left Egypt at ca 1549 bce.
1549 B.C.E = 3,397 years before Kosmon of the migration of the copper colored Israelites to
western Europe and France, Germany, Russia and England, this was before the aboriginal white
and blonde I'hins became extinct by amalgamation 3165 years ago.
an Egyptian lawgiver. He was cotemporaneous with Capilya of India and Chine of China,
living two thousand four hundred years after Abram (3400 B.K.). Moses was a large man,
Below: on the left is an Ongwee-ghan (American-Indian), on the right is an I'huan (African-American).

Moses and Habib Ali Al-Jifri of Yemen (birth) facial recognition match 88% (extremely high).
Moses and Young Haya male of the Horn of Africa facial recognition match 90% (super high):
Haya = Horn of Africa Youth Association
The Horn of Africa is a peninsula in Northeast Africa. It juts hundreds of kilometers into
the Arabian Sea and lies along the southern side of the Gulf of Aden. The area is the
easternmost projection of the African continent. The Horn of Africa denotes the region
containing the countries of Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia.

"Are ye not as children of the Ethiopians unto me, O children of Israel? saith the Lord."
(Amos 9:7 of the Bible).
Above Betaface facial recognition and race match of Moses of Oahspe. race mideast = Hebrew, arabic or afro-asiatic, or mulatto.
Above Betaface facial recogniton and race match of Haya (Horn-of-Africa-Youth-Association).
Moses and Michael James (African-American) age 29 facial recognition match 86%:

Moses and Sushanth (india) facial recognition match 86%

Moses and Shwayze (African-American rapper) facial recognition match 84%
Moses and Haile Selassie-4 facial recognition match 84%
Moses and Gautam Gambhir (New Delhi, India) facial recognition match 84%
Moses and Sebastien Chabal 9 facial recognition match 84%

Moses and Michael James 4 (age 33) facial recognition match 81%:
Moses and Mark R Hannah 3 (Black-American) facial recognition match 81%

Moses and Furious Five 4 rapper
facial recognition match 81%
Moses and Michael James (age 26) facial recognition match 81%

Highest matches to Moses :
1. Young male of the Horn of Africa (copper brown) 90%
2. Habib Ali Al-Jifri (light-brown-olive colored) 88% and 86%
3. Michael James age 29 ((brown copper colored) 86%
3. Sushanth (yellow light) 86%
5. Shwayze (dark copper brown) 84%
5. Haile Selassie 4 (light brown) 84% and 75%
5. Gautam Gambhir (light) 84%
5. Sebastien Chabal 9 (fair-beige skin) 84%
9. Michael James 4 (brown copper colored) 81% and 81%
9. James Blake (Tennis star) (light brown) 81% and 78%
9. Mark R Hannah 3 (high-yellow) 81% and 78%
9. Furious Five rapper 4 (dark brown copper) 81% and 78%
13. Ahmet Kaya 4 (fair-beige skin) 78% and 75%
13. Batwa Pygmy of Uganda (brown copper)`78% and 75%
13. Wael Abbas (light-brown with afro hair) 78% and 72%
13. Furious Five rapper 3 (high-yellow) 78%
2 of the top 4 are Sub-Saharan or African-American, 10 of the top 15 are African black, mulatto, or Sub-Saharan,
4 are South or West Asian (Arab, Kurdish, and Indian), 1 is European.
<---on left Furious Five rapper 4,
on right Furious Five rapper 3.
Below Yemeni man (72% Moses facial match) 2nd highest Yemeni to Moses after Habib Ali Al-Jifri:

"More than a third of female DNA of Yemenite Arabs traces to black Africa." - pages 332-333
of ABRAHAM'S CHILDREN Race, Identity, and the DNA of the Chosen People 2007 by Jon Entine.
Below on right: Yasser-Al-Habib the 2nd highest Arab (Kuwaiti) facial match to Moses after Habib Ali Al-Jifri:
Below top female matches to Moses:
1. Yu-tiv (Brahma's wife, India) 84%.
2. Pam Grier (African-American actress) 81%.
2. Miss Pooja (India singer) 81%.
2. Swathi (India actress) 81%.
5. Mom (African-American) 78%.

Below facial recognition matches of Batwa pygmy of Uganda, Africa to Abraham, Capilya, and Moses:

Above on right Batwa Pygmy of Uganda highest pygmy facial match to any prophet or law-giver in Oahspe.
Batwa Pygmy of Uganda had the 2nd highest male facial recognition match to Abraham.

Moses has the highest facial recognition match to a African pygmy of any
prophet or law-giver pictured in Oahspe.
Facial recognition matches to Moses (highest match from 6 individuals below):
Hasidic Jewish man = 59%
Edward Zwick (Jewish) = 55%
Guy Oseary, an Ashkenazi (European) Jew = 49%
Albert Einstein (Ashkenazi Jew) = 49%
Bob Dylan (Jewish) = 45%
Steven Spielberg (Jewish) = 36%
OAHSPE Book of Saphah - Tablet of Biene 11. Tae (Panic). A representative man ...
Also one who is chosen by etherean spirits for an earth cycle;
as Zarathustra, Abraham, Brahma, Moses, Capilya,...

Highest matches to 5 prophets/law givers (Abraham-Capilya-Brahma-Zarathustra-Moses):
1.Haile Selassie----55+81+55+75+84 = 350 (average 70).
2. Michael James --55+78+66+62+86 = 347 (average 69.4).
3. Sebastien Chabal--59+81+49+59+84 = 332 (average 66.4).
4. Mark R Hannah (Black-American) 59+62+66+59+81 = 327 (average 65.4).
5. Black Egyptian Mostafa Hefny 66-69-55-72-62 = 324 (average 64.8).
6. Shwayze---------55+59+49+72+84 = 319 (average 63.8).
7. Ahmet Kaya 4-----66+78+30+59+78 = 311 (average 62.2%).
8. Pusha-T----------42-66-81-52-69 = 310 (average 62).
9. Gautam Gambhir (New Delhi, India) 55+72+52+45+84 = 308 (average 61.6).
10. Will Rogers Master Teacher33 (59+66+59+55+66) = 305 (average 61%).
11. Selah Shalom 2 (45+66+62+59+72) = 304 (average 60.8).
11. Mustapha Farrakhan Sr---52-72-52-69-59 = 304 (average 60.8%).
13. Habib Ali Al-Jifri 55-69-42-49-88 = 303 (average 60.6).
13. Teddy Pendergrass 62+62+62+55+62 = 303 (average 60.6).
15. Obrafour-----------59+52+59+69+59 = 298 (average 59.6).
16. African-American man-66-45-55-72+55 = 291 (average 58.2).
16. Batwa Pygmy of Uganda 72+72+42+30+75 = 291 total (average 58.2%).
18. Guy Oseary-------39+59+59+84+49 = 290 (average 58).
19. Yo-AHD-Ben-Yahudah = 42+62+55+59+66 = 284 (average 56.8)
20. Denzel Washington  42+62+81+42+52 = 279 (average 55.8).
21. James Blake (Tennis) 33-69-52-45+81 = 277 (average 55.4).
21. Mukunda (45+55+59+66+52) = 277 (average 55.4).
21. Yemeni man 39+52+39+75+72 = 277 (average 55.4).
4 of the top 5 are African-American, mulatto, or Black African.
16 of the top 21 are African-American, mulatto, Black African, or
Sub-Saharan pygmy, 3 are South-West Asian or North African
(Indian, Arab, or Kurdish), 1 is European.
Facial match to Abraham-Capilya-Brahma-Zarathusta-Moses:
Young male of the Horn of Africa 30+49+49+39+90 = 257 (average 51.4).
Mustapha Farrakhan Jr. 75+45+35+52+49 = 256 (average 51.2).

Facial recognition matches (Prophets-Law givers matches to each other)
to Abraham-Capilya-Brahma-Zarathustra-Moses:
Moses = 49-84-45-39-100 = 317 (average 63.4).
Capilya = 49-100-39-27-84 = 299 (average 59.8).
Abraham = 100-49-25-45-49 = 268 (average 53.6)
Zarathustra = 45-27-39-100-39 = 250 (average 50)
Brahma = 25-39-100-39-39 = 242 (average 48.4)
Moses and Capilya are the two prophets/law-givers most alike in facial recognition match (84%).

Of the 5 prophets/law-givers, the closest matches to each other are from the Arc of Bon cycle:
1. Moses and Capilya from the Arc of Bon cycle (Lika) 3400 years B.K. to Kosmon.
Next closest matches to Moses and Capilya from the remaining prophets/law-givers:
2. Abraham and Brahma from the Arc of Speta (Cpenta Armij) 5800 years before Kosmon.
3. Zarathustra from the Arc of Dae (Fragapatti) 8900 years before Kosmon.

Capilya lived three thousand four hundred years before Kosmon [1553 BCE] in the cycle of Lika.
He was to India very similar to what Moses was to the ancient Jews.

Moses and Capilya facial recognition match 84%.
A modern Moses or Capilya frees people not from physical slavery, but from
spiritual slavery of ignorance and falsehood.
Highest matches to Capilya and Moses (two most similar prophets-law givers):
1.Haile Selassie--81+84 = 165 (average 82.5%).
1. Sebastien Chabal (French) 81+84 = 165 (average 82.5%).
3. Michael James --78+86 = 164 (average 82%).
4. Habib Ali Al-Jifri 69+88 = 157 (average 78.5%).
5. Ahmet Kaya 4 ---78+78 = 156 (average 78%).
5. Gautam-Gambhir (South Asian-Indian) 72+84 = 156
(average 78%).
7. James Blake (Tennis)-69+81 = 150 (average 75%).
7.Batwa Pygmy Uganda 72+78 = 150 (average 75%). 
9. Sushanth (South Asian-Indian) 62+86 = 148 (average 74%).
10.  Mark R Hannah (Black-American) 62+81 = 143 (average 71.5%).
11. Young Haya male of African Horn (Black-African) 49+90 = 139 (average 69.5%).
12. Selah Shalom 2 66+72 = 138 (average 69%).
13. Pusha-T 66+69 = 135 (average 67.5%).
14. Edward Zwick (Jewish) ---78+55 = 133 (average 66.5%).
15. Will Rogers Master Teacher33 66+66 = 132 (average 66%).
16. Black Egyptian Mostafa Hefny 69+62 = 131 (average 65.5%).
16. Mario (singer) - 59+72 = 131 (average 65.5%).
18. Yo-AHD-Ben-Yahudah - 62+66 = 128 (average 64%).
19. Teddy Pendergrass 62+62 = 124 (average 62%).
19. Yemeni man ----------52+72 = 124 (average 62%).
19. Kosmon Black -------52+72 = 124 (average 62%).
14 of the top 21, are African, mulatto, or black, 2 are South Asian-Indian,
2 are European (and Euro-Jewish), 2 are Arab, 1 is Kurdish.
Highest matches to Abraham and Moses
1.Batwa Pygmy of Uganda 72+78 = 150 (average 75%).
2.Ahmet Kaya 4----------66+78 = 144 (average 72%).
3.Sebastien Chabal------59+84 = 143 (average 71.5%).
3.Habib Ali Al-Jifri ---55+88 = 143
(average 71.5%).
5.Michael James --------55+86 = 141
6.Mark R Hannah ------- 59+81 = 140
7.Haile Selassie--------55+84 = 139
7.Shwayze---------55+84 = 139
7.Gautam Gambhir (India)-55+84 = 139
10.Pam Grier---------55+81 = 136
11.Mario (singer) - 59+72 = 131
Egyptian Mostafa Hefny 66+62 = 128
Mom---------------49+78 = 127
Will Rogers Master Teacher33--59+66 = 125
Sushanth (South Asian-Indian)-39+86 = 125
Teddy Pendergrass-----62+62 = 124
African-American man-66+55 = 121
Edward Zwick (Jewish) ---66+55 = 121
Serena Williams---62+59 = 121
Young Haya male of African Horn (Black-African) 30+90 = 120
Khandi Alexander--78+42 = 120
Rae Dawn Chong----75+45 = 120
Obrafour---------59+59 = 118
Selah Shalom 2---45+72 = 117
James Blake (Tennis)-35+81 = 116
Pusha-T----------42+69 = 111
Yemeni man 39+72 = 111
6 of the top 10 are Sub-Saharan African, Black, Mulatto, or African-American, ... 

The Batwa, also known as Twa, Abatwa or Ge-Sera people of the Great Lakes Region
are ancient tribe once specialists in hunting and gathering, and are said to have been
the first inhabitants of the mountainous forests of the
Rift Valley and one of the first homo sapiens in the world with Kalahari San people.
Below top 8 facial recognition matches of modern (Kosmon) people
to Batwa pygmy of Uganda, Africa:
1. Usher 92% (highest facial recognition match not same person or identical twins)
2. Serena Williams 90%
3. Mario 86%
4. Michael James and Will Rogers 75%
6. Haile Selassie 72%
7-8. Ahmet Kaya and Mark R Hannah 66%

Top facial recognition matches to Abraham-Capilya-Moses:
1.Sebastien Chabal------59+81+84 = 224 total (average 74.6%).
2.Ahmet Kaya 4----------66+78+78 = 222 total (average 74%).
2.Batwa Pygmy of Uganda 72+72+78 = 222 total (average 74%).
4.Haile Selassie--------55+81+84 = 220 total (average 73.3%).
5.Michael James --------55+78+86 = 219 total (average 73%).
6.Habib Ali Al-Jifri ---55-69-88 = 212 total (average 70.6%).
7.Gautam Gambhir (India) 55+72+84= 211 total (average 70.3%).
8.Mark R Hannah ------- 59+62+81 = 202 total (average 67.3%).
9.Egyptian Mostafa Hefny 66-69-62= 197 total (average 65.6%).
10.Teddy Pendergrass-----62+62+62 = 186 total (average 62%).
6 of the top 10 are Black, mulatto, or Sub-Saharan African, 1 is European,
2 is South-West Asian, 1 is South-Asian. 
Chabal is a member of the ‘Champions for Peace’ club, a group of 54 famous elite athletes committed to
serving peace in the world through sport, created by Monaco-based international organization Peace and Sport.
Top facial recognition matches to Capilya-Brahma-Zarathustra:

1.Haile Selassie-81+66+75 = 222 total (74% average).
2.Michael James--78+66+62 = 206 total (68.6% average).
3.Guy Oseary-----59+59+84 = 202 total
4.Pusha-T--------66+81+52 = 199 total

5.Egyptian Mostafa-69+55+72= 196 total
6.Mustapha Farrakhan Sr-72+52+69 = 193 total
7.Sebastien Chabal-81+49+59 = 189 total
8.Denzel Washington-62+81+42= 185 total
9.Obrafour-------52+59+69 = 180 total
9.Will Rogers----66+59+55 = 180 total
8 of the top 10 are Black, mulatto, or Sub-Saharan African, 2 are European.
Top facial recognition matches to Zarathustra-Moses-Joshu:
1.Haile Selassie---75+84+86 = 245 total (81.6% average).

2.Michael James----62+86+69 = 217 total (72.3% average).
3.Mufti-Muhammad-Al-Arefi-78+69+69 = 216 total
4.Guy Oseary-------84+59+69 = 212 total
5.Sebastien Chabal--59+84+66 = 209 total
5.Ahmet Kaya--------59+78+72 = 209 total
7.Rodrigo Santoro--69+52+86 = 207 total
7.Taneja South Asian man-66+72+69 = 207 total
9.Keanu Reeves------55+62+86 = 203 total
10.Mark R Hannah-----59+81+62 = 202 total
11.Yo-AHD-Ben-Yahudah-59+66+72 = 197 total
4 of the top 11 are Black, mulatto, or Sub-Saharan African,
4 are (mostly) European, 3 are South or West Asian.
Top matches to 3 (Capillya-Brahma-Moses):
1.Michael James --78+66+86 = 230 (76.6% average).
2.Haile Selassie--81+55+84 = 220 (73.3% average).
3.Pusha-T----------66+81+69 = 216
4.Sebastien Chabal-81+49+84 = 214
5.Mark R Hannah (Black-American) 62+66+81 = 209
6.Gautam Gambhir (New Delhi, India)-72+52+84 = 208
7.James Blake (Tennis)-69+52+81 = 202
8.Selah Shalom 2 -66+62+72 = 200
9.Habib Ali Al-Jifri-69+42+88 = 199
10.Denzel Washington-62+81+52 = 195
11.Shwayze---------59+49+84 = 192
12.Will Rogers Master Teacher33-66+59+66 = 191
13.Batwa Pygmy of Uganda-72+42+75 = 189
14.Young Haya male of African Horn (Black-African) 49+49+90 = 188
14.Edward Zwick (Jewish) ---78+55+55 = 188
16.Sushanth (South Asian-Indian)-62+39+86 = 187
17.Black Egyptian Mostafa Hefny 69+55+62 = 186
17.Teddy Pendergrass-62+62+62 = 186
19.Yo-AHD-Ben-Yahudah = 62+55+66 = 183
0.Mario (singer) - 59+49+72 = 180
21.Obrafour----------52+59+59 = 170
22.Kosmon Black -------52+45+72 = 169
23.Guy Oseary-------59+59+49 = 167
24.Mukunda-55+59+52 = 166
25.Yemeni man-52+39+72 = 163
26. African-American man-45+55+55 = 155
7 of the top 10 are Black, mulatto, or Sub-Saharan African,
2 are South or West Asian, 1 is European.
Most number of 1st or 2nd place facial recognition matches to individual (1)
or multiple (2,3,4,5) prophets and law-givers OR Within 3 points of top to any
single facial match to a prophet or law-giver, and within 3%
average points from top to any multiple (2,3,4,5) facial match to prophets or
Those with 2 or more first or second highest matches or within 3% of top score or average:
1.Haile Selassie (10) and Michael James (10)
3. Sebastien Chabal (3),  Ahmet Kaya (3),
4. Black Egyptian Mostafa Hefny (2), Denzel Washington (2), Guy Oseary (2),
Pusha T (2), Batwa Pygmy of Uganda (2)
5 of the top 8 are Black, mulatto, African-American, or Sub-Saharan,
2 is European, 1 is South-West Asian. 
Moses Arc of Bon Cycle Prophet/Law-giver match to Kosmon Cycle Shalam
Children New Mexico (3 highest):
Out of 10 Shalam Colony children the highest facial recognition match to Moses was the only black child.

2nd Highest facial recognition match to any prophet-law-giver is 88% by Habib Ali Al-Jifri
Habib Ali Zain al-Abidin al-Jifri is a Sufi Islamic scholar and spiritual educator located in the United Arab Emirates.
He is the founder of Tabah Foundation, a research institute based in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Ethnicity, Arab.
Habib Ali Zain al-Abidin al-Jifri was born in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on 16 April 1971[6]
(20th Safar 1391 AH) to parents who hail from the Hadhramaut valley in Yemen. His ancestral roots return to the city of 
Tarim. Al-Jifri is a direct descendant of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, through his grandson Hussein.[7]- Wikipedia
Tarim (Arabic: تريم‎‎ tarīm) is a historic town situated in the Hadhramaut Valley of South Yemen, South Arabia. 
Tarim is widely acknowledged as the theological, juridical, and academic center of the Hadhramaut Valley.
An important focus of Islamic learning, it is estimated to contain the highest concentration of
 descendants of the Islamic prophet Muhammad(sayyids) anywhere in the world.[1]
Yemeni ethnic groups are predominantly Arab, followed by Afro-Arabs, South Asians
and Europeans.[284] Ethnic groups 
Moses and Habib Ali Al-Jifri facial recognition match 88%
Moses and Habib Ali Al-Jifri facial recognition match 86%
Moses and James Blake 4 (Tennis star) facial recognition match 81%

Blake was born in Yonkers, New York, to an African American father Thomas Reynolds Blake
and a British mother Betty.[3]
Moses and Wael Abbas facial recognition match 78%
Wael Abbas is an internationally renowned Egyptian journalist, blogger, and human rights activist, who blogs at Misr Digital.
He reported an incident of mob harassment of women, and broadcast several videos of police brutality. Wikipedia

Wael Abbas (African-Arab) photo 7 above
What the DNA says : Present-day Egyptians are, by blood, about 60% Eurasian, like
the Arabs who took over their country, and 40% black African.
60% Eurasian and 40% black African is like an African-American mulatto.

Stately Procession
Matches to Abraham-Capilya-Brahma-Zarathustra:
Black-Egyptian-Mostafa-Hefny (3 photos) 66-69-55-72 = 262 (65.5 average). * Highest total.
Habib Ali Al-Jifri 55-69-42-49 = 215 (average 53.7)
James Blake (Tennis) 33-69-52-45 = 196 (average 49)

<---Black Egyptian Mostafa Hefny
Matches to Abraham-Capilya-Brahma:
Black-Egyptian-Mostafa-Hefny (3 photos) 66-69-55 = 190 (63.3 average). * 3rd highest total.
Habib Ali Al-Jifri 55-69-42 = 166 (average 55.3)
James Blake (Tennis) 33-69-52 = 154 (average 51.3)

Loo'is angels are masters of genetics and are involved in human DNA Fusion of two alleles
into one genotype (C;C) to produce gifted children, geniuses, mystics, and messengers.
Oahspe Book of the Arc of Bon Chapter II:
16. ... And the angel of Jehovih foresaw that Capilya should be a learned man,...
The hippocampus is a critical brain structure involved in learning and memory.
Hippocampus symbol in Oahspe:
Oahspe Book of Sapah Plate - TABLET OF BIENE
13. Yi (Panic). A hollow crescent. Emblem of wisdom.
Cavities occasionally found within the hippocampus during routine clinical magnetic
resonance imaging (MRI)...vestigial hippocampal sulcus were resolved as single,
crescent-shaped structures...normal cavities within the hippocampus.
the natural ability to understand things that most other people cannot understand.
a :  accumulated philosophic or scientific learning :  knowledge
b :  ability to discern inner qualities and relationships :  insight .
Oahspe Book of the Arc of Bon Chapter II:
11. So the angels of God taught Capilya from the time of his birth, and he became
wise above all other children. Capilya = Capella = Aryaman, or Airyaman, of the
Rig Veda = genius = wise above all other children. Loo'is: Angels who provide the
pre-natal condition for such mortal births as are designed for special work by the Gods
or Lords. pre-natal = before birth; during or relating to pregnancy.
Cosmic Consciousness.
DNA Awareness. - DNA Fusion [joining two or more things together to form a single entity]
joining two or more things together = joining two alleles to form a single genotype = ((C;C)
One of the primary goals of the Loo'is angels is to introduce certain genotypes and SNPs
with the C allele into the human population and to increase their frequency.
OAHSPE: Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter X:8
Not all persons can attain to this; but some are born closely allied to it.
"some are born closely allied to it" = in your DNA data.
Page 238 of The Hidden Prophet by Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D. :
In a follow-up letter to Bates JB [John Newbrough] would add:
In our own little gatherings we ...intend to practice the last book in Oahspe "Jehovih's
Kingdom on earth." We are shaping for that work. In our meetings now we are learning ancient rites,
as in Saphah ...OAHSPE BOOK OF JUDGMENT V:23 "Whereas, many who have forsaken the rites
and ceremonies in search of HIGHER LIGHT, are more to the way of Jehovih." Cosmic Consciousness
or Etherealization = HIGHER LIGHT (your Highest Light, direct inspiration) taught by Tae.
Top facial recognition matches to John Ballou Newbrough:
1. David Cameron (
the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from May 2010 to July 2016. Wikipedia) 88%
2. Dan Abrams (chief legal affairs anchor ABC News - host of 60 Days In and Live PD on A&E cable network. Wikipedia) 86%
2. Jim Demint (U.S. Senator from South Carolina - 2005 to 2013. Republican Party - leading figure in Tea Party.Wikipedia) 86%.

2. Nathan Scott (fictional character from CW television series One Tree Hill, portrayed by James Lafferty. Wikipedia) 86%.
All  4 highest facial recognition matches to John Newbrough are European, Caucasian or white.
Racial classifications below are based on drawings and text in Oahspe, facial recognition matches of modern people
to portraits of prophets and law-givers in Oahspe, DNA studies, and fossil record.

Modern races of Man in Oahspe:

1. I'huans cross between I'hins and Druks:

Copper-colored brown I'huans, Black people or African-Americans.


2. Caucasian Ghans cross between I'huans and I'hins:

White Ghans


3. Mongoloid Ongwee-ghans cross between I'huans and I'hins:

Native-American and East-Asian Ghans

Y-Chromosome DNA Haplogroups
P - Believed to have originated in Eurasia 35,000 to 45,000 years ago, it's found throughout
Europe and in almost all the indigenous peoples of the Americas.
Q - Links Asia and the Americas. Found in northern and central Asian populations as well as in
Native Americans. Believed to have orginated in central Asia 15,000 to 20,000 years ago and
migrated through northern Eurasia into the Americas. - Page 361 of ABRAHAM'S CHILDREN Race,
Identity, and the DNA of the Chosen People, 2007 by Jon Entine.

DNA Shows North American Indians Related to Ancestral European People

4a. Pygmies and San people, Druk-I'huan mix crossed with I'hin or Ghan-druk mix crossed with I'hins:

 African pygmies (Twa-Mbuti-Efe) and San Bush-people (Kalahari). Shortest most ancient people still around.


4b. Caucasian-Mongoloid-Negrito Mongrels, Druk-I'huan mix crossed with I'hin or Ghan druk mix crossed with I'hins:

Short dark Negrito Mongrels, includes Australoid.


5.  Kosmon mixed black asian caucasian race:

Kosmon race amalgamation (mixed I'huan-Ghan-Mongrel).


Extinct races of Man (hominins) in Oahspe:

6. Homo-erectus, Homo-heidelbergensis, Druk and Yak Ground People cross between Asu and I'hins or Druks and Asu:

Tall dark brown and black Druk and Yak Ground People


7. I'hin sons and daughters of the hosts of Seth-antes, cross between neoteny Ethereans and Asu:

Albino blonde blue eyed short Neoteny I'hins


8. Ardipithecus ramidus Asu the first hominin:

Asu Adam Ardipithecus the first hominin.


I'hin = 50% Angelic, 50% Asu.
50% in quantity but not quality.
Kosmon has a lower quantity (40-45%) Angelic DNA, but has a HIGHER QUALITY.
African Pygmies and San people:
3/4 I'hin and 1/8 I'huan, and 1/8 Druk = 45.3125% Angelic, 54.6875% Asu.
Negritos, Mongrels:
1/2 I'hin, and 1/4 Ghan, 1/4 Druk = 42.1875% Angelic, 57.8125% Asu.
Ghan = 43.75% Angelic, 56.25% Asu.
I'huan = 37.5% Angelic, 62.5% Asu
37.5 / 62.5 = 0.6
The absolute value of this quantity (≈ 0.618) corresponds to the length ratio taken in reverse
order (shorter segment length over longer segment ...
Druk = 25% Angelic. 75% Asu
Yak = 12.5% Angelic, 87.5% Asu
Asu = 0% Angelic, 100% Earthly
OAHSPE: First Book of the First Lords CHAPTER I.
4. And the name of the first race was Asu (Adam), because they were of the earth only;
Above drawing of Ardipithecus ramidus the first hominin fossil face to face with drawing of Asu the first race of man in Oahspe.
Above Orthographic projection of Ardipithecus face to Asu face showing similarities in facial design and proportions.
Above forensic reconstruction drawing of Ardipithecus ramidus and Asu drawing in Oahspe by John Ballou Newbrough
both showing 45 degree slope of forehead using Isosceles Triangle (90, 45, 45).

Cro          magnon 2
Above forensic facial reconstruction of Upper Paleolithic (Cro-Magnon) man from Oberkassel
(Bonn Germany) dating to 13-14 thousand years before present. Forensic facial reconstruction
done by Mikhail Mikhaylovich Gerasimov who was a renowned Soviet archaeologist and
anthropologist that developed the first technique of forensic sculpture based on findings
of anthropology, archaeology, paleontology, and forensic science.
13-14 thousand years ago = before the Ghans (Caucasians) of Europe and before Northern
Europeans skin turned pale (6 to 12 thousand years ago). It is possible that between 15,000
and 10,000 years ago Cro-Magnons in Europe may have had a mixture of I'huan and Ghan
features due to the fact that the dates for Cro-Magnon fossils are approximate and the exact
dates for when the first Ghans appeared in Europe are not known.
Cro-Magnons or I'huans first appeared in Europe about 43-45,000 years ago, they were brown skinned or
copper colored. About 12,000 to 11,000 years ago I'huans in Europe began interbreeding with I'hins
(who were white and yellow) and this produced the Ghans in Europe who were pale skinned. About
the same time (between 12,000 and 10,000 years ago) Ghans migrating west from China reached Europe.
"the jaffetic (china) faithists who kept migrating west, eventually to asia minor and Europe, when their lands (like Gobi) began to
dry out. less than 10,000 years ago, these people began the main stock of Europeans." - November 27, 2016 Susan Martinez, Ph.D
(Anthropology, and Oahspe expert).
The Jaffeth fleet (of the arc of Noe) landed in China 24,000 years before Kosmon (1848) . About 14,000 years ago I'hins in China
breed with I'huans to produce a race of Ghans. The Jaffeth Ghans migrated west to Asia Minor, the Caucasus region amd Europe
and began the main racial stock of Europeans (Caucasian peoples).
Oahspe The Lord's Fourth Book
Cycle of Thor = 15400 years B.K. - 12200 years B.K. B.K. = Before Kosmon (1848).
Oahspe The Lord's Fourth Book: Chapter II:
11. Then spake God to the people of Jaffeth, saying: Behold, there are two other countries inhabited by kin of your kin,
flesh of your flesh, and they are Ghans also. And they speak and write with Panic words, even as ye do.
12. The Jaffeth'yans said: How far are the two other countries? Where are they?
13. The Lord said: Gather together a thousand men and women, and I will lead you to your brethren, whose forefathers
were also saved from the flood; saved by the sacred little people, the I'hins. Provide ye in all things requisite for a j
ourney of four years, and I will lead you.
14. The Jaffeth'yans obeyed God, and provided themselves as commanded; into two companies of a thousand each
equipped they themselves and started for Ham and Shem.
Being the oldest known modern humans (Homo sapiens sapiens) in Europe, the Cro-Magnons 
were from the outset linked to the well-known Lascaux cave paintings and the Aurignacian culture,
the remains of which were well known from southern France and Germany.

Cro-Magnon - Wikipedia

Modern man = Cro-Magnon man = I'huan.
Mikhail Gerasimov: Facial Reconstructions From the Crania
Upper Paleolithic (Cro-Magnon) man from Oberkassel
"This a typical Cromagnon”.
Mikhail Mikhaylovich Gerasimov was a renowned Soviet archaeologist and anthropologist who developed the first technique of forensic
sculpture based on findings of anthropology, archaeology, paleontology, and forensic science. Wikipedia
The very light skin tone found in modern Northern Europeans is a relatively recent phenomenon,[39] and may
have appeared in the European line as recently as 6 to 12 thousand years ago indicating
Cro-Magnons had brown skin.[40] Sequencing of finds of the late post-ice-age hunter-gatherer populations
in Europe indicate that some Cro-Magnons likely had blue eyes and dark hair, and an "olive"
complexion.[41][42] A small ivory bust of a man found at Dolní Věstonice and dated to 26,000 years
indicates the Cro-Magnons had straight hair, though the somewhat later Venus of Brassempouy 
may show wavy or curly hair, possibly braided.
Cro-Magnon = I'huans (cross between druks and I'hins) = copper colored (light to dark brown skin):

Below facial recognition matches to forensic facial reconstruction of Cro-Magnon man (I'huan):
Below facial recognition matches (of the highest Black/Caucasian/East-Asian/Native-American
matches to prophets and law-givers) to the Cro-Magnon man (I'huan):
D.B. Woodside facial recognition match to Cro-Magnon man:
Ricky-Martin (Puerto Rican) on right facial recognition match to Cro-Magnon man:
Paul logan (on right) facial recognition match to Cro-Magnon man:

Lamman Rucker (on right) facial recognition match to Cro-Magnon man:
Batwa pygmy of Uganda on right facial recognition match to Cro-Magnon man:

African Mali man facial recognition match to Cro-Magnon man:
Young Haya Male of the Horn of Africa facial recognition match to Cro-Magnon man:
Mustapha Farrakhan Jr. (African-American) facial recognition match to Cro-Magnon man:
Ollokut (Native American) brother of Cheif-Joseph facial recognition match to Cro-Magnon man:
Sebastien Chabal (french) facial recognition match to Cro-Magnon man:
Rodrigo Santoro (brazilian portuguese) facial recognition match to Cro-Magnon man:
Spencer Breslin (American Irish and English ancestry) facial recognition match to Cro-magnon man:
Albert Einstein (German Ashkenazi Jewish) facial recognition match to Cro-Magnon man:
Nordic-Man (on right) facial recognition match to Cro-Magnon man:

Masano Takeshi (Japanese) facial recognition match to Cro-Magnon man:
Above Betaface facial recognition classifies Cro-magnon man as black race and African-Americans as asian or "Asiatic" race.

I'huans were in Europe before the Ghans (Caucasians and Mongoloids).
Above from left to right: Neanderthal Druk, Cro-Magnon I'huan, I'hin and I'huan of Oahspe.
Notice in the illustration above the Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal have dark, brown skin.  Cro-Magnons had brown skin.[40
I'HUAN. Half-breed between I'hins and druks. The copper-colored race.
(Oahspe The Lords' Third Book 2:2-6) ...And they had long hair, black and coarse; but their skin was brown, copper-colored;
Below is a European Ghan (about 9,000 years before Kosmon):
The Birth of the Caucasian Race
Cro-Magnon was not The Original White Man. He was a Middle Easterner – an Arab-Iranian type.
The early genesis of the Caucasoid race involved a large injection of Asian genes from Mongolia,
Siberia and East Turkestan. This occurred about 40-45,000 years and represents about 2/3 of the
proto-Caucasian genetic line (Bowcock 1991). These proto-East Asians probably looked something
like Aborigines or possibly Ainu. Modern NE Asians do not appear until about 9,000 years ago.
Before that, all Asians looked like Aborigines, Melanesians, or Ainus. As noted above, the modern
European phenotype also only appears 10,000 years ago. So both modern Whites and modern East Asians
only go back 10,000 years, to the Last Glacial Maximum. All humans had dark skin until 10,000 years ago.
It seems Oahspe's story of the origins of the Caucasian race (from East Asia) and the time period
(about 10,000 years ago) fits the DNA and fossil record that was not known by earth man at the
time Oahspe was written (genetic haplogroup evidence didn't come about until the late 20th or
early 21st Century). More facts and evidence that backs up and authenticates the truth of Oahspe.
Below Japanese and Chinese men Betaface facial recognition and race classification:

Betaface | Advanced face recognition
race - asian-middle-eastern, asian, african-american (black), hispanic (european), white, middle eastern, other

Betaface facial recogniton software classifies what Oahspe would call I'huan as "asian" or Asiatic, or "black" race.
Betaface facial recogniton software classifies what Oahspe would call Listian (Shepherd Kings) as "mideast" race.
Betaface facial recogniton software classifies what Oahspe would call Ghan as "white", "hispanic", or caucasian race.
Asian = Hebrew, Afro-asiatic or Arabic or mulatto. Below Betaface facial recogniton of:
Apache woman
Chief Crazy Horse
Crow war chief Yellowtail
Vernon Wobschall

Below Betaface facial recogniton of:
Teddy Pendergrass
Teddy Pandergrass 2
Mustapha Farrakhan Jr
Rugged Man (Nigeria)
Rugged Man 2 (Nigeria)

Below Betaface facial recogniton of: 
Alice walker 2
Mark R Hannah
Negrito Mamanwa in Philippines

Below Betaface facial recogniton of the Prophets and/or Law-givers Capillya, Brahma (and his wife Yu-Tiv):
the countries of southwestern Asia and northern Africa —usually considered to include the countries
extending from Libya on the west to Afghanistan on the east
the area from the eastern Mediterranean to Afghanistan
Family members (half brother 1998, Mother 1998, Grandmother-mother's mother 1946):

Below Betaface facial recogniton of Michael James and his mother 1989:
Michael James's father's ancestors below: (mother, father, mother's father, father's uncle).