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A faithist said "one of those great cycles is called a orbit which is 239,616,000 years" (from Jim Dennon, not in Oahspe). He says in Oahspe we have been through 23 of these great turns around our galactic center (or does he mean 23 turns around the North Star?). 

Are Universes Thicker Than Blackberries?: Discourses on Gödel, Magic ...

Above is from the book "Are Universes Thicker Than Blackberries?: Discourses on Gödel, Magic .." by Martin Gardner (2004). On page 108 of the above book the author makes a common mistake I have heard, he states that according to Oahspe our solar system travels in an orbit around the Milky Way galaxy that takes 4,700,000 years. This is false (and a failure to understand Oahspe), the 4,700,000 year orbit (of Cevorkum) that Oahspe speaks of is a SUB-GALACTIC ORBIT around the North Star (Polaris) not a galactic orbit around the Milky WayAnd as you read below on this page you will see Newbrough accomplished much more than "not such a bad guess", but he gave an accurate number based on the unknown distance to Polaris at the time and the unknown speed of the solar system at the time (in 1881, see proof and mathematics below).
CEVORKUM solar system orbit: 
On Sun, Aug 28, 2022 James M <ethe2004>wrote:
Some Oahspe readers are STILL getting it wrong about the orbit of Cevorkumthey say it is around the Milky Way Galaxy, when in fact according to Oahspe it is the sub-galactic orbit around the North Star.
On Sun, Aug 28, 2022 Michael W wrote:
I know.  I just corrected a guy who didn't understand it's a sub-galactic orbit either.  I wonder why it's so hard to understand?  Maybe 'cause today's scientists aren't aware of it, it's hard for them to believe. 
James M <ethe2004>wrote: 
Scientists are not wrong when they say the Sun goes around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, that's like saying the moon goes around the Sun (the center of the solar system), but the moon is ALSO going around the earth as it goes around the the center of the solar system. Likewise according to Oahspe the Sun is going around the North Star as it goes around the center of the galaxy.

The Sun going around the North Star and the center of the Milky Way galaxy are not mutually exclusiveThey both can be true. 
UNDERSTANDING what scientists say and what Oahspe says is TWO DIFFERENT things.

I first saw the term "sub-galactic orbit" in reference to our solar system from "Removing OAHSPE's Enigma By Jim Dennon":

http://web.archive.org/web/20190802131405/http://www.angelfire.com/ia/faithist/apage5.jpg (uses sub-galactic term in reference to C'Vork'Um near top).

solar systems orbits Oahspe plate
screenshot program

Above illustration shows galaxy with sub-vortices within it"every vortex contains sub-vortices" - pages 235-236 of THE UNIVERSAL CYCLE THEORY (2011) by Stephen J. Puetz (mathematician, statistician) and Glenn Borchardt, PH.D.(Geology-Geophysics).

"the Lords took on corporeal forms and reasoned with mortals; especially on the stars and moon and on the earth; teaching the philosophers the four motions of the earthaxialoscillaicorbitic and vorkum; the plan of the hissagow, and the cycles of the earth; the cycles of the sun; and the cycles of the sun's sun; the north star-belt therein, and the vortices that move them all." - Oahspe Book Of Wars Against Jehovih Ch XXXVII v 7.

I had the above information on my website studyofoahspe.com on page titled “Extrasolar planets, CEVORKUM, Light speed” back between  JAN 10 2014 and AUG 19 2024 (see link below):


Below plate shows the sub-galactic orbit of our solar system (1) and other solar systems (2-8) in orbit inside the galaxy.
Below Plate 40 SERPENT'S ORBIT of Oahspe:
Below Galaxy Orion Arm, the Sun, Polaris, and Cevorkum orbit:
Enlarged part of the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy containing our Sun, Polaris and Cevorkum orbit:
Perseus Arm of Milky Way Galaxy above Orion Arm, Orion Arm in the Center, Sagittarius Arm below Orion Arm. Orion Nebula near Orion Belt. Crab Nebula near Leo. Our Solar system is moving through the Orion Arm, in Oahspe our Solar system is moving through the Orian Fields.
Oahspe - Bon's Book of Praise: LAIS
1. SING to Jehovih, O ye heavenly places in the Orian fields of Yuniv and H'monken; and ye Saughts and Mentabraw, and of the arc of Ole and Leigga.
5. O ye fields of Norse and ye Marshes of Ho in the Orian Chain of Avasta and Songastos. Sing to the Creator, ye etherean swamps and plains and mountains, Habak and Yadis, home of a hundred thousand millions.
Orion Arm
The Orion Arm is a minor spiral arm of the Milky Way some 3,500 light-years across and approximately 10,000 light-years in lengthThe Solar System, including the Earth, lies within the Orion Arm. Wikipedia
The Orion Arm (Orian Fields) are larger than the diameter (868 light-years) and the whole Cevorkum circuit of 2,727 light-years.
 The Orian field, HUY, in etherea, is the present location of the solar system along the path of the C'vork'um orbit.


i095 Orian Fields 8 of 9. Travel of the great serpent during the eighth nine thousand years after man's creation, showing the Orian fields in etherea, with their comparative densities and symbols. [This image shows the fields for the cycles of Cpenta-armij, Lika and Che'sivi'anathaotes (Kosmon cycle); cycles 23, 24, and 25.]   (see image only)


Sun moves toward star Vega in journey around our galaxy
Our sun and family of planets travel more or less toward the star Vega – and away from the star Sirius. Unsurprisingly, Vega and Sirius lie in opposite directions in Earth’s sky.
From 1:54 to 2:16 of video above shows the Milky Way galaxy and the sine wave sub galactic orbits of the solar system as it orbits the center of the galaxy.

"the Sun orbits the galaxy it also moves up and down across the galactic plane" - Brian Koberlein, Astrophysicist and Author (Ph.D. astrophysics).
https://briankoberlein.com/blog/ups-and-downs/ https://lifeboat.com/ex/bios.brian.koberlein

"As we make our way around the Milky Way, the sun also bobs up and down through the plane of the galactic disk. You can think of the sun's motion as
being more like a horse going up and down on a carousel."


V-- Removing OAHSPE's Enigma By Jim Dennon, below:
Picture below shows Polaris (N. Star) just above the galactic plane (--- dashed line) in the center of the sun's orbit (1) above and below the galactic plane.
Sadhu’s images and video above agrees with the Oahspean sub-galactic orbits of the solar system around the galaxy. Astrophysicists do not agree with the Oahspe cosmogony so to be fair here are posts from astrophysicist Rhys Taylor about Sadu’s solar motion around the galaxy:

DECEMBER 19, 2013 AT 3:45 AM

Excellent pont ! Yes, it does, on the very large scale. But, in Sadhu’s second video, he shows the Sun moving on a corkscrew path as it moves through the Milky Way (as though it were orbiting something else within our own galaxy). This is just not the case.

Rhys Taylor DECEMBER 19, 2013 AT 8:09 AM

Possibly. But I doubt very much we would see the Sun making a very nice, neat corkscrew pattern. More likely the gravitational neighbourhood of the Sun will vary more randomly, since none of the stars will have perfectly circular obits. So the motion through the galaxy may look a bit more… wobbly… but not a neat helix of constant radius.

Certainly though, as Phil Plait points out, we will not see the Sun passing through the plane of the galaxy dozens of times in its orbit of the galaxy, as in Sadu’s video. This actually happens about 4 times per orbit.



5 Little-Known Facts About The Sun’s Journey Through The Galaxy

Our Sun’s journey around the Milky Way’s galactic center puts it through some of the most complicated motions imaginable.  Since time immemorial, astronomers and celestial mechanics have struggled to understand the how and why of our Star’s journey through the galactic disk.

—- The Sun itself is bobbing up and down in a vertical motion in and out of midplane of our galactic disk almost like a cork in water

Where are we now? 

Although recent estimates put our position as some 81 light-years above the midplane of the galaxy, in fact, Reid puts that figure at only 20 light years above the plane. 

Blitz says that once the Sun hits a height of some 300 light years above the galactic plane, it will begin its descent back down through the midplane, out the other side and then back up again. And our star’s journey up, down and around will continue just as it has for the last 4.6 billion years.

Bruce Dorminey I'm a science journalist and host of Cosmic Controversy


In 1900 the orbit and up and down sine wave like great serpentine motion of the sun and solar system was unknown to astronomy scientists. This motion and orbit of the sun was probably unknown to astronomy scientists up to the 1920s. Scientists in the future may discover more about the sun’s orbit and motion that may agree with the writings of Oahspe.  
Above and below illustrates sub-galactic orbits as the solar system makes a orbit around the galaxy
The sine wave serpentine like motion is why the solar phalanx is called the great serpent in Oahspe. 
Above image shows movement of solar system (OAHSPE Plate 40 SERPENT'S ORBIT).
Below MilkyWay rotates clockwise (from this viewpoint) in the direction in which the arms trail. 

"Some satellite vortices might rotate opposite to the main vortex"

Sub-Tornadic Scale Vortices | Stormtrack


Sub-vortex = sub-galatic orbit.

OAHSPE pictured in Plate 40.--SERPENT'S ORBIT the orbit of our sun and solar system.
In 1881 our sun and solar system was thought to be the center of the universe, and was not thought of to be moving in an orbit around a center.

The famous astronomer William Herschel attempted to map out the stars in the Milky Way to get a sense of the galaxy’s size and shape, and determine the Sun’s position in it. From Herschel’s first map, it appeared the Sun was at the center of the Milky Way. It was only later on that astronomers realized that gas and dust was obscuring our view to distant parts of the galaxy, and that we were actually in the outer region of the Milky Way.
The astronomer 
Harlow Shapley accurately determined where the Sun is in the MIlky Way in the early 20th century by noticing that globular clusters were uniformly located above and below the Milky Way, but they were concentrated in the sky towards the constellation Sagittarius. Shapely realized that many globular clusters must be blocked by the galactic core. He created one of the most accurate maps of the Milky Way.

In 1915, Harlow Shapley used Cepheids to place initial constraints on the size and shape of the Milky Way, and of the placement of our Sun within it.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cepheid_variable (1915 is 34 years after Oahspe placed our sun within the Orion fields). Does the Orian/Orion fields = the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy? .
How did scientists determine our location within the Milky Way galaxy--in other words, how do we know that our solar system is in the arm of a spiral galaxy, far from the galaxy's center?
"A major breakthrough in moving the earth from the center of the galaxy to a point about 3/5 away from the edge came in the early decades of this [20th] century, when Harlow Shapley measured the distance to the large clusters of stars called globular clusters. He found they were distributed in a spherical distribution about 100,000 light-years in diameter, centered on a location in the constellation Sagittarius. Shapley concluded (and other astronomers have since verified) that the center of the distribution of globular clusters is the center of the Milky Way as well, so our galaxy looks like a flat disk of stars embedded in a spherical cloud, or 'halo,' of globular clusters.
"In the past 75 years, astronomers have refined this picture, using a variety of techniques of radio, optical, infrared and even x-ray astronomy, to fill in the details: the location of spiral arms, clouds of gas and dust, concentrations of moleculesand so on.

Oahspe Book of Sethantes, Son of Jehovih: Chapter II:

29. And the record of the Great Serpent showed the firmament of Tem'yi in the third circuit of c'vork'um and dan'ha twenty-four. 2

18:2 This would make the age of the earth at that time, 9,470,500 years.

This would make the age of the earth at that time 13,172,000 years old.— [Ed.

This was during the time of Sethantes which was about 73,000 years ago.

4.7 x 2 = 9.4 million + 72,000 = 9,472,000 = 2 circuits + 72,000 years = 3rd Circuit and 72,000 years.

By my calculations the age of the earth at that time was 9,472,000 years. + 73,000 years = 9,545,000

According to Oahspe the age of the earth today is 9,545,000 years old


Earth Man's DNA goes back over 10 million or 13 million years, because of the angels (men) who had died in infancy or fetal on other corporeal planets and

some of those angels (men) where older than the earth. This agrees with the age of the first direct ancestors of man according to molecular biology (DNA).


1/3 down on Hominidae - animal-man page

As can be seen in the Oahspe plate below, the orbit of Cevorkum is around the North Star not around the Miliky Way galaxy


John Ballou Newbrough's inspired drawing of plate 49 in Oahspe (above) show a cosmic phenomena that has a basis in modern astro-physics. 

Above is a false chart (graph) showing Earth's Galactic Orbit of 4.7 million years (false). The Galactic Orbit is 239,616,000 years as Jim Dennon stated in his writings (which he got from scientific astronomical writings not from Oahspe). The 4.7 million orbit (which is in Oahspe) is a sub-galactic orbit around the North Star not around the Milky Way galaxy. 


Extrasolar planets, CEVORKUM, Light speed (1/2  down from top) :


I was the first to calculate the Cevorkum orbit or circuit in Light-years (see above) between NOV 2012 and DEC 07 2013. Approximately 4.7 million years works if you use the North Star (Polaris) as the radius distance from the earth. Circumference = π × diameter = π × 2 × radius The circumference of a circle is the length around it. π = 3.14159, 434 (light-years away Polaris) x 3.14159 x 2 = 2,726.90012 light-years circuit (rounded to 2727 light-years). If you use the radius distance of the earth to the center of the Milky Way galaxy (see google answer below) it will be a much different and much larger number.


26,000 light-years distance to center of Milky Way galaxy x 3.14159 = 81,681.34 x 2 = 163,362.68 light-years circuit or orbit. At a distance of 163, 362 light-years it would take far longer than 4.7 million years for the earth and solar-system (solar phalanx) to complete it's orbit or circuit.

I was the first to calculate (in 2013) Cevorkum orbit or circuit using modern astronomy and math to test the accuracy of the time in millions of years as stated in Oahspe (see below and my Extrasolar planets, CEVORKUM, Light speed page of this website) :
x faster light vs solar system
Speed of light = 186282 miles per second x 60 x 60 = miles per hour = 670,615,200 mph
670,615,200 mph / 420,000 mph = 1596.702857 x faster light vs solar system
2726.90012 x 1596.70285 = 4,354,049.19 years = time of sub-galactic orbit of the solar system around polaris (North Star).
Oahspe had a number of 4,700,000 years for sub-galactic orbit around the North Star.
4,354,049.19 / 4,700,000 = 0.92639 or 92.639% accurate.
Take into account that in 1881 scientists inaccurately measured the distance to the North Star (Polaris) at only 50 light-years.
that makes Oahspe's 92.6% accuracy even more impressive, because if John Newbrough had used the then measured distance to Polaris at only 50 light-years
that would have gave a time of:
434 / 50 = 8.68,
4,354,049.19 / 8.68 = 501,618.57 years for sub-galactic orbit of Solar system.
501,618.57 / 4,700,00 = 0.1067 = only 10.67% accuracy.
So How did John Ballou Newbrough come up with a number that is 92.6% accurate, when if he had copied the astronomical knowledge at the time he would have came up with a number that was only 10.67% accurate??.

It is as if Newbrough was in contact with someone who knew the distance to Polaris was 434 light-years in 1881 instead of 50 light-years. That is impressive. 


In link above it says "The open space in the curve B, B, near the center of the plate, indicates the place of the Serpent in this day" [which would be above the midplane of galactic travel].
"Where are we now? Although recent estimates put our position as some 81 light-years above the midplane of the galaxy, in fact, Reid puts that figure at only 20 light years above the plane."

The statement above can be found on Extrasolar planets, CEVORKUM, Light speed page about 1/3 down from the top (link below).

"Only when Harlow Shapley in 1914 - 1918 used pulsating stars to estimate distances to ancient swarm of stars known as globular clusters did he deduce that the sun was "off center"....With this realization, Kepler's 3rd law was used to estimate the orbital period of the sun about the galactic center which is about 230 million years. So, the "discovery" of the sun's true position in the galaxy and its orbit about the galactic center can be dated to the early twentieth century." - Mark Slovak
Astronomer  in Hawaii. 8y

Modern science did not know the position of the sun above the galactic midplane untill after 1918, yet Oahspe had this information in text and illustration (how accurate are the drawings of Oahspe?) in 1881, approximately 40 years earlier. 

Any comments about Oahspe or this website? Email Me. I look forward to talking to you about Oahspe and this website  

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