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3. I am the living mathematics;
biometrics = living mathematics.
bi·o·met·ric = the application of statistical analysis to biological data
statistical = mathematics
biological = living
Biometrics is the technical term for body measurements and calculations. It refers to metrics related to human characteristics.
biostatistics = the branch of statistics that deals with data relating to living organisms.
statistics = the practice or science of collecting and analyzing numerical data in large quantities, especially for the purpose of inferring proportions in a whole from those in a representative sample.
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PicTriev – This one uses real face recognition ...
"People are free to believe what they want to believe, but the technique I used is based on this extremely well established physical principles, and if you disbelieve the physical principles on which it is based, that's not science." - Dr Kenneth A. Farley Geochemist, Cal Tech pioneer and expert of Uranium Thorium Helium Dating System used in Geology.

Orthographic projection lines and Biometric facial recognition and other scientific techniques are based on well established physical principles.

I have used real facial recognition algorithms to compare a submitted photo (or portrait) with images of about 10 million people (datatbase). The databases obviously contains many freely available images from the Web.

"We live in a society that devalues Blackness all the time." - Rosa Clemente

Oahspe - Book of Discipline: Chapter VIII:
5. For which reasons thou shalt explain that only facts well known, or comparatively proven, are light.
An opinion is not light.
7. That facts, NUMBERS, figures or axioms can demonstrate light; and that without these, then the
supposed light is only darkness.

Sunday, December 17, 2017
I said:
"The Oahspe states the Europeans are the Israelites, in other words the whites. The migration of Israelites, went though Israel and then toward Europe."
The Oahspe states that the original Israelites were I'huans (such as Abraham and Moses) Europeans are Ghans. When the I'huan Israelites migrated through Europe they mixed with the Ghans and the I'hins that were already in Europe, and so Europeans contain Israelite DNA, but they are not pure or original Israelites. Do you know what people are the closest to the original I'huan Israelites?
He said:
That is a fact according to the Oahspe, God
God's Book of Eskra goes into it (God's Book of Eskra 50:30-33) Now, after the fall of the great empire, Egupt, her people migrated westward, hundreds of thousands of them, and they settled in western Uropa, where these people married with the aborigines. Their offspring were called Druids, Picts, Gales (Gaelic), Wales (Welsh), Galls (Gauls), and Yohans (Johns), all of which are Eguptian names, preserved to this day. 31. Now, when the Faithists were moved by the inspiration of God to have no more kings, and to flee away from the Kriste'yan warriors, they came amongst the people above mentioned. (The apostate Faithists married with them, and their offspring were the forefathers of those now called, French, German, Russian and English.)
The Israelites were Ghans.

Abraham, was apart of a very, very large group. I'hin and Ghans and I'huans. Huge group. 11 million afterward migrated to Europe.
Addendum: Oahspe God's Book of Eskra 50:
27. Now, in reference to the Faithists: ...In Arabin'ya [including all of Africa], Heleste and Uropa, they were scattered in all directions.
28. And these called themselves, Israelites and Jews.
30. Now after the fall of the great empire, Egupt, her people migrated westward, hundreds of thousands of them, and they settled in western Uropa,...
There were Israelites and Jews in Arabin'ya [including all of Africa] that were scattered in all directions before the Egyptian people migrated westward into Europe.

Oahspe First Book of God Chapter 11:
23. Now when Abraham and his people came into Arabin'ya, especially into Egupt, ...

when Oahspe refers to Arabin'ya, it includes a large area of land which covers all or part of Africa and what is now the Middle East to Iran.

Oahspe says "Egupt, her people migrated westward ... and they settled in western Uropa", Oahspe makes a distinction between Egyptians and Israelites. The Israelites were slaves to the Egyptians. Thothma was an Egyptian Ghan who was NOT an Israelite.
I said:
I have what you just quoted on my website but I go into more historical and scientific detatil at: http://studyofoahspe.com/id62.html
Where does what you just quoted falsify what I just said? I will repeat what I said because you seem to not understand it the first time:
Fact: the original Israelites were I'huans (such as Abraham and Moses).
Fact: Europeans are Ghans (I'hin-I'huan mix).
Fact: The Israelites mixed with the Ghans and the I'hins that were already in Europe.
Fact: Europeans contain Israelite DNA, but they are not pure or original Israelites (they are not I'huans like Abraham and Moses). These are the facts you left out of your word for word quote. Word for word theachings like robot videos is the LOWEST form of teaching because it does not involve any insight or thinking outside the box.
He said:
I just said that Abraham's group was huge, very big and they were under the King's people who made Trinkets for the King and they were apart of the Seed of Zarathustra according to the Oahspe, and I agree with you, that Abraham and Moses were part I'hin. However, please take a look at this website,
That seed, Zarathustra's, was an Iesu. For Zarathustra was Born an iesu, a su'is and and a sar'gis. 
I said:
Abraham was the father of the Israelites: Oahspe First Book of God 8:7: Abram was of pure blood, an I'huan;
Oahspe Book of the Arc of Bon 15:13 Moses grew and became a large man, being a pure I'huan, copper-colored. 
Above: the highest combined facial recognition match of a single person to both Abraham (86%) and Moses (93%) is an African-American (72% sub-Saharan West African).

He said:
Yes, Abraham was an I'huan who lived among the Listians. He was just the leader, of that huge group and then Moses took over. Moses had about 4 million, and then they went to Europe....Number of Israelites that went forth out of Egupt: 3,750,000 men, women and children; 400,000 Levities accompanied them.
I said:
You said "Abraham, was apart of a very, very large group. I'hin and Ghans and I'huans." Yes but all of those groups of people were not Israelites. Oahspe Book of the Arc of Bon Chapter XX: 13. And in not many days Moses wrote the Levitican laws; for the inner temple of Jehovih was in spoken words only; but the outer temple was written. Wherefore it was said: The Hebrews have two laws; one which no man else knoweth; and one for them who are not eligible unto faith, being such as were called Leviticans, but not Leviticans in fact, but hangers-on who had followed the Israelites out of Egupt.
He said:
That's true. They were what is called a "torn in Moses flesh, 
The Levitites were.
I said:
Oahspe Book of the Arc of Bon Chapter XX: "called Leviticans, but not Leviticans in fact, but hangers-on who had followed the Israelites out of Egupt" They were not true original Israelites but "hangers-on who had followed the Israelites".
He said:
Yes, that is true. They were hanger-oners, not only that but of impure flesh.
The Israelites who migrated West toward Europe, many of the males created the Masons and secret socities. From my feeling, the Leviites weren't inspired to get into Free-Masonary. But however, they were half breads, with the pics, Yales, Gales, Russsians, etc. And the Oahspe doesn't tell us a lot of things, who were these half breeds and I have read other books trying to figure out who these aborigines of Europe are.
I said:
I have done biometric facial fecognition to John Ballou Newbrough's drawings of Abraham and Moses (under angelic control) and the results are: The highest facial recognition matches to Abraham and Moses (over 80 and over 90 percent matches) are African-Americans or Sub-Saharan Africans, Europeans or whites score significantly lower.
Above: Original-Israelites-Abraham-86% and 90% facial match.

Above: Original-Israelites-Moses-93% and 92% facial match.
He said:
Yeah, I saw that. It's was interesting on your site. Very interesting.
The drawing of A'su, Yaks, and I'hins were very weird to me, in the Book of Oahspe. I don't believe those weird pics.
A'su looked literally like tree.
Measured similarity between Ardipithecus ramidus and Asu pictures 60.74% (very high):
John Ballou Newbrough's drawing of Asu man looks highly accurate when compared to Ardipithecus ramidus. Notice above when Asu is compared to trees the similarity score is much lower (34.84%).
When I compared the drawing of Asu to the drawing of the TREE OF LANGUAGE the similarity score was only 26.68%.
Measured similarity between Homo floresiensis (female) and I'hin (male) pictures 54.36% (high).
John Ballou Newbrough's drawing of I'hin looks highly accurate when compared to Homo-floresiensis.
60.74% and 54.36% similarity are equivalent to 62% and 55% similarity on pictrieve.
58% is close enough (family look-alikes) on twins-or-not:
Notice above the orthographic projection lines from fossil anatomical reconstruction of Homo floresiensis to Newbrough's Oahspe drawing of an I'hin and the matching symmetry of middle calf muscle, knee, hand, bottom and middle of buttocks, elbow and lower back-top of buttocks, nipple-chest peak, top of shoulder-bottom of neck. 
Measured similarity between Homo erectus and Yak man pictures 53.22% (high).
John Ballou Newbrough's drawing of a Yak looks highly accurate when compared to Homo erectus.
Pictures of Mike James scored higher in facial recognition than in picture similarity from 70.91 to 91%.
Facial recognition is a more accurate measure of similarity than IMGonline because facial recognition
will just measure the face and NOT the background images, whereas IMGonline will measure the background
images with the image of the body.
That's why I use a mathematical formula (x 1.2833) to convert the IMGonline similarity score to the more
accurate facial (or body) recognition score

Adjusting the similarity scores of the pictures to facial recognition matches:
91 / 70.91 = 1.2833 x
1.2833 x 53.22 = 68.29 (Homo erectus and Yak) very high.
1.2833 x 60.74 = 77.94 (Ardipithecus ramidus and Asu) extremely high.
1.2833 x 54.36 = 69.76 (Homo floresiensis and I'hin) Very high.
With those high scores I do believe those pics by Newbrough. There is scientific reason to believe them.
I said:
Genetics is written in the face, and facial recognition can read what is written in the face; Oahspe Book of Divinity: Chapter XI: 18. ...And Jehovih put these marks upon His peoples that the races might be read in thousands of years.
He said:
Abraham and Moses has, very very similar genes to Native Americans in this country. I'huans are aboriginal.
[He is wrong, If Abraham and Moses had very very similar genes to Native Americans then Native Americans would match the highest in facial recognition to Abraham and Moses, and that is NOT the case. Genetics is written on your face. Abraham and Moses had very very similar genes to African-Americans and sub-Saharan Africans and to the I'hins and the shortest pygmies and oldest mtDNA haplogroups L1 and L2 as well as rs7294919 C;C, C;T, and rs10784502 C;C, C;T genes that would have been most common among the Israelites and the I'hins.]
Genetics: It's Written On Your Face
Wednesday, 9 July 2014
Genealogy CSI Style - Facial Recognition.
possibilities of facial recognition for genealogy and family tree research.
Facial Recognition could be described as facial arithmetic, providing facial analytics  to facilitate the detection and recognition of people from photos or videos.
It seems logical that there is a niche for this tool in the world of genealogy in assisting with the identification of unidentified family members by the comparison of family photos.
Above: 20 March, 2014, geneticist Mark Shriver of Pennsylvania State University and imaging specialist Peter Claes of the Catholic University of Leuven (KUL) in Belgium.
Likewise using facial recognition you can reverse engineer a person's DNA profile from their face.

I said:
I believe those drawings of A'su, Yaks, and I'hins. A'su looks like Ardipithecus ramidus. Yaks look like Homo erectus. I'hin looks like a Congo Pygmy or Homo floresiensis (found in the south Pacific islands).
He siad:
Well, actually the Oahspe say also that one can tell where Africans originalted by their hair.
I said:
Wrong: Native americans are Ghans, Ongwe-ghans.
Native americans are a cross between I'hins and I'huans = ghans or Ongwe-ghans.
I have side by side comparison of Abraham's hair and an African American's hair and they look almost identical:
Above: Head-hair-Moses-Original-Israelite-African-American
 Above: I'huan drawn by Newbrough----African-American----Native-American-Hair.
Below: Hair of Abraham familiar and Mustapha Farrakhan Jr (75% facial match to Abraham):
Above (ancestral Israelite hair) a familiar spirit of Abraham (drawn by Newbrough) and side by side comparison with a African-American (who facial matched 75% to Abraham). Notice the line (---) drawn from hair to hair.
Notice the hair of Abraham's familiar (relative) is a kinky tightly coiled afro the same as Mustapha Farrakhan Jr. Notice eyes, nose, lips, chin, and high curved eyebrows of Mustapha Farrakan Jr. and Abraham familiar are very similar.
Above: Abraham familiar facial matched to Mustapha Farrakhan Jr (78%) and Sr (75%). 
Above: African-American Alice Walker and Abraham female familiar spirit. 
Above: Abraham female familiar (relative) spirit and African-American Lorraine Hansbury
match 77%Lorraine Vivian Hansberry was an African-American playwright and writer.
Hansberry was the first black female author to have a play performed on Broadway. Her
best known work, the play A Raisin in the Sun, highlights the lives of Black Americans living
under racial segregation in Chicago.
Oahspe Book of Saphah: M'hak:
32. W.: Who are familiar spirits?
33. I.: Our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and other relatives ...Many of these abide on the earth and with 
mortals, some for a few years, some for a hundred, and some for a thousand or more years.
Oahspe - Book of Jehovih: Chapter VII:
7. Behold, ye now have sons and daughters on the earth; by your love to them are ye become bound spirits
of the lower heaven. Until ye redeem them in wisdom and power even to the sixth generation ye shall not again arise and inherit My emancipated heavens.
In Africa, the world was believed to be inhabited by beings both visible and invisible. Among the visible beings 
were humans, animals and plants. The invisible things included deities, divinities and ancestors. The belief remains that there is an interaction between the invisible and visible worlds (2007;377).
A belief in ancestral spirits seems to be the most prominent feature in the African traditional religion because
it always resurfaces in one way or another (2007;327). Mar 23, 2015
As Africans are generally community-oriented people, it is understandable that the relationship between the 
living and the dead is appreciated and if at all possible maintained (2007;329)
Ancestors in African Traditional religion are very important in that they were once alive and now they are in the spirit and they do not die again.
Oahspe - Book of Saphah: M'hak:
29. I.: Worlds unseen by mortals fill the etherean firmament above. These worlds are heaven; these the spirit worlds; these the etherean worlds; these are the abodes of the spirits of the dead.
30. W.: How came the angels from heaven down to the corporeal earth?
31. I.: In the Dan'ha they come direct; at other times they come through familiar spirits?
32. W.: Who are familiar spirits?
33. I.: Our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and other relatives and friends who have not been long dead,... 
He said:
Where does it say Ghans, The prophet Po was not fully I'huan. There was in the North, near Quebec the I'hins who created the Algonquian federation. To stop that crap, and warrior-ship of what the Indians were doing. War=anti-Jehovih. There are no Faithists who are warriors.
Ahura, love the wars of the Native Americans, blood was everywhere and the I'hins (who lived in Long-houses) on Quebec Canada setup, the Federation to stop the bloodshed. War=Anti-Jehovih. And it was a screwed up country under Ahura Mazda the False.
I said:
Go about 1/4 of the way down on my website below and I discuss in detail about Native Americans:
He said:
the I'huan race was close to the A'su race, which shouldn't be breaded with.
I said:
Ongwee-ghan name signifies good shaped men. Ongwee-ghan were born of the I'huans and I'hins and to this day is called Indian (Native American). Oahspe God's First Book Chapter XXIV:22...but the peoples themselves were called ong'wee, the same that hath endured to this day, and is called Indian. Ongwee-ghan were born of the I'huans and I'hins and to this day is called Indian (Native American). Very proud were the Ongwees, they would not mix with the I'huans. The Ongwee-ghan became a new race in the world, having all the symmetry of the I'hin, and the savageness of the I'huans. (Oahspe The Lord's Third Book: Chapter II:2-3). It says the Ongwee-ghans (Indian-Native American) would not mix with the I'huans, so obviously they were not I'huans if they would not mix with them.
Abraham and Moses were I'huans.
Ghans are half I'huans.
He said:
The Europeans Aborigines were the Blue Race. And who they breaded with were the Israelites (The Faithists)
I said:
Ghans are half I'huans, the mix breeding was a part of the Cosmic plan. The Kosmon race is a mixed or amalgamated race.
Where in Oahspe does it mention a blue race of mankind?
He said:
It doesn't. The Oahspe is just one Very small Bible. There are many Bibles. (http://web.archive.org/web/20160711123450/oahspe.ws/jehovih1.html)
....there is very little information, very small, information that that small Bible gives us before 78,000 years. So I look at all Bibles.
There is nothing about Dinosaurs or anything, and A TON HAPPENED. Lots of things happened.
I said:
There is information about Dinosaurs in Oahspe.
He said:
I have to disagree. It doesn't talk about much of anything except dogging out the 4 major religions. It doesn't talk about other planets, it's doesn't talk about ETHICS, The Constantine Bible does a better job. Modern laws aren't there. It just take one dig of viewing religion in a critical way as far as the four major religions. When I search for Dinosaurs there is no results.
I said:
Read top of: http://studyofoahspe.com/id61.html and read: Dinosaurs, Man, fossils, early Earth http://studyofoahspe.com/id42.html
It does talk about other planets: Extrasolar planets, CEVORKUM, Light speed http://studyofoahspe.com/id34.html
We disagree. We will leave it at that.
He said: "I have read other books trying to figure out who these aborigines of Europe are".
[Note: the identity of the aborigines that were in Europe before the Israelites arrived has been
answered already in Oahspe, one does not need to look in other books or for a "blue race"
According to Oahspe and scientific evidence (see Confucius, Po, China, Jaffeth & Caucasians page
of this website more than 1/2 way down to 4/5 down and see Human origins - Pygmies - I'hins page
of this website 1/3 to almost 1/2 way down) there were jaffetic Ghans who had arrived in Europe
less than 10,000 years ago from China-East-Asia
and there were Neolithic pygmies (I'hin remnants)
in Europe
. The Israelites that had migrated into Europe from Egypt (Africa) mixed with the I'hins
and Ghans that were already there.]
He said: the Oahspe "doesn't talk about much of anything except dogging out the 4 major religions". Anyone who has read a few of my more than 60 pages of this website KNOWS that the Oahspe talks about much more than what he stated above. In fact the Oahspe talks about more things that has proven to be true than any of the other Bibles he reads (much more than the Constantine Bible, much more than The Urantia Book, much more than The Law of One etc...). Oahspe does a much better job of talking about the origins of Homo sapiens and the destiny of man, the difference between mankind and the animals, the Higher and lower heavens, the order and structure of the universe,  the cycles of the earth and the solar system and how they effect man, the difference between the Creator and Gods, than any other Bible or book.
The highest facial matches (over 75%) to Abraham are 9 of 10 are African-American, sub-Saharan African (East African), and 1 French-ancestry woman.
The highest facial matches to Moses (over 80%) are 
Sub-Saharan African, African-American, south-Asian Indian, a southern Arabian man, a European-American-Cajun man, a southern france man, and Ashkenazi Jewish man.
Above rap music promoter Jacques "Haitian Jack" Agnant and Moses facial recognition 81% match.
Moses and half African-American & half White German Hip Hop artist and producer J. Cole facial match 86%.
Above: Moses and Black African-American singer and songwriter Andrae Crouch 81% facial recognition match.
Above: 81% facial recognition match of Moses and Aïssa Maïga Senegalese African born actress. 
Above: Audrey Pulvar a Black French journalist with a 92% facial recognition match to Moses.
Above: Manny Ramirez of Dominican ancestry with a 88% facial recognition match to Moses.
The majority of Dominicans are of African descent. A very small minority can lay claim to Spanish blood as
these people are descended from the Spanish plantation owners who ruled in DR and did not intermix with
the majority African population.
Above African-American comedian and actor DeRay Davis 81% facial match to Moses.
Below: Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I and Moses 87% face match. 
Below: black Moses in facial recognition to Moses scored an extremely high 86%.
Pusha T and Original I'hin (drawn by Newbrough) side view face to face, notice very similar faces and head features.
According to Oahspe, Israel represented oral tradition, Israel = oral as stated in:
Oahspe Book of Eskra Chapter X :
10. As for the Oralites, so called, because their doctrines and teachings were secret and only spoken, being taught , man to man and woman to woman, orally; they were non-resistants, and they owned nothing, giving all things to the rab'bah for the public good. Their practice was love and harmony; doing righteously in all things, and trusting to Jehovih, Whom they worshiped under the name E-O-Ih. All the prophets and seers were born of the Oralites.
11. And so great was the spiritual power of the Oralites, that during all these hundreds of years the Faithists, six millions, had lived without king or governor. Being as a multitude of communities.


Pre-colonial traditional societies in Sub-Saharan Africa were mostly oral societies whose languages were not written.
And Yoruba IFA divination, while it has mathematical implications, is based on 256 verses in an oral literature, which must be memorized by the diviner and recalled in conjunction ...
The Akan and other societies of Ghana created a collection of specific icons that several
researchers have compared to a written language [Panic was a iconic written language of the I'hins]
But rather than composed of the vast number of symbols we call "words", the Ghanian symbolic
is much smaller, and each symbol refers not to a single word but an entire social,
religious, or philosophical concept
. - page 78 of African Fractals by Ron Eglash.

Testimony from the Bible and Thomas Paine and Oahspe:
The Bible: 1 Chronicles 4:40:
English Standard Version
"where they found rich, good pasture, and the land was very broad, quiet, and peaceful,
for the former inhabitants there belonged to Ham."
"The Managers of that Trade themselves, and others, testify, that many of these African nations
inhabit fertile countries, are industrious farmers, enjoy plenty, and lived quietly, averse to
war, before the Europeans debauched them
with liquors, and bribing them against one another; and
that these inoffensive people are brought into slavery, by stealing them, tempting Kings to sell
subjects, which they can have no right to do, and hiring one tribe to war against another, in
order to catch prisoners." - African Slavery in America by Thomas Paine (1775).

Oahspe The Lord's Fifth Book: Chapter III:
13. The Lord said: Having designed Ham for teaching the barbarian world of me and my dominion,

Ham. Cosmological name of Egypt. The followers of Abram bestowed that country's name on him, after they settled there. One who is black with sunburn.
The Bible refers to Egypt as "the land of Ham" in Psalms.78:51; 105:23,27; 106:22; 1 Chronicles 4:40.


For the results below I used profile (side-view) pictures with little or no external images:
Above: 76.64% profile (side-view) facial-head similarity to Original I'hin by Black African ancestry.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Above: 72.08% profile (side-view) facial-head similarity to Original I'hin by East Asian ancestry.
Above: 70.01% profile (side-view) facial-head similarity to Original I'hin by white caucasian ancestry.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Above: 66.94% profile (side-view) facial-head similarity to Original I'hin by Ihuan.
Above: accuracy test of IMGonline, Yak head neck to Yak face Oahspe pictures similarity 84.22%.
The above result is equivalent to identical twins face matching 84% on Pictrieve:
I'huan drawing in Oahspe and African-American with Jerry Curl 1980s 60.94% match.
60.94% is rounded up to 61% which is equal to 62% on pictrieve (which is very high match).
Pictures similarity results would have been higher if angle of faces would have been the same and
if the background images would have been the same and no hand in picture.
I'huan drawing in Oahspe and Native American Indian side view pictures similarity 53.33% match.
53.33 is rounded down to 53 which is equal to 52% on pictrieve (which is much lower than the 60.94% match of the African-American above). This is strong mathematical scientific evidence that supports my assertion that African-Americans are the race of I'huans (same race as Abraham and Moses) in North America since the 1600s to present Kosmon and the Native American Indians are not I'huans but are Ghans (Ongwe-ghans) as stated in Oahspe.
Below: highest profile (side-view) match of I'huan (drawn by Newbrough) to a Native-American:
Above: highest profile (side-view) match of I'huan (drawn by Newbrough) to a Asian.
Above: highest profile (side-view) match of I'huan (drawn by Newbrough) to a African-American.
Result above is equal to Amena Sudanese (Heart of Africa on Youtube) facial match to Abraham 81% on Pictrieve:
This is more strong mathematical scientific evidence that supports my assertion that African-Americans are the race of I'huans (same race as Abraham and Moses) in North America since the 1600s to present Kosmon and the Native American Indians are not I'huans but are Ghans (Ongwe-ghans) as stated in Oahspe.
Oahspe Book of Wars Against Jehovih: Chapter XXI:
9. But the chief part of all the people in Arabin'ya were I'huans, of color and size and figure like the Parsi'e'ans, being also the offspring of the I'hins and the brown earth-burrowers, the hoodas, from whom they inherited corporeal greatness, even as from the I'hins they inherited
holiness of spirit.
Oahspe God's Book of Eskra 50:
27. Now, in reference to the Faithists: ...In Arabin'ya [including all of Africa], Heleste and Uropa, they were scattered in all directions.
28. And these called themselves, Israelites and Jews.
Oahspe First Book of God Chapter 11:
23. Now when Abraham and his people came into Arabin'ya, especially into Egupt, ...

when Oahspe refers to Arabin'ya, it includes a large area of land which covers all or part of Africa and what is now the Middle East to Iran.

The letters ARABIN are written across the African countries of Mali, Niger, Chad, and Sudan.
The letters YA are written across the Arabian Peninsula nation of Saudi Arabia.

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