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3. I am the living mathematics;
biometrics = living mathematics.
bi·o·met·ric = the application of statistical analysis to biological data
statistical = mathematics
biological = living
Biometrics is the technical term for body measurements and calculations. It refers to metrics related to human characteristics.
biostatistics = the branch of statistics that deals with data relating to living organisms.
statistics = the practice or science of collecting and analyzing numerical data in large quantities, especially for the purpose of inferring proportions in a whole from those in a representative sample.
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PicTriev – This one uses real face recognition ...
"People are free to believe what they want to believe, but the technique I used is based on this extremely well established physical principles, and if you disbelieve the physical principles on which it is based, that's not science." - Dr Kenneth A. Farley Geochemist, Cal Tech pioneer and expert of Uranium Thorium Helium Dating System used in Geology.

Orthographic projection lines and Biometric facial recognition and other scientific techniques are based on well established physical principles.

I have used real facial recognition algorithms to compare a submitted photo (or portrait) with images of about 10 million people (datatbase). The databases obviously contains many freely available images from the Web.

"We live in a society that devalues Blackness all the time." - Rosa Clemente

“ Israelite, the name given to the Faithists of Egupt” - Oahspe Book of the Arc of Bon Chapter XIII:9.  
Oahspe - Book of Discipline: Chapter VIII:
5. For which reasons thou shalt explain that only facts well known, or comparatively proven, are light.
An opinion is not light.
7. That facts, NUMBERS, figures or axioms can demonstrate light; and that without these, then the
supposed light is only darkness.
Oahspe Book of Divinity: Chapter XI:
18. ...And Jehovih put these marks upon His peoples that the races might be read in thousands of years. 


The Israelite Joshu has African (negro) lips, and the Egyptian Thothma has European (caucasian) lips. 

I am not saying Joshu in Oahspe was black (negro) but according to the drawings of Newbrough, Joshu had significant sub-Saharan African genes like 50% of brazillians, like the average Puerto Rican (29%), or the average Ethiopian (60%), this also agrees with the facial recognition results. 

Brazil census shows African-Brazilians in the majority for the first time 

Both Joshu of Oahspe and JO EL (Puerto Rican) of Youtube (above) have African Lips.

JO EL according to DNA testing has 27% African DNA (8% Ivory Coast/Ghana, 7% Senegal). 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39A9rk_1CXU  (JO EL Ancestry DNA Results). 

In a “women in the diaspora” study, Puerto Rican women born on the island but living in the United States were shown to be 53.3±2.8% European, 29.1±2.3% West African, and 17.6±2.4% Native American.



Sunday, December 17, 2017
I said:
"The Oahspe states the Europeans are the Israelites, in other words the whites. The migration of Israelites, went though Israel and then toward Europe."
The Oahspe states that the original Israelites were I'huans (such as Abraham and Moses) Europeans are Ghans. When the I'huan Israelites migrated through Europe just like the I'huan Cheddar Man migrated to Britain over 10,000 years ago (See "Early Man - Races of Man - Anthropology" page of this website 1/12 down from top)
the I'huan Israelites mixed with the Jaffetic Ghans and the I'hins that were already in Europe, and so Europeans contain Israelite DNA, but they are not pure or original Israelites. Do you know what people are the closest to the original I'huan Israelites?
He said:
That is a fact according to the Oahspe, God
God's Book of Eskra goes into it (God's Book of Eskra 50:30-33) Now, after the fall of the great empire, Egupt, her people migrated westward, hundreds of thousands of them, and they settled in western Uropa, where these people married with the aborigines. Their offspring were called Druids, Picts, Gales (Gaelic), Wales (Welsh), Galls (Gauls), and Yohans (Johns), all of which are Eguptian names, preserved to this day. 31. Now, when the Faithists were moved by the inspiration of God to have no more kings, and to flee away from the Kriste'yan warriors, they came amongst the people above mentioned. (The apostate Faithists married with them, and their offspring were the forefathers of those now called, French, German, Russian and English.)
The Israelites were Ghans.

Abraham, was apart of a very, very large group. I'hin and Ghans and I'huans. Huge group. 11 million afterward migrated to Europe.
Addendum: Oahspe God's Book of Eskra 50:
27. Now, in reference to the Faithists: ...In Arabin'ya [including all of Africa], Heleste and Uropa, they were scattered in all directions.
28. And these called themselves, Israelites and Jews.
30. Now after the fall of the great empire, Egupt, her people migrated westward, hundreds of thousands of them, and they settled in western Uropa,...
There were Israelites and Jews in Arabin'ya [including all of Africa] that were scattered in all directions before the Egyptian people migrated westward into Europe.

Oahspe First Book of God Chapter 11:
23. Now when Abraham and his people came into Arabin'ya, especially into Egupt, ...

when Oahspe refers to Arabin'ya, it includes a large area of land which covers all or part of Africa and what is now the Middle East to Iran.

I said:
I have what you just quoted on my website but I go into more historical and scientific detatil at: http://studyofoahspe.com/id62.html
Where does what you just quoted falsify what I just said? I will repeat what I said because you seem to not understand it the first time:
Fact: the original Israelites were I'huans (such as Abraham and Moses).
Fact: Europeans are Ghans (I'hin-I'huan mix).
Fact: The Israelites mixed with the Jaffetic Ghans and the I'hins that were already in Europe.
Fact: Europeans contain Israelite DNA, but they are not pure or original Israelites (they are not I'huans like Abraham and Moses). These are the facts you left out of your word for word quote. Word for word teachings like robot videos is the LOWEST form of teaching because it does not involve any insight or thinking outside the box.
He said:
I just said that Abraham's group was huge, very big and they were under the King's people who made Trinkets for the King and they were apart of the Seed of Zarathustra according to the Oahspe, and I agree with you, that Abraham and Moses were part I'hin. However, please take a look at this website,
That seed, Zarathustra's, was an Iesu. For Zarathustra was Born an iesu, a su'is and and a sar'gis. 
I said:
Abraham was the father of the Israelites: Oahspe First Book of God 8:7: Abram was of pure blood, an I'huan;
Oahspe Book of the Arc of Bon 15:13 Moses grew and became a large man, being a pure I'huan, copper-colored. 
Moses (above) matched to 3 mostly sub-Saharan African faces with super-extremely high results of 91%, 88%, 87%.
Abraham (above) matched to 3 different mostly sub-Saharan African faces with extremely high results of 85%, 83%, 80%.
According to the drawing in Oahspe and facial biometrics Thothma was a European Caucasain (white) Ghan. According to Oahspe Moses was a pure I'huan and so was Abraham.
If the Isrealites were Europeans or whites they would be the same race as Thothma or the Egyptian slave masters.

Oahspe Book of Wars Against Jehovih: Chapter XXI:
9. But the chief part of all the people in Arabin'ya were I'huans, of color and size and figure like the Parsi'e'ans, being also the offspring of the I'hins and the brown earth-burrowers, the hoodas, from whom they inherited corporeal greatness, even as from the I'hins they inherited holiness of spirit.
Physical Characters of the American Negro
He said:
Yes, Abraham was an I'huan who lived among the Listians. He was just the leader, of that huge group and then Moses took over. Moses had about 4 million, and then they went to Europe....Number of Israelites that went forth out of Egupt: 3,750,000 men, women and children; 400,000 Levities accompanied them.
I said:
You said "Abraham, was apart of a very, very large group. I'hin and Ghans and I'huans." Yes but all of those groups of people were not Israelites. Oahspe Book of the Arc of Bon Chapter XX: 13. And in not many days Moses wrote the Levitican laws; for the inner temple of Jehovih was in spoken words only; but the outer temple was written. Wherefore it was said: The Hebrews have two laws; one which no man else knoweth; and one for them who are not eligible unto faith, being such as were called Leviticans, but not Leviticans in fact, but hangers-on who had followed the Israelites out of Egupt.
He said:
That's true. They were what is called a "torn in Moses flesh, 
The Levitites were.
I said:
Oahspe Book of the Arc of Bon Chapter XX: "called Leviticans, but not Leviticans in fact, but hangers-on who had followed the Israelites out of Egupt" They were not true original Israelites but "hangers-on who had followed the Israelites".
He said:
Yes, that is true. They were hanger-oners, not only that but of impure flesh.
The Israelites who migrated West toward Europe, many of the males created the Masons and secret socities. From my feeling, the Leviites weren't inspired to get into Free-Masonary. But however, they were half breads, with the pics, Yales, Gales, Russsians, etc. And the Oahspe doesn't tell us a lot of things, who were these half breeds and I have read other books trying to figure out who these aborigines of Europe are.
I said: Free-Masonry is connected to geometry, Euclidean geometry (the mathematics of Thothma the builder), not Fractal geometry (the different mathematics of the Israelite slaves).  
Fractal geometry has, in many ways, replaced Euclidean geometry as the new sacred geometry for the Postmodern era.
I have done biometric facial fecognition to John Ballou Newbrough's drawings of Abraham and Moses (under angelic control) and the results are: 
8 of the 10 top facial matches to Abraham are African-American or sub-Saharan African (80%), only 2 were European ancestry (20%). 
8 of the top 15 facial matches to Moses are African-American or sub-Saharan African (53.3%), only 3 were European or European-American (20%).
See more than half way down Optical Network Communications - Facial recognition page of this website (link below).
Above: Original-Israelites-Abraham-86% and 90% facial match.

Above: Original-Israelites-Moses-93% and 92% facial match.
African American portrait above is the only person to face match 85% or higher to 3 Israelite Prophets.
He said:
Yeah, I saw that. It's was interesting on your site. Very interesting.
The drawing of A'su, Yaks, and I'hins were very weird to me, in the Book of Oahspe. I don't believe those weird pics.
A'su looked literally like tree.
Measured similarity between Ardipithecus ramidus and Asu pictures 60.74% (very high):
John Ballou Newbrough's drawing of Asu man looks highly accurate when compared to Ardipithecus ramidus.
Above and below is a comparison of Asu upright next to Ardipithecus ramidus. Both have a very similar long torso or trunk.

Ardipithecus ramidus and Asu as drawn by Newbrough in Oahspe face matched 86% extremely high (highest match to Asu). 
Above images with projection lines are approximate body proportions of Homo sapiens and Ardipithecus ramidus.
The figures are aligned at the crown of the head and the umbilicus to approximate a constant trunk length.
Relative to trunk length, humans have the longest legs and shortest arms.
Ardipithecus ramidus (and Asu) has a proportionate longer trunk or torso than Homo sapiens.

Notice above when Asu is compared to trees the similarity score is much lower (34.84%).
When I compared the drawing of Asu to the drawing of the TREE OF LANGUAGE the similarity score was only 26.68%.
Measured similarity between Homo floresiensis female and I'hin male (muscle lines and yellow color added) drawings 60.47% (very high).
John Ballou Newbrough's drawing of I'hin looks highly accurate when compared to Homo-floresiensis.
60.74% and 60.47% similarity are equivalent to 62% and 59% similarity on pictrieve.
58% is close enough (family look-alikes) on twins-or-not:
Notice above the orthographic projection lines from fossil anatomical reconstruction of Homo floresiensis to Newbrough's Oahspe drawing of an I'hin and the matching symmetry of middle calf muscle, knee, hand, bottom and middle of buttocks, elbow and lower back-top of buttocks, nipple-chest peak, top of shoulder-bottom of neck. Below head and neck of both original I'hin and Homo foresiensis match an extremely high 73.65%.
Above is a face to face head to head comparison of forensic reconstruction of Homo floresiensis
and I'hin (drawn by Newbrough) with 9 matching projection lines.
Measured similarity between Homo erectus and Yak man pictures 60.07% (very high) below.
John Ballou Newbrough's drawing of a Yak looks highly accurate when compared to Homo erectus.
Homo erectus. Image from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.
Above is a orthographic projection of Smithsonian Homo erectus forensic facial reconstruct and Yak drawing by John Ballou Newbrough in Oahspe showing very similar match.
A very high (61.96%) similarity match (above) of the Yak (from the knee up) to the body of a Australopithecus (from the knee up).
John Ballou Newbrough's drawing of a Yak looks highly accurate when compared to a Australopithecus.
Pictures of Mike James scored higher in facial recognition than in picture similarity from 70.91 to 91%.
Facial recognition is a more accurate measure of similarity than IMGonline because facial recognition
will just measure the face and NOT the background images, whereas IMGonline will measure the background
images with the image of the body.
That's why I use a mathematical formula (x 1.2833) to convert the IMGonline similarity score to the more
accurate facial (or body) recognition score

Adjusting the similarity scores of the pictures to facial recognition matches:
91 / 70.91 = 1.2833 x
1.2833 x 53.22 = 68.29 (Homo erectus and Yak) very high.
1.2833 x 60.74 = 77.94 (Ardipithecus ramidus and Asu) extremely high.
1.2833 x 59.72 = 76.63 (Homo floresiensis and I'hin) 
extremely high.
With those high scores I do believe those pics by Newbrough. There is scientific reason to believe them.
I said:
Genetics is written in the face, and facial recognition can read what is written in the face; Oahspe Book of Divinity: Chapter XI: 18. ...And Jehovih put these marks upon His peoples that the races might be read in thousands of years.
He said:
Abraham and Moses has, very very similar genes to Native Americans in this country. I'huans are aboriginal.
[He is wrong, If Abraham and Moses had very very similar genes to Native Americans then Native Americans would match the highest in facial recognition to Abraham and Moses, and that is NOT the case. Genetics is written on your face. Abraham and Moses had very very similar genes to African-Americans and sub-Saharan Africans and to the I'hins and the shortest pygmies and oldest mtDNA haplogroups L1 and L2 as well as rs7294919 C;C, C;T, and rs10784502 C;C, C;T genes that would have been most common among the Israelites and the I'hins.]
Genetics: It's Written On Your Face
Wednesday, 9 July 2014
Genealogy CSI Style - Facial Recognition.
possibilities of facial recognition for genealogy and family tree research.
Facial Recognition could be described as facial arithmetic, providing facial analytics  to facilitate the detection and recognition of people from photos or videos.
It seems logical that there is a niche for this tool in the world of genealogy in assisting with the identification of unidentified family members by the comparison of family photos.
Above: 20 March, 2014, geneticist Mark Shriver of Pennsylvania State University and imaging specialist Peter Claes of the Catholic University of Leuven (KUL) in Belgium.
Likewise using facial recognition you can reverse engineer a person's DNA profile from their face.

I said:
I believe those drawings of A'su, Yaks, and I'hins. A'su looks like Ardipithecus ramidus. Yaks look like Homo erectus or a Australopithecus. I'hin looks like a Congo Pygmy or Homo floresiensis (found in the south Pacific islands).
He siad:
Well, actually the Oahspe say also that one can tell where Africans originalted by their hair.
I said:
Wrong: Native americans are Ghans, Ongwe-ghans.
Native americans are a cross between I'hins and I'huans = ghans or Ongwe-ghans.
African Hair:

Long natural hair secret from Chad in Africa:
DNA test proves Shirley Bekker below is 100% West African I'huan (89% Ivory Coast/Ghana, 10% Nigerian, 1% Mali).
Moses (pure I'huan) and 100% sub-Saharan West African (I'huan) facial match 81% (extremely High).
I have side by side comparison of Abraham's hair and an African American's hair and they look almost identical:
Abraham and African-American Katt Williams have very similar hair and face match (77%). 
Katt Williams and Abraham's head, face, and hair, orthographic projection lines match. 
Notice how the shape and height of the hair is almost identical to both, as well as the
shape and size of the hairline and forehead. 
Above: Head and hair of Moses original Israelite and African-American (James M) match.
Above (ancestral Israelite hair) a familiar spirit (drawn by Newbrough) of Moses who face matched 82% to Moses, and side by side comparison with a East African Haile Selassie (who face matched 84% and 87% to Moses). Notice the line (---) drawn from hair to hair. Notice the hair of Moses's familiar (ancestor-relative) is a tightly coiled kinky short afro the same as Haile Selassie of Ethiopia. Moses and his familiars: https://postimg.cc/18zMZc5B
 Above: I'huan drawn by Newbrough----African-American----Native-American-Hair.
<---Ancestral familiar spirits in MCU movie Black Panther. 
Below: Hair of Abraham familiar and Mustapha Farrakhan Jr (75% facial match to Abraham):
Above (ancestral Israelite hair) a familiar spirit of Abraham (drawn by Newbrough) and side by side comparison with a African-American (who facial matched 75% to Abraham). Notice the line (---) drawn from hair to hair. Notice the hair of Abraham's familiar (relative) is a kinky tightly coiled short afro the same as Mustapha Farrakhan Jr. Notice eyes, nose, chin, and high curved eyebrows of Mustapha Farrakan Jr. and Abraham familiar are very similar.
Above: Abraham familiar facial matched to Mustapha Farrakhan Jr (78%) and Sr (75%). 
Abraham familiar (above) face matches 85% to Selah Shalom .
Abraham familiar (above) face matched to Mike James (81%) and Mike James's father's father (88%).
Bob Marley a (half white half African-Jamaican) singer and songwriter, considered one of the pioneers of reggae matched the highest (77%) facial recognition using betaface to large database of celebrities to the Abraham familiar above.
Above: African-American Alice Walker and Abraham female familiar spirit. 
Above: Abraham female familiar (relative) spirit and African-American Lorraine Hansbury
match 77%Lorraine Vivian Hansberry was an African-American playwright and writer.
Hansberry was the first black female author to have a play performed on Broadway. Her
best known work, the play A Raisin in the Sun, highlights the lives of Black Americans living
under racial segregation in Chicago.
Abraham female familiar (above) and African-American Lorraine Hansberry profile and projection lines.
Notice the female familiar of Abraham's face is extremely similar to African-American Lorraine Hansberry.
Oahspe Book of Saphah: M'hak:
32. W.: Who are familiar spirits?
33. I.: Our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and other relatives ...Many of these abide on the earth and with 
mortals, some for a few years, some for a hundred, and some for a thousand or more years.
Oahspe - Book of Jehovih: Chapter VII:
7. Behold, ye now have sons and daughters on the earth; by your love to them are ye become bound spirits
of the lower heaven. Until ye redeem them in wisdom and power even to the sixth generation ye shall not again arise and inherit My emancipated heavens.
In Africa, the world was believed to be inhabited by beings both visible and invisible. Among the visible beings 
were humans, animals and plants. The invisible things included deities, divinities and ancestors. The belief remains that there is an interaction between the invisible and visible worlds (2007;377).
A belief in ancestral spirits seems to be the most prominent feature in the African traditional religion because
it always resurfaces in one way or another (2007;327). Mar 23, 2015
As Africans are generally community-oriented people, it is understandable that the relationship between the 
living and the dead is appreciated and if at all possible maintained (2007;329)
Ancestors in African Traditional religion are very important in that they were once alive and now they are in the spirit and they do not die again.
Oahspe - Book of Saphah: M'hak:
29. I.: Worlds unseen by mortals fill the etherean firmament above. These worlds are heaven; these the spirit worlds; these the etherean worlds; these are the abodes of the spirits of the dead.
30. W.: How came the angels from heaven down to the corporeal earth?
31. I.: In the Dan'ha they come direct; at other times they come through familiar spirits?
32. W.: Who are familiar spirits?
33. I.: Our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and other relatives and friends who have not been long dead,... 
He said:
Where does it say Ghans, The prophet Po was not fully I'huan. There was in the North, near Quebec the I'hins who created the Algonquian federation. To stop that crap, and warrior-ship of what the Indians were doing. War=anti-Jehovih. There are no Faithists who are warriors.
Ahura, love the wars of the Native Americans, blood was everywhere and the I'hins (who lived in Long-houses) on Quebec Canada setup, the Federation to stop the bloodshed. War=Anti-Jehovih. And it was a screwed up country under Ahura Mazda the False.
I said:
Go about 1/4 of the way down on my website below and I discuss in detail about Native Americans:
He said:
the I'huan race was close to the A'su race, which shouldn't be breaded with.
I said:
Ongwee-ghan name signifies good shaped men. Ongwee-ghan were born of the I'huans and I'hins and to this day is called Indian (Native American). Oahspe God's First Book Chapter XXIV:22...but the peoples themselves were called ong'wee, the same that hath endured to this day, and is called Indian. Ongwee-ghan were born of the I'huans and I'hins and to this day is called Indian (Native American). Very proud were the Ongwees, they would not mix with the I'huans. The Ongwee-ghan became a new race in the world, having all the symmetry of the I'hin, and the savageness of the I'huans. (Oahspe The Lord's Third Book: Chapter II:2-3). It says the Ongwee-ghans (Indian-Native American) would not mix with the I'huans, so obviously they were not I'huans if they would not mix with them.
Abraham and Moses were I'huans.
Ghans are half I'huans.
He said:
The Europeans Aborigines were the Blue Race. And who they breaded with were the Israelites (The Faithists)
I said:
Ghans are half I'huans, the mix breeding was a part of the Cosmic plan. The Kosmon race is a mixed or amalgamated race.
Where in Oahspe does it mention a blue race of mankind?
He said:
It doesn't. The Oahspe is just one Very small Bible. There are many Bibles. (http://web.archive.org/web/20160711123450/oahspe.ws/jehovih1.html)
....there is very little information, very small, information that that small Bible gives us before 78,000 years. So I look at all Bibles.
There is nothing about Dinosaurs or anything, and A TON HAPPENED. Lots of things happened.
I said:
There is information about Dinosaurs in Oahspe.
He said:
I have to disagree. It doesn't talk about much of anything except dogging out the 4 major religions. It doesn't talk about other planets, it's doesn't talk about ETHICS, The Constantine Bible does a better job. Modern laws aren't there. It just take one dig of viewing religion in a critical way as far as the four major religions. When I search for Dinosaurs there is no results.
I said:
Read top of: http://studyofoahspe.com/id61.html and read: Dinosaurs, Man, fossils, early Earth http://studyofoahspe.com/id42.html
It does talk about other planets: Extrasolar planets, CEVORKUM, Light speed http://studyofoahspe.com/id34.html
We disagree. We will leave it at that.
He said: "I have read other books trying to figure out who these aborigines of Europe are".
[Note: the identity of the aborigines that were in Europe before the Israelites arrived has been
answered already in Oahspe, one does not need to look in other books or for a "blue race"
According to Oahspe and scientific evidence (see Confucius, Po, China, Jaffeth & Caucasians page
of this website more than 1/2 way down to 4/5 down and see Human origins - Pygmies - I'hins page
of this website 1/3 to almost 1/2 way down) there were jaffetic Ghans who had arrived in Europe
less than 10,000 years ago from China-East-Asia
and there were Ghans who had back-bred with the Druks, accounting for Neanderthal traits, and there were Neolithic pygmies (I'hin remnants)
in Europe. The Israelites that had migrated into Europe from Egypt (Africa) mixed with the I'hins
and Ghans, and Mongrels that were already there.]
He said: the Oahspe "doesn't talk about much of anything except dogging out the 4 major religions". Anyone who has read a few of my more than 60 pages of this website KNOWS that the Oahspe talks about much more than what he stated above. In fact the Oahspe talks about more things that has proven to be true than any of the other Bibles he reads (much more than the Constantine Bible, much more than The Urantia Book, much more than The Law of One etc...). Oahspe does a much better job of talking about the origins of Homo sapiens and the destiny of man, the difference between mankind and the animals, the Higher and lower heavens, the order and structure of the universe,  the cycles of the earth and the solar system and how they effect man, the difference between the Creator and Gods, than any other Bible or book.
The man debating me about black people, Oahspe, and the Israelites use to be the owner of the Oahspe websites below (on December 17, 2017):
"oahspebible.org" web.archive.org goes back to SEP 02, 2008
"faithists.com" web.archive.org goes back to SEP 25, 2004

oahspebible.org on Dec 07, 2017:
oahspebible.org on Mar 18, 2018 "This Account has been suspended":
faithists.com on SEP 25, 2004:
oahspebible.com on APR 01, 2016:
oahspe.ws on DEC 10, 2017:
oahspe.ws on AUG 11, 2018 "This Account has been suspended":
faithists.org on SEP 13, 2017:
faithists.org on DEC 25, 2018 "This domain is expired.":
sacredhistory.com on AUG 08, 2018 "This Account has been suspended.":

A few months after I posted this debate he shut down (suspended) the above websites and put some up for sale.
He had owned oahspebible.org for at least 9 years and faithists.com for at least 13, then all of a sudden shut them down.
Two of the above websites he had shutdown before Dec 17, 2017, he shut the other four down after JAN 2018.
On Jan 31, 2018 I asked him:
"According to you what does Selah do that is good? And why do you focus on Selah so much?"
He said:
"Are you frickin kidding. Nothing he does is good...."
I then said to him "You have a blessed and joyful day."
He then said "You too. I will keep Jehovih's word intact, and Jehovih will be with me in the process. Nothing can stop Jehovih's word. Nothing!!"
8 of the 10 top facial matches to Abraham are African-American, sub-Saharan African (80%). 
8 of the top 15 facial matches to Moses are African-American or sub-Saharan African (53.33%).
Above rap music promoter Jacques "Haitian Jack" Agnant and Moses facial recognition 81% match.
Moses and half African-American & half White German Hip Hop artist and producer J. Cole facial match 86%.
Above: Moses and Black African-American singer and songwriter Andrae Crouch 81% facial recognition match.
Moses and Andrae Crouch (above) have very similar facial features. Moses has mustache growing over top lip.
Above: 81% facial recognition match of Moses and Aïssa Maïga Senegalese African born actress. 
Above: Audrey Pulvar a Black French journalist with a 92% facial recognition match to Moses.
Above: Manny Ramirez of Dominican ancestry with a 88% facial recognition match to Moses.
The majority of Dominicans are of African descent. A very small minority can lay claim to Spanish blood as
these people are descended from the Spanish plantation owners who ruled in DR and did not intermix with
the majority African population.
Above African-American comedian and actor DeRay Davis 81% facial match to Moses.
Below: Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I and Moses 87% face match. 
Below: black Moses in facial recognition to Moses scored an extremely high 86%.
ZZ Top members have mustaches and beards that are very similar to the Oahspe drawing
of Moses, but ZZ Top members only match as high as 71% in facial recognition to Moses.
Pusha T and Original I'hin (drawn by Newbrough) side view face to face, notice very similar faces and head features.
According to Oahspe, Israel represented oral tradition, Israel = oral as stated in:
Oahspe Book of Eskra Chapter X :
10. As for the Oralites, so called, because their doctrines and teachings were secret and only spoken, being taught , man to man and woman to woman, orally; they were non-resistants, and they owned nothing, giving all things to the rab'bah for the public good. Their practice was love and harmony; doing righteously in all things, and trusting to Jehovih, Whom they worshiped under the name E-O-Ih. All the prophets and seers were born of the Oralites.
11. And so great was the spiritual power of the Oralites, that during all these hundreds of years the Faithists, six millions, had lived without king or governor. Being as a multitude of communities.


Pre-colonial traditional societies in Sub-Saharan Africa were mostly oral societies whose languages were not written.
And Yoruba IFA divination, while it has mathematical implications, is based on 256 verses in an oral literature, which must be memorized by the diviner and recalled in conjunction ...
The Akan and other societies of Ghana created a collection of specific icons that several
researchers have compared to a written language [Panic was a iconic written language of the I'hins]
But rather than composed of the vast number of symbols we call "words", the Ghanian symbolic
is much smaller, and each symbol refers not to a single word but an entire social,
religious, or philosophical concept
. - page 78 of African Fractals by Ron Eglash.
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter V:
10. ...an All Seeing Eye is the Cause and Creator of the whole universe, which is His Person.
Book of Saphah - Se'moin (Panic.) 68 Interpretation: 
All Seeing = All Present (Ever Present) = Omnipresent = Cosmos = Cosmic Consciousness. 
Outer circle of inqua = 9, inner circle = 8, central dot = 5.
Oahspe Book of Saphah Plate 62.--SEMOIN.
33. Inqua (Panic). ... A thing within a thing...Three within one, Ma-nee-to (Algonquin)
The earth within the vortex.
Three within one = E-O-IH, 9-8-5.
Ma-nee-to (Algonquin) = Gitchi Manitou or Kichi Manido Great Spirit or Creator (God= Jehovih = E-O-IH.  
The Above Adinkra symbol of Ghana, Africa is very similar to the Panic symbol in Oahspe book of Saphah Plate 62. -- SEMOIN
number 33. Inqua. Both have the number 3 or Three in one (2 circles and one central dot). Maneeto or gitchi Manitou is the
Great Spirit or Creator which is equal to the Chief of all Adinkra symbolsThe number 33 is to 99 what 3 is to 9.
The origin story from the Ashanti is that the first chief priest of the Ashanti who lived in the 7th century called down from the heavens the golden stool, the royal throne which came to symbolize the power of Ashanti kings. On top of the golden stool called down from the heavens lay cloth adorned with Adinkra symbols.
The first recorded account of the existence of Adinkra symbols is from a drawing of an Akan celebration in Thomas E. Bowdrich’s book Mission from Cape Coast to Ashantee, published in 1819. The British government sent Bowdrich to Ghana in 1817, and his book that came out of his expedition was the first European account of the Ashanti people. The drawing from the book does not explain the origins of the Adinkra symbols, but it does illustrate that the Adinkra symbols and their adornment on clothing was already an established practice of the Ashanti people by the early 19th century, if not much earlier.
Oahspe Book of Sethantes, Son of Jehovih: Chapter X:
9. The Lord said: Who knoweth thy wisdom, O Jehovih!...out of this, Thy footstool, wilt Thou bring forth many, who will, in the far future time, be laboring as Thy Lord and his angels labor here. Of what expanse is Thy wisdom, O Jehovih!
10. Thus they conversed and journeyed forth till they reached the throne and place of the Lord. And here they made fast their ships, and they descended down to the city of Ong'oo, in upper middle of the continent of Vohu [Africa]
13. And then God went around about over all the continent of Vohu, inspecting the work the Lord had done, and he pronounced it good before Jehovih.
14. When God had rested the full time, he and his hosts entered the ship of God, and taking leave of the Lord and his hosts, departed on the journey, saluting the Lord with a thousand trumpeters in the name of Jehovih. 
"I'hins (Ong'wee), mingle with the Druks to create a second speaking man (Ong'wee)".
The city of Ong'oo, was the city of the I'hins (Homo sapiens pygmaeus) in upper middle Africa.
Above map shows location (dark grey) of human pygmies in middle (Central) Africa. 
Despite their cultural variety, a new study shows that the pygmies of Western Central Africa descended from an ancestral population that survived intact until 2800 years ago when farmers invaded the pygmies' territory...
Original Panic I'hin man has been extinct for over 3,000 years. "The I'hins as a race became extinct upon the earth about 3,000 years B.K." - page 161 of SEVEN YEARS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD, 1941-1948 (1940) by Wing Anderson.
Lords' Fifth Book CHAPTER 5:
2. Here follows what became of these I'hins, namely:
6. Those that came to Ham [24,000 years ago] survived twenty one thousand years, and then became extinct by amalgamation.
"survived intact until 2800 years ago" is very similar to "
became extinct upon the earth about 3,000 years B.K." [Before Kosmon, before 1848].
Oahspe Book of Saphah: Se'moin:
17. ...Ong (Algonquin), spiritual light
Above map shows Ghana and Côte D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) is in Upper middle Central Africa (Vohu).
Many African-Americans have significant amounts of Ghana and Côte D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Ancestry DNA (see example above).
Oahspe Book of Sethantes, Chapter VIII:
17. ...Around about over the continent of Jud [Asia] they traveled for many days and nights. 
Book of Sethantes, Son of Jehovih: Chapter X:
1. JEHOVIH spake to God, saying: Steer thy ship to the south land, My Son, and visit thy Lord, who is God of Vohu. And God went as commanded, to the south, running close to the earth, over deserts and mountains.
3. The Lord said: On our journey let us run through the valleys and the banks of rivers, ...And so they journeyed, surveying the earth as they sailed above. The country was mostly barren, not supporting man nor beast.
Here Oahspe describes Etherean angels in a flying ship traveling from Asia (Jud) to Africa (Vohu) across the Sahara desert and Nile river heading toward sub-Saharan Africa
Above map shows (red line) Ethereans traveling from Asia (Jud) to upper middle Central Africa (Vohu).
Below map shows (red lines) from Asia to Nile River to Niger river, Volta River and Congo River.  
Above 4 = Knowledge of Supersymmetry and the very nature of reality. 
Above: traditional Akan Ghana Adinkra symbol with binary codes and the 5 Coded Tesseract Adinkra.
Above: traditional Akan Knowledge Adinkra decorated and colored to match Tesseract mathematical physics Adinkra.
Above are 4 things about the "Neo Onnim No Suaa, Ohu" or Knowledge, education, learning Adinkra of Ghana
Africa and the Tesseract mathematical physics (science) Adinkra used by Professor S. James Gates that are
very similar or the same. (1) The Central diagonal decorated colored parts between the grey balls have 5 or 
6 squares or rectangles between them. (2) They both have 1-4-6-4-1 symmetry. (3) The names of both Adinkras 
are related to science and Knowledge (see highlighted science synonym words above). (4) On both Adinkras
at the middle extreme right and left sides between 2 white balls and 2 grey balls are 3 open rectangles or trapezoids.
My comparison of the Akan Ghana Adinkra symbol and Tesseract mathematical physics Adinkra falls under the
category of "potentially radical and unusual claims about physics".  
5 Coded Tesseract Adinkra
This adinkra is called nea onnim no sua a, ohu,” which translates as “he who does not know can become knowledgeable through learning.”...an adinkra is a graphical representation that precisely encodes the mathematical relations between the members of super-symmetry families.
5. Coded Adinkras
The “decorated tesseract” adinkra and its associated computer “words.”

This article first appeared in Physics World, June 2010 and was reprinted with permission of the author and publisher.
All adinkras are constructed by starting with squares, cubes and their higher-dimensional generalizations; these structures provide a “skeleton” that is then “decorated” by additional operations. Each of these decorations has a mathematical significance, ... 
Relating Doubly-Even Error-Correcting Codes, Graphs, and Irreducible Representations of N-Extended Super-symmetry...specifying the topologies available to Adinkras, and then the height-assignments for each topological type.

"The latter problem being solved by a recursive mechanism that generates all height-assignments within a topology"
TVO S James Gates on Does Reality have a Genetic Basis.

At 22:14 into the video above: Maxwell's equations (electromagnetism) and Einstein's field equations (Gravity) both based on the smallest particles at the 10-35 magnification (zoom). 35 = orders of magnitude (x 10 larger or smaller) the superstrings or lines or needles of corpor (submicroscopic filaments). At 24:03 into video an Adinkra Graphical (visual) representation of a mathematical equation.
At the 24:00 minute mark of the video above, it shows the equations for electromagnetism and gravity field equations
and how the first 2 functions (A,B) correspond to the white nodes at top or bottom of Adinkra, the 4 middle functions
correspond to the 4 black nodes in the middle of Adinkra, and the 2 (F,G) functions correspond to the 2 white nodes
at the top or bottom of Adinkra diagram (see above).
The Adinkra figure contains most of the information of the equations that I just
showed you. Most of the information is in this figure. At the 24:56 to 25:42 of the video ...this image [Adinkra] contains 
every single piece of mathematical information that these equations contain. This image [Adinkra] is a compression [like in computer science] ...package it in a way the information is contained in a much smaller subset.
At 32:37 to 33:35 into video...Tesseracts are cubes in four dimension. At 32:56 ...this object [5 coded Tesseract] turns out to be related to electromagnetism DIRECTLY to Maxwell's equations. At 32:51 into video ...Z2 orbifolding [another squared equation like the Mandelbrot fractal equation and electromagnetic radiation and gravity [inverse square law of physics]. At 43:32 into video ...strange process of smashing [compressing] cubes.
Figure 10.4 Orbifolding is a procedure in which a new Calabi-Yau shape is produced by gluing together various points on an initial Calabi-Yau shape. - Chapter 10. Quantum Geometry.
The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory - Brian Greene (2010).

Walter Russell said space compresses as cubes [m=e/c2] and expands as spheres [e=mc2].
Even though the standard model and supersymmetry and string theory may be wrong the mathematics may work just as the cause of gravity (mass of matter)  in Newtonian physics and Einsteinian relativity is wrong (instead of matter in vortex motion) but the mathematics (equations and calculations) still works (it is a trifling difference whether a man prophesy [calculate] by a vortex [sub-atomic matter in rotary motion] or by a planet (mass of matter). Some wrong concepts can be accurately interchanged with right concepts in mathematics. 
This "image [Tesseract Adinkra] contains every single piece of mathematical information that these equations contain".
The Tesseract Adinkra "contain all the information of a set of equations related to string theory".
Adrinkas are graphical representations of "the equations that we want to use to describe the cosmos."
The pictures look like flying Saucers, UFOs, or Pleiadian (or Etherean) Type beamships.
Above using image recognition software the Tesseract mathematical physics Adinkra and a Flying Saucer (UFO) have a high match equivalent to 59% on pictrieve.
60% is considered VERY high match. Link below says 58% is close enough:
Computer Code Hidden Within Reality
At :48 seconds to 1:43 seconds into video are "pictures of equations" ..."incredible pictures that contain all the information of a set of equations related to string theory".
The pictures look like flying Saucers, UFOs, or Pleiadian Type beamships.
These "pictures of equations" are Tesseract Adinkras or 4 dimensional hyperspace cubes.
Science Fiction contains science and fiction. Sometimes science fiction becomes reality like in Star Trek (flip phone communicators, AI (Artificial Intelligence),  "universal translator" to communicate, hand-held touchscreen networked computers, Medical Tricorder, etc...
In Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) the Tesseract (space stone) enables people to travel anywhere in the universe.
A Tesseract Adinkra looks like a flying saucer or UFO that is able to travel anywhere in the universe.
Multi-Dimentional World of Spirit.
7. ETHEREAN HEAVEN or Etherea located in interstellar space.
Place of Cosmic Consciousness [Nirvana].
Power to travel anywhere in creation.
The Third Resurrection.
Spiritual and intellectual grades of 100 and above. - page 159 of SEVEN YEARS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD, 1941-1948 (1940) by Wing Anderson.
Maybe the shape or geometry of flying saucers or UFOs is not coincidental or insignificant, maybe their construction is based on equations...equations related to string theory and the unified field theory of nature.
String theory and unified field theory pertain to the fundamental forces and fabric of space.
In physics, a unified field theory is a type of field theory that allows all that is usually thought of as fundamental forces and elementary particles to be written [equations] in terms of a pair of physical and virtual fields.
u·ni·fied field the·o·ry
noun Physics
noun: unified field theory
a theory that describes two or more of the four interactions (electromagnetic, gravitational, weak, and strong) previously described by separate theories.
TVO S James Gates on Does Reality have a Genetic Basis.
At 32:00 to 32:12 into video (above) "So how is it that these cubes have to do with gravity, have to do with electromagnetism??
Above: Walter_Russell_Wave_Geometry, and Walter-Russell-cube-sphere. 
See Walter Russell Cosmogony and Einstein page of this website about 1/4 down. 
2 sub-cells of Tesseract (above). 
2 sub-cell cubes of Tesseract Adinkra (above). 
2 sub-cell cubes of physics Tesseract = 2 (positive and negative) wave cubes of Walter Russell (above).
Two sub-cell cubes smash into each other.  Union of two wave cubes that collide into each other. 
2 cubes of Tesseract smashed together as one is a graphical representation of equations that describe electron-like objects. 
Graphical representation of the Maxwell electromagnetic field equations on left and the equations of the electron on the right.
Above on the left = electromagnetic field = vortex motion = C2 or twice m...above on the right = electron = matter or corpor = m or half C2 (4 black and 4 white balls).
The 2 images are related to each other by the strange process of smashing cubes together and asking for preservation so that dashes
don't run into solids or blacks running into whites (you match everything perfectly).
"...smashing things into atoms ...was just E=mc2 in action." - page 98 of REALITY IN THE SHADOWS by Gates/Blitzer/Sekula.
"The thing that is really bizarre about this smashing is it actually has computer codes in it". - S. James Gates PhD. Theoretical Physics.
"This smashing process that I just showed you, if you look at it's mathematics you can see in it an error detecting code." -  S. James Gates PhD. Theoretical Physics.
Electromagnetic field = vortex'ya, electron = corpor or corporeal world.
Electromagnetic field = vortex'ya = E=mc2 (expansion) = Tesseract Adinkra.
electron = corpor = m=E/c2 (compression) 2 cubes of Tesseract Adinkra smashed together.
m=E/c2 = a lot of energy is compressed into a little mass = division (2=8/2x2=2).
Mathematics and physics of creation:
Positive and negative vortex'ya = m=e/c2 and e=mc2 = 2=8/4=2 and 8=2x2(x2)=8
m = corpor(2), e = ether (8), c2 = vortex'ya (4). Division (/) = compression, multiplication (x) = expansion.
3. Apollo said: To condense and to expand; to expand and to condense, is this all? Who shall fashion a corporeal world by compressing ether?
fashion a corporeal world by compressing ether = m=e/c2 = 2=8/4=2 = division = compression. ether (e) is compressed into corpor (m) by vortex motion (c2) = 8/4=2 = e/c2=m.
Electromagnetic field or radiation (energy) is compressed into electrons (charged matter).
Who shall fashion a cube by compressing a Tesseract?
com·pres·sion = reduction in volume (8 to 2).
smash = break (something) into pieces.
smash = breakdown = reduce (8 to 2).


In a recent work, we showed that DNA sequences can be identified as codewords in a class of cyclic error-correcting codes known as Hamming codes. In this paper, we show that a complete intron-exon gene, and even a plasmid genome, can be identified as a Hamming code codeword as well. Although this does not constitute a definitive proof that there is an error-correcting code underlying DNA sequences, it is the first evidence in this direction.
Error detecting codes (feedback-based, error-correction cycle) is found in biological systems = Jehovih the All person (universe) is alive = Cosmic Consciousness.
Oahspe Book of Jehovih Chapter I:
1. ALL was. ALL is. ALL ever shall be. The ALL spake, and Motion was, and is, and ever shall be; and, being positive, was called He and Him. The ALL MOTION was His speech.
2. He said, I AM! And He comprehended all things, the seen and the unseen. Nor is there aught in all the universe but what is part of Him.
3. He said, I am the soul of all; and the all that is seen is of My person and My body.
4. By virtue of My presence all things are. By virtue of My presence is life. By virtue of My presence are the living brought forth into life. I am the QUICKENER, the MOVER, the CREATOR, the DESTROYER. I am FIRST and LAST.
5. Of two apparent entities am I, nevertheless I AM BUT ONE. These entities are the UNSEEN, which is POTENT, and the SEEN, which is of itself IMPOTENT, and called CORPER.
6. With these two entities, in likeness thereby of Myself, made I all the living; for as the life is the potent part, so is the corporeal part the impotent part. 
any number is multiplied by itself three times (a cube and all corpor is 3-dimensional), then the product is called the cube of that number.
Cube numbers = 1, 8, 27, 64, 125, 216, 343, 512, 729, 1,000, 1,331, 1,728, 2,197, 2,744, 3,375... 
E=mc2 = 2x2x2=8, a cube, a cube is an octave, with 8 corners. The number 8 is the first cube (outside of 1).
Oahspe says the diamond containeth the highest percentage of charge of vortexya (unified field energy).
The diamond crystal has "maximal symmetry" and rotational symmetry that characterizes the circle and the sphere,
The structural unit of diamond consists of eight atoms, fundamentally arranged in a cube.
The diamond has a cube (cubic) atomic-molecular structure. The highest percentage of charge of vortexya
would have the highest potential as a energy or power source for space travel
. The cube of a Tesseract is
related to space travel and a powerful energy source.
In Star Trek science fiction dilithium is an invented material which serves as a controlling agent in the faster-than-light warp drive.
Dilithium is depicted as an extremely hard crystalline mineral that occurs naturally on some planets.
...the need for natural dilithium crystals for interstellar travel...

Dilithium (Star Trek) - Wikipedia

According to Oahspe the highest percentage of charge of vortexya (electromagnetism, gravity etc..)
would be the cubic structure. Charge would be compression (or packing), discharge would be expansion (or releasing).
This agrees with Walter Russell science
Closest-Packed Structures
Efficient Packing of Balls
Suppose you are given a large number of tennis balls and asked to pack them together in the most efficient fashion. What is the most efficient packing strategy?
The two most efficient packing arrangements are the hexagonal closest-packed structure (hcp) and the cubic closest-packed structure (ccp).
In a crystal the atoms are arranged in a regular repeating pattern. The smallest repeating unit is called the unit cell.
The packing efficiency, f, is the fraction of the volume of the unit cell actually occupied by atoms. For the hexagonal closest-packed structure f = p/(18)1/2 = 74.05%. The cubic closest-packed structure has the same packing efficiency, and this value is the highest efficiency that can be achieved.
The diamond crystal has two key properties that distinguish it from other crystals. The first, called "maximal symmetry", concerns the symmetry of the arrangement of the building-block graphs. Some arrangements have more symmetry than others, and if one starts with any given arrangement, one can deform it, while maintaining periodicity and the bonding relations between the atoms, to make it more symmetrical. For the diamond crystal, it turns out that no deformation of the periodic arrangement can make it any more symmetrical than it is. As Sunada puts it, the diamond crystal has maximal symmetry.
Any crystal can be deformed into a crystal with maximal symmetry, so that property alone does not distinguish the diamond crystal. But the diamond crystal has a second special property, called "the strong isotropic property". This property resembles the rotational symmetry that characterizes the circle and the sphere: No matter how you rotate a circle or a sphere, it always looks the same. The diamond crystal has a similar property, in that the crystal looks the same when viewed from the direction of any edge. Rotate the diamond crystal from the direction of one edge to the direction of a different edge, and it will look the same.
It turns out that, out of all the crystals that are possible to construct mathematically, just one shares with the diamond these two properties. Sunada calls this the K4 crystal, because it is made out of a graph called K4, which consists of 4 points, in which any two vertices are connected by an edge.
A diamond crystal has rotational symmetry that characterizes the circle and the sphere: No matter how you rotate a circle or a sphere, it always looks the same. The diamond crystal has a similar property, in that the crystal looks the same when viewed from the direction of any edge. Rotate the diamond crystal from the direction of one edge to the direction of a different edge, and it will look the same.

Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter I:
37...There is no substance of heat, nor of fire; a dissolution occurreth in which the vortexya is liberated. Corporeal substances all contain heat (vortexya proper); even snow and ice have it in infinitesimal quantities; and oils, and herbs of all kinds; but the diamond containeth the highest percentage of charge.
vortexya is liberated = E=mc2 = 2x2x2=8 = multiplication, expansion, release of energy
diamond containeth the highest percentage of charge = cubic structure = 2x2x2 = stored up vortexya, cubic closest-packed structure.
A research team at the University of Bristol has developed a way to ...generate electricity in a nuclear-powered battery that is an actual diamond.
Research by another group at Bristol showed that it is possible to extract most of the carbon-14 from the graphite so it can be made into a diamond, thereby becoming a nuclear-powered battery.
... battery that can last thousands of years with no emissions, radioactive or otherwise.
... the power output of the diamond battery is continuous and doesn’t stop. The radioactive diamond battery would still be putting out 50% power after 5,730 years, which is one half-life of carbon-14 or about as long as human civilization has existed.
During this time, the diamond battery would have produced over 20 million Joules. And would produce another 10 million during the next 5,730 years.
So these batteries would be useful in situations where you could not, or would rather not, replace the battery, such as in pacemakers or in spacecraft and satellites.
 By comparison a car battery (lead-acid) has stored 1,944,000 Joules of energy!
...and need to be replaced every two or three years, or after as few as 15,000-20,000 miles."
Although bond dissociation energy in a C—C bond is relatively high, it is dwarfed by the energy predicted to be released by the mass-energy equivalence theorem.
The nuclear mass of 1 mole diamond is about 12 grams. So the theoretical energy released in a fusion reaction involving one mole of diamond is around 1*109
Google what is 1*109GJ?
1 * 109 gigajoules = 109 000 000 000 joules
A 1.00 carat pure diamond has a mass of 0.2 grams
The molar mass of carbon is 12.01 g/mol
12.01 / 0.2 = 60.05 carats for 1 mole of diamond.
A 60 carat diamond or 12 gram Diamond = energy release of 109,000,000,000 joules
A car battery (lead-acid) has stored 1,944,000 Joules of energy!

109,000,000,000 / 1,944,000 = 56,069.9588477 x more energy stored in a 60 carat or 12 grams diamond
than in the average lead-acid car battery.
Nuclear Energy
Fission of Uranium-235
Energy from U-235 Fission
235 gram of U-235 releases 2,070*10 to the 10 joules
2,070*10 = 20700
10 to the 10th power = 10,000,000,000 ten billion
20700 x 10,000,000,000 = 2.07e+14
one thousand x ten billion = 1e+13
235 gram of U-235 releases / energy release of 12 grams of diamond:
2.07e+14 joules / 109,000,000,000 joules = 1899.08256881
Convert 12 grams of diamond to 235 grams of Uranium-235:
235 grams / 12 grams = 19.5833333333
19.5833333333 x 109,000,000,000 = 2.1345833e+12 joules of energy released by 235 grams of diamond.
gram for gram energy release comparison of Uranium 235 and diamond:
2.07e+14 / 2.1345833e+12 = 96.9744305598 x more energy is released by Uranium 235 than by a diamond.
The stored energy in a diamond when released is 96.9 x less than the Nuclear energy release of Uranium 235.
Nuclear power is the use of nuclear reactions that release nuclear energy to generate heat, which most frequently is then used in steam turbines to produce electricity in a nuclear power plant. As a nuclear technology, nuclear power can be obtained from nuclear fission, nuclear decay and nuclear fusion reactions.
At the time Oahspe was written a diamond have had the highest percentage of charge (or stored vortexya energy)
but Uranium-235 has a half-life of 703.8 million years. It was discovered in 1935 by Arthur Jeffrey Dempster.
Uranium 235 has more charge or stored up vortexya than a diamond or pure crystalized carbon.
Research by Otto Hahn, Lise Meitner, Enrico Fermi and others, such as J. Robert Oppenheimer starting in 1934 led to its use as a fuel in the nuclear power industry and in Little Boy, the first nuclear weapon used in war. An ensuing arms race during the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union produced tens of thousands of nuclear weapons that used uranium metal and uranium-derived plutonium-239.
Uranium at Chemical Elements.com
Name: Uranium
Symbol: U
Atomic Number: 92
Atomic Mass: 238.0289 amu
Crystal Structure: Orthorhombic
In crystallography, the orthorhombic crystal system is one of the 7 crystal systems. Orthorhombic lattices result from stretching a cubic lattice along two of its orthogonal pairs by two different factors, resulting in a rectangular prism with a rectangular base and height,...
On a per mass, or per nucleon basis, fusion wins hands-down: one gram of deuterium results in 1012 J of energy, or 275 million kcal. Fission gives a comparatively small 20 million kcal per gram of 235U. So fusion is over ten times as potent.
Deuterium was discovered and named in 1931 by Harold Urey. When the neutron was discovered in 1932, this made the nuclear structure of deuterium obvious, and Urey won the Nobel Prize in 1934 “for his discovery of heavy hydrogen”.
"Uridium and Urium are the two "Atom Bomb Elements." Their existence was discovered by me in 1921, charted, copyrighted and announced in 1926 as isotopes of Actinium. Years later researchers isolated them for use in warfare under other names. These are their rightful names, however, and must be so given to posterity." ~ Water Russell.
Walter Russell officially discovered these Elements FIRST!
ETHLOGEN = Deuterium.
BEBEGEN = Tritium
URIDIUM = Neptunium
URIUM = Plutonium
In science, Walter Russell (1871-1963) was an American painter, sculptor, and new age panbioist philosopher noted for his 1926 book The Universal One, his so called ‘master work’ as his followers describe it, wherein he outlines a cyclical expansion-contraction theory of the universe, in which derives an expanded snake-like Mendeleev periodic table, wherein he supposedly predicts the existence of deuterium and tritium as well as all the transuranium elements such as plutonium and neptunium,...
E=mc2 and m=E/c2 and geometric shape and atomic-molecular structure.
Pages 222-224 of THE SECRET OF LIGHT by Walter Russell, THE CUBE-SPHERE
"Carbon and sodium chloride are good examples of true cube crystallization. Likewise their atomic units are true spheres..the cube is born from the sphere...the sphere is born from the cube...all crystals are cube sections."
Page 221 of THE SECRET OF LIGHT by Walter Russell:
"Tennis balls crushed together become cubes by gradually flattening where they meet at six points on curved surfaces."
Atomic-molecular structures:
diamonds are formed at high temperature and pressure
diamond creation processes: High Pressure-High Temperature
The sphere compressed from all six directions makes a cube
Cube Thermally Expanding Into A Sphere - YouTube
Gas = sphere (E), solid crystal = cube (mass)
compression of sphere = cube (flattening) = solid crystal = m=E/c2 = division = crystallization
expansion of cube = sphere (roundening) = gas fireball = E=mc2 = multiplication = explosion
Gravity = compression = cubic structure. The Cube is related to gravity, to positive magnetism (electromagnetism).
radiation = expansion = sphere structure. The sphere is related to radiation.
Page 225 of THE SECRET OF LIGHT by Walter Russell "...sphere of multiplied [2x2x2=8] matter [gaseous] and the space [cube] of divided [8/4=2] matter.
Page 226 of THE SECRET OF LIGHT by Walter Russell "Multiplication [2x2x2=8] and division [8/4=2] of expressed energy [E=] into high and low potential of gravitation [compression] and radiation [expansion] is made possible by the plan of Nature...
Gravitation [m=E/c2]...spirally inward...to wind [compress] light waves [c2] into solids [m] to center space [vortex center]. Radiation [E=mc2] thrusts spirally outward to unwind [expand] dense solids [m] into space to surround solids.
There are two possible kinds of things in the universe. The two types are known as "bosons"[force carrier] and "fermions,"[matter] and the dialectic between them describes all physical form. The whole scheme of quantum field theory, for example, is that fermions interact by exchanging bosons.
Oahspe - Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter II:
1. THERE are two known things in the universe: ethe and corpor. The former is the solvent of the latter
TOE = Theory of Everything = ethe, vortexya, and corpor.
OAHSPE: Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter VI:9
As previously stated, there are two things, corpor and ethe; the latter is the solvent of corpor. Whirling vortices [fundamental force] of the solution make planets [matter, gravity, elctromagnetism, strong-weak nuclear forces, radiation). And these are the sum and substance of all things manifested in the universe.
Above diagram shows (with colored projection lines) Fermion and Boson, Corpor and Vortexya, Matter and force of
two known things in the universe. Fundamental forces and fundamental particles of the universe. Theory of Everything.
From the Standard Model of Particle Physics and Oahspe plate 57 Cut C, Figure 5.

Fermions and Bosons:
Jim Gates explains the difference in the following manner:
“…if you look at our world, it looks like its composed of basically two major parts. One of those parts is stuff like us. We?’re made of, like, electrons, and protons, and neutrons. And all of these objects have a property which is kind of interesting, (…) namely that you can?’t put your hand through a wall without busting it…  On the other hand, if you take something like light, you find its very different, so lets go through some thought experiments. Lets take two flashlights, aim the two beams of the flashlights at each other and turn them on. What happens? Well, the two beams pass right through each other, nothing at all happens.
So our world?s composed of these two major pieces. And the thing thats really weird about our world is… stuff like us seems mostly to be fermions. The other half – energy, light, gravity… are all bosons. So why does our universe have this strange dichotomy, where stuff cannot pass through each other, but light and energy can? In fact, wouldn’t the world be sort of more balanced, more symmetrical, or even supersymmetrical, if there were some forms of energy that would scatter each other just the way that stuff, matter, does, and if there were some forms of matter that could pass right through each other just the way energy does?
Well thats the basic idea of supersymmetry — to say that matter can either be fermion or boson, and that energy can either be fermion or boson.
Supersymmetry Fermions and Bosons:
For every particle there is a vortex just as for every Fermion there is a Boson.
"Supersymmetry, as theorists realized in the early 1980s,...It says that for every “fermion” that exists in nature — a
particle of matter, such as an electron or quark,...there is a supersymmetric “boson,” or force-carrying particle,...
Is there any evidence that supersymmetry exists, or is it purely theoretical?
Suppersymmetry is tied to string theory:
String theory is a physical model whose fundamental building blocks are one-dimensional extended objects (strings) rather than the zero-dimensional points that were the basis of most earlier physics...Interest in string theory is driven largely by the hope that it will prove to be a theory of everything. It is one viable solution for quantum gravity, and in addition to gravity it can naturally describe interactions similar to electromagnetism and the other forces of nature. Superstring theories also include fermions, the building blocks of matter.
OAHSPE Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter I:9,10 "The name of the force of the vortex is called vortexya, that is, positive force, ...
OAHSPE Book of Jehovih: Chapter II:
5. For the substance of My etherean worlds I created Ethe, the MOST RARIFIED. Out of ethe made I them. And I made ethe the most subtle of all created things, and gave to it power and place, not only by itself, but also power to penetrate and exist within all things, even in the midst of the corporeal worlds
5....As previously stated, corpor being in solution in ethe, hath in the main the shape of needles, but of such infinitesimal size that corporeal knowledge of them can only be, at most, subjective knowledge.
 34. ...As the lines of vortexya are in currents from the outer toward the interior, so do the solutions of corpor take the shape of needles
Above (left) CERN Bubble Chamber photograph of tightly coiled subatomic particle spiral tracks = the lines of vortexya in currents from the outer toward the interior.
Above (right) false-color images of ultracold lithium-atom clouds showing a boson (lithium-7), and a fermion (lithium-6) = the shape of needles, narrow and long and pointed..
Tesseract Adinkra Binary code to Decimal Value:
top = 15 total (1)
2nd from top = 14 13 11 7 = 45 total (4)
middle = 12 9 6 10 5 3 = 45 total (6)
2nd from bottom = 8 4 2 1 = 15 total (4)
bottom = 0 = 0 total (1)
total = 120
15, 45, 45, 15, 0 = 1331 = each number divided by 15 (smallest positive integer). 11 x 11 = 121 x 11 = 1331 x 11 = 14641 (all symmetrical numbers).
Tesseract Adinkra has  1 4 6 4 1 symmetry, —the fourth row in Pascal's triangle" with 5 polygons or 5 squares. (symmetry = balance = 5).
"The number of vertices in the layers of this projection is 1 4 6 4 1—the fourth row in Pascal's triangle"." ... of the tesseract into three-dimensional space has a cubical envelope. ... projected onto the six square faces of the cube."
5 divisors of 14641 = first 4 rows and top of Pascal's Triangle. What are the patterns of Pascal's Triangle? Pascal's Triangle is symmetric. Pascal's Triangle like a fractal is the result of recursion, each number is the sum of 2 numbers above it.
In geometry, a hypercube is an n-dimensional analogue of a square (n = 2) and a cube (n = 3). It is a closed, compact, convex figure ...
...how to create a tesseract from a point.
Projection of a rotating tesseract
Above is a YouTube video by Billy Carson of 4biddenknowledge about the Tesseract cube. 
Knowledge-Learning Adinkra:
8-white balls = cell number
4-pair grey balls = cube number
...the hypersurface of the tesseract consists of eight cubical cells. 
Ghana-Knowledge-Adinkra-eight cubical cells. 2 cell = 1 cube, 4 cube = Tesseract.
E-O-IH = 9-8-5:
"The cube is the geometry of eight vertices at equal distance and a central point: in total nine points, which are also Fulcrums, spheres, nuclei, stars or suns."
9-8-5 cube points:
in total nine points = 9
eight vertices at equal distance = 8
a central point = 5
About sub-Saharan Africans and African-Americans
and those with significant (over 20%) sub-Saharan African ancestry: 
Testimony from the Bible and Thomas Paine and Oahspe:
The Bible: 1 Chronicles 4:40:
English Standard Version
"where they found rich, good pasture, and the land was very broad, quiet, and peaceful,
for the former inhabitants there belonged to Ham."
"The Managers of that Trade themselves, and others, testify, that many of these African nations
inhabit fertile countries, are industrious farmers, enjoy plenty, and lived quietly, averse to
war, before the Europeans debauched them
with liquors, and bribing them against one another; and
that these inoffensive people are brought into slavery, by stealing them, tempting Kings to sell
subjects, which they can have no right to do, and hiring one tribe to war against another, in
order to catch prisoners." - African Slavery in America by Thomas Paine (1775).

Oahspe The Lord's Fifth Book: Chapter III:
13. The Lord said: Having designed Ham for teaching the barbarian world of me and my dominion,

Ham. Cosmological name of Egypt. The followers of Abram bestowed that country's name on him, after they settled there. One who is black with sunburn.
The Bible refers to Egypt as "the land of Ham" in Psalms.78:51; 105:23,27; 106:22; 1 Chronicles 4:40.


For the results below I used profile (side-view) pictures with little or no external images:
Above is the highest picture similarity match to the original I'hin in Oahspe, 84.88% by a white (caucasian) man.
The above result is equivalent to identical twins face matching 84% on Pictrieve:
Below is the 4th highest picture similarity match to the original I'hin in Oahspe, 81.59% by a white man.
Above African-American man with dreadlocks has the second highest similarity match (83.1%) to Original I'hin.
African-American girl above has the third highest similarity match (82.47%) to Original I'hin.
Above: 81.11% profile (side-view) facial-head similarity to Original I'hin, highest by East Asian ancestry.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Above: 66.94% profile (side-view) facial-head similarity to Original I'hin by Ihuan.
Above: accuracy test of IMGonline, Yak head neck to Yak face Oahspe pictures similarity 84.22%.
The above result is equivalent to identical twins face matching 84% on Pictrieve:
I'huan drawing in Oahspe and African-American with Jerry Curl 1980s 60.94% match.
60.94% is rounded up to 61% which is equal to 62% on pictrieve (which is very high match).
Pictures similarity results would have been higher if angle of faces would have been the same and
if the background images would have been the same and no hand in picture.
I'huan drawing in Oahspe and Native American Indian side view pictures similarity 53.33% match.
53.33 is rounded down to 53 which is equal to 52% on pictrieve (which is much lower than the 60.94% match of the African-American above). This is strong mathematical scientific evidence that supports my assertion that African-Americans are the race of I'huans (same race as Abraham and Moses) in North America since the 1600s to present Kosmon and the Native American Indians are not I'huans but are Ghans (Ongwe-ghans) as stated in Oahspe.
Below: highest profile (side-view) match of I'huan (drawn by Newbrough) to a Native-American:
Above: highest profile (side-view) match of I'huan (drawn by Newbrough) to a Asian.
Above: highest profile (side-view) match of I'huan (drawn by Newbrough) to a African-American.
Result above is equal to Amena Sudanese (Heart of Africa on Youtube) facial match to Abraham 81% on Pictrieve:
Above is I'huan face drawn by Newbrough compared to sub-Saharan African lips using
projection lines to show how the I'huan of Oahspe matches sub-Saharan African and does
not match European or Native American. Moses and Abraham were pure I'huans
Above is 1980s photo of African-American rapper, actor, producer, director and writer Ice-Cube (O'Shea Jackson) compared to I'huan drawn by Newbrough in Oahspe. 
Projection lines show the very similar sub-Saharan African lips and facial features shared by both Ice Cube and the I'huan drawn by Newbrough in Oahspe. More proof that my assertion that African-Americans are I'huans in Guatama for Kosmon is true
Oahspe - Book of Discipline: Chapter VIII:
5. For which reasons thou shalt explain that only facts well known, or comparatively proven, are light.
An opinion is not light.
African-American = I'huan race in Guatama for Kosmon.
Oahspe Book of Wars Against Jehovih: Chapter XXI:
11. "...I will leave one race of I'huans on the earth, in Guatama, even till the era of kosmon
Above comparison of lips and face of Native American and I'huan drawn by Newbrough in Oahspe.
Native American has thin European (Ghan, Ongwee-ghan) lips and I'huan has thick African lips.
Oahspe God's First Book Chapter XXIV:
6. ...strong, swift and handsome...
9. ...the first tribes of I'huans in the land of Guatama (after the flood)...
See Israelites I'huans Ghans Adinkra Tesseract page of this website about 1/4 and 3/4 down from top comparing I'huan drawn by Newbrough to African-Americans.
6. In the darkness of the earth the I'hins mingled with the druks, and lo and behold, a second born speaking animal (ong'wee, or Indian) stood upon the earth, tall, and red, and strong, swift ...The original native Americans (from the time of the flood or 24,000 YBK) were I'huans, but through race mixing (amalgamation) became Ghans (ong'wee-ghans) and the original Native American I'huans became extinctPure I'huans were brought over from sub-Sahara Africa to America and they became the new I'huans of Guatuama.
Above: original I'huans of Guatama (America) before Columbus.

It must also be noted that J.F. Powell in a published work from the Yearbook of Physical Anthropology states, “craniofacial morphology among early skeletons in North America…lowland Paleoindians [or Paleoamericans] from Brazil were morphologically distinct from Northeast Asians and morphologically similar to populations from Australia and Africa” (Powell 1999: 162).


Physical Anthropology A New Early Human Skeleton from Brazil

https://u.osu.edu › heads › files › 2015/12 › Hubb...

American Journal of Physical Anthropology 26. (Suppl):169. Neves, W. A., A. Prous, R. Gonzáles-José, R. Kipnis, and J. F. Powell 2003 Early Human Skeletal.   

Joseph F Powell Associate Professor Curator of Osteology PhD, Texas A&M University (1995) Research: Skeletal biology, people of the world, dental anthropology, forensics Geographic Regions: North America, Brazil


Now someone may say: but the drawing of the I'huan in Oahspe appears to have a Aquiline Or "Roman" Nose:
Above is the picture similarity results between the I'huan race drawing in Oahspe and a African-American
with a natural big aquiline Or "Roman" Nose
and the result was 77.56% which is the second highest match
to the I'huan drawing (only a African-American matched higher at 81.25%).
African-American with Aquiline Or "Roman" Nose matched 77.56% to I'huan drawing in Oahspe also has
thick upper and lower sub-Saharan African lips like the I'huan (see above).
African-American with Aquiline Or "Roman" Nose matched 80% to Moses and 75% to Joshu female familiar (see above).
White woman (above) with Roman nose only matched 57.02% similarity to Oahspe I'huan drawing and matched only 65% to Moses.
Native American Indian (above) with Roman Nose matched 67% to Moses and 70.58% picture similarity to I'huan in Oahspe.
The original I'hin had lips similar to Africans and mustache, goatee, and beard similar
to Joshu and Abraham, as can be seen above with and without projection lines. 
Joshu had hair very similar to Abraham and Katt Williams. Joshu had high curved
eyebrows very similar to Abraham and African-Americans above.
"The ancient Israelites of Egypt were identified as Faithist descendents of the I'hins of Ham, although those in the Israelite order were not I'hins themselves but a mixture of I'hin and native inhabitants of the regions round about (albeit with a greater percentage of I'hin blood than other non-faithist tribes in those regions)."
OAHSPE: The Lords' Fifth Book Chapter III: 4. Of all colors (black, white, yellow, copper, red and brown)
were the tribes of Ham [Africa]; nevertheless, they were I'hins ...  
This is more strong mathematical scientific evidence that supports my assertion that African-Americans are the race of I'huans (same race as Abraham and Moses) in North America since the 1600s to present Kosmon and the Native American Indians are not I'huans but are Ghans (Ongwee-ghans) as stated in Oahspe.
Oahspe Book of Wars Against Jehovih: Chapter XXI:
9. But the chief part of all the people in Arabin'ya were I'huans, of color and size and figure like the Parsi'e'ans, being also the offspring of the I'hins and the brown earth-burrowers, the hoodas, from whom they inherited corporeal greatness, even as from the I'hins they inherited holiness of spirit.
File:Persian warriors from Berlin Museum.jpg
Oahspe God's Book of Eskra 50:
27. Now, in reference to the Faithists: ...In Arabin'ya [including all of Africa], Heleste and Uropa, they were scattered in all directions.
28. And these called themselves, Israelites and Jews.
Oahspe First Book of God Chapter 11:
23. Now when Abraham and his people came into Arabin'ya, especially into Egupt, ...

when Oahspe refers to Arabin'ya, it includes a large area of land which covers all or part of Africa and what is now the Middle East to Iran.

The letters ARABIN are written across the African countries of Mali, Niger, Chad, and Sudan.
The letters YA are written across the Arabian Peninsula nation of Saudi Arabia.
Abraham familiar spirit (above) has African lips not European lips.
Anthropometry: the scientific study of the measurements and proportions of the human body.
Above are horizontal and vertical projection lines showing the width of nose of Abraham
matches that of sub-saharan African rather than European or east Asian, the same for his lips (see below). 
Contrast, brightness, and light levels (Lunapic) were used to bring out and separate the faint outline and details of Abraham's lips from the mustache, goatee, and beard. Projection lines are used to show the same thickness of lips of Abraham's lips to sub-Saharan African lips.  Abraham's lips below are outlined in orange pencil (Paint.NET).
<---drawing of Abraham by John Newbrough from page 276 of Eloists Edition of Oahspe.
According to the time stamp of the Internet Archive Way Back Machine on Sept 17, 2019 was the first record of my outline of Abraham’s lips (above). Nearly 3 years after my outline of Abraham’s lips on March 3, 2022 I first saw the outline of Abraham’s lips on page 276 of Eloists Edition of Oahspe. My outline of Abraham’s lips in September of 2019 is almost exactly identical to the outline of the lips of Abraham I first saw on March 3 of 2022. When I used brightness and contrast enhancement to bring out Abraham’s lips (because in the 1882 Palmer Green Oahspe edition you could not see the outline of Abraham’s lips with the naked eye) and drew a outline of his lips in red, I asked a faithist in Houston, Texas if he could see the outline of Abrahm’s lips from my enhancement and outline and he said he couldn’t see it. The Eloists Oahspe Edition is proof that I wasn’t imagining what I claimed I saw. Abraham's upper and lower lip is moderately full/fleshly with the upper lip as thick as the lower lip like a African or I'huan instead of thin lips like a European (Ghan) or East Asian-Native American (Ongwe-ghan).
On Sun, May 19, 2019 at 4:55 PM, Michael W wrote:
    Here’s that verse in Oahspe concerning Abram and the slaves.

    Oahspe First Book of God Chapter 8:12-16
    12. And God lived with Abram, teaching him and working miracles through him. And it came to pass that the Listians in their rambles, selling wares, told the slaves of the kings about the wonders of Abram

    13. And the slaves fled from bondage and went into the wilderness in search of Abram. And when they came before him, he spoke to them, day by day, as they came, saying: 

    14. Why have you come? I did not call you! And when they could not answer, Abram said to them: God brought you. Man of himself does nothing. Search, then, the records of your generations; for you are descended from the Faithists of old

    15. And they searched and found that every one of those who had come, was descended from before the time of Zarathustra

    16. Abram said: Do not think that God comes to one man alone; when he provides a voice he also provides ears and hearts. Because you have been faithful to him, he calls you to deliverance from your enemies, who are God’s enemies also. 
The lawgiver CAPILYA of India (above). He was to India very similar to what Moses was to the ancient Israelites. Notice he has thick upper and lower lips like an African. Capilya has mustache, goatee, beard, and sideburns very similar to the drawing (by Newbrough) of the original I'hin in Oahspe. Contrast, brightness, and light levels (Lunapic) were used to bring out and separate the outline and details of Capilya's lips from the mustache, goatee, and beard. 
Comparison (above) of south India woman to the Prophet Capilya and original I'hin.
Capilya of the Vedic tribes like the Israelite Joshu appears to be half I'huan half Ghan like a Ethiopian, Afro-Arab, or mulatto African-American. 
Oahspe Book of the Arc of Bon Chapter I:
8. In those days the Faithists were known by the names: Vede, and Parsi'e, and Hiyah, and Syiattahoma, beside various other names of less note.
9. In some places they were slaves, in other places serfs, and in still other places hid away in wildernesses and amongst the mountains; being non-resistant and timorous, having suffered great persecution by the idolators of Dyaus and other false Gods and Lords.
Capilya's ancestors were slaves and were persecuted by the idolators of Dyaus (or Zeus, later called Jesus) like the Israelites were slaves and persecuted by the idolators of Osiris.
Oahspe Book of the Arc of Bon Chapter II:
15. ...the Faithists, who are persecuted and outlawed
Like the Israelite Moses Capilya's ancestors and contemporaries were persecuted and outlawed like the Jim Crow anti-Black laws (racial caste system) between 1877 and the mid-1960s of the United States.
16. And in those days, whoso was of the seed of the worshippers of the Great spirit, Ormazd, was outlawed in receiving instruction. So that the chosen, the Faithists, were held in ignorance, lest a man of learning might rise up amongst them and deliver them. 
African-Americans who worshipped (like the Native Americans) the Great Spirit in Africa were outlawed from reading while they were slaves in the United States.
Oahspe Book of the Arc of Bon Chapter IV:
6. Jehovih said: Thou art thyself of the race of Faithists, and have been prepared for this labor from the time of thy birth. 
The lawgiver and prophet Capilya compared to south India woman (above). 
African impact on India is found in artefacts, ancient texts, genetic foot-prints, physical 
resemblance amongst populations, cultural and linguistic similarities, gastronomic affinities, 
and a common world view
. It is generally agreed today by scientists and historians that an early 
migration of African population first settled the coastal areas of south India, then spread 
gradually inland ...

74,000-year-old site in southern India, match those used in Africa in the same period.

Feasts and Fasts: A History of Food in India

Oahspe Book of Saphah
Ancient Languages
Evolution of the Language of Israel subsection.
Tablet of Zerl.
12. The sacred birds of Zerl ...in the whole of the thirty-four tribes.
14. In Iz or Ez there were only twenty two tribes, and, being the most sacred tribes of
the west of the continent, their pronunciation varied less.
Tablet of Iz-Zerl (Izere)
1. The offspring of these two tribes (Iz and Zerl) were called Izere or Israel.
2. Made out of the same are these, with Chine root, namely:
Is·​ra·​el | \ ˈiz-rē-əl.
country in southwestern Asia bordering on the Mediterranean Sea in the northwest, the
Sinai Peninsula in the southwest, ...

Oahspe God's First Book: Chapter XIV:
VIND'YU = India.
1. THESE are the races of Brahma: Gons, Shone, Gamma, This, Ram, Zerl, Mex, Shriv,
Vat, Eun and Delta, each a thousand years. Of Gamma and Delta, in the upper country
(Wa-wa-o-gan), were born Gu-sem and Hagu by Gamma, and by Delta, Yots, Rammus,
Borgl, Otesiv and Riv. Gamma was of the fourth descent of Git-ow; and Delta the third
descent of E'wangga--I'hins from the land of Jaffeth.
2. The ascending caste of light in the lower country (Ho-jon-da-tivi) was by Ram, first;
then Zerl, I'hin migrants from the land of Ham; then Shriv, then Vat, then Gons and Eun,
the half-breed Druks; then Shone, and then This.
half-breed Druks = half Druk-half I'hin = I'huan (same as Abraham and Moses).
upper country = Northern India, lower country = southern India = Zerl, I'hin migrants from
the land of Ham = Africa.
Zerl = Iz and Zerl = Iz-zerlite = Is-raelite (Israel).
When Eglash looked elsewhere in the world, he saw different
geometric design themes being used by native cultures
. But he found
widespread use of fractal geometry only in Africa and southern India

Vohu-Vede (Africa-India) connection:
Oahspe Book of Saphah Basis of Vede.
28. Vohu-mano, who is the voice and engraved word. (In the back period the Scriptures were taught orally, man to man, repeating over and over the same texts, until the whole three thousand Holy and Most Sacred Verses were learned. The position of the Most Holy Lord, Vohu, was to be present in spirit and person or through His representative spirit underlings, and see to it that there were no innovations in the original text, and to assist the learner to remember the words. Vohu, i.e., ga-mo, signifieth voice. Mano, i.e., c'fome, signifieth word in the Yi-ha language. 
On other pages of studyofoahspe.com I discuss the similarities of Supreme Being (Great Spirit) of sub-Saharan Africans and Native AmericansDo the Dravidians-Hindus-Vedas have a Supreme Being that is very similar to Great Spirit of Native Americans and Africans? I post evidence (below) for Yes they do. 


Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. on Self Mastery with Lewis Howes

Oahspe Book of Wars Against Jehovih: Chapter XXI:
11. "...I will leave one race of I'huans on the earth, in Guatama, even till the era of kosmon. And men and angels shall see and understand that man of himself never inventeth a God in figure of a man born of woman. And that only through the inspiration of My enemies, who build kingdoms in hada for their own glory, hath any people ever fallen from My estate to worship a God in image of man."
Above Jesus Christ (A.K.A. Looeamong or Piad for Mormons) siting on his throne in Heaven. 
Oahspe The Book of Judgment Chapter III: 15. And whoever says: Christ, Christ! signifying a God in the figure and shape of a man, sitting on a throne in heaven, is a blasphemer against Jehovih, the Creator, the All Person
an Egyptian lawgiver. He was contemporaneous with Capilya of India and Chine of China,
living two thousand four hundred years after Abram (3400 B.K.). Moses was a large man,
Below: on the left is an Ongwee-ghan (American-Indian), on the right is an I'huan (African-American). 

Above 5th search keyphrase from the top, Ethereans had a plan for the I'huans in North America that is being full-filled
I'huans = house of Israel (Israelites) copper colored, with curly frizzy hair and thick African lips according to Oahspe.
Oahspe teaches a system of spiritual adepthood similar to the law of one. That God came to earth long ago and made a race of men able to perceive Him through clairvoyance and claraudience. That many of a certain race called the I’huans (house of Israel) had this gift.


See Mathematical knowledge of Israelites and sub-Saharan Africans page about 6/10ths down: 

A polyrhythm is the use of two or more rhythms played simultaneously, with one of the rhythms subdivided into a number of beats different from the “normal” number of subdivisions one would have in a measure of music. Ex. 1: three-over-two polyrhythm In this example, the upper pattern plays three beats in the same amount of time that the lower pattern plays two beats. This creates a rhythmic tension, that can also be expressed mathimatically: if you divide three by two, you get a fraction instead of a whole number. Ex. 2 :  four-over-three polyrhythm Here, the upper pattern plays four beats in the same amount of time that the lower pattern plays three beats. Again, the patterns don’t divide into whole numbers. Ex. 3 : four over two–not a polyrhythm Here the beats come together on the grid, and produce a whole number when divided, so this is not considered a polyrhythm.

...it’s necessary to define “polyrhythm” ... Understanding the definition gives us direction in how to achieve the grooves that are used in most Sub-Saharan traditional music, arguably some of the most rhythmically interesting and danceable music in the world.


Polyrhythm in Jazz

Jazz was one of the first Western music traditions to embrace polyrhythms, taking cues from African drumming and singing traditions and blending it with Western music sensibilities.


The African Origins of Jazz « JazzEd Magazine

Ragtime was also a modification of the march style popularized by John Philip Sousa, with additional polyrhythms coming from African music.



Ragtime is primarily a solo piano style and was the immediate precursor to jazz.

1.     It originated in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

2.     It consists of each hand doing something different:

a.     The left hand plays a steady, almost march-like succession of alternating bass notes and chords in a steady "oom-pah, oom-pah, oom-pah, oom-pah" fashion.

b.    The right hand plays syncopated melodies in a "ragged" fashion (hence the name "ragtime").

3.     Ragtime is primarily an African American invention and was a source of pride to African American composers, musicians, and listeners.

4.     One of ragtime’s inventors and most important pianists and composers was Scott Joplin.

Ragtime really isn't jazz since it rarely includes improvisation. However, it was the immediate precursor of jazz.

1.       For an excellent example of ragtime, listen to Scott Joplin’s "Maple Leaf Rag" on the Instrumental History of Jazz and/or "The Entertainer" by clicking below. 

Audio Snippets


 The Entertainer - John Arpin


Maple Leaf Rag Played by Scott Joplin - YouTube

Ragtime, a precursor to jazz and relative of the blues, commonly considered the first purely American style of music, sparked a craze in the Progressive Era, to the dismay of those with more conventional musical sensibilities.

In researching the origin of ragtime and reactions to this new genre of music – which ranged from the equivalent of up-turned noses to full-blown alarm – I was struck by how much the criticism sounded like concerns to the advent of other revolutionary forms of popular music, particularly rock ‘n’ roll in the 1950s and rap in the ‘90s.

What was the reaction to this new music?

In 1909, that same St. Louis Dispatch article declared ragtime dead, calling it a “mere empty rhythm, uninformed by a single musical idea,” though in its heyday, “millions of people, probably of every race on earth, have felt the current of their blood swiftly accelerate and their feet temptingly quickened by its pulsating rhythms.”

Predictions of the demise of ragtime coincided with its peak – and fears of its corruptive influence. The overwhelming appeal of the music meant, for many critics, that it just couldn’t be good – let alone moral. In 1908, The Violin World magazine, in response to a reader’s curiosity about this new genre, compared ragtime to “the cheap popular novel,” both of which “may be vicious, but of recent years the tendency has been to make them innocuous, so that moral objections no longer hold.”

Ragtime was considered low because it joyously, shamelessly appealed to the body rather, according to critics, than the spirit or the mind. Often these complaints were lodged in blatantly racist language and imagery, including frequent references to the jungle and voodoo and primitive sensuality – much like how critics of the cakewalk compared it to an African orgy.

Ragtime, rock and rap

“Mass produced popular music, of course, never disappeared from American life,” Mooney wrote, “and the genres that eventually replaced ragtime and jazz, such as rock ‘n’ roll and rap, would have been just as upsetting, if not more so, to the traditionalists who denounced [those] ubiquitous creations.

A quick search in the ProQuest Historical Newspapers database uncovers abundant examples of how rock and rap indeed upset later generations of traditionalists who expressed many of the same charges of lowness and moral depravity of new genres of popular music.

Consider this 1956 article from the New Journal and Guide7 called “Rock ‘n Roll Beat Irks People the Nation Over,” featuring objections to this “new” craze from assorted experts, including Mitch Miller, “one of the canniest musicians in the industry” who complained that when “white musicians began to pick up the beat (a syncopated rhythm, in which the second and fourth beats are heavily stomped out) it took on a ridiculous frenzy.”

In the same article, a Denver DJ said, “Perhaps the most hopeful thing about Rock ‘N’ Roll is that it’s so bad. It cannot endure indefinitely,” and professor of psychiatry Dr. Jules Masserman called it “primitive quasi-music that can be traced back to prehistoric cultures.”

Two years later, The New York Times8 printed an in-depth report on this “fad” called “Why They Rock ‘n’ Roll – and Should They?” which wondered “is this generation of teenagers going to hell?” and included a quote from Frank Sinatra: “[Rock ‘n’ roll] is sung, played and written for the most part by cretinous goons and by means of its almost imbecilic reiteration, and sly, lewd, in plan fact, dirty lyrics.”

And by the 1990s, traditionalists were directing their outrage at the latest form of pop music – rap. As early as 1991, The Globe and Mail9 was predicting “The Last Days of Rap” even as that same year NWA’s first album became the country’s bestseller. “This kind of consumption,” the article’s author David Samuels warned, “of racist stereotypes, of brutality toward women or even uplifting tributes to Dr. Martin Luther King is of a particularly corrupting kind.”



Meet Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the black woman who invented that rock and roll sound ...



Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Rock Me.

One of her first recordings on October 31, 1938, aged 23.


"Rock Me" by Sister Rosetta Tharpe, a gospel song originally written by Thomas Dorsey as "Hide Me in Thy Bosom". Tharpe performed the song in the style of a city blues, with secular lyrics, ecstatic vocals and electric guitar.[26] She changed Dorsey's "singing" to "swinging," and the way she rolled the "R" in "rock me" led to the phrase being taken as a double entendre, with the interpretation as religious or sexual.[27] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Origins_of_rock_and_roll

The Story Of Sister Rosetta Tharpe 01


Listen closely (from :40 to :44) to the lyrics Dorothy Dandridge (in 1941) sings that her parents "made her Swing for My Supper when I was a tot, they made me rock and roll and put it on red hot, ...they put rhythm in my soul". Years later in the Rock era (1950s) many DJs and promoters would claim ownership of that phrase rock and roll.
In 1951, Cleveland, Ohio disc jockey Alan Freed began playing rhythm and blues music (then termed "race music") for a multi-racial audience, and is credited with first using the phrase "rock and roll" to describe the music.[26]


Polyrhythm music contains the fractal qualities of self-similarity, scaling, and fractional quantity(beats of rhythm/beats of rhythm = fraction).

3/2 = 1.5 fractional quantity. polyrhythm = multiple simultaneous fractional rhythm.

Polyrhythms are especially common in traditional African and Indian music, with the Pygmies particularly renowned for their complex polyrhythms.


5. Traditional mathematics, fractal geometry:
they were oppressed by cruel laws and penalties, and were forced to reveal the
mathematical science which had been preserved with them from their distant
ancestors the I'hins, to whom it was committed by the angels in the first ages
of mankind. - Pages 189-190 of Darkness, Dawn And Destiny (Drawn from Oahspe)
1965 by Augustine Cahill.
The complicated designs and surprisingly
complex mathematical processes involved in their creation may force
researchers and historians to rethink their assumptions about
traditional African mathematics
. The discovery may also provide a new
tool for teaching African-Americans about their mathematical heritage
When Eglash looked elsewhere in the world, he saw different
geometric design themes being used by native cultures. But he found
widespread use of fractal geometry only in Africa and southern India
leading him to conclude that fractals weren't a universal design theme.
    Focusing on Africa, he sought to answer what property of fractals
made them so widespread in the culture.
"the I'hins ...merged with such races as the Hebrews [Israelites] and the Vedic tribes

of India" = "he found widespread use of fractal geometry only in Africa and southern India". 

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.
College of the Holy Cross
Worcester, MA
Topics in Mathematics: Math and Music
MATH 110
February 1, 2018
Polyrhythmic Music.
A polyrhythm is two distinct rhythmic patterns played
simultaneously. Typically, each pattern is equally spaced.
African tribal music is often polyrhythmic with different drums and
percussion instruments playing different rhythms simultaneously.
Classical Indian Music
: tabla (pair of small hand drums).
Drummers often play challenging combinations such as 11 beats
in one hand and 12 in the other. Rhythmic patterns are a form of
language mimicking syllables such as Dha, Tin, Na, Tun, or Ge.

Polyrhythmic music (similar simultaneous rhythms at different scales):

The 3/2 polyrhythmic music is very similar to the same chain (self-similarity) pattern at different sizes (scaling) with fractional (1.5) beat/rhythm.

Polyrhythm (in funk/soul) of Sly and the Family Stone "In Time".


“Dance To The Music” ...The polyrhythms and African bell patterns.


Polyrhythm 4
with 3
simultaneously (cross rhythm) as bounce inside oval
2:3 polyrhythm (cross rhythm) as bounce inside oval
Notice the visualized images of the 3:4 polyrhythm and 2:3 polyrhythm look very similar to the Boron and Nitrogen atoms with the number of electrons in each shell (2:3 for Boron and 2:5 for Nitrogen) correspond to the number of beats in each circle (the ovals or circles represent scale or electron orbits). 

Above Mexican-American music legend Carlos Santana at the 6:29 mark of the video says to African-American Clarissa Shields "you got to come to a concert and see my wife play drums ...I am saying this from my heart, when you hear our music you start to cry and laugh and you don't even know why, that's because its the spirit in our music and its purely African music, that's all I have played ...and when you come celebrate with us we can change this world from fear to joy." And when Carlos Santana is asked (at the 7:11 mark of video) who is your favorite fighter of all-time, Carlos Santana says "Jack Johnson". Below is Jack Johnson from 1908 face matched to the Israelite Johsu (78% match, higher than Keanu Reeves and Rodrigo Santoro according to Betaface):
The two men above (Jack Johnson and Joshu) have very similar African facial features. 
Joshu (above) matched to 3 different mostly sub-Saharan African faces with extremely high results of 89%, 86%, 85%.

The African focus on fractals emphasizes their own cultural priorities: it can even be heard in their polyrhythmic
music (similar simultaneous rhythms at different scales).
Polyrhythm is traditional West African music considered by musicologists to be the most rhythmically complex
music in the world. Rhythms and counter rhythms in the common African tradition of call and response complement
and communicate with one another with different drum lines, other musical instruments, bodies and voices
contributing rhythmic elements. This element of instrumental call and response is also evident in the polyrhythmic
quality of jazz. By contrast, most traditional European music has a flat linearity
In popular music
Nigerian percussion master Babatunde Olatunji arrived on the American music scene in 1959 with his album
Drums of Passion, which was a collection of traditional Nigerian music for percussion and chanting. The album
stayed on the charts for two years and had a profound impact on jazz and American popular music.[citation needed]
Trained in the Yoruba sakara style of drumming, Olatunji would have a major impact on Western popular music.
[citation needed] He went on to teach, collaborate and record with numerous jazz and rock artists, including Airto
Moreira, Carlos Santana and Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead. Olatunji reached his greatest popularity during the
height of the Black Arts Movement of the 1960s and 1970s.
Among the most sophisticated polyrhythmic music in the world is south Indian classical Carnatic music. A kind of
rhythmic solfege called konnakol is used as a tool to construct highly complex polyrhythms and to divide each beat
of a pulse into various subdivisions, with the emphasised beat shifting from beat cycle to beat cycle.

Mwari also known as Musikavanhu, Musiki, Tenzi and Ishe, is the Supreme Creator deity according to Shona traditional religion. It is believed that Mwari is the author of all things and all life and all is in him.The majority of this deity's followers are concentrated in Mozambique, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. Mwari is an omnipotent being, who rules over spirits and is the Supreme God of the religion.

The same deity is applied and also referred to as Inkhosi in Northern and Southern Ndebele, and it is this deity that is worshiped in African Traditional Religion whereby people worshiped through the ancestors via Spirit Mediums who were believed to be inspired by the spirits of truth which were believed to connect to the deity to deliver messages and divine guidance.

[1] Mwari's reverence dates back to the age of the ancient king Monomotapa, of the Mutapa Kingdom on the Zambezi River.[2] 

The name "Mwari" in Shona means the force behind Creation. The word itself signifies, resembles and is interpreted as "God", but only in the religious context. The furthering of this term's acceptance is when the Christian missionaries interpreted the Bible for the locals, in which they used the term "Mwari" instead of "God".[3]

Although missionary bible translations gendered Mwari as male, the Shona understood Mwari as being both male and female (or neither male and female).[8][9]

In northern Zimbabwe, Mwari was contacted through spirit mediums or spirits; in other parts of Zimbabwe, he spoke to the people via an oracle.[10]

It was also believed that anyone who defied this spiritual law would develop leprosy as the name of the ineffable and unknowable God was believed to be holy and beyond everything.


Shona Traditional Religion or Chivanhu is part of what is understood as African Traditional Religion (ATR) that is practiced all over Africa. It is a belief in God or Mwari or Musikavanhu. However, there is no direct communication between the living and Musikavanhu but through ancestors.


Musiki translates as Creator in English (see above Google translate). 
Musiki-kavanhu or Musikavanhu translates as not human in English. Musikavanhu does not become human, not incarnate, not Anthropomorphic
Oahspe Book of Wars Against Jehovih: Chapter XXI:
11. "...I will leave one race of I'huans on the earth, in Guatama, even till the era of kosmonAnd men and angels
shall see and understand that man of himself never inventeth a God in figure of a man born of woman. And that
only through the inspiration of My enemies, who build kingdoms in hada for their own glory, hath any people ever
fallen from My estate to worship a God in image of man."

The Shona believe in heaven and have always believed in it.

His true name, Mwari, was too sacred to be spoken in everyday occasions and was reserved for high ceremonies and the direst of need as it showed Him disrespect to be free with it. As a result, God had many names, all of which would be recognised as His even by people who had never heard the name before. He was considered too holy to just go to straight up, hence the need for ancestral intercessors.


Oahspe - Book of Saphah: M'hak:
29. I.: Worlds unseen by mortals fill the etherean firmament above. These worlds are heaven; these the spirit worlds; these the etherean worlds; these are
the abodes of the spirits of the dead.
30. W.: How came the angels from heaven down to the corporeal earth?
31. I.: In the Dan'ha they come direct; at other times they come through familiar spirits.
32. W.: Who are familiar spirits?
33. I.: Our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and other relatives and friends who have not been long dead,... 

Eoih in Hawaiian (PAN) translates as Yes in English (see above Google translate). 
E vowel in traditional African Shona translates as Yes in English see above Google translate).
Eo vowels in traditional African Shona translates as Yeah in English (see above Google translate). 
Eoi vowels in traditional African Shona and Latin translates as Yeah in English (see above Google translate)

yes definition:
yes adverb
to say that statement is true.
: an affirmative reply : yea [or Yeah].
Synonyms: Adverb
all right, alright, aye (also ay), exactly, OK (or okay), okeydoke (or okeydokey), yea, yeah, yep, yo
Yes = Truth, Existence, IS or AM.

No = False, non-existence, Is not or AM Not.
God's Book of Ben: Chapter III:
7. God said: One only is Truth, Jehovih. All else are false. 
Eoi vowels in Latin translate to Hebrew (see above Google translate). 
Hebrew translation of Latin Eoi to English Dawn first Light (the All-Light) (see above Google translate). 
Names of Creator in Oahspe (see above). Ormazd = Master Light.
The Creator is an invisible force or Spirit. In physics that which is the most powerful has no 
form or shape and is invisible like electricity or energy or the wind. Different from the Big Man
in the sky or the Sky Gods. That which is All-Poweful is also Omni-present which is the All-Person. 
Oahspe The Lord's Fifth Book: Chapter VI:
14. But man forgot the Creator because of the wonder of His works. Even to this day man inclineth to view as substantial and real, things that are seen, and to reject the All Potent, which is Unseen.
Deontay Wilder - To This Day REMIX - YouTube (below).

Ode = skytime = O (sky) of O-Ah-Spe = O of E-O-IH. Ode is a cycle = 11 years (Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Ch 3:14). A cycle is a rhythm a repeating beat or oscillation. Ode (cycle) was applied to the ancient Israelites (Arabin'ya I'huan faithists) just as rhythm (cycle) is applied to modern African-Americans and Africans.

Oahspe Book of the Arc of Bon: Chapter XIV: 4. To events of prophecy there was also another calendar, called the ode, signifying sky-time, or heavenly times. One ode was equivalent to eleven long years; three odes, one spell, signifying a generation;

10. Because the worlds run in circles (orbits), the circle was the highest measure, or sun measure; and the diameter of the circle was called, the ode, a Fonecean word, signifying short measure. And this name, ode, was applied to the Israelites in satire, as the Anglo-Saxon word, odius, is used to this day. But the Israelites made sweet songs and called them odes also.

“the diameter of the circle was called, the ode” = 1/3 of 33 = 11. Cycles come in harmonics of three or 3.1 (the relationship of circle to a diameter)

African-Americans and Ode or "Oh, de" or O-de:
From 1:01 to 1:05 into Colors movie clip white policeman says to black man in satire (mockery) "O man you smell good homes, what is that Oh, de doo-da day?
"Oh, de doo-da day"  "relevance to the minstrel shows that often parodied the African-American population" "Camptown Races".

camptown races song lyrics
The Camptown racetrack's five miles long Oh, de doo-da day Goin' to run all night Goin' The minstrel tradition, which featured performers painting their faces black to mock African-Americans,...

Oahspe Book of the Arc of Bon Chapter XIV:
10. ...And this name, ode, was applied to the Israelites in satire, as the Anglo-Saxon word, odius, is used to this day. But the Israelites made sweet songs and called them odes also.

Afro-American Ode Music (1850-1920) #2 (Kindle Edition) by Don Guzz.
Afro-American Ode Music Sheet (1850-1920) #1 by Don Guzz.
"Includes many songs from the heyday of antebellum black face minstrelsy in the 1850s and from the abolitionist movement of the same period.".

Origin of ode.
1580–90; <Middle French <Late Latin ōda<Greek ōidḗ, contraction of aoidḗ song, derivative of aeídein to sing.
Origin of ode = to sing = "Oh, de doo-da day".
...it’s a minstrel song, making fun of black people in America. While this seems horribly racist, songs like this were common at the time and were usually performed at minstrel shows with performers in blackface, notably by The Christy Minstrels.
Ode = minstrel song = making fun of black people in America = satire.

In Oahspe Index it says Anglo-Saxon word applied to Israelites to this day is Odius. 

Definition of odious:
: arousing or deserving hatred or repugnance : hateful
Oahspe - Book of Lika, Son of Jehovih: Chapter IV:
4. For thou shalt find My chosen a scattered people, persecuted and enslaved, the most despised of all the races of men. But I will show My power with them; I will raise them up; the things I do through them, and the words I speak through them, even in their ignorance and darkness, shall become mighty.
8. But My chosen, who are their slaves, and are as nothing in the world, shall speak, and their words shall not be forgotten; shall write, and their books will be a new foundation in the world. Because My hand will be upon them, My wisdom shall come forth out of their mouths.
At 10 minutes 16 seconds to 10 minutes 21 seconds into video above George Washington Carver refers to himself as "the orphan child of a despised race".

...the baptismal register,[3] a system in which the Catholic Church kept separate registers for different legal racial categories in the casta system of racial hierarchyhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jos%C3%A9_Mar%C3%ADa_Morelos 

Spain practiced the Indo-European caste system

Spanish Casta = Caste, breed, race (see above Google translate)

Above image shows the hierarchy of the Spanish Indo-European CASTA (caste) system, with enslaved Africans at the bottom (the most despised of all the races of men).

The Diola of Senegal, Gambia, and Guinea-Bissau have a continuous tradition of prophetic revelation from their supreme being, Emitai, dating back to the founding of major Diola communities, described by their oldest oral traditionsThe epithet Emitai dabognol (God had sent him or her) was applied to those individuals who claimed a prophetic calling.

...the Diola had a long-standing tradition of direct revelation from the supreme being Emitai...

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