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"Nikola Tesla and Walter Russell did meet and discuss their respective cosmologies. Tesla recognized the wisdom and power of Russells' teaching and urged Russell to lock up his knowledge in a safe for 1,000 years until man was ready for it."

"Your equations are groundbreaking. ...years from now ...will be coming up with the same formulas and claiming kudos for their pioneering work! - Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D." - May 05, 2013
Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy CH. I:
30. What is called corporeal substance [matter], which has length, breadth and thickness [mass], remaineth so by [compression] no power of its own, but by vortexya [energy] external thereto [m=E/c2]. Exchange [withdraw, expand] the vortexya, and the corpor goeth into dissolution [breaks apart, E=mc2].
From Oahspe book of Sephah, plate 65, Se'moin'
Within the description of Agni, number 72, we find the following (2010 from James May of California and comments and equations from me):
"Emblem of corporeal [mass] dissolution and of the escape [release] of the potent power [energy] within''. Here we have the statement of the equivalence of mass and energy, or Einstein's  E=MC² from his special theory of relativity. It was in Oahspe (in statement form) long before Einstein formulated his famous equation in 1905. To illustrate (math) what Oahspe refers to as "the potent power within" one kilogram of radium is converted into the equivalence of 400 tons of TNT! [1 kg of radium (mass) x c2 = 400 tons of TNT (energy) = multiplication = E=mc2 = 2x2x2=8]. 400 tons of TNT (energy) is compressed into 1 kg of radium (mass) by the velocity (motion, pressure) of light2 = division = m=E/c2 = 8/2x2=2.
E=mc2 in simplest fundamental numerical form = lowest number you can square and get a larger number. You cannot square 1 because 1x1=1 (same number). So c=2, c2(2x2)=4, c2xm=E, the smallest number m can be is 2 also, because 4x1=4, but 4x2=8, so c=2, and E = 8. E=mc2 in most basic simplest form = 8=2x(2x2)=8.
E=mc2 is a harmonic equation, 8 is the number of harmony, and 4 and 2 are harmonic divisions of 8. Energy has a 4-1 relationship with matter (8/2=4). Let ethe stand as one...corpor as four... - Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter VII:1 of Oahspe
E=MC2 = nuclear explosions = does not create energy = release or expansion of energy
E=MC2 = a lot of energy is released from a little mass = multiplication (8=2x2x2=8)
m=E/c2 = a lot of energy is compressed into a little mass = division (2=8/2x2=2)
Mathematics and physics of creation:
Positive and negative vortex'ya = m=e/c2 and e=mc2 = 2=8/4=2 and 8=2x2(x2)=8
m = corpor(2), e = ether (8), c2 = vortex'ya (4). Division (/) = compression, multiplication (x) = expansion.
3. Apollo said: To condense and to expand; to expand and to condense, is this all? Who shall fashion a corporeal world by compressing ether?
fashion a corporeal world by compressing ether = m=e/c2 = 2=8/4=2 = division = compression. ether (e) is compressed into corpor (m) by vortex motion (c2) = 8/4=2 = e/c2=m.
The above webpage was first posted sometime between DEC 2013 and JAN 10 2014 the earliest Internet Archive capture. 

"james these formulas are great I especially like "e=mc2" - From: Susan Martinez Ph.D. April 29, 2013

"I can say with some certainty that no one (before you) made those equations." - From: Susan Martinez Ph.D. May 01, 2013  

Oahspe - Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter III:
12. ...vortexya, in fact, is no substance or thing as such; but is the vortex in axial and orbitic motion, or, in other words, corpor in an etheic solution.

Vortex'ya = corpor in axial and orbitic motion = electrons, moons, planets, solar systems, galaxies.

Vortex'ya = Space-Time, etheic solution = Space, in axial and orbitic motion  = Time. Corpor (Length, Breadth, Thickness, Dimensions)= Space. Motion (Axial, Orbitic, Linear) = Time. 
"i think your focus on a'ji is very valuable and probably the first time this has been done." - July 17, 2016 Susan Martinez, Ph.D. [focus on a'ji as it relates to cold years on the earth]. 
OAHSPE BOOK OF SAPHAH chapter OSIRIS verse 56: ...Save your prophets understand A'ji they cannot tell what the next year will be
"this is all terrific new information...especially the work on homicide rates and cold spikes and warm spikes"
- Susan Martinez, Ph.D.(Anthropology), July 13, 2013
I am very excited about your "new zodiac" - Susan Martinez, Ph.D., July 21, 2013
"your orachnebuahgalah work is ground-breaking." - Susan Martinez Ph.D May 01, 2013
Applying Inverse-square law equation to Vortexya of Oahspe:
Vortexya strength decreases inversely as the square of the distance from the center = gravity, magnetism, electromagnetic field, gravitational field
Vortexya = unified field theory = unification of gravity and electromagnetism
Vortex intensity = I/d2 = (VI = I/d2) = strength decreases inversely as the square of the distance from the center. - DEC 07 2013:
From: Susan Martinez
To: James Michael
Sent: Sunday, March 15, 2015
Subject: Re: Hidden mathematical astronomical code to prophecy discovered in 2014.
this is amazing, mike
keep up the good work
can't say I understand it all,
but it looks consistent!
Check out Misc. 5 human DNA, neuroscience, 9-8-5, 33, creativity, solar power page of this website about 1/2 way down from top of page. If you want to know where to find the below numbered information for each year just Email Me and I will tell you where to find it. Also if you know of an earlier time for any of the numbered "New Concepts" and Oahspe scientific confirmations Email Me and let me know. Bring Receipts (please be prepared to provide verifiable evidence), I got receipts.
Above is Marvel Navy Seal Killmonger with receipts.
This webpage (index) is a work in progress, I will be adding more to it in the days, weeks, months, and years to come.
9. Jehovih saith: ...
22. One man is sensitive, as a plate for a picture, and he catcheth My Light instantly, and knoweth it is from Me.
23. Another one saith: A sudden thought struck me! But he discerneth not whence it came.
"the orach-nebu-ah-galah definition is incredible, how did that come about was it channeled?" - oahspe101, 01/19/2015. 
Studyofoahspe.com documented published, pioneering - groundbreaking, Oahspe related new concepts and scientific confirmation:
Originating in 2005:
1. OAHSPE BOOK OF COSMOGONY III:25 says "Though the general FORM of a vortex in its BEGINNING, is long, funnel-shaped (like a whilwind)[or whirlpool] its ULTIMATE is toward a GLOBULAR FORM. And though the CURRENT of a vortex is SPIRAL, AT FIRST, its CURRENTS ULTIMATE is toward LESS SPIRALITY. From 1918 to 1937, 37 to 57 years AFTER OAHSPE was typed, Edwin Hubble studied the FORM and CONTENT of Galaxies. SPIRAL SHAPED galaxies SPIRAL ARMS are defined by YOUNG BLUE STARS, gas, and dust. ELLIPTICAL (spherical or oval shaped) galaxies are ALMOST DEVOID of the gas and dust that form NEW STARS: only OLD STARS remain. What Astronomer Edwin P. Hubble discovered in 1924 agrees with what OAHSPE said in 1881 in regards to the form and ultimate development of vortexian currents and the form and development of galactic currents and the stars they contain. 
2. OAHSPE BOOK OF JEHOVIH VI:5 "JEHOVIH stores the ingredients of which worlds are made...everything in its place...THE substance of the vegetable kingdom...and even so of the substance of the animal kingdom; for HE hath PLACES IN THE FIRMAMENT of heaven for all of them. These that thou sawest are the aji, and the jiay, and the NEBULAE; and AMIDST THEM IN PLACES THERE IS SE'MU ALSO."
Page 82 of CONSISE BOOK OF ASTRONOMY says "DUST CLOUDS AND LIFE. Radio astronomers have discovered that many of the signals from these dust clouds are caused by molecules. The detection of certain radio signals from the clouds tells us which molecules are in the cloluds. All life on Earth is based on the structure of one huge molecule, named DNA. The molecule carries in code form instructions on how to duplicate itself. The molecular assemble line uses simpler components, such as sugar and protein, to build up DNA. These substances can be manufactered from even simpler molecules, IN THE DUST CLOUDS OF SPACE the simplest molecules needed to start the assembly of the complex substances EXIST IN GREAT PROFUSION. 
THE CONSISE BOOK OF ASTRONOMY in 1978 (which I checked out from the Library in 1985) contained information about the relationship of NEBULAE AND DNA with LIFE ON EARTH, but in 1881, 97 years earlier, OAHSPE contained almost the same information about NEBULAE AND SE'MU with LIFE ON EARTH. 
3. OAHSPE in 1881 has a drawing of the Parker Spiral that was not discovered until the early 1960s. More than 80 years after OAHSPE was typed.
Oahspe describes the sun’s field of force that reaches beyond Neptune and pushes the tails of comets away from it (the cosmic wind was not postulated until more than half a century later).
An Astronomer on the ASTRO mailing list in 1997 said "The OAHSPE author has described the interaction of presumably the solar vortex with planetary or cometary vortices and deduced correctly what the effect of solar emmanations on a diffuse spherical structure would be."
Originating in 2005: 
AUG 03 2005 
Page 5 Miscellaneous (later changed to Misc. vortex, matter, periodic table, solar system, fractals, pi and c)
I described and pointed out that Oahspe spoke about the modern atom before it was discovered by modern scientists.
From the book MATTER copyright 1963 by TIME inc. Page 123 "Man's belief in the atom as a solid, indivisible visible particle remained unchallenged from 400 B.C. until almost 1900 AD. But once the concept was questioned, it took only 15 YEARS FOR SCIENTISTS TO postulate a MODERN ATOM. The first man to diagram the atom's inner workings was the englishman J.J. Thomson. In 1898 he contended that a large number of negatively charged electrons which he called corpuscles [corpor in OAHSPE] were contained in a ball-shaped positive field. In 1904, Hantaro Nagaoka of Japan published a surprisingly modern description: to him the atom was a circlet of electrons around a heavy center. He compared the atom to the ringed planet Saturn, which...attract and hold its rings in their proper orbits. By 1911, New Zealander Ernest Rutherford concluded that the atom's positive charge was concentrated at its center, with electrons swarming around its nucleus. In 1913, the Danish physicist Niels Bohr modified this idea with his theory that all electrons move within distinct spherical shells...the..ELECTRON MOVES AROUND the nucleus in a specific circular ORBIT." OAHSPE BOOK OF THOR CH. IV:13 says "Jehovih said: In LIKENESS OF the solid earth, and star, and moon, that float in the unseen firmament, so made I ATOMIC PARTS to all things" OAHSPE BOOK OF COSOGONY CH. III:12 says "vortexya, in fact, is no substance or thing as such; but is the vortex in axial and ORBITIC MOTION, or in other words, CORPOR IN AN ETHEIC SOLUTION." OAHSPE Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy: Chapter I:30 "What is called CORPOREAL SUBSTANCE, which has length, breadth and thickness, remaineth so by no power of its own, but by VORTEXYA EXTERNAL thereto." 1904 was when scientist first described the circular, ORBITIC ELECTRON MOTION AROUND the atoms CENTER 23 YEARS AFTER OAHSPE described the ORBITIC MOTION of ATOMIC CORPOR in solution (invisible to our eyes). Modern Atomic theory says the Atomic structure can be compared to our solar system. OAHSPE plainly indicated that at the center of an atom there would be a neutral force or no charge. The center of an atom is the nucleus. In the nucleus are NEUTRALLY charged particles called neutrons. Neutrons have NO ACTIVE CHARGE. Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter I:9 says "The name of the force of the vortex is called vortexya...the extreme centre of which will be no force." 
The above information I posted on the internet about atoms and Oahspe in 2005 predated the information and files I got from James May on July 07, 2010, and had posted by Nov 24 2011:
Compiled and notes by James L. May of California
The following references to the Atom are listed below. Remember this book Oahspe was given in 1881,
Some time before the scientific controversy concerning the atoms existence was accepted as scientific
fact. From Einstein, by Walter Isaacson, Simon & Schuster, 2007, page 43 "kinetic theory had not yet been
fully accepted by the scientific establishment (nor, for that matter, had eventhe existence of atoms and molecules)
, and ...subject". This was around 1897.
133.12. Now, in...heaven: Amidst the etheic waves, the ethereans gather up the atomic elements floating therein,
and , giving them axic motion, ...angels.
133.13 Jehovih said: In likeness of the solid earth, and stars, and moon, that float in the unseen firmament, so do I
make atomic parts to all things, and made them to float in ethe. As the earth is to air and ether above, so is the
atom of corpor to the etheic solution. 
I made the following (below) post to David P. Stern of NASA/GSFC about Oahspe and the SOLAR WIND back in Apr 2001 :
To David P. Stern: 
Hello David, I liked the WWW article on The Solar Wind-History. In the article it said:

"Not everyone accepted Parker's theory of the solar wind when it was first published in 1958, and it was debated until observations confirmed it."
Have you ever heard of the book OAHSPE by John Ballou Newbrough copyright 1882? Oahspe means Earth, Sky, and Spirit. Oahspe contains much scientific information that was discovered many years later, such as the earth's magnetosphere, Van Allen Radiation Belts, the SOLAR WIND, the origin of stars in nebula, the configuration of galaxies, the beginning substance of life(DNA) in nebula, the cycle and age of galaxies and the stars they contain, interstellar and intergalactic Unseen matter(Dark matter). Oahspe says the Sun has a vortex that streches throughout the solar system. Scientist have some knowledge of the Sun's vortex, they call it the "Solar Wind'. .... (most of the letter omitted)
Tell me what you think about it. Please send me a reply email. Hope to hear from you soon. 
Originating in 2005: 
AUG 03 2005 (I actually discovered that the Solar Vortex in Oahspe was the Solar Wind and Solar magnetic field between 1985-1987, I believe it was posted via E-mail to the Ziaa Oahspe Faithist Virtual Family E-mail community and the Kosmon Voice publication back in 1996 or 1997)
Posted on the internet and connected the solar vortex of Oahspe to the scientific discovery of the Solar Wind and Solar magnetic field: 
OAHSPE says the Sun has a vortex that stretches throughout the solar system. Scientist have some knowledge of the sun's vortex, they call it the "solar wind" or the "solar magnetic field" or the "Heliosphere". Page 229 of the book THE SUN, OUR STAR by robert W. Noyes says "streams of solar wind ROTATE past the earth like a giant pinwheel." OAHSPE BOOK OF JEHOVIH CH. III:7 says "A great vortex created I for the Sun, The Sun vortex I caused to ROTATE." OAHSPE says the Sun's vortex rotates and SPIRALS. OAHSPE BOOK OF COSMOGONY CH. VI:3 says "by the roads of a COMET do we DISCOVER the SPIRALITY of the CURVE of the Master's vortex [Sun's vortex]." OAHSPE plate 47 GOD'S BOOK OF BEN calls the Sun's vortex the cyclic coil. On page 198 of THE SUN, OUR STAR by Noyes it says "Ludwig Biermann in the early 1950s pointed to EVIDENCE having to do with COMETS which, it was LATER REALIZED, indicated that the Sun's corona in fact was expanding outward." Page 201 says "magnetic fields in the Solar Wind carried out ot the Earth thus ROTATES, producing the 'Archimedes spiral' pattern." Page 202 says "This picture of interplanetary magnetic spirals was VERIFIED by the Magnetic Probe (IMP-I) as early as 1963, 82 years after OAHSPE had a picture and description of the magnetic (vortexian) spiral of the Sun's vortex. Page 208 of THE SUN OUR STAR says "we would move away from the Sun into interplanetary space, we would have left the region of the corona where magnetic fields determine it's structure, due to the our flow of Solar Wind, the magnetic field assumes the spiral structure we have already discussed. Following our compass needle outward along the magnetic spiral, we would watch the field become ever weaker untill eventually a point was reached far beyond the orbit of pluto, where the edge of the Heliosphere is reached." OAHSPE GOD'S BOOK OF BEN plate 46 and 47 shows the cyclic coil of the Sun extending past Uranus and Neptune. Page 758 of WORLD ALMANAC AND BOOK OF FACTS 1984 says "Neptune, currently the most distant planet from the Sun (untill 1999 is farther away than Pluto)." Page 240 of THE UNIVERSE by Asimov "By 1958, rocket experiments had PROVEN the actual existence of this solar wind".

Because the Sun rotates on its axis (once every 27 days) the Sun's magnetic field out among the planets has a spiral shape. Researchers call it "the Parker spiral" after the physicist who first described it in 1957, 76 YEARS AFTER OAHSPE.
Diagram of the heliosphere and heliopause from Professor Gary Zank, University of Deleware

The boundary at which the solar wind meets the ISM, containing the collective "solar" wind from other local stars in our galaxy, is called the heliopause. This is where the solar wind and the sun's magnetic field stop. The boundary is theorized to be roughly teardrop-shaped, because it gets "blown back" to form a heliotail, as the sun moves through the ISM (toward the right in the diagram above.

Heliosphere. The region in space that extends to the heliopause. The heliosphere is the cavity around the Sun in the local interstellar medium that is produced by the solar wind. The heliosphere contains most of the solar system, but not the most distant comets, such as in the Oort cloud.

The solar wind, discovered by Eugene Parker in 1958, is a flow of lightweight ions and electrons (which together comprise plasma) thrown from the sun. The solar wind inflates a bubble, called the heliosphere, in the surrounding interstellar medium (ISM).

Plate 47 of OAHSPE has a accurate drawing of the heliosphere and Heliopause made in 1881, 77 years before the Solar Wind was discovered. 
OAHSPE in 1881 has a drawing of the Parker Spiral that was not discovered untill the early 1960s. More than 80 years after OAHSPE was typed.

In 1957, when a University of Chicago physicist, Eugene Parker, demonstrated that the solar corona, which has a temperature of two million degrees, cannot be static. The corona is so hot, Parker explained, that its gas is constantly evaporating away from the Sun at supersonic speed. He predicted that there must be a solar wind, with a density of about 10 atoms per cubic centimeter (160 atoms per cubic inch), continuously blowing away from the Sun and passing the Earth at the high speed of several hundred kilometers per second. The theory would also account for the behavior of certain comet tails, which acted as though they were blowing in an electrified wind.

Several early interplanetary spaceprobes detected the solar wind around 1959-1961. In 1962, Mariner 2 made a detailed survey that showed that the properties of the solar wind agreed with Parker's predictions. Instruments carried on Mariner and other spacecraft also found that the solar wind actually is guided along an interplanetary magnetic field which originates at the Sun. The magnetic field is stretched outward by the flowing wind and warped by the turn ing of the Sun, so that it has the spiral shape of a gigantic pinwheel.
My post about Oahspe and the Solar Wind and Solar magnetic field predated all other posts I could find after doing a doing an extensive google search on relevant keywords. 
The next oldest post I could find about Oahspe and the Solar Wind or Oahspe and the Solar magnetic field was by oahspestandardedition.com (Vernon Wobschall) which was posted on Oct 20 2010 (5 years and 2 months after my post).
The 3rd oldest post on the internet about Oahspe and the Solar Wind and/or Solar magnetic field was by oahspe-study-confirmation (by Martha H Jones 1999 available for free download) on Jan 9 2011 (5 1/2 years after my post).
Originating in 2005 posted on the internet on studyofoahspe.com: 
The MAGNETOSPHERE and it's TAIL (along with the solar wind/solar magnetic field) that was the cause of the POLAR AURORA (LIGHTS) and NOT THE SUN.
AUG 03 2005
Near the top of "Misc. vortex, matter, periodic table, solar system" page check web.archive for earliest record:
AUG 3 2005:

Here is another scientific FACT found in Oahspe that is NOT pre-Newtonian:
From David P. Stern of NASA/GSFC and Maurice Peredo of Hughes STX Corporation and NASA, they said on their website called THE TAIL OF THE MAGNETOSPHERE "in contrast to the dayside magnetosphere, compressed and confined by the solar wind, the nightside is stretched out into a long 'magnetotail'. This part of the magnetosphere is quite dynamic...The magnetotail is also the main source of the polar aurora. Even before the space age observers noted that in the artic winter, when the sky was dark much of the time, the BRIGHTEST auroras were seen in the hours around MIDNIGHT. It WAS WIDELY BELIEVED THEN that auroral electrons CAME FROM THE SUN, and THE FACT THAT AURORA SEEMED CONCENTRATED ON THE SIDE FACING AWAY FROM THE SUN PUZZLED SCIENTISTS. Those observations made much more sense AFTER SATELLITES DISCOVERED AND MAPPED THE MAGNETOSPHERE'S LONG TAIL". OAHSPE BOOK OF COSMOGONY CHAPTER I verse 2 says "The earth floatest in the midst of a vortex, the outer extremity of which is somewhat beyond the moon"...Chapter III verse 3 says "The vortex is larger than the earth, so that POLAR LIGHTS ARE POSSIBLE ON THE SHADOW SIDE"...OAHSPE described and mapped the magnetosphere's long tail in 1881 calling it the earth's vortex saying it was comet shaped and that it stretched somewhat beyond the moon ON THE SIDE AWAY FROM THE SUN. Scientists did not DISCOVER the magnetosphere until 1958 and it was AFTER that that they DISCOVERED that it was the MAGNETOSPHERE and it's TAIL that was the cause of the POLAR AURORA (LIGHTS) and NOT THE SUN. Scientists discovered after 1958 that in conjunction with the solar wind, the earth's magnetosphere acted as a electric generator to produce the polar lights, and the polar lights were not produced by the Sun. OAHSPE GOD'S BOOK OF BEN Plate 45 gave this knowledge to man: Jehovih said: In times past, man beheld the sun, saying...light and heat comes from the sun. Jehovih said: I will put a sign in the firmament, and no man shall gainsay the work of My hand. And above the earth, to the north and south, He placed polar lights, that man might bear witness that light depended not on corporea [The Sun] and had no part therewith". OAHSPE correctly had the solution to the polar lights mystery in 1881 more than 77 years before EARTH man discovered it. OAHSPE TRULY had knowledge NOT OF THE EARTH, but of the SKY and SPIRIT. AMAZING!

Originating in 2010: 
Analysis by James May of California
The significance of this plate shows that there are other phalanxes
in proximity of our own, and that they cross the orbit of our own solar
system at the node points shown in the plate. In Newbrough's time,
and until only recently, have any planets been discovered in other
solar systems. Today, there have been numerous planets discovered
orbiting other stars, and this list continues to grow. Such are other
solar systems, just as Oahspe has told us that there are. 
1= Equivalent: 4,700,000; 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Other orbits for other phalanxes.
Originating in 2012:
0. ...
Originating in 2013:
1. C'vorkum circuit number verification to within 5 to 7% using astronomy and math.
2. Orachnebuahgalah plate meaning (Oracle-Nebula-Earth-Galaxy), numbers, and words deciphering, proving accuracy of plate.
ORACH-NEBU-AH-GALAH is an Oracle (ORACH) science that is related to the travel of the Earth (AH) through Nebulous (NEBU) regions within the Galaxy (GALAH). 
3. E-O-IH converted to frequencies (Hz) and single digits 9-8-5 and relation to the circumference of a circle, pi, the golden ratio, fibonacci numbers (8/5), and 1600 arc cycles of C'vorkum.
4. New Zodiac based on warm and cold year spikes, dan and a'ji years.
5. I'hin features (short height, blond colors, ) linked to infancy and fetal traits inherited from angelic parents who died in infancy.
6. Ya-La-Pesta meaning and deciphering of numbers and words, showing accuracy of.
7. Vegetation "red-edge" spectral surface feature biomarker interpretation of the red star (Earth) of Oahspe 
8. Vortex'ya e=mc2 and GUT (Grand Unified Theory or Theorem) physics equations and formulas:
a. VGUT = Vortex Grand Unified Theorem of everthing (TOE) including Psychology, History, Geometry, mathematics etc..
b. Chemical elements atomic mass converted to vortex'ya force and E=mc2
9. Connection between Computer binary code 8 bit-system and genetics of human races in Oahspe.
10. Hand grip of Asu (Adam) drawn by John Newbrough more similar to Orangutan than modern human.
11. Comparatively short legs and long torso of Asu (Adam) drawn by John Newbrough more similar to Gorilla than modern man.
12. Showing at 2 diameters [200% diameters] the magnetic strength or attractive force of the corporeal worlds is at 0%.
13. Symbolic ratio of E=mc2 (7) to E-O-IH (22) is pi (3.14), diameter to circumference of circle (E=mc2 no longer consider 7 but 8).
14. Connection of Quantum Entanglement to Ethe'ic Solution of Oahspe.
15. 9-8-5 connection to Walter Russell wave and octave
16. 9-8-5 connection to ages of a vortex (star evolution) This was orginally posted in 2014 (see below 2014 # 14).
17. 9-8-5 triune attributes of Creator (Power-Harmony-Balance)
18. 9-8-5 connection to rules of prophecy (harmonics of 3, 1/3, 3x)
19. Spiral galaxy drawing with prophetic numbers (0, 11, 33, 66, 99)
99-66-33 with the vortex:
All creation is in motion 4,3,2,1= wave, the Creator is still, unchanging =0 .
Below are images of M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy.
Spiral-Galaxy-prophetic-numbers-11-33-66-99-cycles.jpgMessier51 sRGB.jpg
Vortex = 99,66,33,11 = 3/3, 2/3, 1/3, 1/9 = 4,3,2,1 = wave, 0 = Central, Creator.
...the way you explain the 99-66-33 with the vortex....incredible - oahspe101, 01/19/2015. 
99-66-33-11-0-11-33-66-99 = whirlpool galaxy spirals
0 = center, 11 = cycle, 33 = man, 66 = beast, 99 = ethe
Circle = whole, Creator 
Click link below and scroll about 1/2 way down from top of page (middle of page):
Image below is a Vortex-Triangle (circle-triangle).
Vortex Triangle 3 6 9 
Universal-Mathematics-Galactic.jpg<--99-66-33 electromagnetic spectrum colors
Drawing above shows spiraling inward to the center from without in 8 octave waves, the vortex spiral force creates compression, density, mass, gravity, higher frequencies, shorter wavelength, more energy. Each octave wave represents a different color of the electromagnetic spectrum from radio waves and microwaves at the outer-extreme boundary to infrared to ultraviolet, and gamma rays and zero point energy in the center. Radio waves = 1/8 octave, microwaves = 1/4 octave, the 1/8th octave goes all the way down to 1/99 octave at the outer extreme of the circle or disk. X-Rays = 8.3/4 octave, gamma rays = 8.7/8 octave. The 8.7/8 octave goes all the way up to 8.99/100 octave at the extreme center of the vortex, which equals zero point energy (8.999/1000-9.0 octave). The highest atomic mass (m) is at the center of the vortex, that is where the highest energy (E) is also (matter converted to energy, energy converted to matter, E=mc^2 (8 = 2 x 2x2 = 8), m=E/c^2 (2 = 8 / 2x2 = 2), expansion and compression, multiplication and division of vortexian power). E=mc^2 = multiplication of numbers (2x2x2 = 8) = expansion. m=E/c^2 = division of numbers, a larger number over a smaller number is compression or division (8/2x2 = 2). Expand = enlarge or increase number = multiplication. Compress = reduce in size = division. Energy is compressed and accelerated to create matter (mass), matter is expanded and accelerated to liberate stored up vortex'ya (energy). OAHSPE: Book of Apollo CHAPTER VII: 3. Apollo said: To condense and to expand; to expand and to condense, is this all? Who shall fashion a corporeal world by compressing ether? Each twist or half turn (octave) of the spiral vortex of chemical elements above represents a row on the Perodic Table of Elements below (Octave 1 = row 1 on Perodic Table of Elements, etc..). I put the wrong elements in octaves 3 and 7 on the original spiral vortex I made in 2013 (6 out of 8 were correct). I later (in 2023) replaced the elements listed in octave 3 and 7 with elements in rows 3 and 7 on the Periodic Table of Elements (see below). Each spiral closer to the center of the vortex represents 2 octaves or 2 periods on the Table of Elements or each half turn or diameter of the spiral represents 1 octave or 1 period on the Table of Elements. I did NOT put the wrong elements in octaves 3 and 7 on the original spiral vortex I made in 2013 (8 out of 8 were correct).  In 2013 the original octaves were separated by atomic mass numbers and did NOT line up with rows on the Perodic Table of Elements. On my Table of elements I also connected each octave of atomic mass elements with a color on the electromagnetic spectrum from IR to UV.
DEC 07 2013 :
https://web.archive.org/web/20131207175443/http://studyofoahspe.com/id4.html (about 40% down from top of page). Each row or period has elements of increasing mass and density. With increasing atomic mass comes increasing stored up vortexya that can be released (E=mc2). The elements (Uranium, Plutonium, Radium etc..) near 0 at the center of the vortex have the highest atomic mass and the highest release of stored up vortexya (atomic-nuclear bomb explosion). Oahspe says vortexya can be charged in corporeal substances (elements), the higher the atomic mass and number the higher the charge (more stored up) of vortexya. Charge means to apply motion to or pressure to (compress). Every 1/2 turn or twist of the spiral vortex (just like with a screw) applies more pressure and more motion towards the center. Heat and fire (nuclear fireball) is liberated stored up vortexya. E=mc2 = "escape of the potent power within" - book of Sephah, plate 65, Se'moin number 72. "the potent power within" = vortex'ya. The actual numbers for each logarithmic spiral arm of the vortex is 22, 36, 58, 93 (instead of 11, 33, 66, 99), the ratio of each number to the next number (58 / 36 = 1.611) is approximately the golden ratio or phi which is a common fractal scaling ratio in nature and the cosmos. Oahspe Book of Jehovih: Chapter IV: 15. First as vapor the vortex carrieth it forth [Notice the first octave contains gaseous elements, Hydrogen and Helium]. Checkout Thesaurus.com for synonyms for vapor. Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter II: 5. In the case of a vortex in etherea (that is after the manner of a whirlwind on the earth), the corporeal solutions are propelled toward the centre thereof in greater density.
At one end of the electromagnetic spectrum (see illustration above) are the longest radio waves. At the other end of the electromagnetic spectrum is the shortest (most compressed) gamma rays. 21-centimetre radiation, electromagnetic radiation of radio wavelength emitted by cold, neutral, interstellar hydrogen atoms.https://www.britannica.com/science/21-centimetre-radiation  All isotopes (Plutonium-239 and Uranium-235) of uranium are radioactive. Both uranium and depleted uranium, and their immediate decay products, emit alpha and beta particles and a small amount of gamma radiationhttps://ec.europa.eu/health/scientific_committees/opinions_layman/depleted-uranium/en/l-2/4.htm
All the fundamental forces of physics (gravity, electromagnetism, weak and strong nuclear forces) are all forces of the vortex called vortex'ya in Oahspe. All the forces of the vortex are the same force just at different scales (larger or smaller size scales) and at greater or lesser compression. The greater the compression the more power stronger force. At the largest scales (planetary and galactic) where so-called gravity operates there is less compression so gravity is not as strong as the so-called strong nuclear force because the strong nuclear force operates at a much smaller scale (the atomic). Vortex'ya (the force of the vortex) can be charged, stored, or compressed. The so-called weak nuclear force is the m'vortex'ya (radiation or decay). Radiation or decay is liberated stored up vortex'ya and is not as strong as compressed un-liberated vortex'ya (strong nuclear force). 
If the 4 fundamental forces of physics were compared to the electromagnetic spectrum and size scales then gravity would be like radiowaves, and the strong nuclear force would be like gamma rays. 
Notice there is much more compression of the wave at the Gamma Ray section of the electromagnetic spectrum and the size scale is atomic nuclei and there is much less compression of the wave at the Radio section of the electromagnetic spectrum and the size scale is buildings. 
+4-3-2-1-0-1-2-3-4- = electromagnetism + and - polarity.
positive vortex'ya (4-3-2-1-0) = Gravity and strong nuclear force.
negative vortex'ya (0-1-2-3-4) = Radiation and weak nuclear force.
the weak interaction, the weak force or weak nuclear force ...is responsible for radioactive decay.
emitting or relating to the emission of ionizing radiation or particles.
The Weak Nuclear Force (or Weak Force) is a repelling force that causes some elements, such as uranium,
to spontaneously decay.
a repelling force = negative vortex'ya = negative polarity.
Strong nuclear force = micro level positve vortex'ya, gravity = macro level positive vortex'ya.
"It is hard to believe that a strong force at micro level, like the strong nuclear force, disappears
into thin air at macro level."

Gravity From A New Angle 

"UG Postulate 1: The nuclear strong interaction and gravitation are actually one and the same interaction, viewed on different distance scales (fractal = self-similarity and scaling). Therefore, a single equation can describe both interaction from the sub-nuclear scale to the cosmological scale (fractal mathematics)." [Raviv, 2010] - page 419 of THE UNIVERSAL CYCLE THEORY NEOMECHANICS OF HIERARCHICALLY INFINITE UNIVERSE (2011) by Stephan J. Puetz and Glenn Borchardt, PH.D. 
Below is the Dial of Destiny (of Oahspe not Indiana Jones) of Cosmology and Prophecy of the first 100 years (Wave) of Kosmon. 
COSMOLOGY PROPHECY CLOCK <--99-66-33 cycles of time and prophetic numbers
20. Cosmology Prophecy SpiraL Galaxy Clock drawing with prophetic numbers and words from ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate and Ya-La-Pesta.
21. Drawing of vortex atomic structure with electron orbits and prophetic numbers 0, 11, 33, 66, 99
22. Connection between the Higgs field and the Ethe'ic vortex with the mass of matter.
23. Births of prophets, Tae, and messengers of Jehovih in times of dan or above average warm years or up-spikes.
24. Connecting the birth of Jesus Christ according to the Bible with a time of a'ji (wrong time).
25. Connecting the birth of Yeshua (Joshu) of the Jewish Talmud to a time of dan (right time)
26. Connected a'ji and cold years on earth to extremely cold nebula in space.
27. Connecting warm moist years to Ji'ay (ji'ay'an swamp) and epidemics, fevers, and plagues.
28. Negative (female) M'vortex'ya > Positive (male) vortex'ya = Chromosome sizes of 23rd pair in humans.
29. Pi Encoded in the chapters and verses of Oahspe's Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter 3 verse 14 = 3:14 = 3.14 
30. Connecting Ctu's (Book of Fragapatti Chapter XVII) explorers home star-system with the Hercules Dwarf Galaxy discovered in 2006 and showing the accuracy of distance traveled by Ctu as described in Oahspe. See Aerospace engineering, space-ships, space travel page of this website between 1/4 and 1/2 way down from top.
31. DNA is a vortexian record (a twisted double-helix-spiral shape like a primary vortex), continues with them in the spirit world.*
* this is why your experiences in a physical body is important in the spirit world. A vortex is a combination of corpor and ethe, both the physical and non-physical.
As you can see above the double-helix structure of DNA is the same as the structure of a primary vortex that was drawn in Oahspe in 1881. The primary vortex shows a double-helix twisted structure that was revealed in Oahspe plate 25, the power that makes planets, comets, stars, and the smallest parts of life.

The PRIMARY VORTEX shows that same twisted double-helix structure as DNA.  See below.

Primary (first age) vortex = double helix (spiral) structure = DNA shape = Se'mu = preceding substance of the living 
Above is a screencapture image of Dec 10, 2023 Google keywords search results of "Vortexian record DNA Oahspe". 2 out of the top 3 results was studyofoahspe.com and the ONLY result with all 4 keywords in text is studyofoahspe.com.
On studyofoahspe.com web page (in 2013) titled "Primary Vortex and Life" it says:
IN DARKNESS DAWN AND DESTINY (DRAWN FROM OAHSPE) by AUGUSTINE CAHILL on page 286 it says The Vortexian power, says Oahspe, is not only the reality behind the phenomena of gravity, electricity, magnetism, heat, light, and radiation, but it is the hand of the Creator behind ORGANIC LIFE
Darkness Dawn Destiny<--published in 1965.
32. Pendulum-of-races number 7 completion, perfection. 
33. Showed and described how NASA’s IBEX Provides First View Of the Solar System’s Tail and matches the drawing in Oahspe of the Solar vortex.
34. ..."In the days when mortals put words into all things and made them speak" - Oahspe book of Sephah, plate 65, Se'moin' number 72.
History and Types of Speakers
Speakers - how it works and history - by the Edison Tech Center
2. The Electrodynamic Loudspeaker (The Modern Speaker)
electrodynamic loudspeaker...the most common type of speaker in the world today.
Why did it take so long to invent the speaker?
It sounds simple, but to build a speaker one needs to have an understanding of electricity, radio, sound waves, mechanics, chemistry and physics. Today an engineer is trained after a few years of college in these areas if they choose. Back in the early part of the 20th century the basic knowledge of math and frequencies was still being explored. While the electromagnet part of the speaker was invented early on in the 1860s, it took 40 more years to develop a knowledge of acoustics and materials. C.W. Rice and E.W. Kellogg finally invented it by solving the final part of the puzzle. The final work was on how to shape the diaphragm and what materials to use. The recent developments in vacuum tubes in the 1910s helped to do sophisticated control of frequencies and power regulation.
C.W. Rice of General Electric and E.W. Kellogg of AT&T worked together in Schenectady, New York to develop the modern speaker and first electric amplification system. They created a working prototype in 1921.
35. Oahspe Book of Fragapatti, Son of Jehovih: Chapter III:
11. Speeding swiftly across the swamps of Ull, where seven corporeal stars were dismembered a thousand million years ago, now set with a'ji'an fields, and forming nebulae;...
Oahspe says the stars were dismembered (came to an end) one billion years ago and then formed into nebulae, but Oahspe doesn't say when these corporeal stars were FIRST FORMED. Obviously these stars were first formed LONG BEFORE THEY ENDED over 1 billion years ago.
...by the end of the nineteenth century, all scientists who had studied the evidence were convinced that the age of the Earth must be at least many tens of million of years.
By the end of the nineteenth century...A hundred million years...scientifically informed people thought that was a plausible age for our entire solar system.
It wasn't until the discovery of radioactive elements and the invention of Radiometric dating in 1905 (24 years AFTER Oahspe was typed) that showed that some rocks were not just hundreds of millions, but billions of years old. Similar measurements of isotopes in asteroids (rocks fallen from elsewhere in the solar system) also gave ages in billions of years.
Oahspe in 1881 mentioned stars that had formed over a billion years ago, and stars that had died a billion years ago. Oahspe was talking about billions of years for stars in the universe 24 years before scientists had discovered that stars in the universe were billions of years old. The Bible doesn't use the words millions or billions of years old for any formed object in the universe.
At the time Oahspe was typed in 1881 scientist thought the solar system and stars were tens of millions or hundreds of millions years old, they didn't discover that the solar system and stars were billions of years old until the invention of Radiometric dating in 1905.
36. OAHSPE: Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter III:
16. As the lens power loseth by flattening the vortex, and increaseth by rounding the vortex, it will be observed that the position of the moon's vortex relatively to the earth's, is a fair conclusion as to the times of ebb and flood tide. In periods of thirty-three years, ...
In 1881 Oahspe spoke of a 33 year weather (climate) cycle on earth that was connected to the tides (tidal) and lunar epogee and apogee (the position or nearness of the moon in relation to the earth). This climate cycle was discovered by E. Bruckner in 1887, 6 years AFTER Oahspe was typed. There are fluctuations and variations of this cycle that go to 35 and 37 years. See Weather, Climate, Dark Matter, Airborne Pathogens page of this website a little more than 1/2 down from top.
37. From the book THE ELEMENTS RAGE (1965) by Lane (which I checked out from the Library in 1987) on page 58 it says "One ingenious INVENTOR (during the first World War) claimed that shells fired VERTICALLY in rapid succession would produce a vortex and start the tornadic process. Tornadoes occured in the second World War as a result of fire-bombing. The rain of HIGH EXPLOSIVES  and incendiares, and the fires they started, turned sultrines into violent heat. The resultant fire storm burnt out eight square miles of the city. In typical tornado fashion, the funnels twisted large trees out of the ground and tossed them as giant torches into the air. OAHSPE BOOK OF COSMOGONY AND PROPHECY chapter VIII:13 says "He shall provide EXPLOSIVE gases high up in the air, which shall break the wind currents, establishig VORTICES FROM THE UPPER REGIONS DOWNWARD [like a tornado funnel descending from the clouds to the ground]." Lane says on page 59 of his book "A tornado also formed after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and was strong enough to uproot trees.  OAHSPE in 1881 stated that man made explosives high up in the air would produce vortices [like a tornado], 30 YEARS LATER this was confirmed during World War 1.
38. Matching Younger Dryas sudden cold and dry period in Northern Hemisphere to Oahspe Book of Fragapatti Chapter XXXV:8 1,300 years of a'ji. See Weather, Climate, Dark Matter, Airborne Pathogens page of this website about 1/5 down from top.
A'ji (Gau), semi-dark. There are places in the firmament of heaven...Arji (Poit). When the earth passeth through A'ji (Panic), it aggregateth and groweth. An abundance of Dar'ji in the firmament giveth a cold year upon the earth.
Oahspe - Book of Fragapatti, Son of Jehovih: Chapter XXXV:
8. As for the mortals of Jaffeth, they have cities of warriors, huge and fierce. The earth of this region hath been in a'ji thirteen hundred years.
Book of God's Word
Being contemporaneous with the cycle of Fragapatti, Son of Jehovih. As the upper book [Book of Fragapatti] is of heavenly things, so is this lower book of the earthly administration of God for the same period of time. And it is called the Book of God's Word, because it is about the first descent of God to the earth to establish his word with man. Through Zarathustra, a man of Par'si'e, God came for that purpose, eight thousand nine hundred years before the Kosmon era. |622|
Oahspe Book of Saphah:
58...From kosmon, the present time, back to Moses and Capilya, alias Capella, three thousand four hundred years; from Moses and Capilya to Brahma and Abraham, two thousand four hundred years; from Brahma and Abraham to Zarathustra, three thousand one hundred years;
From Kosmon, the present time, to Zarathustra, 1848 - 8900 = 7052 B.C
7052 + 1300 = 8,352 B.C. for the earth in a'ji,
8,352 - 7052 B.C cold period on earth according to Oahspe Book of Fragapatti Chapter XXXV:8
Matches Younger Dryas sudden cold and dry period in Northern Hemisphere
The Younger Dryas stadial, also referred to as the Big Freeze,[1] was a geologically brief (1,300 ± 70 years) period of cold climatic conditions...
1,300 ± 70 years matches Oahspe Book of Fragapatti 1,300 years of a'ji
List of periods- and events in climate history
Knowledge of precise climatic events decreases as the record goes further back in time.
All dates are approximate. "(B-S)" means this is one of the periods from the Blytt-Sernander sequence, originally based on studies of Danish peat bogs.
10,800 - 9,500 BC Younger Dryas sudden cold and dry period in Northern Hemisphere (B-S)
1,300 years of cold, matches 1,300 years of a'ji in Book of Fragapatti
The Younger Dryas cold reversal event is one of the best known instances of an abrupt climate change on record. Theories about what caused the shift from global warming to a distinctly cooling period are varied. Debate continues amongst scientists as to whether the Younger Dryas was a regional or global occurrence. Evidence from the Northern Hemisphere strongly supports the existence of the event, but evidence from the Southern Hemisphere is less compelling. Concern about the impact of a similar abrupt climate change episode in today's world has prompted further research to better understand the Younger Dryas.
...many parts of the world experienced an abrupt reversal in its warming trend to nearly fully glacial conditions (Lowell and Kelly, 2008). This event was named after the Dryas Octopetala, a cold loving flower found in alpine glacial areas.
The Younger Dryas climatic event is one of the most extreme since the Last Glacial Maximum and has thus had many workers focus their research on this period, so a good deal of supporting evidence has been gathered.
Evidence supporting this cold period includes studies of moraines, radiocarbon dating, geomorphology of the area, and fossil pollen extract from lake and bog sediments (Grove, 2004). Lithostratigraphic and biostratigraphic evidence from many sites throughout Europe including Iberia, the Pyrenees, and Northern Italy support this event., and that previously forested areas of Scandinavia were replaced with tundra. Chronology from varves in Lake Gosciaz in Poland indicate the colder transition into and the warmer transition out of the Younger Dryas period (Grove, 2004).
Asia:Cores from western Tibet's Lake Sumix indicate cold, dry conditions between 11,000 and 10,000 years ago. Aquatic organisms and organic matter were absent and decrease in Oxygen 18 isotope indicated a cooling period. (Grove 2004)
Oahspe had knowledge of oil in the firmament of heaven (nebula) 131 years before it was discovered by scientists.
Oahspe Book of Jehovih: Chapter VI:
5. Behold, O man! As a farmer soweth corn in one place, and wheat in another, and roots in another, and flax--everything in a separate place; even so doth Jehovih store the ingredients of which worlds are made--everything in its place--the substance of the iron in one place, the substance of the stones in another, the substance of the vegetable kingdom in another, and even so of the substance of the animal kingdom; and the oils and sand; for He hath places in the firmament of heaven for all of them. These that thou sawest are the a'ji and the ji'ay and the nebulæ; and amidst them in places there is se'mu also. Let no man say: Yonder is hydrogen only, and yonder oxygen only. The divisions of the substances of His creations are not as man would make them. All the elements are to be found not only in places near at hand, but in distant places also.
Scientists Find Mega-Oil Field ... 1,300 Light Years Away.
06 December 2012.
Have our wishes been answered? Scientists have found an oil field which contains 200 times more hydrocarbons than there is water on the whole of the Earth.
Time to wave peak oil goodbye forever … but before you do I should probably inform you of the tiny hiccup in any plan to develop this oil field.
It is around 1,300 light years away.
The scientists work at the Max Planck Institute in Germany, and using the 30m-telescope of the Institute for Radio Astronomy they discovered a vast cloud of hydrocarbons within the Horse Head Nebula galaxy in the Orion constellation. Upon discovery of the cloud IRAM astronomer Viviana Guzman declared that, “the nebula contains 200 times more hydrocarbons than the total amount of water on Earth!”
Explained the difference and importance of Objective Knowledge vs Subjective Knowledge according to Oahspe: 
Oahspe - Book of Lika, Son of Jehovih: Chapter VI:
2. As I taught corporeans to build ships to traverse corporeal seas, so have I taught ethereans to build vessels to course My etherean seas.
3. As I bound the corporean that he could not raise up in the air above corpor, save by a vessel, so created I My heavens for the spirits of men, that by manufactured vessels they might course My firmament.
4. For the little knowledge I gave to corporeans I made as a type of knowledge which is everlasting.
5. To the corporean I gave two kinds of presence, objective and subjective. By the latter he can imagine himself in a far-off place; and the thought that proceedeth out of him goeth to a friend and speaketh understandingly in the distance. For thus I created him. But he who goeth objectively must take his person with him, for so created I him.
6. And I magnified these two conditions unto the spirits of all men, that they might also appear objectively and subjectively in the places known to them.
7. And this is the bondage I created unto all places on the earth and in the heavens thereof, making all men understand the power of objective association.
8. I created wide seas on the corporeal earth, that man should perceive that one man alone could not cross over; nor in a small boat, with any profit under the sun. Neither created I My heavens in the firmament that one angel could go alone on long journeys, becoming isolated and powerless. But I provided them that they could not escape association; yea, I created the firmament that they must congregate together and go.
9. Nevertheless, I gave freedom unto all; to him that goeth not objectively, to go subjectively; but of little avail and not much truth or profit. And because I gave this liberty, behold, even drujas will say: Yea, I have been there. Nor know they how to raise up from the earth, or to go to any place, save on another's shoulders.
10. And I created man and angels that all knowledge which is to be everlasting must be obtained objectively; yea, in the experience of his own person made I him to desire without end.
11. And they fill My seas in heaven and earth with their great ships; with wants that could not be satisfied in one place created I man. For I drive him forth on strange errands and on missions of profit and love; for I will store him with a knowledge of My works.
Objective knowledge is verifiable by all others, subjective knowledge is something that occurs within your mind and may not be verified by anyone else. Objective is universal, subjective is individual. As Jehovih is All-in-One and Universal, so did he make man to unite many as one instead of an isolated individual (this is the Higher order of how the Ethereans operate as an Organized unite of thousands, millions, and billions).
Science is objective knowledge, whereas religion and many so-called spiritualality is subjective. Objective knowledge (learning, experience) carries over from the corporeal to the spiritual worlds. Subjective knowedge involves beliefs, falsehoods, delusions, Ego, pride, (like being a King or God in his own mind), imagination, feelings, emotions, etc...Objective knowledge involves objects, physical reality, facts, science, measurements of facts, math, buildings, learning the elements, the compatibility of different chemical elements and particles, learning aeronautics, etc...Subjective heavens are over the lower heavens of the atmosphere of a planet, the higher heavens of Etherea are the objective universal heavens of the Cosmos. Ethereans using their objective knowedge build space-ships that carry millions of them together from place to place in the universe objectively. Lower spirits subjectively travel alone from place to place. Jehovih created objective knowledge to be superior to subjective knowledge. See Aerospace engineering, space-ships, space travel page of this website about 1/3 down from top.
DNA is a vortexian record similar to magnetic tape recording:
Magnetic tape data storage is a system for storing digital information on magnetic tape using digital recording.
At the moment I am writing a paper on DNA magnetism,
I could discuss with you some improvements on 
1. Source of DNA to use.
2. State of the DNA to be measured, I believe that it has to be alive.
3. Sequence of DNA.
4. Other components of the solution (salts, pH, proteins etc).
Max Rempel, 02/27/2018.
OAHSPE Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy III:11 "As light, ...and magnetism, ...are all one and the same thing, which are the manifestation of vortexian currents under different conditions".
33 year (first rule of prophecy) cycles in inspiration and prophecy
33 + 1848 = 1881 (Oahspe). 
33 x 5 = 165 + 1848 = 2013 
33.33 x 5 = 166.65 + 1848 = 2014.65.
33.333 x 5 = 166.665. 166.665 + 1848.24 (March 31, start of Kosmon) = 2014.905 (almost 2015).
41. Pointed out CBS fraud of Noah's Ark on Mt. Ararat in Turkey:
Dec 07 2013: 
About the Ark that was found on Mt. Ararat where the Bible says the Noah's Ark came to rest:
CBS airs fraudulent arkaeology special in 1993. The "Ark" wood turned out to be contemporary PINE soaked in juices and baked in an oven. - Time Magazine, July 5, 1993. From THE BOOK YOUR CHURCH DOESN'T WANT YOU TO READ edited by Tim C. Leedom. 
I bought and read THE BOOK YOUR CHURCH DOESN'T WANT YOU TO READ back in 1993 or 1994. I also belonged to the Bible errancy list in 1996 to 1999 that was run by a contributer (Farrell Till) to THE BOOK YOUR CHURCH DOESN'T WANT YOU TO READ. 
42. Pointed out and published on the world wide web in 2013 that man is local and the Creator is non-local or omnipresent : 
On "The Creator - The Father- and Man" page of studyofoahspe.com :
On NOV 24 2011 I had no (zero) page counter for my website. In 2012 or 2013 I put a web page (number of views or visits) counter on my website and on DEC 07 2013 I had 2255 visits or views for just that short period of time from 2012 to 2013. That was back then in 2013. There are Oahspe YouTube videos in 2023 that don't get over 2,000 views in 1 or 2 years. Kosmon Black (the first man on YouTube to go by the name "Kosmon") had 8 videos posted from 2016 to 2023 (7 years) and only 2 of them had over 2,200 views (for 7 years), click on link below for screen capture proof:
My home page alone for less than 1 or 2 years back in 2013 had 2,255 views in the link below is the proof (scroll to bottom of page):
On DEC 18 2014 I had 7014 views (visits) on my website home page. 1 year earlier (DEC 07 2013) I had 2255 visits (views) on my website home page. So in 1 year I had 4759 views (visits), not bad for an Oahspe content back in 2013-2014 when not many people knew of Oahspe back then. Kosmon Black only had 1 video with more views (5900) than my website home page and that took him 7 years (2016-2023) instead of 1 year (his other 7 videos had significantly less views in 7 years than my home page (1 page) did in 1 year. I have been getting Oahspe out to the masses of people around the world on the Internet going back to 2005 and 1997. From February 6, 2006 to June 13, 2007 I recorded visitors to my website who all left positive reviews from Australia, the Netherlands, and India.
Originating in 2014:
1. Hidden astronomical mathematical prophecy code based on light-years distance from Polaris and travel of the solar phalanx and numbers and words on the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate of Oahspe and one to a thousand ratio.
2. C'vorkum symmetrical light-years numbers around a central axis of a vortex.
Cevorkum Light years Vortex Symmetry numbers 
3. Pi (3.1415926...) numerical code containing prophecy and messages (connecting year to decimal place).
4. Discovered that every thirty-third year (in Kosmon, 1848, 1881, 1947, 1980, 2013) was alike on the earth (globally) in heat and cold (warm above average heat or up-spikes).
5. Genetic ratio (beast to angel) of modern man (I'huan) connected to the golden ratio (1.6) and fibonacci numbers (8/5, 13/8).
6. Connection of Etherean worlds (snowflakes) to geometric pattern of musical harmony (Cymatics sound made visible).
7. Connecting the Quickening to an increase in warm up-spike frequency (Earth's vibrational frequency is rising since 1850).
Tae would talk about the quickened times, the Quickening, the earth moving into a higher cycle frequency.
Frequency of cycles is speeding upthe Quickening, more up and down spikes in a 50 year period.
More up-spike frequency. Our planet's vibrational frequency is rising.
Frequency = cycles per time frame (50 years)
1988-2013 = 19 x 2 = 38 up and down-spikes (rate) in 50 years.
1950-2000 = 31 up and down spikes
1900-1950 = 29 up and down spikes
1850-1900 = 23 up and down spikes
1800-1850 = 14 up and down spikes
1750-1800 = 14 up and down spikes
The above is objective scientific evidence of the earth moving into a higher cycle frequency.
The Quickening, these are the quickened times.
Oahspe Book of Knowledge Part IV:
4. Tae said: ...for these are the quickened times mentioned by the prophets of old.
Notice since 1850 (the Dawn of Kosmon) the cyclic vibrational frequencies of up and
down spikes have increased (quickened).
A new cycle of the earth began in 1848.
Oahspe says Tae based his knowledge on science and Tae studied warm and cold cycles
8. PANIC "number letter" cipher, decrypting numbers to letters for 3.141 (Pi), 1.618 (golden ratio), 2.718 (e Euler constant), 1 million divided by c/mach.
9. Search Pi binary index infinite string of digits (Converted into ASCII text) for messages.
10. Connection of Nephilim of the Bible and the times of Neph of Oahspe.
11. Connecting the Oort Cloud band with etherean arc bands spaced aproximately every 3000 years or 1.7 light-years of Cevorkum.
12. Numbers of the beast (666) are encoded in pi x pi with the cycles of below average cold years and a'ji and war numbers on the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate.
13. There's another recent discovery predicted by Oahspe. In the glossary of unusual terms in Oahspe there is the following entry: "Vocent: Perpetual roaring of the atmospherean elements." Apparently in 2009 NASA scientists discovered a phenomenon they called 'space roar'. https://web.archive.org/web/20140828142009/http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_roar Apparently it constantly bombards the earth and is virtually everywhere in the Universe. Oahspe discussed this phenomenon in 1881- but it didn't enter the scientific lexicon until 2009. Even the same word, roar, is used to describe it, even though the technology to detect this sound existed nowhere on earth in the 19th century. This book continues to amaze and inspire. - Marli, May 29, 2014
Below are the 5 vortex stages of solar and planetary development (creation and destruction):

Above plates from Oahspe (original drawings by John Ballou Newbrough 1881)
Power-Harmony(Light)-Balance(Rest) = 9-8-5 = E-O-IH the Creator, the All-Person
9 = primary vortex, the power that maketh planets
8 = secondary vortex
7 = third age of vortex
6 = fourth age of vortex
5 = rest, uncreation, no vortex, void, without form
>--compression--< = 9-8-7-6-5 = gravitation, spiral inward
4-3-2-1-0 = 9-8-7-6-5 = the wave of creation = 1 cycle 
Walter Russell stated that, “In the wave lies the secret of creation.”

"Within 9-8-5 (E-O-IH) lies the secret of the sacred divine name and creation" - Author of studyofoahspe.com-
7 = completion of animal life, past the age of begetting, no new species (ho'tu). Oahspe Book of Jehovih Chapter 4:17.
After 5, the cycle, the wave repeats itself9-8-7-6-5-9-8-7-6
vortex wave = 9-8-7-6
dual vortex wave octave = 9-8-7-6, 9,8,7,6 = 8
uncreation, rest, no vortex = 5
9 = dual wave octave + uncreation, rest
vortex wave to rest = 9-5 = E-IH of E-O-IH

5 is the center (balance) between 2 cycles or 2 waves = 9-8-7-6-5-9-8-7-6-5 or 4-3-2-1-0-4-3-2-1

OAHSPE BOOK OF JEHOVIH III: 3 SAYS "as thou beholdest the power of the whilwind gathering up the dust of the earth, and driving it together, know that even so do I bring together the aji and jiay and NEBULAE in the firmament of heaven: by the power of the whirlwind create I the coporeal SUNS, and moons and STARS. CHAPTER IV:2 Says "I cause etherean currents to bring forth aji and jiay, and NEBULAE, prior to MAKING CORPOREAL WORLDS."
Oahspe Book of Fragapatti, Son of Jehovih: Chapter III:
11."...seven corporeal stars were dismembered a thousand million [billion] years ago, now set with a'ji'an fields, and forming nebulae;..."
In the book called COSMOS by Carl Sagan copyright 1980 (which I checked out from the Library in 1985), Sagan on page 251 says "But as the stars that outline a spiral arm burn out [explode], new stars and their associated nebulae are formed just behind them, and the spiral pattern persists."

Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter II:
5. In the case of a vortex in etherea (that is after the manner of a whirlwind on the earth), the corporeal solutions are propelled toward the centre thereof in greater density.
6. When it is sufficiently dense to manifest light, and shadow, it is called a comet, or nebula; when still more dense it is a planet.
10. Interior nebula is generally described as comets; whilst exterior nebula is usually called nebula. Nevertheless, all such solutions of corpor are of like nature, being as the beginning or as the incomplete condensation of a planet.
16. When a nebulous planet is sufficiently dense to have its corpor polarized,...
9 = a vortex in etherea,the corporeal solutions are propelled toward the centre thereof in greater density.
8 = light = sufficiently dense to have its corpor polarized, = sufficiently dense to manifest light.

Light = polarity of corporeal needles in solution, lined up, in order, harmony = 8.
7-6 = still more dense it is a planet

5 = the vortex shall burst, the planet shall be scattered and gone
5 is the rest point of the pendulum before the cycle (vortex motion) starts again.

15. The Roadway of the Solar Phalanx and the Orachnebuahgalah (Oracle-Nebula-Earth-Galaxy prophecy) plates of Oahspe shows the travel of the earth and solar-system through sub-galactic arcs or bands of light (dan) and darkness (a'ji) that correspond to galactic wave interference patterns.  See Cosmic Consciousness, cycles, human behavior, Zodiac page of this website about 6/7 down from top of page.




I got the idea of galactic (or sub-galactic) wave interference pattern of Cevorkum torus from the website below:


But I came up with the idea to compare a image of bright and dark interference pattern bands to the bright and dark bands on the Roadway of the Solar Phalanx and Orachnebuahgalah plates in Oahspe.

John Ballou Newbrough's inspired drawing of plate 49 in Oahspe (below) show a cosmic phenomena that has a basis in modern astro-physics



Above cross section of spiral galaxies show torus, magnetic fields, and wave interference pattern. John Newbrough in Oahspe drew a picture of these interstellar wave field patterns existing in the galaxy long before they were confirmed. Images above are from the large northern Spitzer Infrared Nearby Galaxies Survey (SINGS), galaxies were observed with the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT) at 1300-1760 MHz (May 2010).



Astrophysics image above shows wave interference pattern very similar to John Ballou Newbrough's sub-galactic Cevorkum torus plate drawing in 1881. 

Cosmic rays were discovered in 1912, and the torroidal galactic magnetic field was discovered after 1960, decades after Oahspe was transmitted.

The early observations by Mayer et al. (1957) were the first to give information about the magnetic field in the Crab Nebula, a supernova remnant. Galactic radio polarization was discovered by Westerhout et al., 1962) and Wielebinski et al., (1962).

Magnetic Fields in Galaxies - R. Wielebinski




Above is my drawing of Vortex Unified Field Theory of Oahspe, showing atomic mass (matter), strings (lines or needles) of vortex'ya, e=mc2, m=E/c2, radiation, gravitation, electromagnetism, strong and weak nuclear forces all unified in a vortex etheic rotary motion. Heat and fire is liberated stored up vortex'ya. Light = condition of things (ethe'ic needles) polarized (harmonic pionting in the same direction) caused by the vortexian current. Positive vortexya = male, He or Him, Negative vortexya = female, She or Her. The extreme center = balance, rest, no force, 0 or Iesu. See Miscellaneous and Miscellaneous 2 chapters/pages of this website.

Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter I: 

17. Vortexya can be concentrated in iron and steel, and in iron ore, in which condition they are called magnetic. And these substances, if poised as needles, will assume the line of polarity of the vortex or its poles.

21. When vortexya is manifested in flames of fire it is called electricity. But when it lieth dormant, as in iron, it is called magnetism.

35. ...a certain time to polarize these infinitesimal needles... But that which is called light is polarity of corporeal needles in solution, caused by the lines of vortexya.

36. ..a magnetic flame called electricity.

45...Attraction, as previously stated, existeth not in any corporeal substance as a separate thing. There is no substance of attraction. Nor is there any substance of gravitation. These powers are the manifestation of vortexya. If vortexya be charged into a piece of iron or steel, it is called a magnet, because it APPARENTLY draweth its own kind to itself. 

Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter III: 12. Vortexya can be charged, as before mentioned, into iron and other substances. When it is charged in iron it is called magnetism; when charged in phosphorus it is called light (inactive); when charged in nitrate of silver it is called darkness. 

Frequently using colored highlighted text on a page (not just 1, 2, or 3 words but several sentances with more than a few words) to draw attention to important information in a text (sentence or paragraph) to teach Oahspe:
High point in sunspot cycle = High Dan.
2013-2014 high point (peak) in sunspot cycle 24:
Yearly Mean Sunspot Numbers
MAX marks a sunspot cycle maximum and min a minimum.
2008 2.9 min 
2009 3.1
2010 16.5 
2011 55.7 
2012 57.6 
2013 64.7 
2014 79.3
Sunspots 2015: Year of the decline
Solar maximum has passed.
Solar maximum activity peaked in April 2014 at an exceptionally low 81.9 spots/day. Waning solar activity in 2015 will begin the long, inexorably journey toward solar minimum over the next half decade.
2013 is supposed to be the year of Solar Max, the peak of the 11-year sunspot cycle.
Solar physicist Dean Pesnell of the Goddard Space Flight Center has a different explanation:
"This is solar maximum," he suggests. "But it looks different from what we expected because it is double peaked."
 "I am comfortable in saying that another peak will happen in 2013 and possibly last into 2014," he predicts.
2014.65 + 33.33 = 2047.98.
Next 33.33 year inspiration (light-year) at the (200 year) 2048 Dan of the Kosmon cycle.
Originating in 2015:
1. Showing how SPECIFIC DNA, genes, SNPs, alleles (especially the C allele) relate to the work of the Loo'is angels.
2. How the 3 words of the LAW of Balance of the Universe = the 3 sounds of the name of the Creator.
3. 200 year (22.22) 9-based Vortex mathematics prophecy wheel drawing.
4. Using facial recognition software to compare portraits of prophets and lawgivers in Oahspe to photos of other people in percent similarity.
5. New word entry to Oahspe glossary (May 7, 2015): Sortiv = an etherean arc region. 
6. Shone = ancestral line of light = shone past tense of shine related to Zarathustra (Persian), Brahma, Native American (Sho-shone).
7. Connecting the Oahspe Emblem of wisdom (a hollow crescent) with the hippocampus.
8. Showed and described how Rene Descartes' vortices are different from Oahspe planetary vortices:
Descartes celestial vortices are five and six sided polygons (pentagons, hexagons):
Oahspe's celestial vortices are cone-shaped like the magnetospheres of the planets in the solar system:
9. Showed and described connection between enhanced hippocampus C;C genotype, Etherean God Seth-antes, Egyptian God Seth or Set, Seth of the Bible, the hosts of Seth-antes, and the ability (Abel) of the I'hins (sons of Seth) to learn spiritual things:
What made the angels different from the first earth man (Asu) was that they were capable of being taught spiritual things (they had an enhanced ability to learn) and Asu could not. The ability to learn is connected to the hippocampus (even the ancient Egyptians connected the hippocampus to the god Seth or the hosts of Sethantes).
Hippocampus horn Seti I 1290 BC ancient Egypt
Above images showing the horn of the hippocampus in the brain, and Seti I at Abydos of 13th century (1290) BC of ancient Egypt with horn on head gear. The name 'Seti' means "of Set", which indicates that he was consecrated to the god Set (also termed "Sutekh" or "Seth"). 3,300 year old ancient egyptian hippocampus symbolism artwork.
In pink, and green location and structure of the brain hippocampus and horn shape curved like the horn on the ancient egyptian head gear of Seti I.
About 73,000 years ago the God Sethantes [god Seth of Egypt?] came to earth in a etherean space-ship [UFO] with 27,600,000 highly evolved Archangels [many who had died in infancy on other corporeal planets]. These several millions of angel-spirits took on physical forms, like unto mortal man.
the God Sethantes with 27,600,000 highly evolved Archangels came to earth in a etherean space-ship [UFO] before homo sapiens (I'hins or I'huans) existed.
The Ethereans created man (genus Homo, I'hins) by blending their own DNA with the DNA of earth primates and the predecessors of man (A'su, Adam, Ardipithecus-Australopithecus).
Genesis 1:26: Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness".
According to Oahspe at least some angels who had died in infancy could take on human mortal form with sex organs and could reproduce with the first race of man on earth (that is how the I'hins were produced).
In the Bible (Genesis 4:25–26 ) Adam was contemporary with Seth (who came to earth after Adam) = the God Sethantes came to earth after Asu.
In the Bible the meaning of the name Seth is 'Appointed'. Sethantes was the 'Appointed' first God of the earth during the time of Asu (Adam)
Oahspe Synopsis of Sixteen Cycles: Chapter I:
5. At the time of the creation of man, the earth was traveling in the arc of Wan, where dwell thousands of Orian chiefs, with thousands of millions of high-raised angels.
6. The Holy Council of Orian Chiefs, through the Wisdom and Voice of Jehovih, appointed one of their number, Sethantes, to take charge of the earth, and to people it with immortal beings, during its travel in Wan.
Gods of Ancient Egypt: Set (Seth)
Set (Seth, Setekh, Sut, Sutekh, Sety) was one of the most ancient of the Egyptian gods...
However, he was not always considered to be an evil being. Set was a friend of the dead, helping them to ascend to heaven on his ladder...
"friend of the dead, helping them to ascend to heaven on his ladder" = Sethantes, to take charge of the earth, and to people it with immortal beings [ascend to Etherea].
See C allele, genetics and SNPs page of this website 1/10 down, and see Miscellaneous 5 page about 1/4 down from top in link below: 
10. Creator's name (E-O-IH) hidden in the 4 letter consonants of the tetragrammaton:
Above are the 3 vowels (the 3 primary sounds) of the Creator's name (E-O-IH) hidden in the 4 letter consonants of the tetragrammaton. The vowels of E-O-IH is converted into musical frequencies (measurement of vowel formants by means of the sound spectrograph) and multiples of the fundamental C2 note to obtain the triune (tri-angle) sacred numbers (9-8-5) of the Creator's name. The sacred numbers of the Creator's name is related to the circle and Pi, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to the diameter of a circle. Only 2/1000ths difference between 3.139 and 3.141 (Pi out to 3 decimal places). The sacred numbers of the Creator's name is also related to the arcs and cycles of the sub-galactic (Cevorkum) orbit of the solar-system. 1600 arcs or cycles of Cevorkum = Circumference of a circle (circumference number just as 9.85, 22, and 360 are). Elohim = l-h-m (consonants), E-O-I (vowels). Plural or singular = attributes in One. Power-Harmony-Balance. Might = Power, Love = Harmony, Wisdom = Balance. 
11. 2015 : 
Connected 400 years of a'ji in Oahspe Book Eskra Chapter IX:3 to The Greek Dark Age or Ages 
1100 - 700 B.C. 400 years of a'ji in Oahspe Book Eskra Chapter IX:3.
Historical evidence of the 400 years of a'ji mentioned in Oahspe Book of Eskra Chapter 9:3:
The Greek Dark Age or Ages and Geometric or Homeric Age (ca. 1100–800 BC)[1][2] are terms which have regularly been used to refer to the period of Greek history from the presumed Dorian invasion and end of the Mycenaean palatial civilization around 1100 BC, to the first signs of the Greek poleis in the 9th century BC.
The archaeological evidence shows a widespread collapse of Bronze Age civilization in the eastern Mediterranean world at the outset of the period, as the great palaces and cities of the Mycenaeans were destroyed or abandoned. Around this time, the Hittite civilization suffered serious disruption and cities from Troy to Gaza were destroyed. Following the collapse, fewer and smaller settlements suggest famine and depopulation.
Dark ages = a'ji. A'ji = semi-dark cold nebulous region in space.

"the period from 1100 to 700 BC can be referred to as the Dark Ages"

A Companion to Greek Art - Google Books Result (click on clear search on the right then hit back button <-- on the upper left)

FEB 24 2015 : 

https://web.archive.org/web/20150224204421/http://studyofoahspe.com/id28.html (near bottom of page)

Originating in 2016:
1. I'huan = sub-Saharan African or African-American. Native-American-Indian = ghan not I'huan.
2. Po and Ka'yu of Oahspe were Cauc-asian, white, or same race as Europeans based on facial recognition science.
3. Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter IX: 6If one instrument in a same room be played upon, and other instruments in the same room be in tune therewith, the currents of vortexya will cause the others to give off sounds faintly. If said instruments be connected by wood fibres, the sounds will be louder. If the person in reverie holdeth the hands of others in the room, the same current will run through the whole. Hence music is the greatest of all harmonizers.
Sympathetic resonance or sympathetic vibration is a harmonic phenomenon wherein a formerly passive string or vibratory body responds to external vibrations to which it has a harmonic likeness. The classic example is demonstrated with two similar tuning-forks of which one is mounted on a wooden box.
If the other one is struck and then placed on the box, then muted, the un-struck mounted fork will be heard. In similar fashion, strings will respond to the external vibrations of a tuning-fork when sufficient harmonic relations exist between the respective vibratory modes. A unison or octave will provoke the largest response as there is maximum likeness in vibratory motion. Other links through shared resonances occur at the fifth and, though with much less effect, at the major third. The principle of sympathetic resonance has been applied in musical instruments from many cultures and times. Apart from the basic principle at work on instruments with many undamped strings, such as harps, guitars and pianos with the dampers raised, other instruments are fitted with extra choirs of sympathetic strings, which respond with a silvery halo to the tones played on the main strings.
Figure 10.01 - Tuning Forks in Sympathy - As one vibrates so does the other.
PowerPedia:Sympathetic Vibratory Physics

"My system, in every part and detail, both in the developing of this power and in every branch of its utilization, is based and founded on sympathetic vibration. In no other way would it be possible to awaken or develop this force, and equally impossible would it be to operate my engine upon any other principle." John Keely

"The science of the future will be based on Sympathetic Vibrations." Rudolph Steiner, 1913

"The sympathetic vibratory force discovered by Keely will be quite sufficient to make him the greatest discoverer of this age." H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, 1888

"Mr. Keely has demonstrated he has discovered a vibratory force previously unknown to science.. which, when applied to machinery, must supersede all ordinary appliances." Prof. Joseph Leidy, Md, 1890

"The fact remains that Mr. Keely is able to demonstrate the existence of a stupendous power which has never yet been satisfactorily accounted for by any old and well recognized force." Henry Hudson, The Scientific Arena, 1887

Sympathetic vibratory physics builds primarily upon the work and principles of

4. 2016 on Extrasolar planets, CEVORKUM, Light speed page of this website was when/where I first described and pictured the motion (not just the shape) of the great serpent (solar phalanx) as “spiral circular sine wave motion”. In 2016 I was the first to describe and show both the galactic sine wave sepentine motion AND the circular sub-galactic motion around the north star of the solar phalanx.
wavelike path = spiral circular sine wave motion = crest to trough = half circle or diameter. Crest to Crest or Trough
to Trough = full circle, circumference or orbit (Cervorkum, C'vorkum).
NOV 01 2016 :
Oahspe Book of Aph, Son of Jehovih: Chapter I  : 1. IN the time of the world twenty-four thousand years before the kosmon era, the great serpent (solar phalanx) being in the arc of Noe, in the etherean heavens, ... 
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Plate 49 --Cevorkum, roadway of solar phalanx. a, a, a, lines ... The numbers with their signatures, show the densities through which the great serpent passes each cycle. 
Book of Jehovih chs 7 & 8
115  The words Great Serpent means solar phalanx [solar system]. --Ed.
In Oahspe the words Great Serpent refers to the Solar System not the Sun. In Oahspe the solar phalanx or solar system is called the Great Serpent, the Sun is not called the Great Serpent. The Great Serpent refers to the snake-like motion of the entire solar system (the phalanx) not just the Sun. Great Serpent refers to the motion of the entire solar system from a cosmic or galactic perspective it does not refer to the motion of the Sun from the perspective of the earth.

Plate 36--SERPENT.
1, Sun.
 2, Mercury. 3, Earth. 4, Mars. 5, Artaea. 6, Vesta. 7, Ceres. 8, Jupiter. 9, Saturn. 10. Uranus.
Equivalent: Koo, 28. Sai'Lee, 44. Pisc, 22. Hoo, 85. Frgabal, 114. At'bars, 8. Gib'S'Smak, 198. 
Phalanx Noun Meaning...
a number of individuals, especially persons united for a common purpose 
If one could imagine a very long serpent in spiral form, constantly turning its head in at one pole, and its tail at the other, and continuously crawling upon its own spirality, such a view would somewhat illustrate the currents of a vortex. - Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy Ch III: 25. 
5. Connection between the invisible spirit world and the non-visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum: 
See Tornados, name vs concept, flat earth theory, UV-light, sympathetic resonance, spirits page of this website about 2/3 down.
A NEW WAY to capture ghosts on camera.
I heard it stated that Mediums can see spirits, ghosts, light anomalies etc…because they can see the faster, higher plains. To use an analogy: Imagine looking at a person riding his or her bicycle past you very fast. When you look at the bicycle’s wheels you can not see the spokes because they are spinning too fast! Only when they slow down and finally stop can you see the spokes that hold the axle and rim together and actually make the wheel what it is. With this example in mind: The reason Mediums can see the spirit world but we cannot…is because they can see the ‘faster’ plains of life that the rest of us cannot…at least this is what they tell us.
Just outside of the ‘Visible Light’ spectrum lies (at the less energetic/ longer wavelength end) infrared, then radio waves etc…But! At the other more energetic and higher energy end Ultra-Violet light, then X-Ray, then Gamma/ Cosmos…This is when the pieces came together. I realised when sat watching these paranormal investigation programs that my wife and I love that they always film at night in their ‘supposedly’ haunted locations with infrared!!! Isn’t it obvious to them? They are searching for paranormal manifestations and trying to capture evidence at the wrong end of the spectrum. They should be looking at the higher ‘faster’ end of the spectrum. That is…within the 3 Ultra-Violet spectrums.
These are UVA, UVB and UVC. For practical purposes I realise the most accessible area to observe would be UVA; the part that lies between 400nm and 315nm respectively. The reason being it is the least harmful.

5. For the substance of My etherean worlds [spirit-worlds] I created Ethe [ether], the MOST RARIFIED. Out of ethe made I them.
Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter 8:
1. To ethe [ether] give motion one hundred, or ninety-nine (as the case may be); to corpor give zero, that is, no motion (of itself).
"motion one hundred, or ninety-nine" = the higher ‘faster’ end of the spectrum  = ultraviolet light +
Faster motion, higher frequencies from - Infrared >> to >> Ultraviolet +
V = 300 GHz
V = 576 Thz
V = 30,000 Thz
Electromagnetic Spectrum = vortexian cycles.
Color Wavelength Frequency .
Infrared 1,000,000 - 780 nm, 300 GHz - 384 Thz
red 780 - 622 nm, 384 - 482 Thz
orange 622 - 597 nm, 482 - 503 Thz
yellow 597 - 577 nm, 503 - 520 Thz
green  577 - 492 nm,  520 - 610 Thz
blue 492 - 455 nm, 610 - 659  Thz
violet 455 - 390 nm, 659 - 769 Thz
Ultraviolet 390 - 10 nm, 769 - 30,000 Thz
Thz = terahertz (THz) = vibrational frequency.
1 THz = 1,000,000,000,000 Hz per second, 1 Terahertz = one trillion Hertz.
White light is a mixture of the colors of the visible spectra.
7. The Maxwell equations are the set of four fundamental equations governing electromagnetism (i.e., the behavior of electric and magnetic fields). They were first written down in complete form by physicist James Clerk Maxwell,  who added the so-called displacement current term to the final equation, although steady-state forms were known earlier.
Maxwell's equations describe the behavior of Light (electro-magnetism).
Oahspe describes what IS Light, electricity and magnetism (polarized condition of vortexian currents).
One description (Maxwell's) is a noun (behavior) relating to actions, the other description (Oahspe's) is a verb (IS) relating to state of being or existence. State of being or existence is more primary than behavior or actions. The primary state of something is different from what something temporarily does. The primary state of existence or being is an eternal or unchanging definition. There is a difference between describing what a car does and describing what a car is.
The polarized condition of electro-magnetism can be seen in the microscopic photographs of magnetized iron, cobalt, and grain oriented electrical silicon steel. Also the polarized condition can be seen when grass seeds floating in oil align themselves with electric field lines.
divergence = a measure of an outgoing flow of vortexya and extent to which there is more exiting a region of space than entering it.
the curl = vortexian curve of the ethe'ic fluid.
pi = relationship of vortex circumference to the central axis or diameter of the vortex.
the electric field = vortexian current, ethe'ic sub-atomic particles in axial and and orbitic motion.
the magnetic field = vortexian current flowing in, out, and around iron or magnetic substances.
the charge density = how much vortexian pressure is concentrated in an area.
c is the speed of light = how long it takes the subatomic particles to line up and point in the same direction over a distance.
the vector current density =  the vortexian current per unit area of cross section, the total amount of vortexya flowing through the surface in that time.
8. In May of 2016 I showed how 5 human development stages in Oahspe corresponded to human 5 st-ages or ages from the Stone Age to Bronze Age to Iron Age to Industrial Age to Space Age, but did not connect those 5 stages to 5 human races in Oahspe yet:
Originating in 2017:
1. Identifying Human Kosmon mixed race genotype as rs1426654(A;G).
2. Cosmic background radiation-glowing plasma = 0 age of vortex and exploded (shattered) wark remnants
"What we call our Big Bang wasn't the beginning but the end --"
Oahspe Book of Jehovih CHAPTER 4:
15. First as vapor the vortex carries it forth, ...
Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter 3:
25. Though the general form of a vortex, as before stated, in its beginning is long, funnel-shaped (like a whirlwind), its ultimate is toward a globular form. And though the current of a vortex is spiral, at first, its currents ultimate toward less spirality.
Page 51 of Our Mathematical Universe by Max Tegmark (physics professor at MIT)..."when we gaze farther into space as in figure 3.3 we should encounter old galaxies nearby [ellipticals], then young galaxies beyond them [spirals], then transparent hydrogen gas [vapor],
then a wall of glowing hydrogen plasma [microwave background radiation].
Are we at the center of the universe? .
"on a large field when fog has cut the visibility to 50 meters, you'll feel like you're at the
center of a fog sphere, beyond which (akin to the edge of our Universe) you can't see anything.
But that doesn't mean that you're in any sort of special place, at the center of anything
fundamental, because everyone else on that field will find themselves at the center of their own
fog spheres.  In the same way, any observers anywhere in space will find themselves at the
centers of their universes." - Page 129 of Our Mathematical Universe.
The cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR) is the remnants of shattered (exploded) warks-vortices
beyond that would be old galaxies or ellipticals beyond our observable universe.

The Cosmology of the universe - galaxies order - and microwave background radiation follows
the ages of a vortex and exploded (shattered) wark in Oahspe.
Oahspe Book of Saphah: Se'moin verse 45. Work or wark (Panic). Vortex, whirlwind.
Ellipticals = 3rd and 4th age of vortex
Spirals = 2nd age of vortex
Vapor-Hydrogen gas = 1st age or primary vortex
Background radiation-glowing plasma = 0 age of vortex and exploded (shattered) wark remnants
"What we call out Big Bang wasn't the beginning but the end --" - Page 118 of
Our Mathematical Universe by Max Tegmark (cosmologist at MIT).
Above plates from Oahspe looking back in time and farther into space ------------------>
The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation instead of being a remnant of the "Big Bang" is a
remnant of exploded (shattered) galactic warks. 
Above illustration based on observation = 4-3-2-1-0 = 9-8-7-6-5 = the wave of creation = 1 cycle
Walter Russell stated that, “In the wave lies the secret of creation.

The Cosmology of the universe - galaxies order - and microwave background radiation follows
the ages of a vortex and exploded (shattered) wark in Oahspe.
Oahspe Book of Saphah: Se'moin verse 45. Work or wark (Panic). Vortex, whirlwind.
Ellipticals = 3rd and 4th age of vortex
Spirals = 2nd age of vortex
Vapor-Hydrogen gas = 1st age or primary vortex
Background radiation-glowing plasma = 0 age of vortex and exploded (shattered) wark remnants

Cosmic rays from supernovae

Cosmic rays are protons or atomic nuclei that have been accelerated to high energies. They are different from cosmic neutrinos and gravitational waves, which have next to no effect on us, and electromagnetic radiation (photons). Electromagnetic radiation includes radio waves, microwaves, visible light, X-rays, and gamma radiation.  How supernovae have affected life | Astronomy.com


Detailed study of the microwave emission of the supernova remnant 3C 396  Detailed study of the microwave emission of the supernova ...

examples of supernova spectra depicted as intensity and wavelength:

<--Supernova spectra intensity and wavelength


Spectrum of The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation as intensity and wavelength:

 <--Spectrum of The Cosmic Microwave Background Intensity and Wavelength

Notice the similarity in the spectra intesity and wavelength shape of The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation and supernova spectra depicted intensity and wavelength.
Supernova remnant = shattered wark (shattered vortex) = the end and beginning (5 and 0 and 10 of 9-8-7-6-5 and 4-3-2-1-0). 
See Matter - Anti-Matter, Galaxies and Cosmology page of this website 1/3 to 1/2 way down from top. 
3. Identification of the horizontal mid-forehead indentation that is seen on the original I'hin drawing in Oahspe and seen on the human Pygmies of Africa. 
4.  Showing how 5 races in Oahspe correspond to 5 stages of man from infant to adulthood:
Man develops in 5 stages from infant to adult: 
Human races = 1.Asu--------2.I'hin-------------------3.I'huan---------------4.Ghan----------5.Kosmon = balance
5 = central balance between 0-10 and 1-9, spiritual and corporeal, being good and being independent and strong. 
1. Infant-Toddler 0 - 2 years. Asu = 0-1 (infant, no walk, no talk).
2. Preschooler  2 - 5 years. I'hin = 2-5 (walk and speak).
3. Gradeschooler 6 - 12 years (I'huans, the Bible).
4. Adolescent age 13 through 19 years (the Ghans).
5. Adult fully grown or 20 years age or older (Kosmon, Oahspe). 
On page 165 of SEVEN YEARS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD [1940], 1941-1948 by Wing Anderson it has a text table showing 4 Oahspe races and 4 stages of human development. Wing Anderson has the I'HIN as INFANT, I'HUAN as CHILD, GHAN as YOUTH, KOSMON as MANHOOD. My 5 stages that correspond to 5 races in Oahspe is better, more inclusive, and more accurate than Wing Anderson's 4 stages. 
In May of 2016 I showed how 5 human development stages in Oahspe corresponded to human 5 st-ages or ages from the Stone Age to Bronze Age to Iron Age to Industrial Age to Space Age, but did not connect those 5 stages to 5 human races in Oahspe yet:
5. (2017) Mentioned the discovery of a ramp or inclined plane used to build the Great Pyramid as stated in Oahspe.
Jan 23 2017 :
Study of Oahspe The Great Pyramid of Ancient Egypt 
The External Ramp and Crane Theories
The first theory is that a ramp was built on one side of the pyramid and as the pyramid grew, the ramp was raised so that throughout the construction, blocks could be moved right up to the top. 
2007, French architect Jean-Pierre Houdin proposed a theory that involved use of an internal spiral ramp system [source: Connor]. Using 3-D software, Houdin reconstructed how he believed Hemienu and his laborers may have accomplished this feat. He believes the pyramid was built in stages, the first using an external ramp, and the second an internal ramp. 
That image showed exactly what Jean-Pierre Houdin's theory had predicted--a ramp spiraling up through the pyramid.
Far from being just another theory, the internal ramp has considerable evidence behind it. A team headed by Jean-Pierre Houdin and Rainer Stadlemann, former director of the German Archaeological Institute in Cairo and one of the greatest authorities on pyramids, has submitted an application to survey the Great Pyramid in a nondestructive way to see if the theory can be confirmed. They are hopeful that the Supreme Council of Antiquities will grant permission for a survey. (Several methods could be used, including powerful microgravimetry, high-resolution infrared photography, or even sonar.) If so, sometime this year we may finally know how Khufu's monumental tomb was built. One day, if it is indeed there, we might just be able to remove a few blocks from the exterior of the pyramid and walk up the mile-long ramp Hemienu left hidden within the Great Pyramid. 
A microgravimetry survey of the Great Pyramid in the 1980s yielded the enigmatic image at right. [image above]
Less dense areas (indicated in green) seem to correspond to an internal ramp proposed by Jean-Pierre Houdin (diagram). (Dassault Systemes; Courtesy EDF)
Bob Brier is a senior research fellow at the C. W. Post Campus of Long Island University
and a contributing editor to ARCHAEOLOGY.
© 2007 by the Archaeological Institute of America 
Originating in 2018:
1. Describing and connecting the structure of the Great Pyramid with the mathematical knowledge of the Israelites. Making a vertical/horizontal coordinate graph that shows the slope angle of the Great Pyramid is in Fibonacci numbers which is a phi logarithmic fractal scaling ratio.
The slope of a pyramid based on phi (golden ratio, Fibonacci numbers) is 51.83, the slope of the Great Pyramid of Giza is 51.87 (99.92% same).
See Mathematics of Israelites and sub-Saharan Africans, CASTA SYSTEM page of this website about 1/3 to 2/5 down from top. 
2. Describing and connecting the fractal architecture and spirituality of sub-Saharan Africans to the mathematical knowledge of the Israelites.
3. Describing the races of man in Oahspe as mathematical iterations of a recursive process of mix-breeding with the goal (Kosmon) of 5 iterations, the same way fractals are generated. 
4. Using imgonline.com.ua (image recognition software) to identify similarity between two pictures (races in Oahspe to other pictures) in % (percent).
5.  Showing how man's behavior (world war) corresponds to the vortexian currents of the earth (terrestrial magnetism):
Above: Fig.5.15 - Variation in terrestrial magnetism from page 64 of Cycles - the science of prediction by Edward R. Dewey and Edwin F. Dakin. 1914 was a down-spike year which matches 66 war and a'ji 66 on the Orachnebuahgalah plate of Oahspe (1848 + 66 = 1914). 1848 and 1881-1882 were up-spike years (matches times of dawn and dan).
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter III:
11. As light, and heat, and magnetism, ...are all ...the manifestation of vortexian currents under different conditions,...
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter VIII:
7. ...In which measure man is divided into two parts (man and beast), and there is ever a percentage in his behavior inclining to one or the other, and they correspond to the vortexian currents of the earth.
vortexian currents of the earth =  terrestrial magnetism. 
6. JAN 15, 2018  Connecting the Late Bronze Age collapse with a period of a'ji cold years (time of war and destruction).
ORACHNEBUAHGALAH Plate 408 destruction
How 408 destruction manifested in the previous arc cycle:
1848 = start of current Kosmon cycle
1553 B.C. = start of previous Arc of Bon Cycle
1848 - 3400 = 1553 B.C (add 1 year for no zero yero)
1553 - 408 = 1145 B.C
Google 1145 B.C destruction
Late Bronze Age collapse
The Late Bronze Age collapse was a transition in the Aegean Region, Southwestern Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean from the Late Bronze Age to the Early Iron Age that historians believe was violent, sudden and culturally disruptive.
Between 1206 and 1150 BC, the cultural collapse of the Mycenaean kingdoms, the Hittite Empire in Anatolia and Syria,[1] and the New Kingdom of Egypt in Syria and Canaan[2] interrupted trade routes and severely reduced literacy. In the first phase of this period, almost every city between Pylos and Gaza was violently destroyed, and often left unoccupied thereafter: examples include Hattusa, Mycenae, and Ugarit.[3] Drews writes "Within a period of forty to fifty years at the end of the thirteenth and the beginning of the twelfth century almost every significant city in the eastern Mediterranean world was destroyed, many of them never to be occupied again" (p. 4).
What Caused The Mysterious Bronze Age Collapse?
by James Wiener  May 20, 2015  Education, Interviews
The decline of the Late Bronze Age civilizations of the Mediterranean and Near East has puzzled historians and archaeologists for centuries.
Professor Eric H. Cline speaks to Ancient History Encyclopedia’s James Blake Wiener about his new title and the circumstances that lead to the collapse of the cosmopolitan world of the Late Bronze Age in this interview.
In 1177 BC, you trace the social, economic, and cultural links between the civilizations of the Eastern Mediterranean and Near East — Egypt, Minoan Crete, Mycenaean Greece, the Hittite Empire, Mittani, Assyria, and Kassite Babylonia — and their cataclysmic demise during the late second millennium BC.
Late Bronze Age Collapse In & Around Egypt.
After apparently surviving for a while, the Egyptian Empire collapsed in the mid twelfth century BC (during the reign of Ramesses VI, 1145 to 1137 BC).
Cycles tend to repeat themselves (a pattern).

Above  two vertical lines (between 2 and 0) near the bottom of a cold down-spike between 1250bc and 1000bc during the Late Bronze Age collapse or 408 destruction on the Orachnebuahgalah platea'ji was a significant factor in the cold climate and the late bronze age colapse.
A'ji (Gau), semi-dark. ...An abundance of Dar'ji in the firmament giveth a cold year upon the earth. In the years of Ar'jon mortals became warriors.
...Save your prophets understand A'ji they cannot tell what the next year will be.

Historians and archaeologists can look back and see the Late Bronze Age collapse, but without knowing when the arc cycles start they can't see how the Late Bronze Age collapse relates to the previous arc cycle and how it would relate to this cycle and a repeating pattern.
Oahspe provides the hidden knowledge of the arc cycles, Oahspe gives you exact dates of the start of the arc cycles and from there with the prophetic numbers (rules of prophecy) and the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate you can add the numbers to the start of each arc cycle to get an accurate calculation (mathematics) of prophecy.
This is what is missing from the Bible and other Holy Books of Light. Oahspe contains the Higher Knowledge (Light) of the precise times of the arc cycles, prophetic numbers, and the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate. Oahspe also contains the heavenly galactic(galah) and nebulous (nebu) causes of earthly (ah) events that are predictable like an oracle (Orach) = Orachnebuahgalah.
Originating in 2019:
1. Discovering through magnification of drawing by Newbrough the African like upper and lower thick lips of the I'huan.
2. The sine wave serpentine like motion is why the solar phalanx is called the great serpent in Oahspe. 
Above and below illustrates sub-galactic orbits as the solar system makes a orbit around the galaxy
The sine wave serpentine like motion is why the solar phalanx is called the great serpent in Oahspe. 
2019 on Mathematics, Reality, primary 3, page of this website was when/where I first said “sine wave serpentine like motion is why the solar phalanx is called the great serpent”. 
Originating in 2020:
1. Oahspe Book of Osiris, Son of Jehovih: Chapter XII:
3. And he gave the times of Jehovih...and the seven and a half times of the vortices of the stars, so that the seasons might be foretold, ...
YHWH or JHVH = Jehovih = E-O-IH = 9-8-5. 360 degrees of a circle = vortices of the stars.
9x8x5 x 7.575 = 2727 (C'vorkum light-years, 1600 arc seasons  or cycles).

vortices of the stars = sub-galactic vortices or orbits of the Sun and Polaris.Is a vortex a circle?
Vortices can otherwise be known as a circular motion
2. Recession, Pandemic, and protest cycles match 11 year solar-sunspot and cold down-spike cycles.
Perhaps my C;C genotype aided me in producing the concepts and words above on this page.
2013. Orachnebuahgalah plate meaning (Oracle-Nebula-Earth-Galaxy)
US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health
Hippocampus. 2007;17(6):486-93.
...our findings reinforce the hypothesis that the hippocampus is involved in declarative and semantic learning, which contributes more notably to verbal IQ, than to performance IQ.
Hippocampal size positively correlates with verbal IQ in …  https://web.archive.org/web/20210415161733/https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/17407128/
Declarative learning is acquiring information that one can speak about (contrast with motor learning). The capital of a state is a declarative piece of information, while knowing how to ride a bike is not.
Oahspe - The Book of Knowledge Part IV:
22. Jehovih said: ...as many as hear Me and behold My presence shall be called Tae, ...
23. And Tae shall come forth in Me, for he is My word, speaking in his labor to that end.
It focuses on the relation between signifiers, like words, phrases, signs, and symbols, and what they stand for; their denotationLinguistic semantics is the study of meaning that is used for understanding human expression through language.
UZH|ETH Zurich - Neuroscience Center Zurich - Research Groups - Cognitive Neuroscience - Henke 
Prof. Dr. Katharina Henke
Department of Psychology
University of Bern
current research projects:
Role of hippocampus in creativity, insight and problem solving.
Our findings suggest that the human hippocampal formation specializes in the rapid establishment of new conceptual associations between items in memory. Importantly, we found that the hippocampal formation mediates the rapid encoding of new associations even when encoding (and later retrieval) were carried out without conscious awareness of encoding (and retrieval). Moreover, unconscious encoding affects the success of subsequent conscious encoding when the same, similar or different material is given for conscious learning. This influence of encoding across levels of consciousness was mediated by the hippocampal formation.
The hippocampus is a double arc or C-shaped structure formed by cutting open a torus
2) Brain regions involved with mystic experiences
Mental forms follow neural functions. In most cases, a mystic's experiences will reflect the activity of one neural region. The most labile structures in the brain are the amygdala and hippocampus. Because of this, these are the two areas most likely to become unstable. When the experiential correlates are negative, we should expect psychiatric problems. When they are positive, we should expect mysticism and spirituality to appear. The amygdala is an affective structure, and hippocampus is a cognitive structure. The difference in their functions will give rise to some mystics who emphasize thought and others who emphasize emotion. Of course, these two structures are heavily interconnected, so very few mystics will emphasize one to the exclusion of the other.
We will find the structures most implicated in mystic experience are the right hippocampus (RH) and the left amygdala (LA), so we can speak of right hippocampal, and left amygdalar mystics (or shamans). These are the two most sensitive areas of the brain Of course, these would not be the only structures involved in anyone's mystic experiences, but the majority of reports of such experiences strongly implicate dominance by one or both of these two structures.
The hippocampus on the right is a cognitive structure that processes non-verbal information. It's also involved in spatial perception, music appreciation, as well as memory creation and consolidation . It's a major source of dream imagery.
A mystic whose experiences appear from an unusually responsive right hippocampus is expected to report experiences dominated by right hippocampal (RH) phenomena. The RH role in spatial reasoning and memory implicates it in experiences of 'infinity', the "infinite void", spaciousness, and the experience that the space occupied by the sense of self is limitless ("one with the universe"), or existing in 'one-pointedness' (phenomena suggestive of macropsia and micropsia). The RH role in non-verbal information implicates it in the experience of inner silence, or freedom from 'mind chatter'. Its cognitive functions implicate it in the experience of 'knowingness', and 'insight', in which understandings appear spontaneously. The right hippocampus' role in processing non-verbal information would give such mystics a propensity for experiences that are 'beyond words' or 'too subtle to be explained". It's role as the source for dream imagery suggests that its also involved in the experience of 'alternate realities', 'other dimensions', the 'astral plane', the 'dream time', as well as the fleeting images that appear in hypnogogia, and even artistic visual inspirations. Its role in creating and retrieving memories suggests it may be crucial in accessing inner images, including symbolic, spiritual, and artistic images. Its production of theta activity suggests it's crucial in trance and meditation.
The Role of Religious and Mystic Experiences In Human Evolution: A Corollary Hypothesis for NeuroTheology
Todd R. Murphy Laurentian University Canada
NeuroQuantology is an interdisciplinary journal that crosses the boundaries of neuroscience, psychology, philosophy and physics.
First to connect Oahspe text "epidemic is prophesied to a city, man shall dissipate the falling se'mu" to "completely inactivating biological particles [falling se'mu], by irradiating them, and photoionizing them". See below for proof and time stamp. 
DEC 07 2013: 
Oahspe - Book of Judgement: Chapter I:
8. And man shall understand, that, even as plants and trees and fish and serpents can be wielded by My angels, so also can virus and pestilence be carried by angels of darkness to cast mortals in death.
Aliens, Plagues and Epidemics
During the Black Death of the Middle Ages, people reported bronze flying ships emitting a strange mist.
Virus = se'mu = preceeding substance of the living = RNA or DNA.
A virus is a small parasite that cannot reproduce by itself. Once it infects a susceptible cell, however, a virus can direct the cell machinery to produce more viruses. Most viruses have either RNA or DNA as their genetic material. The nucleic acid may be single- or double-stranded. The entire infectious virus particle, called a virion, consists of the nucleic acid and an outer shell of protein. The simplest viruses contain only enough RNA or DNA to encode four proteins. The most complex can encode 100 – 200 proteins.

OAHSPE: Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy CHAPTER VIII.
14. And when an epidemic is prophesied to a cityman shall dissipate the falling se'mu, and thus save it from destruction.

In 1881 Oahspe talked about man inactivating airborne bacteria and viruses to protect humans and animals and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. 132 years later man invents a new device capable of doing this.

dissipate - to cause to separate and go in different directions; "She waved her hand and scattered the crowds"
break up, scatter, dispel, disperse
disband - cause to break up or cease to function; "the principal disbanded the political student organization"

New device traps, then zaps, airborne pathogens
Researchers say a new device called a soft X-ray electrostatic precipitator protected mice from airborne bacteria, viruses, and allergens, and could some day be incorporated into HVAC [Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning] systems

Science News...New Device Traps Particulates, Kills Airborne Pathogens
Jan. 31, 2013 — A new device called a soft X-ray electrostatic precipitator protected immunocompromised mice from airborne pathogenic bacteria, viruses, ultrafine particles, and allergens, according to a paper published online ahead of print in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology.
The SXC ESP works by placing a charge on the particles -- "which it does very effectively," says Biswas -- and then using an electrical field to trap the particles. The SXC unit then also completely inactivates biological particles, by irradiating them, and photoionizing them -- as UV light does, only more energetically.

Shane Ross, left, assistant professor of engineering science and mechanics, and David Schmale III, right, associate professor of plant pathology, physiology and weed science, both at Virginia Tech, are using autonomous aircraft to study how airborne microbes might ride massive air systems to travel long distances across regions.
Engineers and biologists are steering their efforts towards a new aerobiological modeling technique, one they think may assist farmers in the future by providing an early warning system for high-risk plant pathogens. It will also provide the basis for more effective management strategies to address the spread of infectious diseases affecting plants, domestic animals, and humans.
Using initial studies on the efficient movement and subsequent atmospheric dispersal of these microbes, Shane Ross, an assistant professor of engineering science and mechanics, and David Schmale III, associate professor of plant pathology, physiology and weed science, both at Virginia Tech, have received close to half a million dollars from the National Science Foundation to use autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to collect new samples of Fusarium in the lower atmosphere. They believe their work, combining the study of biology with engineering dynamics, will allow the prediction of atmospheric transport barriers that might govern the motion of Fusarium between habitats.
In preliminary work leading to their new study, also funded by the National Science Foundation, but through a different project led by Schmale and Ross, more than 100 airborne samples of Fusarium were obtained using UAVs. "The resulting information has led to strong evidence that specific atmospheric structures play a role in determining atmospheric concentrations of Fusarium," Ross says. This work was published online Sept. 9, 2011 in the American Institute of Physics’ journal Chaos.
In engineering terms, the atmospheric structures are called Lagrangian coherent structures, named after the 18th century Italian-French mathematician Joseph Lagrange. He introduced a point of view into the study of fluids, like the atmosphere, which the research will employ. Ross and Schmale will be able to compute, track, and predict atmospheric transport barriers governing the motion of microorganisms such as Fusarium between habitats, using engineering methods including the Lagrangian methods.
"By comparison with results of microbiological analysis, we expect to reveal how dynamical structures partition and mix airborne populations of microorganisms, and relatedly, how mixtures of microorganisms might encode their recent history of large-scale atmospheric mixing," they said. For microbes to move through the atmosphere to a new habitat, they must pass through a series of ‘layers’- the laminar boundary layer, the surface boundary layer, and the planetary boundary layer. The surface boundary layer often contains strong vertical gradients in wind speed, temperature, and humidity, accounting for the turbulence. "The small-scale motion can be characterized as random," Ross adds.
If the microbes make it above this surface boundary layer, and enter the second layer of the atmosphere, defined as being at a height of about 50 meters to about three kilometers (1.86 miles) above the ground, they can be transported over long distances. In this second layer, known as planetary boundary layer, "there are a lot of uncertainties in the trajectory computations," Ross explains.
With Ross and Schmale’s research they hope to reduce some of these uncertainties. Schmale has already published his findings about reliable methods for collecting and studying populations of Fusarium in the lower atmosphere. Using UAVs, Schmale has collected data that shows the lower atmosphere is "teeming with Fusarium." Schmale has DNA sequence data for hundreds of strains of Fusarium collected from the atmosphere, and they have preliminary data validating the important role that atmospheric transport barriers play in the transport of the microorganisms.
Ross says their work should allow them to make more predictable assessments of the transport of the microbes.
"In the future our work may be able to assist farmers by providing an early warning systems for high risk plant pathogens," Ross says. "It might also pave the way for more effective management strategies for the spread of infectious diseases affecting plants, domestic animals, and humans."

First to connect and apply Oahspe The Lords' Third Book 2:2 to Black or negroidal people:
Between JUL 30 2016 and AUG 31 2016 (using text and imagery)
Plate 32.--THE EARTH IN A'JI.------Plate 94.--ARC OF KOSMON (earth in dan'ha) 

Any comments about Oahspe or this website? Email Me. I look forward to talking to you about
Oahspe and this website .
This web page is on fire! 

A'ji is a cold nebulous substance in outer-space that the earth periodicly passes through. Dan is a light region in outer-space that the earth periodicly passes through. A'ji stimulates man's physical attributes and desires, dan stimulates man's spiritual attributes and desires.
DEC 07 2013 There is a connection of a'ji and dan to: (51 things so far).
Rise  and fall of nations -->
US History chapter (at bottom)      |
American (U.S.) Revolution -->
US History chapter (3/4 down)
Homicide (murder) rates--->
Cosmic Consciousness, etc chapter (1/2 down)
Birth of prophets --------->The Bible, etc chapters (3/4 down)
The elect and predestination--------->Angels, (1/4 down)
Human growth and development-->The Creator, etc chapters (3/4 down)
Serial killers and mass murderers-->Cosmic Consciousness, (1/4 down)
Human productivity, and inventions-->Cosmic Consciousness, (7/8 down)
Galactic radiation cycles----->Cycles, Predictions, etc chapter (3/4 down)
Solar radiation cycles ------>Cycles, Predictions, etc chapter (4/5 down)
Geomagnetic cycles--------->Cycles, Predictions, etc chapter (7/8 down)
Earthquakes and tsunamis---->Geology, etc chapter (1/2-3/4 down)
Volcanic activity---------->Geology, etc chapter (1/2-3/4 down)
Major tornadoes------------>Weather, etc chapter (3/4 down)
Biblical prophecies ------->Nebula, etc chapter (1/4-bottom)
Decoding, unsealing Book of Revelation -->Space Clouds (4/5), US History (1/10 down)
Harvest and ascension times ---->Nebula, Space Clouds, etc chapters (1/2-bottom)
Stock market crashes ------>Cycles, etc chapter (7/8-bottom)
Great depressions and recessions-->Cycles, etc chapter (7/8-bottom)
Mass racial violence ------>Cosmic Consciousness, chapter (3/5 down)
Einstein's great brain and brilliance ---->Cosmic Consciousness, chapter (4/5 down)
Climate cycles, warming, cooling-->Weather, Climate, and Geology chapters (1/2)
Ice ages ---------------->Weather, Climate, and Geology chapters (1/2)

Origin of Spiritual and sacred books-->Weather, Climate, and Geology chapters (1/2)
The Dark ages-------------->Weather, Climate, and Geology chapters (1/2)
Inquisitions and witch trials----> Weather, Climate, and Geology chapters (4/5)
Prophetic numbers and Prophecy---> Space Clouds, Cycles, chapters (3/4 down)
Enlightenment------->ORACHENEBUAHGALAH CHARTS, (4/5 down)
Monotheism-------->Space Clouds, The Beast chapters (7/8 down)
Rise and fall of religions----> The Beast, Space Clouds chapters (4/5-bottom)
Great Learning---->Predictions, ORACHNEBUAHGALAH charts, chapters (2/3-bottom)
Ages and cycles--->Geology, Space Clouds, chapters (1/2 down)
New Civilizations and Kingdoms--->Space Clouds, Earth Travel chapter (1/2 down)
Greed and lust-------->Cosmic Consciousness, chapters(3/5 down)

World-wide UFO mass appearances----->Space Clouds, Nebula, Chapters (3/5 down)
Great Leaders---------->Weater, Climate, Chapters (2/5 down)
Nebula and light regions in space--->Space Clouds, The Beast chapters (bottom)
Sub-atomic particles------>Cycles Chapter (4/5 down)

Vibrational rate or frequencies--->The Beast, Miscellaneous chapters (1/3 down)
Electromagnetic spectrum-->The Beast, Miscellaneous chapters (1/3 down)
New Zodiac------->Cosmic Consciousness chapter (1/4 down)
Cosmic Consciousness--->Cosmic Consciousness chapter (near top)
Ancient and prehistoric giant humans --->The Creator chapter (near bottom)
Ancestral generations of Light--->Cosmic Consciousness chapter (3/4 down)
Reincarnation (so-called) ---->Spiritual message chapter (1/2 down)
Arab Spring revolutionary wave--->ORACHENEBUAHGALAH CHARTS at bottom

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