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OAHSPE GOD'S BOOK OF BEN CHAPTER VII:3. I am the living mathematics;

Page 200 of Earth, Sky, and Spirit Book 2 by the Essene Faithists:
"To those new to OAHSPE
the following will, no doubt, seem like gibberish but after you have studied OAHSPE a little, the foregoing...will become quite significant."

The Key to understanding anything you read is to take it one word and one sentence at a time. If you come to a word you don't understand then research the word until you understand it, then go back and re-read the sentence again.
I have made the word research easier for you by providing definitions for many strange words in Oahspe and on my website.


Fibonacci Sequence
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The numbers of E-O-IH (The All-Person) = 9-8-5 containing two fibonnaci numbers in sequence (5, 8, 5 + 8 = 13).
The Fibonacci numbers are Nature's numbering system. They appear everywhere in Nature, from the leaf arrangement in plants, to the pattern of the florets of a flower, the bracts of a pinecone, or the scales of a pineapple. The Fibonacci numbers are therefore applicable to the growth of every living thing, including a single cell, a grain of wheat, a hive of bees, and even all of mankind.
OAHSPE: God's Book of Ben Chapter III:
21. Man inquired: How can I know if a thing be of God or if it be of nature? What is Jehovih more than natural law?
22. Corpor answered: What is nature, O man? Why wilt thou use a name for the members of my body?
23. Behold, the trees are mine; the mountains and valleys; the waters and every living thing, and everything that liveth not; they are me.
24. Why sayest thou nature? Now I say unto thee, the soul of all things is Jehovih; that which thou callest nature is but the corporeal part.
A cosmic constant known as the ‘golden ratio’ is said to be found in the shape of hurricanes, elephant tusks and even in galaxies.
Now researchers say this ratio is also seen in the topology of space-time, affecting the entire universe as a whole.
The research was carried out by Dr Jan Boeyens at the University of Pretoria and Dr Francis Thackeray of the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa.
They say the golden ratio - 1.618 - can be seen ‘related not only to aspects of mathematics but also to physics, chemistry, biology and the topology of space-time.’
Differences between Sound and Light:
1. Light is made of atomic and sub-atomic particles that are polarized, atoms, electrons, etc...
2. Sound is made of air molecules (molecules are compounds of atoms).
3. Light is very rarefied like ethe'ic substance, much less dense that air and sound.
4. Sound is atmospheric, much more dense than light,
5. Light is highest motion and velocity (880,091 x greater velocity than sound)
6. Sound has more mass and density than light, but has much less velocity
7. Light is more powerful or forceful than sound (mass x velocity = force)
8. Light is magnetic and has a still center like a magnet or vortex, called the still magnetic light by Walter Russell.
9. Sound is not magnetic or electric and does not have a still center like a magnet or vortex.
10. The still center of a vortex or the magnetic light is the fulcrum of power and the still small voice of the Creator.
11. Light is a state of harmony, polarization, no chaos, one of the attribues of the Creator (8)
12. Sound can be noisy or chaotic, non-harmonic, music is harmonic sound (musical octave 8).
Oahspe Book of Jehovih: Chapter I:
1. ALL was. ALL is. ALL ever shall be. The ALL spake, and Motion was, and is, and ever shall be;...The ALL MOTION was His speech.
[In the begining was the word (Motion) and the word was with God (the Creator), and the word (Vortex Motion) was God (the Creative Ethe'ic Force) John 1:1 the Bible. http://biblehub.com/john/1-1.htm.
A vortex causes particles to aggregate together...the result is called a CREATION.
Action or motion has to take place for something to be created, the vortex is the will of the Creator in motion.
Thought or speech is a type of action or motion. A vortex is circular motion, the circle is the symbol of the Creator.
The Creator is the unmoving mover, that created all motion (the whole universe is in motion)].
The WORD of GOD (the Father) is Motion, Light is Motion, the Highest Motion is Light. Light is the Word of God. Light is a manifestation of vortexian currents.
◄ 1 John 1:5 ► of the Bible
New International Version
This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.
Ignorance and hatred come out of darrkness, darkness is a state of disharmony, harmony or light is a polarized state, darkness comes from not having your facts straight, darkness is the sub-atomic particles in confusion, chaos, not polarized.
Things just don't instantaneously happend because you speak something (
Genesis 1:3 Let there be ... ) but of the two light and sound which is the most
instantaneous? Light is 880,091 x greater velocity than sound. Light is the most instantaneous action or motion. Light is electrical and magnetic or vortexian. The vortexian field or current is the most instantaneous.
in·stan·ta·ne·ous adjective
1. occurring or done in an instant or instantly.
in·stant·ly adverb
1. at once; immediately.
a word or phrase that modifies or qualifies an adjective, verb, or other adverb or a word group, expressing a relation of place, time, circumstance, manner, cause, degree, etc.
1. a word used to describe an action, state, or occurrence ...
Before a creation happens the Creator makes an ethe'ic vortex first, because a vortex is creative and the most instantaneous.
A vortex causes circular pressure in all directions, circular pressure determines the density of matter or a planet or star.
Density is a quality of creation.
A vortex causes matter to rotate and orbit, rotation determines the movement of planets, and solar systems.
Circular movement is a quality of creation from atoms to solar systems to galaxies.
The vortexian power of the focus of the eye:
8. Where se'mu was quickened into life in lighter times, it focalized toward the light, and this focus was called an eye.
9. The sight of the eye is a miniature sun, sending forth and receiving vortexian power at the same time.
10. Since, then, the eye of man can go forth with intelligent power, controlling things, it hath been concluded since thousands of years, by the wisest philosophers, that an All Seeing Eye is the Cause and Creator of the whole universe, which is His Person.

Creator and Creation.
The Creator is One Mind indivisible. Creation is One Whole Idea of Mind divided into countless simulated ideas of mind, through motion.
The simulation of Idea thus expressed is not the idea that it expresses. Parts of the ONE WHOLE IDEA are only seeming. There are NO two separate or
separable things in the universe. There is but One Whole Simulation of the One Whole Idea. “Everything that is is of everything else
that IS. All things are indissolubly united." - from The Divine Iliad by Walter Russell.

The Secret of Light - Page 19 - Google Books Result

Creator = the One Whole, Quantum Unity.
Creation = parts of the One Whole.
Different Creations = different parts of the one Whole put together (aggregate).
METEOROLOGY: the interdisciplinary scientific study of the atmosphere.
Oahspe - Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter V:
3. In regions of the earth's atmosphere where they have cyclones, reddish lights appear in the firmament, even before the cyclone manifesteth on the earth. And these lights travel with the cyclone, manifesting great heat on the earth. In the regions of monsoons, a similar manifestation occurreth, but generally with pink or bluish lights instead of red, if over the ocean; but if over the land, a smoky atmosphere resulteth.
According to the World Almanac And Book of Facts (1984); Cyclone - An atmospheric circulation of winds rotating counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere. Tornadoes, hurricanes, and the lows shown  on weather maps are all examples of cyclones having various sizes and intensities.
From THE ELEMENTS RAGE by Lane; The conditions preceding the birth of a violent tornado have been vividly described by many eyewitnesses. ..."The air at times came in puffs as from a heated furnace," is a typical comment. John G. Albright says: "The temperatures preceding tornadoes are higher than usual...Strange-colored clouds mill wildly about. Jet-black, greenish, purple or clouds of "a strange lividness". Often mingled with streamlike greys and whites, are typical descriptions of the colors of tornado forming clouds.  
According to the vortexian currents, so are the winds (air masses etc..). 
Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy CHAPTER 1:
32. ...According to the vortexian currents, so are the winds (except as mentioned further on)...
Oahspe - Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter IV:
1. THE currents of the vortex of the earth being in constant change, the following results happen. In the regions where they overlap one another...
3. Another result that happeneth from these overlapping currents in the vortex, 
In drouth regions the vortexian overlappings descend to the very earth, where they are called by various names, such as cyclones, whirlwinds and so on; but if they occur on the ocean, carrying either up or down a current of water, they are termed water-spouts....
...the theories of tornado-genesis, or how tornadoes form, occupy a long segment on history's time line. Several ancient cultures developed legends and myths describing how nature's most ferocious storm originated. Scientists from Aristotle to Benjamin Franklin offered theories, but not until the nineteenth and twentieth centuries did serious debate on the causes of tornadoes begin in the United States. - page 7 of Scanning the Skies: A History of Tornado Forecasting (2001) By Marlene Bradford
How do tornadoes start?
(Lansing State Journal, September 30, 1992)
Question Submitted by: Graham Brenen Blaxton
For a tornado to start, two air masses must meet, a lower one containing warm, humid air and a higher one containing cool, dry air.
During thunderstorms, unstable humid warm air moves upward and is stopped by a thin layer of cool dry air.  This thin layer act like a cap on the warm air below it causing pressure and energy to build as more humid air rises.
When the cap gives way under the pressure of rising warm air, it releases a huge amount of energy in the form of an upward moving air mass.  Air currents move in from all sides to replace the rising warm air and some times form a tornado.  Usually, this does not happen.  Wind at high altitudes plays an important role in determining whether a tornado develops.  Depending on conditions, these winds can intensify the sudden upward air flow and create the vortex of wind that is a tornado.
Tornadoes can happen anywhere in the world.  However, due to certain conditions, the Midwestern United States is where they happen most frequently.
In this region, the two major air masses necessary to start a tornado meet: dry cool polar air from Canada and humid warm air from the Gulf of Mexico.  An average tornado lasts only 10 minutes and travels up to 10 to 12 kilometers.
For a tornado to start, two air masses meet, the higher air mass extends over the lower air mass.
1. extend over so as to cover partly.
Below are diagrams of the air currents that contribute to tornado formation in Tornado Alley. 

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OAHSPE: God's Book of Ben PLATE 45. 
... And man saw that atmospherea turned the earth, and that the earth turned not atmospherea.
Main Entry: 1 orb.
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French orbe, from Latin orbis circle, disk, orb
Date: 15th century
1 : any of the concentric spheres in old astronomy surrounding the earth and carrying the celestial bodies in their revolutions.
Main Entry: 1 sphere.
Etymology: Middle English spere globe, celestial sphere, from Anglo-French espere, from Latin sphaera, from Greek sphaira, literally, ball; perhaps akin to Greek spairein to quiver -- more at SPURN
Date: 14th century
(2) : any of the concentric and eccentric revolving spherical transparent shells in which according to ancient astronomy stars, sun, planets, and moon are set.
Kepler's diagram of the celestial spheres, and of the spaces between them, following the opinion of Copernicus (Mysterium Cosmographicum, 2nd ed., 1621)
The celestial spheres, or celestial orbs, were the fundamental entities of the cosmological models developed by Plato, Eudoxus, Aristotle, Ptolemy, Copernicus and others. In these celestial models the apparent motions of the fixed stars and the planets are accounted for by treating them as embedded in rotating spheres made of an aetherial, transparent fifth element (quintessence), like jewels set in orbs. Since it was believed that the fixed stars did not change their positions relative to one another, it was argued that they must be on the surface of a single starry sphere.[1]
Oahspe in 1881 gave a much more accurate description and illustrations of the atmospheres and magneto-spheres of the sun and planets than the ancient and modern astronomers up to the space age.
Because its definition relates to the circle, π is found in many formulae in trigonometry and geometry, especially those concerning circles, ellipses, or spheres. It is also found in formulae from other branches of science, such as cosmology, number theory, statistics, fractals, thermodynamics, mechanics, and electromagnetism. The ubiquitous nature of π makes it one of the most widely known mathematical constants, both inside and outside the scientific community:
Pi has fascinated mathematicians because traditionally the circle represents the infinite, immeasurable, and even spiritual world while the square represents the manifest, measurable, and comprehensive world.
Brown, James Robert. 2008. Philosophy of Mathematics: A Contemporary Introduction to the World of Proofs and Pictures. 2nd ed. New York, NY: Routledge.
3. I am the living mathematics; ...
Oahspe Book of Saphah Tablet of Se'moin.
9. Eoih, the Creator, the Person Who moves the wind. The All Soul. The All Self. The Second Self, more subtle than the wind. It is the circumference of all; it extends from left to right,
π is commonly defined as the ratio of a circle's circumference C to its diameter d:[4] The ratio C/d is constant, regardless of the circle's size.
Oahspe Plate 47 - THE CYCLIC COIL:
Jehovih..He is the circle without beginning or end...
"The late physicist Carl Sagan, in his novel Contact, imagined a time when Earth scientists were sufficiently able to unravel enough of pi to find encoded messages from our creators..."
Converted into ASCII text, somewhere in that infinite string of digits is the name of every person you will ever love, the date, time and manner of your death, and the answers to all the great questions of the universe."
It allows you to search for both character strings and hexadecimal sequences. Note that this search engine only has indexed the first 4 billion decimals of pi, and uses a formula for arbitrarily positioned binary or hexadecimal digits after those indexed.
search string = "oahspe" 3892712685 / search string = "mcgill" 1966881328 = 1.97912941141
2 - 1.97912941141 = 0.02087058859 = a harmonic multiple within 0.09, as close as E of E-O-IH is to C2 fundamental note:
E = 587.33(D5) / 65.4064(C2) = 8.979 = 9.0 x multiple = harmonic = polarization (within .02).
IH = 329.628(E4) / 65.4064(C2) = 5.039 = 5.0 x multiple = Harmonic = polarization (within .03)
character pi    : zaqndui,wjzaojvgmcgille-mjucs,.pw,;opp
character string:                 mcgill
mcgille-mjucs = mcgill, michael james, university california southern or san diego.
The string 1963 occurs at position 4805.
48, 0, 5, 48 = Peace, 480 = Learning, 5 = balance (center between 0-10, 1-9),
48 peace ORACHNEBUAHGALAH, 480 learning ORACHNEBUAHGALAH, 0 = dan, 5 = balance
1963 = warm up-spike dan
1963 is at the center (5) of the 4th (4) 33 year cycle of Kosmon, between 1947 and 1980. 1947 + 1980 = 3927 / 2 = 1963.5 
1963 was the last year of peace before America’s entry into Vietnam War.
1964 = Gulf of Tonkin incident led to America’s entry into Vietnam War.
President John F. Kennedy:
Towards a Strategy of Peace, June 10, 1963
"The United States, as the world knows, will never start a war. We do not want a war. We do not now expect a war. This generation of Americans has already had enough - more than enough-of war and hate and oppression. We shall be prepared if others wish it. We shall be alert to try to stop it. But we shall also do our part to build a world of peace where the weak are safe and the strong are just."
The hippocampus is a critical brain structure involved in learning and memory.
(C;C) 3 Enhanced hippocampal volume
Cosmic Consciousness
DNA Awareness. - DNA Fusion [joining two or more things together to form a single entity]
ESP Precognition
Hedonic Passivity
The Adolescent
The Learning Child
The Toddler
The Newborn
search string = "tae"
search string found at binary index =  1250124588
search string = "mcgill" 1966881328
1966881328 / 1250124588 = 1.57334824615.
3.1415926 (Pi) / 1.57334824615 = 1.9967560314 
2 - 1.9967560314 = 0.0032439686 (within 0.003, a harmonic multiple or division)
Do π/2 = 90 and (pi)3.14/2 = 1.57 represent the same thing?
krishna-agrawala | College Teacher | (Level 3) Valedictorian
Posted on November 15, 2010 at 4:29 PM
The constant pi is a universal constant which represents the ratio of the lengths of circumference divided by diameter of any circle. The approximate value of pi 3.14. Thus:
(pi)/2 = 3.14/2 = 1.57.
So, yes, though pi is an approximation, 180/2 and pi/2 represent the same thing but in different terminology and with more or less approximation.
Definition of HARMONIC
1a : overtone; especially : one whose vibration frequency is an integral multiple of that of the fundamental.
A harmonic series is the sequence of all multiples of a base frequency.
The fourth harmonic vibrates at four times the frequency of the fundamental...
The harmonic series is an arithmetic series (1×f, 2×f, 3×f, 4×f, 5×f, ...). In terms of frequency (measured in cycles per second, or hertz (Hz) where f is the fundamental frequency),..
Harmonic series of a string with terms written as reciprocals (2/1 written as 1/2).
Harmonics of the approximation 
number of Pi:
2/1 = 6.28 (Tau)
1 = 3.14 (Pi)
1/2 = 1.57.
Image of Herb Gross in front of the chalkboard. 
About Professor Gross.
• From 1968 to 1973 he served as the Senior Lecturer at the M. I. T. Center for Advanced Engineering Study, during which time he developed the “Calculus Revisited” program, consisting of a series of 83 video taped lectures and 17 volumes of study guides.  To date, the program has been used by over 50,000 scientists, engineers and technicians on six continents to learn or to review the essentials of calculus.
Part I: Vector Arithmetic, Lec 3 | MIT Calculus Revisited: Multivariable Calculus.
Part I: Vector Arithmetic, Lecture 3: Three-Dimensional Vectors
Instructor: Herbert Gross
From 22 minutes 17 seconds into video to 23 minutes 52 seconds:
name-symbol vs concept, number vs numeral. The concept is real and constant. The symbol or name is not.
Oahspe God's Book of Ben: Chapter II:
23. God said: ...Thou knowest three times three are nine; and even this thou canst not prove but by symbols and images.
25. Man inquired: Where, then, is real knowledge possible to man? If my corporeal body and corporeal senses are evanescent and soon to fly away, how can I comprehend that which flieth not away, the spirit?
26. Yet I know a truth: I know that ten things are ten. This knowledge I can write down, and clearly teach to my brother. See, here are 10. This is exact science.
27. Esfoma said: Thou hast written but two strokes, and called them ten. Now, I will show thee ten. (Esfoma wrote: | | | | | | | | | | .) Yet, be not surprised, for now I will convict myself, also, inasmuch as I have deceived thee. I said I would show thee ten, and straightway, I made ten marks; but I should have written the word ten. Now, thou art wise! Nay, hear me further, for all I have spoken is false; for have I not tried to persuade thee that the one uttered word, TEN, was ten; wherefore, I should have uttered ten utterences. Thy supposed exact science is nothing, and thy supposed truth is only falsehood compounded and acquiesced in.
28. Jehovih said: Man's wisdom is but the experience of my creations, expressed to man's understanding in signs and symbols.
33. Man said: Why, then, if truth can not be found, and mathematics can not be proven but by things that are false in fact, I will search for goodness; I will shun sin. Is this not wise?
MIT OpenCourseware Physics:
Lec 18: Displacement Current and Synchronous Motors | 8.02 Electricity and Magnetism (Walter Lewin)
22 minutes and 35 seconds into Lecture Walter Lewin says:

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.”- Shakespeare

E-O-I = Vowels of Jehovih, Primary or first 3, Power, Light, and Peace, or Power, Harmony, and Balance = 9-8-5 = 9.85 (first 3 of Pi x first 3 of Pi), 22 (sum), 360 (product), 1600 (product / quotient) = circumference of a circle. 

Oahspe Book of Saphah 8. PAN said: The wind spake but was seen not. Asu was taught that Corpor, the Seen, was ruled over by Es, the Unseen. In the leaves the wind said Ee; in the ocean surge and in the storm's roar, Oh; and in the winter's whistle, Ih; and he called the Unseen, E, O, Ih; ... 


Oahspe Book of Saphah 8. PAN said:... In the leaves the wind said Ee;

Spectrogram of tree leaves rustling in the wind – an example ...

https://www.researchgate.net › figure › a-top-Spectrogram...

"We compared the noise attenuation capacity of sites typifying dominant land covers in southern Ontario, Canada (forest, tallgrass prairie, and agriculture) across three seasons (summer, fall, and winter). We found that total noise attenuation was affected by a complex interaction of both site and season across low (250 Hz), mid (500 Hz), and high (1000 Hz) frequency sound. Seasonal changes in vegetation density varied between sites and seemed to play only a partial role in total noise attenuation."


Oahspe Book of Saphah 8. PAN said: ...in the ocean surge and in the storm's roar, Oh; 

Hydroacoustic, Meteorologic and Seismic Observations of the ...

https://repository.library.noaa.gov › view › noaa


by RP Dziak · 2019 · Cited by 7 — waves. However, wind and wave generated ocean noise are typically in a much higher frequency band (∼50–500 Hz; Wenz,.

| Illustrations showing interpreted sequence of NIS fracture and ...

https://www.researchgate.net › figure › Illustrations-showi...

wind and wave generated ocean noise are typically in a much higher frequency band (∼50-500 Hz; Wenz, 1962).  

OAHSPE says for man to know of, and to desire to become attuned with the Almighty Creator, and live righteously, it does not matter through which name he strives. All names worshipful belong to JEHOVIH, whose person is the one Great Spirit. See BOOK OF DIVINITY I:36 and Book of Judgement Chapter III:10-12.
Oahspe Book of Judgement: Chapter III:
9. But whosoever, henceforth, heareth my word and the decree of my commandment, and continueth to make an idol of any name, save the Great Spirit, blasphemeth against his Creator.
12. And whoso calleth any name in any language that signifieth the Ever Present, the Creator, is not a blasphemer before me.
The name of the Creator is not important, it is the concept that is important. The mathematical concept (Sacred Geometry) of E-O-IH is:
E-O-IH = the first or primary 3-in-1 .
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter IX:
3. The same rule was applied by the ancient prophets in music, making three primary sounds, e, o, ih (the words of the wind).
"let the note C2 be the fundamental or first harmonic of a string"
C2 = 65.4064
E = 587.33(D5) / 65.4064(C2) = 8.979 = 9.0 x multiple = harmonic = polarization (within .02)
O = 523.251(C5) / 65.4064(C2) = 7.999 = 8.0 x multiple = Harmonic = polarization (exact)
IH = 329.628(E4) / 65.4064(C2) = 5.039 = 5.0 x multiple = Harmonic = polarization (within .03)
9x + 8x + 5x = 22 = heat/cold highest/lowest cycle average years
The number 22 is 7x Pi (3.14) the ratio of the circumference of a circle to it's diameter.
9 x 8 x 5 = 360 = degrees of a circle = circumference of a circle
3.14 (Pi) x 3.14 (Pi) = 9.85, circumference of a circle
E-O-IH, Jehovih = circumference of a circle, no beginning, no ending, infinite.
Oahspe Plate 47 - THE CYCLIC COIL:
Jehovih..He is the circle without beginning or end...
Oahspe Book of Saphah Tablet of Se'moin.
9. E‑O‑Ih, the Creator, the Person Who moves the wind. The All Soul. The All Self. The Second Self, more subtle than the wind. It is the circumference of all; it extends from left to right,
A diagram of a circle, with the width labeled as diameter, and the perimeter labeled as circumference
9-8-5 is associated with 4 circumference numbers:
1. 9+8+5 = 22, the circumference of a circle to Pi =22/7
2. 9x8x5 = 360, the circumference of a circle degrees
3. 3.14 (pi) x 3.14 = 9.8596 (first or primary 3 numbers is 9.85) = circumference of a circle number.
4. 9x8x5 = 360 divided by 9/8/5 (0.225) = 1600 circumference arc cycles of a C'vorkum circuit.
E-O-IH = 9x + 8x + 5x = 22 harmonic fundamental C2 note
The numbers of E-O-IH (The All-Person) = 9-8-5 containing two fibonnaci numbers in sequence (5, 8, 5 + 8 = 13).
13 / 8 = 1.625 approximation of Golden Ratio.
E-O-IH = 9-8-5 single digit numbers was discovered in 2013 (33rd year of Kosmon x 5 = 165) by converting the vowels E-O-I
into frequency (Hz cycles) numbers (by sound spectrograph) and dividing those numbers by the fundamental C2 musical
A vowel is a speech sound made by the vocal cords. It is also a type of letter in the alphabet.
A vowel sound comes from the lungs, through the vocal cords, and is not blocked, so there is no friction.
This contrasts with consonants, where there is a constriction or closure at some point along the vocal tract.
Elohim = l-h-m (consonants), E-O-I (vowels). Plural or singular = 3 attributes in One.
Jehovih or Yahweh:
I understand that the letter "J" is relatively new — perhaps 400–500 years old. But since there has long been important names that begin with J, such as Jesus, Joshua, Justinian, etc., and which predate the introduction of a special letter, does that mean that the "J" sound predated the letter, or were such famous names spelled and pronounced differently?
In the original languages (Latin, Greek, Hebrew) which provide us with the names Jesus, Joseph, Justinian, etc., the sound which we write as J was pronounced as the English letter Y. (Just to make things confusing for English speakers, the phonetic symbol for this sound is [j].) In Latin, the letter for this was I/i, in Greek it was Ι/ι (iota), and in Hebrew it was י (yod). Thus, the Greek spelling for "Jesus" was Ιησους, pronounced something like "Yeh-SOOS", and the Latin likewise was Iesus.
Subsequently, in the Latin alphabet the letter J was developed as a variant of I, and this distinction was later used to distinguish the consonantal "y" sound [j] from the vocalic "i" sound [i]. However, at about the same time there was a sound change in many of the languages of Western Europe, such that the "y" sound changed into a "j" sound ([dʒ], or sometimes [ʒ]). So we have it that in English, the letter J now represents a consonant [dʒ] which is not obviously similar to the vowel [i], despite the fact that they descend from the same letter and the same sound. (English also has many [dʒ] sounds spelled with J which come from native Germanic roots.)
You can see this history worked out differently in the spelling systems of German and many of the Slavic languages of Eastern Europe, where the letter J spells the "y" sound [j], and the letter Y, if used at all, is primarily used as a vowel.
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The first letter in the name Yeshua ("Jesus") is the yod. Yod represents the "Y" sound in Hebrew. Many names in the Bible that begin with yod are mispronounced by English speakers because the yod in these names was transliterated in English Bibles with the letter "J" rather than "Y". This came about because in early English the letter "J" was pronounced the way we pronounce "Y" today.
Question: So the verses below does not mean she is the Goddess of the current kosmon arc cycle because someone said it means a Goddess is in charge as oppose to a God.
Book of Es, Daughter of Jehovah 19:9-12
9. Behold, My etherean embassadress, Che'sivi'anathaotes, cometh in a sea of fire!
10. The ships of the etherean Goddess were seen descending from the higher heavens, coming as an open ring, to embrace the whole earth.
11. Again, the Voice spake out of the light, saying:
12. I know no distinctions of men, of races, or sects, or doctrines, or past revelations. All people are My people!
Answer: Right she is a Goddess in charge as oppose to a God of the current arc cycle.
The Goddess Che'sivi'anathaotes is to the God Ouranothen and the current Kosmon cycle what the Goddess Fiatisi was to the God Aph of the arc of Noe cycle .
Fiatisi a female was the highest ranking angel (Orian Chief) of the many angels that came to earth for the sinking of Pan (Whaga). Her name means a command or act of will that creates something without or as if without further effort (Websters 9th New Collegiate Dictionary - Fiat). Her resume included among many things; maker of corporeal roadways five hundred thousand years. She created the roadways or paths of travel of a corporeal world for 500,000 years. She had been a Goddess of 23 worlds. She probably sat on a Nirvanian Council. Fiatisi was ready to be promoted to the rank of Oe'tan, maker of worlds.
Oahspe, Book of Aph chapter 3:
31. So Fiatisi outranked all other Gods and Goddesses, and was special guest of honor to Aph, Chief over all the rest.
32. And the star that was Fiatisi's etherean ship was stationed near the earth, so that she could better oversee the deliverance of the spirits that were to be freed by the submersion of the land of Whaga [Pan]: 
Oahspe Book of SapHah SE'MOIN:
28. Gau, a measuring instrument; a plumb and level combined. Gau said: They gave my base a level, and the sights on the angle of the plumb-line were level also, and in the distance of Tek Gos (about twenty miles) discovered the rounded earth. By the Gau was the earth proven to be a globe.
Above on left is the Gau discovered in the Great Pyramid of Egypt and on the right the Oahspe Gau 
from Tablet of Ancient Egypt, Oahspe Book of Saphah: Aribania'hiayaustoy.

The following verse contains a description of the earth's shape:
"And the earth, moreover, Hath He made egg shaped." [Al-Qur'aan 79:30]
The Arabic word for egg here is dahaha, which means an ostritch-egg. The
shape of an ostritch-egg resembles the geo-spherical shape of the earth.
Thus the Qur'aan correctly describes the shape of the earth, though the
prevalent notion when the Qur'aan was revealed was that the earth is flat. - Page 103
of The Qur'an & Modern Science: Compatible or Incompatible? 2014 by Dr. Zakir Naik.

Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter I:
8. The greater diameter of the vortex is east and west; the lesser diameter north and south, with an inclination and oscillation relatively like the earth.
Measuring the Earth's Curvature Activity II:
"You may want to check that the pencil is completely vertical either by placing a carpenter's level on the board or by checking that both the top and bottom of the pencil are aligned with a weighted string or plumb bob."
Plumb bob is used for the temporary adjustment of the theodolite.The temporary adjustment of a theodolite are
Elimination of parallax.
Modern theodolites are now often digital and expensive, but the classic theodolite still works quite well for this purpose. A classic theodolite, like the Würdemann model seen above, consists of an adjustable base that you set to level with adjustment screws and spirit levels. You then use a telescope with a crosshair to sight the distant object (the horizon in our case) and then read off the angle of the telescope for the circular scale.
You can then measure the dip of the ocean horizon from various altitudes. While there's issues of visibility from waves (at very low altitudes) and haze (at higher altitudes), you should be able to get a good range of readings.
It struck me that while this is a great practical experiment to measure the curvature of the Earth (or simply to demonstrate that there is a curvature, for the Flat Earth folk) not many people have a theodolite.
Many people have a smart phone, and you can actually use a "theodolite" app to do simple measurements. Here's one I took from 36,000 feet showing the horizon dipping several degrees below level.

One of the best documented methods for determining the Earth’s roundness was first performed (to our knowledge) by the ancient Greeks. This was achieved by comparing the shadows of sticks in different locations. When the sun was directly overhead in one place, the stick there cast no shadow. At the same time in a city around 500 miles north, the stick there did cast a shadow.
Cast no shadow.
If the Earth were flat then both sticks should show the same shadow (or lack of) because they would be positioned at the same angle towards the sun. The ancient Greeks found the shadows were different because the Earth was curved and so the sticks were at different angles. They then used the difference in these angles to calculate the circumference of the Earth. They managed to get it to within 10% of the true value – not bad for around 250 BC.
Another piece of evidence for a globe is the difference between the night skies in the northern and southern hemispheres. The view is completely different because the Earth beneath you is pointing in a different direction. If the Earth were flat, the view should be the same. This can be made even easier by simply comparing when it is night and day in each country.
You can observe the planets as well. They all rotate, and watching over the course of a few days gives a clear picture they are spherical rather than flat. The chance that most of the planets are spherical but the Earth is flat seems very unlikely.
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter I:
2. The earth floateth in the midst of a vortex, the outer extremity of which is somewhat beyond the moon. The vortex is globular, corresponding to the form of the earth, with slight differences, which will be pointed out hereafter. Vortices are not all closed at the ends; some are open at both ends.
3. The vortex turneth the earth on its axis, with its own axial motion. Consequently the outer part of the vortex hath greater velocity than near the earth's surface, which hath an axial motion of one thousand miles an hour.
"One of the most prominent phenomena linked to this spherical shape of the earth, is that there are different places of sunrise and sunset for different zones of the globe. - page 103, The Qur'an & Modern Science: Compatible or Incompatible? 2014 Reinvented by Dr. Zakir Naik.
"As soon as sailing caught on, people noticed that when ships departed over the horizon, their hulls disappeared before their sails. This gave them the idea that the surface of the ocean was curved and that Earth was spherical, just as the Sun and Moon appeared to be."
"Eratosthenes obtained a much more accurate measurement over 2,200 years ago by making clever use of angles.
He knew that the Sun was straight overhead in the Egyptian city of Syene at noon on the summer solstice, but that it was 7.2 degrees south of straight overhead
in Alexandria, located 794 kilometers farther north. He therefore concluded that traveling 794  kilometers corresponded to going 7.2 degrees out of the 360 degrees
all around Earth's circumference, so that the  circumference must be about 794 km x 360°/7.2° = 39,700 km, which is remarkably close to  the modern value of 40,000 km
." - pages 21 and 22 of Our Mathematical Universe (2014) by By Max Tegmark.
What is the best evidence of the earth spherical shape?
The best evidence is a picture of Earth taken from space.
Shadow of the Earth on the Moon during eclipses was evidence for the Greek philosophers hundreds of years BC. Eratosthenes measured the circumference of the Earth hundreds of years BC as well. He did it by observing that at higher latitudes, the Sun appeared at a lower altitude in the sky, which is also evidence for the spherical shape of the Earth.
Flat Earth Society - Debunked.
About 71 percent of the Earth's surface is water-covered:
OAHSPE Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter I:
32. According to the vortexian currents, so are the winds (save as hereinafter mentioned),
and when these are discordant, small vortices ensue in the cloud regions, and each of these
small vortices formeth a drop of rain, which is an infinitesimal planet.

Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter I:
28. Cast water on a dusty floor and the drops of water will assume globular forms, being coated with dust. For convenience sake it is said that the globular form is natural to a liquid, and it is called the globular power. But it is nevertheless caused by a power external to itself. Approach one of the drops of water, which lieth coated with dust, with a piece of cloth, and instantly the globe of water breaketh and climbeth up into the cloth. This is erroneously called capillary attraction. But in fact the water had no attraction for the cloth, nor the cloth for the water. The power which accomplished this was external to both, and was the same in kind as the vortexya that brought the earth to its centre and maintained it therein.
Water droplets take the globular or spherical form:
Other spherical heavenly bodies in the solar system:
Why do we see the Sun set? We see the Sun approach and pass below the horizon. For this to happen on a flat Earth, the Sun would have to actually pass below the plane of the Earth for us to see it pass below the horizon. But this isn't what the theory says. If the Sun actually were like a giant flashlight, and if we were about to pass outside of its light, it should appear to grow dimmer and eventually wink out somewhere in the sky. But this doesn't happen.
When watching a sunset/sunrise, the sun doesn't disappear by getting smaller and smaller, which would be the case if it was simply getting farther away.
You can see its shape very clearly sinking below the horizon. The sun does not simply fade away. The sun sets.. the sun does NOT get smaller as it gets farther away.. we don't watch the suns circumference become smaller as it goes below the horizon.. we see it being cut off from view as the earth spins..How can something so high as the sun appear to dip below the horizon. Another clue that the earth is a sphere is the fact that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west as the earth makes its daily rotation..
Why a sunset (as we see it) is not possible on a Flat Earth!
Day/night cycle on a Flat Earth
An animation of the day/night cycle in FET (flat earth theory).
Sunrise and sunset basic perspective:
Notice how the lights above get smaller as they recede toward the horizon.
"A flock of birds, when passing over a flat or marshy country, always appears to descend as it recedes" -Dr. Samuel Rowbotham, “Earth Not a Globe, 2nd Edition” (85)
But a flock of birds gets smaller as it moves towards the horizon, the sun does not.

The Sun, about a minute before sunset. Portugal, October 2007.
Time lapse photos of the sun overhead and at sunset, the size of the sun remains the same.
Some of these Flat Earth believers get there information from a literal interpretation of the Bible.
They believe there is a conspiracy to witholding the truth. Flat Earthers who do not follow the Bible believe the Ancients got it right, and modern science has it wrong.
The Bible (Old and New Testament) was written 2,000 or 3,000 years ago and was written for that time, like an elementary school book was written for elementary children. The Bible (the Torah, the Tanakh, and the Greek New Testament) was written for the Iron Age.
Mankind is like children, you don't teach a child in elementary school college courses, 3rd grade teachings are good for 3rd grade, but university teachings are not good for 3rd graders.
OAHSPE is a college Bible for man of this modern Atomic/Space and Information Age with new revelations to mankind on earth.
Does Isaiah 40:22 really say that Earth is Round?  The Earth is a flat circle?!
The Bible claims that Earth has four ends and four corners.  Nobody can ever think a ball or a cycle to have corners and ends!  Only flat items can have corners and ends, and this is exactly what the bible is trying to express regarding the shape of the earth.
The Iberian Peninsula at night, showing Spain and Portugal. Madrid is the bright spot just above the center.
Blue Marble composite images generated by NASA in 2001 (left) and 2002 (right).

So why are there no REAL photos of the Earth?

One common argument used by flat earthers is that there are no real photos of the earth. Interestingly, despite being

so sure of this "fact", they never quite explain why is this so, as it is an argument from incredulity. This is simply not true,

there are many photos of the earth including photos which predate the equipment required to create fake images .[13]


Two of the oldest Indian meditations are centered on the sounds “ahhh” and “ohhhm.” The “ahhh” meditation is done in the morning, and is meant to bring about the things you want to manifest in the physical world. The “ohhhm” is said in the evening, to balance the energies within you and between you and the universe. When you put these two sounds together, interestingly, you have the same sound pattern found in the Hebrew word shalom (shahhhlohhhm”), which means “peace,” “hello,” “good-bye,” and so much more. This is a perfect example of the mysteries that lie behind even the simplest things such as words and letters.
Ah = earth (Pan language), Oh = sky (Panic language). O-AH-SPe = Sky-Earth-Spirit.
Ah = physical world, Oh = the universe (the great firmament).
Below Oahspe Plate 63 - TREE OF LANGUAGE.-- Panic trunk one, China branch two, India branch 3-4, Semitic 5, American Indian 6, Europe 7, etc...

E-O-IH = 9-8-5. Ah = earth or beast 6 = 66, or 666 (THz)
According to Oahspe red = 99, blue = 33, violet = 66,
Violet Frequency  790–666 THz
violet 455 - 390, 659 - 769
666 THz = Violet = color of the Beast
Thz = terahertz (THz) = vibrational frequency
Oh = 8, Ah = 6, 8 x 6 = 48 peace on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate = Shalom which means “peace,”.
48 = peace = 1896 = 1st modern Olympics, uniting for peace, symbol of peace
1848 + 48 = 1896, shortest war in recorded history (Anglo-Zanzibar War, 1896) = 48 peace
48 peace is between man blue (33) and beast violet (66 war), 33 + 66 = 99 / 2 = 49.5
33/99 = .333, 66/99 = .666, 48/99 = .48,
1848 + 33 = 1881(Man, Newbrough, Tae), 1848 + 66 = 1914 (Beast, War, Kaiser Wilhelm II).
Man's behavior inclining to one (33) or the other (66), and they correspond to the vortexian currents of the earth (heat and cold).

Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter VIII:
7. Consequently the two most important periods for the prophet's consideration come within thirty-three and sixty-six, or, as they of old said, man and beast. In which measure man is divided into two parts (man and beast), and there is ever a percentage in his behavior inclining to one or the other, and they correspond to the vortexian currents of the earth.
Color Wavelength Frequency Prophetic Number
red 780 - 622, 384 - 482 = 99, 100, 0.0
orange 622 - 597, 482 - 503 = 5.5
yellow 597 - 577, 503 - 520 = 11
green  577 - 492  520 - 610 = 22
blue 492 - 455, 610 - 659  = 33
violet 455 - 390, 659 - 769 = 66
666 THz = Violet = color of the Beast
Thz = terahertz (THz) = vibrational frequency
White light is a mixture of the colors of the visible spectra.

Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter IX: 2. As previously shown, colors are not substances or things in fact, but records of currents of vortexya, and are in proportion to their deviation from linear to adverse parallelism. These fall under the divisor, or multiple, 3 (primaries), yellow, blue and red, corresponding to the times, 11, 33, 99, and so on.
3. I am the living mathematics;

100 = I'hin = Red
83.33 = I'huan Red-violet
66.66 = Ghan = Violet
50 = Kosmon = Green
33.33 = Mongrel = Blue
16.66 = Druk = Yellow-Green
0.00 = Asu = Red-Orange

Above is a list of a electromagnetic color pendulum of corporeal human races mentioned in Oahspe, from the extreme on each side, to the balance in the center with prophetic numbers of the vortex. Kosmon (50) is the center (green) and balance between the physical (corpor) and spiritual (ethe), the modern and future Cosmic race. Yaks are not listed because they were a evolutionary dead end (cross between Druks and Asuans) and were not used to advance mankind.
Scion Image may be used to capture, display, analyze, enhance, measure, annotate, and output image.
Scion Image - Open - choose high contrast low brightness UFO picture - Options - Color Tables - 32 Colors - color table goes from red at bottom to orange, yellow, green, blue, to violet at top (visible electromagnetic spectrum from lowest frequency to highest frequency).
The Scion image color table matches the Hertzsprung–Russell diagram for stars' absolute magnitudes or luminosities versus their spectral classifications or effective temperatures.
About the UFO (craft) in the May, 24, 1959 photo below:
Type: Otevan
Power Plant:  Toroidal (vortex) plasma-based propulsion system.
Oahspe - Book of Fragapatti, Son of Jehovih: Chapter IX:
3. Go build me an avalanza ...capable of descent and ascent, and east and west and north and south motion, and
prepare it with a magnet, that it may face to the north, whilst traveling.
Oahspe - Book of Fragapatti, Son of Jehovih: Chapter XVII:
2. Ctu, saying: I see thou hast thy ship ballasted with a north magnet?
Toroidal magnetic confinement fusion’ is the advanced technology that is the main approach for European fusion research.


Computer software seperates light into various Ångström units or nanometers and frequency f:
"Can pick up light in different harmonics ...the power source of the craft" - Wendelle C. Stevens, June 27, 1993.
Light as a Wave (II) Wavelengths of light are measured in units of nanometers (nm) or Ångström (Å): 1 nm = 10 -9 m 1 Å = 10 -10 m = 0.1 nm Visible light has wavelengths between 4000 Å and 7000 Å (= 400 – 700 nm).
frequency f. f = c/ c = 300,000 km/s = 3*10 8 m/s f and are related through Unit of frequency: 1 Hz (“Hertz”) = 1/s.
"frequencies and their associated wave patterns are referred to as harmonics".
"Then he received some information regarding their space-craft which was said to have two shells, the inner shell to protect the crew from the activities of the craft including much radiation emanating from the propulsion system located within the outer shell. There was a tremendous energy field around the craft which would dissolve anything aimed at it. The materials used to build their space-craft are very different from those manufactured on Earth. " Article Three (3) - The Jim Velasques Abduction Story, Messengers of Peace - Our Contact with Star Beings, February 26, 2014 by Russell Symonds (Yogi Shaktivirya).
"much radiation emanating from the propulsion system located within the outer shell" = violet spectral luminosity around
the hull (bottom) of UFO.
"much radiation" = heat or ionizing radiation.
Shielding. Finally, if the source is too intensive and time or distance do not provide sufficient radiation protection, the shielding must be used. Radiation shielding usually consist of barriers of lead, concrete or water. There are many many materials, which can be used for radiation shielding,...
"inner shell to protect the crew" = materials, which can be used for radiation shielding,
"materials used to build their space-craft are very different from those manufactured on Earth". 
Illustration below shows internal shape and location of UFO (flying saucer) propulsion system (power source of the craft).
m ~ n means the quantities m and n have the same order of magnitude, or general size.
Vast Amounts of Energy
The Seattle area uses about 100 times the energy used by the Port Angeles
, WA area:
100 x 100,000,000 watts = 10,000,000,000 watts =10 gigawatts

uploading images

         power beam
screenshot tool

Spectral analysis luminosity heat magnitude UFO
screenshot windows 7

Ethereans_JPG.jpg<-----original black and white polaroid photo May, 24, 1959.
color determination from bw photo?
Colors are made up of 3 parts:
Brightness or Luminance (you have that in a black and white photo).
Saturation (you have that in a black and white photo).
Luminosity Based Black and White Conversion Methods
Luminosity methods work best on images that have plenty of contrast, or images with little or no color to begin with.
In addition to visible light, all films are sensitive to ultraviolet, X-rays and high-energy particles.
The glow / luminescence in various colours around the UFO:
Also of interest is Hill's analysis of the spectra and intensity of an apparent plasma sheath surrounding such craft...for example, a blue shift and intensity increase during a "power-up" phase, and the opposite during hover and landing maneuvers.
Color Wavelength Frequency .
red 780 - 622 nm, 384 - 482
orange 622 - 597 nm, 482 - 503 Thz
yellow 597 - 577 nm, 503 - 520 Thz
green  577 - 492 nm,  520 - 610 Thz
blue 492 - 455 nm, 610 - 659  Thz
violet 455 - 390 nm, 659 - 769 Thz
Thz = terahertz (THz) = vibrational frequency.
White light is a mixture of the colors of the visible spectra.
Absolute magnitude (also known as absolute visual magnitude when measured in the standard V photometric band) is the measure of a celestial object's intrinsic brightness. It is the apparent magnitude an object would have if it were at a standard luminosity distance (10 parsecs, or 32.6).
The lower (more negative) an object's absolute magnitude, the higher its luminosity.
three higher than Fragapatti" = more negative an object's absolute magnitude, the higher its luminosity. -7 = 3 higher than -4. (positive 7 would be lower than 4).
"of the seventh magnitude of light" = Ctu's ship of Oahspe Bk of Fragapatti XVII:1
"absolute visible magnitude of about −6.6"  = Hercules dwarf spheroidal galaxy
-6.6 rounded off to nearest whole number = 7 (seventh magnitude of light)
Ackerman UFO had a absolute visible magnitude of about - 2, or - 2.5 (outer energy field), and about - 5 (interior central bottom luminosity) close to Fragapatti's ship.
three higher than Fragapatti = 3 magnitudes higher in luminosity = 3 ranks higher (see Angels and universe structure page/chapter of this website).
Fragapatti was a God of a planet or arc cycle or a Orion Chief, three higher than Fragapatti would be next, a Nirvanian; next, an Oe'tan, and then to travel (as Eons) in the surveys of magnitudes.
Ctu was a Traveler with a ship of a thousand million [billion] explorers from the north regions, a thousand times farther than the north star. Ctu had five hundred thousand years more journey yet before him. Ctu had already traveled 434,000 light-years distance from the Hercules Dwarf Galaxy to earth.

e·on: an indefinite and very long period of time,[such as to travel for five hundred thousand or a million years].


As mentioned above, the scale appears to work 'in reverse', with objects with a negative magnitude being brighter than those with a positive magnitude. The 'larger' the negative value, the brighter.


Objects appearing farther to the left on this line are brighter, while objects appearing farther to the right are dimmer. Thus zero appears in the middle, with the brightest objects on the far left, and the dimmest objects on the far right. 


The magnitude of light of the ship was a manifestation of the light of Ctu and his angels:
OAHSPE: Book of Apollo CHAPTER X:
9. ...the whole adavaysit was like a crystal ship within a globe of phosphorescent light; and yet, in fact, the ship was the true light, and the angels the light of that light, whilst the photosphere was really the shell of darkness made reflective.

According to witnesses who were in attendance at Giant Rock:
They said a friend who was up on Spy Mountain next to and above Giant Rock had some film emulsion melted due to the heat from the force-field of the space-craft.
Source: Giant Rock: A commemorative by Robert Short. 


Below is a Scion Image 32 colors (color table matches the Hertzsprung–Russell diagram) of a photograph of a nuclear bomb fireball. The luminosity of a nuclear bomb fireball is converted to 32 colors. The violet color is the highest luminosity, highest absolute magnitude (- 10), highest temperature on chart (50,000 Kelvin plus) and the highest vibrational frequency and energy. The temperature at the center of a nuke (at the core of the explosion) is always between 50 and 150 million degrees Fahrenheit and any person around the point of which the bomb was detonated, would literally be instantly vaporized to nothing. The plasma around an etherean fire-ship operating at it's highest energy level will have the luminosity of the center of a nuclear fireball and the spectral class of an O-type main-sequence star (star-ship).
The original picture below the Scion Image false colors is a photograph showing a red and white fireball, and there is a black and white photo version (from which the Scion Image 32 colors was applied to).
Luminosity methods work best on Black and White photos.
Nuclear fireball in slow motion
Figure 7. An H-R Diagram highlighting the luminosity vs. temperature ranges for stars. 

fireball Scion image 32 colors
how to screenshot on windows 7

Fireball original and black and white
free pic

HR Diagram luminosity temperature
image search

Threshold contrast saucer shaped glowing undersi
image sharing sites

Above are images of UFOs including the 1959 Ackerman Giant Rock photograph and the artwork of angelic UFOs (solid metallic crafts) with a reddish brighter glowing underside than the top half of the bluish craft. Images are filtered by Scion Image processing software.
A common appearance of genuine UFOs from eye witnesses is the brighter underside. The underside of UFO glows brighter than the top half of the UFO. This is also the case with the Ackerman glowing image as can be clearly seen by the Scion Image Threshold computer operation. Lens flares and solar reflections don't have a brighter underside than the top half.
Descriptions of some reported UFOs:
"glowing areas appear ...around the underside of this oval craft"
"a strange sphere with a glowing underside"
"UFO ...glowing from its underside"
"UFO ...its underside glowing"
"UFO ...along its underside there was a bluish glow"
Thresholding an image is the process of making all pixels above a certain threshold level white, others black.
threshold <----Figure 4.1. threshold
The brighter glowing saucer shaped underside (bottom) of the UFOs can be clearly seen in the Scion Image Threshold filter operations.
Below are original images of UFOs that are filtered above by Scion Image processing software showing the 1959 Giant Rock UFO had a brighter glowing underside and a classic saucer shape with a v shaped hull (not a curved convex shape). The underisde is glowing brighter because that is the location of the power plant that generates a glowing energy field and is the source of propulsion and a bright downward light beam.

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Post by webolife » Sat Nov 03, 2012 5:52 pm:
Oahspe's "light needles" definitely have many of the same properties as centropic pressure vectors.
Their orientation with respect to the center, as well as other geometric aspects, their instantaneous effect across space, the understanding of heat as vector [needle] density approaching a center... who is this Oahspe?
Post by Sparky » Sun Nov 04, 2012 11:33 am:
A 19th century hoax.. :?
Post by Lloyd » Sun Nov 04, 2012 6:33 pm:
Yeah, Oahspe seems to make a lot of false claims. I used to think it was probably mostly correct information until about 1995, by which time I wasn't finding much verification for any of it. So since that time I got the impression that it's mostly false, but I don't care about how much of it is false. If any of it actually makes some sense, then I'm willing to investigate those parts. I guess you could say that Oahspe is something like the Book of Mormon, but a lot more interesting and much more humanitarian. It's a spiritualist book, but it has a lot of stuff that seems scientific, as well as historical and mythological. I eventually decided that its history and mythology seem to be false, but I was less sure about its astronomy and physics (not that I'm totally sure about the former). I began to regard catastrophists, like Cardona, as much more likely to be correct.
post by webolife » Sun Jun 14, 2015 10:21 pm
As a matter of pressure, I believe that light and gravity are both manifestations of centropic vectors, ie. directed toward their polity center. Light in my view is directed toward the source, the centroid of its field, as a sink, just as gravity is directed toward its centroid as a sink. However there is a reciprocal relation in light as its field is potential energy, which increases away from the source/centroid, and its motive pressure which is toward the sink. So electrical potential is another manifestation, as well as the fundamentally electrostatic nuclear force.
Vision in this view is the result of intercepting a centrally directed vector "pushing" against the back of the retina [a rod or cone] in the direction of the light source.
Truth extends beyond the border of self-limiting science. Free discourse among opposing viewpoints draws the open-minded away from the darkness of inevitable bias and nearer to the light of universal reality.
Oahspe's "light needles" sounds very similar to the rods of eyes
plural noun: rods
1. a thin straight bar, especially of wood or metal.
Rod: A type of specialized light-sensitive cell (photoreceptor) in the retina of the eye that provides side vision and the ability to see objects in dim light (night vision).
1. a small, slender, rodlike instrument,...


8. Where se'mu was quickened into life in lighter times, it focalized toward the light, and this focus was called an eye. And such as were thus quickened into life, and not attached to the earth by fibers or roots, were called animals. And the LIFE they inherited gave power unto them, to go about from place to place. So great are the powers of the eyes of some animals that they can see and distinguish in the darkest of nights. Such eyes are absorbents of vortexya, and they shine in the dark.
The eyes of some animals appear to shine in the dark. This is due to the tapetum lucidum, a layer of material that helps animals see in the dark—like cats.
Why Do Some Animals' Eyes Shine In The Dark?​
The tapetum lucidum is a retroreflector of the transparent sphere type. Because it is a retroreflector, it reflects light directly back along the light path. This serves to match the original and reflected light, thus maintaining the sharpness and contrast of the image on the retina. The tapetum lucidum reflects with constructive interference,[5]thus increasing the quantity of light passing through the retina. In the cat, the tapetum lucidum increases the sensitivity of the cat's vision by 44%, allowing the cat to see light that is invisible to human eyes.[12].

Do Cats and Dogs See Ghosts? - Unexplained Mysteries 

By what mechanism could an animal see a ghost that we would not be able to see? Their eyes work in the same manner as ours. The notable difference is the tapetum lucidum in nocturnal animals. It's the reflective "mirror" that allows better low- light vision.
Walter Russell had a fully functional EU long before Wal.
Includes interviews with the principal figures in Electric Universe research, including Wal Thornhill, Don Scott, David Tabott, Rens van der Sluijs, and Mel
Wal Thornhill “We live in an electric world ...
It is now a century since the Norwegian genius Kristian Birkeland proved that the phenomenal ‘northern lights’ or aurora borealis is an earthly connection with the electrical Sun. Later, Hannes Alfvén the Swedish Nobel Prize winning physicist, with a background in electrical engineering and experience of the northern lights, drew the solar circuit. It is no coincidence that Scandinavian scientists led the way in showing that we live in an Electric Universe.
Kristian Olaf Bernhard Birkeland (13 December 1867 – 15 June 1917) was a Norwegian scientist. He is best remembered as the person whose theories of atmospheric electric currents elucidated the nature of the Aurora borealis. In order to fund his research on the aurorae, he invented the electromagnetic cannon and the Birkeland-Eyde process of fixing nitrogen from the air. Birkeland was nominated for the Nobel Prize seven times.[1][2].
Birkeland proposed in 1908 in his book The Norwegian Aurora Polaris Expedition 1902–1903[6] that polar electric currents, today referred to as auroral electrojets, were connected to a system of currents that flowed along geomagnetic field lines into and away from the polar region. Such field-aligned currents are known today as Birkeland currents in his honour. He provided a diagram of field-aligned currents in the book, and this diagram is reproduced on the back of the Norwegian 200 kroner banknote in the lower right corner, and his terrella experiment is shown on the front at the left with a portrait of Birkeland on the right. The book on the 1902–1903 expedition contains chapters on magnetic storms on the Earth and their relationship to the Sun, the origin of the Sun itself, Halley's comet, and the rings of Saturn.
Birkeland's vision of what are now known as Birkeland currents became the source of a controversy that continued for over half a century, because their existence could not be confirmed from ground-based measurements alone. His theory was disputed and ridiculed at the time as a fringe theory by mainstream scientists,[1][7] most notoriously by the eminent British geophysicist and mathematician Sydney Chapman who argued the mainstream view that currents could not cross the vacuum of space and therefore the currents had to be generated by the Earth. Birkeland's theory of the aurora continued to be dismissed by mainstream astrophysicists after his death in 1917.
Birkeland's theory of the aurora was eventually confirmed, a classic example of a fringe theory, ridiculed by scientists supporting the then mainstream, that has come to be accepted as a mainstream theory.
Norwegian scientist Kristian Birkeland is known as the person responsible for explaining the natural phenomenon Aurora Borealis in great detail. He accomplished this by inventing two other scientific feats that were ahead of their time – the Birkeland-Eyde process and the electromagnetic cannon.

It was not until 1967, long after Birkeland’s death in 1917, that his theories were finally proven to be correct. A US Navy satellite, the 1963-38c, observed magnetic disturbances every time it passed the high-latitude areas of the earth as recorded by the magnetometer that it had onboard. Initially, they were dismissed as mere hydromagnetic waves. It wasn’t until these disturbances were further analyzed that they realized that these were in fact the currents that Birkeland claimed to exist half a century ago.
Scientists discovered after 1958 that in conjunction with the solar wind, the earth's magnetosphere acted as a electric generator to produce the polar lights, and the polar lights were not produced by the Sun. OAHSPE GOD'S BOOK OF BEN Plate 45 gave this knowledge to man: Jehovih said: In times past, man beheld the sun, saying...light and heat comes from the sun. Jehovih said: I will put a sign in the firmament, and no man shall gainsay the work of My hand. And above the earth, to the north and south, He placed polar lights, that man might bear witness that light depended not on corporea [The Sun] and had no part therewith". OAHSPE correctly had the solution to the polar lights mystery in 1881 more than 77 years before mainstream scientists of EARTH confirmed it, and 17 years BEFORE Norwegian scientist Kristian Birkeland proposed it. OAHSPE TRULY had knowledge NOT OF THE EARTH, but of the SKY and SPIRIT. AMAZING!
35....But that which is called light is polarity of corporeal needles in solution, caused by the lines of vortexya.
Oahspe BOOK OF COSMOGONY CHAPTER 1 verses 34, 35 says As the lines of vortexya are in currents from the outer toward the interior, so do solutions of corpor take the shape of needles, in the master, pointing toward the centre, which condition of things is called LIGHT; and when these needles approach the centre, or even the photosphere, the actinic force thereof is called HEAT.

Above plate from Oahspe illustrating solar system currents crossing the so-called (by earth man) vacuum of space. In 1908 (before the discovery of the Solar Wind) mainstream physicists view was that currents could not cross the vacuum of space to the Earth.
In 1881 (long before the discovery of the Solar Wind) Oahspe correctly and clearly described and illustrated in drawings by John Ballou Newbrough that currents could cross the vacuum of space to the the Earth.
...a stream of ionized particles called the solar wind that affects the Earth and other planets in the solar system. The solar wind, which carries the particles from the sun’s magnetic field, known as the interplanetary magnetic field, takes about three or four days to reach the Earth. When the charged electrical particles approach the Earth, they carve out a highly magnetized region — the magnetosphere — which surrounds and protects the Earth.
Charged particles carry currents, which cause significant modifications in the Earth’s magnetosphere.
...there is a transfer of energy from the solar wind to the particles in the magnetosphere.
a stream of ionized particles translated into laymen’s common sense language = AN ELECTRICAL CURRENT.
Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter IV:
1. When the infant is young, My Light is its first knowledge, saith Jehovih.
2. It seeth Me and heareth Me; and it seeth and heareth My angels.
3. By the pressure of My Light upon its corporeal eyes and ears, it learneth to see and hear corporeally.
4. This is the beginning of two senses, which I created to grow parallel to each other, and equal in strength.
5. But the infant, being in the corporeal world, heedeth more the things that appeal to the corporeal senses than such as appeal to the spiritual senses.
6. So that one person groweth up, forgetting Me and My angels. He is a skeptic.
7. But another person groweth up, remembering Me, and My angels. He is a believer.
9. Jehovih saith: ...
22. One man [or child] is sensitive, as a plate for a picture, and he catcheth My Light instantly,...
Infants can see pretty far into the ultraviolet, because the transparent parts of their eyes have done so little yellowing with age
Because the lens of a child is so transparent, it does not filter the ultraviolet ....
At birth, the lens of the human eye is almost 95 percent transparent and remains quite clear for the first decade of life. As the crystalline lens gradually loses transparency and begins to yellow, the amount of UV penetrating the lens decreases. By age 25, less than 20 percent of UV rays reach the retina.
Lens Transparency by Age:
Birth 95%
6 Months 80%
8 Years 75%
25 Years 20%
The secret behind the feline vision "superpower" is ultraviolet light (UV) detection. A new paper, published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, found that cats, dogs and certain other animals see this form of light that is usually invisible to humans.
A house cat's bizarre antics may be more than just feline folly. The kitty may be seeing things that human eyes can't.
Unlike humans, many animals see in ultraviolet, and a study now suggests that cats, dogs and other mammals can, too. Knowing these animals see things invisible to humans could shed some light on the animals' behavior, the researchers say.
"Nobody ever thought these animals could see in ultraviolet, but in fact, they do," said study leader Ron Douglas, a biologist at City University London, in England.
The team found that many of the animals, including hedgehogs, dogs, cats, ferrets and okapis (relatives of giraffes that live in the central African rainforest), have lenses that allow some ultraviolet light through, suggesting these animals may see in the ultraviolet.
Rose Coveney · Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY
Mostly I have had cats and it has always been very obvious that they can see both sides of the door. They will be running and suddenly jump over something that is not visible to me. Or I see them following something with their eyes. I had a dog who was not only following something with her eyes that was not physically there but she was barking at it. That particular time I saw it too, it was the spirit of my Siamese cat that had passed a month before. All animals are amazing teachers if you take the time to understand them.
Thoi Huynh · Cal Poly Pomona
I don't know about Cat .....but Dog can see a spirit (ghost).
Above: Deer looking at little Indian girl ghost-angel
A NEW WAY to capture ghosts on camera.
I heard it stated that Mediums can see spirits, ghosts, light anomalies etc…because they can see the faster, higher plains. To use an analogy: Imagine looking at a person riding his or her bicycle past you very fast. When you look at the bicycle’s wheels you can not see the spokes because they are spinning too fast! Only when they slow down and finally stop can you see the spokes that hold the axle and rim together and actually make the wheel what it is. With this example in mind: The reason Mediums can see the spirit world but we cannot…is because they can see the ‘faster’ plains of life that the rest of us cannot…at least this is what they tell us.
Just outside of the ‘Visible Light’ spectrum lies (at the less energetic/ longer wavelength end) infrared, then radio waves etc…But! At the other more energetic and higher energy end Ultra-Violet light, then X-Ray, then Gamma/ Cosmos…This is when the pieces came together. I realised when sat watching these paranormal investigation programs that my wife and I love that they always film at night in their ‘supposedly’ haunted locations with infrared!!! Isn’t it obvious to them? They are searching for paranormal manifestations and trying to capture evidence at the wrong end of the spectrum. They should be looking at the higher ‘faster’ end of the spectrum. That is…within the 3 Ultra-Violet spectrums.
These are UVA, UVB and UVC. For practical purposes I realise the most accessible area to observe would be UVA; the part that lies between 400nm and 315nm respectively. The reason being it is the least harmful.

5. For the substance of My etherean worlds [spirit-worlds] I created Ethe [ether], the MOST RARIFIED. Out of ethe made I them.
Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter 8:
1. To ethe [ether] give motion one hundred, or ninety-nine (as the case may be); to corpor give zero, that is, no motion (of itself).
"motion one hundred, or ninety-nine" = the higher ‘faster’ end of the spectrum  = ultraviolet light +
Faster motion, higher frequencies from - Infrared >> to >> Ultraviolet +
V = 300 GHz
V = 576 Thz
V = 30,000 Thz
Electromagnetic Spectrum = vortexian cycles.
Color Wavelength Frequency .
Infrared 1,000,000 - 780 nm, 300 GHz - 384 Thz
red 780 - 622 nm, 384 - 482 Thz
orange 622 - 597 nm, 482 - 503 Thz
yellow 597 - 577 nm, 503 - 520 Thz
green  577 - 492 nm,  520 - 610 Thz
blue 492 - 455 nm, 610 - 659  Thz
violet 455 - 390 nm, 659 - 769 Thz
Ultraviolet 390 - 10 nm, 769 - 30,000 Thz
Thz = terahertz (THz) = vibrational frequency.
1 THz = 1,000,000,000,000 Hz per second, 1 Terahertz = one trillion Hertz.
White light is a mixture of the colors of the visible spectra.
Particular thickening molecular resumed exclusive UV band (300-320 nm) with a multispectral camera with a bandpass filter. The photo shows what is presumed to be the genesis of an apparitional phenomenon, which arises and is therefore initially only visible in this frequency.
Same photo after adjusting the light and color balance.
Same photo after adjusting the light and color balance.
I recently set my Infrared lights aside that I generally use with my full spectrum Nikon while doing paranormal investigations. The reason for this was so I could experiment with ultraviolet light. Well I basically purchased a couple of 4 inch battery operated black lights that work in the 365nm range. I then stopped by a local cemetery to snap a few dozen pictures to see how it worked. The first thing I noticed is that I need much stronger light than what these lights were supplying but even at that I captured the amazing ghostly figure that you see below [above]. The second photo is the original photo where you can faintly see the ghostly figure on the left side of the picture. This photo was taken at the old Odd Fellows Cemetery near Woodlawn, IL.
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter IX:
6. If one instrument in a same room be played upon, and other instruments in the same room be in tune therewith, the currents of vortexya will cause the others to give off sounds faintly. If said instruments be connected by wood fibres, the sounds will be louder. If the person in reverie holdeth the hands of others in the room, the same current will run through the whole. Hence music is the greatest of all harmonizers.
The Science of Sound and Musical Instruments.
But the string can also vibrate without being struck because anything vibrating near it at the same rate, as its own natural vibration rate will set a string into motion. This action is called sympathetic vibration.
In the atmosphere vibrations of one object at its natural frequency produce vibrations in another object with the same natural frequency. This phenomenon is called sympathetic resonance.
Sympathetic resonance or sympathetic vibration is a harmonic phenomenon wherein a formerly passive string or vibratory body responds to external vibrations to which it has a harmonic likeness. The classic example is demonstrated with two similar tuning-forks of which one is mounted on a wooden box.
If the other one is struck and then placed on the box, then muted, the un-struck mounted fork will be heard. In similar fashion, strings will respond to the external vibrations of a tuning-fork when sufficient harmonic relations exist between the respective vibratory modes. A unison or octave will provoke the largest response as there is maximum likeness in vibratory motion. Other links through shared resonances occur at the fifth and, though with much less effect, at the major third. The principle of sympathetic resonance has been applied in musical instruments from many cultures and times. Apart from the basic principle at work on instruments with many undamped strings, such as harps, guitars and pianos with the dampers raised, other instruments are fitted with extra choirs of sympathetic strings, which respond with a silvery halo to the tones played on the main strings.
From 40 seconds to 48 seconds into video below the physics teacher says "tuning forks mounted on wooden boxes, the boxes amplify the sound and make the demo loud enough for students to hear".
Sympathetic Tuning Forks
Watch as physics teacher Robert Douglas discusses resonate frequencies, demonstrating the sympathetic tuning forks. This set includes two C Note 256 Hz tuning forks, one fixed and one adjustable, each mounted on a wooden resonance box and a mallet. Match the frequencies to show sympathetic resonance. Move the slider to create a slight frequency difference, and demonstrate beats that the whole class can hear!

Figure 10.01 - Tuning Forks in Sympathy - As one vibrates so does the other.
PowerPedia:Sympathetic Vibratory Physics

"My system, in every part and detail, both in the developing of this power and in every branch of its utilization, is based and founded on sympathetic vibration. In no other way would it be possible to awaken or develop this force, and equally impossible would it be to operate my engine upon any other principle." John Keely

"The science of the future will be based on Sympathetic Vibrations." Rudolph Steiner, 1913

"The sympathetic vibratory force discovered by Keely will be quite sufficient to make him the greatest discoverer of this age." H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, 1888

"Mr. Keely has demonstrated he has discovered a vibratory force previously unknown to science.. which, when applied to machinery, must supersede all ordinary appliances." Prof. Joseph Leidy, Md, 1890

"The fact remains that Mr. Keely is able to demonstrate the existence of a stupendous power which has never yet been satisfactorily accounted for by any old and well recognized force." Henry Hudson, The Scientific Arena, 1887

Sympathetic vibratory physics builds primarily upon the work and principles of

OAHSPE: Book of Cpenta-Armij CHAPTER II:
19. By music alone, some their ships propelled, the vibratory chords affording power sufficient in such high-skilled hands, and the tunes changing according to the regions traversed.

UV photography Ghost face cementary threshold im
free photo upload

Above UV photograph of a ghostly image (outside of the human visual range) at a cemetery. Image is enhanced by threshold image processing operation. Can you see a human face, forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, chin in the photograph? A human baby, dogs, cats and other animals can see much farther into the Ultra-violet spectrum than an adult human. A human baby receives 95% of ultraviolet light into the lens of their eyes, and an adult human blocks out 80% of Ultra-violet light from entering the lens of his/her eyes. Dogs and Cats receive 100% of ultraviolet light into the lens of their eyes.
Immediately after birth, nearly all UV light is transmitted through the lens to the retina of the infant's eye because an infant's lenses have not begun the critical development necessary to block UV Light.
During childhood, the lens transmittance decreases as the child's eyes further develop and by the age of 25, the lens absorbs almost all the UV light.
Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter IV:
1. When the infant is young, My Light is its first knowledge, saith Jehovih.
My Light = ultraviolet and full spectrum light.
Children who die in infancy are taken to Yaton'te to learn, just as orphan children are brought to Shalam (the father's kingdom on earth) to learn.
ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate of Oahspe 200 learning = 1848 + 200 = 2048 = knowledge, education, learning, = establishing the College of Prophecy (also known as the Children's Home, or a family, colony, commune or community of Faithists = an Academy or Etherean Community on earth = Jehovih's Kingdom will be established spontaneously, beginning in this land [U.S.A].
Oahspe Book of Inspiration Chapter XVI:
1. AS Jehovih, through His God, pulled aside the veil of heaven, saying:
2. Let My angels forth; together shall converse the living and the dead.
3. So sanctified He the day when the angels of heaven were made known to mortals. (March 31, 1848.)
Hydesville events[edit]
In 1848, the two younger sisters – Kate (age 12) and Margaret (age 15) – were living in a house in Hydesville, New York with their parents. Hydesville no longer exists but was a hamlet that was part of the township of Arcadia in Wayne County, New York just outside of Newark.[5][6] The house had some reputation for being haunted, but it wasn't until late March that the family began to be frightened by unexplained sounds that at times sounded like knocking and at other times like the moving of furniture.
In 1888, Margaret told her story of the origins of the mysterious "rappings":[7]
"When we went to bed at night we used to tie an apple to a string and move the string up and down, causing the apple to bump on the floor, or we would drop the apple on the floor, making a strange noise every time it would rebound. Mother listened to this for a time. She would not understand it and did not suspect us as being capable of a trick because we were so young."
During the night of March 31, Kate challenged the invisible noisemaker, presumed to be a "spirit", to repeat the snaps of her fingers. "It" did.[8]
University Press. pp. 1-17. ISBN 978-1-108-02748-9
8. Doyle, Arthur Conan. (1926). The History of Spiritualism. Cassell And Company Ltd. pp. 56-85
History of Modern Spiritualism
Modern Spiritualism dates from 1848 when the Fox sisters of Hydesville New York produced knocking sounds that were alleged to be spirit messages from a spirit.
Plate 48.--ORACHNEBUAHGALAH (prophetic numbers, word associated, dates, events)
ORACHNEBUAHGALAH Table (list) of historical manifestations related to plate 48 of Oahspe.
0 = faith = 1848 = dawn of dan (Kosmon), spiritualism religious movement began in 1848.
And Other Early Investigators of Ghostly Phenomena
There is no doubt that the practice and faith of Spiritualism literally created the need for paranormal investigation. It would be because of the claims of the Spiritualists, about their contact with the spirits of the dead, that the need for scientific investigation of such claims would come about. Spiritualism not only created celebrities in the form of the mediums who profited from it, but it also made legends of the men who came along to question their claims. They were men like Houdini and Harry Price, who were hated by the Spiritualists for their debunking of the fraudulent mediums. These men did not investigate the Spiritualists because of their lack of belief in the possibility of ghosts, but because of the need to question the evidence that was being presented. Their scientific investigations would set the standard for ghost hunters to come and would establish the need to question the evidence of ghosts, ruling out all of the possible explanations for the activity before accepting the idea that the phenomena could be real.
Oahspe - Book of Lika, Son of Jehovih: Chapter XXI
1. JEHOVIH had said: All angels below the first resurrection, save infants, shall be known in heaven and on earth as drujas, for they are such as have not capacity in knowledge or strength of individuality.
2. As there are on earth paupers and vagrants and beggars and criminals who are druks, so are there, in hada, spirits that are a great trial to both mortals and angels.
3. And they inhabit mortals and the houses that mortals dwell in. Some mortals have one or two of them; some a score; and some have hundreds of them. Some of them continue to inhabit mortal dwellings long after mortals have abandoned them, even till they fall in ruins. And whoso cometh into such house, the drujas come upon him to live on him and with him.

UV apparition photo threshold
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UV apparition photo spectrum
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UV apparition photo 32 colors
print screen

Above UV band (300-320 nm) photo shows what is presumed to be the genesis of an apparitional phenomenon, which arises and is therefore initially only visible in this frequency (999-936 Thz).
Near ultraviolet (300–400 nm) Visible to birds, insects and fish.
OAHSPE: Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter X:
3. These creatures 
[birds, the ant and the bee etc..] ...by the direct action of vortexian currents [UV light waves] upon them. They feel [or see] what is approaching, BECAUSE THE UNSEEN CAUSE [UV light waves] IS ALREADY UPON THEM.
People cannot perceive UV directly since the lens of the human eye blocks most radiation in the wavelength range of 300–400 nm; shorter wavelengths are blocked by the cornea.[13] Nevertheless, the photoreceptors of the retina are sensitive to near-UV, and people lacking a lens (a condition known as aphakia) perceive near-UV as whitish-blue or whitish-violet.[14][15]
With Scoin Image computer program picture enhancement technology (threshold, color spectrum and 32 false colors) the apparaitional phenomena appears to be of a human torso with arms, hands, fingers, hips, waist, chest, and shoulders).
  1. a ghost or ghostlike image of a person.
  2. synonyms: ghostphantomspecterspiritwraithMore
Ghost Adventures Season 10 Episode 6 Sallie House
Ghost Adventures travel to Kansas to explore the violent spirits dwelling inside the Sallie House.
Check out the below video from 32 to 39 minutes into video:

Ghost Adventures Season 10 Episode 8 Apache Junction

And the Spiritual man which never dies. And the spiritual man can discern spiritual things, and recognize the spirits of the dead."
Asha said: "How shall I prove that these are not mere illusion, images produced by the power of your mind?"
I'hua'Mazasa said: "You can neither prove nor disprove. There are millions of souls in heaven that are even in the same doubt as you
are now, not knowing that they themselves are dead. This is especially so of those killed in war, and in unbelief of spirit life." - page 22 of DARKNESS, DAWN, AND DESTINY, 1965 (DRAWN FROM OAHSPE) by AUGUSTINE CAHILL.
An earthbound spirit is a human spirit that has not properly passed over.  They have not gone onto the next level, the light, heaven, whatever you choose to call it.  They remain behind, here on earth, and they account for many ghost sightings and haunted places.
Some spirits remain at or near the site of their death, especially if it was sudden and unexpected.  They remain confused and don't know or accept that they have died.  These spirits remain in the area and try to make contact with anyone that passes by that is sensitive to spirits.  This type of spirit can be found almost anywhere a death has occurred.
http://theshadowlands.net/ghost/stay.htm (by Dave Juliano).
An earthbound spirit, for those who never watched the Ghost Whisperer, is the spirit of someone whose physical body has died, but the real them—the spiritual part—continues to hang around. There are a number of reasons why a spirit does not cross over when the physical body dies.
Some of the most common reasons spirits are earthbound and haven’t gone into the light are:
    Sudden death
    Deep regret
    Fear of hell
Sudden Death
     How could anyone possibly not realize they are dead?
If I were sitting with you, chatting, and suddenly keeled over dead, you would know instantly something was wrong. I however, would not. I just step out of my body. I might be confused and wonder why you were so upset, but things wouldn’t seem that different to me.
This happens with sudden death. There is no time to know you are getting ready to leave your body. You just depart. The experience could be dramatic for those watching, but not necessarily for those who have left this life.
Yes, you hear reports from those who have had near death experiences, but the majority of people who clinically died don’t report the tunnel and white light.
Evidently, because there are so many souls wandering this earth after their bodies die, not everyone sees the light beckoning them home … as I like to call it.
My experience with those who are unaware they no longer have bodies, has often been filled with a conversation attempting to “prove” to them they no longer possess bodies. I always keep a small mirror handy in my office. I show the being my reflection, and when they fail to see their own, they usually grasp reality.
by Cathy Chapman, Ph.D. a psychotherapist since 1976

Spirits Who Don't Know They Are Dead | The New Era Times

Oahspe Book of God's Word: Chapter VII:
1....the soul of So-qi came and appeared before Asha.
5. Then spake Zarathustra, saying: To-morrow night shalt thou again sit with me. Now, on the next night, twenty other spirits of the dead appeared and spake face to face with the king. But yet he believed not.
6. I'hua'Mazda said: Thy generations, O king, have been long bred in unbelief in spirit, and unbelief is so entailed upon thee that evidence is worthless before thee.

Photographic evidence of ghosts.
"an apparition of a dead person which is believed to appear or become manifest to the living"
This photograph of the Combermere Abbey library was taken in 1891 by Sybell Corbet. The figure of a man can faintly be seen sitting in the chair to the left. His head, collar and right arm on the armrest are clearly discernable. It is believed to be the ghost of Lord Combermere.
Lord Combermere died in 1891, having been struck and killed by a horse-drawn carriage. At the time Sybell Corbet took the above photo, Combermere's funeral was taking place some four miles away
. The photographic exposure, Corbet recorded, took about an hour. It is thought by some that during that time a servant might have come into the room and sat briefly in the chair, creating the transparent image. This idea was refuted by members of the household, however, testifying that all were attending Lord Combermere's funeral.
He [Sir William Barrett, an investigator for the Society of Psychical Research] later learned that the image did not resemble any of the servants in the house and that all of the male servants had been away attending their master’s funeral anyway.  He confessed to being perplexed and the photograph remains mysterious today.
This intriguing photo, taken in 1919, was first published in 1975 by Sir Victor Goddard, a retired R.A.F. officer. The photo is a group portrait of Goddard's squadron, which had served in World War I at the HMS Daedalus training facility. An extra ghostly face appears in the photo. In back of the airman positioned on the top row, fourth from the left, can clearly be seen the face of another man. It is said to be the face of Freddy Jackson, an air mechanic who had been accidentally killed by an airplane propeller two days earlier. His funeral had taken place on the day this photograph was snapped. Members of the squadron easily recognized the face as Jackson's. It has been suggested that Jackson, unaware of his death, decided to show up for the group photo.
There really was a Freddie Jackson in the RAF whose personal details parallel elements of the Goddard/Capel story.
Here is a detail of his death record. Registry number 591269 records the death of a George Frederick Jackson, who had worked in the R.A.F. Aeroplane Repair Section. He died on April 13, 1918 at the 3rd Northern General Hospital in Sheffield.
"I suspect this ghost-photo story has still got wings, and I’ll update with further developments." - Blake Smith the producer and host of an official podcast of Skeptic magazine.

Rev. Ralph Hardy, a retired clergyman from White Rock, British Columbia, took this now-famous photograph in 1966. He intended merely to photograph the elegant spiral staircase, known as the "Tulip Staircase", in the Queen's House section of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England. Upon development, however, the photo revealed a shrouded figure climbing the stairs, seeming to hold the railing with both hands. Experts, including some from Kodak, who examined the original negative concluded that it had not been tampered with. It's been said that unexplained figures have been seen on occasion in the vicinity of the staircase, and unexplained footsteps have also been heard.
The Hardy’s didn't discover the figures (if you look closely, there are actually two figures) until they were back in Canada. They turned the original negative over the England's Ghost Club, along with the negatives for the pictures before and after it on the roll. The Ghost Club sent them to Kodak laboratories for analysis and the experts who examined them pronounced them to be not tampered with and said the only explanation for the figures had to be that there was someone or something on the stairs. The photo has been examined many times over the years, but thus far, has withstood all allegations of fraud.
This photo was taken during an investigation of Bachelor's Grove cemetery near Chicago by the Ghost Research Society (GRS). On August 10, 1991, several members of of the GRS were at the cemetery, a small, abandoned graveyard on the edge of the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve, near the suburb of Midlothian, Illinois. Reputed to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in the U.S., Bachelor's Grove has been the site of well over 100 different reports of strange phenomena, including apparitions, unexplained sights and sounds, and even glowing balls of light.
GRS member Mari Huff was taking black and white photos with a high-speed infrared camera in an area where the group had experienced some anomalies with their ghost-hunting equipment. The cemetery was empty, except for the GRS members. When developed, this image emerged: what looks like a lonely-looking young woman dressed in white sitting on a tombstone. Parts of her body are partially transparent and the style of the dress seems to be out of date.
It is considered one of the top ten ghost photos of all time.

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(Oahspe God's Book of Eskra 14:4-6) Know then, O Thoanactus, thou shalt go down to the earth, to the land of Chine'ya, and by inspiration bring forth a birth, capable of the All Voice, but not capable of su'is. And thou shalt accomplish this service so that he shall be born into the mortal world at the time a'ji ceaseth to fall upon that land
Kong Qui, better known as Confucius, was born in 551 B.C. in the Lu state of China.
551 B.C. = warm (dan) year period (1000 year dan 552 B.C).
551 B.C. a warm dan year after a cold a'ji period lasting from 571 B.C. to 555 B.C.
According to Oahspe Loo'is angels stay with a family line (breeding program) for 6 generations [one Dan] for new light (the goal child is born on the 7th generation).  Page 40 of the Hidden Prophet by Susan Martinez. 7 in the Bible is symbolic of completion.
6 generations = 33.33 x 6 = 200 years (dan).
1730 = Back to the time of the founding fathers of United States.
1730, the end of one previous breeding program by the Loo'is.
Thomas Paine born 1737, died 1809.
Loo'is angels worked for 200 years from the time of the early 1500s (the time of spanish and portugese exploration to the new world) to the time of one generation plus before the American Revolution and the founding of the United States.
This period of time produced Paine, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Caroll, Hancock and Washington.
The next 200 year time period went from 1730-1763 to 1947-1980 (99-100 years wave after Kosmon and Oahspe).
Paine, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Caroll, Hancock and Washington = founding of the U.S. republic established.
Those born between 1947-1980 = founding of Shalom, the Father's Kingdom on earth established by the 200 dan (2048).
"Cosmic dust (a'ji) will cease to fall in 1947-1948, and the earth will pass into the light of the Kosmon era.
The Kosmon race will then begin to appear, the result of the amalgamation on the American continent of all the races." - page 161 of SEVEN YEARS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD, 1941-1948 (1940) by Wing Anderson.
The 1st 33 year cycle of Kosmon = 1848-1881, 2nd 33 year cycle = 1881-1914, 3rd 33 year cycle = 1914-1947, 4th 33 year cycle = 1947-1980 = (Kosmon amalgamation race will then begin to appear) = Generation X. 
A'ji (Gau), semi-dark. There are places in the firmament of heaven...Arji (Poit). When the earth passeth through A'ji (Panic), it aggregateth and groweth. An abundance of Dar'ji in the firmament giveth a cold year upon the earth.
Years when (a'ji) ceased to fall in 1947-1980:
Years when a'ji ceaseth to fall upon the earth since 1947 to 1980:
Number of cyclic rhythmic major warm up-spikes in vortexian energy since 1947 to 1980:
1947 = 23 = 1947 UFO wave, THE SECRET OF LIGHT_ 1947 BY Walter Russell 
1957-1959 = 25 = Jim Velasques and Ethereans (division of 100 ethe)
1963 = 27 = fractal of Cevorkum (2727 light-years). Brian Greene born, widely recognized for groundbreaking discoveries in superstring theory. Pi (π) ratio year of Kosmon tuff (circle) cycle.
1969 = 29 = First Man to Walk on the Moon, first Internet message was sent from computer
1973 = 30 = 1973 high-point in galactic cosmic radiation
Warm (Dan) years since 1947 to 1980:
Warm (Dan) years since 1980 to 2013 (no long down-spikes):
Matter takes the form of needles in its most infinitesimal sub-atomic state, Light is a condition of those needles being polarized within the Master vortex. Polarized means the needles are in harmony lined up in the same direction.
lined up in the same direction = single direction = harmony = polarized = light
OAHSPE: Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter IX:
5. ...The vortexian currents in that case pass through him uninterruptedly.[harmony, light, polarized].
7. The true prophet is such as hath attained concordance.
concordant a disposition = ecstasy = no adverse effect (Jim Velasques - Etherealization).
Try to get into a state of universal ecstasy or inner joyousness, which is a state of consciousness like unto the God-Mind.
In that manner, you become transformed from man as an individual unit of mankind, and become all Soul the universal Soul. In that manner you make the transition from the state of sensing some things materially to knowing all things cosmically. - Walter Russell, The Message of the Divine Iliad, Vol. II, pp 207-208).
Things don't have an adverse effect upon you = You don't create an adverse effect.
Page 230 YOUR MYSTERIOUS POWERS OF ESP by Harold Sherman, Gertrude Milton Walcher
Her cosmic-consciousness experience took place on March 29, 1947...I sat down at the dining-room table to study, but hardly got seated when the room seemed to be filled with the most magnificent yellow light...
In all probabability, my entire body was in a state of light...
◄ Matthew 6:22 ► of the Bible:◄ Matthew 6:22 ► of the Bible:
King James Bible
"The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light."
concordance = harmony = light= polarized in one direction (needles of the vortexian current not in chaos as they pass through your body).
thine eye be single = polarized in one direction =  vortexian needles pointing in the same direction = harmony = Oneness (single).
whole body shall be full of light = needles of the vortexian current not in chaos as they pass through your body (physical and spiritual). 
whole body shall be full of light = vortexian currents in that case pass through him uninterruptedly.
uninterruptedly = NOT DISTURBED IN POLARITY.
DARKNESS, when the needles of atmospherean substance are DISTURBED IN POLARITY,...
discordant in his disposition = needles are DISTURBED IN POLARITY = DARKNESS
discordant in his disposition = create an adverse effect = being the adverse effect of his own creation (responsible).
9. ...The sight of the eye is a miniature sun, sending forth and receiving vortexian power at the same time.
10. Since, then, the eye of man can go forth with intelligent power, controlling things ...an All Seeing Eye is the Cause and Creator of the whole universe,
The sight of the eye = a miniature Master vortex
The sight of the eye = mental causative pictures (Jim Velasques - Etherealization).
All Seeing Eye is the Cause and Creator of the whole universe = Creative causative mental pictures
"At some point you are going to have to let go and let God"
"At some point you are going to have to learn how to create the effect you want to experience."
At some point you are going to have to learn how not to be the adverse effect through the science of etherealization.
Learn the modern version of the ancient science of Etherealization that was taught to Jim Velasques by the Ethereans in 1959 (Gow 111).
This science (Etherealization) was passed on to Studyofoahspe.com author by Jim Velasques in 1980, 1994, and 2004-2006.
Just as Oahspe was not transmitted through Dr. Newbrough's mind, Etherealization (which was taught to Jim Velasques by the Ethereans) teaches you how not to get answers from your mental data.
For more on Ethereans, Etherean ships, and Etherealization click on link below:
Learn more at etherealization.com

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