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"...out of his world-wide travels he returned with the solid, practical conviction of the brotherhood of man. Many subscribe to this theory, but to John Newbrough it was a conviction, and he practiced it to the extent that the blackest negro was as much his brother as the fairest Anglo-Saxon; ...Page 126 of SEVEN YEARS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD, 1941 - 1948 (1940) by Wing Anderson.

Masonic Racism in Oahspe?
Angels mating with physical humans?
Whites from I'hins?
Blacks from A'su?

On this webpage I will address the Youtube video above.

Oahspe Book Of Jehovih Chapter VI:
3. I spake in the firmament, and My voice reached to the uttermost places....
Behold! A new world have I created; come ye and enjoy it. Yea, ye shall learn from it how it was with other worlds in ages past.

It is often assumed by readers of Oahspe that because Oahspe says the I'hins were white and yellow that they were white people or Caucasians and because Oahspe says the Druks (75% A'su) were brown and black they were black people or Negroes. The highest Image software recognition (with mathematical algorithms) matches to the original I'hin of Oahspe (drawn by Newbrough under angelic control) are between 81% and 85% and include people of caucasian, african-american, and east-asian ancestry, and the highest facial recognition matches to A'su (from 81% to 84%) are of nordic and northwestern european ancestry.
The I'hins not only got their short height but also got their light skin color from their parents who had died in infancy. Infants, fetus, newborn babies have lighter skin because in the womb there is darkness and no exposure to radiation.
9. Why is a fetus’s eye color usually blue at week 32 post-fertilization, regardless of the permanent color? Eye color is usually blue because pigmentation is not fully developed until the eyes receive light exposure.
Even the light colored eyes of the I'hins were a result of the fetal/infant state their parents had died in on other corporeal worlds.
According to Oahspe these were the angels who were tempted and bred with the first race of humans to produce the short people called the I'hins.
The angels who had died in infancy or fetal state on other copreal worlds were more likely to have very light skin color, with silky and often lightly-colored straight hair, and eye color usually blue.
Notice the lanugo (downy hair) on the 24 week fetus below: 
Pygmies are born covered with a thick lanugo, or fetal hair, which is usually blond to reddish,
and when retained in adults turns dark brown.
OAHSPE: Book of Judgment XXXII:
6. ..Half the people, born into the world, including still-births and abortions, die in infancy. Therefore, there are a thousand million angel infants fetaled ...
7. These angels never obtain objective knowledge of the corporeal earth, but are compelled to learn subjectively earthly things through mortals ...
"die in infancyincludes still-births and abortions = angel fetus, prenatal 
Pygmies’ heads are usually oval to globular, like those of infants ...
Main article: San people
Tobias said that there are "infantile" features in the cranial morphology of Bushmen.[57]
Oahspe Book of Jehovih: Chapter VI
14. There alighted upon the new earth millions of angels from heaven; but many of them
had never fulfilled a corporeal life, having died in infancy
, and these angels comprehended
not procreation nor corporeal life.
17. And I said: Go ye forth and partake of all that is on the earth; but partake ye not
of the tree of life, lest in that labor ye become procreators and as if dead to the
heavens whence ye came.
18. But those who had never learned corporeal things, being imperfect in wisdom,
comprehended not Jehovih's words, and they dwelt with the Asuans, and were tempted,
and partook of the fruit of the tree of life; and lo and behold they saw their own nakedness.
And there was born of the first race (Asu) a new race called man
; and Jehovih took the
earth out of the travail of se'mu and the angels gave up their corporeal bodies.

Genetic evidence for origins.

African pygmy populations are genetically diverse and extremely divergent from all other human populations, suggesting they have an ancient indigenous lineage. Their uniparental markers represent the second-most ancient divergence right after those typically found in Khoisan peoples..[19]-

Pygmy peoples - Wikipedia

Oahspe First Book of the First Lords: Chapter II:
4. The I'hins were white and yellow, but the Druks were brown and black; the I'hins were small and slender, but the Druks were tall and stout.
OAHSPE: The Lords' Fifth Book Chapter III: 4. Of all colors (black, white, yellow, copper, red and brown) were the tribes of Ham; nevertheless, they were I'hins (Faithists), having flat nails and short arms, and of such as desired to acquire knowledge.

The white and yellow skin color of most I'hins in Oahspe may be due to the underdeveloped "infancy genes" that the I'hins inherited from their Angel parents who had died in infancy on other corporeal worlds, this may also explain their fine straight hair. This may also explain the yellowish brown skin of some pygmy tribes and their usually blond to reddish lanugo, a fine, downy hair found on infants. Many bi-racial kids are very fair, have very light skin color at birth but they darken in skin tone every year. Some bi-racial children are as white as could be when born, but grew darker as time went on.  As for hair, many bi-racial children are born with straight hair, but as they reached puberty, their hair was really tightly curled.

Oahspe - The Lord's Fifth Book: Chapter V:
12. ...their children became I'huans also, neither having the silken hair ...of the I'hins,...
Melanesians got their blonde hair from the I'hins who were white and yellow. Melanesian blond hair has been traced to an allele of TYRP1 unique to these people, and is not the same gene that causes blond hair in Caucasians.
Fetal Development: Baby's Hair ...
In fact, all babies — no matter your ethnicity — sport the same thin, silky and often lightly-colored hair at birth, called vellus.

For the results below I used profile (side-view) pictures with little or no external images:
Above is the highest picture similarity match to the original I'hin in Oahspe, 84.88% by a white (caucasian) man.
The above result is equivalent to identical twins face matching 84% on Pictrieve:
Below is the 4th highest picture similarity match to the original I'hin in Oahspe, 81.59% by a white man.
Above African-American man with dreadlocks has the second highest similarity match (83.87%) to Original I'hin.
African-American girl above has the third highest similarity match (82.47%) to Original I'hin.
African-Americans and White Caucasians are equally represented in the top 4 similarity matches to the original I'hin.
White Caucasians finished 1st and 4th (1+4=5). African-Americans finished 2nd and 3rd (2+3 = 5).
Both White Caucasians and African-Americans top 2 similarity matches to original I'hin average (rounded off to nearest whole number) 83%.

Below Nordic and Northwestern European is the highest match to A'su:
Above Asu face recognition 84% and 81% to Nordic and Northwestern European and 73% and 72% to African
Loango (western Congo) and African Pygmy.

50 seconds into video above it says:
Angels Mating with Mortals so Whites are Descended from I'hins while Blacks are from Druks?
1 minute 12 seconds into video it says:
The argumentative proofs AGAINST angels-primates cross-breeding are along these six lines of reasoning:
(1) The geological time scale of primates that could have resembled Oahspean races does not correspond at all with that of Oahspe's.
The geological time scale above does not correspond with that of Oahspe's but genetic analysis below does correspond with a close approximation to the Oahspe story.
OAHSPE: Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy V:
21. By reversing these measurements, find the axial decrease of the earth in seventy-eight thousand years, which will be just one hundred minutes, or 3-340ths of a second annually, which is the earth's decline in speed. For which reason the first of the race of man on earth began about seventy-eight thousand years B.K.[B.K. = Before Kosmon, 78,000 years before 1848].
From David Garcia in Germany June 13, 2018:
I found an interesting article:
"Most Species Young" Study Makes Biologists Tear Their Hair Out.
“The study's most startling result, perhaps, is that nine out of 10 species on Earth today,
including humans, came into being 100,000 to 200,000 years ago.”

The fossil record based on stratigraphic position shows Ardipithecus ramidus existed 55 times longer ago than Oahspe says A'su or Adam existed. The genetic analysis indicates hominids have been around for only 2.5 to only 1.25 times longer than Oahspe says A'su or Adam existed which if that is true, is a close approximation to the Oahspe story of the timeline of the origin of man on earth.
1 minute 33 seconds into the video it says:
(2) No fossils of these Oahspe races, though supposedly numbering in the millions, have ever been found.
Ardipithecus ramidus fossils, Australopithecus fossils, Homo erectus fossils, and Homo florensis fossils have been found.
Oahspe's drawings of the races have been called "stylized" rather than realistic but even so they are still relatively realistic when compared to anatomical reconstruction art of fossil human ancestors (see below).
58% match or similarity is considered close enough (see above) by Microsoft's TwinsOrNot.
Measured similarity between Ardipithecus ramidus and Asu pictures 60.74% (very high):
John Ballou Newbrough's drawing of Asu man looks highly accurate when compared to Ardipithecus ramidus.
Above is a comparison of A'su upright next to Ardipithecus ramidus.
One Oahspe skeptic claimed A'su looked literally like tree.
Notice above when Asu is compared to trees the similarity score is much lower (34.84%).
When I compared the drawing of Asu to the drawing of the TREE OF LANGUAGE the similarity score was only 26.68%.
Ardipithecus ramidus, unlike Australopithecus afarensis, ...has an opposable big toe — rather like a thumb on the foot — that would have allowed the species to grasp branches while climbing.
Ardipithecus ramidus
Key physical features.
they had grasping abducted toe characteristic of gorillas and chimps
Above and below: much magnified and contrast enhancement view of Asu's feet and toes show an opposable
large curved big toe which would help Asu grip tree limbs.
Ardi - human origins
Ardi had an opposable large toe ...
Whereas Lucy had feet much like ours Ardi's foot had a long, curved big toe that would help her grip tree limbs but the other four toes were stiffer and flat which would have been helpful for walking on two legs.

Measured similarity between Homo floresiensis (female) and I'hin (male) pictures 59.72% (60% very high).
John Ballou Newbrough's drawing of I'hin looks highly accurate when compared to Homo-floresiensis.
60.74% and 59.72% similarity are equivalent to 62% and 59% similarity on pictrieve.
58% is close enough (family look-alikes) on twins-or-not:
Notice above the orthographic projection lines from fossil anatomical reconstruction of Homo floresiensis to Newbrough's Oahspe drawing of an I'hin and the matching symmetry of middle calf muscle, knee, hand, bottom and middle of buttocks, elbow and lower back-top of buttocks, nipple-chest peak, top of shoulder-bottom of neck. Below head and neck of both original I'hin and Homo foresiensis match an extremely high 73.65%.
Above is a face to face head to head comparison of forensic reconstruction of Homo floresiensis
and I'hin (drawn by Newbrough) with 9 matching projection lines.

Homo floresiensis ("Flores Man"; nicknamed "hobbit"[2]) is an extinct species in the genus Homo.

The remains of an individual who would have stood about 1.1 m (3 ft 7 in) in height were discovered in 2003 at Liang Bua on the island of Flores in Indonesia.

This hominin had originally been considered remarkable for its survival until relatively recent times, only 12,000 years ago.[7] However, more extensive stratigraphic and chronological work has pushed the dating of the most recent evidence of its existence back to 50,000 years ago.[8][9][10] The Homo floresiensis skeletal material is now dated from 60,000 to 100,000 years ago;  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homo_floresiensis

The fossils of H. floresiensis date to between about 100,000 and 60,000 years ago.
H. floresiensis individuals stood approximately 3 feet 6 inches tall,
Year of Discovery: 2003

An arm bone, from a deeper level and dating to about 74,000 years old, is provisionally assigned to H. floresiensis.
The dating of Homo floresiensis fossils date to between 100,000 and 60,000 years ago with An arm bone dating to about 74,000 years old. The Oahspe dates for the origin of the I'hin race is about 73,000 years ago.
The geological time scale of Homo floresiensis (which resembled the Oahspean I'hin race) does correspond with that of Oahspe and Oahspe had this information 122 years BEFORE Homo floresiensis was first discovered.
Notice above the facial match of a Batwa pygmy of Uganda (on the left) with the
original I'hin (middle) and the Congo pygmy (on the right). Notice the same facial
and head proportions and symmetry with the same mid-forehead indentation
The Batwa, also known as Twa,...one of the first homo sapiens in the world with Kalahari San people.
In the most likely scenario, a small group of short people split off from nonpygmy populations between 50,000 and 90,000 years ago. The founding group of pygmy ancestors ...
Pygmy populations date back to between 50,000 and 90,000 years ago this corresponds with Homo floresiensis fossils dating back to between about 100,000 and 60,000 years ago
which agrees with the time scale of the I'hins according to Oahspe. 100k and 60k average 80,000. 50k and 90k average 70,000. Both 70,000 and 80,000 are very close to the 72,000 years origin time of the I'hins according to Oahspe.
Measured similarity between Homo erectus and Yak man pictures 60.07% (very high) below.
John Ballou Newbrough's drawing of a Yak looks highly accurate when compared to Homo erectus.
Homo erectus. Image from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.
Above is a orthographic projection of Smithsonian Homo erectus forensic facial reconstruct and Yak drawing by John Ballou Newbrough in Oahspe showing very similar match.
Above comparison of the skulls of Modern Man (Homo Sapiens) and Homo erectus and the head shapes
of the Oahspean races of Yak and I'huan. Modern human (Homo sapiens sapiens) corresponds to the
I'huan-Ghan skull-head structure type of Oahspe such as the rounded skull with high cranial
vault, and lacking the sloping forehead, and occipital bun (prominent bulge or projection of the
occipital bone at the back of the skull) outlined in red above. The primitive Druk-Yak skull-head
structure type
of Oahspe corresponds to the Homo erectus skull-head structure type (low cranial vault,
sloping forehead, and occipital bun) outlined in green above
Notice above the difference in John Ballou Newbrough's drawing of the jaw of the I'huan and the jaw of the Yak.
The jaw of the I'huan (outlined in red) is angled going down from the back to the front, matching the skull of a modern man (Homo sapiens).
The jaw of the Yak (outlined in green) is straight from the back to the front, level, matching the skull of a early hominid (Australopithecus or Homo erectus).
Above a very high (61.96%) similarity match of the Yak (from the knee up) to an Australopithecus (from the knee up).
John Ballou Newbrough's drawing of a Yak (with muscle lines and hair added) looks highly accurate when compared to Australopithecus.
The geological time scale of an Australopithecus is between Ardipithecus ramidus and Homo erectus.
The geological time scale for Homo erectus (from 2 million years ago till about 100,000 years ago, possibly even 50,000 years ago) does not correspond with that of Oahspe's time scale for Druks or Yaks (70,000 to 5,000 years ago).
Some methods have dated these [H. erectus] to older than 200,000 years, others to less than 50,000 years.
"less than 50,000 years" ago corresponds with that of Oahspe's time scale for Druks or Yaks (70,000 to 5,000 years ago).

1 minute 33 seconds into the video it says:
(3) The sequence of "race" creations is so ridiculously complicated as to be virtually an impossibility of ever occuring.

The newer data indicating the interbreeding of "modern" humans with Neanderthals is not incongruent with the history and chronology of the ancient races of man according to Oahspe. The first races of man were distinguished from each other by the more or less ratio of animal to angel who sprung from two common ancestors, one being the animal man the other, being angels materialized under certain atmospheric conditions unique to that time. The first mix occured around 73,000 years ago and resulting in humans being half animal half angel. They were diminutive, well shaped humans with short arms and longer legs with the ability to walk upright. They could also speak and were able to see and communicate with their angel forefathers. These were called I'hins. The second mix which was the offspring of I'hin and animal man, called Druk, were unable to see or comprehend spiritual things, neither could they walk upright or speak. Then the third mix, involving the Druks and the I'hins produced the I'huan, the equivalent of the first modern man.
The earlier Druk races had crossed with I'hins and produced I'huans at least 3 times since 72,000 years ago. Through interbreeding or "retrobreeding" back into the Druk races, the I'huans were lost as a distinct race after the first two times they appeared, the first time being around 72,000 years ago and the second around 39,000 years ago, according to Oahspe. The appearance of modern human fossils with archaic features approximately 40,000 years old, also co-relates with this second appearance of I'huans as detailed in Oahspe. (See reference below.)
The "modern human" DNA which scientists have found in Neanderthal (Druk) genes is consistent with the chronology of the ancient races of man as given in Oahspe. Modern (today's) humans, being a more or less hybrid of I'hin and Druk would be sufficiently similar to the earlier so called modern humans of 40,000 years ago as to have close to identical DNA (as they are both I'huan, the "hybrid" between I'hin and Druk).
The mixing of the I'huans (Modern Man) and Druks (Neandeathal) after the appearance of the I'huans about 39,000 years ago, is also consistent with DNA research suggesting cross breeding around 35,000 years ago. From Oahspe, it appears as though the I'huans remained distinct (I'huans being capable of of everlasting life, while the Druks were not due to the ratio of angel/animal heritage) right up until the cycle before Aph, being about 28,000 years ago (Oahspe, Synopsis of 16 cycles).
And here also is an interesting correlation between Oahspe's account and the fossil record, for it was 28,000 years ago that the fossil record indicates the last of the Neanderthals disappeared off the face of the earth. And even more recent changes in `modern' human to `more modern' human are also evidenced in fossil records. These also validate Oahspe's account of the continued interbreeding of the races, which led to the modern Ghans (beginning 18,000 years ago including a retrogression of Ghan and Druk in Ahura's time being around 8,000 years ago which was followed by the even more advanced Listians).

"The research adds to a growing body of evidence suggesting that sexual rendezvous between different archaic human species may not have been unusual.

Past studies have concluded that the forebears of modern humans in Asia and Europe interbred with other early hominin species, including Neanderthals and Denisovans. The new research is among more recent genetic analyses indicating that ancient Africans also had trysts with other early hominins." http://www.buffalo.edu/news/releases/2017/07/028.html

OAHSPE: The Lords' Fourth Book CHAPTER IV:
3. For the I'huans, even before the flood, were in the first place born capable of everlasting life. But they mixed with the druks until the seed of the spirit of eternal life became exhausted, and they brought forth heirs incapable of self-sustenance in heaven. Hence it was said of them: They went down in darkness.
The above I'huans mixed with the druks = half Ihuan/half Druk = 68.75 Asu, 31.25% heaven (below the threshold of everlasting life, 1/3 or 33.3% Angel blood, genetics).
This I'huan/Druk mix was born not capable of everlasting life in heaven according to Oahspe.
Hybrid skeletons sharing Neanderthal [Druk] and Cro-magnon [I'huan] features have been found in Portugal, proving that the two species did interbreed.
Coexistence and race mixing of hominids, not one evolved from the other.

"Homo Habilis and Australopithecus robustus emerged at the same time, 

it is very unlikely that one was the ancestor of the other." - Page 114 of 

The Mysterious Origins of Hybrid Man by Susan Martinez. 

Above is from pages 112-113 of The Mysterious Origins of Hybrid Man by Susan Martinez.

y-Haplogroups R and N are East-Asia haplogroups that are found in Europe.
These haplogroup lines connect East-Asia to Europe.

Above: y-DNA Haplogroup Cluster Tree with Geographic Origin. Below: haplogroup N (Y-DNA) distribution.

Above: Prehistoric migration routes for Y-chromosome haplogroup N lineage to Europe from East Asia[3][4]

Map above shows (in red) where Jaffeth fleet of pygmy I'hins landed in China-East-Asia (24000 years ago) from Pan in the Pacific Ocean, then interbred wth I'huan race (producing Ghans about 19000 to 14000 years ago) then migrated to Europe (about 12000 to 10000 years ago). Red on the map matches the red arrows of the Y-chromosome haplogroup N migration map above and the time periods match.

Haplogroup N (including N1c1) is found in Europe but according to DNA data it's coalescence age
(originated from a common ancestor) is 21,000 years ago in southern East Asia then migrated into
Northern East Asia into Siberia then west to Central Asia and Europe 8 to 10,000 years ago. The
DNA data and time periods agrees with the Jaffetic migration story in Oahspe after the submersion
of Pan
"your hypothesis seems to be confirmed by the westerly route taken by the jaffetic (china) faithists who kept migrating west, eventually to asia minor and Europe, when their lands (like Gobi) began to dry out. less than 10,000 years ago, these people began the main stock of Europeans."
- November 27, 2016 Susan Martinez, Ph.D (Anthropology, and Oahspe expert).
1 minute 33 seconds into the video it says:
(4) Oahspe texts are in contradiction to the angel-primate mating theory by specifically stating
that the true duties of the angels in question is that of teaching and resurrectiong mortals.
Oahspe Book of Jehovih: Chapter VII:
21. Jehovih said: I condemn ye not because ye have become joint procreators with the asuans; for ye have done two services unto Me; which are to teach yourselves corporeal things, that ye may understand and sympathize with corporeans, and, secondly, because ye have caused the earth to become peopled with such as are capable of immortality.

The creation of man, the first man, Asu:


16. Then, I made a new creation; giving feet and legs and bones to the animals I designed for the earth.

17. And when the earth was ripe for man, then I created him; male and female created I those of the second creation.

18. And man was dumb, like other animals; without speech and without understanding, even less than any other creature which I had created.

21. And man was unconscious of his creation, not knowing whence he came; nor knew he which was his own species.

22. And I sent angels to man, to teach him who he was, and to rouse him up to his capabilities, for which I created him.


1. Man only, of all My created animals, created I not perfect in his order, saith Jehovih. [he created A'su not complete, he was missing something]

2. The most devoid of knowledge, and the most helpless of animals, created I man.

3. I gave not to the bird to improve her feathers; nor yet to improve her species; nor gave I her a book as to the manner of building her nest, nor as to her behavior with other birds.

4. Nor said I to the hare: Beware of foxes, or go thou, teach thy young to depend on their fleetness.

5. And yet, both, birds and beasts, move by My inspiration, perfectly in the order I made them; the bird doeth her work, and the hare fleeth from the fox.

6. But the child of man will put its finger in a serpent's mouth, and the child will also eat any deadly poison.

7. Thus differently created I man from all other things on earth;


26. Thyself I gave to thyself, and even at the zero of thy entity, I said: Go thou, make thyself. All other animals I created perfectly with Mine own hands, but to thee I gave liberty to make thyself, even as thou hast.

Man created blank, animals with instinct
17. Man inquired of the Lord: Thou hast shown the bird how to build her nest, and the carnivore how to scent the subtle track of his prey, and the spider to weave his net; but as to the manner of man's house, or as to herbs that are good or are poisonous, thou has not shown man.
18. The Lord said: All the instinct that is in the bird, or beast, or fish, or insect, or creeping thing, was created with them, but man was created blank; and yet man shall attain to more subtle senses than any other living creature.

Jehovih created man (Asu) unlike all other animals or beasts with no pre-program or instinct. Man (Asu) was created at zero, with no spiritual understanding, and being the first race of man (Asu) he had no (zero) inheritance (no previous or inherited genetics other than to reproduce after its' own kind) and therefore had no ability to improve himself, and was thus incapable of spiritual understanding and everlasting life. Asu was of the earth only, earthly. On the spiritual, intellectual (understanding), evolutionary scale Asu-man was between an Ape and a man (Charles Darwin's missing link) but he was created and did not evolve from an Ape or any other animal. Spiritual understanding and ability had to be introduced into mankind by genetics (spiritual capacity is recorded and passed on through the seed or DNA), cross-breeding with Angels that had spiritual understanding and everlasting life (angels = spirit-man, spiritual people with everlasting life). Asu did not have the DNA for spiritual understanding or everlasting life. The Angels have spiritual understanding and everlasting life in their DNA. Angels are at the high-end of the spiritual, intellectual (understanding), evolutionary scale. The Angels who mated with A'su had not fulfilled a corporeal (physical) life. The DNA of the Angels who mated with A'su would have been undeveloped in corporeal (physical, fleshly) characteristics. A cross-breeding between the first man (Asu) and the Angels who did in infancy or fetal would produce the first Homo sapiens (I'hins), with spiritual understanding, ability for everlasting life, but underdeveloped in physical characteristics (such as short stature, and physical weakness, etc...) but from the cross of those two Hominids (Asu and Angels) came Homo-sapiens and all the races of modern man.

A'su Man
A means without (like a-moral), Su means spirit. Without spirit means without spiritual understanding. Without spirit also means without the spiritual genetics for everlasting life.

"Pygmies are known for one trait, it is their short stature...the reason why these groups are so short and neighboring groups are not remains unclear."

"Pygmy height is one of those longstanding mysteries in biological anthropology,”

The origins of pygmies have long been a mystery. Researchers have debated whether African pygmies inherited their height from a common ancestor they shared long ago (angels who had never fulfilled a corporeal life, having died in infancy) or whether shortness evolved independently in each tribe because it was advantageous for life in the forest. The Pygmies are thought to be the first inhabitants of the African continent (the I'hin survivors of the sinking of Pan who sailed to Ham in their ships). Pygmies are often romantically portrayed as both utopian and "pre-modern," (the Heavenly angels and the I'hins lived utopian lives).

The Short Answer on Pygmy Height? Genes - ABC News

Hunt for genetic link to pygmy height yields clue : Nature News ...

A Short History of African Pygmies | Science | AAAS

Pygmy - New World Encyclopedia 

October 6, 2009
Research at the Univ. of Cambridge suggests that high mortality rates in small-bodied people, or pygmies, may be part of the reason for their small stature.
The study, by Jay Stock and Andrea Migliano, at the Univ. of Cambridge, helps unravel the mystery of how small-bodied people got that way. The article appears in the journal Current Anthropology.
Adult males in small-bodied populations found in Africa, Asia and Australia are less than four ft, 11 in. tall--about a foot shorter than the average U.S. adult male. Why people in these populations are so small remains a mystery, but several hypotheses have been proposed.
If death comes at an early age, then natural selection would favor those who are able to reproduce at an early age. But early sexual maturity comes with a cost. When the body matures early, it diverts resources to reproduction that otherwise would have gone to growth. So small body size could be essentially a side effect of early sexual maturity.
Stock's and Migliano's study provides the first long-term evidence for the mortality hypothesis. The researchers looked at over 100 years of data on three small-bodied populations from the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal, south of Burma. When the British established colonies on the islands in the 1850s, these indigenous tribes had very different reactions to their new neighbors. Those reactions would have vast implications for the tribes' mortality rates.
Two tribes, the Onge and the Jarawa, resisted relations with the British, and retreated deep into the forest to avoid them. But the largest group of tribes, the Great Andamanese, befriended the British, some even living in homes built and supervised by colonists. In doing so, the tribesmen were unwittingly exposed to infectious diseases for which they had no defenses. As a result, the Great Andamanese experienced a sharp increase in mortality due to influenza, tuberculosis, measles and syphilis. By 1900 their numbers had dwindled to 600, from 6000 just 50 years before. By the 1960s, only 19 individuals remained.
Using historical records compiled by British researchers at the time, Stock and Migliano found that during the peak period of increased mortality, the Great Andamanese got smaller in stature. From 1879 to 1927, the height of the adult males who were measured decreased at a rate of 4.7 cm/100 yr.
Meanwhile, the Onge and the Jarawa, who for the most part isolated themselves from colonists and did not have dramatic increases in mortality, saw no drop in stature. The Jarawa, which have had the most stable mortality rate, remain the tallest of the three tribes today.
The relationships of the tribes with colonists "led to differences in mortality among these tribes, which appears to have been a fundamental determinant of variation in body size," the authors conclude.
This is first time that a link between mortality and body size has been shown using long-term data, the authors say. And it bolsters the idea that the reproductive trade-off associated with a short life could play a role in the evolution of human body size.
Source: Univ. of Cambridge
The parents of the I'hins all had high mortality rates (50 % died in infancy or fetal). The article says if death comes at an early age...early sexual maturity and small body size could be a side effect, well dying in infancy (including fetus and embryo) is as early you can die. The parents of the I'hins all died at an early age.

For example in the US: Lung cancer has a high mortality rate (46.0 per 100,000) vs thyroid cancer (0.5 per 100,000) which has a low mortality rate. Or another way to look at the data is to look at the mortality rate after 5 years with lung cancer at 83.9% vs 2.3% for thyroid cancer. Conclusion: lung cancer is a common cancer with with a high mortality rate. Thyroid cancer is an uncommon cancer with a low mortality rate.
The parents of the I'hins had high mortality rates of 50% before they passed their genes on to their offspring.
High mortality rate = Epigenetics = short stature of offspring = I'hins = Pygmies

(6) Modern biological data proves that all persons are of the same single race, not repeated ...
Modern biological data proves that all persons are of the same "species" as Oahspe agrees with.
Modern DNA tests proves that most humans are mixed with neanderthals, denisovans, and archaic humans.
DNA evidence shows that human evolution should not be seen as a simple linear or branched progression, but a mix of related species. In fact, genomic research has shown that hybridization between substantially diverged lineages is the rule, not the exception, in human evolution.[5] Furthermore, it is argued that hybridization was an essential driving force in the emergence of modern humans.[5]
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter V:
13. But because they can mix, and because that mixture can propogate, all the races of man are one and the same ...
Angel. A spirit man. Su, also, su-gan, and gans-spe
Angel and man = same species = Homo sapiens of the genus Homo.
This is why angels can interbreed with humans and can produce children that can reproduce.
“The Biological Species Concept.”
A species is defined as a group of individuals that, in nature, are able to mate and produce viable, fertile offspring.

A species can be sub-divided into races or ethnic groups, like breeds of dogs, each breed is a race but each breed of dog is the same species.
Asu and I'hin (the first and second race of man):
1 Corinthians 15:47 The first man was of the dust of the earth, the second man from heaven.
OAHSPE: First Book of the First Lords CHAPTER I.
4. And the name of the first race was Asu (Adam), because they were of the earth only; and the name of the second race was I'hin (Abel), because they were capable of being taught spiritual things.
1st = extremely physical, lacking spiritual. 2nd = extremely spiritual, lacking physical. 7th = not lacking in physical or spiritual developement.  7 represents completion or peak,
the 7th era at hand. The middle or center represents balance between two opposites. The whole universe is constantly seeking balance between two opposites. Balance is the one word of the Universal Law of Creator God. Asu-man had to be created first because man was created different from any other species or animal. Asu man was created without a pre-program or instinct, at zero, and therefore had no (zero, 0.0) ability (genes) for spiritual understanding. If Asu would have had the genes for spiritual understanding then that would have been a pre-program or instinct like the animals. So the genetic ability for spiritual understanding had to be added to man by cross breeding with the angels who had it, thus came the second race of man the I'hins. But the I'hins were lacking physically (which they inherited from their angel parents who had died in infancy on other physical planets). So the I'hins not being the perfection (completion, balance) of humankind had to cross breed with the Asuans to gain more physical ability. Although the Druks were physically larger and stronger than the I'hins, they still had too much beast (Asu) blood (genetics) in them (more than 66.6 %), and too little angel blood in them (less than 33.3 %) so the druks had to cross breed (mix) with the I'hins to produce the I'huan, the first race that was physically large and strong, and had spiritual ability.
Even with the racial mixing the I'hins were commanded to keep seperate and not breed with the other races, this was because it was important to keep them seperate and "pure" to be used as a breeding stock for spiritual genetics (ability), so racial seperation and race mixing was all part of the divine plan.
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter VIII:
7. Consequently the two most important periods for the prophet's consideration come within thirty-three and sixty-six, or, as they of old said, man and beast. In which measure man is divided into two parts (man and beast), and there is ever a percentage in his behavior inclining to one or the other, and they correspond to the vortexian currents of the earth.
Wisdom is needed here. Let the one with understanding solve the meaning of the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. His number is 666. - Revelation 13:18
The genetic threshold of everlasting life is 1/3 Angel and 2/3 animal man (Asu) the mark of the beast is 2/3 or 666 of a thousand (credit Jim Dennon).
The mark of the beast is the mark of Cain the Druk, the warrior, the killer, the conqueror,  the conquistador, the enforced religion.
33 = spiritual dan and 66 = a'ji beast, 33 = 1/3 and 66 = 2/3 + 1/3 = 1 man.

The center of 33.3 and 66.6 is 50 (half of man). Man divided in two equal parts = 50-50 the center of 33.3 and 66.6.
The top half of man (see image above) is closer to the 33.3, the bottom half of man is closer to the 66.6.
"man is divided into two parts (man and beast)" = I'hin-Angels (man) and A'su-Druks (beast).
man is divided into two parts genetically (Angels and A'su). A'su like the beasts and Ardipithecus ramidus was created not capable of everlasting life.
Anyone looking at the fossil remains of Ardipithecus ramidus, Australopithecus, or Homo erectus and think they were capable of everlasting life in the spiritual realms are badly mistaken.
The Oahspe story of the origin of man (both Asu and I'hin) makes 100% genetic sense. After man (A'su) was created, the Creator (Jehovih) called out to his angels to come to earth and help man (Asu) who was helpless, crawling on his belly like a human infant. The Angels who had fullfiilled a corporeal life were like Jesus, they had overcome earthly fleshly desires, they had no desire for sexual intercourse or procreation. But the angels who had died in infancy would not have overcome fleshly desires, they would still be subject to corporeal desires such as lust, sexual desire (in a corporeal body, in the time of semu and a'ji).
They (the angels who had died in infancy) would be the ones tempted by sex and would procreate with Asu. The Creator Knew this was going to happend just as he knows what is going to happend to man when the earth and the solar system passes into a'ji, ji'ay, and dan (the proof is the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate 48. of Oahspe). That's why he sends a'ji purposely because he knows what is going to happend. That is why he sent the angels purposely to help Asu because he knew what was going to happend. The Creator created man, created genetics, created DNA, created nebula, a'ji, ji'ay, and dans and he knows what is going to happend. The Creator is not disappointed he made man or anything because he already knows the outcome.
Book of Jehovih: Chapter VI
16. And now was the earth in the latter days of se'mu, and the angels could readily
take on corporeal bodies for themselves; out of the elements of the earth clothed they
themselves, by force of their wills, with flesh and bones. By the side of the Asuans took
they on corporeal forms.
The earth in the latter days of se'mu played a major role in the sexual temptation of the
hosts of Seth-antes (the ones who had died in infancy or fetal would be the ones most tempted),
that was part of the divine plan to bring spiritual understanding DNA to earth humans
Semuan firmament and a'ji are the same or very similar.
...These that thou sawest are the aji, and the jiay, and the NEBULAE; and AMIDST
OAHSPE PLATE 38 says "The Earth in semu. Jehovih saith; in the TIME OF SEMU
I brought the EARTH INTO A'JI
6:52 into the video above it says:
These angels would be those who would be very disciplined and exhibiting high levels of soul-mastery, those who live in the heavens while following the All Highest constantly. These were hardly likely to start mating with their mortal students.
Oahspe - Book of Divinity: Chapter XIII:
17. So great was the power of a'ji that even the I'hins oft broke their vows and lived
clandestinely with the world's people, begetting offspring in great numbers, ...
OAHSPE: Book of Divinity CHAPTER XIII:
16. And in eleven days thereafter, behold, a'ji began to fall on heaven and earth. The belt of meteoris gave up its stones, and showers of them rained down on the earth, and the sun became as a red ball of fire, and remained so for one hundred and sixty-six years. And the peoples of Arabin'ya and Vindyu and Jaffeth fell from holiness; the Zarathustrians gave up celibacy by hundreds of thousands, and married, and begot children in great numbers; many women giving birth to twenty and some even to five and twenty children. And some men were the fathers of seventy children, and not a few even of a hundred. And the Zarathustrians, even the Faithists with the mark of circumcision, went and married with the mongrels, and they with the druks, so that the foundations of caste were broken up.

Angels who died in infancy:
Oahspe Synopsis of Sixteen Cycles Chapter III:
23. ...born in the spirit world before their full time. And even so are others not of full birth who have not in the corporeal form begun to triumph in spirit over their own flesh.
"born in the spirit world before their full time", "who have not in the corporeal form begun to triumph in spirit over their own flesh".
OAHSPE: Book of Judgment XXXII:
6. ..Half the people, born into the world, including still-births and abortions, die in infancy. Therefore, there are a thousand million angel infants fetaled ...
7. These angels never obtain objective knowledge of the corporeal earth, but are compelled to learn subjectively earthly things through mortals ...
"die in infancy" includes still-births and abortions = angel fetus, prenatal.

Oahspe - Book of Lika, Son of Jehovih: Chapter VI:
1.  ...Jehovih's light descended on the High Arch, in the midst of the Rapons; and the Voice of Jehovih spake out of the light, saying:
5. To the corporean I gave two kinds of presence, objective and subjective.
6. And I magnified these two conditions unto the spirits of all men, that they might also appear objectively and subjectively in the places known to them.
10. And I created man and angels that all knowledge which is to be everlasting must be obtained objectively; yea, in the experience of his own person made I him to desire without end.

Oahspe Book of Jehovih: Chapter VII:
21. Jehovih said: I condemn ye not because ye have become joint procreators with the asuans; for ye have done two services unto Me; which are to teach yourselves corporeal things, that ye may understand and sympathize with corporeans, and, secondly, because ye have caused the earth to become peopled with such as are capable of immortality.
Difference between the beast and Spiritual man:

Animals are tropistic (involuntary response to external stimuli including a'ji) = no spiritual understanding, no eternal life as spirit.

Spiritual man is capable of realizing he/she is a Eternal Creative Causative Spirit responsible for his/he actions
= Spiritual understanding, eternal life as spirit.

Spiritual man is capable of connecting to (oneness with) Cosmic Consciousness (Jehovih) and entering the Orian state and even the Nirvanian

Animals, Ardipithecus, Australopithecus, Homo erectus, were not capable of Cosmic Consciousness or the Orian state (Book of Fragapatti Chapter XXVI:1).

Homo sapiens are capable of Cosmic Consciousness and realizing themselves an a Eternal Creative Causative Spirit responsible for his/he actions.

The more you are connected cognitively to Cosmic Consciousness and realizing yourself (and other Homo sapiens) as an a Eternal Creative Causative Spirit responsible for his/he actions (direct inspiration) the less you are subject to external stimuli (indirect inspiration).

Oahspe Book of Osiris, Son of Jehovih: Chapter XII:
8. On all corporeal worlds, Jehovih hath provided these two seasons for every race He created; a season for the development of the corporeal senses, and a season for the development of the spiritual senses. To find the mean between these is to find kosmon,
The mean is the average of the numbers: a calculated "central" value of a set of numbers.
Fractals (sacred geometry and mathematics of the Israelites) are a Key to how nature, the universe, and Jehovih operate:
fractal simulations for natural objects are created with a "seed shape that undergoes recursive replacement".
- page 12 of African Fractals. A'su seed shape undergoes recursive replacement by adding angelic genes (
I'hin) into the mix.
Like fractals the Kosmon race in Oahspe is created by additive recursive feedback loop
0. A'su = no mixbreeding
1. start with seed shape A'su, breed A'su with Ethereans (who died in fetal or infancy) = output I'hins.
2. take the output I'hins and breed back to A'su = output Druk
3. take the output Druk and breed back to I'hin = output I'huan
4. take the output I'huan and breed back to I'hin = output Ghan
5. take the output Ghan and breed back to I'huan = output Kosmon.
hybridization was an essential driving force in the emergence of modern humans.[5] -
Number of iterations on the left (above). Takes 5 iterations of breeding to make the Kosmon race,
the goal of Jehovih. 
5 = balance (center of 0-10, 1-9) or mean. 5 is a Fibonacci number.
"Kosmon signifies an equal balance of material and spiritual"
Above illustration of the hominid races in Oahspe and the number of recursive iterations of mix-breeding to balance.
The most balanced complete "perfect" man (race) was created using fractal principles of
recursion and feedback loop according to Oahspe and the fossil record
(see The Mysterious Origins of Hybrid Man: Crossbreeding by Susan Martinez Ph.D. Anthropology),
this is the same way Jehovih created the fractal universe of nature which is different from the
Biblical story in Genesis
Like a fractal the races of man in Oahspe are generated by a recursive feedback loop of 5
iterations from I'hin to Kosmon.
Recursive feedback loop formula for generating the present and future races of mankind:
A'su = A, I'hin = C, Druk = D, etc...
A + B = C. (C is the output).
C + A = D (C is the first input that was an output).
D + C = E
E + C = F
F + E = G
Generating the present and future races of mankind involves recursion, self-similarity, scaling,
and infinity = Fractal.
I'hin, I'huan, Ghan, and Kosmon are self-similar to each other with everlasting (infinity) life.
The I'hin was half the size (scaling) of the I'huan, Ghan, and Kosmon (1/2 and 2x). The races
of man in Oahspe are generated by recursion (the output at one stage becomes the input at
the next stage). The output is a previous race, the input is the creation of a new (or different)
race. In the Bible, Man (Adam) is created whole complete and "perfect" at the beginning with
no build up or use of recursion or mix-breeding, the same with Noah. In Oahspe Adam (A'su)
was not whole or complete and neither was the I'hin. The way Oahspe says the races of man
were created agrees with the fractal processes of nature we observe everyday, the way the
Bible says the races of man was created does not agree with the fractal processes of nature
we observe everyday. 
What scientists call human evolution is just iterations of a recursive process of mix-breeding.
How the races of man in Oahspe is like a Fibonacci sequence (recursion):
Race-mixing = combining two numbers to produce a third = 1 + 1 = 2, 2 + 1 = 3 = Fibonacci sequence.
For the Ghan race Druk is replaced by I'hin (I'hin and I'huan are still two predecessors to Ghan).
"man is divided into two parts" genetically (Angels and A'su).
0 = not capable (without) of everlasting life as a spirit = A'su.
1 = capable of everlasting life as a spirit = Angel.

0 = Asu, 1 = Angels (binary 0s and 1s)
In the Fibonacci Sequence of numbers: 0, 1, 1, ... 0 = A'su without the DNA of everlasting life as a spirit,
the first 1 = angels with the DNA of everlasting life as a spirit, the second 1 = I'hins who inherited the DNA of everlasting life as a spirit.
0 + 1 = 1 (I'hin)
1 + 2 = 3 (I'huan)
1 + 3 = 4 (Ghan)
3 + 4 = 7 = completion (Kosmon, balance).
The number seven is one of the most significant in the Bible. Scholars say it denotes completeness or perfection.
3. I am the living mathematics;

Each race is the sum of its two predecessors:
A + B = C
A + B = two predecessors or input, C = sum or output.
The output becomes the input for the next number.
C + A = D and so on.
According to Oahspe even though the first manlike creation (A'su) was not the result of
mix-breeding he was the result of recursion (sum of its predecessors).
19. Nevertheless, I had given to man, and thus made him, out of the dissolved elements
of every living thing that had preceded him.
Ouput becomes the input (recursive process of generating a fractal):
"out of the dissolved elements of every living thing that had preceded him". 
Oahspe Book of Inspiration Chapter I:
8. Thou wert nothing; though all things that constitute thee, were before.
9. These I drove together, and quickened.
Here (above) Oahspe explains how Jehovih created man (recursion), not from nothing, but
from that which was before, these parts Jehovih brought together (a creation).
5 minutes 10 seconds into the video it says:
Where is the beauty? Where is perfection of the Creator's Universe?
Where is the simplicity? Above is the recursive mathematical beauty, simplicity, and perfect balance of the race mixing of Oahspe.
The Fibonacci sequence "It's a simple pattern, but it appears to be a kind of built-in numbering system to the cosmos".
Fibonacci sequence (above) in nature = How the universe (Jehovih) works.
This simple, beautiful, perfect (complete), pattern (Fibonacci sequence) appears to be built into the development of the races of Oahspe.
Oahspe God's Book of Ben: Chapter III:
8. Man said: To understand the laws of the universe, this is great wisdom.
16. Jehovih said: I make no laws. Behold, I labor with Mine own hands. I am everywhere present.
21. Man inquired: How can I know if a thing be of God or if it be of nature? What is Jehovih more than natural law?
22. Corpor answered: What is nature, O man? Why wilt thou use a name for the members of my body?
23. Behold, the trees are mine; the mountains and valleys; the waters and every living thing, and everything that liveth not; they are me.
24. Why sayest thou nature? Now I say unto thee, the soul of all things is Jehovih; that which thou callest nature is but the corporeal part.
A flower or plant unfoldes over time.
Like the Fibonacci golden spiral Jehovih's plan and iterations goal of Kosmon has unfolded and been revealed in the book OahspeIllustration above shows how each race in Oahspe after A'su was like a quarter turn in a logarithmic self-similar growth spiral that show up in fractals in nature and the cosmos and also in computer generated fractals like the Mandelbrot set.
"It is readily observed that a correspondence exists between race [species] man and individual man in the development of the faculties. Individual man is the miniature of race[species]-man, and his unfoldment from infancy to maturity is a recapitulation of the unfoldment of the race [species from I'hin to Kosmon]." - pages 165-166  of SEVEN YEARS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD, 1941-1948 (1940) by Wing Anderson.

5 minutes 25 seconds into the video it says:
This bastardized offspring all gather together to form their own clan? They can form their own race communities? That's obviously impossible.
We see multiracial human communities in modern times, why not in ancient and prehistoric times? The mixed races of Oahspe formed much like the mestizos of Mexico and Central and South America. There are whole communities of Mestizos in Mexico, and central and South America.
In North Africa, a large number of multiracial communities can also be found. Among these are the Haratin oasis-dwellers of Saharan southern Morocco, Algeria and Mauritania. They are believed to be a mixture of Sub-Saharan Africans and Berbers, and constitute a socially and ethnically distinct group.[6]

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