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12...Science is great; great learning is great; truth is great; but a greater than all is to know how to be happy. You shall not put me away saying: All the earth is sin. I will not have it. For if you do not benefit in Jehovih's Person (that which is seen), how can you attain His Spirit (that which is unseen)? For are the two: His Person and His Spirit, not the All One?
13. Teach yourself to be happy; and to perfect yourself in the way Jehovih has created you.
- Oahspe Book Of Knowledge Part 2

Plate TOW-SANG in Oahspe shows the solar system vortex (solar wind) and the planetary vortices (magnetospheres) and the rotational-axial tilts of the planets. Oahspe had a accurate drawing and description of the planetary magnetospheres decades before they were theorized and discovered and had an approximate depiction of the rotational-axial tilt of the planets.

Sun Earth and magnetosphere
screen capture software

An Astronomer in 1997 said "The OAHSPE author has described the interaction of presumably the solar vortex with planetary or cometary vortices and deduced correctly what the effect of solar emanations on a diffuse spherical structure would be."


One anti-Oahspe person gave his false (see images above for proofopinion as:

"Newbrough really did a very poor job of plagiarizing Swedenborg and Descartes. He just copied their ideas". 

You can clearly see above the comparison and difference between Descartes planetary and solar vortices and Oahspe's planetary and solar vortices.

Oahspe - Book of Discipline: Chapter VIII:

5. For which reasons thou shalt explain that only facts well known, or comparatively proven, are light.

An opinion is not light.

Rene Descartes illustrations are different from Oahspe, Descartes shows planetary or sun vortices touching each other, whereas in Oahspe the planetary vortices are spaced far apart and the correct sizes that correspond to the magnetospheres of the planets.

Descarte's celestial vortices are five and six sided polygons (pentagons, hexagons). 

Oahspe's celestial vortices are cone-shaped like the magnetospheres of the planets in the solar system. 

John Ballou Newbrough in Oahspe (1881) drew a picture (shown top of page on the right) of the Earth's magnetosphere (vortex) and the solar wind (Sun's vortex) 77 years before they were discovered.
Newbrough correctly pictured the cone-shaped magnetosphere of the earth with the wide end of the cone pointing away from the sun and the narrow end closest to the sun.
Magnetosphere chronology
1958 - Explorer 1, built by Van Allen and his Iowa group and launched by the US January 31, observes the radiation belt. Explorer 3, launched in March, comes up with the first clear evidence for its existence.
1958 - Eugene Parker (Chicago) proposes the theory of the solar wind.
1959 - Thomas Gold proposes the name "Magnetosphere".
1961 - The magnetopause, boundary between magnetosphere and the solar wind, is observed by Explorer 12. The measurements confirm predictions made in 1931 by Chapman and Ferraro.
1964 - IMP-1 (Interplanetary Monitoring Platform 1) reports a large bow shock formed in the solar wind ahead of the magnetosphere, and a long magnetic tail on the night side of the Earth.
From the book EXPLORING THE UPPER ATMOSPHERE by Richard A. Craig copyright 1968 pages 136-137 says "...our understanding of the magnetosphere is very limited because only the far-ranging space probes can study it. A vast amount of work remains to be done."
On page 72 of AURORA BOREALIS THE AMAZING NORTHERN LIGHTS copyright 1979 by S.I. Akasofu it says "Professor Sydney Chapman, a physicist who, with his colleague, Vincenzo Ferraro, was the FIRST to THEORIZE the formation of the MAGNETOSPHERE in 1931."

Above images of Neptune's magnetosphere (vortex) with the sun to the left (instead of to the right) shows the diagonal tilt of the magnetic field from southwest (closest to sun) to northeast (farthest from sun).
John Newbrough's drawing in 1881 closely matches data gathered by NASA's Voyager 2 probe in 1989 as it flew through Neptune's magnetic field (this was 108 years after Oahspe was written). Same for Uranus (see comparison of images below).
Above images of Uranus's magnetosphere (vortex) with the sun to the left (instead of to the right) shows the rotation axis of Uranus from southwest (closest to sun) to northeast (farthest from sun). 
Tilted magnetic fields
The magnetic fields of Uranus and Neptune.
... useful as a picture of what the external field looks like...
"You can't take a picture of the magnetosphere, the 'bubble' that the planet's magnetic field carves in the solar wind, because it's invisible to the naked eye — everything is derived from the local measurements that the spacecraft made as it flew through," Jonathan Eastwood, a physicist and space scientist at Imperial College London, told Space.com.
Researchers reconstructed the distant planet's magnetic field by combining data gathered by NASA's Voyager 2 probe in 1989 with a new model that was originally built to describe how plasma acts in the lab. The new results paint a picture of a field continuously in flux, tilted and bubbling out to one side,
How could Newbrough have known that Neptune's and 
Uranus's magnetospheres was titlted like that when planetary magnetospheres were not discovered until after the space age, the magnetosphere was invisible to the eye, and there were no spacecraft in the 1880s to fly to Neptune to gather data??

Plate 47 drawing - TOW-SANG in Oahspe shows the cone-shaped field (vortex) around Jupiter.

(of a motor vehicle or boat) Pull (another vehicle or boat) along with a rope, chain, or tow bar.
Dictionary.com - Answers.com - Merriam-Webster

Oahspe Book of Sapah (INTERPRETATION) 38 Sang (Panic) = stars. Sapah Oahspe 54 (OSIRIS)
to master others per force. Tow.

Master (Sun's) vortex pushes the stars (planets) by force = Tow Sang.

Above drawing of Jupiter's magnetosphere (vortex) showing the cone-shape.  

The magnetosphere of Jupiter is responsible for intense episodes of radio emission
...the energy is transmitted out along a cone-shaped surface.

Jupiter rotates once every 10 hours and the cone rotates with it like a lighthouse beam.

Plate 47 - TOW-SANG in Oahspe shows the cone-shaped field (vortex) around Jupiter.

Jupiter's Magnetosphere
Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics
Vol. 15: 389-436 (Volume publication date September 1977)
Jupiter's magnetosphere, discovered twenty years ago by radio astronomers, has recently been traversed by the Pioneers 10 and 11 spacecraft.

Oahspe had a drawing of Jupiter's cone-shaped magnetosphere in 1881, Jupiter's magnetospere wasn't discovered until 1957, 76 years AFTER Oahspe was typed. See images below from modern science and Oahspe of Jupiter's cone-shaped magnetosphere (vortex).


Images above shows rotation axis and obliquity (axial tilt) of Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter spins nearly upright (perpendicular, vertical) as indicated by the drawing of Newbrough (under angelic control) in Oahspe. 

Newbrough did not draw Venus and Mercury in the solar system vortex above, but he did accurately draw the axial tilt of Jupiter. 

There are 6 magnetized planets in our solar system that have magnetospheres, mercury, earth, saturn, jupiter, uranus, neptune. Oahspe showed a picture of all of them except mercury [which may have been too small and too near the Sun to show in the picture in plate 47 -TOW-SANG.]
OAHSPE correctly showed the cone-shape of the planets' magnetospheres 85 years before they were discovered by space probes.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

See Oahspe Plate 47 Tow Sang above (shows Uranus magnetic field twisted to a pointed screw shape, and tilted at a strange angle {60 degrees?}). Oahspe Plate 47 Tow Sang was drawn 105 years BEFORE Voyager 2 collected data from Uranus. Voyager 2 mission. That encounter took place on January 24, 1986. Nearly everything we know about Uranus was learned at this time.
Uranus is different from any other planet in the Solar System in that its axis of rotation is tilted 98 de
grees. Another strange fact about Uranus is that its magnetic field is tilted at a 60-degree angle to its axis of rotation. This angle is only 12 degrees on Earth. An interesting effect of Uranus' sideways tilt is that the tail of the planet's magnetic field is twisted like a corkscrew. Voyager 2 also discovered that Uranus has a magnetic field. It is tilted 60 degrees from the planet's rotational axis, and is about the same intensity as the magnetic field on Earth. The magnetic field on Earth and the other terrestrial planets is probably caused by electrical currents produced in the planets' molten core. Since Uranus has no molten core, astronomers are not sure what is responsible for creating the magnetic field. http://www.seasky.org/solar-system/uranus.html

Above magnified view of the Uranus magnetosphere drawn by John Ballou Newbrough in 1881 showing the pointed corkscrew tail and opposite wide end and the diagonal twisting lines that differ from the solar system almost vertical rotational lines. Notice the corkscrew has a pointed tail, diagonal lines of twist and wide opposite end like the magnetic field of Uranus.

OAHSPE Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy III:11 "As light, and heat, and magnetism, and electricity, are all one and the same thing, which are the manifestation of vortexian currents under different conditions"

See Plate 47 Tow Sang of Oahspe, it shows no tilt to magnetic (vortexian) field of Saturn (only planet in plate 47 Tow Sang with no tilt). Saturn's very axisymmetric magnetic field: No detectable secular variation or tilt. Saturn is the only planet in the solar system whose observed magnetic field is highly axisymmetric. At least a small deviation from perfect symmetry is required for a dynamo-generated magnetic field. Analyzing more than six years of magnetometer data obtained by Cassini close to the planet, we show that Saturn's observed field is much more axisymmetric than previously thought. We invert the magnetometer observations that were obtained in the “current-free” inner magnetosphere for an internal model, varying the assumed unknown rotation rate of Saturn's deep interior. No unambiguous non-axially symmetric magnetic moment is detected, with a new upper bound on the dipole tilt of 0.06°. An axisymmetric internal model with Schmidt-normalized spherical harmonic coefficients g10 = 21,191 ± 24 nT, g20 = 1586 ± 7 nT. g30 = 2374 ± 47 nT is derived from these measurements, the upper bounds on the axial degree 4 and 5 terms are 720 nT and 3200 nT respectively. The secular variation for the last 30 years is within the probable error of each term from degree 1 to 3, and the upper bounds are an order of magnitude smaller than in similar terrestrial terms for degrees 1 and 2. Differentially rotating conducting stable layers above Saturn's dynamo region have been proposed to symmetrize the magnetic field (Stevenson, 1982). The new upper bound on the dipole tilt implies that this stable layer must have a thickness L >= 4000 km, and this thickness is consistent with our weak secular variation observations.
Fig. 1. Cassini's magnetometer measurements of three magnetic field components
Research Highlights? No unambiguous intrinsic non-axisymmetric magnetic moment is detected for Saturn. ? The upper limit on the dipole tilt of Saturn is 0.06°. ? The secular variation for the past 30 years is within the probable errors. ? Reinforcing the assumption that the dynamo is hidden below a thick stable layer.

Magnetic Field
While Saturn does generate radio waves, these waves are not strong enough to be detected on Earth. Thus until Pioneer 11 reached Saturn in 1979 it was not known whether Saturn had an intrinsic magnetic field.
The passage of Pioneer 11 within 1.4 Saturn radii of the center of the planet was soon replicated by Voyager I in 1980, passing within 3.1 Rs, and Voyager 2 in 1981, passing within 2.7 Rs. These spacecraft found its magnetic field quite unlike that at any other planet. To the accuracy that could be obtained, there was no tilt to the rotation axis and the interior magnetic field was perfectly axisymmetric.

Above Solar sytem is little more than 10 degrees angle for straight (no tilt).

It wasn't until 1979 that scientist discovered that Saturn had a magnetic field and that its magnetic field was unlike that at any other planet,  there was no tilt to the rotation axis.
In 1881 98 years before scientist discovered saturn's magnetic field with no tilt, John Ballou Newbrough had drawn a picture of the magnetic field (vortex) of saturn with no tilt, Newbrough drew the magnetic fields of 5 planets in the solar-system, Saturn was the only one he drew that had no tilt (as can be seen on the Tow'-Sang plate) and more than 98 years later scientist have discovered that Saturn is the only planet in the solar system with a magnetic field with no tilt just as Newbrough had drawn, but man did not have the technology to know that about saturn in 1881.

Above Saturn is little more than 10 degrees angle for straight (same as solar system, no tilt).

NASA’s IBEX Provides First View Of the Solar System’s Tail
July 10, 2013
It has long been assumed that our solar system, like a comet, has a tail. Just as any object moving through another medium – for example, a meteor traveling through Earth’s atmosphere – causes the particles to form a stream trailing off behind it. But the tail of our solar bubble, called the heliosphere, has never actually been observed, until now.
NASA’s Interstellar Boundary Explorer, or IBEX, has mapped the boundaries of the tail of the heliosphere, something that has never before been possible. Scientists describe this tail, called the heliotail, in detail in a paper published on July 10, 2013, in The Astrophysical Journal. By combining observations from the first three years of IBEX imagery, the team mapped out a tail that shows a combination of fast and slow moving particles. There are two lobes of slower particles on the sides, faster particles above and below, with the entire structure twisted, as it experiences the pushing and pulling of magnetic fields outside the solar system.
A long twisted tail like a snake or serpent.

Other stars show tails that trail behind them like a comet’s tail. Scientists used NASA’s Interstellar Boundary Explorer to confirm that our solar system has one too. From top left and going counter clockwise, the stars shown are: LLOrionis; BZ Cam; and Mira. Image Credit: NASA/HST/R.Casalegno/GALEX

Notice the Stellar (Solar) heliospheres with tails mapped and imaged by NASA/HST and IBEX outlined in green compared to Oahspe drawing (under angelic control) by Newbrough of solar (stellar) vortex. Notice how very similar the NASA HST and IBEX images are to the Oahspe drawing and how different they are from Descartes planetary and solar vortices (red outline) below.

Descartes was way off in his depictions of planetary and solar vortices and Oahspe was spot on, the comparisons above prove that.

The tail is our footprint on the galaxy, and it’s exciting that we’re starting to understand the structure of it,” said Christian. “The next step is to incorporate these observations into our models and start the process of really understanding our heliopshere.” - Eric Christian, IBEX mission scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.

“The tail is our footprint on the galaxy", PESTA = footprint, footstep; track, trails.
YA-LA-PESTA.[change-war table of times and measurements] Table at the end of Chapter VII:18 of Cosmogony and Prophecy in Oahspe.
The meaning of the name Ya is 'Graceful'
The meaning of the name La is 'Sun'
Italian To English - pesta n. footprint, footstep; track, trails
... in the coil of the cycle, behold the distances are two thirds of a circle.

Coil /koil/ synonyms: wind, loop, twist, curl, curve, bend, twine, entwine.

Plate 36--SERPENT.
1, Sun.
2, Mercury. 3, Earth. 4, Mars. 5, Artaea. 6, Vesta. 7, Ceres. 8, Jupiter. 9, Saturn. 10. Uranus.
Equivalent: Koo, 28. Sai'Lee, 44. Pisc, 22. Hoo, 85. Frgabal, 114. At'bars, 8. Gib'S'Smak, 198.

A volumetric display device is a graphical display device that forms a visual representation of an object in three physical dimensions, as opposed to the planar image of traditional screens that simulate depth through a number of different visual effects. One definition offered by pioneers in the field is that volumetric displays create 3D imagery via the emission, scattering, or relaying of illumination from well-defined regions in (x,y,z) space. Though there is no consensus among researchers in the field, it may be reasonable to admit holographic and highly multiview displays to the volumetric display family if they do a reasonable job of projecting a three-dimensional light field within a volume.
Most, if not all, volumetric 3D displays are either autostereoscopic or automultiscopic; that is, they create 3D imagery visible to the unaided eye
Volumetric 3D displays embody just one family of 3D displays in general. Other types of 3D displays are: stereograms / stereoscopes, view-sequential displays, electro-holographic displays, parallax "two view" displays and parallax panoramagrams (which are typically spatially multiplexed systems such as lenticular-sheet displays and parallax barrier displays), re-imaging systems, and others.
Although first postulated in 1912, and a staple of science fiction, volumetric displays are still under development, and have yet to reach the general population. With a variety of systems proposed and in use in small quantities — mostly in academia and various research labs — volumetric displays remain accessible only to academics, corporations, and the military.
Many different attempts have been made to produce volumetric imaging devices.[1] There is no officially accepted "taxonomy" of the variety of volumetric displays, an issue which is complicated by the many permutations of their characteristics. For example, illumination within a volumetric display can either reach the eye directly from the source or via an intermediate surface such as a mirror or glass; likewise, this surface, which need not be tangible, can undergo motion such as oscillation or rotation.

Oahspe Book of Fragapatti, Son of Jehovih: Chapter XXI:
1. ...in order to witness the games and tournaments, which were so far maintained by a great expenditure of labor on the part of the ethereans, for teaching by subjective illustrations. Jehovih said:
2. As mortal children can be taught by objective illustration, so have I created My es worlds capable of a similar process subjectively. My rules are not man's rules; nor are My worlds illustrated as man illustrateth. Behold My rainbow, which is a subjective illustration to mortals of a bow without the substance of a bow. But man bendeth a stick, and saith: Behold, a bow! And he holdeth it in his hand; but Mine he cannot touch.
7. And I sent My Gods and My Lords, saying to them...
8. And ye shall create mirrors and lenses, and optical illusions and delusions, and provide games and entertainments for them, so that their understanding may be opened up for the glory of My kingdoms.
16. ...so have I given to My exalted angels power to take the spirit of a fish, or of an animal, suddenly dead, and reclothe it with the semblance of a body, for a season; but yet it is only a subjective existence...Even so, also, but in less degree, created I the trees, the grass, the moss, and all vegetable things that grow on the face of the earth. And I gave to My exalted angels power to take the spirit out of a tree, or a bush, or a plant, and to carry it away and reclothe it with corporeal substance. But to My exalted Gods I gave power to do the same things, not with one plant only, but with whole forests, and with animals, and fishes, and serpents. And when they do these things in atmospherea, they are called subjective heavens.

Book of Fragapatti, Son of Jehovih: Chapter XIX:
24. And thy Lords shall provide for the lowest, and for the second lowest plateaux, subjective entertainments, subjective teachings and subjective things in general. Neither shall there be anything real on these two plateaux, save the inhabitants and their food, and the mirrors and lenses, and machinery for producing subjectives.
25. And the lower plateau, being on the earth, shall be provided as a mirage, having everything spiritual in appearance, as they are corporeally on the earth. And it shall be provided with forests and lakes and rivers, and with all manner of animals and birds and fish, and of whatsoever is suitable food for mortals.

566  These days, circa 150 ak, we may think of this type of production as similar to creating virtual realities, using such things as projected realities (environments, images, holograms, tangible and otherwise, etc), production equipment, and the like. Mortals experiencing films, television, internet, holograms, music recordings, etc., are all corporeal examples of subjective encounters.

Volume, Corpor, length-breadth-thickness, 3D, Volumetric 3D disply, mirrors and lenses, and optical illusions, subjective entertainments, subjective teachings, academics,
Corpor: Whatever has length, breadth and thick­ness [3D], and is perceptible to corporeal sight, hearing [volumetric 3D display]...
Oahspe in 1881 described a volumetric 3D display 31 years BEFORE they were first postulated in 1912.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


john ballou newbrough search magazine july 1960
img host

Plate 94.--ARC OF KOSMON (earth in dan'ha)---Plate 32.--THE EARTH IN A'JI.
A'ji is a cold nebulous substance in outer-space that the earth periodicly passes through. Dan is a warm light region in outer-space that the earth periodicly passes through. A'ji stimulates man's physical attributes and desires, dan stimulates man's spiritual attributes and desires.
There is a connection of a'ji and dan to: (59 things so far)
Rise and fall of nations -->US History chapter (at bottom)        |
American (U.S.) Revolution -->US History chapter (3/4 down)
Homicide (murder) rates--->Cosmic Consciousness, etc chapter (1/2 down)
Birth of prophets --------->The Bible, etc chapters (3/4 down)
The elect and predestination--------->Angels, (1/8 down)
Human growth and development-->The Creator, etc chapters (3/4 down)
Serial killers and mass murderers-->Cosmic Consciousness, (1/4 down)
Human productivity, and inventions-->Cosmic Consciousness, (7/8 down)
Galactic radiation cycles----->Cycles, Predictions, etc chapter (3/4 down)
Solar radiation cycles ------>Cycles, Predictions, etc chapter (3/4 down)
Geomagnetic cycles--------->Cycles, Predictions, etc chapter (3/4 down)
Earthquakes and tsunamis---->Geology, etc chapter (1/4 down)
Volcanic activity---------->Geology, etc chapter (3/4 down)
Major tornadoes------------>Weather, etc chapter (3/5 down)
Biblical prophecies ------->Nebula, etc chapter (1/4-bottom)
Decoding, unsealing Book of Revelation -->Space Clouds (4/5), US History (1/10 down)
Harvest and ascension times ---->Nebula, Space Clouds, etc chapters (1/2-bottom)
Stock market crashes ------>Cycles, etc chapter (7/8-bottom)
Great depressions and recessions-->Cycles, etc chapter (7/8-bottom)
Mass racial violence ------>Cosmic Consciousness, chapter (3/5 down)
Einstein's great brain and brilliance ---->Cosmic Consciousness, chapter (4/5 down)
Climate cycles, warming, cooling-->Weather, Climate, and Geology chapters (1/2)
Ice ages ---------------->Weather, Climate, and Geology chapters (1/2)
Origin of Spiritual and sacred books-->Weather, Climate, and Geology chapters (1/2)
The Dark ages-------------->Weather, Climate, and Geology chapters (1/2)
Major and minor extinction events--->Geology-Pole-shift-Radiometric dating (2/3 down)
New Civilizations and Kingdoms--->Space Clouds, Earth Travel chapter (1/2 down)
Greed and lust-------->Cosmic Consciousness, chapters(3/5 down)
World-wide UFO mass appearances----->Space Clouds, Nebula, Chapters (3/5 down)
Great Leaders---------->Weater, Climate, Chapters (2/5 down)
Nebula and light regions in space--->Space Clouds, The Beast chapters (bottom)
Sub-atomic particles------>Cycles Chapter (3/5 down)
Vibrational rate or frequencies--->The Beast, Miscellaneous chapters (1/3 down)
Electromagnetic spectrum-->The Beast, Miscellaneous chapters (1/3 down)
New Zodiac------->Cosmic Consciousness chapter (1/4 down)
Cosmic Consciousness--->Cosmic Consciousness chapter (near top)
Ancient and prehistoric giant humans --->The Creator chapter (near bottom)
Ancestral generations of Light--->Cosmic Consciousness chapter (3/4 down)
Reincarnation (so-called)---->Spiritual message chapter (1/2 down
Arab Spring revolutionary wave--->ORACHENEBUAHGALAH CHARTS at bottom
The Quickening--->Cycles, Predictions, (1/2 down)
Native American Indian sacred ceremony--->Spiritual message - UFOs - Ethereans, 2/5 down from top
Crack cocaine epidemic of the mid 1980s--->Cosmic Consciousness chapter (near bottom)
Poltergeist activity--->Miscellaneous 3 (at bottom)
Galactic wave interference patterns--->Cosmic Consciousness chapter (near bottom)

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