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The Worldwide List of Alternative Theories and Critics

Jean de Climont - 2020 - ‎Science

On Tuesday, November 24, 2020, 12:20:24 AM PST, Jean de Climont <jeandeclimont@yahoo.ca> wrote [to me studyofoahspe.com author]:

Dear Sir,

Many recent scientific reports, including several doctoral theses, state that electron has zero dimension.

The result now is that the electron rotation on itself cannot be the cause of its intrinsic magnetic field: it is a physical property of electrons. Several experimental situations question also this idea strongly rooted in the deepest part of our mind that motion of charges would be the cause of magnetic fields.

They are presented in a short video, but you may prefer read the text attached.

By the way, the 2021 issue of the Worldwide list of alternative theories and critics is now avalaible in Googlebooks.

Sincerely yours!

Jean de Climont 

The existence of spirit life and spirit humans:
"Unfortunately, most folks are still religious and retain vestiges of immaterialism in hypothesizing some future immaterial existence in an immaterial realm for which there is no material evidence. This is typical of paralogists, who tend to replace logic with emotion. They might even realize their logic is fallacious, but they still want to believe it. Who doesn’t want to live forever?" - Paralogists and Immaterialism By Glenn Borchardt on Apr 12, 2021.

Is it possible there is a human spirit body made of non baryonic aether particles smaller than an electron? Just as aetheric particles have not been detected by our physical instruments can a spirit body and mind exist inside a living human that also has not been detected by physical instruments? Can both (the spirit body and mind and aether particles) be based on the assumption of infinity? infinity = eternal and everlasting life.

astral = relating to a supposed nonphysical realm of existence to which various psychic and paranormal phenomena are ascribed, and in which the physical human body is said to have a counterpart.

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INTERVIEW with Glenn Borchardt about new book "Infinite Universe Theory":
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy
Chapter III:
12. Vortexya can be charged, as before mentioned, into iron and other substances. When it is charged in iron it is called magnetism; ....
...vortexya, in fact, is no substance or thing as such ; but is the vortex in axial and orbitic motion, or, in other words, corpor in an etheic solution.
Vortexya = sub-atomic matter in axial and orbitic motion. Vortex'ya = energy = matter in motion, "no substance or thing as such".
Glenn Borchardt said energy or motion is not an object, does not exist, it occurs. Energy is matter in motion. Time does not exist, no substance or thing, time occurs, time is motion. Time is not an object [objectification with dimensions]. There is no going back to a PLACE IN TIME, or no going forward to a PLACE IN TIME. The only TIME is NOW. You can have a VISUAL RECORD [colors are RECORDS OF VORTEXIAN CURRENTS] of a past event or occurance.

The Aether: Against the biggest mistake in the history of physics

PSI Blog 20200622 The Aether: Against the biggest mistake in the history of physics

Thanks to Bill Howell for this heads up on Jean de Climont’s latest. In many respects he is on the same page we are, though he seems a bit reluctant to say the word “aether,” instead calling it the “medium,” just like Newton did in his push theory.

Here are just a few things he gets right:

1.    Light is a wave in the aether.
2.    Photons do not exist.
3.    Aether is entrained around baryonic objects, including electrons.
4.    Sagnac proved the existence of aether.
5.    Gravitation is a push; not a pull.
6.    The LIGO experiment proved the detected motion was transmitted as a wave through the aether at the velocity of light.
7.    The cosmological redshift is a function of distance—not galactic recession.
8.    The universe is not expanding.
9.    There was no Big Bang.

The 30-minute video is a bit technical and covers a lot of ground pretty fast, but it is worth looking into, for the history, if nothing else:

Page 11 of THE UNIVERSAL CYCLE THEORY: Aether, aether refers to all the forms of matter too small to be easily detected by humans. To designate this we label matter smaller than an electron (undetectable matter) as aether.
Our latest book: Universal Cycle Theory .
"In short, we propose that vortex motion brings aether particles together, forming the less mobile complexes that we call ordinary matter. What we observe as universal gravitation is produced by the still-active aether particles that exist wherever ordinary matter does not. With celestial bodies, complexification is a function of the velocity of vortex rotation, with the density of ordinary matter decreasing with distance from the center. At the same time, the density and activity of aether increases with distance from the center. This produces a “gravitational pressure gradient,” which acts like our own atmospheric pressure gradient—only in reverse."

Maxwell"s Molecular Vortex Model - Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell hypothesized  that magnets contain molecules rotating as synchronized vortices, and these vortices created a directional flow of small magnetic particles. In 1861, Maxwell summarized his vortex theory as follows:"I have shown how the forces acting between magnets, electric currents, and matter capable of magnetic induction may be accounted for on the hypothesis of the magnetic field being occupied with innumerable vortices of revolving matter, ...However, Maxwell never felt satisfied with his molecular vortex model. Eventually, he panned the idea - pages 229-230 of THE UNIVERSAL CYCLE THEORY NEOMECHANICS OF HIERARCHICALLY INFINITE UNIVERSE (2011) by Stephan J. Puetz and Glenn Borchardt, PH.D (Geology-Geophysics).
Glenn Borchardt
I have over 50 years of theoretical, experimental, and observational experience as a scientist especially interested in scientific philosophy. Although I have produced over 500 scientific reports, including journal articles, chapters, books, consulting reports, and computer programs, the best by far is my book, "The Scientific Worldview: Beyond Newton and Einstein."
after Newton formulated his law of gravity, aether theories suffered a slow, agonizing death. Einstein's theory of general relativity put the final nail in aether's coffin. Nonetheless, aether theories still occasionally resurrect for one simple reason. They offer the mechanical explanation that field theories cannot.- page 230
The last highly regarded aether proponent, British physicist Paul Dirac, helped develop quantum mechanics. In 1933, he won the Nobel Prize for his efforts. In 1951, he explained his reasoning in a Nature article entitled IS THERE AN AETHER? ...Yet, Dirac's attempts to revive aether theories failed for the same reason that befell other mechanical ideas. Even though he advocated aether, Dirac remained loyal to quantum  mechanics and field theory. The contradictions inherent in the simultaneous beliefs prevented the development of his aether ideas. - page 230-231.
Many attempts by Cartesian natural philosphers to test Descartes' various ideas on the dynamics of circularly moving particles (e.g., by using large spinning barrels filled with small particles) did not meet the predictions advanced in the Priciples." [Stanford: Descartes, 2009] 
However, a spinning barrel of small particles falls short of replicating the environment of an aethereal vortex, while a bowl of spinning water comes closer to the desired effect. That is, circulating water follows the laws of rotational dynamics and fluid dynamics better than small particles. A few common items placed in a container of water simulate gravitational motion, from this point forward, called the water vortex experiment. 
Water vortex simulation of spiral and elliptical galaxies .
Water at the center of the circulation sinks (similar to a low-pressure weather system), while the water along the outer radius of the circulation rises. In spite of its simplicity, this experiment reveals a wealth of information about gravity modeled as a fluid.
The results closely match the known laws of planetary motion because the experiment shows that the periods increase with distance from the center. While exact velocities are difficult to determine for this crude experiment, the periods roughly appear to coincide with Kepler's Third Law of Planetary Motion. The conformity between the motions in the water vortex experiment and the gravitational motions in the Solar System suggests a connection between the rotation of a vortex and gravitation - just as Descartes had suspected.
Even though the experiment shows many aspects of gravity. It falls short of being a perfect simulation. nevertheless, the experiment indicates that circulation plays a role in gravitation. This is important because, even though the equations from Kepler and Newton describe planetary motions very well mathematically, they fail to explain why these motions occur. Rotational dynamics and fluid dynamics also match gravitational characteristics.
This current (2011) scientific book backs up the vortex theory of Oahspe:

Some say The Universal cycle Theory is "Bigger than Principia", "more revolutionary than Newton's Principia."
"All of science fits into this framework and the paradoxes, fantasies, unicorns, and the illogical thought of modern physics are swept away for what will be known for hundreds of years as a sentinel work in human history and scientific knowledge. Step aside Principia. You have been replaced."
As for the vortex motion of the planets was proven wrong by Sir Isaac Newton:
"Based upon the assumptions Newton made, his arguments clearly refuted Descartes theory [aether vortex theory].
However Newton's criticism falls apart ...in neomechanics, that aether consists of infinitely divisible matter distributed heterogeneously. That is, heterogeneously divisible aether interacts with baryonic matter differently than the homogeneous elementary aether assumed by Newton and Descartes.
Newton assumed that the "solid sphere" at the center of the vortex caused the spiral motion, Hence Newton argued that without an external source of energy to sustain the spiral, the vortex would quickly die. However, as already discussed in Chapter 6, the core does not cause a vortex. Instead, collisions of matter with other forms of matter cause a vortex. A vortex develops from the combined spinning from all the matter involved in the original collision. Once formed, the inertia from all the matter within the vortex keep it circulating - until friction finally stops the spiral. Newton was correct in the sense that friction eventually causes a vortex to die. However, he was incorrect about the sphere at the center being the sole source of its momentum. A vortex behaves as a collection of matter (aethers and baryons) moving in harmony. The movements within the vortex sustain its circulation. In the process, the circulation causes accretion, excretion, and gravitation...
Newton incorrectly assumed that the aether circulates in a perfect circle. Hence, he concluded several things. First, he noted that the planets orbit the Sun in ellipses which is inconsistent with circular motion.
Second, he noted that natural satellites orbit the planets. This is inconsistent with a single circular vortex. Third, he argued that comets move in extremely eccentric orbits. In combination these three independent motions were highly inconsistent with perfectly circular rotation.
However, the concept of a simple uniform vortex clouded Newton's platonic view of reality...every vortex contains sub-vortices [as Oahspe said in the book of Cosmogony], just as every microcosm contains sub-microcosms...aether particles and baryonic matter influence each other univironmentally as they circulate together. Likewise, eccentric and irregular orbits develop in all vortices. Collisions happen continuously - occasionally being significant. When that happens, the new motion may send the object flying out beyond the far edges of the Solar system; or it may cause a subsequent collision with another celestial body; or it could cause an unstable eccentric orbit similar to a comet's...Again, it bears repeating that the motions of a vortex are never perfectly circular, like Newton assumed....In summary, Newton based his arguments against Descartes' vortex theory on idealistic views of aether. Newton easily won the debate because the proponents of vortex theory agreed with Newton's indeterministic assumptions. Conversely, the neomechanical model describes aether in different terms than those envisioned by Newton and his peers.
Simple observations of motion reveal the direction of the vortex's primary circulation. Kepler's orbital laws and Newton's gravitational law approximate these motions quite well. - pages 235-236 of THE UNIVERSAL CYCLE THEORY (2011) by Stephen J. Puetz (mathematician, statistician) and Glenn Borchardt, PH.D.(Geology-Geophysics).

Page 239 of THE UNIVERSAL CYCLE THEORY: ...gravitation results from interactions of matter-in-motion. This eliminates the need for the attractive force postulated by Newton and the curved empty space suggested by Einstein.
The neomechanical model of gravity involves new concepts such as total-mass, solid-accretion, gaseous-accretion, and layered distribution.
Kepler devised the equations that describe orbital motions and periods.
Newton provided the inverse-square law that describes gravitational intensity.
Wrong conclusions from correct mathematics.
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter III:
17.. A man may prophesy by a traveling wagon what time it will reach town; but the correctness of his prophecy does not prove that the wagon pushed the horse to town.

Newton's equations and calculations are accurate and they helped man get to the moon (space program).
Newton's equations and calculations work because as Oahspe said "it is a trifling difference whether a man prophesy [calculate] by a vortex or by a planet".
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter III:
19. It is not the intention, in these revelations, to give new calculations in regard to occurrences on the planets; it is a trifling difference whether a man prophesy by a vortex or by a planet. Wherein he erreth in regard to judging the cause of things, he should be put on the right road.
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter III:
18. Planetary disturbances are not caused by any power or effect of one planet on another; the cause of the disturbances lieth in the vortices wherein they float. Mortals can not see the vortices; their only means of prophesying lieth in corpor. A man may prophesy of the moon by calculations of the disturbances of the tides. But to attribute to the tides the CAUSE of the moon's position would be no more erroneous than to attribute the cause of tides to the moon.
Kepler and Newton describe planetary motions very well mathematically, they fail to explain why these motions occur. - page 239 of THE UNIVERSAL CYCLE THEORY.
"For every spheriod, its current mass determines the magnitude of its gravitation. Newton correctly identified mass as the primary contributor to gravitational intensity, and he developed a great equation for the Solar System's gravity." - Page 254 of THE UNIVERSAL CYCLE THEORY.
Mathematical gravitationl equivalence statements of vortex and planet:
Spheriod = globular vortex or planet or star.
Mass determines magnitude of gravitation = more mass = more gravitational magnitude = greater gravitational influence.
More massive planet = more gravitational magnitude.
More massive vortex = more gravitational magnitude.
More massive planet = more massive vortex.


Big Bang Theory Fail—Imagined Universe Expanding Too Fast

By Glenn Borchardt on Dec 07, 2020 04:00 am

PSI Blog 20201207 Big Bang Theory Fail—Imagined Universe Expanding Too Fast

“The universe is expanding too fast, and that could rewrite cosmology

Different measurements of the Hubble constant, the rate of space-time expansion, refuse to agree – meaning we may have to look beyond Einstein’s theories to explain the universe”

Are we missing something about how galaxies and galaxy clusters shape the universe?"  NASA, ESA/Hubble, HST Frontier Fields

It is really too bad to have to see cosmogonists suffer so much. When cosmological redshifts at great distances indicated their imagined galactic recession was greater than the velocity of light, they had to claim that perfectly empty space was expanding. This resulted in Guth’s Inflationary Universe Theory, with its expansion rates fast enough to make your head spin at greater than the speed of light.

Now, the naïve cosmogonists have been working on solving the Hubble constant contradiction for a long time without success. Bet you won’t see any of the employed regressives going “beyond Einstein’s theories” any time soon.

Here are some juicy quotes from Stuart Clark’s recent article in New Scientist illustrating the regressive nonsense:

“AT FIRST, it was a whisper. Now it has become a shout: there is something seriously wrong with our understanding of the cosmos. When we measure the rate at which the universe is expanding, we get different results depending on whether we extrapolate from the early universe or look at exploding stars in nearby galaxies. The discrepancy means that everything is speeding apart more quickly than we expect.”

“Cosmologists have been scrabbling for answers. They have played around with the properties of dark energy and dark matter, those two well-known, yet still mysterious, components of our standard model of cosmology. They have imagined all manner of new exotic ingredients – all to no avail.”

Note that dark energy is indeed mysterious, since it cannot possibly exist. Readers know that “energy” is neither a thing, nor an occurrence—it is a calculation. Cosmogonists: Better luck next time in imagining a proxy creator that propels your imagined explosion of your imagined finite universe out of nothing.

“The conclusion could hardly be starker. Our best model of the cosmos, a seemingly serenely sailing ship, might be holed beneath the water line. That has led some researchers to suggest taking the ultimate step: abandoning that ship and building a new standard model from the ground up, based on a revised understanding of gravity.”

Duh? Think so?

They did get one thing right:

“By this time, astronomers who observed the rotations of galaxies and clusters of galaxies had also noted that they are whirling around far faster than they should be for the amount of visible matter they contain. The astronomers' solution was to update the model yet again, incorporating a new, invisible dark matter that far outweighs the normal stuff we see.”

Could it be this dark matter is simply the decelerated aether responsible for the acceleration we observe as gravitation per Aether Deceleration Theory?

Gravitation follows the inverse-square law, just as Newton said.
Newton's Radial "Force" of Gravity
The radial portion of the spiral vortex is Newton's gravitational force. It is explained by the following equation:
F=Gm1m2/r2 (The Universal Law of Gravitation)
F is the force between the masses;
G is the gravitational constant (6.674×10−11 N · (m/kg)2);
m1 is the first mass;
m2 is the second mass;
r is the distance between the centers of the masses.
Newton's law of universal gravitation follows an inverse-square law, as do the effects of electric, magnetic, light, sound, and radiation phenomena.
Inverse square law of vortex:
In most vortices, the fluid flow velocity is greatest next to its axis and decreases in inverse proportion to the distance from the axis.
gravity is a centripetal force, and can be envisaged clearly as such in Newtonian mechanics.
Centripetal just means a force that is "radially inwards" ("directed towards the centre"). The electric force, for example, is also clearly centripetal. (It's slightly harder to define "centripetal" for the magnetic force.)
Does a vortex demonstrate centripetal or centrifugal force?
Indeed the best answer is yes and yes.
a parcel of fluid pursuing vortex, or other curved or rotary motion is no different from any other particle in mechanics.
the gravitational force is perpendicular to the velocity.
the gravitational force is perpendicular to the direction of motion.
per·pen·dic·u·lar: a straight line at an angle of 90° to a given line, plane, or surface.
OAHSPE: Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter 1:
"9. The name of the force of the vortex is called vortexya, that is, positive force, because it is arbitrary and exerteth east and west. As in the case of a wheel turning on its axis, its force will be at right angles with its axis, the extreme center of which will be no force. "
A line is said to be perpendicular to another line if the two lines intersect at a right angle.
A right angle is equal to 90 degrees.
gaseous-matter - The portion of a microcosm containing free floating submicrocosms. From the human perspective, gaseous-matter can be thought of as aether. [gaseous-matter = fluid or solution]. ...aether particles are microcosms smaller than nucleons and electrons.
OAHSPE BOOK OF JEHOVIH IV:15 "First as vapor the vortex carrieth it forth, and as it condenseth, its friction engendereth heat, and it is molten, becoming as a globe of fire in heaven." 
gaseous-mass - unlike solid-matter, gaseous-matter is not fixed to the microcosm [like the magnetic field of a magnet] instead, gaseous matter flows freely through it
OAHSPE (1881): Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy CHAPTER I:
48. The power of a magnet ...vortexya floweth through the magnet, even as water floweth through a tube.
Page 13 of THE UNIVERSAL CYCLE THEORY says Field: redefined as a circulation of matter. Rather than being matterless, think of a field as a circulation of aether particles. When a vortex forms, aether particles circulate around the center of the vortex. The circulating aether causes an effect described as a field.
[Field = electromagnetic, gravitational, quantum, etc ...] 
Neomechanical gravity results from simple processes. As pushing theorists correctly surmised, it results from interactions other than magical attraction [Newton] or curved empty space  [Einstein].
In reality, gravitation occurs because microcosms push other microcosms in predictable directions. ...atoms tend to be pushed toward the core  [positive vortex'ya - Oahspe], while aether particles tend to be pushed away from the center [negative vortex'ya - Oahspe] - including molecular gases, atomic gases, and the aethers.
The Michelson-Morley experiment ruled out a stationary ether, does it mean that light and EM waves propagate through a dynamic ether?

First, if we accept the math and mechanics of relativity which was created by Lorentz to describe an earth that is, in fact, moving through the aether, then it is necessary to accept that we have not ruled out that the earth moves through the aether.

You can get more details on that here: Shiva Meucci's answer to Can you explain to me why we need length contraction and time dilation in Einstein’s theory? How does it work?

So, your initial assertion, while widely stated, is not factually correct.

While you may be speaking of complete aether entrainment the Aether drag hypothesis may be preferable.

To rule out either of these would require modern experimentation with satellites. The older arguments against partial drag are based upon some very flimsy and unfounded assumptions about the nature, quality, and behavior of aether.

For instance, it was assumed that light of different colors would have a different velocity with respect to bodies which are moving with respect to the aether but this requires certain assumptions about aether that are irrational with respect to the evidence for it. (which points to superfluid behavior)

Very little thought is put into assertions that stellar aberration would not occur in aether or in an aether drag situation. That phenomena was one of the first evidences for the aether and what works in a telescope works just as well for a bubble of aether around the planet. (concurrent with the magnetosphere)

And there is, however, evidence for partial drag. Fresnel’s coefficient of aether drag was proven very directly by the Fizeau experiment and is still the math we use today to describe the index of refraction, it’s simply been renamed. The idea, however, came from aether drag and is basically Fresnel’s description of the Hot chocolate effect in motion.

Furthermore, other arguments against aether drag were based upon classical ideas which ignore the relativistic effects which Lorentz first described and Einstein later used.

Additionally, phenomena like “frame-dragging” and many other fluid-like behaviors of “spacetime” all point to an aether as described by Lorentz.

And finally, the kicker…

The Michelson experiment in 1887 was not random data but precisely the dual sine wave of data points one would expect of a wind. He misreported the maximal readings because he presumed an east-west wind instead of a local wind that rotated with the magnetosphere. He reported on only east-west readings instead of the reliable maximal readings which were much more northerly.

Only Michelson and a later colleague, Dayton Miller, ever used white light interferometry to detect the aether wind and both of them got clear non-null signals that were of the same magnitude and direction. Only white light is capable of eliminating a huge variety of problems with this experiment which is why Michelson who designed it used sodium light to calibrate but used white light to test. (instead of just continuing to use the sodium lamp)

Dayton Miller did tens of thousands of Michelson experiments with specially designed “double-blinding” procedures, over many years, which showed a reliable variance of the aether wind which was dependent upon the sidereal day and the proximity of the earth to the sun.

He won an award in 1925 from the AAAS for discovering the aether wind and directly blocked Einstein’s consideration for a Nobel for relativity.

That history was swept under the rug by his successor in academia (Ambrose Swasey Professor of Physics at Case) who no longer wanted to live under his shadow: Robert S Shankland, someone who was well known for attempting to gain/maintain the friendship of, the then world-famous, Albert Einstein.



The Newcomb Cleveland Prize of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) is annually awarded to author(s) of outstanding scientific paper published in the Research Articles or Reports sections of Science. Established in 1923, funded by Newcomb Cleveland who remained anonymous until his death in 1951, and for this period it was known as the AAAS Thousand Dollar Prize. "The prize was inspired by Mr. Cleveland's belief that it was the scientist who counted and who needed the encouragement an unexpected monetary award could give."[1]
Recipients, List of winners [2][4]
1925 Dayton C. Miller The Michelson-Morley Ether Drift Experiment, its History and Significance.



(PDF) Modifying gravity with the Aether: an alternative to Dark ...

Is dark matter the same as ether?

Dark Matter and the ether basically describe the same thing, the “Quantum Field”. So no, there's no difference, but if you consider the ether as being a soup of particles, you still must understand that the space and the particles are both aspects of the Quantum field scaffolding that encompasses everything. What is the difference between ether and dark matter? - Quora

computer simulation of dark matter:
computer simulation of dark matter looks like Network of Etherean worlds and roadways (Oahspe plate 24 God's Book of Ben)
long before it was detected indirectly using gravitational lensing and 51 years BEFORE it was first postulated and its existense and properties were first inferred by any man on earth and 133 years before it was seen for first time via intense radiation from a quasar.
Dark matter's cosmic web revealed
UCSC Scientists Capture First Cosmic Web Filaments at Keck Observatory
January 19, 2014
Computer simulations suggest that matter in the universe is distributed in a "cosmic web" of filaments, as seen in the image above from a large-scale dark-matter simulation (Bolshoi simulation, by Anatoly Klypin and Joel Primack). The inset is a zoomed-in, high-resolution image of a smaller part of the cosmic web, 10 million light-years across, from a simulation that includes gas as well as dark matter (credit: S. Cantalupo). The intense radiation from a quasar can, like a flashlight, illuminate part of the surrounding cosmic web (highlighted in the image) and make a filament of gas glow, as was observed in the case of quasar UM287.
This information (connecting dark matter filaments and Oahspe images showing the Earth in Etherian worlds, swamps, mountains and roadways) goes back to 2009 or 2010 at this website (link below) by Ruth and Vernon (who put together the Oahspe Standard Edition).
Above: Etherean worlds and roadways courtesy of Oahspe and Dark matter visualization courtesy of SDSC and NPACI Visualization Services.
John Bell, interviewed by Paul Davies in "The Ghost in the Atom" has suggested that an aether theory might help resolve the EPR paradox by allowing a reference frame in which signals go faster than light. He suggests Lorentz contraction is perfectly coherent, not inconsistent with relativity, and could produce an aether theory perfectly consistent with the Michelson-Morley experiment. Bell suggests the aether was wrongly rejected on purely philosophical grounds: "what is unobservable does not exist" [p.49]. Einstein found the non-aether theory simpler and more elegant, but Bell suggests that doesn't rule it out. Besides the arguments based on his interpretation of quantum mechanics, Bell also suggests resurrecting the aether because it is a useful pedagogical device. That is, many problems are solved more easily by imagining the existence of an aether.
Quantum mechanics can be used to describe spacetime as being "bitty" at extremely small scales, fluctuating and generating particle pairs that appear and disappear incredibly quickly. Instead of being "smooth", the vacuum is described as looking like "quantum foam". It has been suggested that this seething mass of virtual particles may be the equivalent in modern physics of a particulate aether.

Dark energy is sometimes called quintessence due to its similarity to the classical aether. Modern physics is full of concepts such as free space, spin foam, Planck particles, quantum wave state (QWS), zero-point energy, quantum foam, and vacuum energy.
The 19th century had the ether, the 20th century had the quantum wave state, quantum foam and the EPR Effect (inseparabilty).

Why Clock Speed Increases at High Altitude

By Glenn Borchardt on Mar 22, 2021 04:00 am

PSI Blog 20210322 Why Clock Speed Increases at High Altitude.

A question from Bill Howell:

“Hi Glenn- Per your request, I have a question: 

In IUT on pages 260-261 you describe (and depict in Figure 51) a halo of decelerated aether enveloping the Earth to explain the stable orbit of geosynchronous satellites and why gravity does not exhibit aberration.  I’ve read that without the proper application Einstein’s general theory of relativity, GPS satellites would produce inaccurate results of one’s location on Earth.  One description states: “The net result is that time on a GPS satellite clock advances faster than a clock on the ground by about 38 microseconds per day.”<!--[if !supportFootnotes]-->[1] Assuming that’s true, and given your model, couldn’t this time correction be re-interpreted to be indicative of the aether pressure gradient in the halo at the distance above the Earth that geosynchronous satellites orbit?  If so, an alternate question is could it be indicative of an aether density gradient rather than a pressure gradient?”

[GB: Great questions! The answer to the first is yes. To the second, an equivocal no. According to my Aether Deceleration Theory (ADT), aether pressure increases with distance from Earth, while its density decreases. This is because highly active distal aether particles have high short-range velocities, which decrease when they collide with ordinary matter. That means, of course, that these decelerated aether particles will have decreased velocities, which will decrease their potential for leaving whatever they collided with. This is where Newton made his greatest blunder regarding his push theory of gravitation. He proposed that the pushing medium increased in density with distance from Earth. He had entirely forgotten his Second Law of Motion. He should have known gravitation was an acceleration. An accelerator was called for and its deceleration was inevitable. I say the answer to your second question is equivocal only because, in this case, pressure and density are inversely related.

The beauty of ADT is that it shows how gravitation fosters creation by pushing things together, with its own perpetrators first doing the pushing and then sticking around to add to the creation. The deceleration produces a sort of aether vacuum around ordinary objects. That is the reason aether particles tend to travel toward those objects. Like Newton’s failed hypothesis, other push theories lack the reason for gravitational motion to be directed at baryonic matter. It is simple: particles in areas of high pressure tend to move toward areas of low pressure. So, the real actor in gravitation is pressure, not density. Pressure is the initiator; density is the result.

Now, with regard to your GPS question. The answer fits right in with ADT. As I mentioned, aether pressure increases with distance from Earth. That means any clock will receive more aetherial impacts at high altitude than at low altitude. Being a time piece, the clock is like any other microcosm containing submicrocosms in motion. Collisions from supermicrocosms (aether particles) in the macrocosm (environment) will increase the velocities of those submicrocosms within the clock. Think of it this way: When we reheat a cup of coffee in the microwave, those aetherial waves impact the cup, accelerating the water molecules within. Thus, whatever cyclic reactions are within a particular clock will be speeded up as a result of increased aetherial pressure.

Although the General Relativity Theory based explanation is just another einsteinism (right for the wrong reason), that theory is not used by engineers who developed GPS. They simply use a correction for altitude. They don’t need 4-dimensions or any other Einsteinian hocus-opus to do that.<!--[if !supportFootnotes]-->[2]<!--[endif]-->]

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<!--[if !supportFootnotes]-->[2]<!--[endif]--> Hatch, Ronald R., 1995, Relativity and GPS, 3rd Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference: Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ, p. 1-26 [https://go.glennborchardt.com/Hatch-GPS].

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